Universal Medicine cult mid year gossip & dead agenting

Premium priced leg pulling from Esoteric Women's Health

Premium priced leg pulling from Esoteric Women’s Health

July 9: *Serge Benhayon’s religious hard sell – Sermon 23

*Sex & Serge Benhayon post

*Cult funnies

July 5: *Dirty dancing damage control – updated

July 4: *Struggling scams – Evolve College, UM and Scientology

*Cult parallels – UM and IS

June 24: *Serge Benhayon on underaged sexual violence 

June 23: *Bent ‘support’ groups targeting the vulnerable

*Dead agenting – Scientology style

*All Rise & Tell Lies update

July 9: Sermon 23 – Serge Benhayon’s religious hard sell

The Benhayons have returned from their UK and European cash haul, with Sergio all geared up to enforce his Way of the Livingness – or else. Serge has always chucked off at competing religions, claiming the word ‘religion’ has been bastardized, and he’s the only person in the Universe with any clue about its true meaning. He’s also said ‘evolution isn’t true’, that potatoes have more prana than apples, and schizophrenia is caused by entity possession. In 2013, he told the Echo that Universal Medicine is not a religion, it’s a business, but in 2010 he’d tried to have it registered as a religion in the UK to avoid tax.

Unsurprisingly, even his followers can’t follow his spherical meanderings, and a bunch of them are uncomfortable with their ‘healthy self loving choices’, breast massaging, crotch grabbing and underaged pajama party festival being called a ‘religion’. Back before anyone important was taking any notice, Serge would have just called them all Judas and condemned them to a few million lifetimes of disability and rape by entities. These days though he castigates them under a pretence of a subscribers only ‘open forum’, where the Judases will be softened up with gentle breath trance induction before a bludgeoning with his unschooled zero logic occult phiLOLsophy, and threats of supernatural consequences. Because his pay as you go religious ‘activity’ is UNAVOIDABLE.


And he’ll make sure his prime yes artists are on the panel to hammer it home – haranguing the fuck out of anyone who dares question all the Esoteric ‘integrity’. Never mind that everyone and anyone can lead a good, harmless, decent, ethical, compassionate and content life without ever going near religion – let alone the sleazy, derivative, occult fundamentalism he’s inflicting on the community – where everyone suffers – especially the vulnerable.

Sex & Serge Benhayon post

Speaking of which, if you haven’t read the post on the psycho-sexual manipulation integral to Universal Medicine’s profitability, I think it might be one of the most important ones yet. It really spells out the sleaze, deception and superstition behind UM, as well as how it’s leader has converted his dangerous, anti-social pathology to ca$h. Sex & Serge Benhayon

Cult Funnies

And I think you all deserve some levity having hung in through rather a lot of truly unpalatable exposure. I wasn’t aware of this until I found it on Serge’s Facebook page this week, but someone made a fake LinkedIn profile for him and appears to have sent out some event invites – according to Serge who is really Terri Anne Connors operating his account. (Serge hasn’t worked out how to login by himself, and the last time he did he had an embarrassing spherical hissy because the public don’t like him and said so and he didn’t have bodyguard Brides to delete the comments he didn’t like.)

Look, I don’t know if a fake profile is illegal, it might be, but I’m loving the irony of a fake faking a fake, and I would have loved to have seen the invites…Underaged sex bomb slumber parties? Gluten free group confessions? Time Space & Bitchface? A Wikipedia vandalism sermon? Charm tips from Paula Fletcher?

None of the cult members were fooled. No! Or not many. A few hundred? I dunno. Anyway, they knew the fake invites weren’t Sergio, not because they were fake, or they might still have mental faculties, but BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T FEEL THE ENERGETIC CONNECTION LOL!!



😀 😀 😀 😀

And Aussie Band San Cisco have released a parody song and video of the Benhayon family…Just take out the champagne, the beef and the honey and it’s THEM!

July 5: Dirty dancing video pulled

Readers will be aware of the UM video posted below of the Lennox Head retreat showing UM’s ‘sex bombs’ getting all hot and horny with each other in front of children. I recommended any of you going through family court proceedings copy the video and I hope you did, because the Esoteric arbiters of ‘integrity’ have pulled it from public view.

UPDATE: they’ve removed the password protection, probably after fur and feathers flew among the propaganda division overnight. Watch that space.

Also, the long anticipated Sex and Sergio post is up on the Accountability blog – an ugly picture of the sleazy mind fuck the ‘voice from heaven’ is using to enslave followers and trash their dignity and relationships.

July 4: Struggling scams – Evolve College, Esoteric healing hogwash & Scientology

SergeCorp’s 30 website propaganda and defamation assault is backfiring badly for his cash raking pyramid scheme of abuse.

A year ago we learned that students of the Australian College of Massage were increasingly dissatisfied as ACM merged with UM to become the dodgy Evolve College. It would appear the $8000 scam chakra-puncture course is a major failure. Students have also been taking complaints to the Office of Fair Trading, having been misled their massage diplomas would be recognized by health funds and the Australian Natural Therapy Association (ANTA). Many were told prior to graduation they needed to fork out for and attend an additional unit in order to get the now worthless diploma. They are also extremely dissatisfied with the admin staff – now consisting entirely of UMers, led by Serryn O’Regan – who have refused to return calls and respond to emails and have been described as rude, rigid and unhelpful.

Quelle surprise.

A reader also left a post in the comments below indicating that Serge will be appearing at Leichhardt Town Hall on August 2nd to spruik his latest occult manifesto, however the emergence of the hermit king seems to be being kept low key. Perhaps the propaganda division who describe me as a liar and bully etc. were hoping it would escape my attention, and that we won’t alert anything that moves about their cult leader’s latest foray. They never think too deeply about why my so called ‘lies’ (SergeSpeak for facts) are so persuasive.

However, my point here is that he hasn’t featured at any events outside the Byron Shire – except for his overseas jaunts – for many years. If he’s hitting the road, he’ll be trying and draw in new investors/victims. It’s a bad sign for business, and the success of the hate propaganda when the reclusive messiah is forced to go on stage in enemy territories and resort to his reptilian charm.

It’s also telling that UM has initiated Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 5 into the workshop dependency cycle. It suggests UM’s recruitment is at an all time low, and the Benhayon cash rakers are scratching around to develop new products from the scarce resources of their limited imaginations. Now that the faith-full have done the first four levels repeatedly, and a few repeats of all the Livingness, Glory, Retreats and other tripe, Serge has had to tack on an extra level of Eso healing. And he doesn’t conceal his contempt for his students, as the course blurb shows:

Note: A natural affiliation with clairsentience and or true intuition will help the student in this course, noting that a pure or mere mental approach will result in difficulty with the practical aspects of this form of healing. Please consider.

Whip that through the reality tester translator and it comes out as – ‘if you use your brains for a second to think about this garbage you’ll recognize it for the scam it is, and you might not cope with your rage and shame. That’ll be $650 thx.’

It’s an hilarious statement from the cult that regards Alison Greig as a great intellect, lol.


UM isn’t the only cult that’s struggling. It’s more successful predecessor, Scientology, has certainly hit the rough, and this video provides an excellent analysis.

However, I’d caution against predicting the downfall of these scams. We need to remember they are generating money from little more than bullshit and bullying, albeit in copious quantities. Their charity tax exemptions and the volume of slave labour they use also keeps their overheads very low – which means they can sustain a veneer of success and continue to recruit the vulnerable for some time yet.

Cult parallels – UM & IS propaganda

Propaganda is defined as biased or misleading information used to promote a particular cause or point of view. In cults it’s supplemented by the group’s condemnation of alternate sources of information or knowledge, no matter how reliable, as well as their refusal to engage in reasonable dialogue or allow responses and corrections. Sydney Morning Herald interviewed terrorism expert Greg Barton in today’s paper, and I’ve taken quotes, removed his references to Islamic State and replaced them to show he might as well be talking about UM:

“Part of what they believe is they’re joining the good guys, the freedom fighters…we have a lot of kids who’ve been very skilfully approached by recruiters who befriend them. They’re asking quite genuine questions about social injustice, [drug and alcohol use, health statistics, societal crime and violence] and so forth, their new friends – on line or in life – give them very convincing answers. 

“They direct them to really slickly produced material. They slip into a bubble socially, and in terms of the information they’re consuming, that’s quite cut off. They stop watching the evening news, the papers, they don’t believe it anymore. They consume their own social media and [UM’s] propaganda material, and they invert the world. They say, ‘What the ABC’s telling me, or what Channel 7’s telling me, that’s just nonsense. I’ve got the real story.’ You ask them why would you go with the group that’s [behaving unethically and dishonestly; exploiting and molesting the vulnerable and defaming and harassing critics and complainants]. And they’ll give you complicated answers along the lines of, ‘Well, the media’s not reporting this reliably’, or ‘There were certain circumstances where it had to be done’.” 

There is a marked difference, he tells me, between the material [UM] produces to attract recruits, and the online [propaganda] they publicise to enrage their foes.

June 25 – ‘Splitting’ & legit public discussion of underaged sex

UniMed’s paid bullies are either dangerously clueless/brainwashed, or disturbingly disingenuous. This month the Women’s Weekly mag published an article on underaged sexual violence – which Rebecca Baldwin and Paula Fletcher took as justification of Benhayon’s unsavoury rants.

Do they really not get the distinction? The WW article consulted legitimate, high profile experts, including research academics. Benhayon ranted in front of children – with graphic description – about boys making little girls bleed in Goonellabah, and topped that off with his perverse views on circumcision. Again, this is the same bloke who sticks his hands on the pubic areas of sexual abuse victims to ‘clear the energy of rape’. He also claims the energy of rape can stay with a person through hundreds of lifetimes, and that sexual abuse victims had it coming because they were rapists in a past life. The same bloke has had a number of little girls stay unaccompanied in his home over the past 20 years, including his current wife who first moved in at 14.

A reader who attended that presentation told me it made them feel very uncomfortable, and they wondered why unqualified at anything Serge needed to go into such detail, and how he was so familiar with the subject.

I’m very much in favour of sex education, and helping children learn to respect and protect themselves, but these matters must be handled by fully qualified, accountable professionals – not a con artist with a history of sleaze and dishonesty, and his professional sycophants and bullies.

June 23 – Esoteric Women’s Health ‘Support’ groups – pursuit of fresh prey

The UniMed cult persists in its recruitment drive, reeling in fresh targets to indoctrinate into a therapy dependency with Serge Benhayon’s toxic ‘One Unified Truth’. Since April they’ve been seeking new customers by running ‘support’ groups in the Northern Rivers area, facilitated by under-qualified Esoteric religious zealots.

Will they disclose to new members that they are using the groups to promot a commercial New Age religion and market occult pseudoscience and money for nothing Esoteric products and services?

In July, Kylie Connors will initiate an eating disorders support group, flogging Serge Benhayon’s lethal, occult based dietary regime, and unsound dietary advice, such as recommending anorexics and bulimics should ‘only eat when they’re hungry’, and that ‘no one who eats dairy [etc.] can truly love you’.  Anyone who questions that ‘ageless wisdom’ is tarred a ‘bully’.


Kylie’s qualifications consist of repeat Esoteric healing workshop attendances, and her experience as a long standing eating disorder sufferer who upgraded from anorexia nervosa to Serge’s premium priced occult based othorexia nervosa.

The other ‘support’ and recruitment groups:

*General wellbeing with Karin Becker – helping customers avoid evil prana and rape by supernatural entities.

*Health care providers network and support with registered nurse and Esoteric Breast Massager, Elizabeth Dolan, is special training in making sure sexual abuse survivors know they’re copping karma for being rapists in a past life, and that circumcision curtails mens animalistic sexual urges. Serge says so. Plus a grilling on how non Esoteric modalities make patients sicker by increasing their prana, and a sales pitch for Esoteric Breast Massage. She’s also running a group for families of patients.

*Support and services for carers with Sarah Davis is too hilarious to contemplate as it means Serge’s paid propagandist and expert cyber-bully will have to feign ‘caring’, lol – probably via Serge’s sociopathic teachings on ‘non pandering’, that people with mental illness or Down Syndrome are copping karma for being abusers in a past life, and ‘interpret compassion as an emotion and you have drunk the poison of another’.

*Ditto for Support and services for patients with Ingrid Langenbruch, plus some advice on how illness results from a choice not to pay up to belong to Serge’s hate ridden religion.

*Support for children and adolescents of patients with Kristy Wood is a grooming exercise for UM’s next generation of dependents, and an invite to the Girl to Woman commodification and grooming festival.

*Helen Simkins will run a support and discussion group for adolescents where she can drill them on taking general criticism personally, passive aggression, evasive denial and her extreme right wing views on free speech.


And believe me, the cult have triedHelen-Simkins-personal


Does Helen Simkins have any qualifications in social work, youth work or counselling? Who knows, but it didn’t stop Natalie Benhayon from pressuring adolescents to make group disclosures on drug and alcohol use and sexual activity.

*Convalescence support with Zoe Sherrin, and Aging and Aged Care with Gretel Willis is a referral program to Esoteric healers for a fight to get themselves written into wills and bequests. Serge gets first dibs with cancer patients or those closest to ‘dumping their prana’.

*Women and their health with LeeAnn Bailey is a plug for Esoteric Breast & ovary massages, and a hands on exploration of ‘self love’ with help from zero qualifications, ‘single by choice commercial sex bomb‘ Natalie Benhayon, and the six mirrors in her bedroom.

Plus regular lectures on Esoteric feminism, and how men finding their wives sexually attractive causes breast and gynaecological cancers – as does sport and seeking equal rights. Because when men show interest in touching their wives’ breasts and genitals it’s ‘imposing’ but when Esoteric ‘sex bomb’ practitioners do it for money, it’s ‘healing’. Special outings include Esoteric dirty dancing at UM events in front of kids.

Finally, NSW Health nurse, Narelle Kelly is running a drug and alcohol issues group with Esoteric Breast Massage trainer, Mary Louise Myers, where addicts will be reassured with claims their habits have left themselves and their children open for entities to rape them. But they too can become fourth degree initiates if they stick out a few hundred lifetimes as worshippers at Sergio’s church, the Way of the Livingness.

Dead agenting

In the past days, Serge’s paid defamation specialist and bouncer, Rebecca Baldwin, pulled on her Esoteric jackboots and took to Twitter, leading the faith-full into a flurry of dead agenting sprays. Bossy boots Rebecca really is the perfect exemplar of Esoteric love and truth. For nearly three years she’s been out front in the attack on anyone who dares express misgivings about her meal ticket. With Desiree Delaloye, Sarah Davis, Paula Fletcher and Alison Greig et al, they’ve attempted to have my blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts shut down with pseudo legal demands and bogus copyright and trademark infringement complaints. They’ve tried to have me deregistered from my profession, and bully me out of Byron Bay. They’ve published scores of pages packed with innumerable lies, believed unquestioningly by cult members – including a nine page site trashing my professional skills and business – neither of which have anything to do with my activism – written by people with no qualifications or entitlement to comment.

I doubt Rebecca thought trying to trash me on Twitter with a series of dumb snarks would make me alter my stance. It’s more likely a display of force – at the command of the messiah, showing the minions what will happen if they stray from the line and speak out. The cult members seem unaware of how Twitter works. They’re currently tweeting @UnimedLiving spam and ‘fair game’ defamations to each other – they have no other followers. They’ve created hashtags out of my name and their other defamation targets, as if anyone would be searching for those hashtags, lol. Oh well.

At no point has UM allowed our comments on their sites or attempted reasonable discussion. Rebecca and the rest of Serge’s payrolled bullies have been given every opportunity to engage with us here – in their own names, anonymously, critically, unreasonably, whatever, I don’t mind, but none have withstood our questions. They think it’s me that’s had them thrown out of community orgs and venues, and given them bad press, but it’s their own behaviour. I provide links to their defamatory sites in my notifications as proof of the kind of hateful, bullying organization they are.

At first I thought I was wasting my time engaging with a few of the faith-full – particularly since Twitter is not a great platform for nuanced debate. Predictably, the most invested followers back slapped the paid bullies without reading my responses to their snarks and grillings. However, the exchange with Adam Warburton was interesting, and I appreciate his effort to engage civilly, and that he had the courage to at least consider what I had to say. He comes across as a genuinely nice person, as I’m sure most followers are. He and others appear genuinely unaware that it’s not okay to touch the crotches of sexual abuse survivors, or to tell people that rape is karma for being a rapist in a past life. Many cult members seem unaware that pretty much everyone outside the cult is disgusted by Deeper Femaleness and the rest of Serge’s transgressions, and the double standard of accepting behaviour they would find repugnant from anyone else. Then again, if you believe crop circles are made by arcturans, and schizophrenia is caused by entity possession, it’s doubtful the old reality tester is firing too well.

As we knew, the faith-full have accepted UM’s mythology about us without bothering to find out the facts for themselves. For example he was unaware that I’d attended UM courses and had sessions with Serge.

I’d like to see cult members take more responsibility and do some research, or come and ask me for themselves. Comments are open here.

Anyway, I guess I should take the compliment that he’s mistaken me for an investigative journalist – something I’ve never claimed to be.

Serge’s paid propagandists – the ones who tell followers not to visit my evil sites – have no excuse – having read and copied every word I’ve written, and maliciously represented us without ever engaging reasonably with us over our concerns. They accuse me of having an agenda, yet refuse to read my comments or responses, let alone answer the questions.

Does Paula Fletcher really have so little understanding of therapy ethics? Does Rebecca Baldwin think touching sexual abuse survivors’ erogenous areas to clear the energy of rape is ‘not sexual’? Or that telling sexual abuse survivors they were assaulted because they were rapists in a past life, and that it takes many lifetimes to clear the energy of rape does not run counter to every ethical guideline regarding sexual abuse counselling? That nonsense put to vulnerable clients in a therapeutic setting is both psychologically and spiritually abusive. Why would they think it’s okay for unqualified people to even talk to clients about sexual abuse? I’m a registered practitioner and I don’t. If a patient discloses that to me, I refer them to a fully qualified counsellor/psychologist. Why would the marketing contingent not do research and run those methods past the Australian Psychological Society or the Rape Crisis Centre? Why harass me for raising legitimate concerns?

Seriously thinks touching the pubic area to clear the energy of sexual abuse is not sexual.

Serge isn’t palpating the vulva. Rebecca, his employee, says so.

Even the HCCC response, as lousy as it was, showed consideration of whether informed consent was obtained, and also claimed HCCC inaction was due to limitations in the legislation.

And where is Serge? Or Natalie Benhayon? While Rebecca and Alison Greig do their dirty work.

All Rise update

I thought it might have been my blog paralleling UM with Scientology that caused the renewed online hysterics from the propaganda division, but perhaps not. Yesterday I found out All Rise & Tell Lies, the cult’s sham anti-cyberbullying front group had managed to stage a presentation at a UK child welfare conference run by the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

It’s possible the cult were blowing a smokescreen – hoping to distract me in case I notified the organizers before UM got a chance to air their propaganda. Did Dragana and Otto disclose their backing to the conference? Definitely not.

Adam Warburton seemed not to understand the necessity of UM associated organizations disclosing their connections to media and organizers of community events. Not for profit community organizations must be clear about any commercial or religious affiliations. If you’re reading, Adam and others, it’s not the same as joining a hockey team. If you were running an anti child abuse initiative and someone approached wanting to present a film, you’d want to be informed if they were backed by a Catholic, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormon or Scientology organization, or a commercial business.

It’s this kind of non disclosure that is earning UM so many enemies.

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  1. Hmmm says:

    Exposing The Evil Behind The Bastardisation Of Words
    This whole Unimedpedia is dedicated to bringing truth back to word and language and thereby setting us free to see how things really are. The way words have been corrupted has a much more pernicious effect on us than we realise. There are hundreds of words that we could (and will) use to demonstrate this evil but let’s start here with the word ‘religion’.

  2. Dangerous says:


    Serge Benhayon and Co are a really dangerous mob.
    Steer clear with a wide berth.

    Why focus on Boobs and young girls? Why have women as your focus? Why have young’uns stay over?
    Very very very sick and eventually everything and everyone on this site sadly will be exonerated. Sad because it is all true.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      I’m not sure why you don’t take your own advice. At least use donotlink.com if you’re going to link to their bullshit here. You give them too much oxygen. Thx.

      • Dangerous says:

        ??? I used your site to get to this link. My intention was not to give them oxygen, no more than your intention ever is.
        The previous comment on the ‘bastardisation of words’ lead me to look further.
        I find EBM very questionable and now universal members have been convinced it is the new normal. So universal members change the words to suit their agenda – dangerous. I have seen and read enough. Thx

        • Darkly Venus says:

          No. Any links I’ve provided to that site are via donotlink, and you know it.

          And I’ve asked you before, repeatedly, to use donotlink if you have to, and not to take up blog space with trivia. And not to fill my Inbox with it either thanks.

          That UM are arseholes and idiots is abundantly evident via one a look at any of their hundreds of webpages. Readers are capable of visiting those sites to decide for themselves. Don’t bring it here. I give oxygen to the very small amount that is useful for public knowledge. You keep bringing the same low level trivia with ‘warnings’ to stay away, and if I didn’t tell you to knock it off periodically, you’d fill my blogs with it and drown out useful commentary – which is exactly the ploy of the cult propaganda.

          If you want to make useful comments tell us something we don’t already know.

        • zinger says:

          Hey there…the link in the post is do not link enabled…

        • Darkly Venus says:

          Because I inserted the donotlink from the dashboard.

          The above commenter has been asked dozens of times, more politely the first few dozen. The next step is to delete their comments, block their IP address as spam and put a filter on my Inbox.

        • Anonymous says:

          Cult member maybe?
          I clicked the link but wish I hadn’t. It’s pretty mild for UM standards. Maybe if Dangerous is new to UM I would understand wanting to post it but it’s exactly the same as all their other garbage. I agree it’s giving too much oxygen. .