DIY Notifications

The Universal Medicine cult will be overjoyed to learn I am stepping back from the exposure to pursue new projects and opportunities. I’ll continue to blog periodically but I’ll no longer be making the volume of notifications that have kept UM out of community organizations and schools etc.

For those of you who would like to ensure children and other vulnerable people are not preyed on, and want more media coverage and more accountability for UM, the work is now in your hands.


liita2m Art by Banksy

Concerned about the Universal Medicine cult infiltrating your community? You can help stop UniMed preying on the vulnerable and unwary by making notifications. 

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3 Comments on “DIY Notifications”

  1. murphy says:

    Well Esther, I feel very sorry to see you go, and you will be very much sadly missed. You have been absolutely fantastic, in the work you do as a Health Care Activist and the enormous time that you have put in. Sleeping, breathing and in your daily routine, fighting a very good cause against Universal Medicine. Esther you have to be congratulated and applauded, with the excellent job that you have performed for the sick and vulnerable people of our Community.
    After spending about 4 years, Esther you deserve a break, as no doubt you feel burned out? And that there is more to life than UM.
    Esther, no doubt you feel that you are hitting your head against a brick wall? But all the trouble you went through is not in vain. Through your work as a Health Care Activist,you have helped people who needed an ear to listen to and you did it with love and compassion.
    I know and it flummox me the amount of people who join the Universal Medicine Cult? And can’t or won’t to do something to get out of UM clutches!!! If I was more computer savvy, I would like to help, but I am sorry to say that I am an ignoramus when it comes to computers, only know the basic. But I’m sure or hope someone will replace you.
    I have always said that one day, someone in the family close to Serge Benhayon will speak up and be counted, it will take time, but it will happen.
    So, well done Esther in the excellence, in your performance in making the public aware of the UM and their hidden agendas.
    Thank-you Esther.

    • Esther says:

      Thanks hun. I will still be around. I will blog about UM, and take a public pop at some of their shenanigans, but not as frequently, and I’ll still be on Twitter. 

  2. Watching from afar... says:

    Thanks for everything, I have not been personally affected by UM, but many years ago I use to get Reiki sessions from Debbie and my then boyfriend had Reiki from Serge in Alstonville, obviously they were still together then, I also know people from my past who are a part of this cult and it continues to surprise me that they believe what that man has to say and for me the no-brainer is the fact that they say “Glorious Music” is the only true music and that “True Movement” is pure dance, as an artist this is “TRULY OFFENSIVE”!
    So ESther, I no longer live in the NOrthern Rivers so I have no idea of the real threat it poses on the our community there, but as someone from afar, I have thoroughly appreciated your posts and updates and I am curious to see just how deep this organisation has affected my home area when I return in the near future. I wish you much happiness and success in your new projects and well done for all the effort!