Dr Rachel Hall – cult, quackery and mystic dentistry special

This week Dr Rachel Hall of Evolve Dental Healing Kenmore tried to have me arrested again for Esoteric thought crimes. This time for replying to her tweets.

She’s not heard of the Streisand Effect. She also thinks Fluoride in the water supply makes people less intelligent. So what’s her excuse?

I’ve done a fair bit less blogging lately and I only infrequently reply to her defamatory Twitter spam. But when dentists throw their weight around, wasting police time trying to have people arrested for disagreeing with their public promotions of a commercial healing religion scam, they deserve their own special post.

Mystic dentist, Dr Rachel Hall, is one of the Universal Medicine cult’s most prolific propaganda champions and one of Serge Benhayon’s most vocal defenders. She fancies herself as an amateur marriage counsellor, making comments to news outlets on other people’s marriages. She’s also a registered dentist who plugs anti water fluoridation pseudoscience, and has advertised her propensity for hallucinations.

I can recall telling my teacher “When you were in your life before this one, you had a baby but it died and you were very sad”. She was pretty shocked, and asked my parents to come in to have a chat.
I remember many occasions when I spoke of the “people” who would visit my room at night, or the “angels” who came and sang with me, only to be told (or overhear the adults say) that I had a very over-active imagination, or worse, that I was telling lies. Truth About Serge Benhayon site

Here she is in EDG student notes presenting her ageless science free wisdom on Esoteric dentistry:

Rachel Hall – Esoteric Dentist- Brisbane

  • – dentists never trained to care for patients
  • – trained to only see the tooth and the perfect job they do on it
  • – once qualified then go into massive debt buying all the equipment- so they work from fear or greed
  • – teeth are the avenue to release karma
  • – baby teeth previous life
  • – adult teeth reflect all karma, karma in the bone
  • – teeth rot from inside out, reflect primary condition
  • – massive increase in decay rates, gum problems, patients becoming more difficult to anaesthetize
  • – teeth have energetic tendrils that run out into the body, they are an open window to your emotional and mental plane
  • – gum disease is directly linked to spleen and reflect the choices you make in life, gums bleed from disregard- drinking, smoking etc. women pregnant, menopausal gums bleed because no longer have periods, release being too busy, run down
  • – sugar plays a role, does not cause decay. Sugar acts as a suppressant and makes our bones bleed ( rushes release of karma ) but is not a full release and karma gets buried back into the body
  • – fluoride reduces our ability to feel, does not prevent decay, it postpones it, is also poisonous, strips calcium from the body, glands.
  • – Amalgam fillings strip minerals from the body (through the mercury) mercury makes us heavy, so you will checkout because of the feeling
  • – Grinding – emotional release, overflow gall bladder- front teeth, headaches, back teeth anger – fibro myalgia
  • – Removed teeth are energetically there- if the socket does not heal the energy is trying to get out
  • – Teeth are related to organs
  • – Baby teeth bring little packets of prana
  • – Clean teeth gently, self lovingly, it is a spleen gesture
  • – Vitamin D deficiency – get it from sunlight, shows persons lack of light
  • – Nerve damage shows karma of checking out for many lives.
  • – Dreams about teeth – you have got karma you need to look at
  • – wisdom teeth reflect resistance to the work .Wisdom teeth hold a lot of energy, if removed properly initiation can go up.
  • – Thumb sucking can’t grasp, can’t accept
  • – Teeth all over the place bringing through colon and bowel problems. Stuff buried (Esoteric Development Group 20 lecture notes taken by Kathleen Baldwin, September 2009)

Of all of Serge’s overheated wowser Brides – and she’s competing here with Ariana Ray, Desperate Desiree Delaloye, and Paula not on the payroll Fletcher – hers is the most intense obsession with me. Ever since I sent her and a couple of the doctors an email politely asking them to stop using their influence as health professionals to promote a predator, she’s been craving more of my attention. My email to her and reply to her response was taken to Queensland police as a complaint of stalking. Following that she’s continued to make complaints to WordPress, Facebook and Twitter to have my accounts shut down and she was out front in trying to get me deregistered from AHPRA. She was one of the 150 cult members who went whining to the ACCC because I’d named them as cult promoters.

From the password protected Debasing Evil site

From the password protected Debasing Evil site

She’s posted frequently on Facebook about me and for the past year she’s interspersed her spam tweets of UniMed Living promos with dozens of links to the fruity UM *Facts* site and the site Desiree and other cult profiteers set up to defame me, trash my business and try and drive me out of Byron Bay. They made news in March for their bullying of me and other complainants, critics and journalists.


I tweet the odd response.

Anyway, last Monday, at 4:30 am, she got so worked up she ditched her gentle breath meditation to call the police to make a complaint. I’ll have to take Lance Martin’s word for it on that. They never spoke with me. According to Lance, Dr Hall wanted me charged with using a carriage service to harass her. I’m not sure if she told them it was for replying to her defamatory tweets. She told the cops I was trying to ruin her business. She gnashed her unfluoridated teeth and stamped her little feet.

So Lance told them she’s a UMer and that’s where it ended. I’m surprised that nonsense made it as far as Lance. I called Bangalow station to let them know I was in my clinic if they wanted to drop around for a chat, but nah, they had work to do – you know – apprehending actual criminals.

I dunno. If Rachel Hall is going to use her professional Twitter account to spam tweet anti-fluoride pseudoscience, Sergio’s occult quackery and a lot of ad hominem slurs against me, Lance, Ira and Jane, that no one – apart from a few dimwitted cult members – ever retweets, she shouldn’t be bitching that I’m the one ruining her business. This is the second time she’s tried to harass me via the police.  None of the other complaints she made about me went anywhere. Trying to get me banned from Twitter and WordPress didn’t work either.

So she took it to the police.

That’s Esoteric logic.

She’s attracted a bit of attention too for deleting comments on Facebook from anyone who quite civilly disagrees with or challenges her nonsense on fluoridation. Typical of UMers she calls disagreement abuse. In my case she calls it a hate crime. What she and her fellow investors don’t get is that if you persistently post bullshit on the internet – misleading, misguided and misanthropic bullshit at that – other internet users will take you to task. If you’re going to make statements publicly, whether it be in the company of a few people or on the net for all to see, you need to be prepared to back it.

 But don’t count on the Mystic Dentist getting any cleverer anytime soon.

The backfire effect occurs when, in the face of contradictory evidence, established beliefs do not change but actually get stronger. The effect has been demonstrated experimentally in psychological tests, where subjects are given data that either reinforces or goes against their existing biases – and in most cases people can be shown to increase their confidence in their prior position regardless of the evidence they were faced with. In a pessimistic sense, this makes most refutations useless. Rational Wiki

See also: Confirmation bias

Mystic dentist, Rachel Hall

Mystic dentist, Rachel Hall

49 Comments on “Dr Rachel Hall – cult, quackery and mystic dentistry special”

  1. Tizzy says:

    Oh dear why do they get themselves into such a tizzy when all they have to do is answer questions? and tell the truth? It is not that hard.

    Why do that not realise that everyone has an opinion and has a right to express it?
    and also we can disagree with others opinion?

    No that is NOT the UM way is it?

    Rumour hasn’t ‘Gentle Breath’ must not work as this nasty piece of work Rachel Hall had a mother of all headaches for four days this week.

    Of course Serge’s teaching would be that that is Karma.

    She really is a bully. Not nice.

    • Esther says:

      The most annoying thing here is that she had the gall to waste police time AGAIN because she’s not grown up enough to cope with criticism.

      I have immense respect for police. I have family members & friends in the force, and I know how much they hate having their time wasted by hysterical, arrogant fools. Rachel ought to go on a few call outs with them – attend some domestic violence incidents or a few car accidents.

      On a lighter note, this thread is good for a laugh – the full thread of the chakrapuncture tweets above: https://twitter.com/EvolveHolistic/status/582974055072006145

      • Lance says:

        FYI, Rachel bothered the QLD police who took what looked like a four or five page rambling statement. I was brought into the narrative, even though I have never bothered with Rachel that I can recall. I was accused of this and that, and of being various people, and saying things she didn’t like. Criminal.

        The complaint must have been passed to the local police, and the cult must have assumed some living arrangement as they turned up at my place at 9AM with a ho-hum look on their face. The local copper knows the story well, and after a little chat about how the cult put up sites dedicated to defaming, harassing and bullying I think their sense of humour was sorely tested. I then remembered the dark lodge incident with Serge using Rachel on to make complaints (“to you Rachel Esther is child’s play”) which they found particularly bemusing. We did talk for about 30 minutes and it ended with them saying they would speak with the prosecutor before they wasted any more time.

        It’s astounding the Rachel could not figure out what would happen before a magistrate. You have to wonder how she ever got that dentistry degree. I am just assuming she was far more switched on before Serge got into her head with his neuron eroding gobbly gook.

        Rachel, you and your loving/amazing/glorious friends are the gang are the bullies. Larger scale, self righteous, pig-ignorant, willfully stupid bullies.There is no argument. We have just tried to be the messengers.

        Wake up to yourself.

        Falling on deaf ears I know.

        • Esther says:

          Let’s face it, the only reason the QPS took it seriously is because she called herself Dr and threw a hissy. It would have been 4-5 pages of hearsay – Tweet replies are hardly harassment.

          I don’t understand why they went to you. Suffice to say I’ve heard nothing, and if I did I would have asked for evidence.

          Funniest thing was Jane Hansen calling me dying to know what the cops said. She seemed disappointed I hadn’t heard from them – because if I’d been charged with replying to defamatory Tweets it would have been a first in Australian history, and it would have made the news lol!

  2. Lance says:

    And by the way Rachel. I have never told any lies about Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine. I, Esther and others have raised questions which remain unanswered.

    Unlike your good self, I am also in possession of bits of paper, statements and other evidence that casts a lot of doubt over your guru’s story about himself and his character.

    That withstanding, is there really a need for evidence? We’re talking about a man who claims to know everything in the universe, is smarter than any scientist, is more enlightened than the Dalai Lama, is the reincarnation of historical luminaries (not one of the other billion or so people that have lived), is married to a former teenage student, still has teenage slumber parties; and yet is somehow a man of unquestionable integrity. Nay, the paragon of integrity, truth and virtue according to the heavily moderated cult press.

    That should be evidence enough for any right thinking person that something smells very fishy. To quote Serge.

    Rachel, you use my name on the internet and defame, harass and bully me constantly. You don’t know me from Adam. You repeat lies and propaganda like a prepubescent school girl without stopping to think for a second. And yet you name me on your complaint? disgusting.

    When the police turned up here taking time out of my day, I was outraged that they had even considered what you said seriously at all when they have failed to act for me when you and your ugly gang have taken to trashing me over thousands of links. You’d obviously failed to tell them the entire story.

    I’ve even had the enlightened Neil Gamble suggest I should be beaten up over the imputations of my ex’s paradoxical testimonies. You and your gang of gormless lemmings have pointedly and with extreme prejudice set out to destroy my and Esther businesses and reputations simply because we have raised questions you are too gutless to answer.

    Imagine if I put up a blog about Neils businesses (which I happen to know in detail) and trash him all over the place? What if I actually did the same to you Rachel? Or what if I stupidly wrote stores about my ex trying to characterize her poorly?

    The reality is I have done none of those things. That’s because I have a brain and I am thinking for myself. I’m also aware that it’s what you say about others that defines who you really are. That’s wisdom 101. Don’t worry Rachel, you’ll never get that from Serge. He didn’t bother to attend those classes. He was too busy knowing everything in advance of everyone else.

    I’ve said it before, but it is worth repeating. If this is what “the work” leads to, then clearly Universal Medicine is an anti enlightenment movement.

    You have all been led into a very dark place by Mr Serge Benhayon.

  3. Spare us please says:

    This must be what all of the hot air that they have been blowing is about.
    “They won’t rollover and they are going to keep speaking out the world will know that they are here. They all stand together. They would defend Serge in a Court etc etc”
    LOL if it all backfires. They may just end up arrested.
    They are all just so horrible.

    • Just saying ... says:

      It’s about shooting / discrediting the messengers / challengers. Arrogant pride won’t / can’t answer simple questions or admit wrong …

    • Lord of Form says:

      Just like every other cult that when it implodes the members defend their leader no matter what he/she has done. They are defending their own poor choices that they keep making over and over, deepening commitment to their original misjudgement.

      I believe them. I think most of them would defend him no matter what surfaces eventually. They’ll deny it, accuse others, then rationalize it. At some point they may accept it, but they will still claim to have learned great lessons. Otherwise it’s a life surrendered for naught.

      • Integrity where Serge? says:

        Such true true words LOF
        Here is just one (there are many many many many more examples to prove it.)

        Alison Moir says:
        MAY 5, 2015 AT 3:36 AM
        What Otto Bathurst says makes sense, we don’t need to know Serge Benhayon’s past it is with him now, the way he lives is of the highest integrity, nothing he does is for himself but for everyone. Serge Benhayon is an open book and walks his talk and that is why all the complaints that Lance Martin and Esther Rockett have made about him have come to nothing because there is absolutely nothing to find. This can not be said about Lance Martin, you just scratch the surface and you quickly find that his life is far from that of integrity and everything he does is completely for self.”

        How can any intelligent being write this crap? That 1999 toilet experience lives on. Hypnotised and controlled to the max? Just evil.
        Maybe Serge has threatened to take the Convery’s Lane Centre off the faithful?You know the one they paid for but he owns, but he is no part of but he advertises it constantly and preaches there often,you know he preaches his thoughts and he is the perpetual whatever so that it is not bastardised, well something like this anyway. Correct me if you want to.

        Do you think Serge will leave the country as more and more gets revealed?
        Do you think we have another Jonestown looming?
        His measures of late are so desperate & even more stupid are they not?

        • Lance says:

          Alison Moir doesn’t know me at all so she’s not really scratching any surface. Outside of the confabulations they have online about the business they think I run, she has no idea what I do or don’t do.

          FYI, What I DON’T do is sell courses for cash that do nothing, treatments for cash that do nothing, fake accreditation that does nothing, ask for bequests from dying people, ask for anonymous donations to buy property in my name, go bankrupt and run a company, start a charity to improve my property, have young girls over, marry my ex student, break up scores of families, send emails to people calling their husbands a liar, lie to journalists, claim to be smarter than any scientist, or put up attack blogs about people who are criticizing me. To name a few things I don’t do.

          Common sense would tell you that while I am not perfect, it’s Serge who’s cornered the market on zero integrity. Alison, love, you don’t know me so I think you had better stop making stupid comments. I also challenge you to get a specific example out of my ex that would constitute anything untoward, illegal or even unpleasant in my past or present. If it was there, given the way she is these days, it’d be online. Look at the effort that went into finding bad photos… think about it.

  4. Spare us please says:

    Really prove this Dr Quack!

    Dr Rachel Hall @EvolveHolistic · 1h 1 hour ago
    Turmeric – Indian Spice can Help Treat Oral Cancer, Good for Oral Health too http://bit.ly/1E4woFl

    Dr Rachel Hall retweeted
    Doctor’s Nutrition @drsnutritionetx · May 2
    Fluoride is dumbing down our kids! http://bit.ly/1rSsBFF #fluoride #heal

    REALLY!!!!!! Bare this result in mind Dr Rachel Hall, after your long term constant internet savagery even of patients.

    Dr Rachel Hall @EvolveHolistic · 18h 18 hours ago
    Internet trolls face up to two years in jail under new laws – BBC News http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-29678989?fb_ref=Default%3FSThisFB

    Rachel Mascord publicly declared best buddy of Rachel Hall. Both dentists. Both Savage
    internet commentators even of patients. Can you believe that?

    Dr Rachel Hall retweeted
    Rachel Mascord @rachelmascord · 18m 18 minutes ago
    Jane Hansen, Pete Evans and “pseudoscience” more of the same from Jane Hansen | Unimed Living http://www.unimedliving.com/accountability/students-speak-up/jane-hansen-pete-evans-and-pseudoscience-more-of-the-same-from-jane-hansen.html#sthash.aIiqFKXX.uxfs

    This one will make you vomit. Who in this world are those brainwashed twits trying to convince?

    Dr Rachel Hall @EvolveHolistic · 4h 4 hours ago
    I Love the Benhayons http://wp.me/p2F6Uc-H

  5. lyingthroughherteeth says:

    Dr R Hall, dentist
    As a medical professional, I am embarrassed for you
    You are being used as a “mouthpiece” for a scammer
    Believing more rot than a mouthful of rancid teeth
    Just so you can make a good “impression” by defending Serge
    And involving the police, more stupidity from supposed intelligence!
    I fear you are following your own patient advice
    “Open your mouth and shut your eyes”
    You need to open your eyes as much as your mouth
    Stop attacking people for questioning UM, you are just biting off more than you can chew.
    Notice how you have been gently pushed into the negative spotlight for Serge
    Have you got the courage to “extract” yourself
    Odrives you continue to be the pain that drives us all to extraction!!

  6. What ever next! says:

    Alison Greig posted a few days ago yet another ugly vile hate piece.
    Part 1 Regarding Mr Martin’s integrity!?

    ‘HELLO’ Serge Benhayon is The One who was a Bankrupt was he not??

    • Lord of Form says:

      Being bankrupt was not the issue really- though the Benhayons did manage to evade creditors for 3 years. It was registering a company “Benhayon Sports Marketing” just months before going bankrupt, in Serges Sydney based mothers and then sisters name while having the company address at their Alstonville home, and then stating no interest in a company in their statement of affairs.

      A federal offence that in the days before easy date matching they got away with.

      Once the bankruptcy period was up, Serge took directorship back a few months later. His mother and sister were not aware of the roles.

      At the same time they collected full family payments from centrelink, and Serge ran a tennis business which he boasted recently allowed him to give away $60,000 a year. The Benhayons were paying a number of people cash in the hundreds of dollars per week during that period (yes, we have names, amounts) One assumes the centrelink payments fitted the story required for the trustees. There was two offences being committed there.

      Despite being bankrupt till 1998 and ostensibly surviving on social security payments, within 12 months of being released, the Benahyons built a 4 bedroom home at McLean’s Ridges costing around $300,000 in total. There was no mortgage registered on the building. The builder was paid largely in cash.

      There was other stuff going on as well which was not pretty. Those people don’t want to be named.

      Is Serge still pushing the line?

      He was running and advertising a lodge in Blue Hills Avenue up to last year without any DA approval. You’d think a man of absolute integrity could get that right. But I bet it was Desiree’s fault.

      Then there’s the:
      Chakra puncture rename the very month registration became mandatory
      The Charity Chairman resignation the moment a news paper article came out about his bankruptcy
      The recorded recanting of being Leonardo’s reincarnation
      The recorded denial of ever being bankrupt
      Claiming to be an accreditation body
      Seeking anonymous donations with a stated tax benefit
      Seeking and getting bequests from dying members
      The glamor and illusion of his flotilla of luxury cars here and OS
      The multi million dollar property portfolio here and abroad (all while pontificating on the evil of capitalism)
      plus a long list of other things I cant be bothered repeating.

      Integrity? Hmm. I don’t think so. Cunning, clever, teflon coated, lucky, gifted confidence man..absolutely.

      • Integrity where Serge? says:

        Thank you LOF. Now it all makes so much more sense, and raises so many more questions.

        So this must be why? perhaps-

        Why Serge has the internet full of Serge is a jolly good fella he says so himself and they must agree. The personification of Integrity! According to Serge.

        Why Serge owns and controls every site regarding him and UM.

        Why Serge tries incessantly to silence critics & Whistle blowers/Journalists by any lying ruthless horrible means that he can.

        Why it is necessary for him to have 100% Control of the blind as a bat faithful, they are only to read and hear and believe, eat & sleep & exercise & have sex lives etc etc that HE Serge says they can.

        My oh my – Oh I bet that there is so so much more hidden.

        Millions of dollars hush money is there?

        Is this why the authorities say we know – but….does this explain their weak inaction?

        Is this why some very diligent officers have just suddenly gone missing on the job so to speak, and they don’t work at these places anymore?

        Is this why Serge has surrounded himself with so many many to protect him like Universal Law, Cameron Bell & Paula Fletcher and Alison Greig, Barrister Charlie Wilson, Neil Ringe and Sam Kim, Rebecca Baldwin, Rachel Hall, Rachel Mascord and many lawyers? etc etc etc?

        Is this why there is even a Linguist to help him change in a supposedly legit way the meaning of words, like the meaning of the word integrity?

        I bet that this is just the tip of the iceberg? Do you think?

        • Just saying ... says:

          Why indeed … An interesting current Women’s Weekly article (of all sources) might help shed light: “My life-long struggle with the truth”. Belle Gibson tries to explain her massive hoax (claimed she healed terminal cancer through avoiding dairy, gluten & coffee) on a “web of wellness” alternative health therapists. Essentially one lie leads to another, then another until it snow balls (then wonders why everyone’s so upset!)

        • Anonymous says:

          I know 2 people who have been paid off by Serge and have chosen $ over intergrity and truth
          Miranda and Deborah
          Love to see all three of them sit a polygraph test open to all questions!!!!!
          That would rock the UM world to finally hear some truth from the horses mouths

        • Shocked Citizen says:

          Why Serge tries incessantly to silence critics & Whistle blowers/Journalists by any lying ruthless horrible means that he can, does he not?

          Let us also not forget all of those who have lost mates and families, daughters, sons and children to this ugly organisation.

          Those who have to daily deal with the pain and scars and loss of losing loved ones in such an ugly way that is the unscrupulous ways that Serge and his gang employ to shut these hurting individuals up. EG: Illegal AVO’s

          Let us not forget Miranda’s Mum and the daily pain she suffers.

          Integrity and the name Serge do not go together.

        • Maquisard says:

          A QUALIFIED health practitioner recently told me that it would be physically impossible for anyone let alone Serge Benhayon, to get by on ‘sometimes’ as little as 3hrs sleep a night, a cup of Peppermint Tea (organic) for breakfast and have the ‘best defined’ pecs Kate Greenaway has ever seen.
          How many students have now died of Cancer believing Serge? But talking about that would be emotional and therefore, Pranic.
          Let’s not forget about Debra Burslem and her cult Magnificat Meal Movement, from Helidon in the late 1980’s.
          Debra made millions and professed to be a Prophet, who also made claims that she too didn’t eat. It was found that while her ‘followers’ were starving to death on her limited and unbalanced diet, Debra was in fact living on Tim Tams.
          Debra is now lounging on a Pacific Island,spending her ‘followers’ hard and honestly earned money!

        • Esther says:

          It seems to be a thing with gurus to portray themselves as superhuman. The bent yoga guru I knew of told people he only slept one hour per night. His doctor later told me it was all bullshit. He took off to FNQ with a heap of followers’ money, and started telling locals he could cure cancer, a year before he died of cancer.

          You’ve made a good point. We may never know the true death toll of Serge’s toxic advice. How many have followed his diet to develop very serious preventable illness, or have worsened because of it, and the sleep deprivation, lack of exercise etc.?

        • Maquisard says:

          Esther, I think a picture ‘speaks a thousand words’.
          While members of the Cult of Universal Medicine go around congratulating each other on their beauti-full-ness. To the rest of the world these (mainly) women look dangerously unhealthy.
          The dark, sunken and heavily lined eyes of the women in their 30′ and 40’s are a scary reminder that an unbalanced, unhealthy and dangerous diet will only worsen their appearance as they age.
          I can’t begin to imagine what these poor women are going to look like in another 10 years.
          Treble the lines, sallow complexion and emancipated gaunt faces of the older Esoteric Women- then you’ll have an idea!
          Poor pitiful lemmings.
          Of course that’s IF they live that long!
          Kamra has a way of giving us what we fear most. Dr Atkins came up with his low-carb diet to improve heart health…he died of a heart attack.

  7. La Métempsycose says:

    The hypocrisy of UM is only surpassed by the spiritual and material avarice of its leadership.

  8. dumb & dumber dentistry says:

    i thought that meme was a joke but i found her youtube video
    it’s like something out of monty python seriously

    • lyingthroughherteeth says:

      Like a gust of bad breath, terrible!

    • Anonymous says:

      Q. Are you afraid of the Dentist?

      A. F*ck yeah! I’m extremely afraid of that Evolve Mystic Dentist in that video!

  9. M says:

    What a bunch of bitches. And I mean the commentators on this blog. So much hate and little actual evidence of fraud by Serge. To read this blog makes UM seem almost tame. Almost. (Just so you know Esther, I have just reported UM on FB for abusing you).
    I have direct and irrefutable evidence of breaches of certainly s42, possibly s43 and 44 of The Commonwealth Crimes Act 1914 which I will Affirm to in reasonable time.
    My question is this: Can we please stop the anti cult love in and actually get Serge charged for fraud? If not, why not and what can we do to correct it? Finding multiple breaches of Comlaw has been so easy, I don’t see why culling the root cause is so hard……

    • Esther Rockett says:

      Yeah, why not? You reckon you’ve got the evidence. Report it.

      Don’t come here and whinge about my readers.

      If you don’t like the blogs or the comments, don’t read.

      These blogs are part of a broad strategy for keeping UM in the public eye – long after the regulators have failed. If you don’t like that, piss off.

    • Hypersensitive says:

      I find your comment M in very poor taste. Heartless in fact.

      Readers here have lost alot and have suffered immensely at the hands of SB/UM.

      I quote:
      “Let us also not forget all of those who have lost mates and families, daughters, sons and children to this ugly organisation.
      Those who have to daily deal with the pain and scars and loss of losing loved ones in such an ugly way that is the unscrupulous ways that Serge and his gang employ to shut these hurting individuals up. EG: Illegal AVO’s
      Let us not forget Miranda’s Mum and the daily pain she suffers.”

      If you have evidence just report it.

      Why come here on what appears to be a fishing expedition?

    • piccolo says:

      Hey M. No this blog does not make UM seem tame, it makes UM seem a group with much to hide, and that well fits in with your fraud experience and allegation.

      Don’t be too hard on the contributors here, many have suffered, that does not make them bitches. But remember Serge has some friends in high places and many nuts who would self-immolate for UM on command. UM is up to a variety of immoral and unlawful activities.

      So please get on with your reports of fraud through the proper channels and if that fails go to the media (not Northern Star). And be prepared for much unbearable bureaucratic frustrations. But people here will be prepared to support you if they can.

    • Lord of Form says:

      M, we have plenty of evidence of all sorts of breaches of various acts and federal laws. Getting anything done is a whole different question. Never ever underestimate the apathy of regulators, especially if any time has elapsed. They are not interested unless it is political or their ass is on the line. The information we have is incontrovertible, but the way they assess it is the cost of getting a prosecution over how much effort they’d have to make compared to doing nothing. Fact, truth and natural justice have nothing to do with it.

      But good luck.

      Also, the people here are venting. Many have had their families ripped apart by Serge and UM. Many of lost friends, or seen them go from lovely people to heinous hateful mobsters. The cult blogs are chockers with attacks on people based on conjecture and conflation. Alison Grieg makes a comment and 300 cult faithful flock with their pitch forks to cheer her on as she makes something else up. They then run off to share the links on social media before retiring to a pod cast of Serge and looking in the mirror for an hour calling themselves amazing.

      I’d be careful about having a go at the victims of the cult in one of the few places they get to have a whinge.

    • Esther says:

      M had no information at all on UM until he found these blogs.

    • Just saying ... says:

      Many comment / question / vent on Esther’s informative sites, because she actually allows us to. UM sites white wash their “truth” & over control by blocking / deleting the most innocent, well meaning questions or comments. (Those which might plant a pesky seed of doubt in the trusting faithful). There is no recourse for correction of distortions / misunderstandings. UM seems to only accept comments which fawn over / “validate” SB or each other (blind leading the blind). The frustration of seeing loved ones deceived, deluded & exploited leads us to be a tad antsy.

  10. Cuckoo says:

    Serge’s FB page – They are all cuckoo.

    He has them all in a frenzy, I think they need a real Dr.

    • Truthseeker says:

      ‘The Brahman’ as Serge has called himself is cuckoo alright, or is he really?
      He steals the ideas of all who have gone before and lies claims them all as his own!

      Another successful money making racket right here.’The Way of Livingness”

      “The Sermon of The Way of the Livingness presentation is written by Serge Benhayon shortly before the presentation and members of the Universal Medicine Student Body are invited to join Serge on stage and read selected paragraphs interspersed with Serge’s commentary and elaboration. The presentations forever evolve having had music, songs and prayers introduced at the beginning of 2014.”

      The Way of the Livingness – Unimed Living
      The Way of the Livingness series presents the religious way, aspects and principles of the Ageless Wisdom.

      Brahman – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      In Hinduism, Brahman is “the unchanging reality amidst and beyond the world”, which “cannot be exactly defined”. It has been described in Sanskrit as

      • Lord of Form says:

        Is that his new gig? If he didn’t have a group of dim witted followers he’d be on lithium in the psyche ward of Lismore general.

        Brahman Schmaman. He’s just a huckster whose got caught up believing his own bullshit.

        • What a waste of money says:

          I guess this is where they will learn all about it? Sick and sadistic.


          RETREAT 3:


          Friday 8th MAY, starting at 4pm to Tuesday 12th MAY, concluding at 4pm
          (includes last day 6pm dinner celebration with dance party to follow)

          The Sound Training Centre – (next to The Lighthouse), Tytherington, Somerset, England

          $1650 (AUD) excluding accommodation, airfares and travel to the event
          A non-refundable / non-transferable DEPOSIT of $100 is required at the time of booking

      • Esther says:

        Brahman now? Grandiose much?

        • Lord of Form says:

          Not at all, according to Serge on FB he is the ‘real deal’. He’s not even trying to pretend anymore he is a ‘forever student, just like everyone else, or simply presenting the truth”- he’s now a fully realized self anointed enlightened master…that happens to register URL’s to get revenge on critics.

          They’ve got a gag going on involving a bull (no irony) and Serge. The members are tripping over themselves to be lamer than the idiot before them.

          As any of his followers would say ” Awesome! Feel the joy! Wow! I can feel the truth!

          This is probably how he went about convincing them he was Leonardo too. I wonder if that means they will all have a picture of a Brahman bull hanging next to the Leo prints..? I wonder…

          “Quick Michael, to the Alpha!”

          (Ditditaditaditaditadita…CONMAN! CONMAN, CONMAN…)

      • Big Ears says:

        Brahman BULLshitter.
        Looks like meat’s off the menu boys! (and hundreds of idiot girls)

  11. What ever next! says:


    Health complaints boss under fire

    By Annette Blackwell
    May 7, 2015, 6:52 pm


    Three of the witnesses who had dealings with the HCCC have given evidence of long delays, being fobbed off or having investigations into their complaints abandoned.

    Mr Pehm was asked about two cases, that of AWC and AWH.

    On Thursday AWC, a 51-year-old businessman, told the commission the HCCC cancelled the investigation into the complaint in 2001 as there was “no public interest” in pursuing the matter.

    He was told one of the reasons was that Rolleston had not responded to the complaint and because the alleged offence had happened a long time ago.

    Commission chair Peter McClellan, asked Mr Pehm how the HCCC could use the fact an accused doctor had not responded as an excuse not to investigate.

    “It defies belief,” Justice McClellan said.

    Mr Pehm said “Yes, I agree.”

    Mr Pehm also agreed that the HCCC’s handing of a complaint against Rolleston by witness AWH was inadequate and could cause the complainant great distress.

    AWH gave evidence that over an eight-year period he received bureaucratic replies asking for specifics such as dates, times and what clothes he was wearing, when Rolleston assaulted him when he was 12.

    The HCCC, with Mr Pehm’s approval, had ruled out a face-to-face meeting with AWH and insisted on written detail.

    Mr Pehm apologised and said it was “completely to my discredit”.

    AWH told the commission in his eight-year dealings with the HCCC he always felt Rolleston would get off “because I was just so young and traumatised”.

    The stress caused him to consider suicide, he said, but when he told the HCCC of his distress he received another formal response.

    Mr Pehm said he could now understand why AWH was devastated by the response.

    “It is very cold, clinical, unresponsive and sort of `don’t call us we will call you'”.

    The hearing continues on Friday when Mr Pehm returns to the witness stand.

    • Lord of Form says:

      And they are just as bad, or maybe even better, than ASIC, the ACCC, the ACNC, OFT, ASQA, ATO Child Protection, the Police and a number of other bodies.

      There’s two battles going on here. Against the cult, and against regulators and law enforcers whose default position is to do nothing at all.

      The cult stupidly take it as exoneration (confirmation bias on full power) when we know it is just plain ineptitude, which just happens to favour Serge.

      History has shown when these things blow up, there are a million questions as to why no one acted when there were so many notifications and a clear history of problems leading to the train wreck. This will be no different.

      • Truthseeker says:

        We are overloaded with Regulatory bodies made up of lazy and inept and gutless
        individuals – “We have all of the evidence yes definitely but we are not acting on it YET!”

        Meanwhile so many many more get hurt.

        These regulatory bodies must be seen to be being politically correct so to speak, whilst they take the easy gutless way out. As you say LOF the cult stupidly takes this as exoneration.

        And yes as we have seen many many times before when it all blows up there will be a million questions why no one acted. Even tho so many of us work tirelessly on this notifying.

        Here is some of the proof:

  12. Health practitioners can get away with anything says:


    Lifetime ban never requested for doctors: HCCC
    A A A Print Article |
    8th May 2015
    AAP all articles by this author
    THE head of the NSW healthcare watchdog says a lifetime ban is never requested during deliberations on a malpractice complaint against a doctor.

    Kieran Pehm, head of the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC), says five years is considered a long ban.

    The child sex abuse royal commission is currently investigating how health regulators handled complaints against John Rolleston, who was jailed in 2011 for sexually molesting a number of young boys in the 1970s at medical practices in Sydney.

    A former hospital doctor at Royal North Shore Hospital and Broken Hill, he was deregistered in 1987 for professional misconduct relating to fraud but his registration was restored in 1990.

    Rolleston can reapply in 2017 to regain his licence.

    At the commission yesterday, one of Australia’s most highly qualified doctors, who was sexually abused as a child by Rolleston, said the profession’s response to complaints is grossly inadequate and skewed in favour of doctors.

    Sexually molested by Rolleston in the 1970s at a private practice in St Ives, Sydney, the doctor, who was given the pseudonym AWF, said he had done further research after reading of Rolleston’s arrest and jailing in 2011.

    AWF said he found out Rolleston had been prohibited by the Medical Board in 2009 from providing any medical service to patients between 11 and 18 years of age.

    “I remember feeling shocked and angry that Rolleston was allowed to continue practising medicine,” he told the commission yesterday.

    On his second day in the witness stand, Mr Phem said today that in egregious cases, the HCCC would seek a 10-year ban.

    “I can’t think of a ban longer than 10 years,” he said.

    Mr Phem was asked about the HCCC’s response to a number of witnesses who have given evidence that when they went to the complaints body about Rolleston they experienced long delays.

    He said the HCCC had tried to be impartial.

    The commission has been told the watchdog had huge backlogs of work and poor information sharing when sex abuse claims against Rolleston were first made in the late 1990s.

    It has also heard that in the case of one complainant, given the pseudonym AWC, there were lengthy delays and the HCCC terminated its investigation because it was a historical complaint.

    Kiiko Kumar, counsel for AWC, asked if the HCCC would advise someone who complained of childhood sexual abuse by a doctor to go to police.

    Replying in the affirmative, Mr Pehm also accepted that this had not been done in AWC’s case.

    He told the commission that in June 2011 Rolleston had made a statutory declaration that he would not apply for re-registration.

    But he agreed that “technically”, Rolleston could re-apply.

    Complainants were not told by the HCCC about the stat dec.

    Mr Pehm also agreed the HCCC had not taken into account the protection of the health and safety of children that Rolleston might be able to access as a doctor from the time AWC had made his complaint in 1998.

    The investigation into AWC’s complaint was terminated in 2001.The victim was in poor health when he tried to pursue his complaint against Rolleston and was treated so badly by the HCCC hia health further deteriorated.

    Mr Pehm also agreed that HCCC had never taken into account the protection of AWC’s health.

    He told the commission that the HCCC received about 5000 complaints a year, about 100 were complaints of sexual abuse – mostly against adults.He could only remember three cases of complaints of child abuse and Rolleston was one of those cases.

    He apologised to the victims and said he would be happy to discuss with abuse survivors anything he or the commission could do to convince them of the sincerity of the apology.

    Warwick Hunt, counsel representing the HCCC, said Mr Pehm was willing to meet with each of the survivors and offer a personal apology if they were comfortable with a meeting.

    Mr Hunt said one survivor had already been asked and others, if they found it in any way helpful, were now invited to address HCCC staff about the impact of the bureaucratic responses to their complaints.

    Mr Pehm accepted in his evidence to the hearing that from at least 1998, when complaints against Rolleston were first made, the HCCC’s responses were delinquent, inefficient and lacked sensitivity.

    • HCCC is pathetic says:

      I watched some of the live stream of him on the stand yesterday. It was excruciating.

      Mr Pehm provided the complaint review responses to our complaints about Serge & Co.’s inappropriate touching with the comments that ‘there’s no evidence of sexual misconduct’ in the photographs of Serge with his hand on a woman’s genitals calling it ‘great’ for ‘rape recovery’, and in the case where a student had his genitals touched during a workshop – Serge denied teaching it and the HCCC & Commissioner Pehm were satisfied with that. Infuriating.

  13. What ever next! says:

    I see the UM Facts team have a NEW appointee to the team: a Henrietta Chang whoever she is? Yep I went over there looking to see if they have repented of their evil ways. Nope.

    They are working themselves into a frenzy in support of Serge’s better than God Complex.
    Together they stand as one. Whatever.

    OMG it is never ending about Serge’s integrity, this is what all of Serge’s recent Sermons and Alison’s internal commands oops sorry emails must have been about. They must be trying to convince themselves because we will never be convinced.

    Anyway me thinks Henrietta Chang has been appointed because Alison can’t cope with the workload you know Umer’s mustn’t get stressed when they work that is why they all work so slowly. Have you seen them? Just amazing. Must be because they all look like they need a good nutritious feed.

    After all everyone of the faithful must comment somewhere on any blog/post (years old ones as well you know) about ‘We love Serge & UM.’ & Esther,Jane and Ira and Robert and Lance and the world are all so so so bad. EVERYDAY DAY they must comment.

    There are alot of sites now and all of the comments must all make the mark to get accepted. This is why they all copy each others comment or applaud the one before its easier and besides they have lost the ability to think for themselves.

    Dangerous mob! Serge has denuded their intelligence and ability to think and reason.
    Sad and sickening.
    Anyway I won’t need to visit them over there for a long time….so boring, and vexatious
    and rubbish really.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Plus Serge has them all lined up to take the fall while doing his bidding for free. He’s quite careful not to make the same defamatory comments as them- even though the site is registered in his name- so they can take the hit when it comes. That’s his level of integrity.

      If he’s got something to say, he should just grow a pair and get on there and write it up for all to see rather than using a gaggle of incoherent woman to do his bidding.

      He’s always hiding behind a bunch of woman. What does that tell you about our Serge?

  14. Good on Justice Peter McClellan says:

    Abuse inquiry summons former health bosses
    NEWS.com.au‎ – 6 hours ago
    TWO former heads of the NSW health care watchdog have been summoned to appear before the child sexual abuse royal commission.

    MAY 10, 2015 9:11AM
    TWO former heads of the NSW health care watchdog have been summoned to appear before the child sexual abuse royal commission.
    JUSTICE Peter McClellan signed the summonses after three days of hearing how the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission failed to act swiftly on complaints that a Sydney GP had molested young boys.
    The former HCCC commissioners are expected to give evidence on why it took 20 years to deregister John Rolleston even though there were numerous complaints about him in the 90s.
    Rolleston was not struck off until 2013, two years after he was jailed for historical child sexual abuse.
    He was found guilty on 30 counts of molesting teenage boys in the 70s and sentenced to four years in jail.
    He is now on parole and is ill. Theoretically Rolleston, now 79, can reapply to re-register in 2017.
    The former HCCC commissioners are likely to be asked why doctors convicted of serious criminal offences are not banned for life.
    The new witnesses will extend the time set for this hearing but Justice McClellan said it was important they be heard to explain “the actions or lack on action” in this case.
    On Friday the HCCC commissioner Kieran Pehm profusely apologised to abuse victims who were badly treated by the agency, which took years to investigate complaints.
    “It’s bad. It’s indefensible,” he said.
    One of Rolleston’s victims, AWA now a senior doctor, said in evidence it was disturbing Rolleston was allowed to consult with patients after multiple complaints.
    AWA was molested by Rolleston when he was 15 and again when he was over 18.
    Rolleston was once deregistered over medifraud but within months got his licence back. On another occasion it was decided he should be chaperoned when he saw patients.
    AWA told Justice McClellan a life ban should be applied in cases like Rolleston’s and the title of doctor withdrawn. It was outrageous Rolleston could apply to re-register, he said.
    The commission will resume on Monday.

  15. Warning says:

    Esoteric Women’s Health

    Body Image and Eating Disorder Support Groups
    ByronEcho 6/5/15 page 13