Universal Medicine cult gossip & agitation April 2015

April 25th: *True Movement in Vietnam LOL *Byron Bay’s Bay FM promoting the UM business *Comedienne, Mandy Nolan, gets a guru

April 13th: *Phoenix Global Wikipedia shenanigans

April 8th, 2015: *April calendar *Going Clear and a new era of cult bashing *Legal strategy – undue influence

April 25th: True Movement & Vietnam retreat lols

Thank you to the reader who dredged this up. In case any of you didn’t take my word for it that True Movement is a ritual humiliation of paying to lurch around idiotically to ‘clear’ evil prana:

And is it me or is Sergio looking increasingly ghoulish? I think the little weirdo has started dyeing his eyelashes. Or maybe he got one of those eyeliner tattoos, lol.

Rachel Torise at Bay FM community radio promotes UniMed businesses

In January, Byron Bay’s local community radio, Bay FM broadcast a number of fawning interviews with the organizers of the UM Girl to Woman mass grooming festival held in Ballina, including this:

Later I found out the interviews were conducted by Rachel Torise (Rach), who runs the Belly and Chop Suey programs. I also received word she’d run an advertorial interview with Tanya Curtis of predatory cult front, Fabic Behaviour Management. Tanya Curtis specializes in telling parents of disabled children that autistic children are sensitive to entity activity, and disability results from being an abuser in a past life. She then makes referrals to an array of Esoteric parasite ‘healers’ for the full indoctrination and recruitment menu.

The station manager was understanding, but when he issued a directive denying the UniMed commercial molestation and death cult air time, Rachel whined that it was against the community broadcasting code of practice regarding equal opportunity.

What bullshit.

The community broadcasting code of practice sections on equal opportunity are to do with the rights of volunteers, and have nothing to do with on air content. The recommendations for on air content are that it’s balanced.

I told him if the station was going to provide balance with regard to UM’s promotions, I’d be happy to be interviewed to express our misgivings about UM’s antisocial practices and behaviour. I asked if the equal opportunity would extend to representatives promoting Scientology, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, or ISIS.

I also pointed out that UniMed squealing for equal opportunities is hilariously hypocritical seeing they refuse to allow questions or criticism on their sites, and are atrociously intolerant of anyone not subsribing to the toxic Way of the Livingness.

Anyway, a few questions for Rachel Torise:

  • You present a music program and a food and cooking program, Rachel. Will you be promoting Serge’s Esoteric diet that demonizes dairy products, vinegar, grains, eggs, beef and root vegetables?
  • What do you think of Serge saying that no one who eats dairy products ‘can truly love you’?
  • Will you start promoting Glorious music, and Serge’s teachings that music is poison, and the energy of non cult music infects people with the energy of the musician, their evil tattoos, drug habits and emotions?
  • Will you be preaching that emotions are the cause of all disease? Or that love has no emotion in it and babies can be poisoned by their mothers’ emotions through breast milk?
  • How many customers were at the event? You were there. The cult says 400 showed up. That’s a fib isn’t it? What’s your opinion on commercial dishonesty from religious zealots? What businesses were promoted at the ‘child welfare’ event?
  • Do you think it appropriate for little girls to be painted with makeup at a ‘festival’ worshipping the teachings of a bloke who groomed a 14 year old tennis pupil and her father into allowing her to move into his house, then bullied her into submission and later married her?
The Girl to Woman Festival - predatory grooming goes commercial - painting up little girls

The Girl to Woman Festival – predatory grooming goes commercial – painting up little girls

We’d love to hear your responses, Rachel.

I’m available for interview any time, dear.

Mandy Nolan gets a guru

We’re not the only ones un-impressed by Esoteric feigned ‘love’ and ‘truth’ and the exclusively priced worship of a bowel movement and the pint sized prince of pisstakes who’s continuing to sell it as a Glorious revelation. Northern Rivers stand up comedienne, writer and renaissance woman, Mandy Nolan, recently wrote about the quest for a guru in her weekly Soapbox column in the Byron Shire Echo, and released the accompanying video.

She’s probably heard, like we have, of the increasing numbers of UniMed investors relocating to Goonellabah to be closer to the One True Religion, its main retail outlet, and The One himself. Because it’s much easier to join in the UM Facts false and defamatory hate fest when you all live as one joy-full community – isolated from anyone who thinks you’re silly, bonkers and unpleasant – i.e. most people. It’s a like minded community of the soul-full, united by the belief the Benhayon bogan messiahs will take them all to Sirius. They’ve bought the healing symbols to prove it.

But it’s not a cult.

Phoenix Global Wikipedia shenanigans

If you’re new around here, Phoenix Global was hired by Sergio the bullshitter to dig for dirt on UM’s detractors, and to have Facebook pages shut down and the URLs for critical websites and news reports removed from Google search Australia without court orders – via false complaints.

The other day one of our readers directed me to this article where PG head, Mick Featherstone, – currently on criminal charges for his role in an alleged kidnapping and extortion attempt – describes hacking the computers of surveillance targets.

Hacking is a federal offence. The article also describes the illegal use of listening devices for covert surveillance. I’d like to know why he hasn’t been charged.

Mr Featherstone said an international client pays him to spy on his Australian wife and his family.

The PI said he uses computer software to copy everything the subjects do on their computers.

Each day he sends the information, including transcripts of phone calls and text messages to the client. He said he can even retrieve mobile phone and text messages deleted weeks before.

In Australia, there are laws against trespass and invasion of privacy.

It is legal to buy bugs but it is illegal to use them unless the target knows he or she is being bugged. But Mr Featherstone said someone who has been caught out will rarely take the matter to police. Brisbane Times

Someone also started a Wiki page for the illustrious Phoenix Global, and Mick’s son, Zach, has been trying his little heart out to erase it, have it deleted, turn it into an advertisement, and finally have his name removed from it. A list of edits with comments is here. And the screenshot below has him logged in with his IP address number, tagging his edits with comments like: 

Legal issues: – removed content – incorrect and can verify via sworn affidavit that media article is incorrect. Legal issues: – Removed legal issues. The public is well aware of media coverage, the sources can be find easily by googling “phoenix global”. There is no need to add to the page, and no reason for a Page on Phoenix Global when it employs less than 5 removed former employees [Zach Featherstone and Travis Burch] Phoenix global employs less than 5 people, and lacks the notability for a page. The one sided media sources are not a fair representation of the truth. Zach Featherstone removed – I no longer work at Phoenix Global – see www.zachfeatherstone.com.au for more info…

Lol! Seems the Phoenix Global brand is on the nose, and Zach is trying to distance himself from Dad, Dad’s partner Zoei Keong, and those troublesome criminal charges for fraud, kidnapping and attempting to pervert the cause of justice.

If anyone is a Wiki editor or knows some admins there, it looks like the page could use some help.


Zach Featherstone attempts to manipulate Wikipedia

April calendar

April is a busy month on the UniMed calendar of bitching, lying, starvation, molesting and extortion. Last weekend Jesus’ resurrection extravaganza took second place to a dose of The Livingness and a $75 workshop on Esoteric expression, where the investors learned how to spend a minimum of an hour each day immersed in blogs dishing unconditional hate on detractors. Next week the unisex Brides of Serge will front up for five days of full contact brainwashing, breast stroking and slander. $1320 gets an unergonomic plastic seat in the Lennox Head sports hangar and unlimited reprimands for ‘measured’, read inadequate, commitment. Only full fledged Esoteric fundamentalists are allowed the privilege of donating their assets and adolescent daughters. An extra $150 gets you all the pea soup you can eat, and for another $150 you can share a bunk for four nights with Eunice Minford or Lee Green. BYO earplugs. And noseplugs.

On the 25th, Sergio has sprung an extra-curricular devotional – Sermon 21, followed by a repeat of last month’s ‘forum’ on religion – open to all, except non subscribers, where major investors, Neil Ringe, barrister Charles Wilson, and Uni of Sydney linguistics professor and incorrigible dimwit, William Foley, talked up Serge’s One Unified Truth with remarks like this:


We shun and harass anyone who disagrees

From Rick Ross’s warning signs of harmful groups:

The group/leader is the exclusive means of knowing “truth” or receiving validation, no other process of discovery is really acceptable or credible.

Next month, the Benhayon family burlesque heads to the UK and Europe for a full two month schedule of wallet clearings and an all new death and donation drive.

Going Clear and a new era of cult accountability

It’s exciting times in the world of anti cult activism. Last month we looked at John Sweeney’s coverage of Scientology and the way that cult has deterred journalists and publishers from exposing their misconduct. That era has come to an end thanks to the democratic power of social media, and the clout of HBO, the pay tv network behind the new documentary on Scientology, Going Clear. HBO are known for cutting edge topicality and creativity with drama series such as The Sopranos, The Wire and Big Love. Their documentaries are the highest rating in the US, and Going Clear is no exception, not only drawing a record audience, but inspiring hundreds of news articles – and a lot of new scrutiny of Scientology’s harms – including a Saturday Night Live satire (video unfortunately no longer available in Australia).

Scientology’s predictable propaganda retaliation on critics flopped and more influential people are asking questions about the cult’s tax exempt status. This coincides with a proliferation of civil law suits against the Church.

This is good news for the greater cause of cult awareness and accountability, because as much as the public has heard of Jonestown and David Koresh, understanding of cult dynamics, demands and dangers is poor. Joe Public struggles to comprehend that cults, by definition, are regimes of dishonesty, undue influence, exploitation and abuse.

Going Clear opens in Australia in June.

New legal strategy – undue influence

Australian readers might be aware of the Australian government’s rhetoric around the ISIS ‘death cult’. The rise of terrorist groups has seen a renewed interest in the psycho-social processes of radicalization.

Supporting Human Rights by Testifying Against Human Wrongs is an excellent article by a US legal academic and director of ICSA, the International Cultic Studies Association.

Perhaps even more important is the expansion of interest in influence theory brought about by recent international events. Cult stories still arouse some interest in the media, but the headlines now involve terrorism and fundamentalism. The old question has returned: How can ordinary people be turned into religious/political zealots who engage in suicide bombings and violent acts of terror against innocent citizens? The research literature on this important topic has increased exponentially. Many government officials are now more willing to hear from thought-reform experts as problems in their countries increase due to extensive and intensive indoctrination with fundamentalist ideas. In short, unlike in the past, when belonging to a cultic group might have been involuntary, but not externally dangerous, in today’s world there is much to fear unless we understand and thwart brainwashing. Other headlines may bode well for the resurrection of interest in brainwashing and the understanding of the science behind it. Two examples immediately come to mind. First, after several decades of horrific child molestations by religious leaders, and the cover-ups that have shielded the full extent of the problem, we now can talk about the concept known as grooming (Weber, 2014). Grooming is not relegated just to child sexual abuse, nor to such abuse by priests. Studying the gradual process by which innocent youths are converted into victims enables researchers to shed light on aspects of the more comprehensive brainwashing process.

I’m unsure of the situation in Australia, but the author writes of frustrations within the US judicial system in recognizing cultic influence.

Experts seeking to testify in court about extreme-influence processes practiced by clever influencers against susceptible and vulnerable influencees have encountered difficulty from some judges who have hesitated or refused to hear testimony about brainwashing, mind control, and thought reform on the grounds, in their opinion, that these concepts lack scientific validity. This paper suggests that the legal concept of undue influence be used as a vehicle for such testimony.

The article gives good descriptions of why magistrates baulk at the use of the term ‘brainwashing’, and instead recommends arguing for the established legal concept of undue influence.

For more than 500 years, undue influence has been a legitimate legal concept utilized to provide a remedy for people who have become victims of con men and women. According to legal scholars, the creation of undue-influence law was a direct response to the growing concern that “the church was taking advantage of…the [deathbed] fears of the faithful for its own aggrandizement” (Sherman, 2008, p. 581). As noted in an ancient English case, “[T]here are no instances where men are so easily imposed upon as at the time of their dying, under pretense of charity….” (Attorney-General v. Bains, 1708, p. 272) Thus, the law of undue influence was developed as a means of protecting private wealth from overzealous and predatory religious clerics. As the centuries passed, undue-influence cases expanded beyond religion to include situations in which financial interactions raised the possibility that the transfer of assets at the time of death might not have been the product of a free and voluntary choice.

That’s Serge Benhayon’s modus operandi in a nutshell, except he also exerts undue influence on the non terminally ill, with threats to the health and safety of targets and their children – and with the assistance of invested lawyers and health professionals.

The author is advocating for use of undue influence testimony and a ‘social influence model’ in cases of psychological abuse.

…that suggests to me that the undue-influence doctrine should not be limited to cases involving wills, nor to cases involving other financial misdeeds. In other words, the shift by influencers from targeting bank accounts to targeting ideas and identities makes the undue-influence doctrine of even more immediate concern to protect vulnerable victims. the purpose is to determine whether the influence process has resulted in what Doctors Louis J. West and Paul R. Martin colorfully called “pseudo-identity disorder” (West & Martin, 1994), or what the law might call involuntary mental servitude.

It’s a good read, and may be of use to any of you harmed by UM who are considering legal action. I’ll say it again. Any of you who have been impacted psychologically, physically or financially by UniMed ought to be considering legal action for damages. You would do well to pool resources and launch a class action, and I would recommend seeking advice not only on pursuing Serge and Deborah Benhayon, but going after the cult’s medical and legal professionals for exerting undue influence.

A class action would achieve a lot. It would hit UM where it hurts – financially. It might stop these fools from ferrying little girls to stay at Serge’s. It is also guaranteed the kind of media attention that could finish the UniMed scam off completely, and victims would have a chance of recouping their funds and their dignity. There’s also the satisfaction of knowing such action could avert harm to future victims.

In my mind, it’s worth doing for that reason alone.

77 Comments on “Universal Medicine cult gossip & agitation April 2015”

  1. Pranic Princess says:

    I thought I could pen a ripping cult ditty, but here’s the lyrics to the Saturday Night Live Neurotology hymn:

    “In 1990, the Church of Neurotology made the following music video.
    It has been updated based on new information about the church.”


    Reach out your hand and follow me
    I have the code, the code to the key
    The key to the secret, the secret of space
    It’s Neurotology

    Religion and science intertwined
    Aliens live inside of our minds
    A billion-year contract we have signed
    It all makes sense to me

    We’ll always believe this,
    We are invested, invested till death
    We’re in this forever,
    Never to leave it until our last breath

    We are here
    Our path is clear
    We are finally free with Neurotology

    The gorgeous religion, old and true
    Started in 1982
    Our founder brings us endless life
    ‘cause he can never die

    Our brain machines can fix our minds
    Our brain machines can save mankind
    Each brain machine costs twenty grand
    And that is fair and fine

    We, we are the children,
    The children of Meepthorp, the science is there
    We, we are a family, joined by the knowledge
    The knowledge we share

    We are light! We are life!
    We are proud to be

    Ooh we, ooh we, we believe
    Ooh we, ooh we, we believe
    Ooh we, ooh we, we believe
    Ooh we, ooh we, we believe
    Ooh we, ooh we, we believe…

    We, we are the future
    We’re like a rocket into the sea…
    We used to be starfish
    Enslaved by the seagulls
    But now we are free

    We are home
    We are one
    We will always be


  2. Esther says:

    I love this…

  3. murphy says:

    What a laugh.a very good comedy- Neurotology, and Tom Cruise’s assessment of the Church of Scientology-had me laughing so much, that I peed my breeks!!!.
    They were all wonderful actors, really appreciated their Livingness.
    Yes lots of $$$ to be made $75/one hour workshop expressing dare I say it Esoteric Expression- here we go again? Maddening to me; No proper scientific evidence or research.
    Very dangerous conception, and no accountability to anyone except Serge Benhayon, the “One”
    Oh! and another 5 day course on unimaginable thinking.
    All I can say is that the normal person would not want to waste their money on the junk $1.320 and still counting the $$$’s to be made for the ultimate brain-washing of the people who sadly belong to the Universal Medicine Esoteric treatments and crap?
    Well written in regards to a class action?

    • Lord of Form says:

      It’s an unimaginable waste of time and cash paying to listen to someone else fantasies and delusions.

      And it’s not even original as Esther has shown. I couldn’t think of anything worse than giving up years of my life in servitude to the thought bubbles of knob like Serge. But that’s just me.

      I don’t need to imagine them in awe of his purposefully confusing and circular diatribes (aka sermons) as I have seen it. They’ll spend days thinking about what he’ said, pouring over notes and listening to pod-casts trying to divine a meaning.

      If they understood it is totally and utterly meaningless they’d be released from his grip in the only blinding flash they will ever really experience.

  4. B says:

    I am unable to find the name UniMed in an ASIC search.
    Does this arm come under something else?

    • Anonymous says:

      All Rise Say No to Cyber Abuse PRI/LBG/NSC (UK)
      College of Universal Medicine (registered charity)
      EPA EU/UK (Esoteric Practitioners Association)
      Esoteric Practitioners Association Pty Ltd
      Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd
      Featherlight Productions
      Fiery Investments Pty Ltd, Fiery Impulses Pty Ltd
      Glorious Music
      Real Media Real Change Pty Ltd
      Sound Foundation Charitable Trust (UK registered charity)
      Sound Foundation Community Care (UK registered charity)
      Spherical Living Clinic Ltd (UK)
      Teachers are Gold
      The Girl to Woman Project
      True Movement
      UM Cold Storage & Warehousing
      UniMed Brisbane Pty Ltd
      UniMed Perth
      UniMed Publishing
      Universal Healing Symbols
      Universal Medicine Pty Ltd
      Universal Medicine/The Universal Family (Discretionary) Trust
      Universal Medicine UK Ltd
      Women in Livingness Magazine

    • Esther says:

      I’m not sure it’s an entity of it’s own – it’s a brand name for the main business(es).

  5. "The process is called grooming. It increases the predator's access to his victim and decreases the likelihood of discovery." says:

    By Gregory M. Weber, an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Wisconsin. http://www.vachss.com/guest_dispatches/grooming.html

    “You’re a thief—a con artist. You recently met an elderly widow with a good–sized bank account fueled by pension and dividend checks…

    So you befriend the lady. You run small errands for her. You buy her gifts. You listen to her stories and you comfort her when she feels lonely. You put your arm around her and tell her you understand her problems. You spend time with her each day. You tell her she’s special. You gain her trust. Her natural suspicion disappears…

    “But what if you’re a child molester—a predator? What if the object of your desire isn’t the widow’s bank account, but her six–year–old grandson? What steps will you take to get what you want?

    Not much will change. A predator will identify and engage his victim. He’ll gain the child’s trust, break down his defenses, and manipulate him into performing or permitting the desired sex act. If necessary, the predator will gain access to the child by employing the same techniques with the child’s parent or adult caretaker.

    The process is called grooming. It increases the predator’s access to his victim and decreases the likelihood of discovery.”

  6. dear Serge says:

    Stop the self adoration
    I cringe at your SB quotations
    I am embarrassed for you really
    You are always so certain of yourself, your words and actions
    It exposes you as a fanatical fool, a nobody
    Wise people always have doubts, embrace questions, always search and learn, are truthful
    They know the flip side of love is that it hurts
    Emotions and feelings are a part of us
    Stop lying
    Saying you know more than anyone highlights just how much an idiot you are
    What you say and do is of no importance
    Who do you REALLY think you are?
    I think you are afraid of yourself and your own reality
    Creating this pain free lovely emotionless world is dangerous to vulnerable people
    You are so full of yourself, but totally empty
    Does it make you feel special to have people in awe of you
    You cannot ignor the many more people who think you are garbage

    • Just saying ... says:

      SB worshippers extol him as “humble” with “integrity” … mind boggles, how with such grandiose, narcissistic and self serving claims??

      • Unbelievable says:

        I have put these examples here to show how really really weird and cult like and controlled these humans have become. The mind does boggle. In no way at all do they behave as normal human beings. How scary with devotion and obedience like they have to Serge with their heads messed up so much by the control he has over them a Jonestown could so easily eventuate.
        They so wished that the Regulatory bodies think that they are so good. They are so wrong.

        Angela Perin says:
        APRIL 28, 2015 AT 7:55 AM
        Spot on Rebecca! Serge Benhayon is the epitomy of the highest form of integrity, a living example of integrity in every single area of his life and with every single interaction he has, an inspiration to all of us as to how life can be lived when we consider how ‘everything’ we do affects ‘everyone’ and ‘everything’.
        Victoria Lister says:
        APRIL 29, 2015 AT 9:21 AM
        It’s interesting that even the regulatory bodies have fallen foul of Lance Martin and Esther Rockett, simply because they failed to concur with their wild claims. Perhaps Lance Martin and Esther Rockett can find a higher authority to complain to?
        In a similar vein, if there really were ‘victims’ of Universal Medicine, I’d say they should be preparing themselves for the same fate – for failing to come forward with ‘evidence’. Good thing there aren’t any, that at least saves more people being attacked by Lance Martin and Esther Rockett
        Darren says:
        APRIL 28, 2015 AT 5:18 AM
        Ha–If any re-writing or redefining should be done, Let it be the dictionary–for one who looks up the word INTEGRITY– the definition should say SERGE BENHAYON.

        • Lance says:

          I have offered several members the opportunity to look at cold hard evidence and all have failed to take up the offer, although they have later lied about it. I have recently extended that offer again. I am sure it will not be accepted.

          People within regulatory bodies agree with us. The regulators themselves are lazy and hamstrung by convoluted and contradictory laws. It does not exonerate Serge, it simply lets him off the hook. For now.

          Legally, our arguments (mine and others) have prevailed. Because they are based in fact, not ideology.

          I have never claimed to be an enlightened master, the epitome of truth/integrity, or a modern day Messiah. Those are ‘wild’ claims.

          We know UM has broken up scores of families. We know their names. We know UM/Serge has taken money from bequests. We know their names. We know Serge/UM has had adverse health outcomes on people. We know their names. We have spoken to people from Serges past who confirm our fears. We know their names and phone numbers. We know addresses, timelines, events. We have documents proving Serge has been loose with his version of the past. We have evidence of other very concerning matters.

          It would probably be very wise if Serge stopped his members making such a noise about his cosmic-level-integrity and bad mouthing everyone else, because at some point this will all come out in the public arena.

          But wisdom is something sorely lacking at Universal Medicine and with it’s zealots.

        • Oh what Foley says:

          Oh what ‘folly’ to have William Foley rewrite the dictionary meanings to agree with and suit Serge.

          C’mon get real….

          What bloody idiots. Bend the law bend the bend words all to suit an evil agenda of a mentally constipated wanna be Guru

  7. murphy says:

    Psychopaths, are people who think themselves as gorgeous, charming and highly intelligent, when in actual fact are the complete opposite, in the dark entity of the satanic worlds, especially of the planet SIRIUS
    In another way; it is 2 multiply 2 = 6 They couldn’t care a shiet?
    In the people they hurt, they have absolutely no feelings whatsoever.
    Serge Benhayon is typically one of these psychopaths? Fortunately there is not to many of them, one hope’s???, but you can never tell.

  8. Lord of Form says:

    Looks like Bev has had the colony move in. She’s got the confessional blog up maligning her past, full of cultisms and Serge-think.

    Perfect fodder too. People from the entertainment industry are notorious for low self esteem. Enter one Serge Benhayon, whisper, whisper…”Ah, I can now observe how exhausted I was, and how in illusion they had made me… let me propagate your outlandish belief systems for you. It is the least I can do” (Yes it is Bev. He will want your money, relationships, mind and later estate if at all possible. Thank you)

    Who will use Bev more I wonder. The producers of Gladiators or Serge Benhayon and his gang of numbskulls?

  9. Att: Wikipedia eds says:

    I notice there’s a bit of kvetching over at the Phoenix Wikipedia talk page, but I would say to those editors to be patient. A reliable little birdie has told me the worst is yet to come for the Featherstones as far as criminal charges go. I foresee ABC News investigators and others will do very big stories in future on the ugly Featherstone big picture and it will make for an enlarged Wiki article.

    I also notice someone ID’ed Zach by his IP address on Wiki talk, and yes it’s the same IP address as that cited on the bogus trademark infringement complaint to WordPress. Zach was clearly working at Phoenix Global on March 23 – using their business name and his email address at the company. It’s not relevant for inclusion in the article but what it suggests to me is that he’s not so much trying to ditch his father and Dad’s missus, as attempt damage control. The Phoenix Global brand is unlikely to survive these scandals, but Zach will run the same business rebranded in his name.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Dang, I wish that was happening to Sergio over his 20 year old escapades or maybe his more recent loose-with-the-truth cash grabs and mezzanine tax elimination/avoidance structures. Karma is an indiscriminate bitch.

      • Esther says:

        It seems aggrieved Featherstone targets were trying for years to get him brought to justice. It only got real last year when the Qld CCC began their probe. Seems to be the way of the world. Helps if politicians and media pick up story and start embarrassing authorities into action.

        It’s the same with Scientology. People have been lodging complaints with IRS etc for years. It will take more complaints though to get IRS to revoke that cult’s tax exemption. http://t.co/hWJdvpxu24

  10. andtheoscargoesto says:

    Serge is looking for his “Tom Cruise” via Bev and her contacts
    A well known actor or celebrity in public support of UM would potentially attract a new wave of vulnerable, easily led people.
    Serge would love to walk the red carpet of star studded celebs.

    • Lord of Form says:

      There’s already a couple in his fold. He’s got Otto in the UK, and some C-list celebs here involved either directly or accidentally. He’s even had a red carpet moment in Germany just last year.

      The lesson is, people are confused no matter who they are. Solicitors, doctors, film directors, pilots, bricklayers, cleaners, business people and especially ‘psychologists’ who you’d think would know better, but demonstrate that even those that should have an insight into their own cognitive function and the ramblings of their guru, don’t. And hence, what chance has your average Jo (anne) who takes things on face value?

  11. Contact Esther says:

    To the person who contacted me this morning using the Contact page on the Accountability blog, you didn’t leave an email address. Try again and leave an email addy or your phone number and I’ll get back to you. And to answer your question, I’m in Byron Bay.

  12. To BACA commenter says:

    I removed your comment. This is an anti cult site. I don’t allow promotion of any groups or services here – whether they be a church group, a recreational biker group, or an ideology or whatever.

  13. Bonhomie-mouse says:

    Mandy Nolan – Get a Guru
    Serge gets a mention along side Jesus and Buddha!
    That is cult-status!

    • Just saying ... says:

      Delusions of grandeur. ..

      • Just saying ... says:

        (I meant SB not Mandy) … Mandy’s a hoot, funny free flow of thought. Yes handy to have your guru a bus ride away … “even though it seems a bit stalky”.

        • Lord of Form says:

          But on the money.

          Think of how many ” I am not in a cult. that is ridiculous” members now live in Goonellebah. The place is packed to the rafters. Even “I make up my own mind” members who lived just twenty clicks away have packed up to move into the ritzy burbs of hillside Goonellebah. Not to mention the exodus from other states and the big smokes- just because they “felt to”.

          All at the same time. Co-incidentally. Amazing.

          There may be no walls but who needs them when all of the “members of a community of like-minded people” who aren’t in a religion/follow the true religion, all decide to do exactly the same thing.

          One unified-truth, one unified-truth, one unified-truth.

    • Esther says:

      Hilarious! ‘I don’t want to catch the bus to Goonellabah.’ She’s so wickedly funny.

      This has come up on YouTube – a Scientology school struggles to answer questions from Danish journo.

  14. Serge Menopause "the flush" says:

    Oh Mandy and your Gurus. ‘Serge Menopause “the flush” is only a bus ride away at Goonellabah’. haha, Luv u Mand…

  15. Incenswed by the Hookers for Serge says:


    Hookers for Serge alright.

    NEVER was there any doubt hey?

    Check out how SERGE their self appointed leader loves their adulation & worship.

    The expressionless faces of Neil and Jean Gamble show that they’ve checked out bored as!

    I am incensed that these Universal Medicine Cult members dare to pollute the Vietnamese with this money making – vile cult.

    Is the ‘Thank You’ at the end because of all of the money the Benhayon Empire made?

    • Boondoggle (google that) says:

      Is that really all it is? Go to Vietnam, buy some local cloth, dance like chickens, get bored watching some old looking bloke talk nonsense, dance like chickens, think how old and ill that bloke is looking, wonder when something interesting will happen, watch the crap fireworks, get the plane home feeling a bit awkward about how much money you’ve just wasted. Then sign up for next year in the hope that the next video might have some better music on it.

      Yet another awe-some marketing video that is comedy gold.

      • True LOL says:


        The same pasty faces roll up year after year for five days of premium priced world hating misery. Take a look at the sour mug on Eunice Minford. Years of Serge worship and she still has the personality of a toilet roll.

        And what a joke ritual humiliation True Movement is. Another embarassing Esoteric fraud sold to investors as ‘soul-full’.

        From notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan:

        ESOTERIC MOVEMENT: Just before this EDG we had our first Esoteric Movement-the yoga of joy class. Serge, Natalie and Curtis have introduced this to us to help us to release pockets of prana that we have held in our bodies. It was awesome to experience. At the EDG Serge asked Natalie to do the movements that help release the sacrum and hips. Natalie did that to Michael’s music. She looked so beautiful doing it. Then she deliberately pulled in the music of salsa and moved to that and you could see how it changed her. Her movements became movements done to draw us in and it was asking us to see her as a “good dancer” and to see her as desirable. It felt quite awful and Natalie said it was actually physically hurting her. Natalie then went onto say that the moves were not hers, they were not impressed from her soul and so were harming her. The movements that Serge, Natalie and Curtis have come up with to help us release things in our bodies have being impressed from their soul and so they can pass them onto us. (Esoteric Development Group lecture notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, August 20, 2011)

        • Watching from afar! says:

          Oh dear! True movement is insulting to dance, dance as a discipline and an artform.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Yes it is. And a big FU from the family who know there is too much to lose if they don’t do as Serge tells them.

      Mr Benhayon is looking a little grey around the gills. It must be all the ‘true’ healing, exercise,diet and relationships he’s been involved with. Really pays off doesn’t it.

      No surprise it would feature a few double-speak words on true relationships “going to the next level”. “True-relationships” The one where they are single, “re-imprinting” or been hand fed to one another or a member of the inner circle.

      FYI, Jean and Neil are in their livingess.. You can recognise people in their livingness with this simple checklist :

      A rod up their arse posture
      Overdressed for the occasion
      A thousand yard stare over a gioconda grin
      The inability to form a sentence of their own and not use words Serge said.

  16. The Livingness Retreat 2016 says:

    I found the preview video for next year’s The Livingness Retreat 2016 in Thailand. Looks a hoot, see you all there.

    • Lord of Form says:

      It’s clearly where “true” movement came from.

      • Anonymous says:

        This link is the next level course, strictly esoteric and not to be shared with the masses, because they are not ready for it yet. Cuz Sergio said so:

        • Anonymous says:

          Good, but that video of young new members did not show the next level of the Girl To Woman Cherishment festivities. It may have been behind closed doors?

  17. Fully sick says:

    “….At the EDG Serge asked Natalie to do the movements that help release the sacrum and hips. Natalie did that to Michael’s music. She looked so beautiful doing it.” (Esoteric Development Group lecture notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, August 20, 2011)

    Really! Hello this is fully sick.
    Doesn’t this video clip sicken you Ms Dolan?
    ‘Serge asked Natalie to do the movements’ as any perverted father would. Yuk. Yuk Yuk.

    Besides the humiliating UM version of the Chicken dance………….
    I agree in this video clip these UM Hen’s look like a bunch of Hookers with their way to small and tight and short provocative clothing and moves. This looks more like an Orgy!

    Serge himself tells us why learning the Chicken dance and Orgy dance is SO important!
    They learnt this at the retreat apparently!


    “Esoteric Psychology – Being the founder and thus a practitioner of Esoteric Medicine, Serge practises and is a teacher of the art of Esoteric Psychology – in the true meaning of those two words. The attending students will receive a deep and comprehensive model and series of exercises that they can develop and have as an ongoing tool towards the unfolding nature of our coming times.”

    Here is another example of the regurged vomit that they paid BIG money to hear:

    “Perhaps we should stop blaming poor choice of food for our ill health and consider that well before the ‘bad diet’ is chosen there has been a choice as to what energy will impulse that type of food. Hence, ultimately, and as Serge Benhayon has been saying since 1999 – “it is not just about what we eat but why, and the why comes from the energy we choose to govern us”.

    Seeing as apparently all of these impulses hit Serge whilst on the loo, I suppose it is to be expected that it is all a load of crap!
    And why Eunice Minford has as much expression as a toilet roll!

    • Lord of Form says:

      “Esoteric Psychology – in the true meaning of those two words”

      And again. For the uninitiated & new readers, true = Serge made it up.

      A good rule of thumb is, if Serge says it, it is entirely untrue. In the true meaning of the word true.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Was that Livingness Retreat video for a training conference for a new Amway meets Zumba-lite promotion? Looked pretty friggin tedious and boring.

  19. Spare us please says:

    Rebecca Baldwin

    My sister Sarah Baldwin and my beautiful husband Simon Asquith are going to be singing and playing music with Chris and Jenny in what will be a massive event at Lismore City Hall. SAVE THE DATE SAT MAY 16th 2015.
    The Big Sing
    with Chris James and band
    Spherical – Simon Asquith, Daniel Bennier, Jenny James and Sarah Baldwin …
    See More
    — with Chris James and 2 others.

  20. Spare us please says:

    PS: cost $10.00

  21. Spare us please says:

    Universal Medicine through and through!

    BUT where does the flyer forewarn the public?Nowhere.

    Shame on Lismore City hall – AGAIN!

    Chris James’ voice is singing to the impress of the songs creating an amazing delivery of melody and harmony with lyrics that are revealing and designed for our intense times. In this CD, like our previous two collaborations, the listener will again hear and feel instrument and song that are un-imposing. You will hear melody, harmony, words and tunes that are not only emotion-free to the ears, but emotion-free to the whole body. Our work is expressed with Soul-full love.

    Under this impress, the music is written and recorded. And thus, the songs are dedicated and deliberate in their serving qualities for now and for well into the New Era when the Way of the Livingness will be discovered and as such, these songs will serve the newly awakened and the advancing student equally.” ~ Serge Benhayon

    Lyrics by Chris James and Serge Benhayon
    Produced by Chris James
    Musical direction by Serge Benhayon


    • Anonymous says:

      For this you could also read… Chri$ will be singing songs he does not give a shit about, written in a couple of minutes between breakfast and taking a dump, and will gladly take your hard earned money for. This model of composition has been formed after much consultation with $ergio Bencrayon when we both realized that a quick buck can be earned by doing nothing but using big words to over complicate our actions and hugging all people around us a lot. We will stare at you very hard with a false smile until you pay us (cash please, anything else gets complicated). When you feel a bit dirty down the road, don’t call me, because your money is all I care about.

    • Lord of Form says:

      The ‘revelation’ here is the sociopathic rejection of emotion. Music is meant to create emotion, as is art, literature, and love. The “new era” Serge would impose on the word is a state of heightened narcissism where everyone is glorious and are avoiding ‘en-joining’ with others.

      Anyhow, he found a good minstrel in Chris to satisfy this demand. Chris’s muzac is downright awful. It does produce a strong emotion in me. Revulsion. But then, I suppose I am just astral. Or I have taste and functioning emotional sensibility.

      • Charlie don't surf. says:

        Was the muzak on the Vietnam retreat video the responsibility of Chris James? It was so awful, remided me of the demo tunes you used to get on Casio keyboards in the 80’s. Pure vomit inducing crap – I find it hard to believe anyone in their right minds could consider this music. And I won’t even begin to discuss the dancing and gratuitous food cutaways… well maybe I will a little bit… was there so little on offer that images of food being cooked needed to be added to pad out this promotional video? Really, people should be looking for refunds.

        • Just a thought says:


        • Pranic Princess says:

          So little on offer? LoL Very little they will openly advertise. The underaged slumber parties, breast groping and exorcisms are kept strictly off camera. Spot on, precious. When they omit the unsavoury content they’re left with photos of fruit bowls and local shops.

    • Big Ears says:

      Chris James and the Benhayon Jug Band, SPHERICAL-Wife, Daughter, Sons of the Assended Master, assorted Baldwins with Brendon (I’ve been cured) Mooney.
      Backed by none other than The Inner Heart Choir-paid up Universal Medicine Cult members.
      Everyone Welcome! Even Ultra Pranic persons?

  22. 1999 birth of a dUMp says:

    Appologies to “Prince” hit 1999

    I was crapping when I wrote this
    Forgive me if the skid mark stayed
    But when I woke up this morning
    A messiah I’d become that day

    With the gift of the gabble
    I was conning people everywhere
    Saved them from their own destruction
    Convinced them that I really care

    They pay two thousand zero zero $
    For my truthful esoteric time
    I’m the founder of ancient wisdom since 1999

    You must be dreamin to believe this
    So sue me if my lies are vast
    But life is just a party
    And my family are having a blast

    Detractors all around us
    My minders are prepared to fight
    Its easy I just lie and send fourth
    The student body of light

    They pay two thousand zero zero $
    For my truthful, esoteric line
    I’m the founder of ancient wisdom since 1999

    Don’t you wanna glow
    I own you now you know
    Goonellabah, lets go

  23. bit too pervy says:

    Listened to that interview with the 11 yo’s and thier adult controllers.

    As adults “Cherish young girls” and “Cherish their transition into womanhood”.

    WTF? Call the cops!

    • Esther says:

      Cops will act if a victim comes forward. Not otherwise. Grooming in itself is not a criminal offence.

      1999 birth of a dUMp, you are gloriously gifted. Thank you. I keep saying I’ve got to put up a song book.

      And thank you to the person who pointed out the Big Sing in Lismore – Chris James and Rebecca Baldwin bellowing at targets until they submit. 😦

      Feel free to whinge to the Lismore council. Tell them UM are as bad as Scientology and ask if the Council will be allowing Scientology to hire City Hall for their recruitment events.

      • Just a thought says:

        Besides this which is a MUST do for all of us readers: “Feel free to whinge to the Lismore council. Tell them UM are as bad as Scientology and ask if the Council will be allowing Scientology to hire City Hall for their recruitment events.”

        There is also need to notify the editors of local papers that if they do accept ads or do editorial (for reasons I DO NOT get) then all of the Ads and articles MUST have that this is a Universal Medicine event. The sneaky slimy buggers ALWAYS leave this out. Funny that?

        Residents can also write to the Editors Columns asking why? and letting it be known just how many there are of us who do not want Serge’s Con artist crap in any way shape on form in our local areas.

        I don’t suppose Jenny Dowell or Isaac Smith would have had anything to do with this??

        No doubt UM will claim deduction for rent of hall, if so then that has to be approved by Council, according to the Lismore City Hall website. (see below)

        “Regular weekly or casual not-for-profit, community based hirers may be eligible for a discount to the normal hire rates of the Lismore City Hall. If not charging entry fees or per head costs, this will be 25% of the Venue hire fee. If charging entry fees or per head costs, this will be 20% of the Venue hire fee. Please note that this discount only applies to the cost of the rooms hired in the Venue, it does not apply to any additional services or costs incurred for your hire.

        To apply for this discount please create an official letter (with business letterhead) that clearly states who your organisation is, what your event is about, where you are holding the event (including room and venue), why you are running the event and its community merit, and when the event is being held and running times. Basically a couple of paragraphs that sum up the event.

        This letter should then be forwarded to our Venue Coordinator at venue@norpa.org.au, who will submit it on your behalf to the Lismore City Council for review.

        Commercial and Government bodies pay the normal venue hire charges and will not be eligible for a discount.” http://www.lismorecityhall.com.au/venue-hire/community-hire/

        The Public need to know what they are attending. WHY has UM hid the fact that these events are marketing ploys for them. Hmmmmn!

        UM Commandant Alsion Greig has just stated that:
        As Chris James, a long time friend of Serge Benhayon points out – this man is of the highest integrity:
        Chris-James‘Serge Benhayon could be said, in this age, to be the defining point of integrity, with hitherto unseen congruity in his thoughts, words, deeds and actions, all of the most profound and incorruptible principles. And ALL, aligned to serve humanity.’

  24. WTF says:

    This is from The One and Only Commandant Greig from her latest holy writings according to Serge.

    “As Chris James, a long time friend of Serge Benhayon points out – this man is of the highest integrity:
    Chris-James‘Serge Benhayon could be said, in this age, to be the defining point of integrity, with hitherto unseen congruity in his thoughts, words, deeds and actions, all of the most profound and incorruptible principles. And ALL, aligned to serve humanity.”

    Why is Universal Medicine not putting their name on all these conman events?
    Very telling don’t you think.

    In so many ways Serge has mickey moused the Jehovah’s Witnesses amongst many others
    like Scientology.

  25. law and order says:

    Alison in Wonderland
    You have not known Serge all of his life
    There are many eyewitnesses ( a person who has seen something happen and can give a first hand description of it which is admissible in a court of law) and factual documentation attesting to his very questionable pre guru past which, whether you like it or not, invites scrutiny of his present and very public persona, activities and behaviour.
    Believing and regurgitating everything Serge tells you about himself is heresay and disallowed as evidence in a court of law.
    Any amount of en mass character references from cult members must just be dismissed as verbal photocopying.
    Serge has a definite repetition pattern of opposites and disguise. For example…..
    Self adoration and promotion overload of websites, photos, quotes and testimonies of followers to convince that he is a humble, loving truthful man of integrity. If he was that man, he would not need all of the tacky advertising, conjured worship and downright nonsense that he is also the only one on earth who knows more than anyone and a reincarnation of a genius.
    All of this results in suspicious disbelief from neutral thinking everyday people exposed to it.
    Alice you are living in a dream world

    • Oh what Foley says:

      5 star Comments law & order & Lance.

      Are you reading and comprehending Alice & UM

      • Lord of Form says:

        Nah. She doesn’t get it. She’s a fully mucked up cult compromised dope. She’s never going to let facts get in the way of a good story.

        • Circumstantial Evidence. says:

          I guess a lie is a lie, is a lie. No matter who tells it.

    • An Example of the meaning - 'Personification of Brainwashed' says:

      An example of the unbelievable ignorance from the completely brainwashed controlled Universal Medicine cult members. OOPS! Sorry of course they are not in a cult and not brainwashed and do not care what their cult leader has done. Please do not confuse them with the facts. Idiots.
      See ‘Lance’ and ‘law and order’ they do not want to know.

      Monika says:
      MAY 1, 2015 AT 1:55 PM
      The statement of Otto Bathurst nails it and I want to just put it out there again, because it is so true : “I don’t need to know about Serge’s past, because it is ALL there in what he lives and breathes right now. The unshakeable integrity, boundless love, absolute dedication, unfathomable work ethic, exquisite tenderness…..the list is endless…in it’s most simple everyday terminology; my-greatest-ever-truest-friendship…..that is all his past (and his future, and thus his now).”

      • Lord of Form says:

        Sounds to me like a serge-regurg (again) and it means that some of the stuff Richard has put out there has caused a little scandal and Serge had addressed it with some cosmic superlatives, catch-phrases and cult think.

        Otto isn’t interested in the fact that Serge lied and continues to lie about his past (and present) because it’s irrelevant to what they need to believe. “Unshakeable” means no facts will get in the way of what they want it to be be.

        In the normal world, someone who lies has no integrity. The cult are aware of this when they accuse critics and journalists of being liars, but they willfully blinker themselves to the shining truth that the grandest liar of them all is in fact their guru.

        • Wondering says:

          I thought the same. I have been wondering if they would just ignore it hoping it would go away. No of course just more spherical stupidity.

          ‘it means that some of the stuff Richard has put out there has caused a little scandal and Serge had addressed it with some cosmic superlatives, catch-phrases and cult think.’

          UM and Serge are publicly flouting the photos from last weekend’s ‘Church of Serge’ Praise Serge. Live eat sleep breathe Serge Sermon.

          Cult cult cult….so not a pretty site.
          It is just yet another confirmation for those of us in the supposed astral cult that we are so right and full of real integrity & truthfulness. Amen

  26. Big Ears says:

    What’s going on with the lack of UM advertising materials, not being posted all over the Northern Rivers?

    Did someone tell Serge Benhayon, leader of the cult Universal Medicine that posters ADVERTISING cult activities, is ADVERTISING!

    LOL students. Guess what…another lie!

    • Lord of Form says:

      It’s spherical truth. It doesn’t work like normal truth. Get with the program.

  27. Simon says:

    I love that vid by Mandy. I wish more people were “doing head stuff”
    I just gave the other side the opportunity to use undue influence as a defense but that was refused. They now have another law suit from my mother to look at while I wait for the result of the FOI request to ACNC. This will complete the Affidavit where I charge them under the Commonwealth Crimes Act 1914 and destroy Charles Wilson’s reputation federally in one go.
    My mum’s action and mine were not co-ordinated in any way, she just told me she cracked the shits (my language, not hers) at having hand made a blanket for my daughter and not being able to give it to her… it’s been given to family friends now.

    • Lord of Form says:

      I think Charles has had a fair crack at his own reputation but anything helps. They don’t think they are under any influence. They just all happen to believe Serge can go to the fifth dimension, was Imhotep, that the kids sleeping over is a lot of fun, and EBM’s is a crackingly good idea even though it does diddly shit. And it’s economical to all use the same words. Save’s burning calories thinking up your own.

      Good luck.

  28. brainwashed says:

    Page 5 Courier Mail today
    Boy aged 7 dies during healing workshop in Sydney
    Self proclaimed Chinese healer convinced parents to put child through slapping therapy which involves hitting until bruising to cure illnesses and rid body of poisons and unblock meridians.
    Parents paid $1800 for week long workshop
    The boys heart stopped and he could not be revived.
    Chinese healer has fled the country
    This is a shocking example of parents so brainwashed into believing a self proclaimed healer’s cures over their protective instincts as the boys loving guardians.
    So tragic, so cruel, so blindly brainwashed.
    This poor child paid the ultimate price, his young life.

  29. sad reality says:

    Just listened to a radio announcement from a medical professional who has officially warned the general public that alternative healing methods such as severe prolonged slapping until bruising does not have any medical beneficial effect at all and would be harmful!
    Honestly, has it come to this, having to publically warn people not to be lead into doing obviously dangerous and stupid things by self proclaimed guru’s who just make stuff up and charge money for it.
    (Hello UMers and your protective undie healing symbols)

    • Lord of Form says:

      “We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.” – Carl Sagan.

  30. Lord of Form says:

  31. Watching from afar... says:

    What an intense documentary! Many parallels, at least Michael isn’t a million, might get him a few bonus points in HELL!!!

  32. Watching from afar... says:

    * millionaire

  33. Watching from afar... says:

    Wiki list of the number of infamous egocentric messiah wannabesss


    [*Sorry for delay in posting, just dug this comment out of spam bin, Esther.]