More bent censorship from Universal Medicine & Phoenix Global

Universal Medicine continues its campaign of internet censorship, continuing to pay now infamous Gold Coast private investigation agency Phoenix Global to make false complaints of defamation, copyright infringement and now trademark infringement in an attempt to wipe critical content off the net. Except WordPress isn’t wearing it, and Serge’s pet lawyer, Paula Fletcher had tried it before.

UPDATE April 13, 2015: Zach Featherstone’s attempts to cleanse Phoenix Global’s Wikipedia page.

Energetic integrity and organized crime figures

Many reading will remember the Streisand effect that kicked off when skeptical bloggers and forum hosts learned bogan messiah, Serge Benhayon, had hired Phoenix Global, and its offshoot, Internet Reputation Australia, to bombard Google Australia with bogus defamation and other complaints. At no point has Sergio or his team of lawyers, Paula Fletcher, Cameron Bell, Serryn O’Regan, and barrister, Charles Wilson, served us with a legal notice, yet Google has removed more than forty webpages from the Google Australia search index. Our skeptical friends were not impressed, and made it a mission to help expose UM and its trade in sleazy occult quackery, including by establishing the Universal Medicine Wikipedia page, which the cult promptly and unsuccessfully attempted to vandalize.

As glorious serendipity would have it, the day I blogged about the webpages censored from Google, head of Phoenix Global, Mick Featherstone, was arrested on charges related to alleged fraud and kidnapping, as part of an ongoing investigation by the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission. Featherstone’s clients include convicted fraudsters and a child rapist, and he’s been linked with outlaw motorcycle gangs and a betting software scam. It’s fitting that his firm should be hired by the oh so Truth-full Sergio, who tells his followers not to associate with anyone who drinks a glass of wine, or eats dairy products, lest it bugger up their ‘energy’ field and allows an entity to ‘enter’ them, or rape their children.

Phoenix Global have been on the cult payroll for two years now. After Paula Fletcher managed to get us wiped from the Google Blogger platform, we began anew on US based, WordPress, who, unlike Google Australia, require a court order to close down blogs. When spamming WordPress with defamation complaints didn’t work, Sergio the bullshitter and Paula not on the payroll Fletcher of Universal Law, brought in Phoenix Global, who managed to whitewash Google search, and had my Facebook pages shut down to UK & Australian viewers.

Because Australian & UK law allows cults to censor the internet, and Google and Facebook don’t give a toss.

WordPress, on the other hand, takes free speech seriously, to the point of legally pursuing false copyright infringement complaints.

[#2137617]: Trademark claim against your site


We have received the following complaint regarding your site. After review, we have determined that there is insufficient cause to substantiate a claim of trademark infringement. Therefore, we will not take any action against your site at this time. This notice is forwarded for your reference only, and requires no response on your part. If you have any questions, you may consider consulting legal counsel.

BEGIN COMPLAINT —> : zfeatherstone@*****> Email Address: zfeatherstone@****>

Official trademark registration details and information, including the registration number and a link to this information:

The phrase “Universal Medicine” & associated logo(s). The associated trademark number is: 1347836. The official trademark can be located through a search of ATMOSS (Australian Trade Mark On-line Search System) or at this URL:>

First Name: Zach> Last Name: Featherstone> Company Name: Phoenix Global Pty Ltd> Address Line 1: 290 Ferry Road> Address Line 2: Southport> City: Gold Coast> State/Region/Province: QLD> Zip/Postal Code: 4215> Country: Australia>

The trademark that is allegedly being infringed: Any third party that purchases and operates domain names associated with Universal Medicine’s valuable trademarks and brands inherently infringes upon Universal Medicine because the purchase and use of the domain name definitively positions the third party to compete against Universal Medicine in the same arena of commerce.>

The URL of the site being reported:>

The exact content/aspect of the site being reported: Word: “Universal Medicine”>

A clear and detailed explanation of how the above content is in violation of the trademark in question, thus creating consumer confusion: We write to you as Agents, on behalf of Universal Medicine Pty Ltd ACN: 141 943 302 (“Universal Medicine”) in your capacity as General Counsel and the hosting platform of We seek your cooperation in preventing trademark infringement and related intellectual property concerns, as well as unfair and anti-competitive business practices.>

Our client, Universal Medicine is the owner and user of numerous registered trademarks and unique brand names, namely;> –     The phrase “Universal Medicine” & associated logo(s). The associated trademark number is: 1347836.> The value of these brands and trademarks is the product of considerable effort and marketplace success, including worldwide brand recognition and clientele and numerous local business awards.>

Universal Medicine owns and operates numerous websites through which it distributes sells and promotes its content to consumers under its well-known brand names. As a result, Universal Medicine has invested substantial resources to register, maintain and police approximately five primarily within the .com & TLD, including domain names corresponding to its valuable trademarks. Universal Medicine spends a considerable amount of time and resources each year simply to maintain these domain names, and it spends much more promoting them. In order to protect this investment, Universal Medicine has registered many of its trademarks with the Australian Government Patent and Trademark Office (IP Australia).> A list of Universal Medicine’s trademarks and domain names is attached hereto as

Schedule A. Each of these trademarks and domain names is used in worldwide commerce in connection with the sale of goods and/or services.> It is indisputable that the  top level domain [TLD] has a commercial purpose.

This letter is intended to put Automattic Inc on notice that should the hosting of the TLD allow for use by third parties of domain names corresponding to the valuable trademarks and brands owned and used by Universal Medicine, substantial costs will be incurred by Universal Medicine to protect these assets. That is, Universal Medicine will be forced to choose between purchasing unwanted domain names from domain registrants which have little or no inherent value to Universal Medicine in a defensive posture, and engaging in legal claims against the third party currently utilising the TLD to infringe upon the intellectual property rights of Universal Medicine.>

Any third party that purchases and operates domain names associated with Universal Medicine’s valuable trademarks and brands inherently infringes upon Universal Medicine because the purchase and use of the domain name definitively positions the third party to compete against Universal Medicine in the same arena of commerce.> Any attempt by any entity other than Universal Medicine to register a domain name that is identical or substantially similar to one of the trademarks or domain names listed on Schedule A would, per se, infringe upon Universal Medicine’s intellectual property rights and give rise to numerous claims, including claims for cybersquatting and trademark infringement.>

Automattic Inc is now on notice that the registration and use of any domain name using the extension that is identical or confusingly similar to one of the trademarks or domains listed on Schedule A will violate Universal Medicine’s intellectual property rights and constitute an unfair business practice. Automattic Inc must take steps to prevent such activity before it can occur. Failure to take affirmative steps to prevent this conduct will establish Automattic Inc’s substantial liability.>>>>>>

Universal Medicine welcomes the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with ICM, should ICM choose to resolve these matters other than through litigation> If you have any further queries in relation to this matters, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 1300 557 475 or by email.>>

Kind regards,>>> Zach Featherstone Dip.Bus, C.dec> Internet Reputation Coordinator> Phoenix Global Pty Ltd>>>>


“Universal Medicine” TRADEMARK:>>>>>>

I have a good faith belief that use of the trademark as described above is an infringement of the rights granted under United States and/or foreign trademark law.: Yes>

I understand that a copy of this notice, including any contact information I provided above, will be forwarded to the blog owner.: Yes>

Signed on this date of (today’s date, MM/DD/YYYY): 25/03/2015> Signature (your digital signature is legally binding):

Zach Featherstone>> Time: March 23, 2015 at 8:49 pm> IP Address:> Contact Form URL:>> Sent by a verified user.— END COMPLAINT —Community Guardian |

Wow, our favourite cult really mustn’t have liked my lastest exposés on the Accountability blog – the update on UniMed’s sham charities, and UM’s merger with the Australian College of Massage into Evolve College to sell sham Esoteric Chakrapuncture. Must have hit on some sore points. Or maybe it was the blog on the NSW Parliament report featuring UM, that they had removed from Google search with a false DMCA claim from Desiree Delaloye.

Anyway, I shot off an affectionate thank you email for all the love and attention Phoenix Global have lavished upon me.

Dear Zach, 

Thank you for your recent trademark infringement claim on my blog. I’m so flattered that your employers regard me as a competitor to their multi million dollar breast massaging religion. Especially seeing I’m not in business at all, lol. I’m not sure who your lawyers are, but if they laid off the sauce a moment, they might find the word, ‘accountability’ can’t be trademarked. Neither can ‘scam’ or ‘exposed’ or ‘facts’. 🙂
Anyway, just letting you know you needn’t have gone to the trouble of throwing together all that hoo ha, even if it is just a template. Your client, Paula Fletcher, expressed the exact same yearnings in 2013, and that didn’t go too well either. She didn’t tell you??? 
That’s Paula. She’s such a fun loving gal, she probably forgot. (Between you and me, she’s not very bright. 😉 )
I’ve pasted her message below yours for everyone’s reading pleasure and entertainment. 
Good luck with the trial, 

Zach Featherstone

[#1617120]: Notification of Received Trademark Complaint

Hello,We have received a Trademark Infringement claim concerned your blog. After review, we have determined that your blog does not readily infringe on the trademark described in the notice below.This notice is forwarded for your reference only. We do not require you to take any action as a result of this notice, and your blog will not be suspended.If you have any questions regarding this notice, you will want to consult a legal professional who specializes in such claims.


Dear Sir, 

RE: Re: Esther Rockett (AKA Darkly Venus and Pranic Princess); and blogs, ‘Universal Medicine Accountability’ at, and ‘The Facts About Universal Medicine’ at; ex parte Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine Pty Ltd, and Fiery Impulses Pty Ltd trading as Universal MedicineWe refer to our letter of the 8 August 2013 (copy attached) and your response by email of the 9 August 2013 at 2.32am EST (copied below this email).With the exception of the last point in your email, the information you have asked for has already been provided in our letter of the 8 August 2013. However in order to make it simpler for you we have provided the information again under each of your headings as follows;

* The trademark that is alleged to be infringed;

“Universal Medicine’

* The URL of the site being reported;


* The exact content/aspect of the site being reported and a clear and detailed explanation of how the content is in violation of the trademark in question, thus creating clear consumer confusion;

We are instructed that the blog names, ‘Universal Medicine Accountability’ and ‘The Facts About Universal Medicine’ are deceptively similar to our clients’ trade mark and that the url’s of these blogs are deceptively similar to the domain names owned by our clients at, , and ). As such the blogs names and url’s convey to a reasonable reader an association or affiliation with our clients in some way which the blogs do not have. In so doing, the account holder wrongfully is trading on our clients’ name and reputation in a way that has, and will, misleadingly capture and divert traffic looking for our information about clients.

* Official trademark registration details and information, including the registration number and link to this information ( if applicable)

The trademark, ‘Universal Medicine’ was registered in the Australian Trade Marks Office on 16 March 2010 registration No 1347836 (no link is available)

We note at your final point in your email you ask for, ‘Consent to forward the trademark complaint to the sites owner, who is responsible for its content, and an option for him/her to contact you directly regarding the complaint’.

We have no issue with you passing the trademark complaint to the owner of the sites and no issue with her contacting us directly with regard this matter. However your response that the owner of the sites ‘is responsible for its content’ fails to address our instructions that the use by the owner of the sites of our clients’ trade mark, ‘Universal Medicine’ in the name of the blog, ‘Universal Medicine Accountability’ and the blog, ‘The Facts About Universal Medicine’, in an obvious way, contravenes WordPress’ own terms of service at .
WordPress Terms of Service for account holders states;
“You must not describe or assign keywords to your blog in a misleading or unlawful manner, including in a manner intended to trade on the name or reputation of others,”
Our client seeks to know what action that WordPress intends to take for this apparent breach of WordPress own terms of service and wonders what is the purpose of WordPress terms of service if WordPress intends to ignore the terms once a contravention has been brought to WordPress’ attention?

We point out again that we are instructed that our clients view the account-holders conduct most seriously. We have advised our clients that, by permitting the account-holder to use its blog host services, WordPress will after a reasonable time has elapsed post-notification be aiding and abetting the account-holder in the commission of the trade mark infringement, passing off and contravention of s18 of the Australian Consumer Law.Our clients requests again that WordPress immediately take steps to take down the account-holders blogsite and suspend her account using the word, ‘universalmedicine’ or any combination of words using the words, ‘ universal medicine’ in the name of any blog hosted by or associated with her.We observe again that our letter of the 8 August 2013 constitutes at least 12 complaints that our clients or persons associated with our clients have made to WordPress concerning the account-holder.We request that WordPress give the closest consideration to permanently refusing to allow the account-holder in her own name or any pseudonym to use WordPress’ blog host services.

We now await your response within 14 days

[Paula Fletcher.jpg]
Paula Fletcher LLB (Hons)
Universal Law

Telephone and Fax for all offices
T: ** F: **
Post for all offices to: PO Box 90, Mullumbimby, NSW 2482
Street Addresses:
Suite 6, 97 Stuart Street, Mullumbimby NSW 2482
10/69 Wharf Street, Tweed Heads NSW 2485
23 Coleman Street, Lismore NSW 2480

Trust & Safety Engineer | Automattic Inc.

61 Comments on “More bent censorship from Universal Medicine & Phoenix Global”

  1. Pranic Princess says:


    He probably is making money out of his version of UM.

    And while I’m here, can someone help Esther out with a bit of photoshop, poor pet. You can see her heart was in the right place (LOL), but if someone has some decent software can you spruce up that image of Eso-Zach for her. Dear me.

  2. PRINCESS says:


  3. murphy says:

    Good idea, we can treat sick people and family pets of the Umer’s of Universal Medicine Esoteric Cannabis plant for whole loads of conditions and make Umer’s happy. We could even put it into their drinking water. It would be far better than Esoteric breasts and ovaries massage/Esoteric Chakra-puncture/Esoteric Connective tissue, whilst listening to the banshee musician Michael Benhayon?

    • jayne says:

      Michael Featherstone, Zach Featherstone, Mick’s partner (ex partner?) Zoei Keong and Mick’s right hand man for all dirty deeds done dirt cheap, Travis Burch, are finally getting what’s coming to them! Major fraud, money laundering, perverting the course of justice, intimidating a witness should be enough to put them away for a few years and to put Mick away for a very very long time we hope!

  4. Watching from afar! says:

    Listening to that music would make anyone sick!

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s a stunt Esther in more ways than one. So they can distance themself from Mick and say “we’ve never had dealings with Mick, we’ve only ever dealt with Zach. So we’re not bent.”

    • Anonymous says:

      But their stupidity prevails. And whilst other bent businesses and people would avoid PG in the future due to Mick’s crime and CCC trouble, UM will bulldoze through trying to legitimise UM and help their mates PG at the same time.

    • Esther says:

      Zach appears to be implicated in fraud. From the ABC report last September:

      In an email from Phoenix Global to Mr Kane dated December 12, Mr Featherstone’s son Zach asked him to “be available to close the UKHB bank accounts on the 24th of December 2013″…

      In an email discussing one such venture, Mr Featherstone wrote earlier this year: “This initiative should raise a lot of $$, but it is important that it is coordinated professionally… you will also need to consider timing and the medium of delivery, so that it doesn’t appear to be a scam or cash grab.”

      Other documents show Phoenix Global used the name of someone who never worked at the company to create fake payslips that were used this year to obtain $150,000 of car finance as well as credit cards for one of these race-betting syndicates.

      Worth reading that whole article. If ABC evidence is correct there will be a lot more charges to come – and not just for Mick.

      • Zach Beefcake says:

        “Universal Medicine” (sorry for TM breach) is busy now endorsing Zach as “exemplary”:

        “Universal Medicine can make no comment on Phoenix Global in the news as we have worked directly with the Internet Reputation Manager Zach Featherstone, a young man whose conduct we have always found to be exemplary.”

        Nice work UM. Suppose Serge will be giving Zach a glowing reference when he requires one in court.

        • Zach Beefcake says:

          And PG says it reps UM for “all risk services”. Quote: “We are employed, and authorised to represent Serge Benhayon in relation to all risk services including internet defamation.”

        • E R says:

          Exemplary of WHAT?

          Making false statements in legal complaints? I’m going to seek some advice on whether these complaints are lawful. If any of you read the link above about the legal action by WordPress over false DMCA complaints, that was an interesting precedent. It’s in the US, where that kind of thing is treated much more seriously. WordPress sought damages for harm to their reputation, and the journalist’s, for a false complaint which caused them to wrongfully censor a freelance journalist.

          I’m thinking we need to appeal to the federal attorney general & comms minister about Phoenix Global fraudsters putting forward blatantly false complaints to limit free speech. Seriously, how on earth is that lawful?

          Google keeps accepting them, even though UM is a corporation, and in spite of NO LEGAL ACTION being taken in two and half years of censorship pitches on the false grounds of defamation and copyright infringement.

        • PeeGee says:

          Especially when PGs main clientele for suppression of bad online publicity seems to be crooks, fraudsters, rockspiders and the like.

          Maybe Turnbull, WordPress etc need to see some of the ABC news items showing who Phoenix primarily works for, and the censorship obvious why.

        • “During 2013, Google Australia removed links to news articles, websites and blogs that questioned or criticized alleged ‘cult’ Universal Medicine,[47] an esoteric healing business who uses the services of private investigation firm Phoenix Global[48] for reputation management.[49] Google acted on numerous unsupported defamation assertions by Phoenix Global and owner Serge Benhayon who claims the media has printed “scurrilous” lies about Universal Medicine.[50] Google Australia removed search results linking to at least seven news stories from established mainstream newspapers and TV as well as 15 independent websites.[51]

          Also in 2012-2013 Google Australia similarly assisted Zach Featherstone and Internet Reputation Australia by removing reference to websites that criticized[52] “convicted fraudster” Glenn Connelly.[48]”

  6. PGUM macho musclemen says:

    Sorry Madonna……

    Strike a pose
    Strike a pose
    Rogues, Rogues, Rogues
    Rogues, Rogues, Rogues

    Look around, everywhere you’re causing heartache
    Its everywhere that you go
    Suck em in, they will find it hard to escape
    They’ll be attacked and they know

    When all else failed and you longed to be
    Someone grand who would be worshipped all day
    Created a world of bizzare imagery
    Its called a sham cult, yes that’s what its called, so

    Come on rogue
    Student body pleasestop that musak
    Hey hey hey
    Come on rogue
    That turd should have just gone with the flow
    Flush it, not glorify it

    You’ll need quite an imagination
    You’ll use it that’s for sure
    Inside the halls of ageless wisdom
    A gentle shove thru the door

    We can turn you into a commander of light
    We would prefer you’re a girl
    Michael’s musaks pumping, take over your life
    Serge you’re a superstar, yes that’s what you are
    You know it


    I was bankrupt, on skid row
    Now featherlite and featherstone
    Don’t touch my brand names
    In your dreams
    Nats on the cover of her magazine

    Detractors ,hey ,don’t be mean
    My women are all beauty queens
    Chicken dance, hands in the air
    In the real world, just shocked stares

    Gimmee your money
    Before you karkit
    Cash preferred in Debbies bucket


    • Anonymous says:

      “Chicken dance” in a dress and heels resembling a prostitute. Hahahahahahaha! You dressed yourself Nat, not us.

    • Esther says:

      Bravo. I will be collecting the UM Exposed ditties into a little songbook at some point, and then maybe we could hold a Lie Lie Lie commemorative concert. Thank you to all creative contributors.

  7. Yea bro zaC says:

    Zac is a featherweight. Sergeys known dad since before he was born… [censored] Hey zaC. Better censor zat.

    • Site censor says:

      Yep, censored that comment. Look, I’m happy to poke fun at the poor stooge BUT I would also rather not get myself killed. Apart from that, a couple of the statements you made there I can’t confirm as true or not, which could make me liable for defamation for real, okay? Thx.

  8. Matlock says:

    E.R. in respinse to: “I’m going to seek some advice on whether these complaints are lawful.” This is a good idea. Perhaps you have a lawyer already, if not contact a civil liberites specialist. I would suspect there are many up and comings who alerted to this matter would be interested in examining it further on a pro bono basis. I would urge other contributors on this site to do the same. The attempts at censorship are the tip of the iceberg, and quite possibly the key to unravelling far more.

  9. WARNING says:

    Thanks for your advice Matlock.

    Everything about UM is Bent!

    My experience with Chakra puncture was not at all like described here and it was done by a head honcho.
    No sharps bin visible.
    No visible washing of hands etc etc etc.
    Waste of money did nothing.
    The session was used as an opportunity to preach Serge’s crap. (pun intended)

    Avoid. They are weird as.

  10. Wondering says:

    Incidentally, Zac has a UM member who is a look a like as well.

  11. EXEMPLARY ZACH says:

    Just to clarify some facts.

    Quote. UM says: “Phoenix Global… Zach Featherstone, a young man whose conduct we have always found to be exemplary.”

    Quote. ABC says: “as well as conventional private investigation services… Phoenix Global specialises in finding and removing adverse or defamatory internet posts about its clients, and also offers investigative services to people facing criminal charges”. Phoenix Global’s “clients have included convicted child rapist John Chardon, whose wife Novy is missing, presumed dead; convicted fraudster Glenn Connelly; and Mario Girardo, who was jailed in 2010 over kidnap and extortion.”

    Now that’s “exemplary”!

    • Frodo says:

      They only attempt to discredit those who don’t agree with them. With extreme prejudice.

      If you batting on their team, then you can have done anything. Paid off John Laws, protected criminals, had young girls sleep over, lied about your past. That doesn’t matter! They’re awesome.

  12. UMs label for "critics" says:

    On wikipedia a UM representative revealed that they openly label “critics” (whether journalists, bloggers etc) to be “liars and cyber-bullies”.

    UM recently tried to introduce this sentence into wikipedia page, “Universal Medicine has actively tried to protect its reputation against critics described as “liars and cyber-bullies” () and uses the services of private investigations firm Phoenix Global() for reputation management.”

    • Esther says:

      Desperate. Weirdos. Pffft.

      • UMs label for "critics" says:

        Most important point being that any journalist critical of them becomes a “cyber bully”. Ridiculous use of that phrase. Playing the fake cyber victim is just a smokescreen to distract from other issues, behaviours and dodgy business relationships.

        • Lord of Form says:

          The only “journalist” who has acted inappropriately, nay corruptly, is Hamish Broome, who called various people pretending to write a story about UM and emphatically denying he knew anyone in the group in order to get information.

          He is married to Sarah Davis, head of “Real Media Real Change”, a high level cult ringleader. The information was passed on to cult members including Serge.

          That’s bullying, corruption, shit journalism, lying and total scum baggery all rolled into one. To use Serge’s favourite description of anyone he doesn’t approve of, that is scurrilous.

          Hamish is backed up by his editor, David Fitzpatrick, and the rag specializes in running advertorials for cult members. I hear they plan to rename it the Universal Star. Rupert would be impressed.

          You’d think with that after that little shenanigan the group would be a little more circumspect about labeling other journalists- simply writing a story and with no real interest in the group- as colluding/corrupt/liars.

          But with all things UM, what they do is fine. Lying fuckwit journalist. No problem. Internet reputation manager connected to criminals. Absolutely. Guru marrying ex student. Integrity personified. CEO involved in Laws pay off scandal calling journalist corrupt. Magnificent. Doctor domiciled at cult HQ encouraging members to rip the shit out of complainant. Love-ly.

          There are so many layers of lies, contradictions and hypocrisies it’s difficult to see that it’s Serge sitting right in the middle, king of them all.

  13. Anonymous says:

    David Kirkpatrick is a loose cannon and scumbag. As he inferred before he has no problem with UM or Serge as ‘he hasn’t been charged for anything yet’. So in Kirkpatrick’s moral mindset Outlaws who can skirt the law are A-OK. Good one DK, you loser!

    DK possibly takes a similar ‘see no evil’ approach to reported abuse in the Catholic Church.

    Kirkpatrick also seems a little unstable of mind which would suit UM manipulators.

    Don’t expect to see any critical analysis of UM in his rag until Kirkpatrick goes. UM intimidation of the Northern Star is well established.

    • Lord of Form says:

      David Kirkpatrick, right. I’ve tried to banish his name from my mind so thanks for the reminder. And yes, that is his attitude. What a genius he is. He’s in the wrong job.

  14. pullinitinthepulpit says:

    We now have Reverend Serge giving sermons
    How many personas can one person get away with?
    How many times can someone reinvent themselves before being seriously questioned by followers?
    Jane Hansen was accused of attacking a community, commune more like it, and questioned not attacked.
    Cult leader Jim Jones objected to what he believed was sinful behaviour including playing sport, dancing and drinking alcohol. He was also constantly reinventing himself, making a reputation as a remarkable healer, religious leader and built his following and expanded his recruitment efforts via top group members. The members gave money to what they thought was the common good, but it all ended up in Jones private pocket.
    He was very controlling of sex and relationships and also the food his followers were allowed to eat which amounted to very little. He disrupted familial bonds positioning himself as the ‘one’ and father of all.
    We all know how that cult tragically ended

    • Anonymous says:

      If Serge kicked off a shoe ala Monty Pythons Life of Brian I’m sure all the UMers would be running round with one bare foot, cause Serge said to.
      At the end, Rev Jones paranoia skyrocketed against critics and when a US congressman and journos went to the compound to check on US citizens caught up in the cult they were all gunned down. The followers then dosed themselves, children first, with cyanide mixed with grapejuice. Over 900 people suicided that day because their leader said to. People in mind altered states will do anything a leader tells them to, even kill their own children.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the Jim Jones paranoia parallel has crossed the mind of a few people I’m sure. What concerns me is if the gov, police or authority start innocently investigating something or other. Will Serge try anything Jim-Jones-like? Uncomfortable thought.

    • Esther says:

      A couple of years ago I asked a cult expert about the possibility of homicide in UM, and the expert gave the opinion that the most dangerous groups are those that are flying under the radar – out of public view. Which is why I’ve worked hard to keep UM in public view.

      Groups like Jones church and UM are going to attract criticism because they are corrupt and dangerous. That is a given. If and when they become murderous is entirely up to the cult leader. Serge has already proven his followers will compromise themselves to promote him – endorsing molestation, vehemently defending sending little girls to stay in his home, engaging in public vilification campaigns etc. If Serge says drink the Kool Aid, a number of them will do it.

      • Maquisard says:

        The lack of professional confidentiality by the Doctors, Counsellors, etc, ‘renting’ rooms in Universal Medicine owned buildings, is frightening.
        These people have taken an oath not to disclose the personal details of clients, but to ingratiate themselves to Serge Benhayon, they are prepared to compromise their personal integrity, in return for a pat on the head.
        It is very difficult however to present circumstantial evidence to the courts.
        Until that day comes and it is coming, when Serge Benhayon and the Cult Universal Medicine comes unstuck, keeping meticulous records both with the police and personal lawyers is vital.
        No amount of underpinning can fix the enormous cracks appearing already!

  16. A Current Affair on Scientology says:

    Monday 30 March 2015

    Doco’s full-force attack on Scientology

    It’s the explosive TV documentary that has the Church of Scientology in serious damage control. There are claims the controversial group is behind the break-up of Hollywood pair, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The church is also accused of blackmail and emotional abuse of its members.

  17. Watching from afar! says:

    A great doco, about a young guy who makes out to be a guru and gets a following!

  18. PG Criminals says:


    “Mick Featherstone, a former organised crime unit detective and now a Queensland private investigator, said modern spy technology had advanced so quickly that often PIs can know everything they need to know about someone without even leaving their office.

    Cars can be tracked by satellite, computers hacked, hidden miniature cameras planted, mobile phones diverted and even deleted SMSes retrieved – all with technology that is widely available to the public.”

    “Mr Featherstone said an international client pays him to spy on his Australian wife and his family.

    The PI said he uses computer software to copy everything the subjects do on their computers.

    Each day he sends the information, including transcripts of phone calls and text messages to the client. He said he can even retrieve mobile phone and text messages deleted weeks before.

    In Australia, there are laws against trespass and invasion of privacy.

    It is legal to buy bugs but it is illegal to use them unless the target knows he or she is being bugged. But Mr Featherstone said someone who has been caught out will rarely take the matter to police.”

    Illegal much???

    • Esther says:

      Bloody hell.

      Hacking is also a federal offence.

      • Lord of Form says:

        If we’re really lucky Mick and Zac had been up to something like that for you-know-who, and it’s in the hands of the feds. Code name SB perhaps?

  19. Maquisard says:

    The Student Body of the cult that is Universal Medicine, claim that there has been NO advertising of Universal Medicine or any of the associated groups, ie Esoteric Women’s Group, Real Media Real Change, etc,etc.
    Could somebody please explain to me what you call the dozens of posters plastered all around the Northern Rivers and beyond, announcing events for these cult groups?
    Medical practices, shops, cafes and Institutions who have all been bombarded with illegally placed notices, sure think the cult Universal Medicine is doing some hard ADVERTISING!

    • Serge of crap....plop. says:

      That’s not advertising. Only someone who is channeling the astral could think that is advertising. Esoterically, and in the in true and original meaning of the word, ad-ver-tis-ing, the root meaning before it was bastardized was to commune in- truth, in all its dimensions. Not the debased ill gotten, and therefore energetically harmful re-appropriation of the word. If you resist that notion, ponder for a moment that you have been fed by a world that thinks, in utter arrogance, that it knows what advertising means, thus claiming knowledge it cannot have. Consider for a moment how what the secular world calls advertising is, thusly, in reality, and in truth, just the arrogant lower mind projecting the animalistic, and hence masculine aspect of itself, in spirit, on those that indulge in it, thus if you consider deeply this stance is in fact the energy of pornography, or one could say, pedophila, not your own in-truth because no one has such thoughts- it is just an intake of entities that you have allowed in through energetic choices through the law of attraction, and thus without considering such matters spherically, one is led away from the fiery truth and into the rot of human existence and the miasma fog of those resistant to the truth of the work.

      Ponder this carefully. Forget this not and donate in cash as you do. Don’t donate because someone else did, or to to be in glamour. Donate because you feel to support the work, in-truth.

      • SB says:

        That is a siriusly scurrilous comment
        And I am giving you until 5.30pm today to retract it
        I have most of those words trademarked
        You shouldn’t even be using them
        “Zach, here’s another one for the hitlist”

        • Serge of crap....plop. says:

          As you well know time is spherical. We travel in a loop endlessly passing the same point is space over and over, repeating and constellating the same energetic choices through the lower nadi’s that science will one day prove to the the energetic reason and cause for all ill. It is ridiculous if not ludicrous then to demand a response by a time that for that very reason, when pondered deeply, clearly does not exist except in the temporal world where concepts of time are fed by advertising agencies, families, so-called schools and universities which, in-truth, feed the lower arrogant mind with such ill-concepts. I feel that you are trying to pillory me with your remark and enjoin with the hate-gang who I have exposed for the liars they are, and hence, in truth, revealed the depth of depravity that you have aligned yourself with. I therefore will not be retracting my remarks, because truth will find its way to the surface and a lie imposed is a lie no matter how many times that lie is said.

          In truth and service, SOC.

  20. the one says:

    What is wrong with you? I am the One
    One is a global source of inspiration to all who meets one
    One is in wonderment at ones tireless dedication to humanity
    The enormity of ones contribution far and wide cannot be overlooked or understated by oneself
    Surely you adore ones multifaceted and multidimentional aspects of ones expression
    The family man, the philosopher, the friend, the practitioner, the teacher, the author, the consultant, the pioneer, the inventor
    One is a living example of what it means to be truely successful
    For me, no area of ones life is by ones own making compromised
    Ones prolific output, born of ones own excrement, shows no signs of slowing down
    I have unleashed a pack of dark entities to search and destroy you, Zach will deliver them personally

    • Serge of crap....plop. says:

      That is scurrilous. That lie obviously started with Lance. I have never claimed to be anything other than an equal son of god, just like all of the students of the ancient wisdom. I never tell anyone what do do or say. That is simply not who I am, or the truth. Ask any of my 2000 followers. They will all tell you the exact same thing. Aligning with those that resist the truth is a marker of where you are in this incarnation, which i feel is a level 1. Perhaps less at this juncture of your progress, or in fact, digression, through the levels of incarnation. The energetic fact that I am a level 5 initiate does not mean, in-truth and when considered multi-dimensionally, that I consider myself greater, or lesser, than others or humanity as a whole, or part, but that I have simply progressed through the stage towards high initiation, and guided by the fiery plan. Because in this time of the new era one can become a claimed son of god simply by being a murderer, rapist or peadophile and realigning the nadi’s in an energetic re constellation. In fact, and in-truth, being all is more powerful than just one, and ensures perfect esoteric numerological scores of the one as is indicated by my the date of my birthday. None the less, to believe, erroneously and in utter ignorance that I claim to be anything other than a forever student of the work shows you have aligned with the dampness of those that would seek to suppress the truth with lies I have exposed, and of which I have no responsibility or direction over because it is others free choice to come and go, and set up blogs in defence of the work and the one true religion.

      Said in-truth, and in the Atmic breath of service. SOC

      • Get Sirius says:


      • Esther says:

        So kind of Serge to come and grace us with his Glorious Ageless Wisdom. lols. Nice work.

      • real deal says:

        I am the real deal
        I walk the walk and live the talk
        Stop inciting moral panic
        No, I will not roll over and play dead
        My advice to you is to get to bed earlier, like big dog and all the 12 year olds at my slumber parties
        I am the only one with a perfect cranial pulse score and highest level initiate of 5, to suggest a 1, I think NOT
        My self love is no less than 100%
        You align with detractors like Mia Farrow
        Why is she so against cults and her ex husband marrying their adopted daughter, I mean these days that circumstance and age gap is hardly noticable
        Done it myself
        She is chocked so full of entities they are crawling out every crevice
        I feel it is the wrong time of the month for you
        Your manstrual cycle has fallen short of the full moon
        To realign, just perform a short chicken dance, pop some healing symbols in your undies, toss some magic clay dust in the air and chant “I am an idiot” and “stop the splitting in Goonellabah”

      • Enamoured devotee ... says:

        Oh S le plop, your tender shoulders are amazing, your humble-ness over-whelming, your truth-full-ness mind- blowing, your wisdom earth-shattering, your love bedazzling, your integrity un-believe-able. You must be Leonardo, so awesome, brilliant, enlightened, wise & believe-able. No-one can true-ly fathom your deep, mysterious, esoteric & spherical mastications. I feel your truth. I live your truth. You’re so worthy of our utmost devotion, unquestioning, undying love and loyalty … I feel to give you my life, my heart, my soul, my brain, my children, my free labour, my money …

  21. Before Facebook says:

    Crikey. I knew Sergio way back, when tonite I had an invite to friend him on fb. Tell ya what, that’s 721 more friends than he had back in the old days! I had to scan them to work it out. So many studied at Universal medicine… then found this site. So for your info, I’d say his cult has 721 members, less his enamored (young, makes a whole lot of sense) wife and look a like family members.
    Hindsight makes us all look good, but I’d say this adds up given what I knew of the young Sergio. Still scratching my head at this all. I’d like my redback back now Sergey. With interest.

    • Darkly Esther says:

      Hmm, thanks for this. I looked at his FB page recently and he had about 500 ‘friends’, so the propaganda division must be going all out to find the little fiend more friends and make his cult out to be bigger than it is. For a long time he had about 400.

      700-ish sounds about right – but of those a lot are only peripheral and clueless about the true toxicity of Sergio and his army of unisex vampire Brides.

      Welcome, by the way. There’s plenty here to scratch your head about. We’d all love to hear some war stories about the young Sergio if you’d like to spill.

      It cracks me up – whenever the cult cranks up the social media propaganda it brings me more readers, lol. Nice work Sarah. Another cock up.

      • Before Facebook says:

        All I can say he’s an accomplished bullshitter from way back. I can think of a few things that might have been behind it but wont go into it here. I wonder what his family thinks of his career? esp his brother. Last time I heard anything he was coaching corporate types on the lower north in Sydney. That was probably the mid 1980’s. I saw somewhere about divorces. That fits too. He’s got a way with words this guy for sure. He’s charmed his way in a few times that I was aware of.

        I did see some some of his videos last night. He is just talking absolute nonsense. And these friends of his buy this stuff?? Im flabbergasted really. I reckon if they knew a little about him they’d know he’s just a first class BS artist with very humble beginnings. What a lark this game is. What a way to make money. But I gotta say, I think that was always his main game. Speechless really..

      • Lord of Form says:

        It’d be an interesting tale only because what the member believe and what is true are completely opposite. If some of the real juicy stuff ever came out, then it’d be a best seller.

        I often wonder why Serge has embellished his past, rather than using his toilet epiphany as the moment when he came into his glory and left all the bad stuff behind. But I think the reason is obvious. Narcissists are incapable of thinking of themselves as anything other than wonderful/the best, so it would be very difficult for Serge to acknowledge that he was actually scratching around most of the 90’s, drawing social security, and trying to think about his next get-rich scheme. I guess in his mind he wasn’t either. The bankruptcy was just an inconvenience, and it didn’t stop him running another company or a cash only tennis business. There might be stories of Serge being a eccentric tennis coach that put more people offside than not, but in his mind, he was always right, and therefore always the best. In other words, he believes his own bullshit. Which makes a lot of sense when you think of the outrageous bullshit he sells his members now. And which they flock to buy..

        But somewhere in that dank mind he’s cunning enough to know they’re stories that cant be tested in the public arena. That’d result in an inconvenient revelation of facts. And that’s not “one-unified truth” now is it?

        (That terms says it all really doesn’t it)

  22. Anonymous says:

    More on Mick:

    Glad to see that his PI license has not been reinstated and hopefully this case goes to court early next year. It will be interesting to see what else is unearthed in this investigation.

  23. jayne says:

    I think their chickens are finally coming home to roost, that is, Mick Featherstone, Zoei Keong, Zach Featherstone, Travis Burch, and a few other of their cohort:
    We will throw a party when these guys go down!

    • Esther says:

      It’s protected by a paywall. Any chance you could copy paste the mention, or send a screenshot or PDF of the page? And what’s the date on it please? Cheers.

      Other papers have been interested in the Benhayon Featherstone connection as well.

  24. Anonymous says:

    “Featherstone is a burly former detective who left the Queensland police force in 1996 after rising to be head of the Surfer’s Paradise CIB. His company Phoenix Global is based on the Gold Coast and has worked for such picaresque individuals as Dudley Quinlivan, once described as Queensland’s greatest conman, and Serge Benhayon, the northern NSW “healer” who claims to be the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci.”

    The Australian
    April 16, 2016
    “Gold Coast developer Tony Smith and his strange journey.”