The Great UnTruths of Serge Benhayon

Serge & MirandaRichard Raymonds returns with this investigative piece on a cult leader’s inglorious past.

The Universal Medicine cult

My guess is if you sat a Universal Medicine member down and asked them if truth was important to them, they would rank it number one.  I also imagine that every member sees themselves as intrinsically honest and brimming with integrity

Even the great man himself has written:

“to align yourself with one lie is to align yourself with the energy of abuse”

Yet at the very heart of Universal Medicine, lay great un-truths that the followers of Serge Benhayon must accept every day in order to stay aligned with what he calls ‘spherical truth’.

I’m going to outline them broadly, but not exhaustively,  below.

Antithetically to the group blogs were tidbits and hearsay are conflated into ‘facts’, each line of the following can be verified and supported with documentation that has been carefully collected and verified.

I ask one question then. If Serge’s version of events is not the ‘truth’…

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12 Comments on “The Great UnTruths of Serge Benhayon”

  1. Anon says:

    Have the UM “facts” team read this? If so what is their response & how does it sit with their proclamations of “integrity”?

    • B says:

      The UM masses would not be allowed to read these sites.
      They must do as they are told.

      IF any of the hierarchy have which I am sure Commandants Greig, Wilson & Karam & the dopey one have…..but hush would be the word.

      Their response to this is another mass of we love Serge sites (as if there isn’t enough) saying that he is so full of…the UM definition of integrity….which is so different to that of the astral world.
      You see there is so much evidence here how can they answer?
      Just like the patient that they are still blasting aslo has so much evidence.

      • From the Mouth and heart of the Universal Medicine says:

        True B!
        Added to this is that the smart arse Serge knows no one will take him to court and he isn’t taking anyone to court so then he can just continue in his comfortable well established niche. So like Scientology.

      • Lord of Form says:

        Wouldn’t matter if they did. It would be meaningless to them. And they can rationalize anything away. They’re not interested in evidence.

        Karam isn’t a member of the cult hierarchy. He’s just a sucked in dope. Charlie’s on his second or third cult, so he’s a cultic recidivist. Greig just has too much time on her hands.

        She does walk her dog at Byron occasionally sailing right past me without the slightest idea she’s encountered a member of the dark lodge. That’s probably because she’s got me confused with someone else and her energetic powers of observation are as rubbish as her glib nonsense.

        I’d stop reading their sites if I was you. The fact they have so much propaganda up tells you that they having something to hide. Who do they really think they are convincing?

  2. Pictureperfectportrait says:
    Site set up by Serge in adoration of himself
    Family portrait, perfect visions in blue
    Worthy of biscuit tin lid
    Bit too perfect
    But UM followers will and cannot see…..
    What “lies” beneath

  3. da da da da click click says:

    They’re creepy and they’re kooky
    Mysterious and spooky
    They’re all together ooky
    Benhayon family

    Their house ain’t what it se em’s
    Young girls a steady stre’am
    There are no shower scee ‘ns
    Benhayon family


    Easy meat!

  4. truthfulnessness says:

    It’s easter Saturday. This is a celebration of the day Serge died on the cross for us and came back to life as da Vinci and preached truth-ful-ness-ness.

    Or am I confused and this understanding of theology is no less ridiculous than any other teaching of “The Livingness”?

    • Truth & love says:

      The real (evidence based) messiah / Son of God Jesus willingly died for all, to atone & set free for eternity. An awesome, undeserved, free gift of grace & forgiveness. (God who created the universe, cares about sparrows, people, truth & love, not religion). 🙂

      • Let's stay on topic says:

        Hello truth and love. It feels like this blog is becoming somewhere for you to tell us all about your belief in one certain Messiah. I don’t think this is the place to be doing that, whether it be right or not. I’d appreciate it if you’d keep the commentary to the topic. thanks

        • Esther says:

          Fair comment. Truth & love, you’ve had a pretty good run talking up Christianity and the Bible on my sites, but I agree, this is not the place to be pushing religious viewpoints. Our objections to UM are based on their abusive and exploitative behaviour. Theological arguments will not bring UM to account, and I would rather keep the discussions based in facts, not beliefs.

          You may also understand that I have many readers that object to religion and they’ve been gracious in tolerating your comments. They could just as easily give lengthy anti religious replies. I don’t want religious arguments here when the problem of cults is not so much their beliefs as their harmful and antisocial behaviours

        • Truth and love ... says:

          Thank you for your graciousness and gentle boundary setting.

          Yes fair enough … I will suppress my heart urge to encourage research on the best news ever. (Even on the day we celebrate a certain Messiah’s rise from death).

          I thought what I wrote is relevant to topic and what Truthfulness said.

          Not only by challenging UM’s assumption that all are Sons of God without Jesus, but to also consider the massive ethical and other implications of believing we’re God, including distorting / making up truth as we go along, burdensome, harmful or antisocial rules and practices.

          Jesus incredible (facts based) life, love, integrity, words and compassion provide a standard of truth, conduct and values to help evaluate all (including dodgy, cringe worthy and imperfect “Christian churches” and cults).

          (Whoops, hope I didn’t annoy again).