Serge Benhayon on how fitness causes cancer

Sport and fitness cause cancer, says Universal Medicine messiah in chief, Serge Benhayon. And fitness and health are the human body in distress.

Serge Benhayon 2012

Serge Benhayon 2012

I wonder if I’m the true leader of the Universal Medicine cult, seeing they diligently capture and store my every word and jump frantically to attend to every comment I make. Now I have Serge jumping through hoops, getting Clayton Lloyd to show him how to lift weights, hit the gluten free protein powder, and, let’s face it, help out with a bit of self-loving Photoshop. Serge must have been yearning to look more like the featherweight Esoteric ‘real man’ he truly is. It appears the malnourished messiah never recovered from me having a go at him for looking like crap. Clearly he’s desperate for my affection. He craves recognition, and is keen for comparison with other competing males, particularly the jilted partners of his harem of Esoteric nuns.

Not that he’d admit it, seeing the Ascended Masters impressed tract upon tract of supernatural caution via his seven incoherent tomes of One Unified Truth.

You have to be absolutely closed down to play sport and or compete in any way. This means – – shut-off from your inner heart. It is very possible, if not rather easy to come back from this closed off form of emptiness, but not until you can admit the evil of sport and competition.(Benhayon, 2011, p.312)

It appears The One himself is acting in disregard. Perhaps he should listen to his own podcasts a few dozen times. Attend his own lectures. Shell out for all the subscriptions. He’s clearly not getting it.

He’s hardly the greatest advertisement for his complementary medicine conglomerate that pushes a laxative Esoteric diet, and his occult philosophy that sport and competition are evil, and women should be lovely and gentle and not pick up heavy things, or play sport. According to Serge, his male and female Brides should pay to do the Benhayons’ ritual humiliation, Sacred Movement, instead. (Formerly known as, True Movement, but rebranded for Esoteric Women’s Health when the NSW education department banned it from schools.)

UniMed Sacred Movement ritual humiliation

UniMed Sacred Movement ritual humiliation – in heels

Sport and fitness causes cancer

And so, it is no wonder that things go wrong. We don’t stand here and go how did this lump happen or why am I infertile, why can’t I fall pregnant. Because you haven’t been a woman for 30 years, you’ve been using menful energy to please your dad, you’ve been using male energy, you’ve been involved in sport which women should never be because they’re competitive, it means their right ovary gets more powerful than the left ovary, and then they come to here and they’re ready to have a child but the ovaries are totally out of wack, vaginal walls are as thick as and they’re not a woman energetically, even though they have breasts, vagina, uterus and so forth…But nobody’s interested in that. What they want is that. They want to have all of that and at the end they want that reward or you to remove the lump. ‘I’m not going to worry about all those non nurturing habits that I have’, which is what breast cancer is, so simple, just women who don’t nurture themselves…could all be cured, not a good word, healed, if we just taught that a woman needs to be fragile, and honour that, to be nurturing, to not pick up heavy things…Serge Benhayon, transcript of Esoteric Medicine lecture 1, Part 2, 2010

Women have achieved equality, in some measure, by ‘out-male-ing’ the man. Therefore, they too, are in the excessiveness of male energy. This why there are so many cases of ovarian cancer, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, breast cancer, etc. (Benhayon, 2011, p.519)

Stillness is the energy that is honouring you as a woman. Become racy or driven and you have asked the male energy to dominate your body. Looking like a woman but being run by a male energy is not the whole and true you. This is the widespread problem with women since the eighties. Will women stop and listen to this teaching or will breast and ovarian cancer along with so many other complications need to get so bad that they are forced to pay attention to it? (Benhayon, 2011, p.544)

Fitness and health is energetic distress

For example, we are under the belief that physical fitness is health. Correct? We all grew up with physical fitness is health. Now, we all know that it’s good for the body to exercise, but we also know that athletes at the peak of their condition and we’re talking about athletes who have professional staff that look after their nth degree nutrition, they are massaged, they are given acupuncture, chiropractic, medical care, all the best and they can still get cancer. So something’s not right in that model. If the best body we can produce also can get cancer, arthritis, can also get dementia, can also get sporting injuries, gets lots of viruses and flus as they do, the athletes and so on and so forth and so forth. So there is something wrong with that model. It doesn’t make sense…

On Planet Serge, the human body never degenerates, immunity to disease is determined by Esoteric morality, and nobody who adheres to the Way of the Livingness ever falls ill or dies. If ‘students’ fall ill, which is inevitable – not even Serge the fifth degree initiate has avoided illness – none of them have – it’s because they’re ‘not there yet’ with ‘the work’, and they obviously need to attend more healing sessions, workshops, meetings and retreats. Cash preferred.

Does that person need to run and swim and cycle and get super fit? No. Because at that moment that body is not asking to do more and the moment you give it more that body is already in distress. That energetic distress, we call fitness and health. It doesn’t make sense. You with me?..

All of this has come to us because we understand the body as function. But we don’t understand the body from its harmonious point of view. The key in life if ever there was ever a goal on a physical level, it is to bring stillness in motion in anything and everything that we do. In that stillness in motion we would learn about what we are capable of as human beings much more than what we learn from our mind telling our body what to do… For example, if you listen to your body it is impossible to climb Mt Everest because the body is in enormous distress, it brings the mind to drive the body to say you can do it, you can do it, you can get recognition, got to do it for my Mum, for my partner, for my kids…all of that is the mind disregarding the body, pushing it to do what the mind wants it to do, and the body second, climbing up the hill. Serge Benhayon, transcript of Esoteric Medicine 1, lecture, part 2. 2010

‘If you listen to your body it is impossible to climb Mt Everest…’ Countless Sherpas have managed it, duckie. Sir Edmund Hillary climbed a number of hills and lived until he was 88. The difficulty is more to do with the unpredictability of ice, snow and steep gradients than the limitations of people’s fitness, Sergio.

Did you finish high school Serge?


The downside of health

Prana is the Sanskrit word for breath or life energy.

A true healing is one that arrests the prana and not one that improves the wellbeing of the client by allowing them to exist better in the pranic form. (Benhayon, 2011, p.592)

Serge, who has been enjoying increased leisure time now that he’s conned his paying customers into providing free labour updating his 27 promotional websites and lord knows how many Facebook pages, is at pains to kid us he’s abandoned his popular death and bequest drive (or shelved it until we get bored and start looking the other way). His fave sport is mixing it up, shifting the goalposts; exercise causes cancer one week, and the next it’s all divine and Esoteric. Plus he’s been dying to show off his all new lamb-cake appearance (beef is evil and Pranic), and embellish the glamour shots with some additional marketing opportunities.

Today Serge continues to build and honour his body and its connection by walking daily, practising Esoteric Yoga whilst he works, applying ‘True Movement’ wherever he can, working out at the gym once a week, and twice when work permits, and occasionally swimming (with gentle breath breathing from the nose, as only taught by his daughter Simone) to name but a few of his physical activities. UniMed Living blurb
Someone over at the UniMed Living site wrote that and put Serge’s pet wife’s name on it. Miranda, moved in with him at age 14 against her mother’s wishes, and has not been seen outside of a 50m radius of a Benhayon or member of the cult’s upper rung of investors in 15 years. At this point it’s unlikely she’s allowed to operate a keyboard or a pen alone.

Serge Benhayon with bride number #


Anyway, this all new pretence at health and fitness in the UniMed cult could backfire. It’s bound to inspire copy cat behaviour from the unisex Sons of God, and if some of them fronted up at a gym sustained on nothing but nuts, pea soup and gentle breaths, it’s likely they’d collapse into a flatulent hypoglycemic swoon at the first heave of a 2kg barbell.

Or worse. For those who still have lead in their pencil, venturing out of the Goonellabah compound and increasing their physical strength is likely to increase their appetite, their mental acuity and their libido all at once. Imagine if the cult members suddenly got strong, smart, ate a hamburger with hot chips and opted for a roll in the dunes with some sexy beast they met at the gym over sipping herbal tea and toiling through the dark early hours glued to their social media screens, or in the Esoteric sweatshop working up the College of UM’s promotional curriculum…

They might just see through the bullshit, drop the fake joy, the nagging directives and demands from Desiree et al; and the never ending expense. They might come back to the land of the living.
They might start enjoying the real world again.
Menful energy causes cancer

Menful energy causes cancer

Reference: Benhayon, S. Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2011

139 Comments on “Serge Benhayon on how fitness causes cancer”

  1. Esther says:

    That photo is ‘real’ in the sense that it’s on the UniMed Living site.

    And I HAD to use it, seeing so many readers have told me they’ve had discussions with cult members who tried to tell them exercise causes cancer.

    Sergio’s ever changing goal posts – keeping those brides hopping.

    • Wanda says:

      Is it me or what? Why would you have a photo like that done for an Internet site? Self Promo?

      Is it designed to send all his vicious brides swooning over him? Yuk

      Maybe he has done this for all the lonely hearts that his cult attracts.On one of the Universal Medicine crap sites there are 7 posts about Valentine’s day – WTF

      The other thing that I am wondering is this, have those defined muscles been photo -shopped??

      If not, then Serge is at the Gym/or home gym more often than it is claimed and is on
      protein shakes….maybe not Gluten free, and maybe even steroids??

      One rule for him and one for others?

      Serge Benhayon’s goal posts of rules change regularly as you say, sure sign of a control freak.

  2. Mmmmm says:

    Yummy, that photoshop Serge is so much like buddy and badboy beefcake Zach Featherstone. Like to see those two sweating and working out together. Hot jailbait!

  3. Sick of that dickhead says:

    Serge specifically told me not to do weight training as it hardened the body. What a fucking hypocrite. And he’s still a weedy dweeb.

    • M says:

      “There comes a time when the yet to be student is no longer pranicly motivated to be spiritually good or nice and there comes a time when charity and the pranic versions of benevolence are fully seen for the self identifying act that they truly are, as they are, when they’re instigated by the pranic spirit. And furthermore there comes a time when the yet to be student realizes that there is a significant difference between what is real in the tangible sense and what is true in the all-encompassing view of it all.” ~ Sergio using the monotone voice of his own daughter Natalie Benhayon
      Weight training is “pranic”, mkay?

  4. murphy says:

    It is not sport and exercise that causes cancer, it is more like the stress of marriages braking down, due the Messiah’s words of control and domineering ways, and the influence Serge Benhayon has over his followers and his Esoteric Health management.

    • M says:

      According to Serge, not being nasty to your ex is evil. See above in the comments or wait till I dig it out. And I am digging it out from his own voice…..

  5. Trick the Presbyterians says:

    College of UM course list 2015 is out , looks pretty ho-hum, usual propaganda.

    What’s concerning is they’ve booked one course at the Lismore Presbyterian Hall at 188 Keen St.

    Can someone closer to this church’s community notify them and send them info or a link to wikipedia page or similar. They deserve to know who’s using their premises.

    • L says:

      Hmm. Susan scully co conspirator with serge on raising anon donations. Deborah benhayon. Co conspirator on fake bankruptcy. Perfect teachers on how to handle money. And LOL Natalie benhayon school governer! Give me a break.

  6. Marg says:

    I am appalled at what this man goes on about! Is this really what he tells people? I don’t understand for a minute how a sensible person would not be offended by these claims. And how are doctors anyway involved? I am lost for words. Has anyone ever proved that a womans right ovary enlarges due to sport? Or that it causes cancer?!! Sorry for all the questions, I keep trying to understand how anyone would fall for this rubbish and then defend it so vehemently. It really makes me shake with anger to think my friend is involved with this.

    I also really think that this sorry specimen for a human being is a narcissist in a very big way. Please, just look at that picture! and the comments from his fan club. Please.

    And did he really meet his wife when she was 13?! This story just keeps getting worse.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Thank you for your comments, Marg. Those are the kind of questions I’ve been asking for the past two and a half years, publicly, and earned myself the cyberbully label.

      Yes about Miranda meeting Serge at 13. She was his tennis pupil and moved into his home at 14 for ‘elite’ coaching. David Leser spoke with Miranda’s mother, Trish, in his Da Vinci Mode report. Miranda’s are just one of hundreds of families that have broken down when a member became involved with Serge.

    • M says:

      Very little of what Serge says makes any sense. He relies on people attending his “workshops” where a combination of hypnotic techniques and group psychology anchor people to his message. I have no problem with that if that’s what consenting adults want..
      I do have a problem with my belief that Serge Benhayon is a peadophile and my daughter, who I have been denied access to since April 15 2014, is being groomed for sexual abuse. That hurts.

  7. Astral Tiger says:

    Mmmm. Yummy yummy. This pranic pussy would love to sink his teeth into this little lamb-cake. Come on Sergio, you know you’d love it. Hit me with that rhythm stick. Desiree, avert your eyes.

  8. Not happy George says:

    “A narcissist.” SO HORRIBLE

    • Getting Sirius ... says:

      The depleted diet, sleep & exercise deprivation may be intentional to further atrophy the brains of vulnerable, trusting loyal followers… so they don’t notice, comprehend or question the dark, disturbing, often contradictory teachings, which seem to chop & change to suit.

  9. manicnpranic says:

    Ooooooh that photo of Superserge is such a turn on………….

    Im too sexy for my shirt
    Sell little bags of dirt
    Con man alert.
    I’m too sexy with my hands
    Your pelvis I will scan
    I’m a wolf, you’re an underaged lamb
    I’m too sexy for your party
    The women are just tarty
    No way I’m disco dancing
    I’m a guru
    You know what I mean
    Go against me you’ll be spurned and cyberstalked
    Yeah cyberstalked
    And on the sidewalk yeah
    By my heavies you’ll be stalked and gawked
    I’m too sexy for my car
    Our sports cars burn the tar
    Paid by your pennies in my jar
    I’m too sexy for my hat
    Everything I say is crap
    What do you think about that?
    And I’m too sexy for this song

  10. anonymous says:

    Do you know where Serges opinions on sport and competition came from
    Ill tell you
    When Miranda was 18 she was totally burnt out with the impossible tennis schedule she had suffered under Serge and she put down her racquet and said no more.
    Serge had to totally change tack to stay connected to her and continue his obsession with her

    • L says:


      It’s easy to pinpoint Serge’s “insights”. He also had one in 1999 on the dunny, only months after Miranda put down the racket, had lost to the up and coming Samantha Stosur and he admitted she was not going to find him his fabulous wealth as the coach of a world champ.

      Some property developments hadn’t panned out well, he’d fallen foul of a guy he’d been in a ‘silent’ partnership with, and things we’re looking shitty (pun intended)

      Hmmm. Time for Plan B. “What can I sell where no one can dispute my qualifications or work out if they are getting value for money…? Eureka!”


  11. tennisthemennis says:

    And when local tennis coaches raised the alarm at what they thought was an inappropriate coach pupil relationship racked with cruelty and obsession, they were threatened with legal action

    • L says:

      Modus Operandi consistent. Even enlightenment doesn’t curb the instincts for survival does it? Now he’s got a squad of kamikaze followers throwing themselves on grenades for him it’s a tad easier. He lies, they cover for him and cry foul.

      He’s even gotten away with that one. You can see the smirk on his ugly mug.

    • Esther Rockett says:

      Why does that not surprise me?

      In other words he’s expanded his sadistic cult of one (or several counting his family) to a cult of many, and is as prepared to throw empty legal threats at anyone who challenges it now as he was fifteen years ago.

      On form.

      • Astral Tiger says:

        Do you think that if I were really horrible to Sergio and bit him on his esoteric bottom he would take me to court? The very thought of it makes my whiskers twitch. I’m already sharpening my claws and preparing my defence.
        ‘Well Your Honour, I was at the gym minding my own business when this gorgeous little lamb-cake wearing an esoteric leotard gave me the evil wink. Well, what’s a girl supposed to do…….’
        Which reminds me everyone buy shares in your local gym they’ll be flocking there in their tens or twenties now the energetic truth is out and quick someone design an esoteric leotard with clearing scribbles you know where.

  12. REALLY!! says:

    Anna McCormack says:
    FEBRUARY 11, 2015 AT 1:02 PM
    Just now I typed into google search to find this page, and as I scrolled down the options I see the headline ‘Universal Medicine leaves trail of broken….’. What absolute rubbish. For me this reveals the state of our media today – can we trust anything that is written in a newspaper or presented on the TV? If feels now more then ever how important it is to discern what we hear and see first (which is one thing Universal Medicine presents on – energetic discernment) before we make any decision as to whether we will align with that information or not. From my experience (and many others), this article published in a widespread newspaper is completely and utterly false.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Anna’s family is one of the casualties.

      If UMers want to post comments here themselves they’re welcome, otherwise we know where to find that repetitive rubbish without you pasting it here. Thanks.

    • dum-ass says:

      Hey Anna, this is not the complaints dept at News Corp. But if you want to make a fool of yourself and whine here about a news item you came across during a google search, then knock yourself out. Best regards dum-ass.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Anna,
      May I respectfully enquire about the source of any statistical data you have acquired regarding the alleged connection between UM and broken relationships and whether or not you truly believe that Mr. Benhayon is the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci? I most sincerely believe that honest answers to these questions would facilitate a sensible and reasoned discussion regarding your assertion that the published material to which you allude is not only rubbish but completely and utterly false. I do hope you will find the time to reply.
      Robin Clifford

      • L says:

        It will be just like all information they have gathered Robin…what they “feel”. Listen- if you can- do the little sermons below. It’s all anecdotal this and that, Serge style, that confirms what they have been “led to believe”.

        We’ve all heard the argument that UM/Serge never broke up a family. But you and I know he makes a special effort to denigrate those that aren’t towing the line, just to be sure he’s handiwork doesn’t come undone.

        Anna McCormacks comments are just more esoteric blather.

    • Max Littlemore says:

      You can trust it. I’ve never been one to trust tabloid media, in fact my brother used to work for channel 9 and left because in part he couldn’t stand working with the news department. He described them as a bunch of bigoted bogans. He now works on feature films and is internationally respected in his field.

      Last year my family fell apart with behaviour on the part of my ex’s family (all in the cult) that was obviously whacky to everyone else that knew us. I did a search much like yours and found this site. It was the first thing that explained what had happened to my family in any way that made any sense including to my psychologist (who has a PhD in clinical psychology by the way).

      I would suggest reading or listening to Serge’s crap while deliberately not being “connected” (otherwise known as dissociative). I would also suggest watching some Derren Brown first. Then you will surely realize that “energetic responsibility” is code for absolute irresponsibility, blame, comparison and behaviour repugnant to any commonly held sense of decency or love.

      I truly hope you find your way out of the abuse you have been subjected to.


    • tennisthemennis says:

      I guess you can’t trust anything in newspapers and TV, cause Serge said so.
      Only trust him Anna.
      But you are not in a cult!

    • Esther Rockett says:

      Commenters please consider why I’d rather not single out bottom rung cult members, and why I’ve asked REALLY!! to resist pasting random cult member comments here.

      The cult doesn’t believe in brainwashing (even though Serge does), but in nearly 3 years of going online to defend UM, Anna and other semi literate Sons of Gods were genuinely unaware of the content of adverse news reports.

      What’s new? Anna’s comment is nothing unusual and there are literally thousands of similar comments on that site all reaffirming their ignorance and their haste to believe a proven liar over overwhelming evidence.

      Anna’s ex husband is Esoteric model father, Ray Karam, who lectured on raising cult girls at the Girl to Woman predatory grooming Festival. Ray gets to feel important, and his various businesses boosted by Serge in return for using his Esoteric ‘real man’ ex cop air of authority to promote UM. Not long ago, Ray ditched Anna for another Bride of Serge. Yet Anna doesn’t see hers as another casualty in the trail of broken families.

      My point is, Anna isn’t making $$ out of cult predation. Like many of the lower rung she’s a vulnerable person with no ability to think for herself and everything to lose from her helpless adherence.

      When I take shots, I go for the top of the pyramid – to Serge and the leeches making money from his predatory bullshit. Occasionally in the past I’ve had a go at an underling for blogging some nonsense. But it’s the top rung profiteers that need to be outed.

      They are fair game.

      • L says:

        Anna Karam has to be aware of at least 4 busted up families, including her own and her ex’s new partners.

        Considering most members have a fractured family in some way (if both partners are not involved in the group) the number she would know would probably be a lot higher. If she is not able to recognize the demise of her own family, then how is she able to recognize it at all?

        This is another of Serge’s thought changers. He’s got them convinced that the marriage/partnership was either doomed/dysfunctional to begin with, and he’s just helped them see the truth of it. They’ve all convinced themselves/each other that they were in bad/abusive/manipulative/needy/dysfunctional relationships based on “emotional love”, passion and desire. Ergo, their relationships were not terminated due to UM, they were shown the light of what a great relationship should/could be.

        Even Serge getting in their boots and all to encourage them in their “decision” to leave their partners doesn’t strike them as interference. They think that is Serge encouraging them to be in their light, being their best buddy and “holding them in their light”

        Of course, Serge is sniggering in the background knowing he’s busted up another family, created some more single parent kids, courts actions, lawyers fees, and emotionally dependent ex’s more likely to keep using his crappy services. Best of all, he’s got rid of the person who might have set the member straight by vilifying them in the eyes of the member.

        If he was keeping a tally, he’d know it’s running into the triple digits.

        The fact that a lot of them are now single is irrelevant. Like their ideal next incarnation, their ideal next relationship is just around the corner; and because they are so in their light, so glorious and truthful, they will attract these wonderful people.

        Of course, the problem is that anyone not in the group is going to be pranic. If not, once they get the idea of what the group is about and the members strange religious belief in Serge, that person is unlikely to stick. The group is at best 20% men, some of whom are jumping from woman to woman in the group (and bragging about it..) so that’s a pretty small gene pool.

        Given that these men have allowed themselves to be convinced by the (not too secretly- read his books) man-hating Serge that he is a god-like figure, some of whom seem to have agreed (on the love blogs at least) with his instructions on love and love-making (judging by recent on line comments), the sort of men in the group might not be to everyone’s taste. Even to those women in the group happy to do the humiliating chicken dance.

        Anna Karams denial is symptomatic of the group denial. Even when it is right in their own faces and they are traumatically experiencing it, they have no idea because Serge has managed to get them to see the world differently.

        This is not a shot at Anna either. She just exemplifies how powerful Serge’s mind-magic is.

        Remember, there is no brainwashing. Except when us members of the Astral Cult are being brainwashed and Serge is rescuing people. Then brainwashing is absolutely real.

  13. Beck is bigger than Jesus says:

    Rebecca Baldwin is now one of those “in Livingness” with the esoteric “living wisdom”, and is now a “High Initiate” and “Claimed Son of God”. Why? Listen to her high level intellect sermons:

    • L says:

      They all “feel” something that sounds remarkably the same as what Serge said. Chuck in the slow, staccato speech and it’s very creepy. Brainwashing myth?

      Rebecca, maybe just before she tipped irrevocably over the edge. once remarked, ‘Serge has a god-complex. So what!’ So what indeed.

  14. fly all dissenters to Sirius says:

    I have tried to come up with a laypersons definition of UM. Maybe it’s like: Chameleon Scientology with health practices of sex organ focused witchdoctory with an anti established-medicine agenda. (does that sound cultish?)

    It’s difficult to define.

  15. bok bok bok bok bokaaaak says:

    Re photo of Natalie leading in the Unimed Sacred Movement.
    Looks like a stupid chicken dance
    How much more can these people humiliate themselves?
    Inspired by the saying “running around like headless chooks”
    Serge and his family must kack themselves behind closed doors!

  16. Maquisard says:

    Mary-Louise Myers and Sharon Gavioli, you don’t honestly think that holding your next scare mongering event at cult headquarters in Convery’s Lane, Woolongbar, isn’t proof that your cult preys on sick, frightened women and their families?

    I personally know 2 women who died of cancer, as a direct result of Universal Medicines ‘cohesive collaboration’ and encouragement to ‘feel into themselves’.

    What’s even worse is the amount of money both of you make – because of sick women.

    Anna McCormack you are dead wrong, I’ve lost count of the good marriages I know that have died as a direct result of Universal Medicine and other cults.

    • Anon... says:

      Maquisard, Sorry to hear of your friends dying.

      How do you think we can stop these UM monsters?

      • Robin Clifford says:

        Hi Anon,
        How to stop them is the question we are all asking. I fear that the answer is we cannot. What we can do is continue the work Esther and Lance courageously started and expose the nonsense at every opportunity, make official complaints whenever valid and continue to monitor and publicise the evil behaviour of those who should know better. To prey on vulnerable people is the mark of a coward.

  17. findthecryptonitequick says:

    Faster than a speeding sportscar
    More powerful than a gold coast thug
    Able to leap tall tales in a single bound

    Look, up in the sky!(just left of Sirius) Its a turd! Its an astral plane! Its SUPERSERGE

    Yes, its SUPERSERGE, strange visitor from another planet, who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. SUPERSERGE, who can change the course of people’s lives, bend truth with his bare hands and who, disguised as a mild mannered guru for Universal Medicine, fights a never ending battle to bury truth, prevent justice and still get paid

  18. Shocked Citizen says:

    Using the Universal Medicine Marketing Logic maybe Serge and the Beneficiaries want people to exercise more so that it will hopefully increase disease and then they will be able to fill their Universal Medicine coffers with more money. Cash of course, I have heard. UM logic?

    I am very upset and disturbed as I am familiarising myself with this unfathomable and distressing organisation that is right on my doorstep.

    My heart really really goes out to all of you that are suffering so very much. To those that have lost family and friends, how very very painful.

    I also really applaud those of you who are speaking out. So brave.

    Please tell me that I am wrong – Elizabeth Dolan is a Palliative Care Nurse at Lismore Base?
    She appears to be a Universal Medicine follower as well?

    I saw this comment (it is a part of the comment) from an Elizabeth Dolan it is written on one of those horrid UM sites.

    “What is absolute clear to me is that Universal Medicine is showing that there is another way to deal with liars and that is by welcoming “with full transparency any complaint or investigation”. It shows that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have absolutely nothing to hide.”

  19. Goonellabanthem says:

    Right on our doorstep
    Where else would a 5th (grade intelligence) level initiate ascended (colon full of shit) master land on this earth from the planet (ur)anus having been Leonardo Da Vinci in a past life(I assume you are (ef)fluent in the Italian language Sergio) and knows Elvis personally in this one ($$$thankyouverymuch)

  20. La Métempsycose says:

    I distinctly remember my ex-partner telling me that “working out” was bad for your health and ever so pranic whilst trying to throw all my books onto a bonfire. And yes, I lost my partner to this ludicrous cult.
    Universal Medicine, a gift to humanity ? I thought gifts were paid for by the giver , not the receiver. This guy has more movements than a Swiss watch and he is more expensive and palpably useless. I wish the UMers would wake up and see him as he is and not as they wish him to be.
    It can be hard but it is worthwhile trying to be a rational human being and not the follower of a self proclaimed Ascended Master.
    Da Vinci was much better value the first time round.

  21. murphy says:

    I too saw the UM blog on Elizabeth Doolan and yes she works as a Palliative Care Nurse at Lismore Hospital!!! The mind boggles with the deception; and reception of Serge Benhayon involvement on the information in his articles and lectures on Esoteric Health Managements???

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Murphy, please delete your email address from the URL box. Leave it blank in future. Your comment went to the Spam bin.

      Everyone, whatever you write in the name and URL box will be displayed.

    • Maquisard says:

      Does she still also make money out of terrifying women about their pranic breasts and then ‘clearing’ them?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Watched a doco about the Moonies Cult, sorry, following tonight
    Their guru, the Rev Moonie, said God spoke to him at age 18 and said you are the new Jesus on earth.
    Just like that
    The Revs sick psycho control plan is to have mass weddings where he marries complete strangers, thereby ensuring lots of little moonies to follow
    They turn up in their thousands
    But you can’t brainwash intelligent people,can you Serge?
    The thing is, once they think you are the messiah they will do anything and their messiah can do no wrong
    Just like the poor UMers
    He is now 92
    Toddles out in his massive complex, shouts a few words then retreats
    But not before adding a touch of narcissistic control by then banning any sex for 40 days after they are married ?!?
    Oh, and Serge, he takes 10% of wages, no time to sell little fans and undie symbols or run stupid courses
    I see Serges pattern, as he stumbles along as a baby guru chopping and changing his mind
    He preaches out against what he is actually very obviously doing and his lemmings sing praises of integrity and how Serge “walks the walk and talks the talk.”
    Which is why it is so frustrating for whistleblowers
    If a self appointed now 92 yr old messiah can get thousands of strangers from around the world to travel to a gathering point, match make individuals who have never met, get them to marry each other and hand over 10% of their earnings for the rest of their lives, what hope have we got to stop Sergism in its tracks and save the poor souls who dance along esoterically behind him

    • Darkly Venus says:

      On the up side, Moon gained traction in the pre internet era. Serge might try to manipulate social media to his advantage, but as we’ve seen, the more he tries, the more exposure he gets – and the more the Brides expose themselves as deluded harpie ignoramuses.

      Rev Moon died in Sep 2012 by the way, and reports have his empire crumbling & his offspring embroiled in scandals. It’s a hell of a yarn – huge money, sexual shenanigans, ruthlessness and outright hypocrisy.

      Cult expert Steve Hassan was an ex Moonie and learned all about brainwashing from that lot

      At one point Hassan was told to choose which country he’d like to run when the Moonies took control of the world.

      UM won’t be taking over the world in a hurry. Six hundred of them and their lawyers haven’t been able to manage one person blogging pertinent questions about them.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Interesting, So this doco was a couple of years behind
    I guess the main point I wanted to make was that once you elevate someone to messiah status, they can do no wrong, say no wrong, and because you believe in them totally you will do anything for them.
    Sex, money, relationships, property, power, control its the same story over and over in every cult
    I guess the only thing that can be done is warnings and exposure which Esther and Lance are committed to providing
    And I am sure they have prevented more heartbreak and tradgedy caused by individuals being drawn into the UM movement, so on behalf of the community, we say Thankyou.

  24. toys r um says:

    Is this photo of Serge for the prototype of the new Serge doll?
    Could Ken and Barbie be shelved forever?
    Would be a money maker for sure
    A minature lifelike doll, buff, tattooless, circumcised and dashing in a black singlet and khaki pants
    The delux model speaks repetative sergisms, just like the real thing and includes….
    “I know more than anyone on earth”
    “Don’t touch that icecream”
    “Look, there goes an entity”
    “Gimmy you money, please”
    “Hi ovaries, what are you both doing today?”
    Accessories extra and include a Miranda wife doll, sports cars and houses.
    Available at an Esoteric store near you.
    Suitable for girls aged 3 and over

  25. Maquisard says:

    Maybe Serge is going through his mid-life crisis, sorry not PC, male menopause. This photo is obviously meant for all the sweet young things he is trying to impress.
    A word of warning for Miranda, if he can do it for you-he can do it to you!
    As for trying to stop the cult. All each of us can do is to keep doing what we already are doing.
    Cults don’t shut down when their leaders die or get incarcerated. The members have lost too much trying to prove they aren’t ‘in’ a cult. Family gone-unless they too are in the cult, only have friends in the cult, only socialise within the cult, only have a head space for all things cult. They don’t have anywhere to go but to remain inside the glass walls.
    Universal Medicine is a cult.
    Universal Medicine is a cult.
    Universal Medicine is a cult.

    • L says:

      That’s a good point. The more invested they are, the less able they are to see their way out. Even if they want to. At some point they may start to have doubts, or realize that nothing has changed (except they are poorer, live in the hills, and are probably alone at night) but what can they do? The bridges are burned. All old friends and support are gone.

      The only road ahead is the group, for better or worse.

    • M says:

      Too late to get them out of a cult.
      Too early to get her into a cult.

  26. Not saying says:

    Wow! This is all very interesting. I knew Serge many years back and he was a real sports guy. It was all about fitness and he was full on fanatical. I’d say as fanttical as is now not judging by what hes saying here..if this quotes are right. According to him you had to eat this food, do this sort of exercise, blah blah. So looks like nothing has changed. As a coach he was full on but he had my parents fully convinced. Pretty smooth operator. And I was around when he met Miranda and there was 100% some obsession. I thought it was beause he thought she was the star, but now they are married some things really make sense. I wonder if he was with her all those years? If thats right it is very creepy. Seriously when i think about it it makes me shudder. I had a quick look at some of the member sites and I’m amazed they are not seeing thru it. Gold star to you guys for effort and sticking your necks out. I remember hearing that Serge made threats back in the day to people who he upset so I bet he is still doing that. Good luck! I will be keeping an eye out.

    • Lance says:

      Well..Not Saying. I’ve spoken with a fair number of people from Serge’s not too distant past and all of them tell the same sort of story. Independently of each other.

      It is very clear, in the real world with the esoteric bullshit and redemption fairy tale stripped away, that the man is simply a control freak. Whether as a tennis coach, business man, or guru his way is THE WAY according to him. The only difference between now and then is he now claims ultimate authority and has honed his act so that his arrogance is hidden behind words like humility and integrity. Rather than tennis greatness (after all a small market) it is ultimate greatness ( a huge market)

      Despite the lunatic carrying on of the group & especially the hysterical Alison Grieg, I have checked facts and done an extensive check on the background of Mr Serge Benhayon. This includes gathering company records, bankruptcy documents, statements to courts, letters, group certificates, social security claims and so forth. Without getting into the detail, the picture Mr Benhayon paints and the truth are at war with each other.

      They make for an amusing read too, which I am quite sure neither Serge or Deborah want to see spread all over the internet… but let’s see about that.

      It’s the following sort of mind-fuck that has kept me, and I’d guess Esther, motivated to stop Serge Benhayon from what he is doing:

      From a “Sutra” (mind numbing lecture) delivered by himself and then 17 or 18 year old daughter, Natalie in 2008.

      “The key point in all of this for the reading student is not the difficulty and or discomfort that comes from living the esoteric life but the fact that if he or she did not live that life, how would any other know that they are prisoners of an energy that controls them and makes them think, under the veil of illusion, that they are free to think when in truth they are fed every word thought an action?

      If we say that we love our partners, siblings, parents, friends, ectcetera, is not love then the bringing of the true light to another we say we love and know that they are not with us but belong to a controlling force that influences their every move?”

      If a man or a woman tried, if not succeeded to live by another impulse which did not belong and thus conform to the ways of the pranic life, such a man or woman would experience the wrath of those who sought to control and have their way the only allowed way on Earth.

      This basically explains what, how it’s, what it is for the esoteric student to begin to live the work in and around those who don’t live the work or are ignorant to the work and/or are arrogant towards the work.

      This simply means that as the person becomes far more advanced in representing their their own esoteric light in the way in which they live their everyday life, they feel from others the angst and agony of ones own separation projected back onto them. This is not a difficult period for any esoteric student however it is a necessary period as it is unavoidable for now.

      And so, as it is here being revealed, if a man or woman tries, if not succeeds to live in and by another impulse which does not belong and nor blindly conforms to the ways the pranic life such a man or woman will in some or many cases experience the ugly and scornful wrath of their partners, siblings, parents, friends, colleagues and from those in society. In an absurd reality, all of that projected wrath, however it comes or is expressed, purely and simply comes from the underlying and on resolved anger, frustration, angst and or hate that is within the pranic dweller”

      The executive summary is Serge is encouraging members to leave their partners, families, friends, because they are so in their light, it puts those people who are “arrogant in their ignorance” in pain, and the loving thing to do is to leave them. By doing so they can transition into who they “really are” and bring “true love” to those they are leaving, and everyone else. I guess the years of passive-aggressiveness that ensues is part of that light-bringing. Who knows.

      After he’s immersed them in this, he then encourages them to “be who they truly are” when they later ‘decide’ to end their relationships. For avoidance of doubt, no one has presented an email yet where he has encouraged reconciliation. It is always “supporting” the “student” in their glory and “decision”.

      Serge Benhayon is responsible for the breakdown of countless families over the last decade. This is a fact. I have an extensive list of families that have contacted me/us or i am aware of. There are many others we have heard of we have not counted. It is a central theme of his “work”. Why does he do it? Power? Separating the converted from the resistant? Money…? Due to my apparent lack of psychopathic tendencies, I have no idea what motivates him, but he is at this mission day and night, constantly immersing the newly converted in mind-mud highlighted above.

      Besides family wrecking he is fixated on money and property acquisitions, just as he was in the 1990’s, as is apparent from the many documents in my possession.

      Alison Grieg and her gormless cohorts can invent as many stories as they like to justify their beliefs and emotional/financial investments. It is irrelevant to the truth. One day it is likely to smack them in the face.

      Sadly we’ve found that lies do seem to prevail, but we will keep fanning those embers until everyone sees Benhayon for who he really is.

      He is not a world savior, a chosen son of god, a high initiate, a healers healer, a great business man…he is simply a huckster who knows how to hoodwink people brilliantly (that I will give him) who has no conscience about how he fucks with other peoples lives.

      Provided he benefits.

      • Max Littlemore says:


      • Just saying ... says:

        UM tries to block and demonise those who expose, critique or ask questions of the disturbing, destructive teachings (as Esther and Lance do so well), implying mental health and / or projected anger issues.
        UM followers can’t seem to comprehend (or don’t want to as they are too invested) that it’s like a mother who sees her child walking onto railway tracks: she will probably shout & scream a warning… At this point, she may sound a tad disturbed and angry!
        Once real harm is done, the mother may continue to shout and cry hysterically, to come to terms with her loss and to warn others of the danger. Her words and behaviour arn’t a sign of madness, but an indication of the depth of love / concern she has…

        I’m not sure that in UM’s warped definition of love and life, they are allowed to get this.

    • Anonymous says:

      * is that you?

      • Anonymous says:

        “Not saying”

      • Darkly Venus says:

        * I removed the initial in your comment. Commenters have a right to be unidentifiable if they choose, thx. Please don’t attempt to out anyone here.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sorry not outing, reconnecting
          But fair enough
          I will contact them privately
          Both been witness to Serge in the tennis days

        • Esther Rockett says:

          While the Facts team tells the minions not to read the site, I guarantee Serge hangs on every word, and we know how vindictive he is.

        • Anonymous says:

          Totally understand
          I could have been anyone
          We may be able to help with that affidavit
          Will investigate further

  27. Anonymous says:

    A lot of us were there in those days
    We witnessed Miranda’s punishing schedule of overtraining, belittling, food restrictions, blisters and tears
    It was cruelty and her father and Deborah did nothing
    Her mother was ostracized early
    A stolen spirit of a lovely young girl who was not protected

    • M says:

      Anyone who saw that prepared to say so under oath or affidavit? That would be soooo useful right now.

    • Esther Rockett says:

      Classic abuser pattern. Charming at first. Switches charm off and on. Obsessive. Isolates victim. Aggressive toward anyone who questions. Rewards anyone who doesn’t. Wears down the victim into state of learned helplessness.

      ‘Not saying’ – the short answer to your wondering if Serge was with Miranda the whole time is yes.

      • Just saying ... says:

        Like women in emotionally / psychologically / controlling domestic violence relationships: followers seem to be unaware of, or minimise / explain away the controlling, manipulative, isolating, psycho-pathic, self serving behaviour… SB attributes those who love / care for UM followers as victims of a mass illusion (coincidentally all questioning his bizarre, dark teachings) conveniently overlooking his own passive aggressive, judgemental delusion!

  28. sergically scarred for life says:

    Alison Greig…columns part 1;2 & 3
    Woman of extraordinary intellect and knowledge
    I only have one question
    How many entities can fit on a pin head?

    • What's in a name? says:

      ” Nicole Twist says:
      FEBRUARY 18, 2015 AT 3:53 PM
      Universal Medicine is made up of people. People who have employment or are unemployed, have families, have friends, relationships, have commitments to fulfil, bills to pay, food to buy, meals to make and meals to eat. All the things that people all over the world have to do. All these people also have challenges in life that are part of life, and things to deal with or not deal with. All choices and situations that we all have just because we are human.
      Universal Medicine students now also have the stigma of being told they are in a so called cult or even worse being called cult recruiters as Serge Benhayon and his family are now labelled, thanks principally to Lance Martin and his co-pilot Esther Rockett. The great thing is with the teachings and presentations Serge Benhayon has so lovingly presented to us as students of Universal Medicine we now have the tools to deal with the challenges that present themselves to us as we live our lives and also the tools to deal with such a harmful and mean slur that has been forced upon us by Lance Martin and Esther Rockett.
      I wonder Lance Martin that if Alison Greig did not address the harm you are perpetuating and you were allowed free reign, with no one to challenge you, how far would you go? We have seen in the past how when left to their own devices without anyone speaking out how dreadful situations have and can become. For example Gadaffi, Hitler, Idi Amin, Goerring, Himmler all sounded ‘reasonable’ to begin with, which is in line with the so-called ‘reasonable’ statements that you make Lance. It appears ‘reasonable’, but underneath that veneer of ‘reasonableness’ lies deep hatred, anger and despair at the place you are in at this time in your life. This place of despair is the place where the likes of the above mentioned continued to mount their offensives and create the extreme horror and deep ugliness to the people they governed and to those people in their close circles. They were so deep in their internal despair they could not see the extent of the suffering they caused others, they could only know of their own suffering and to inflict this upon others was their way to seek some relief from their internal anguish. There were those who stood up against these tyrants, however they soon were murdered or done away with. It is of utmost importance that Alison Greig and the students of Universal Medicine stand up against the outpourings that Lance Martin and Esther Rockett are capable of, so their offensive behaviour does not get out of control in the same way that the above mentioned tyrants were able to in their day. As Alison Greig has pointed out, the Dalai Lama would certainly be behind what Alison Greig is doing as she is saying a loud and resounding “NO” to such harmful and devious behaviours from Lance Martin and co. May Alison Greig never, ever ‘roll over’!
      REPLY ”

      So, so, so disturbing!

      • What's in a name? says:

        ….And why on earth would Alison Grieg in her loveblog on Valentine’s day, as an ode to Grand Master Serge who has all the answers in the Universe, throw in a quote from the Dalai Lama…? Is there trouble in Paradise, perhaps?

        There is a term for behaviour like this, it’s called triangulation. You can Google it: just search for narcissist’s and triangulation.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        You are giving that shit far more oxygen than it deserves which is exactly what they want you to do. If UMers want to get some guts and comment here they are welcome and we will respond. If you continue to post their nonsense here for them I will delete it. They have dozens of pages and thousands of comments like that on that site if readers want to explore it but I’d rather you didn’t persist in posting it here and spreading the propaganda for them. Suffice to say every word of it is dangerous, hypocritical rubbish and we reject it 100%.

        Are they more dangerous than they’ve ever been?

        NO they are not.

        What do Gadaffi, Hitler, Idi Amin, Goerring, Himmler have in common? They gained and held power in illiberal, totalitarian states where censorship was rife.I could spend my life talking about how everything written on that site by those people is pure garbage, but what a waste of time. And they want us to waste time so that we take our eyes off the main game, which is Serge’s death and profit drive.

        • What's in a name? says:

          For the record, Venus: for as far as I was concerned, this blog was opened because no one can respond to the UniMed blogs for any kind of discussion, which is beyond frustrating, to many out there. On top of that, the usual Blog reader just reads one or two posts, before he/she moves on. Keeping the discussion alive on the recent UniMed blogs and or comments exposes a certain evaluation and raises concerns for most obvious reasons (IMO); instead of reasonable arguments buried in the archives.
          Not all to many people will read all that’s out there if it comes to theirs or others involvement with Universal Medicine. Which I hope they would, because I suspect Serge is one of the most sophisticated pimps in cult hystory. Which is why I am following this case. 
          Anyway, if people can not comment on the UniMed blogs, or comments, you might want to change one of the first posts on this Blog, because it gives the wrong impression to those who do feel the urge to do so.

        • Esther Rockett says:

          Can I make it clear What’s in a name, I opened this blog, I did the research – digging out stuff not available publicly – read the literature and scoured net archives and I’ve fought for two years to keep them online. I didn’t open them to respond to any of the tens of thousands of inane burblings from the bottom rung nobodies. The most effective of our work has been done behind the scenes, and then by countering propaganda online. In all cases by aiming squarely at the top of the pyramid. Nothing is achieved by reposting minor inflammatory rubbish verbatim here with little more comment than ‘oh how disturbing’. Like we don’t already know. Disturbing and stupid, which we’re well aware of. It’s more important we stay focused on the top rung and the activities they don’t publicize. Don’t come here and tell me how to run my blogs. I’d be more than delighted if more people set up, researched and defended their own.

        • What's in a name? says:


        • Esther Rockett says:

          And the reason you are able to read anything recent at all about UM or to leave smart arse comments here is because of the work I’ve done. Let me know when you open your blog. I’ll make sure I link to it.

        • What's in a name? says:

          What is it you’re aiming at, exactly? Do I have to defend my own thought process now: or the fact that I was under the wrong impression and ended up (my bad) a little inflamed…? Working from a device with a flaw? Let you tell me what to read or not to read…?

          Opening my own blog…?! Why would I wanna do that?

          Do I really have to defend myself all the sudden?

          Telling you how to run your own blogs…


        • i doubt it says:

          leave it alone. i come here to get away from their shit, not to read more of it. It makes me fucken angry and i come here for sanity. it’s good to see a lot more comments. I get why she doesn’t want you posting their shite here for them and you wouldn’t be reposting it on blogs if it was your name being hammered. think about what that’s like , no one told you what to think

        • What's in a name? says:

          You want sanity in this world, I doubt it…? Maybe you should join your wife (or other relatives) to seek refuge. Somehow: it’s not how this world works. Don’t ask me: the only thing I am asking for, in this particular situation, is a little respect for all the right reasons.

          Don’t worry, I will leave it alone.

        • Please says:

          What’s in a name and doubt it without names please tell us your story.
          We are here to support each other and to protect the public as best we can.

        • i doubt it says:

          wow, nasty. who said i’m a guy, and it’s my mother actually. thanks for understanding. i prefer not to tell my story, i’d rather stay off desiree’s shit list, watching this site, which i know for fact she and those other bitches do, trying to pick who each commenter is,. my mother worships plastic symbols and burns candles like she burns her former friends. ugly ugly business

        • What's in a name? says:

          Yes, that last one was nasty. I am sorry, I blew on you. There is a clear difference between my previous comments and this one. I don’t like being smacked down, having to wonder what I did wrong, all the sudden. I usually don’t accept that straight away and remove myself from the situation afterwards. I did accepted this one for certain reasons. There are many ways to set a boundary, you know; and in my world having a difference of opinion is a very common thing. Just wasn’t prepared for yesterday’s comments and already left it alone to start with. Just expressed my confusion, based on one of the initial blog posts on this blog in one of my comments a couple of days ago. Do hope we can leave it at that.


      • Anonymous says:

        Twisted Nicole
        How many entities can fit on a pin head?
        If you don’t know, please ask Serge
        He knows more than anyone on earth

      • Anonymous says:

        Nicole Twisted
        How many entities can fit on a pin head?
        If you don’t know, ask Serge
        He can answer any question, and knows more than anyone
        Come back to reality if you can

      • Lance says:

        It’s my policy not to even think about “student comments” least of all comments on them, but since it is here, and there is the slim chance Nicole Twist and her dolt husband might read this, let me set her straight.

        I am not in despair. I am very happy and getting on with things that interest me. I naturally despaired at the loss of my marriage, and I do apportion blame on Universal Medicine and Serge for various good reasons, one of them being his direct interference in my marriage in the form of a very clear email. If there were issues, they ought to have been sorted out between myself and my wife. It would have been good if I had been informed about them too. He had no business poking his nose in and making commentary on me or the marriage. And as I have said, this is something he has done before and has done recently.

        Disgusting behavior of an idiot Nicole.

        Secondly, It is I and others that is standing up to the lies of your “community of people” that has started with Serge. There’s just a handful of us that has been brave enough to say something, and we’ve been defamed and vilified by hundreds of you so called “loving” people all making comments without one fact to back it up.

        Disgusting & vile behavior Nicole.

        Your stupid self serving analogy is in reverse, of course. We are the voices of sanity standing up to your totalitarian bullshit where you expect people to confirm to your worldview.

        Disgusting Nicole.

        Your description above implies that Universal Medicine is a cult. I don’t need to say it. In fact, it was Serge himself who told you long before I ever thought of it, that people would say UM is a cult. He said that because UM is a cult. The fact you are in a cult and feel ashamed of that, is up to you. It has nothing to do with me. If you think it is a good cult, so what? But you are in a cult, by the very definition and by Serge’s own reckoning.

        I can assure you your friends and family probably thought that long before I or anyone else said anything. I heard it for at least two years before I understood what it meant.

        Do you get it Nicole? You are in a cult.

        The assumptions you have made of me as a person is based on the gobblygook Serge has put in your head. I am not in despair, angry, jealous, hateful or anything else. My thoughts are my own. I am not controlled by dark entities or the Lords of Form because THEY DO NOT EXIST.

        It’s this artificial dichotomy that Serge uses to cleave people and families apart and have you sitting there blogging what a piece of shit you think I am, without ever once having met me.

        I really don’t give a toss about Serge and his delusions. Frankly, I only think about him when I see a picture of him doing something stupid and contradictory and I wonder how you will all swallow the next U-Turn and then spend weeks blogging about it in awe.

        I only care about one thing, and that must be very obvious to anyone with half a brain. If it wasn’t for that, I’d have done my best to alert my wife and then let you to your own devices. After all there are millions of other people in other cults.

        I am however deeply offended by the intellectual and moral dishonesty of Universal Medicine and the behaviour of its members. It is disgusting and reprehensible. The fact that you sad people can believe Serge’s outrageous fairy tales and then accuse us of being delusion beggars belief.

        The fact that you have all attacked me, Esther and others leaves us no choice but to continue. That is so obvious that when the hate blogs first went up I was in absolute awe at the magnificent stupidity of it. This from a man who claims to know everything.

        What a prize fool.

        And no, Nicole, the Dalai Lama would not be behind the hateful, fact less,bitchy blogs of your inept and artless friend. What a foolish thing to say. To everyone else Nicole those blogs look exactly like the work of an over zealous, semi literate nut job. I know you only get your information from with your “community”. You should test what a normal person thinks Nicole.

        Remember Nicole, I am the one with the file full of facts. All you have is a head full of bullshit, gossip, lies and half-truths. The stories concocted on those blogs are just that. Not one “fact” has been checked. It’s just a grab bag of bullshit designed to make you all feel better and for Alison to vent her menopausal frustrations at night over in Mullumbimby when she’s got nothing better to do. Which I am sure is the case*

        You really need to wake up to reality. And here’s a clue, it’s nothing like the one you’ve been led to believe by Serge.

        I know you are a long way down the rabbit hole, but surely you can catch glimpses of the sky Nicole?

        Yep, I know it all “feels” good, but that’s the trap.

        How would you go about seducing people if you were the devil?

        PS- The reason I sound reasonable Nicole is I AM.

        * I look forward to the 50,000 word treatise by Alison on that comment. Even though I have already endured a year of insults I am sure it will not go unpunished.

        • Anonymous says:

          Lance is correct Nicole
          The Serge picture is far greater than you want to acknowledge
          His history is deplorable and factually documented
          From little bags of magic clay dust
          ( even tennis kids saw that for the rubbish it was)
          To large sprays of verbal nonsence
          I hope you have not abandoned your family and loved ones
          Serge will not be there for you when the heat is on and he and his family bolt

      • Robin Clifford says:

        Oh dear Nicole, you seem to be in a bit of a tissy. Let’s try and bring a modicum of sense to this post.
        To suggest, as you seem to be doing, that there is any similarity between Lance and Esther and the mixed bag of murderers and despots you mention is silly, wickedly misleading and extremely bad manners.
        I am not aware of anything written by Lance or Esther regarding UM that is demonstrably untrue. I suspect that they are as clear and honest as it is possible to be when dealing with the relentless vitriol to which they are subjected.
        I reside in London and have not had the chance to meet Esther or Lance in person but we have communicated by email and Skype. The substance of these communications has always been coloured by a genuine sense of concern for others.
        Contrast that with the behaviour of my ex-wife, her new husband who is also a devotee of UM, Desiree and Serge who would do their level best to hurt me in any way they could. Spare a thought for my children and how they might be feeling about a mother who seemingly changed overnight after becoming a paid up member of Chris James beautiful voice and then graduating to UM healing.
        I have attended workshops at the Lighthouse in Frome in an effort to understand the principals on which UM is based. Unfortunately what I found was not very pretty. Simon Williams belittling local tradesmen. Semi-literate experts lecturing on the work of Leonardo da Vinci. Serge Benhayon delivering a laughable dissertation on pranic colours and asking for donations from the faithful. The loving presentations to which you allude were clearly of an esoteric nature and anyone outside the group was treated with contempt. This was my experience, I doubt very much that I am alone.
        To infer that the Dalai Lama would lend his name to the ramblings of Alison Greig is a little odd. Is there any evidence to support this? Perhaps UM could solicit a comment from the Dalai Lama himself. I would be very interested indeed to hear what he had to say.
        The person I would really like to hear from though is Mr.Benhayon himself. He seems to be hiding behind the skirts of his devotees in a most obvious kind of way. Come on Serge, get out there and answer the big questions like a proper grown-up. If you are right about everything then surely you have nothing to fear.
        Anyway Nicole, I wish you all the best but sometimes I think it may be better to ‘roll over’ than to be caught between the rock and a hard place.
        Robin Clifford

        • Lance says:

          Hi Robin,

          You’ll never hear from Serge. Bravery is not one of his qualities. He’d prefer to send sneaky emails to members dissing partners who are trying to make sense of what is going on and why the bank balance is missing zeros. Or hang out on password protected sites making nasty comments about people while pretending to be oh-so loving.

          I doubt I will see him on the streets of Bangalow. Unless he’s got an esoteric goon squad with him.

          As far as being concerned about others, you’ve got to remember we are using regular empathy, not the supercharged esoteric empathy which means you don’t give a flying f*** about someone not in the group. To paraphrase Serge: the members ” don’t enjoin with others with sympathy”.

          Last time I looked it is sympathy- the ability to sense anothers pain- that bound humans socially at all levels.

          Serge certainly is bereft of it. Otherwise he wouldn’t be leaving a trail of destructed families while raking in money to buy new properties and mickey mouse Alpha Romeos.

          It’s hard to imagine that there are “psychologists” in the group who can’t see that central tenet of his loony doctrine as the beliefs of a sociopath.

          I saw a member the other day (distinguishable by a cult symbol around her neck) who was all smiles until she realised who I was. (Luckily they’ve “selected” such bad photos of me and their drawings are so crap, it takes members a while to make the connection)

          In an instant she turned into a mealy mouth witch frozen with palpable fear. Of course, she doesn’t know me. This poor misled woman is filled with terror and hatred of a man she doesn’t know on the word of Serge Benhayon who is obviously motivated to protect is his dominion and cash machine.

          In the end Robin, Serge is teaching the members one thing. Hate.

          He calls it love.

      • Just saying ... says:

        More disturbing is the comprehensive depth of the UM delusion: projecting acts of love / concern as hate / despair and comparing our attempts to protect / warn our loved ones to the actions of tyrants and murderers … Our only “weapon” is words of truth.

        Even if some of the comments here are from a place of despair, grief, hurt, frustration and anger, we can identify it’s main source: sugar coated, destructive, divisive UM teachings, rules and practices, leading our loved ones down a very dark, path. (Also due to being blocked from addressing lies and distortions on UM sites!).

        Like a mother bear wanting to protect her cub, most if not all here are speaking out of love: trying to encourage independent, objective, healthy questioning and evidence based evaluation.

      • Getting Sirius ... says:

        I am sorry Nicole that you suffer the far reaching consequences of being in the UM “cult”, including stigma … Don’t blame the messengers, instead blame your obstinate, insecure, controlling and close minded leader.

  29. What's in a name? says:

    I won’t spend my life on Serge or those comments anyway, just filtering what I think is of value here. Do not agree with ‘Serge’s death drive as the main game’ either and am wasting my time. Thanks for clearifying.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully might sink if I’m repetitive
    Here, here Venus!

  31. Gobsmacked Again says:

    All the faithful will soon be gathering in Lennox and spending another fortune ($950.00) to have their heads further scrambled for THREE DAYS!!!!

    The write up for this course is absolutely nonsensical……….or is it just me that thinks this?
    Yep $950.00 for this crap. I am gobsmacked and people pay this?

    Oh I suppose this is worth it! NOT – ‘Morning tea, lunch and dinners provided
    (Dinner provided Friday and Saturday only).

    February 27th, 2015 – March 1st, 2015
    Investment: $ 950 (incl. GST)
    This is the ‘Master Healing’ course where each student will be re-aligned to the 3 Rays of Essence and the 4 Rays of Distinction. ‘Through the understanding of one’s fiery essence and soulful distinction we can better serve according to our Divine uniqueness’. This three in one course will help the student develop the unfolding nature of his or her specific ‘fiery expression’, through the teaching of its specialised techniques. 3 day intensive

  32. WARNING says:


    ‘V E N U E C H A N G E for the woman’s health forum information night. It will be this Thursday 26th February 6.30pm at the East Ballina Surf Club…just down the road from The Belle. The Woman’s Health Forum run by @esotericwomenshealth is March 21st head to the website for all the details. The forum is for women and men in our community to discuss the issues of women’s health and what impact they have on women, men, families, the community and our healthcare system. This Thursday is open for all to come along to find out more about the forum and help spread the word about this much needed event.’

    • Anonymous says:

      Is someone going to notify the East Ballina Surf club?

      It’s odd that they’re not using the college COUM at Wollongbar much for college activities.

      • Warning says:

        Let us all notify the Surf Club

      • Lance says:

        They are recurrent events. You can’t take people to the heart of darkness straight away.

        Via these events that can inculcate a false dilemma into the minds of the participants, then invite them to another course where it will be solved.

        Class cult recruitment. They need to get out in the general community to find more victims.

        • Robin Clifford says:

          Hi Lance,

          That is an interesting point. Rather like an esoteric premed before they take the poor victims to a new location and really stick it to them.

          I think Chris James may fall into the same category. I distinctly remember meeting some vulnerable people at one of his sessions at the Lighthouse who were clearly being groomed to add UM to the list of stupid things they should do.

          How do these people get to sleep at night? Especially by 9 o’clock, it’s a bloody mystery to me.

          As a matter of interest, are you aware of any similar activity in the UK?



        • Pranic Attack says:

          I am also UK and have “lost” a family member to the group. Really appreciate what is said on this site and in particular the efforts of Esther and Lance. It confirms all that I have experienced and learned of UM. Would like to contact Robin or any UK support group to discuss if possible.

        • Lance says:

          Hi Robin, few typo’s in yesterdays comment but you got the gist.

          The thing is of course, the people running these groups probably don’t realise they are recruiting. They think they are spreading the gospel and the good news. You only have to look at their comments as the swoon over Serge’s incoherent books or lectures to know they are enraptured and how dodgy their thinking has become (or maybe was?)

          But they are the front end of the sales funnel. A few people that come to these women’s groups, singing classes, lectures, mediation groups, etc will move to the next stage of seeing a practitioner, and being primed with feeling “yummy”/self care, then onto the next stage of increasing world disease, catastrophes, prophecy, then a course level 1, level 2, level 3. Followed by a 3 day retreat of getting up early, staying up late, course after course…

          And finally a fully love bombed, mind altered new recruit. They will have been told that people around them will “resist” their truth, and tell “lies” about Serge, and that the group is a “cult” when in fact it is the rest of the world that is.

          Leave the family, drop the partners. As suggested- strongly- by our mate Serge.

          They will have code words used by the group only, and all start to hang out with each other. They will remain friendly with people that don’t challenge them, but their main focus will be on the group. If they live in Australia, there’s a good chance they will move to live in Mecca/ Goonellebah.

          They will cry foul if you say they are in a cult or acting reprehensibly, while wearing a cult symbol, going to every meeting, hanging with group friends, having left their families.

          It’s exactly what ever other cult/member does.

          And at the pointy end, Serge buys properties and collects cash and contradicts last weeks edicts when he “feels” to. And true to form of every cult, he’s started a charity because liberal democracies believe in freedom of belief and give tax breaks to magical thinking and pseudo-science. True to form, the charity does nothing charitable. It is just a property improvement vehicle to build a hall to hold more commercial activities.

          Chris James I suspect knows he is a recruiter. He’s been involved with Serge for many years and the pay off has been an audience to his rather poor warbling. He’s also got a touch of the Serge about him, but without the chutzpah to pull it off. Fame by association. Serge keeps him in his place too. Just check who authorizes all the muzak.

          Pranic Attack, use the contact form at the top of the page and we will point you in the right direction. You’re not alone I can assure you.

        • Just saying ... says:

          Once in the tank (surrounded by lots of nice people and surprisingly yummy gluten / dairy free food), they don’t notice the insidious slide into a disturbing, contradictory, damaging delusion. (Like frogs in cold to gradually boiling water).

      • Esther Rockett says:

        The phrases ‘Is someone going to notify?’ and ‘someone should notify…’ are usually code from people who aren’t prepared to do anything.

        There’s one or two people dropping me anonymous messages for example about some DA with Ballina Council for the Belle General, and other bits of trivia.

        I’m not your personal army and I’m not the cult police. I’m a single, self employed person with a lot of interests. I’ve done enough work on UM, and its nowhere near the top of my priorities. Don’t use the contact form to pester me with stuff you’ve found searching the internet. If it’s on the internet it’s not a secret, so put it here in the comments. Then ask yourself, what are YOU going to do about it?

        Likewise the serial panic artist who contacted me with some nonsense about the Wikipedia page, as if I don’t have enough to do without running Wikipedia as well.

        I didn’t respond then and I won’t in future. But to any of you, if you have a problem with Wikipedia page, become a contributor and work it out over there. If you think someone should be notified about something or other, use the comments area to communicate, talk to each other, and do it yourself.

        • Just saying ... says:

          Thanks Esther for providing a forum for open, transparent discussion, plus your incisive analyses and dogged perseverance in bringing dark into light… Sorry you carry more than your fair share of the load, it’s because you do it so well (to the chagrin of UM). Glad to hear you have a life outside of these blogs!

        • M says:

          I’d just like to add my two bob.

          You notify.

          I must admit I am asking Esther to help coordinate an exchange between commenters here and Esther has so far been a national hero, far more worthy of Australian of the Year than Rose Batty IMHO.

          But we must all act. Those of us that have family members involved must act. Those of us with children, boys because they will be physically abused, girls because they will be sexually abused, must act. Those of us with elderly relatives misdiagnosed and being prepared for Sirius must act.

          And act now.

          Don’t wait for Esther or Lance to save you, they have lives of their own.

          ~rant complete~

          … as you were …

        • Esther Rockett says:

          Please don’t say I’m more worthy than Rosie Batty. I appreciate your sentiment but I reject that outright and I think that may be upsetting to a lot of people.

  33. Watching from afar! says:

    It is the UMers glorification of Glorious Music that is a no-brainer, to see their crazy comments about this crap music confirms the UM cult status! Terrible!

  34. Maquisard says:

    Great point about ‘love’ Lance.

    IF you are a member of the cult of Universal Medicine then ‘love’ is showered on you. IF you are seen as a potential recruit, then love is showered upon you.
    IF however you are a loving family member, partner or friend who questions the practices of Universal Medicine and the teachings of Serge Benhayon, then you see the ‘hate’ side of the coin.

    I wonder if Serge Benhayon or any of the members of the cult of Universal Medicine, have heard about the Commonwealth of Australia: Crimes Act Amendment (Incitement to Violence) Bill 2005?

    The verb ‘incite’ is interesting. Basically it means to; provoke, encourage, drive, excite, prompt, urge, spur, stimulate, set on, animate, rouse, prod, stir up, inflame, instigate, whip up, egg on, goad, impel, put up to, agitate for or against…
    It would seem that it is on public record, that Serge Benhayon has indeed done all of the above and none more than on the public FUM site!
    Let alone all the stalking, physical and verbal abuse and threats all of us, who contribute to this site have endured over the past years…in the name of ‘standing up for the truth and Serge Benhayon. (All on record).

    Do the handful of people that continuously comment on the site, know that it will be Serge Benhayon who will ultimately be prosecuted, for the hate he has ‘incited’ amongst his followers?

    A Class Action case against Serge Benhayon has been suggested recently by a QC Barrister.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Maquisard, What sort of Class Action is the QC suggesting?

      – For Incitement to Violence due to the mobbing on their website etc? (I’m concerned some psycho is going to harm Lance or Esther one day due to their mobbing).

      – Or for the lack of duty of care by UM when it comes to relationships breaking up under influence etc of UM? (Media reports show Serge is oblivious and uninterested in the breakups UM might have caused).

      – Or something else?

    • Getting Sirius ... says:

      UM members seem to only “love” those who agree with them: ask challenging questions or express concern (out of real love and honesty) and their “love” turns to ice. 😦

  35. Wondering says:

    Is it me or has one of the Twitter accounts been suspended – really?

    • Esther Rockett says:

      Yes, they’ve suspended my Twitter account. It might come back, who knows. That’s up to Twitter.

      It’ll backfire on UM.

  36. Anonymous says:

    This is what UM do, shut down online accounts that critisize them such as the twitter acc you mention.

    Their PI or Lawyers write letters claiming defamation action, when none has actually occurred, and twitter, facebook, google, blogs etc believe their lies and take-down.

    But no defamation action under Qld or NZ law has ever been taken as UM claims. It’s just another case of the cult’s doctrine to lie to the outside world, because we’re all pranic and must be conned or converted.

    • Detests hypocrisy says:

      What “HYPOCRISY”!

      On the UM sites they have and still are defaming Journo’s and Esther and Ira and Lance and Robert and so on with thousands upon thousands upon thousands of words. They build on each others comments and the twisted stories that they have been told by their Messiah and his Brides.

      Stupid stupid fools for shutting down sites and F/B and twitter Universal Medicine has proved beyond any doubt (as if that was needed) that they have so much to hide and are a cult. Copy cat Scientology.

      I share the thoughts and comments Anonymous posted yesterday – “For Incitement to Violence due to the mobbing on their website etc? (I’m concerned some psycho is going to harm Lance or Esther one day due to their mobbing).”

      • Lance says:

        I wouldn’t worry, I’m not. Unless Serge picks an end of world date, then all bets are off.

        Meantime, it looks like the usual overblown waffle at their “facts” site. I don’t know how Alison gets the energy or time to sit there are write such waffle. They are longer than a Tolstoy novel but as interesting as the index.

        It’s pointless babble too as all her assumptions are plain wrong. She doesn’t even know who said what.

        In any case, it just demonstrates they have something to defend. Rational people would not spend so much time attacking others, especially if the really thought those people were lying or “evil”- they would ignore it, or deal with it directly and solve the issue.

        The more they go on, and them more they put on the web, the more work they do for our cause of showing it is a harmful cult.

        Ergo, they are far from rational, and their blogs demonstrate it over and over. My advice is don’t read it. No one else is; other than other cult members.

        • Anonymous says:

          Lance, don’t play it down and realise that psychosis and mobbing do go together. A UM adherent may not be the one to come at Esther or you with a machete, it would more likely be an outsider adherent with an unhealthy fascination with UM’s hate blogs.

          Mobbing individuals as UM has a purpose and that is to turn people irrationally against the victim. And sustained such mobbing is intended to influence those people to do the victim some sort of harm.

          Beware Lance, you are being mobbed by UM for these purposes. Their claims of being cyberbullied is just a smokescreen to cover up this fact.

        • Out of optional name says:

          I can fully understand how annoying those blogs must be for you to read. However, I came up with a new policy myself lately, and like to know my ‘truthful, loving psycho’s in livingness’ Have to admit how informative some of the comments are; if we’re considering the amount of delusional flip flops some of them are pulling off all together.

  37. judge judy says:

    I don’t know……
    I think that even though Serge is a narcissistic coward conning others to do his dirty work/words, the fact that he is a super control freak would supersede this and he would have a tight loving controlness over the pack when it comes to any sort of assault on anyone. He knows this would bring the real world crashing down onto the fantasy bubble along with the legal system and wrath of the general public, full on investigations and publicity. All bad news for SB and UM. They are brainwashed and in a cult, yes, but due to the lovingness banner are not fanatical enough to fight physically for their guru one would hope.
    Take note UMers, the bars at the police watch-house are real, as is the criminal record that sticks for life.
    And don’t make the mistake that there are only a few against your cult either.

    • i doubt it says:

      sergio is removed from the real world. he is off the planet. he’d say it was nothing to do with him/UM, and if someone became violent it’s not his responsibility, like he’s said about them molesting each ohter at the workshops. the cult is egging the unhinged ones on to commit violence but will disown them if they’re caught. they don’t give a fuck about bad publicity their umfacts site is proof of that.

      • Maquisard says:

        Thankfully the Incitement to Violence Act states very clearly that the person who uses language to ‘urge on’ another will be held responsible- for the act of violence.
        Words that Serge Benhayon uses, (on record) when referring to anyone NOT belonging to the cult college of Universal Medicine, are inciting violence.
        Words such as; loveless, evil, pranic (with Serges personal slant), needing to bring light to, not fiery, energetically impure, Lords of Form invading, or entities invading people.
        These words are Inciting Violence towards others!
        I’m sure Lance and Esther have kept detailed records on threats, stalking, and verbal abuse. I’m sure they are in close contact with their legal team and the police, as with all of us who have been placed in uncompromising positions, by the mindless acts done in Serges name. .
        Every time a letter is written, email sent, phone call made or journey of 1000 miles (yes literally) to speak to the authorities about Serge Benhayon and the cult Universal Medicine, then one more person- in power, is made aware of the cult and their practices.
        Esther and Lance have stuck their necks out publicly, no mean feat.
        Be assured, dozens of the ‘loving’ work continuously behind the scenes to inform about the cult Universal Medicine.

        • Esther Rockett says:

          I’m not sure about what you’re saying about incitement to violence being based on the words you listed. I don’t think so. In that case I’m screwed as well by exposing the cult’s nastiness and speaking critically. So would every activist. Calling someone ‘evil’ might be regarded as an incitement. Maybe. Technically, and certainly if anyone wanted to have me prosecuted, it would need to be a direct incitement. Next, WordPress would shut me down in a flash if there was any hate speech or threats on this site. God knows they’ve been spammed with enough complaints from the love-lys. And let’s face it, cult members have been to the cops about me, and the feds. No action taken.

          What could be regarded as incitement though is a very large and wealthy organisation including lawyers and other professionals’ concerted internet campaign against a few private individuals – complainants at that, and that organisation training hundreds of investors to participate in the barrage. The difference is the undue influence.

          I don’t think UM realises how much all their bullying is backfiring.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes UM, EWH bullies and cyberbullies any who get in there way. = “I don’t think UM realises how much all their bullying is backfiring.” Here here Esther.

          UM a large organised bully (pranic) hate institution = “What could be regarded as incitement though is a very large and wealthy organisation including lawyers and other professionals’ concerted internet campaign against a few private individuals – complainants at that, and that organisation training hundreds of investors to participate in the barrage. The difference is the undue influence.”

        • Maquisard says:

          Esther, I just thought sharing a piece of information might be helpful.
          The information was given to me by a QC Barrister, with regard to the actions of some members of the cult of Universal Medicine.
          If you think he is incorrect, then that’s OK too.
          There is no inference to what you say or your site what-so-ever. Your site is an informative and invaluable resource for the community at large.
          The information is freely available on the Australian Government: Crimes Act Amendment (Incitement to Violence) Bill 2005, website.

        • Esther Rockett says:

          Yes, Maquisard, sorry about that, I didn’t make my point very well. I shouldn’t comment when in a rush.

          I agree with what you said – they are certainly mobbing us and inciting hatred, and the more they do, the better our case gets.

          I only meant to disagree that it was the words themselves that incite violence. I don’t believe they do, and I don’t think the legal definitions would support that, however, the words plus the organized mass harassment of us is what will make our case.

          Interesting that the cult mob have been calling me a hate blogger all this time, when the legal definitions of hate speech and incitement are very specific.

          They are also continuing to complain to Twitter that I’m making ‘non violent threats’ whatever that means, and ‘targeted harassment’.


        • Lance says:

          I’ve had a good look Maquisard and that is a bill not a statute. Your QC might be referring to some specific Act maybe. Can you ask him/her?

          What they are doing for sure is defamatory. It is also bullying and intimidation. They’ve clearly set out to destroy businesses and reputations. The fact that Serge has registered the hate site and Desiree the site to attack Esther’s business shows you their vindictive mindset.

          They’re esoteric terrorists. I guess they see it is payback. No need reminding the free thinking readers of this blog they we don’t split up families, milk a flock for milliion$ with false promise of salvation, and make claims to authority of a cosmic scale.

          We just deal with facts. Boring, hard evidence, black and white figures & documents that tell us we’re right and they are fantastically wrong.

          Cult weekend on at the moment where no doubt a lot of brain damage is underway. They’ll be spilling out of the hall in a bliss-bubble oblivious to the dark place Serge is taking them.

  38. judge judy says:

    I think Serge is locked onto his real world of $, property, women/girls, being idolized, getting his family idolized, controlling the followers and being constantly amazed at how he can say anything and get away with it.
    Sure, anything detrimental to the UM pyramid empire would be disowned in a flash (poor soul could not fight the entities and prana that took them over) however, his style is more the Featherstone thug angle, which has been exposed.
    They think the UMFacts site is truthfulness and light, they don’t see it for the cult crap it is.

    • Life goes on says:

      Life goes on.
      We are all well aware of the Universal Medicine Members and their hate filled hearts & wacko lack of ability to reason and their great reliance on Serge and his great reliance on their bank accounts.
      So we are vigilant and watchful but not controlled by fear.
      In the community there is such a dislike of anything Universal Medicine.
      Universal Medicine kid themselves that there are only a few of us who do not like them.

      • I agree says:

        I agree ‘Out of optional name’ that their FUM comments let you know so so much.
        They are ugly and off their brains but oh they do reveal so much.
        Annoying you bet, informative you bet. Thanks FUM.

  39. Maquisard says:

    If regulations are applied to label food with foreign content, then surely there should be a regulation that would enable us to know when we are purchasing a cult product?
    The Fiery Artists who are on a mission to bring ‘truth in arts’ need to be mandated to add a notice on their work, that it is ‘cult’ art.
    I have been informed that the Sea Scape painting bought in good faith last year, has been placed in a local public toilet. It seems the purchaser when finding out about it’s cult origins, thought that was where it belonged. (Although the addition of the word CULT to the sky, might now take away it’s appeal).
    Lone Goat Gallery, looks like they have been exhibiting ‘lying’ art works since they opened. No need to fear, the cult Universal Medicine and it’s ‘truthful’ artists are going to fix that for them… soon.

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting about the Lone Goat Gallery.

      If UM has their way there will be a ceremonial art burning of ‘pranic art’, plenty of that in Byron. Just like the book burnings ordered by UM in the past.

  40. No qualifications Serge says:

    Serge pontificates on food as an expert dietician. Apparently “in the future” humanity will understand we don’t need to eat three times a day and food energy changes according to “constellations”.


    Follow Susan Williams tweet to find a link to more Serge babble, that the cult accept as wisdom. He looks terrible too.

  41. Watching from afar! says:

    Here is a great article from the guardian about possible pitfalls when seeking an alternative therapy when faced with a serious or terminal illness.
    A good read for anyone who is hoping that esoteric therapies will cure their illnesses. Be Aware.

    • Anon ... says:

      Great article “Watching from afar”, working in the health field I see a lot of this: resisting conventional medicine until it’s obvious that alternative treatments and positive (wishful) thinking haven’t worked 😦

      • Maquisard says:

        Or Anon… you could pay good money and see Serge Benhayon.
        He will tell you that ” pranic energy has entered your body and is concentrated in the area where you are experiencing the (usually intense) pain”.
        If you “give up pranic practises, eat only fiery foods and walk mindfully, you will rid yourself of the pain”.
        Several expensive sessions later, increased pain and generally getting sicker, you might be lucky enough to still have a loved one around who can race you to the Emergency Department of the local hospital. Once there well trained, caring professionals will relieve the pain and organise immediate surgery…before the clot kills you!
        Sad but true story and just one of the many I know.

        • No qualifications Serge says:

          We’ve heard many versions of that story involving breast lumps, cancer, and other serious diseases. In all cases, the person was misled into thinking that the “alternative” treatment was preeminent and the conventional almost an assault. In a lot of cases, the delayed treatment was dangerous.

          Serge now pretends he is super-pro medicine, but that is just ass covering. He not too secretly despises those that have had proper medical training and makes a mockery of them and their discipline at every possible opportunity.

          At least in the past he was very careless and misled a lot people we are aware of, and probably ten fold more we aren’t. His “accredited” practitioners do the same.

          Of course, there is always the “miracle healing” story that gets exaggerated in every telling, while the corpses gather just after re-inking their last will in testament.

          He’s not alone however. Many alternative practitioners do the same. Many of those have some form of registration though. Serge has nothing. Nada. Nix. He just made it up and then said he knew more than anyone else. “The healers healer”. Grandiose?

          He also loves to prophesize. ” In the future science will catch up with me, science will know what I said was right, science will prove what I am saying”

          No science won’t, Serge. You’re only bonafide is that you are a certified wing-nut. You don’t even know what Science is.

          That is only one reason why Serge is super-dangerous.

  42. Anon ... says:

    Obviously didn’t give up pranic practices, eat fiery foods, pay up or walk mindfully / tenderly enough! (Too late to complain or get a refund when dead!) 😦