All Rise and Say No to Cyber Abuse – another Universal Medicine cult anti-free speech front

AllRiseSayNOTwitterEver since those of us adversely affected by Universal Medicine began sharing our concerns online, the multi million dollar organization and its invested apologists have claimed they are the victims of cyber-bullying. Last year they dedicated websites to defaming and discrediting critics, complainants and journalists. This year they made national news for bullying. Myself and others who have publicly questioned UM’s unethical behaviour and secretive culture of abuse have been labelled cyber-bullies, cyber criminals and stalkers. The aim is to intimidate us into halting our exposure. Universal Medicine’s latest assault is to launch an anti cyber abuse campaign in the UK, luring high profile personalities like Stephen Fry to promote their fraudulent ‘not for profit’ cause.

It'd be a worthy project in the right hands

It’d be a worthy project in the right hands, Stephen

 Cult Connection

All Rise – Say No To Cyber Abuse is a PRI/LBG/NSC (Private, Limited by guarantee, no share capital, use of ‘Limited’ exemption) company registered on 10 September 2014. Simone Benhayon is company director. She is step daughter of UM head and religious leader, Serge Benhayon, and Universal Medicine UK company director. She also doubles as the reincarnation of Winston Churchill. Its other director is Sara Williams, former company director of UM UK, and current company director of Esoteric Womens Health Pty Ltd. Both women are trustees of the bent Sound Foundation Charitable Trust – the tax exempt building fund for Universal Medicine’s UK commercial premises. The charity was hit with regulatory action last year, which saw Simone Benhayon hurriedly write off financial discrepancies as a donation of £80,000 worth of swimming.

The Maida Vale address listed for the company is that of William’s London Esoteric healing clinic, Spherical Living.

Currently, All Rise Say No is little more than a Twitter account, and their followers are 90% cult apologists and financial associates. All Rise’s first project was an online survey purportedly researching cyber-abuse. It would be a worthy project in unbiased, peer reviewed hands, but the cult will certainly use or botch the results to lobby the UK government to classify anti-cult, anti-sexual abuse, anti-healthcare-exploitation activists, and people who use naughty words as ‘criminals’ and have us thrown in an Esoteric gulag. Or they’ll lobby for increased online censorship of bloggers like myself who risk our livelihoods and personal safety to expose predatory commercial religions.

3 BILLION potential abusers on the internet!

3 BILLION potential abusers on the internet!

Pro-censorship initiatives

However, the UK government is unlikely to respond to campaigns of dishonesty by aggressive religious zealots. Liberal democratic societies protect free speech in order to limit the growth of corruption, even if it hurts cult members’ feelings or UM’s bottom line. Futhermore, the only people who truly believe a working class blogger is capable of bullying a religious conglomerate, hundreds of its investors and their legal team, are the people contributing to literally thousands of vilifying comments about me on their closed *facts* and defamation site. The one that doesn’t allow corrections, questions or critical comments.

UM and its lawyers have a record for underhanded censorship attempts via false legal complaints to Google blogger and then WordPress, attempting to have my blogs shut down. When that wasn’t successful, they hired organized crime figure, Michael Featherstone, of Phoenix Global and Internet Reputation Australia to make false defamation and DMCA compliants to have my Facebook pages shut down, and links to news reports and blogs removed from Google Search Australia. Contacts in Europe have reported UM are rorting Europe’s ‘right to be forgotten’ law to have all traces of Benhayon’s suspicious conduct removed from Google searches there.

In the meantime, Benhayon obstinately (and spherically) refuses to answer questions from the news media.

It's all about free speech

It’s all about free speech

And Esoteric ‘accountability’ not only means Serge never answers any questions, the cult would like to prohibit me from viewing defamatory tweets – about me – from UM’s lawyer, Paula Fletcher, or Serge’s business partner, Desiree Delaloye. Let alone any form of redress.

But 'accountability' apparently allows no freedom of redress

Ardent hypocrisy

Readers who are new to the phenomenon that is Universal Medicine may be surprised by the hypocrisy of an anti-cyber abuse campaign run by the same people stirring religious followers into relentless online bullying of whistleblowers. However, these people ran a cyber-bullying conference flop where eight of ten high profile speakers cancelled when they found out it was run by a cult. The same people characterised a complaint to the UK Charity Commission that resulted in regulatory action against UM’s UK Charity, The Sound Foundation, as a ‘trolling’ campaign. The same people marketed the Girl to Woman commercial grooming Festival as a ‘child welfare’ initiative and failed to disclose it would be marketing UM and its religion. The same crew promote Benhayon teaching inappropriate touching of sexual abuse victims as ‘healing’, and exploit his underaged female houseguests to publicly vouch that he’s not a paedophile.

No such information is made available to the high profile people they’re attempting to recruit to promote their nasty enterprise.

Until now.

It’ll be interesting to see whether All Rise and its army of spherical tweeters will be deluded enough to direct their targets to the prime examples of online mobbing and harassment they’re perpetrating against us, and how they’ll fare in persuading media savvy people well able to think for themselves.

A warning to Byron Bay from cult members who fear tattoos and alcoholic beverages

A warning to Byron Bay from cult members who fear tattoos and alcoholic beverages

News Ltd sources are cyber bullies

News Ltd sources are cyber bullies according to the anti fluoridation Mystic dentist


A small sample of cult tweets

A small sample of cult tweets

Benhayon's response to questions from News Ltd

Benhayon’s response to questions from News Ltd

The next move from All Rise Say NO, is to have their main ring leaders, quasi-celeb Dragana Brown (also a Sound Foundation trustee), and Otto Bathurst, run anti-cyber-abuse programs for youth and other recruitment pitches pretending at social welfare. In the meantime they’ll tweet their feigned cyber-abuse outrage and spam unsuspecting celebrities for free promos.


Retweet request spam

Retweet request spam

Any old premise to get a retweet, yes Dragana?

Any old premise to get a retweet, yes Dragana?

But not if members of the public warn their targets first.

Who’s bullying who? – the Universal Medicine cult’s retaliatory overkill

Esoteric Payback – Universal Medicine’s attack to my livelihood

83 Comments on “All Rise and Say No to Cyber Abuse – another Universal Medicine cult anti-free speech front”

  1. Esther Rockett says:

    ‘Not for profit’ is SergeSpeak for his promotional or recruitment front companies that don’t have a cash flow.

    Also, I don’t know why Paula & Desiree et al have blocked me. All it means is that they won’t see my responses to their nonsensical tweets.

    And speaking of nonsense, I enjoyed how Lee Green took time out from experiencing his menstrual period to call me anonymous by name, lol!

  2. murphy says:

    Esther you are one very intelligent lady with plenty of “oomph” I see you as a true precious gem in the field of being a honest and accountable as a Health Activist.
    To me I feel that bullies are bullies and that you go through the same feelings, when someone is trying to pull you down emotionally. Hellish feeling.!!! and we have all been there.?
    They say that the bullies acts in the way they do, because they have low self esteem, and try to rob you of your self esteem, to make them feel normal? but I have a problem with this, as I feel bullies are only interested in domineering and being in control of others. Serge Benhayon is the ultimate one. With cyber bullying you can always turn off a machine, but then again people have committed suicide over this abuse? Sad pity that we have the likes off Serge in this life. I personally think he is the reincarnation of Hitler.

  3. Latte Lou says:

    You’re welcome.
    Here’s another.
    P14 of todays Northern Star. Interesting information, for the record.

  4. Not happy George says:

    P14 Northern Star

    Written by Christoph Schnelle? He is another Brainwashed, Money Hungry, Marketeer for The Church of Sergetology.

    The title should have read:
    “Women who have joined Universal Medicine are so easily conned.”

    What’s with the Northern Stars promo’s of UM – Hamish Broome the Northern Star’s very own Universal Medicine Journo.

    This is not the first time the Northern Star has done this.

    • Not happy George says:

      See we are not the only ones!

      unhappy_customer – Broken Head 10 hours ago

      What if we wrote an opinion piece with that title? The headline wouldn’t even get past the editors. Talk about gender bias. Outrageous. And it just some happens to be the line of the Christophs religion, Universal Medicine, which he is a paid up card carrying member. How is it all this Universal Medicine propaganda finds its way into the Northern Star? It seems there’s a feature on a member and their ‘opinion’ every other week.

  5. Not happy George says:

    Bloody Lying DANGEROUS idiots…………………………….Shoot the messenger they do
    Desiree Delaloye
    7 hrs · Twitter ·
    Hi @dickc read your guardian article. We have been cyber abused for over 2 years. Twitter didn’t care. Will you close down accounts we send?
    Share · @DesireeDelaloye on Twitter

    • Esther Rockett says:

      You can embed tweets by clicking the little … button on the tweet – copying the code and pasting. Voila:

      Murphy, I agree bullies are often narcissists. Of course cyberbullying is harmful, but it’s a disgrace to misrepresent questioning and exposure of harmful behaviour as cyber abuse. I guarantee more people have suicided because of cults than because of cyber bullying, however cyber abuse has become the cause du jour, and the cause is being exploited by the likes of Desiree and the rest of the UniMed parasites in order to try and silence victims.

      I’ve no objection to legitimate activism against genuine cyber bullying. What UniMed is doing is neither.

  6. M says:

    I’m 2/3rds of the way through transcribing arcane sutra 9 (I think) from UM in the voices of Serge and Natalie. It’s my new favourite example of how the UM hustle ropes in it’s marks.

    Of particular interest is how clearly it identifies bullying and abuse as anything that disagrees with Serge. It shows why they think you are a cyber bully.

    It also explains a lot of the other anti-family, seperative stuff they bang on about in a fairly neat (for Serge anyway) nutshell.

    Some really striking things in this “sutra” are the use of a marketing technique that shampoo and pimple treatment TV ads use to sell their wares, how any investigation into Serge’s own lifestyle nased on independant and veryfiable sources shows that he is living a “pranic” existence by his own rules and how clearly it shows that being cruel and nasty to anyone who disagrees with Serge is entirely loving – further it is evil to not be nasty.

    I’ll share it with you soonish – I’m taking big breaks because it’s really distressing with all the family stuff going on but it should be finished early next week.

    • Esther Rockett says:

      Don’t do your head in M.

      Have a giggle at this instead.

      • Skeptical Buddy of Victim says:

        Which part is misinformation on Wikipedia? Was he Bankrupt/ Was he a tennis coach? Did he say his daughter was Churchill/ Does he do ovary readings/do they do breast rubs/did they supress the news reports on google?

      • pranabunny says:

        Golligosh what?!! Information on wikipedia about UM is contributed by ANYONE (and not just hand-picked cult supporters)?! Quick Sergio, get me the smelling salts!

        • Anonymous says:

          @allrisesayno is now a forum to trash wikipedia based on invented cyberbully delusion. Very timely and supports their links to UM.

          @allrisesayno have misrepresented that harvard article which is pretty sensible and gave one extreme case of misrepresentation. What harvard is saying to students is please don’t use wikipedia for reference material (and use critical thinking).

    • Skeptical Buddy of Victim says:

      I’d love to see that M. My friend has left her lovely husband and says he is abusive. All I ever heard was how great he was & now she says she was emotionally abused by him for years. This makes sense!

      • Not happy George says:

        Wikipedia is absolutely bloody accurate. Succinct.
        UM hates truth. Shoot the messengers.

      • Not happy George says:

        So sorry for your friends husband and you.

        This story has been experienced by numerous people.
        Same story over and over.

  7. responsible north shore mum says:

    Also, who is this Rachel Chappell, the director of company North Shore Mums, Sydney? Her name would have never come up if she didn’t have such a distorted view of cyberbullying and didn’t put put her company name to anti-free-speech UM agendas. A UM cult mentality apologist? A UM recruiter? @northshore_mums

    • Darkly Venus says:

      I deleted the email address you posted there. We don’t post anyone’s email addy, it’s a no no.

      Rachel probably ended up in the cross hairs of UM’s north shore (Sydney for off shore readers) recruitment battalion – Jean Gamble, Kate Gamble, Mirtha Silveira, Lucy Dahill, Sarah Cloutier et al.

      My question to the north shore mums is do the north shore dads know they’re about to get the flick for their ‘male energy’? Unless they lose the testicles and pay up for a subscription to the Church of Serge?

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s the Cash For Comments is OK North Shore Crew, isn’t it?

        • Esther says:

          Loving these Twitter embeds:

          Neil is psychotherapist, Jibberish Jean Gamble’s hubby. The Gambles are cult VIPs – wealthy, woo struck professionals, willing to publicise their AMAZING new church, and no more than 50 IQ points between the whole family.

      • DIVORCE North Shore style says:

        Big money in those North Shore divorces. Big money. North shore dads and kids should take a look around Goonellabah, because that’s where their assets, inheritances and super funds are going to end up. On property titles under Serge’s name.

  8. Anonymous says:

    One of my biggest concerns about UM comes from their official responses to questions and criticism about relationship break-ups.

    There would appear to be a clear lack of responsibility and empathy evident from the official line: ‘there was no coercion and/or the relationship was already beyond repair’. Further there is no obvious attempt to encourage people to repair relationships, mediate, to counsel the parties or reconcile differences.

    The official line of ‘no coercion’ is clearly disputed by a number of people and there are reported incidences of seemingly good relationships dissolving within months of a partner/spouse getting involved with UM.

    The consequences – single parenthood, financial stress, trauma and distress, broken families, family disputes and arguments – are enormous and clearly also significantly affect any kids involved, partners/spouses, extended family members and other parties.

    Under common law UM inevitably has a ‘duty of care’ that cannot be waivered. I would suggest this it’s apparent unwillingness to assume responsibility for the vulnerable people it recruits and any adverse consequences of people getting involved with the organisation effectively breaches its ‘duty of care’. This ‘duty of care’ will also extend to third parties – partners/spouses, children, extended family and others – not directly involved with UM.

    This may be a starting point for a class action.

    • Esther says:

      Take a look at UM website disclaimers, eg.

      Zero acknowledgement of fiduciary duty – they attempt to disclaim away legal obligations over medical privacy and adverse outcomes.

      I’ve said it before – if you read the fine print you learn more from those disclaimers than 27 websites full of their propaganda. The College of UM site in particular says that once you give over personal info, including medical info, the cult is able to use it as they wish. Sophisticated legalese probably composed by Charles Wilson the Brisbane sell out commercial barrister and College director – but appears to be in breach of Australian privacy law.

  9. Scared says:

    UM have a Global dominance plan under the guise of love.


    I believe that they have a TV channel opening soon.

    Murphy was right ‘Rule or Ruin’ just like Hitler

  10. anon says:

    The Universal Medicine “TWISTED Facts Team:

    Alison Greig
    Jonathan Baldwin
    Desiree Delaloye
    Charles Wilson??? Barrister?
    Isabella Benhayon
    Raymond Karam
    Rebecca Baldwin

  11. Anon says:

    Have to question Sandra Schneider’s online claim (seems written by someone else) about her and her family etc being accused of XYZ and extensively cyberbullied. Correct me if wrong but her esoteric business activities was just listed on the naming names page here. Am I missing something or does UM blow all out of proportion and accuse anyone of cyberbullying for simply listing one of their practitioners? Seem to have a blatant propensity to publicly lie and mislead.

    • anon says:

      Sandra Schneider’s online claim (seems written by someone else)

      Here are their words for that claim
      ‘This blog was inspired by the dedicated work of the UM FACTS team that have been exposing your lies’

  12. Anonymouse says:

    Is it true Phoenix Global stated in email of 13/3/13 to Google “We are employed, and authorised to represent Universal Medicine in relation to all risk services including internet defamation”. Is this email available online? “All risk services”!!!

    • Anonymouse says:

      Sorry I should have looked first, of course it is at

      “All risk services” still is a phrase that makes me wonder.

      • Esther says:

        Don’t wonder. They’ve had some of us under surveillance – knuckle scraping buffoons loitering outside my premises that scuttle away when given stink eye. Did you give them instructions to be obvious, Mick? Was that supposed to frighten me?
        And mail going missing – bank statements, decision letters from regulators…

        And what did PG turn up for all that trouble?


        • Anonymouse says:

          Got an invitation for a free trip and meeting in Bali yet? Lol.

          Nice of UM to employ people to do such things to those they don’t like? I assume these things happened in Qld where PG has a licence to physically intimidate people and steal their mail. Not NSW.

  13. Let the Reader use discernment says:

    Let the reader use discernment.

    In the newspaper article link below as you read it look for answers to these questions:

    Did this woman Ira McClure or the Journalist Jane Hansen name the Doctor?

    Did this woman Ira McClure or the Journalist Jane Hansen in this article say that all of that money was spent at Universal Medicine?

    Do you think that of course this woman would have receipts? Especially in view of the fact that Ms McClure has gone public with this matter & that Universal Medicine are mentioned?
    I sure hope so.

    (The link below is on the Wikipedia webpage about Universal Medicine as well as on this website archived in August 2014.)

    Please now read (below) a sampling of just one of the hundred’s of comments by Universal Members from one of the sites that Universal Medicine have designated to this Woman and the Journalist Jane Hansen.

    This Universal Medicine site is under the command of Alison Greig whom according to Alison’s Professional profile is a Weight Watchers Coach. Charles Wilson a Barrister at law is also in command of this particular site and is a teacher at the College of Universal Medicine.

    Dr Rachel Mascord
    Inner West Dental
    143 Great North Road
    Five Dock NSW 2046

    “Rachel Mascord says:
    FEBRUARY 7, 2015 AT 11:38 AM
    Thirty five thousand and eighty seven dollars? From where does such a figure come?…As preposterous as the thirty five thousand is (5 healing sessions per week for 2 years!! or 2 appointments per week with Dr Kim for 2 years!!), it is the eighty seven dollars that has me scratching my head in bewilderment.
    Here is a question for Jane Hansen and Ira Aphrodite McClure: where are the receipts, or the banking records to verify this expenditure? A pretty basic first question for an investigative journalist of Jane Hansen’s experience to call for, surely?
    If such money was paid for a hospital stay how could either imagine that this had a thing to do with Universal Medicine?
    Ira McClure’s stories about the cough…oh no! Actually she was really very sick…no! really it was just a cough …should have had Jane Hansen’s alarm bells ringing.
    Which one was it? Sick enough for hospital or just a trivial matter. Not even Ira McClure seems to be sure.
    This woman offers quite an insight into the mentality of people who join in with gangs. She is like a desperate child trying to fit in with the pack, playing “copy cat” but never quite hitting the mark.
    She has stated on their ugly blog sites “In every way possible to date Serge and all of his associates have tried to shut us up.”
    And Alison Greig’s perfect response: And how has that been done Ms Ira McClure? I did not even know who you were, or really paid much attention to your existence until this latest news article full of lies and this more recent blog. Since there has been no court action, no injunction, how are you being ‘shut up’?” How indeed? Ira McClure is playing the “me too” game with Esther Rockett, creating comments that are emotionally charged and completely without basis in reality.
    Ira McClure in her bid to fit in has made a deal out of the “hidden traps” of Universal Medicine – this from the woman with no receipts to back her claims, convoluted and changeable stories about her illness and who contributes comments, anonymously, to hate blogs run by a once anonymous troll. Er…who has the “hidden traps” precisely?
    And this is the woman that Jane Hansen has relied on as her source…yes a very accurate reflection of Jane Hansen’s ethical standards.
    I love the way you have dissected this story Alison Greig, piece by detailed piece to expose Ira’s shenanigans, and Jane Hansen’s use of them to fit her pre-made agenda. Superb. Jane Hansen would do well to observe closely.”

    To view the comment above for click here:
    Look for the post “Somewhere in a galaxy far far away… Jane Hansen might find her integrity”

    Does this sampling of a comment in any way resemble the newspaper article?

    Do you think that it is a serious breach of the Medical Privacy of Ms McClure that 100’s of Universal Medicine members have commented about the validity of her sickness including commentingby so called health professionals?

    Have Alison Greig & Charles Wilson (Barrister at Law) and the commenting UM members read the article in the newspaper?

    Let the reader use discernment

    The newspaper report says that this woman has sent a complaint to the Heath Care Complaints Commission.

    • Marg says:

      It’s rather obvious that the “prefit agenda” that Rachel Mascord is talking about is theirs.

      I read the article and while it is ambiguous, it does not say the money was spent with UM, but as a result of. They are very different things. I have a good friend who is a journalist and he tells me that no story will get past the editor without key allegations having supporting evidence, so you would have to be confident that is the case here. What is ridiculous is that these infuriating people trash the reputation of a legitimate complainant without any evidence, and call that loving. What an ugly ugly mob.

      Their behaviour has erased any doubt as to whether they are a cult or not. Sadly, I have been sent a link to these blogs are proof that Universal Medicine is a legitimate organisation. That is almost as astounding as the blogs themselves. You might think that if their goal was to appear legitimate they would deal with critics directly and honestly, and perhaps simply fill the internet with positive stories. It would then be much harder to see through to what they most patently are.

      • Anonymous says:

        Very true, Marg, on both points you make. Their self-penned blogs are a damning exemplifier on the reality of Universal Medicine and its supporters. The irony of starting a cyber bullying campaign while hosting sites like that is dumbfounding.

      • Not happy George says:




        Comments Policy
        We welcome comments and questions. We have guidelines for comments and the site is pre-moderated – we will not publish comments that:

        are anonymous
        are abusive, incite hatred, seek to intimidate or use foul language
        attack others
        are lies and or distortions
        contain racist, sexist, homophobic or other discriminatory content
        are posted with the intention of provoking the writers of these blogs or those who comment upon them
        contain material that violates applicable laws and regulations

        These requirements protect and honour freedom of speech, because when speech is hateful or aggressive it is intended to intimidate others; it is intended to bully and suppress with no true intention for open discussion or consideration. Intimidation, bullying and aggression are not free speech:

        • Le Portrait de Dorian Gray says:

          “because when speech is hateful or aggressive it is intended to intimidate others; it is intended to bully and suppress with no true intention for open discussion or consideration. Intimidation, bullying and aggression are not free speech”

          That seems to surmize the **FACTS** site and the intention of that Mz Grieg, and the flowing commentaire by the hateful community that pledges allegiance to m Serges horse shit fables.

          It so appears to me that they regard any comment hateful if it does not to accord with their view. But they have no problem bullying everyone else with a clear intent to destroy reputations, demonize and bully. What is wrong with this picture?

        • Literally GobSmacked by UM says:

          Their policy reminds me of the frustrating last conversations of my marriage. Any questions raised, no matter how so sweetly put, that challenged UM/Serge thinking were characterized as “aggression and bullying”. The policy at that time was to block all comments with extreme prejudice as they patently antagonized my poor partner by “provoking her” into entertaining an alternate view. The same policy is strictly enforced to this day on any topic that impinges on her glory. I wonder how they would describe “true intention for open discussion or consideration”?… agreeing with them perhaps?

    • Esther Rockett says:

      A couple of points I’d like to make:

      *Not one word written on those sites has any factual basis. I could go through the hundreds of thousands of words on there and debunk every sentence one by one. Outright. But there’s no need. All my evidence is posted on these sites. At no point has anyone from UM attempted to engage reasonably with me and address our concerns.

      *Second, I have never seen any organization publicly attack a complainant. Not. Ever. And certainly not en masse.

      *Likewise, I have never seen a health service publicly vilify a patient grievously harmed by treatment. Two years of unnecessary chemotherapy could have ended her life. Dr Kim knows it. What kind of bastards publicly crucify an individual, in poor health, who has been harmed by malpractice?

      *Next, UM’s assertion that Ira didn’t spend the money at UM is patent bullshit. UM are saying the Doctor, Dr Samuel Kim, is not employed by UM, therefore Ira didn’t throw away $35K on UM. As Marg mentioned above that is a vile misrepresentation.

      *Dr Samuel Kim has rooms at Universal Medicine clinic in Goonellabah. Dr Samuel Kim promotes UM on numerous websites, including with his atrocious non peer reviewed case histories promoting Michael Benhayon’s scam chakra-puncture by name. Dr Samuel Kim refers patients for scam Esoteric healing, including to his unqualified wife. The article states Dr Kim sent Ira for Esoteric treatments. Is Dr Kim UM?

      Damned right he is.

      • Not happy George says:

        Agreed Esther.
        BUT If it is true that the Dr has been reported to HCCC WHY the hell are these UM twits posting and still commenting? Very vicious at that I might add. Nothing about UM makes any sense. They are making it worse for the Dr are they not? He and they probably think it is all great and helpful. WTF

        • REALLY!! says:

          Harrison White says:
          FEBRUARY 8, 2015 AT 4:01 PM
          I find it so obvious, that Ira Mclure and Esther Rockett seem so shaky on their lies about this particular topic. It’s like they have to keep changing the way they present the lie for them to get away with telling it. On a completely other hand, Dr Sam Kim is a marvellous man who makes extoadinary contributions to the medical field and is a personal inspiration to myself everyday as I want to work in the health care field. Thank God we have people like Dr Sam Kim who offer real service and wisdom to the fields of science and medicine.

        • REALLY!! says:

          carolien says:
          FEBRUARY 5, 2015 AT 4:19 AM
          Thank you for calling Jane Hansen and Ira McClure to accountability. This is again a deeply truthful blog and it shows that if one is willing to spend some time on it, lies are actually quite easily exposed.
          Ms hansen is a shame to her profession and she has such a self gain agenda that she does not care about the damage that she does along the way, not just to the people involved, but to all of humanity by bastardising what the true role of journalism is. Therefore, deceiving the public, making it impossible for people to have access to truth and bringing down the level of decency in this society, by wilfully lying and concocting stories that will feed the drama hungry people such as ms Ira McClure (for what other reason could she have to lie in this way and jump on the poisonous trolling band wagon) all to make a name for herself.

      • anon says:

        YEP!!! so right and Dr Kim also has two video clips on the UM’s new Unimed site AND blatantly likes College of Universal Medicine. He is THE UNIVERSAL MEDICINE Ambassador…..through and through. Shameful

        • REALLY!! says:

          zofia sharman says:
          FEBRUARY 10, 2015 AT 7:17 AM
          Once again, Jane Hansen is nailed in her depraved and cheapest style of journalism that is so evident from her, as shown here through FACTS. And Ira McClure, absolute shame and disgust on you too to have enjoined this hunt of evil and wickedness against Truth and Love. Your dishonourable activity and claims upon a gentle,loving man and leading medical practitioner, Dr Sam Kim, wielded by your empty grief, is astounding and dumbfounding. It is not of this world. Your own mousetrap that you set is backfired, evidenced by this FACTS article, and I cannot even imagine the deepest pain and grief that feeling this ping-back will have upon such wilful deceivers.

      • REALLY!! says:

        This woman MUST Know she is Neil Ringe’s wife and has she heard this from Dr Kim??
        BUT is it the truth??

        Ryoko Kimura says:
        JANUARY 31, 2015 AT 7:50 AM
        There are so many lies, confusions and “stretching the truth” from both Jane Hansen and Ira McClure. Perhaps specialists Ms McClure really needs to see are not in the field of pulmonary but something else?

        • L says:

          Nasty Ryoko. And you looks so sweet.

          The clue in their collective thinking are the Sergisms:

          “the way they present the lie”
          “but to all of humanity by bastardising”
          “true role”
          “to have access to truth”
          “wilfully lying and concocting stories”
          “that will feed the drama”
          “you too to have enjoined this hunt of evil and wickedness against Truth and Love”

          Bloody hell. And they say they are not brainwashed. Talking like Serge doesn’t do a lot to dispel that “myth”.

      • REALLY!! says:

        I am asking how do they know all of this? Comments below-
        Through research? or because Alison Greig and the so called FACTS Gang have told them?

      • Perplexed says:

        Esther your statement is spot on – straight from ‘the horses mouth.’
        Writers of this blog

        Sam Kim says:
        JUNE 6, 2014 AT 7:39 PM
        The UM Facts Team is an amazing team.
        Their investigative and collaborative articles reveal the facts and the truths behind the stories on Universal Medicine – this is a great daily read in a world that readily accepts for a few minutes of self-recognition stories by those who desires to sway the unaware public away from the truth and love itself.
        Congratulations on all of your work and service on behalf of all who share the integrity of all spoken words and actions that form the core framework of how one should live his or her life every single day.
        With love and appreciation,
        Sam Kim

        • L says:

          What Sam means is it confirms what he desperately wants to believe, and that there is no information or facts that challenge his mindset.

          Truth in the UM world means the fairy tales and lies they have concocted and tell each other to keep themselves thinking they are above every one else and glorious.

        • L says:

          Plus if Sam thinks he is a loving person, he’d think twice about the way the ***Amazing facts team*** (who actually never use or verify facts) tear into people they don’t know in a disgusting vile way.

          Their egregious lies know no bounds, whether it is attacking a journalist over a dead child, conflating lies about one of his patients, or trying to bring down critics by accusing them of being mentally unstable.

          Sam you should be deeply ashamed of yourself. Deeply.

        • Not happy George says:

          From a site –

          Dr Sam Kim | MBBS FRACP MPH | 6/6/14

          Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Adult Medicine Division (2003), member of the Thoracic Society of Australian and New Zealand (TSANZ), American Thoracic Society (ATS), European Respiratory Society (ERS), American Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (AABIP) and Esoteric Practitioner’s Association (EPA).

          So Dr Kim is a Member of the Esoteric Practitioners Association.
          EPA is the Universal Medicine con vehicle for accrediting practitioners. Is it not?
          Dr Kim works out of Universal Medicine place in Goonellabah and is on the internet everywhere promoting Universal Medicine.

        • Perplexed says:

          How do we stop Doctors Specialists promoting universal medicine and Serge Benhayon?

          So this Doctor openly supports and congratulates all – Serge and Universal Medicine and the Cyber Bullying lying twisted Universal Medicine Facts Team stand for then? It is all unbelievable.

          About Serge Benhayon

          Sam Kim says:
          JUNE 5, 2014 AT 5:18 AM
          Thank you for another beauty-full article.
          Serge is a truly amazing man, a truly great ambassador for the work of true service for all who lives by the words and will of God through love and compassion, and a man who sees the very best of everyone beyond the physical senses and the perceptions, thus sees the truest and the greatest of what all encompassing Medicine and Healing could offer to the whole of humanity.
          As a well-seasoned physician of Medicine who is ever learning, maturing and evolving in skills and wisdom, I also see in Serge the immense wisdom and insight that can offer so much to the practice of conventional Medicine if one is able to see that all that is physical also has all that is energetic.The theoretical and applied physicists understand the glimpses of where Medicine may be destined for the next phase of its evolution.
          Serge shows that amazing Medicine and equally amazing livingness of our human life can be expanded beyond the daily miracles of our modern day Medicine through the awareness and the reconnection to our true purpose beyond age, gender, religion, academic achievements, wealth and social status.
          I have no reservation in studying and learning alongside him and the great work he brings forth, like all of the beauty-full work that we study in Medicine and Sciences of our time. True humility is understanding that knowledge and learning is forever eternal, that we remain an eternal student of everything that brings us ever closer to God….and ultimately, ourselves as an equal part in God’s universal presence.
          With love,
          Sam Kim

        • Anonymous says:

          “if one is able to see that all that is physical also has all that is theoretical and applied physicists understand the glimpses of where Medicine may be destined for the next phase of its evolution.”

          Absolute nonsensical gibberish. This Dr should be struck off if he/she is spouting this sort of rubbish to patients.

        • Esther Rockett says:

          How do we stop medical professionals promoting Sergio & UM?

          We don’t.

          I complained to AHPRA & the HCCC that the doctors are in breach of the code that is supposed to protect the public from doctors exploiting people’s lack of medical knowledge, and that the doctors have a conflict of interest in promoting a quack religion and org with which they have financial and personal relationship. The regulators did nothing. Said they’re entitled to their opinion.

          Myself and others put that to the Health Care Complaints parliamentary committee, and I put it to Friends of Science in medicine who backed us. Professor Dwyer took time in a parliamentary inquiry hearing to discuss UM and ask for increased legislative powers to come down on these exploiters, and UM made it into the Committee report.

          I don’t see the legislative changes happening soon.

          What those affected and anyone who cares can do is speak up. Continue to make sure the names of these people are kept in the spotlight – that they are questioned for their unconscionable endorsements and rightly shamed.

          I’ve made complaints, notifications and blogged.

          I’ve done what I can.

          Time to do your bit.

  14. Anonymous says:

    UM has all the hallmarks of a Ponzi scheme set up specifically to scam the spiritually naïve.

    What they appear to be selling is some rehashed and recycled truths, half-truths, untruths, wisdoms, stupidities, clichés, and blatant fantasies, all of which have been repackaged into some bizarrely entitled ‘Way of the Gibberish’ in order to attract gullible goons to Goonellabah who are all too vain, vagued-out, or vacuous to work out they are paying a lot for nothing whatsoever.

    As with all Ponzi schemes UM is totally dependent on the continuous recruitment of fleeceable investors whilst maintaining the illusion of extraordinary returns – namely Serge Benhayon’s supposed infallibility, omniscience, enlightenment and superiority.

    Does this make Benhayon the Bernie Madoff of cult leaders? I don’t know.

    However all Ponzi schemes necessarily implode with massive recrimination, lacrimation, litigation and prosecution.

    UM, I suggest, is no different – I give it less than a year.

    • Prognosis negative says:

      While that sounds wonderful I wouldn’t stake too much folding money on it. Human propensity for wishful thinking is immense. The worlds got more charlatans who are deified than geniuses that are properly revered. If you pick doubt and inquiry over a fanciful belief and mental effort most people will take the latter. At any cost.

    • Esther Rockett says:

      I gave it less than a year two and half years ago. They merely upped the propaganda ante. Prognosis negative is correct in that the market for wishful thinking is immense. But I don’t think it’s that most people opt for fanciful belief. Most of those who try UM reject it. Enough are harnessed to keep Benhayon’s industry of bullshit pulling in big $$$, but they are the minority.

      Serge bragged in the Da Vinci mode in 2012 that 15,000 people had been to his events. I estimate his regular following to be 500-800. Long term is about 400. That’s not much of a retention rate, but considering how much they extract from punters, it’s enough to keep the Benhayons and their parasites rolling in dosh.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The fake cyberbully anti free speech site also has a FB page

  16. Getting Sirius ... says:

    Re UM’s comments policy: most UM blogs are full of distortions, innacuracies, lies & critcisms, often with beauty-full flowery language (passive aggressive assasins), which seem to be ignorantly & fawningly accepted. If UM followers are to act responsibly, maturely & with integrity, they would swallow their pride & openly allow respectful corrections, clarifications & questions.

  17. Anonymous says:

    While UM spends a lot of energy cyberbullying journalists who have reported things they want covered up, here’s a bit of history from 2012 worth remembering:

    “MEDICAL Observer has won top honours at the 2012 Publishers Australia Excellence Awards, with senior political reporter Byron Kaye named journalist of the year.

    Kaye took out the award, in competition with reporters from some of Australia’s best known publications, after providing leading coverage on Bahrain’s persecution of 20 doctors in the Arab Spring uprisings and on controversial northern NSW alternative therapy group Universal Medicine.”

    In response UM have spent much time attacking Byron Kaye online.

    • L says:

      Yep. They have even accused Byron of manufacturing the complaint. I have seen the original complaint (and a response from a minister predating the first article) and thus know its origin. It of course had nothing to do with Byron. However, using esoteric integrity and truth, such as the type Sam Kim has waxed lyrical about, Alison Grieg and the **facts** team decided by adding 1 and 1 together and coming up with 12, that Byron did it.

      Serge even managed to claim that he called the TGA to check if his snake oil was compliant. And of course, they all bought it.


      They did the same thing with the first lot of press. Serge decided it was a one or two people, issued a directive, and as far as they were concerned, that was it.


      Of course, these are people that believe Serge was Leonardo, Pythagoras & Imhotep, knows more than any scientists/doctor, is channel god’s wisdom, that there is nothing suss with his obsession with money/property/and a former tennis student and likes having girls have sleep overs because he is a ‘generous man’.

      We’re not talking about people wanting to use their brain power, are we.

  18. Anonymous says:

    All Rise – Say No To Cyber Abuse is legally a PRI/LBG/NSC (Private, Limited by guarantee, no share capital, use of ‘Limited’ exemption) company in the UK.
    But on twitter they claim they’re a UK “not for profit organization”.
    So are they a company or NGO? Are they lying to the twitter and facebook community about company status?

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Drat, I meant to add that in the post. UM UK is also ‘not for profit’, as is Real Media Real Change and Esoteric Women’s Health. None of them are registered not for profits – it’s the usual false advertising. ‘Not for Profit’ is SergeSpeak for his promotional outfits that don’t have a cash flow.

    • UK says:

      The Lighthouse was planned as a UM centre from day one:
      Why does management say that UM is only a “guest”? Why fib?

      • Hello UK says:

        Hello UK,

        The health retreat in that article is Upper Vobster Farm owned by Sound Foundation charity trustee, chartered accountant and posh hobnob bogan worshipper, Michael Nicholson and his missus Tricia. It is a second premises for UM’s UK money raking shenanigans and provides accommodation for Esoteric pilgrims. Nicholson donated £1.2M to the Sound Foundation in 2011-12. The Sound Foundation is Serge’s tax exempt UK commercial premises dressed up to look like a ‘charity’. Last year the Sound Foundation got hit with regulatory action over trustee conflicts of interest. This is another report about a local council meeting later that year:

        Quelle surprise, UMers pissing people off and getting caught telling porkies.

        [Nicholson] “There is no hidden agenda. We do not run this as our business, it is our home. We are committed to our home, and we hope common sense will prevail tonight.”

        But speaking on behalf of residents at Upper Vobster, Mr Whitt said he was concerned the development at the farm had been peacemeal.

        “We have been on their Facebook page, and they describe themselves as a hotel,” he said.

        “We do not believe the owners are being open and transparent.”

        Councillor Edmund Costelloe, chairman of Mells Parish Council, said that when the issue came to the parish council’s planning committee, about 50 residents had attended the meeting.

        “This was quite a surprise, as usually there are none,” said Mr Costelloe.

        Residents had told him of minibuses running between Upper Vobster Farm and The Lighthouse hotel, conference centre and retreat in Tytherington.

        “This is a commercial enterprise, not a holiday let,” he said.

        “This is not a stand alone application, and there has been a steady, incremental creep of this facility. I don’t think we are being told the whole truth.”

        Councillor Edward Drewe said the farm was a “business that has grown by stealth over ten years”.

        “They have staff, they charge people to stay there. It is a hotel,” said Mr Drewe.

        “The concern is great. The parish council are upset because no one is telling the truth.”

        The other link you posted to a Lighthouse review on Trip Advisor has Janet Williams stating in 2012: We cannot state more clearly that we are nothing to do with ‘religion’. Universal Medicine is a client of ours who makes use of the conference facilities on the premises and with whom we have had a wonderful working relationship for many years.

        Lighthouse proprietors and long term Sergio devotees, Janet Williams and her husband Simon were company directors of UM UK from 2008.

        Esoteric truth is never complete without a few juicy fibs.

  19. Astral Tiger says:

    Well, well, well. If bonny Mr. Nicholson invested that much dosh in UM he must hankering after the possibility of becoming an ascended master or just maybe there is some kind of financial return on letting accommodation to the UM community at large. I’m no businessman, perhaps someone can fill in the gaps.
    As for the Williams, they are so far up Serge’s backside I doubt they have seen daylight for years.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Yes…I see those donations as an investment in commercial premises for Serge’s UK commerce. 2011/12 was the dawn of the New Era of the Church of Serge when UM were poised for world domination. (Until Byron Kaye cracked a story) So Pa Nicholson was looking at a nice investment in an expanding commercial religion that had fooled the UKCC into giving their commercial fundraising tax exemption. As a Chartered Accountant, he’d know a few tricks for tax minimization and tax relief – or so he thought.

      His investment ‘donations’ in the last couple of years were quite a lot more modest. But still, his Esoteric Upper Vobster doss house benefits from flocks of the faith-full headed to the UK events, which were looking to grow and grow and grow.

      Also, his son married Simone Benhayon – no doubt an act of emotionless love and good business, which looked headed for Glorious divorce a year or two ago.

      Apart from that is the tax relief.

      And hey, maybe he actually believes laminated healing symbols and crop circles made by Somerset pub goers were the work of the Arcturans.

  20. Trust Serge with your disabled loved-ones - he's a medical expert on disability and "retardation" says:

    Autistic conditions, Down syndrome etc. are due to your previous life’s “retardation” Karma.

    “All autistic conditions in their many varying degrees and others such as Down syndrome… come from abuse of one’s position in a former life. Those who hold positions of authority…, retardation to the natural manner…, will incur such Karma. No one can escape this aspect of the Law of Cause and Effect.” (Benhayon, 2011, p.151)

  21. says:

    Northern Rivers Social Development Council has been putting aside any ethics and promoting UM’s Girl to Woman Festival. What social development does this serve NRSDC? Apart from preying on girls to celebrate their preciousness? What’s that phrase code for NRSDC?“girl+to+woman”
    People may want to give NRSDC a piece of their mind for promoting predatory ambiguous events involving children. Where have we heard of NRSDC before? That’s right they’re good mates with Lismore councillors Dowell and Smith and therefore all in bed with UM and “Serge’s urges”!

    • Esther Rockett says:

      NRSDC issued this warning about the festival. It was sent out via email to their mailing list:

      Festival Caution

      NRSDC’s Mid-December Newsletter (December 17, 2015) contained information on a ‘Girl to Woman Festival’ being held on January 18 in Lennox Head, promoted as a celebration of Girls & Women providing an opportunity to celebrate the true beauty of young women.

      It has been brought to our attention that this event may be connected with an organisation that may allegedly pose a risk to children and vulnerable individuals.

      The group has been the subject of several media articles, including:

      (Click here to see the full list of media coverage:

      Look’s like they caved to the bullying. The January newsletter with that warning has been removed from their site, however I still have an email copy. They made this statement:

      The NRSDC Newsletter published earlier this week contained an article about the Girl to Woman Festival. In the interests of balance, we provide the following information about the festival:

      A Girl to Woman Festival is being held on January 18 in Lennox Head – a celebration of Girls & Women providing an opportunity to celebrate the true beauty of young women. Read more at


      A community organisation promoting a commercial predatory grooming event for a censorious cult?

      Abusers get heard. Whistleblowers get harassed, intimidated and silenced.

      • Simon says:

        ~~started as an email and then became a rant, so posting for all to see~~

        Hey Esther, Simon Here,

        I’m looking to win in federal court and the more I can do that supports the notion that I am not too crazy the better. (Not too crazy because I’m sure dealing with all this has unhinged me slightly)



        P.S. favourite sentence from the post hearing report from my lawyer:
        “His honour agreed that this was low level offending and that the Intervention Order process had been used as a sword rather than a shield”

        The prosecution agreed to make no submissions on sentencing once they saw the entire email log from both sides (the charges of a breach were over emails sent by me). After the Batty case, there is of course zero tolerance on IVOs in Victoria, even at the risk of disregarding Australia’s obligations under international law (rights of the child, human rights) and provisions under 60cc of the family law act. The standing orders for VicPol are sexist and the Magistrates are scared to go lightly on breaches – even if they are technical in nature.

        I go to Family Court as the applicant next Tuseday to no response. That’s right, no reply, no filing from the other side.

        I hope the no response bit works in my favour. Last week, the IVO hearing, was the first good news I have had from the courts in the whole long and horrible process.

        My psychologist, on hearing of the no response bit, asked if there was a risk of her harming my daughter to prevent contact and I had to say “yes”.

        As Natalie Benhayon spoke:

        “There comes a time when the yet to be student is no longer pranicly motivated to be spiritually good or nice and there comes a time when charity and the pranic versions of benevolence are fully seen for the self identifying act that they truly are, as they are, when they’re instigated by the pranic spirit. And furthermore there comes a time when the yet to be student realizes that there is a significant difference between what is real in the tangible sense and what is true in the all-encompassing view of it all.”

        ~ and ~

        “Choose your light and you will choose life.
        Choose life and the pranic light will choose you.”

        To other readers:

        This is a fucking death cult along the lines of The Order of the Solar Temple ( Please everyone who reads this, make a submission to whatever authorities you think are relevant. Mine are VicPol, AFP and Victorian DHS. Please don’t sit back at your internet connected devices and think someone else will do it for you.

        Esther is taking a long needed and well deserved break from this mess. Hopefully by the time she has the energy to get involved again the cult will have fizzled to historical interest and Serge will be in prison for Defrauding the Commonwealth or something similar.

        I applaude you Esther for your service to our country and I also applaude you for realizing it’s time to take a break.

        • Maquisard says:

          Good luck Simon, our love and energy are on your side.

          Have no fear, there are numerous people working behind the scenes on a daily basis, to shine a light on the dangerous cult that is Universal Medicine.

        • Esther says:

          Who said I was taking a break?

          To the Anon who contacted me again tonight – thanks again – all useful. Stay tuned.

          Neuen Fuhrer, sorry I only just found your comments from the other day. They weren’t auto approved because they contained two weblinks. I’ve turned off notifications, so I missed them.

  22. says:

    Northern Rivers Social Development Council, you are a disgrace. Promoting commercial predatory events. And then when you did correct the truth, you flip-flopped and were dictated to by a predatory cult that has disrespect for those with disabilities and is a sexual abuse apologist who demanded you retract the facts.

    SHAME, Northern Rivers Social Development Council, SHAME.

    SHAME, Northern Rivers Social Development Council, SHAME.

    You no longer can be trusted to represent social responsibility or development in the region. Time for you to close and hand over responsibility to a credible organisation.

    By the way why is NRSDC not a normal open-door NGO who is transparent to the public? What’s all the locked doors keeping strangers out all about?

  23. Serge gives birth, to UM baby or UM copra-impress? says:

    Here is a early description of how Serge ‘gave birth’ to UM. Can “serge” really give birth like a woman? Or are we just talking about his ‘copra-impress’ that came to him on the toilet?
    Universal medicine is a unit of service that was inaugurated in late 1999 in response to the already inordinate conditions prevailing in the many clients serge was seeing in his then home based esoteric medicine practice that had begun earlier that year. As a near to exact date, as it is, it can be said that universal medicine, was first conceived in the month of september 1999. And so, this brief �??about us�?? has been formulated to give a small explanation and understanding of what universal medicine is, but more importantly, where, how and why we are as we are. Like all, serge too, was deeply immersed and hence held tightly by a set of societal truths that were the absolute truths �?� unshakably so as it is for us all. And so, the following is a concise recount of and about how it came to be for serge and thus, the gestation period that led to the birth of universal medicine �?� a birth that almost did not complete. For many, it may be difficult to grasp how universal medicine came to be from what one would assume was a non-related starting point in regards to what universal medicine represents, what it is, where it is at, and what it has thus far done in its to-date period of service. The application of a series of techniques and a varying array of modalities that found the practice of esoteric medicine gave serge an insight into what was deeply wrong �?? �??with few if any realising how deeply wrong the way they live is in relation to our true state of being�??. �??conceived�?? by an energetic impress given (impressed) to its founder, serge benhayon.”

    • Serge gives birth, to UM baby or UM copra-impress? says:

      Further analysis of: “thus, the gestation period that led to the birth of universal medicine �?� a birth that almost did not complete.”
      – “Gestation period” could refer to abdominal discomfort?
      – “almost did not complete”. Could refer to constipation.
      – Alernatively “serge” is a (metaphorical?) woman who can give birth.

  24. Anonymous says:

    When I do a search for Universal Medicine on I see less removed results warnings like below. Anyone else see same? “In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read more about the request at”

  25. Watching from afar! says:

    Why does Serge blink all the time?

  26. Nice things said about Serge! says:

    “skeptical musings on all things nonsense, bullshit, fraudulent and stupid. Debunking and exposing bullshit…

    Serge Benhayon is a dipshit wanna-be cult leader…

    Reincarnation of a piece of shit, more like it..

    What a knob. Alleged to believe he can cure cancer.. Not surprising. Maybe he has the ‘god delusion’ .. A neurological condition where people think they really are god or the messiah , or reincarnated fucking da Vinci!

    I’m re-posting this in the hope that the attempts to hide and silence the critics fail..”

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes its easy to get riled up over the ridiculousness of it all
      Sitting on the dunny having a shit is something the world needed to know about according to Serge.
      He then put the old gear stick hard into reverse and shit has been pouring out his mouth ever since!