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UniMed Living bitching, lying and gossip February 2015

Cult Lawyer Twitter Bio LOL

Paula Fletcher before



February 23: *UM’s UK recruitment activities

February 22: *TV ban * Margaret Singer video on leaving cults

February 14: *Site name change

February 1, 2015: *Paula Fletcher Before & After *UniMed Living & complete list of UM propaganda sites *Margaret Singer video on how cults work

February 23: UK recruitment activities

Readers have asked if we are aware of recruitment activities in the UK.

Last week we saw the bogus ‘not for profit’ All Rise Say No to Cyber Abuse scam in the UK, where the censorious defamers and professional propagandists of the UM cult portray themselves as champions of victims of cyber bullying.

Tweets from All Rise & Tell Lies indicate they’ve already infiltrated London’s Frederick Bremer school.


Film producer and Church of Serge worshipper, Otto Bathurst ingratiated himself to BBC Radio 1 on a program pitched at youth.


It probably goes without saying that scam has been sold to Serge’s UK congregation of the Esoteric trolls who happily mob me and others online.


UK cult recruiter, Sara Williams of Spherical Living

UK cult recruiter, Sara Williams of Spherical Living

Apart from that, Glorious Wikipedia is showing a second UK registered charity – Sound Foundation Community Care with the same rabble of trustees as the irreparably tarnished Sound Foundation Charitable Trust. Lord knows why UM needs a second UK charity, except as an effort to cleanse the identical outfit of the inconvenient history of receiving mandatory compliance action over an array of financial irregularities. Watch that space, and what Winston Churchill Benhayon and the team wheel out as their next pitch at ‘charity’ activity. We think it’s a push to set up an aged care facility for Sergio to harvest bequests.

In exchange for a promotion on his commercial reincarnation scale, of course.

Finally, Esoteric Breast Massager, Sound Foundation trustee and serial UM company director, Sara Williams of Spherical Living clinic in London, has scrubbed herself up to deliver regular Esoteric Women’s Health recruitment presentations in the hoity toity Kensington Hilton. £15 per punter, and pre bookings are essential so the love bombers can collect contact details and other personal info and spam targets’ into submission.

EWH Hilton Kensington

Sara Williams works the crowd for Esoteric Women’s Health

February 22: TV is evil, pranic and gets in the way of the cult propaganda drive

Who knows how long this has been going on, but Serge is telling the faith-full that television is evil. Seeing ‘everything is energy’ in UM, according to a misquote of Einstein, when you watch television, the energy of the producers, presenters, actors, sound recordists etc. ‘enters’ you and screws with the divine light of your soul or something. So if you watch ABC 7:30, you take on the energy of critical thinking and social conscience. If you watch SBS Insight, you take on the energy of rational enquiry, open mindedness, independent thinking and whatnot. Such evil energy is a serious threat to being fixated on an anti social scam monger, his under achieving offspring, and his intellectually stunted hierarchy of ‘beauty-full’ harpies.

Part of a thought reform program involves controlling and limiting information available to followers. Prior to the TV ban, we knew UM produced copious propaganda where questions and critical comments are prohibited. Dissent is not tolerated – punishable with exile and damnation for countless lifetimes. We’ve seen them attempt to cleanse the internet of critical reporting and commentary. We know they characterize all news reports as biased, and respected publications as ‘tabloids’, and those of us who’ve publicly questioned their publicity and practices are being discredited as cyberbullies and trolls.

It’s similar to L Ron Hubbard’s policy of ‘attack the attacker‘ – attempting to discredit and silence any and all negative viewpoints. Scientology too banned exposure to criticism among followers. Hollywood director and ex Scientologist, Paul Haggis, confessed he wasn’t aware of bad publicity about Scientology for 35 years because he’d been instructed not to seek outside perspectives.  In South Africa, ex followers say many have been excommunicated for googling the church. Some are suing to recoup donations or funds spent on courses. Scientology’s most abusive division, the Sea Org, which often consists of members recruited as children has banned TV.

Apart from limiting the flow of information to UM’s unisex Sons of God, the TV ban also frees up more time for the faith-full to devote to UM’s colossal social media campaign to dominate the internet with propaganda. Followers have been told to buy iPads and have been placed on site viewing and commenting rosters, so that instead of getting info or alternative perspectives via television, or spending time with family or outsiders, or as Margaret Singer discussed in the video below, having time to think, their time is consumed contributing to UM’s one sided publicity, love bombing and defamation machine. The cult’s professionals and hierarchy wannabes also wake in the early hours to contribute unpaid labour to the College of UM’s promotional curriculum. The rest of followers’ time is devoted to participating in UM events where they’re encouraged to donate to the cult’s ‘charities’ or bogus ‘not for profits’, and spend their earnings on money for nothing products and services.

The late Margaret Singer on leaving cults

The video at bottom of this post got such a positive response from readers, I’m adding another from that series. Highlights of Singer’s discussion on how cults work was her easy to understand explanations about how high demand groups bring about changes to followers’ behaviour and thinking.

  • Keep the person unaware of what is going on and how she or he is being changed a step at a time.
  • Control the person’s social and/or physical environment; especially control the person’s time.
  • Create a sense of powerlessness in the person – for example through the use of confusing language.
  • Manipulate a system of rewards, punishments and experiences in such a way as to inhibit behavior that reflects the person’s former social identity, and promotes learning the group’s ideology or belief system and group-approved behaviours.
  • Put forth a closed system of logic and an authoritarian structure that permits no critical or enquiring feedback.

The following on leaving cults is a great insight into the pressures cultist experience within high demand groups. It will help some of you who’ve come out of UM, and those of you wondering how to assist or deal with an ex follower. As Singer explains, leaving cults is not a simple process, and the recovery time is probably much longer than outsiders like to think. Highlights are discussions about the lasting effects of trance states, and the difficulties faced in re-socializing.

February 14: Site title change

Keep calm and take a gentle breath, duckies. I’ve received an impress from the ascended braincells of the common sense hierarchy telling me to change the name of the blog to something with more energetic integrity. UniMed’s persistent bastardization of ‘truth’ and ‘facts’ has brought about this Esoteric revelation. UniMed’s propaganda behemoth have rendered those words officially meaningless. At first I opted for ‘Pervey Uncle Serge’s profitable piss take parade’, but changed it to the more prosaic ‘Universal Medicine EXPOSED’. For brevity.

You’ll see that the site URL hasn’t changed, so there was no need to piddle your pants after all. It won’t make a difference to Google search. For fun I could change the name of the site every other day and not lose our ranking. Maybe I will. ‘Universal Medicine is RUBBISH’, ‘Universal Medicine is full of sycophantic LOSERS’, ‘BLOW IT OUT YOUR ARSE (AGAIN) SERGE’ etc. The title that comes up in Google search will depend on what Google catches on its regular crawls.

Carry on…

February 1: Paula Fletcher before and after

Not long ago I screen captured cult lawyer, cult recruiter, vexatious nuisance and son of a cult leader’s mother in law, Paula Fletcher basking in joy-full love of humanity. Ms Personality has since removed her profession from her Twitter profile, and tried to block me from viewing or responding to her copious defamatory tweets about me.

Why would you suddenly be ashamed of being a lawyer, Paula? Is it because you regard Australian law as Astral, pranic and the devious workings of the Dark Lodge? Makes sense seeing you haven’t dug up any section of the criminal code with which to have me or other whistleblowers prosecuted. Is it that you haven’t gotten the response you’d hoped for in tweeting defamations of me to the likes of Bravehearts and Anonymous activists? Or could it be the scrutiny since your false defamation complaints drew condemnation from a new legion of sceptics? Or are you trying to hose down your connection to Phoenix Global, and the energetic integrity of Mick Featherstone’s criminal career, currently under the microscope of the Queensland crime commission? How very Esoteric, Paula, to have hired an organized criminal, and how fitting that Phoenix Global is known for providing security and internet reputation services to convicted criminals. And you. And Serge.

UniMed Living


Christina Hecke had an acting career. Oh well.

Last month we all had a good laugh at Serge’s German parasites yodelling out a hymn to their Glorious predatory messiah. Apparently, the lead actor in the Commander of Light slapstick parody of cult recruitment is a professional, Christina Hecke. But not for long. Serge will soon convince the poor pet to abandon the pithy roles – the challenges of the modern canvas of stage and screen, the artistic enterprise of dramatic commentary on the society we live in – for thespian prostrations to a pint sized pervert, his be-fanged Brides, and the glamour and recognition of becoming a cash drained UniMed arse kisser.

Anyway, in my enthusiasm for the wondrous warblings of the Commanders of Licht, I neglected to mention I stumbled over the video on UM’s big new extravaganza of propaganda, UniMed Living – an extraodinary feat of marketing audacity. In the past we’ve had UM’s commercial websites, and then we’ve had the plethora of immaculately spelled student blogs. In a stroke of genius, the propaganda team have now combined them and persuaded repeat customers to do the marketing – for free.

The more dodgey Serge is revealed to be, the more strenuous the cult members’ prostratory gymnastics. For example, the cult are written off by a NSW Parliamentary Committee, with official acknowledgement Esoteric practitioner accreditation is a fraud; Sergio of the utmost integrity is found to have hired an organized criminal to manage his security and internet reputation; and the cult exploits teen girls to sell a commercial grooming project. What do the cult members do? They provide their time, their names, their labour and their daughters to populate another few score webpages with an odd mix of air headed fantasies and far flung, bloody minded lies. At first glance it might appear they’re trying to bring in new victims, and yes that might work for some unfortunate cashed up and brainless targets. However, the cult members are trying too hard. At this point Serge’s unisex Sons of God will say or do anything but face the fact they’ve all made a terrible, undignified and expensive mistake.

Serge is laughing himself silly at how far they’ll go to glorify the colossal piss take he calls a religion, sorry, business, and at how clever he is in getting so many to give so much for so little.

Anyway, the addition of UniMed Living prompted me to count up the cult’s sites – now totalling 27. I’ve only counted those directly related to UM’s main business, i.e. the deification of the Benhayon tribe of bogans, and not the many offshoots to be found on the Naming Names page and the new Fronts page. The following list will be added to that.

If I’ve left any out, please add them in the comments.

Filling up the internet – Universal Medicine’s websites

Main UniMed sites
  5. – alleged ‘student initiative’ with domain owned by Serge Benhayon. Vilifying and defaming critics and complainants
Associated company sites
  1. – College of Universal Medicine charity – tax exempt building fund for Benhayon’s commercial premises
  2. – the Sound Foundation Charitable Trust – as above but the UK version, website coming soon since 2011
  3. – The Esoteric Practitioners Association Pty Ltd – offers bogus practitioner ‘accreditation’ that is not recognised by the government. Website coming soon since 2009.
  4. – marketing abusive women’s health practices
  5. – Women in Livingness Magazine
  6. – magic postcards that ward off evil spirits and cancer
  7. – magic, gluten free eye pillows that ward off poverty for the Benhayons
  8. – targeting children via gullible teachers
  9. – occult exercise product marketed to children
  10. – magical, amazing hymns produced by talentless Benhayons
  11. – anti-free speech ‘media group’/marketing & PR for talentless Benhayon businesses
UniMed front project sites
  1. – dodgey cult conference
  2. – ditto
  3. Girl to Woman Project
  4. Girl to Woman Festival
Student blogs

Four more blogs are in the planning phase, lol.

Why 27 websites and counting? Numerous cult members also have their own blogs where they talk up their Glorious subscription to Serge’s religion of prettified sleaze and philistinism. It’s partly to populate the internet with Serge’s fatuous fallacies, but primarily, cults’ induction of behavioural addiction to social media is the new cultic mantra chanting. Hopping daily from site to site, not counting Facebook and Twitter, to leave their quota of repetitive affirmations, reinforces dissociation and cognitive dissonance. It consumes cult members’ time and mental activity. As Margaret Singer explains so succinctly in the video below:

…to run a thought reform program, you need to get a hold of a good deal of the person’s time, and especially their thinking time, so that they don’t dwell critically on what they’re doing, they don’t think about it, so you start splitting them off from their friends, their associates and getting them dependent on you. 

Margaret Singer Video Interview – what is a cult and how does it work?

The late Margaret Singer is a globally renowned pioneer of the study of cults and cult influence, and has a list of professional achievements and awards almost as long as the UM Facts Team’s list of fibs. Singer talks about cults’ monopolization of followers’ time at 21:19. The rest is a simple explanation of the cult dynamic, and many reading will recognise UM ticks all the boxes…

More videos are available on my YouTube cult channel, including a very interesting lecture by Robert Jay Lifton on destructive cults, centring on Aum Shinrikyo.

89 Comments on “UniMed Living bitching, lying and gossip February 2015”

  1. Wow, wow, wow Margaret Singer is soooooo spot on.
    Thankyou for posting this clip. It makes so much sense.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Yes, she is. This is another of hers from the playlist – very similar material but also worth watching. She nails it.

      I like the part at the beginning where the MC tries to introduce her without reading out her whole CV. She was an extraordinary person.

      And the pathetic Alison Greig tried dissing her on the *facts* site.

      • concerned says:

        Interesting 2nd Margaret Singer video. Especially at the very end where she says that prime targets for cult recruiters are young people of high-school age. Remind anyone of a recent UM event attempting to hide under the name of something else?

  2. murphy says:

    Wow, what a woman Doctor Singer is, so highly intelligent. Her explanation of how a Cult transpires. How the leader Serge Benhayon changes thought processes, and brain washing by cultish behaviours, over other people by his so called charismatic, determined and domineering ways. Recruiting the members and by fund raising??? Cults and social interchange by soliciting new members. Serge involvement in politics and power, with him being the Leader, then his group of Musketeers, then comes the followers. The followers see him as someone who has special power or knowledge that over takes that person’s of all life decisions, for the person and for all his followers? SAD is it not.!!! Playing on the sick and vulnerable people of our Community.

  3. Prognosis negative says:

    Now if only you could get a member or two to sit thru the vid.
    Alison griegs small brain would explode. Sarah d and hubby would have apoplexy. Mooney would mangle. Brides would froth at mouth and repeat integrity till they hyperventilate

  4. murphy says:

    By the way Serge Benhayon is Racketeering with his Universal Medicine? What a laugh if it was not so sad and sick???

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is there a site for True Vitality?

    • Darkly Venus says:

      That’s Steffen Messerschmidt, naturopathic unregistered *doctor*, and the address is UniMed Brisbane clinic – but he won’t advertise that because he’s rightly ashamed of himself. Pillock.

      Messerschmidt, Sue Kira and her website have been listed on the Naming Names page for yonks.

  6. murphy says:

    When did the blog start advertising? And the reason why? Am I missing something?

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Which blog?

    • Anonymous says:

      Good point Murphy. But is the intention here to advertise UM sites or expose the plethora of online sites of UM bullys and idiots? A fine line maybe.

      Perhaps Venus may be able to edit some of the hyperlinks above so they’re not clickable???

      • Darkly Venus says:

        Is that what that’s about?

        No need to make them not clickable. Hardly anyone clicks on them. Readers know what repetitious bullshit to expect.

        My site stats show how many people click on links within this blog. In seven days out of all pageviews here, UniMed Living managed a total of 6 clicks. got 4, and a few of the UM front sites got one each.

        In contrast, clicks to the UMA and ER blogs from this one was about 60.

        I don’t call that advertising UM.

  7. sergically altered brains says:

    Had to comment on part 2 by Alison.
    Alison, “Serge says this, Serge teaches that”
    You are idolising a very smooth operator, one that is know to many long before his messiah days as UM leader.
    I believe Serge now believes in his own supremacy, having escalated from total control over just his own family and Miranda, to guru of UM, fuelled by all UM followers.
    The epitomy of the art of self delusion would have to be someone who wants to control so many people in so many ways and then of course profit from it.
    Look, really look, there are so many worrying aspects of this any normal person would have to be concerned.
    Arianas reply comments are interesting, talking of a “fantasy world where people have lost touch with reality and are investing in the web of the story they are in”
    That’s you and UM Ariana, with the death planets, entities, prana, reincarnated hero’s, detractors etc, you are living in Serges fantasy world.
    I am projecting no emotion or anger or attack here
    But please look at your life and would you be comfortable in reclaiming your individual power, or would you be worried about the repercussions towards you within UM.

  8. murphy says:

    Thank you Anonymous, for helping me to understand that the blog is UM sites. Because I thought to myself what utter crap, on the rubbish I was reading. Thanks once agai

  9. Max Littlemore says:

    @Venus: Maybe in Paula Fletcher’s hunt for offenses to charge you with she can across this:

    What am I thinking? Of course she didn’t. Concerned partners involved in action in the Family Court of Australia would have noticed that she and Serge “took all reasonable steps to prevent the obstruction, prevention, perversion or defeat” by now.

    • Remax says:

      Like promoting vexatious AVO’s to influence family law matters?

      • Max Littlemore says:

        What? Is that perverting the course of justice in a Commonwealth jurisidiction? Really?

        • Max Littlemore says:

          Let’s just check the law…..
          oh yes, it is….. Perverting (or at least damaging (section 43 and 42)) with s44 intended for people like Paula Fletcher. Is it time yet for an email to the federal ombudsman to ask why the AFP have not got them yet? They’re so obvious.

  10. Anonymous says:

    There is no doubt that UM is a cult.
    The wholesale dismissal of the work of Margaret Singer by UM is significant in its dishonesty.
    The response to complaints, criticism and questioning is astounding: being caught out: attempting to censor and manipulate the internet; employing dubious security operators; trolling, cyber-bullying and even defaming individuals; and obfuscating, deflecting and making legal threats.
    There are some fundamentally good-hearted people in very influential positions within the UM hierarchy. It would be so good if they could use their talents, experiences and qualifications to benefit the world not corrupt it.

  11. Anomy-mous says:

    If we could talk to your ovaries
    (with sincere apologies to Dr Dolittle!)

    If we could talk to your ovaries, just imagine it
    Chatting to a chump’s dark entity
    Imagine talking to a liar, chatting with a cheater
    What a neat achievement that would be.

    If we could talk to your ovaries, learn their languages
    Take an esoteric PhD.
    We’d study Way of the Living-ness, forget about forgiving-ness,
    and threaten all our critics legally.

    We would converse in bland sycophancy,
    And we could curse but we’d call it speaking truth.
    If people told us ‘it’s preposterous –
    And very cost-erous’ we’d troll them too

    If we could talk to your ovaries, learn their languages
    Think of all the things we could discuss
    If we could walk with your ovaries, talk with your ovaries,
    Grunt and squeak and squawk with your ovaries,
    And they could talk to us.

  12. manicnpranic says:

    Your blog is headed “The art of self delusion”
    Why haven’t you got a chapter on Serge?
    He is the gold medalist
    The man thinks he is a reincarnated genius, what more evidence do you want as proof
    You all oooh and ahhhhh at this and hang Da Vinci reprints on your walls.
    We see it for what it actually is, a con man seeking credibility by linking himself to a deceased genius hoping mindless followers will believe.
    He is as fake as the reprints of the master artist and you are all making fools of yourselves calling him a genuine original

    • Remax says:

      Correct. As serge might say. The delusional is evidently theirs beginning with their bizarre faith in serge as leonardo right through to chucking young girls up on the web to defend serge who married his former teenage student. Alison’s brain is as muddled as her writing & the fact they put this stuff all over the internet shows their delusional state.

  13. manicnpranic says:

    Had to respond, Anony
    Sorry Elvis, but happy 80th birthday!!!

    Well bless me Serge
    What’s wrong with me
    I’m itching like a man
    Full of entities
    Lay your hands on and clear out the bugs
    Esoteric love
    Sign me up
    Mmmm. Oh. Yeah yeah

    My bank balance is shaky
    And my mind is weak
    I can’t seem to stand
    on my own two feet
    This livingness diet
    Sure does suck
    Esoteric love
    I’m all signed up
    Mmmm oh yeah yeah

    Please don’t judge me
    I’m sergically blind
    I’m a little mixed up
    Towing the UM line
    When I’m with the guru
    That I love best
    But his planet Sirius
    Scares me to death

    He lays on his hands
    Not one thrill he’s got
    Cause porn is like
    a volcano that’s hot
    Lets worship him
    and butter him up
    Esoteric love
    Yes I signed up
    Mmmm oh yeah yeah
    Mmmm oh yeah yeah
    I’m all f__ked up

  14. murphy says:

    Just after reading a few sites on UM? I am gobsmacked with the teachings of S.B.playing on the vulnerable and unwary…….. It is hard getting my head around UM? And these so called intelligent Doctor’s to come away with all this Shite excuse language. Unimaginable !!!

  15. manicnpranic says:

    I see this accountability site has been bumped off the Google main page due to UM flooding with multiple sites

  16. murphy says:

    Hey, add to my list, the accountability of these so called intelligent Lawyers Paula Fletcher et al,. who dumps a load of shite on the partners who are not in the leased bit involved with UM. I feel very sorry for those partners, with relationship break downs that also adds to further worry about their lost children-who suffer in silence.

  17. Esther Rockett says:

    Bravo Anony-mous and manicnpranic! That’s the SPIRIT! lol.

    Well done. Makes Princess’s rendition of Cult Woman I Am look a bit anaemic really. Or should I say, Esoteric?

    As for the Google rankings – that was always going to happen. It’s one of the reasons I listed all the sites to show how hard they’re trying to flood the internet with propaganda.

    I’ve done what I can. There’s nothing more I can do about it. And frankly a lot of you reading have been too happy to leave the heavy lifting to me.

  18. To Anonymous messager says:

    I had a message overnight left on the Accountability blog contact form from an anonymous person whose partner is in UM. They didn’t leave an email address and ended the message with: ‘I do not know where else to turn fear that speaking to anyone about it will make them think i am some sort of looney’.

    Anon, I’m always sorry to hear of more relationships under strain from UM. You can comment or vent anonymously here or on the Accountability blog. This one has more traffic, so might be better if you would like to hear responses from others. We understand what you’re saying and we have hundreds, possibly thousands of readers who have experienced the same.

    You can leave comments without leaving an email address or URL. Just leave those boxes blank.

    The resources page may also help. Take care of yourself.

  19. wtf says:

    Commanders of lies

    Every new day
    Nonsense we spray
    If you choose
    We will take a grand($)

    Our shove is strong
    We’re full of shite
    We’re trolling too
    Commanders of lies

    Wallets we’ll sting
    Wont feel a thing
    We’re fleecing you
    Commanders of lies…….
    Bank balance now tight
    Lie lie lie lie lie lie
    (Bankrupt,well so was I)
    lie lie lie lie lie lie

    Each new day
    Food taken away
    If you choose
    We’ll take another grand($).
    Can’t eat, its wrong
    You’ll look a fright
    We’re starving you
    Commanders of lies

    We cannot sing
    we’re thin as string
    Started with poo
    Then Guru we cry

    Leave us your things
    Your diamond rings
    Sirius for you
    When you die
    We’ll book your flight

    Lie lie lie lie lie lie.
    (Just follow the bright light)
    Lie lie lie lie lie lie

    We own you now …….outright

  20. A fish called Miranda says:

    Wow, I’ve just read Alison Greig’s Valentine’s exposure, in special dedication to Serge, of course.
    And strangely enough the Dalai Lama… Including a special clause with a URL as an attempt to set up an entire town against you, as an act of compassion, while she’s, quoting the Dalai Lama, concerning Rights Speech…?

    Dunno, maybe she’s loosing it. She claims she and UniMed® enterprise’s will not “role over” for you….

    It doesn’t get crazier than this does it…?

    What about Wrong Doing….😷

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice name change. Alison Greig and any nut who makes comments below her ramblings are insane and show the church for what it is. What ‘the students’ and Serge have is a massive hard-on for Esther and Lance, any sane person sees this plainly. This won’t make all the other critics and criticism go away Allison, it just makes your sham more obvious. What’s next, a bit of violence and intimidation from a Gold Coast P.I.?

  21. A fish called Miranda says:

    Psycho’s are experts in name dropping and blame shifting, but this is getting ridiculous with this many followers. Dangerous even: what I would call a witchhunt.

    • The Daily Lama says:

      When I am enlightened, I would be so full of grace, love and truth that I would not take offense from any of my fellow man because I would know, in truth, they were me. I would understand that the veil of illusion stopped them seeing reality for what it was, and I’d love them even more. If they said things designed to offend me or destroy my state of ataraxis I’d simply respond by more loving.

      I wouldn’t need set up a blog to defend myself and protesteth in fury. I would simple sit beneath the boughs of my Bodhi tree, in the cool shade, and let the light of nirvana shine through me and into the world like a sun sized diamond.

      I would be beyond hate, retort, accusation, petty argument. I wouldn’t need to talk about my enlightenment. I’d speak simply and humbly. I would forgo all material possessions because I would know this world is fleeting.

      Or, I could be Serge Benhayon, and I’d register a URL and set up a thinly veiled hate blog to attack my critics. I’d persuade my followers to denigrate their formers loves and families, and whip my followers into a froth of vitriol. I’d use words like truth, love, integrity, service. I’d buy millions in property, and charge a bundle in cash for a plethora of courses. I’d lie about my past, and change my story as often as the wind.

      My followers would be insulted if anyone besmirched my name, because that would be the same as besmirching me. They’d forget common decency or sense. They’d start believing anything that was told to them by me. They’d willfully ignore facts and eschew information. They’d also adopt my words of love, integrity and service but their minds would be dark and their worlds small. They’d only ‘love’ those that accepted my truth and reject and revile those that didn’t.

      Of course, that is only how I imagine enlightenment. What would I know?

      Perhaps Serge has got it right and the behaviour of his followers is the next evolution in human development.

      Either way, clearly this is what they have learned by as “students of the livingness”

  22. Victim Censorship? says:

    Before UM was offended and had the site taken down there was the UM Support Group Blog back in 2011/12. The webcache still exists for the time being:“umsupportgroup”&&ct=clnk

  23. A fish called Miranda says:

    I’ ve read those blogs back into 2011/2012 myself, which was way before Esther and Lance hit center stage, so to speak. There also was Richard Raymond’s blog who also has been harassed by UniMed. Those vicious brides don’t talk about those anymore, because they’ve already bullied those out with nice and polite, maybe even legal phrases, at the surface happy talk. And a PI and his buddies on the background claptrap. While happy clapping and chanting their glory on Sergedays. Yuck!

    Oops, sorry, that’s vile language; it should be: Yummy! 🙊🙈🙉


  24. Cult*ural In$ergent says:

    [they] doth protest too much, methinks…

    UM’s toxic countering of the countering grows and grows exponentially, feeding upon the ever increasing pile of its own festering excrement. I guess it’s a way of recycling dangerous waste although I seriously object to children being fed a diet of this putrid garbage.

    The work done by Esther, Lance and others is an invaluable community service.

    • L says:

      They’ve really got their knickers in a knot haven’t they In$ergent. I bet you there is not one other legitimate alternative health provider/charity/business in Australia that has spent so much time attacking critics/complainants/reporters.

      One ends up having to conclude they are not legitimate. And I can safely say that is an opinion shared by even the casual observer. I can save myself a lot of words now just by sending people to their blogs.

      Rather than spending countless hours attacking us and building websites to defame and make them look like a pack of mindless monkeys led by a grinning buffoon, they’d be better off trying to counter the criticism by

      A) Dealing with it directly, honestly, directly and perhaps, privately. Haven’t they heard ‘discretion is the better part of valour’?
      b) Focusing on what they do that is so great and polluting the internet with that.

      As ugly as their blogs are, they have no doubt been the best advertising for our argument.

      The ill-considered, repetitive comments by the members drives home the point that rational, considered argument has been replaced by Sergeisms, catchphrases, and childish thinking. The sort you’d expect of someone in a cult.

      My point is, in some ways, they’ve picked up the baton and run with it.

      And the good news is they are way too stupid to realise.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Not comparing him to Margaret, but UM bloggers, Scientology writers and other reps of these “cults” try to discredit Rick Ross in anyway possible. He opposed US Jews being indoctrinated by cults and sects and educated himself to become a successful cult exit counsellor and apparent expert in the broader cult field.
    Part of his CV refers to part of his admirable commitment to Judaism:
    1983-86 Instructor for the Bureau of Jewish Education – Adult and Hebrew High classes course titled “Cults and Crusades– Conversion through Coercion”.
    1984-1986 Instructor for the Bureau of Jewish Education, Phoenix, Arizona regarding destructive cults, radical, controversial and potentially unsafe groups for high school and adult education.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Similarly, is this a group that UM also despises?

    Quote: Stolen Minds, Understanding Cults. Article by Rabbi Michael Skobac.
    “As a starting point for understanding the true nature of cults, we find that they generally have the following three characteristics:
    1. A self-appointed leader who exploits the group’s members.
    2. Deception in the recruitment process.
    3. Psychological and emotional manipulation to consolidate membership in the group.1”

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Cults don’t exist according to the UM Facts squad. 900 people moved to Guyana with Jim Jones because they wanted to murder their kids in the jungle and kill themselves or get poisoned or shot. Brainwashing doesn’t exist, except if you’re a member of the leaderless Astral cult.

      Ten plus media orgs, including Fairfax, The Echo and Private Eye are sensationalist, biased and tabloids. Alison Greig is a ‘journalist’. A multi million dollar international commercial enterprise and its lawyers are the victims of a suburban cyber-bully.

      Crop circles were made by the Arcturans.

      So far UM have publicly trashed psychologist, Margaret Singer, psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton, Emeritus Professor of Medicine John Dwyer, Dr Rev David Millikan, Rick Ross, and journalists, Byron Kaye, Heath Aston and Jane Hansen. Ira, Robert, Lance and me are in good company. Some might say the best.

      • Max Littlemore says:

        I reckon Serge is scared. The thing is he has suggested death (see below) as an option. Who knows what this fruitcake will do/order or otherwise energetically impulse upon his “students”? 2015 might just be his downfall and I truely hope it’s ok for those of us with family in there.
        Then again maybe he will find another “under the radar” tactic. There’s always the Jonestown scenario.
        Contact your local member (not the one in your hand you blokes) both state and federal.

      • UM bullys journalists - warning! says:

        Also David Leser and Joshua ‘Josh’ Robertson are now defamed on UM blogs as “irresponsible journalists”. Watch out David and Josh, UM’s out to get you too! How dare you research and report about UM.

        • Like they give a toss says:

          When I told Byron he was being dissed on a UM blog he laughed. He took a 30 second read of it while I was on phone with him, giggled heartily and said it was ‘hilarious’. Then I updated him about the Parliamentary report, and he enjoyed that too.

          Josh and David Leser copping it is sour grapes because UM Facts enforcers couldn’t manipulate Wikipedia admins with Serge Says So, lol.

          The article is looking great. Well done Wiki-facts-team!

    • Anonymous says:

      On their new UniMed site why do UM keep on referring to recent history racist anti-semites as part of UM’s inspiration, e.g. Blavatsky and A. A. Bailey? UM is seeming to confirm that it’s “Masters” (Serge?) come from a lineage of racist evil.
      And it’s also an insult for UM to falsely refer to Budhha and Jesus in the same sentence as these two occultists: “lineage of its messengers… Buddha… Jesus… to Helena Blavatsky and to A. A. Bailey.”
      Are UM’s newest German cult branch prepared to publicize their religion’s seedy lineage to the German community and authorities?

    • Serge und UniMed, neuen Fuhrer. says:

      “Hitler seemed to have favored Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine above other books he had. We do know that U.S. Army historians catalogued Hitler’s personal library and found numerous Occultic volumes heavily annotated in Hitler’s fancy handwriting. Among the books was one that Hitler often kept by his bedside, the occult standard “The Secret Doctrine” by Madame Helen P. Blavatsky (Kubizek). Hitler kept a copy of Blavatsky’s ‘The Secret Doctrine’ by his bedside, ever since being introduced to its teachings by Dietrich Eckart and Karl Haushofer (Adolf Hitler, The Occult Messiah, Gerald Suster, 1981).”

  27. Max Littlemore says:

    I just posted the following to their “facts” site. I wonder if it will show up…

    Max Littlemore says: February 18, 2015 at 11:50 pm
    Comment awaiting approval

    I’m just putting this here to check if you allow questions. I have a few after disecting some audio lectures but I’m unsure you’ll even post them after reading comments on Esther’s blogs.
    Is it true that sutra six of the arcane series encourages people to sever ties with family and freinds that don’t follow The Way of Livingness and does it in the end encourage people to choose death over life?

    ………. let’s see if they publish. – seems like a question rather than abuse.

    FYI the end of “sutra 6” says, “Choose life and the pranic light will choose you.” – out of context I know, but the context only seems to make it worse.

    Death cult much? Check it out Esther, the entire thing is full of nuggets and I won’t have time to start on digging them out until next week.

    • Prana heathens are better off dead? says:

      Max. WTF? It’s just like the doctor writing Ira was better off being sent to Sirus (dead?) (for a reincarnation instead of cure?).

      So if a person hasn’t chosen to have Serge’s brand of fiery energy (UM adherent) and instead have chosen “pranic” “life” (as is the rest of population) then that person is best off separated from their UM partner or better off dead. That’s sort of how I read it.

      UM adherents are indoctrinated to hold the rest of society in complete contempt it seems. Like an old black and white ‘Evil Martians arrive from out of space to conquer earth’ scary movie.

  28. L Serge Hubbard? says:

    L. Ron Hubbard, and Scientology’s Policies of Narcissistic Rage    2008 (44 pages)
    “In this article, we argue that Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, was a malignant narcissist who created organizational policies against perceived enemies that reflected his narcissistic rage.”

  29. Scum of the minute says:

    Oh No. An American skeptic website has awarded Serge ‘Scum of the minute’. Better send Featherstone over to sort them out.

    • L says:

      and from that site-

      critical thinking

      The goal of critical thinking is to arrive at the most reasonable beliefs and take the most reasonable actions. We have evolved, however, not to seek the truth, but to survive and reproduce. Critical thinking is an unnatural act. By nature, we’re driven to confirm and defend our current beliefs, even to the point of irrationality. We are prone to reject evidence that conflicts with our beliefs and to attack those who offer such evidence.

      The goal of critical thinking is to arrive at the most reasonable beliefs and take the most reasonable actions. We have evolved, however, not to seek the truth, but to survive and reproduce. Critical thinking is an unnatural act. By nature, we’re driven to confirm and defend our current beliefs, even to the point of irrationality. We are prone to reject evidence that conflicts with our beliefs and to attack those who offer such evidence.

  30. Mr Zhang says:

    Would the TV ban include Otto “All Rise and Say No to Cyber Bullying (except of course when it’s UM cyber-bullying which of course is nothing of the sort” Bathurst’s ultra violent gangster drama “Peaky Blinders” then? Or are his TV programs ok because he is a defender of Sergio and therefore showing explicit violence for entertainments sake is ok because… Sergio said so. The double standards of these fools will be the undoing of them.

    • Astral Tiger says:

      Ah yes Mr Zhang, dear Otto is an interesting case. Do you remember the one when the PM had to commit an obscene act with a perfectly innocent pig. There may well be a serious amount of confusion in poor Otto’s mind regarding the nature of love. Does anyone know if Sergio has any ageless wisdom on he subject of bestiality?
      Perhaps Otto has a penchant for touching the genitalia of Sergio’s brides with the utmost integrity whilst hitting level three on the healing scale. Probably not the sort of info you would want floating around the entertainment industry in today’s climate and you certainly would not want any pranic pussies posting about it on the internet. But hey Otto, your secret is safe with me. Consenting adults and all that. Mum’s the word eh.
      p.s. Given up eating pork. Just like pigs too much. Was it Winston Churchill or was it Simone who said… “Always remember, a cat looks down on man, a dog looks up to man but a pig will look man right in eye and see his equal.”

  31. It's a media and govt conspiracy against UM! says:

    Coinciding with UM recently online expanded attacks on journalists and newspapers who have reported on it, ‘the students’ are now under instruction not to watch TV. Sensory media blackout for all UM followers – sounds like a cult.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Must be frustrating trying to control everything eh Serge
    Unlike the book bonfire, its difficult to light a flame under the internet and destroy the dangerous truthful evidence of reality posted there
    And now TV,
    Next will be blindfolds for sale with healing symbols at $5 a pop!
    Getting closer to the compound idea now….maybe
    Remember Serges famous words regarding his followers….
    “They are not in a compound, there are no walls, they are allowed to leave”
    Maybe not a physical compound, yet, but they are definitely imprisoned in a mental one

  33. Anon says:

    Is it only me or does the following online quote from EWH/UM just sound a little creepy?
    “We all know how truly precious our young girls are. We experience this through interactions with our daughters, our nieces, our friend’s daughters – in fact any young girl or young woman we meet. Yet we get so caught up in all that life demands of us that we have forgotten how to celebrate this preciousness in our young girls, and how to support them in holding onto to their inner qualities as part of them knowing who they are in the world.”

    • Lord of Form says:

      That’d be a direct quote from Serge. And yes, it’s creepy.

      • Anon says:

        Thanks for confirmation, I wonder what Serge and/or UM means when they want to “celebrate this preciousness in our young girls”? To the average person it may sound like seedy code. If they said “preciousness of” it sounds more forgivable but “in” suggests something (physicallly?) internal.

        Maybe I’m overthinking it and they’re just a bunch of morons who don’t know how to mystically express themselves in writing without sounding like predatory pervs.

        • r says:

          I doubt it.

        • Lord of Form says:

          Changing the meaning of words is how cults change peoples thinking. Serge has spent a lot of time on this. For example, when he was against religion, the word was reviled. When he realised it would be beneficial to register the charity as a religion, he spent months talking about the “true” meaning of the word religion to ready the flock for the back-flip. He then applied to the ACNC to register as a religious charity.

          Similarly, Love is an emotionless state. Truth is what you feel, not facts. Integrity means sticking by what you feel, not the truth. Evil is not agreeing with Serge’s ideas, etc

          The reason this statement seems seedy, besides the suspicious word usage, is because of the focus on young girls. A dark core of Serges twisted thinking concerns girls/woman and the emasculation of boys/men. Read Serge’s books (if you can) and you find Serge panders to woman and vilifies men. He even gives instructions on “smacking the pack energy” out of young men. There’s lots of talk about how men are bad to women and how woman can punish or control the men. I’d imagine as a perfect man, Serge is the exception. You can just imagine what was happening in his teenage years.

          All that alone is worrying. In the context of Serge’s background it is alarming.

          As an aside, try repeating the same statement about young boys… and then ask yourself why there is not a “boy to man” movement in the group.

          I am sure if someones proclivities were different, there most definitely would be.

  34. Anon says:

    So if UMs gender focus or preference were to change, they would have no problem in distributing the following press release.

    ‘As a group of esoteric like-minded adults we present the Boy to Man Festival and the Boy to Man Project. We all know how truly precious our young boys are. We experience this through interactions with our sons, our nephews, our friend’s sons – in fact any young boy or young man we meet. Yet we get so caught up in all that life demands of us that we have forgotten how to celebrate this preciousness in our young boys, and how to support them in holding onto to their inner qualities as part of them knowing who they are in the world.’

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Sergio on the preciousness of boys:

      Boys have accidents to shake the energy out of them. If your son comes home and you feel he has been affected by male “pack” energy, you need to shake the energy out of him either by cutting it verbally or physically shaking him. It is occasionally best to smack it out of him, so that he avoids an accident. Serge Benhayon, quoted in student notes, Esoteric Development Group, 8, May 17, 2008

      UM held a men’s health conference flop a couple of years ago which drew the ire of The Echo and sent Real Media Real Change into an Esoteric tizz.

      You’re not over thinking it. These are the same unqualified busy bodies who put their hands on the breasts, pubic bones and anuses of sexual abuse survivors and refuse to identify the parts of the anatomy they’re touching when people like me question it. They then have young girls vouch that Serge isn’t a paedophile, with those girls knowing exactly how people who speak out are treated.

      • Lord of Form says:

        And according to Serge the man hater:

        “Men don’t really like breasts, they think they do because they were emotionally fed.
        Men use the arrogance of their intellect or their muscles to overpower woman
        Woman who are competitive have “men-full” energy
        Men only have sex to relieve themselves
        Men don’t know how to make love
        If a man is abusive, let him sleep on the coach
        Let a man be abusive (remember, in cult speak that is simply disagree) and you are creating a cruelty machine
        Emotionally feed young boys and they will become cruel men”

        etc. I paraphrased there as I can’t be bothered wading through his crap. But that’s it in essence. And it goes on and on. One book has about 2 chapters on it.

        On the other, woman are lovely, in truth, closer to enlightenment…

        I don’t know, it might be true. But if there a book by say me, saying”

        Woman think they like penises because they were emotionally fed by their father
        Woman use their femininity to beguile men
        Men who aren’t competitive are girl-full
        Woman only have sex to make babies and ensnare men
        If a woman is bitchy, make her sleep outside (till she acts like you want)
        Let a woman nag you and you’re creating a nagging machine
        emotionally fed girls become total nagging wenches

        I reckon the cult would have an apoplexy. But Serge can write obvious man-hating, gender biased, grossly inaccurate and incendiary generalizations based on his own twisted experience of life, and the cult members including “”””psychologists”””””, write glowing reviews about his “books”.

        It’s a one sided enterprise in so many ways my mind is still boggling how any one can suck up Serge’s shit without gagging or blowing a few hundred brain cells at the utter stupidity of it all.

  35. murphy says:

    It’s all about Serge Benhayon with his words, Synonyms? His play of words such as Universal Medicine? A normal sick and therefore vulnerable patient’s think that they are seeing professional Practioners such as GP’s etc.and they end up by being hood winked into seeing Esoteric non practicing people, who are not trained to diagnose and treat patient’s, only in the Esoteric way,…. which is no way at all? Except to travel on the starship to Sirius ???

    The so called religious realm of the Church of Ageless Wisdom? Another cracker?

    Yes, another Woman’s Health Forum which UM says is s Community event to be held at East Ballina Surf Club on the 26 February at 6.30pm……a free event…. open to all.(more recruiting)

    But to top it all is the Belle General and its after hour series, Not services!!! Owned by the UM which the Belle General endorses the “Woman’s Health Forum” This will be held on Saturday 21st March?

    Why do Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon make it clear to people that the word Esoteric means (a small group of special people)….. doing what? But getting themselves involved in a dangerous and manipulating CULT.

  36. murphy says:

    Apologizes, left out that the Belle General is owned by the Universal Medicine members.
    What’s in a name, for a kick off what a grand name Belle is? I wonder who made that name up, sounds very American to me. And he/she/them should have left out the word General, as most people would think of a General Hospital??? I suppose that’s the point, silly me!!!

    • r says:

      What ever man… just make sure you get your kid’s out. This is wrong, no matter what sort of beliefs it’s backed up with. It’s human nature to have different beliefs, it’s another thing to stand there, watching, without giving any substance to back it up with. Do something!r

  37. murphy says:

    Yes, we can all do something, I am in the process of writing a letter to a Senator at Parliament House. And when after the NSW general election on the 28 March, I will be in contact with the appropriate M.P. in person as it’s the least I can do. There are many people who are trying their best to do their utmost in outing and making Universal Medicine accountable for their negligent and misappropriating actions, with Serge Benhayon making millions of dollars out of his scams?
    Thank God, for Esther Rocket with her tenacity and hard work that she puts in, and has done so for the past 2 years, with a never give up attitude. I applaud Esther and all the other people, for all the hard work that they do.
    I am just after looking up the statistics on Woman’s Health by Natalie Benhayon and all they can practise is Esoteric Health??? When the patient needs to consult her GP.
    I just wonder how many deaths that there has been? By the attitude of Serge Benhayon and his group of Musketeers, or should I say Psychopaths?

  38. M says:

    Something I just noticed…. and put in a simpler form supporting a Federal Affidavit.

    The Order of the Solar Temple was founded by Luc Jouret in 1984, but based on the teachings of Joseph Di Mambro (1926-1995) who convinced members that he was a member of the 14th Century Christian Order of the Knights Templar during a previous life and that his daughter Emanuelle was “the cosmic child.”

    Universal Medicine is led by a man who, according to himself and his followers, is the only fifth level initiate on the planet and knows the truth about everything. According to him, he is the reincarnation of a non-homosexual Leonardo Da Vinci and Pythagorus, although he teaches that rational thought is bad, and his daughter is the reincarnation of Winston Churchill.

    Together, Jouret and Dimambro convinced followers that they would lead them after death to a planet which revolves around the star Sirius. They regard death as an illusion and that life continues on other planets. Solar Temple groups were organized in Quebec, Canada, as well as in Australia, Switzerland, and other countries. They follow a form of Christianity mixed with New-Age philosophy, homeopathic medicine and high finance. Jouret believed himself to be Christ.

    Serge Benhayon, who is revered as “The One” teahces that, “choose life and the pranic light will choose you”, where the word “pranic” is a portmanteau word built from the sanskrit word for life-force or breath – prana, although according to his definition, prana is effectively evil. He teaches that death is not to be feared and that some day, all those who live the fiery light will ascend in fire to be in eternal light. He teaches that fiery is the opposite of pranic. He teaches that Sirius is where souls go when they die.

    The Solar Temple felt they were being persecuted by various governments. They anticipated the end of the world due to environmental catastrophe. They decided that some members should leave the Earth and “transit” to a better world. Fire forms an important part of their belief. In order for them to transit to another world, they must die in a fire.

    Between 1994 and 1997, 74 people in the Order of the Solar Temple commited murder/suicide including women and children.

    History is repeating. Don’t get me started on Christian Assemblies International, possibly a fate worse than death. Actually I already started and am on affidavit.

    This is why I am scared for my daughter.

  39. La Métempsycose says:

    A transcript of His Ascended Master’s Voice : White Magic Part One circa 2008.

    “White magic is the study of the configuration of Energy”. Serge Benhayon.

    ” If they (kids) choose to stay in the spherical way of life they get labelled with a disease….

    I’ve got this class going with me and this kid is looking out the window. That kid is looking out the window because it’s feeling. It wants to feel something. It’s probably picked up that the teacher had a big night last night and doesn’t want to connect with the teacher that day.
    It probably wants to say : ‘Hey teacher you need to clear before you lock your eyes into me otherwise the thing inside you is going to rip my eye….kidneys out’.
    It probably would say that if we could encourage kids to express themselves in their truth and not sabotage them. But the kid that doesn’t conform and doesn’t pull into line, that kid gets labelled, he starts to get in trouble, the teacher gives up …umm.. if they’re not an esoteric teacher….”

    ” if you go into a pub know that you are going to get your kidneys sucked on and some energies enter you and play havoc with you.. as we always say if you don’t care about yourself that’s fine but they will go after your partner and when they have finished with your partner they will go after your kids. What’s in it for them? Just life force.”

    “We are technologically advanced but spiritually retarded for a long, long time”

    Is this the superstitious drivel that qualified physicians, lawyers and accountants actually believe in ? If so they should be campaigning for all wine, beer and sprit bottles to be labelled:

    But they won’t will they. They will just go on smiling inanely and accusing all critics of telling lies about them.
    And they want to teach kids that this is the Ageless Wisdom and that Universal Medicine is all about Love !!

    Vive Lance, Esther and the rest of you for taking on this smug multi-million dollar establishment of bigots.

    • Esther Rockett says:

      Merci, my friend and also for these transcripts. These are useful for our child welfare project, incorporating assistance to those going through family court proceedings.

      I have been given at least 80 hours of recordings of ‘His Ascended Master’s Voice’, but I simply haven’t had time to listen.

      If you or anyone else is listening to them and you hear quotes that might be of use in our project, please it would help a number of families and children enormously if you give the name of the recording and note the time signature (even approximately to make it easy to search for it) of disturbing content. (For example five minute mark, 23 minute mark)

      Leave them here in the comments or send them via the contact tab at top of page.

      That would save those in the project a huge amount of time in listening through these dreadful monologues.

      I would also accept volunteers willing to listen to some recordings and note down such quotes – anything to do with sexual violence, paedophilia, disparaging education or any mention of children…

      Or Dr Kim talking about killing people etc.

      Thank you.

      • M says:

        It would be good to widen the circle of those of us transcribing this crap. I’m doing all I can with the commitments I have. I’m surprised and delighted someone else is also transcribing stuff.

        Is there some way we can coordinate this workload to make sure it all gets transcribed and to make sure we don’t double up on the workload? I know from personal experience that transcribing Serge’s bullshit can lead to liver damage due to the coffee required to maintain prana so I would prefer to eliminate duplication as much as possible…

        Also, I am presenting as much as I can in court but I’m frustrated that a lot of the information I have is unsupported by federal affidavit or reliable sources. (Sorry Esther, the Federal Cicuit Court won’t accept your blog as reliable)

        Is there any way of collecting names, addresses (email and snail), court numbers, etc to build a list of people prepared to come forward? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

        • Esther Rockett says:

          My two cents is I wouldn’t transcribe more than a couple of hours of full lectures. A couple of full transcripts should be enough for any court. Then I’d transcribe a few quotes here and there – select some of the worst crap and put them together. Transcribing hours and hours of his shit, and documenting every word of his idiocy too big a project and a complete waste of time and energy. You just need enough evidence to persuade the court.

  40. La Métempsycose says:

    OK Esther. “If they choose”… to ” not an esoteric teacher”… 6.28 to 7.07 minutes into White magic Part One 1.

    “If you go into a pub”… to “go after your kids” 10.04 to 10.23 of the same.

    • Esther Rockett says:

      Thank you, that’s excellent.

      The school comments are especially interesting and I think psychoanalysts might have a field day with some of the autobiographical content. Serge’s father was an unbalanced character so home life was not ideal. He was a scholastic underachiever and appears from that passage a daydreamer – perhaps fantasising about space travel and plans of world domination. Probably grandiose from an early age. Teachers lost patience with him and we know he holds grudges. He was also outclassed intellectually and at sport by peers – doesn’t cope with feelings of inferiority. Hence, later in life he becomes God and demonizes education, intellect, sport & competition. Didn’t get the women he wanted either, so competing males are punished, sex is evil and he accumulates a harem and controls the women closest to him.

  41. Serge und UniMed, neuen Fuhrer. says:

    Re UMs German cult clan.

    Blavatsky, Bailey, (UM’s inspirations) and Nazi esotericism. Although one maybe from a Christian org seems well written.

  42. waterslide wankers says:

    We now have the “making of the commander of light” German cult music clip.
    You poor silly bunch of brainwashed fools.
    Not good advertising for UM not being a cult
    It would be easier to mistake a group of singing Krishnas for a busking country and western band
    Natalie is no doubt enjoying tripping round the world 1st class
    How many UM followers can afford to fly at all let alone first class I wonder?

    • Serge und UniMed, neuen Fuhrer. says:

      Universal Medizin wird die Art und Weise Führer und alle folgen. UM Deutschland ist jetzt in der Cyber-Schlacht um die Prana-Australier, um sie zu stoppen versuchen, zu zerstören.

      • M says:

        Universal Medicine is the fashion leader (or the way?) and all follow. UM Germany is now in the cyber battle with the pranic Australians to try to stop (them) destroying.

        My German is not brilliant and without the tone of voice the message is ambiguous, but it reads to me like a threat. The name translates to “Serge and UniMed, new leader”

        @Serge und UniMed, neuen Fuhrer, perhaps a better name would be “Serge und Unimed, vierte Reich”?

        Heil Serge.

        Scary when people don’t learn from their own history.

        • waterslide wankers says:

          No need for them to join in any cyber battle
          Their sing songs are advertising clearly the cult that they are in
          Serge is not the messiah or leader or the one.
          But its a waste of time, trying to bring reality to the lovingly hypnotized.

        • Zornig (angry) says:

          Here’s some more German words……

          Gefahrlich bankrott schlecht Der man
          ( dangerous, bankrupt, bad, man)
          Fuhlen die brust, kaputt die familie
          (Feel the breast, Brokendown family)

          (WAKE UP)

  43. waterslide wankers says:

    Please translate

  44. to @FieryEnergy says:

    This Twitter account is unprecedented for an Esoteric account – as weird as one might expect, but bloody funny too.

    Hello @FieryEnergy, I want to embed your Twitter feed on this site, if I don’t already know you, would you please drop the WordPress embed code into the Contact form, or email it to me? Thx.

    Hello neuen fuhrer, yes, please translate.

    Hello Maquisard, what’s this with the Lone Goat Gallery? If you want, write it up so it can go into the next gossip post – just give a short description of what’s going on.

    Hello, today’s Anon – thank you I have taken your last couple of messages seriously, but haven’t had time to get to it. I will soon. It’s a priority.

    And to everyone else, I’m too busy to do any notifications for the foreseeable future. Don’t count on me, please make notifications & complaints yourselves. Assume no one else is going to do it, because that would be correct.