Universal Medicine New Year gossip and rumblings 2015

G2Wlogo*January 23: Fabic Behaviour Specialists in cult recruitment

*January 21: Girl to Woman Festival Fail! & welcome to Naming Names Fabic’s Kate Maroney 

*January 15: Girl to Woman Festival; Commander of Light propaganda video; Universal Media Wikipedia page

Tanya Curtis

Tanya Curtis

January 23: Fabic Cult-like Behaviour Specialists Gold Coast

The repugnant Girl to Woman grooming, cult recruitment and money for nothing sales Festival unearthed another few professional groomers – welcome to the Naming Names page Fabic Behaviour Specialists‘ speech therapists, Kathryn Maroney and Annie Tran – following in the footsteps of their boss Tanya Curtis, a prize recruiter/cult investor who tells parents children with mental disabilities are affected by entities.

Annie Tran

Annie Tran

Kate Maroney

Kate Maroney

Kathryn Maroney tried tweeting misleading Festival promos to celebrities, with little success. Annie Tran is listed for wearing cult jewellery – it’s a bit of a give away, dear. Jonathan Baldwin is trying to look useful listed as a staff member, lol. Apparently Tanya’s stuck him in charge of public relations. My advice for better PR – ditch the cult, and stop abusing your professional qualifications to inflict vulnerable families with supernatural horseshit.

January 21: Girl to Woman Festival Fail – another Real Media Real Change flop

First the cyber-bullying conference flop, then the Men’s Health & Emasculation flop, and now the putrid Girl to Woman Festival failure. The report was a little long to include here, so read it over on my blog. Cult propaganda has it that the thing had ‘hundreds of attendees’ – which is not what the photos show. More like ‘hundred of attendees’, and definitely not the ‘huge success’ they’re claiming.

January 15: Girl to Woman Festival, Lennox Head January 18

The Universal Medicine commercial religion via Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd has been attempting to heavily publicize their predatory Girl to Woman Festival to be held this weekend. Apparently they’ve had the audacity to pitch it to local community radio and media as a child welfare initiative, which reminds me of all the work Jimmy Saville did raising money for children’s hospitals.

The festival is run by the same people who have publicly announced they have no problem with their religious leader having numbers of little girls stay unaccompanied in his home over the past 20 years since his second wife moved in at 14. The same people also think it’s acceptable to expose children to sexually explicit rants, to pressure them into group disclosures of their sexual activities, and that putting their hands on genitals, anuses and breasts of sexual abuse survivors is healing. The same clowns actively bully and defame those of us who’ve publicly questioned this behaviour.

The following is a recording, I presume from a local community radio program, featuring bully in chief, Sarah Davis, and three girls coached to sell the festival. Need I say it’s disturbing that Sarah and Serge’s propaganda department are exploiting these girls to push what is frankly a commercial grooming enterprise? And luring girls and their parents with professionally marketed activities feigning personal development, and workshops on applying make-up and making Emmalee Benhayon’s perfume. Will Serge be there handing out sugar free boiled sweets?

The girls have been drilled to spruik Serge’s nihilistic creed of victimhood and bloody minded hypocrisy: – the world is a scary and threatening place, school is a bad experience, it’s hard to truly find oneself, and the way to cope is to come to the festival and pay to belong to a nasty new church that is hostile to questions and alternative viewpoints.

I won’t post the YouTube montage for Rachel Kane’s Girl to Woman song, warbling about how girl’s become beauty-full woman. The clip features photos of a number of juvenile girls. All of the adult ‘role models’ in the montage are sell outs, making money from Universal Medicine’s predatory rubbish. A few years from now many, if not all, of those girls will utterly resent the people who condoned putting their innocent faces to a hymn to a commercial molestation and death cult.

Universal Medicine front groups

I’ve organized all of UM’s fronts and major recruiters onto a dedicated page, as a supplement to Naming Names, which is aimed more at identifying all the individual recruiters and Esoteric practitioners. A number of fronts are now targeting children and youth.

Google Removals & Wikipedia entry

Last month I posted links Universal Medicine paid the very dodgey Phoenix Global to have removed from Google search. Authors of the sites were not impressed, and in response, a UK skeptic began the Universal Medicine Wikipedia page, which has steadily expanded thanks to the input of a number of editors. Only two of them have been banned from Wikipedia so far.

In the process, more links were revealed to have been removed in 2014, including a link to my blog about the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry Report that slammed UM’s false and misleading health practices. Phoenix Global got that removed with a bogus copyright infringement complaint for using Desiree’s EPA logo – in spite of ‘fair use’. I didn’t try to make money out of it, I linked to the original site, and images can be used lawfully for the purpose of reporting, commentary, criticism and satire. Google ought to brush up on Australian law some time.

The Wikipedia page is looking good. It’s a bit hard to follow but there’s a talk page where editors and admins discuss editorial issues, and the large number of rules and protocols that go with editing there. As expected, the editors form two camps – UM is nothing if not polarizing – and the one or two UMers who haven’t been banned for vandalism stand out for labouring minor points repeatedly. Quelle surprise.  My fave is Choose12 declaring a conflict of interest, LOL – there’s a first time for everything for UMers! – mistakenly calling an admin ‘Judenstern’ without understanding the reference, and then referring to the book burning as ‘just a social gathering a bonfire and people burning things they did not want.’ The intelligence is blistering.

Burning books because Serge said so, yes, Choose12?

I’d like to echo commenters here and say congratulations to the team working on the entry. I notice one person became a bit cranky and stormed off the Wiki set, but I’d probably say to that person, remember Wikipedia admins are all volunteers. Unless I’ve missed something, I don’t think any of them have been unreasonable, and they appear to be running a tight ship with regards to their protocols and the encyclopaedia format. If any of those editors want to blow off steam and express opinions not allowed on Wikipedia, you’re welcome to do so here! That’s what blogs are for. Submit a guest post if you like. I’d love to see more contributors here…

Commander of Lies LOL

The Church of Serge’s German propaganda team have produced this hilarious music video – a perfect parody of the Universal Medicine cult recruitment process. It begins with a poor schmuck who can’t open the fridge without being assailed with some Esoteric haranguing. She tries to get on with her day, but UMers and their tenacious ‘joy’ and truly awful muzak will not leave her alone. The harassment continues until she gives in and joins them, plastering on a fake smile and zombie eyes, acting like a fool, and riding the ups and downs of Serge’s premium priced initiation scale on his slow moving elevator to nowhere.

The sequel hasn’t been released yet. Its working title is Universal Medicine Facts, and in that one the victim’s money and energy runs out, she starts asking questions, and Serge’s unisex Sons of God rapidly turn on her, tear her to shreds and eat her flesh.

Best viewed with ear plugs firmly embedded.

Contrast that with this bit of reality from ‘Surviving Scientology’

29 Comments on “Universal Medicine New Year gossip and rumblings 2015”

  1. murphy says:

    Nothing would surprize me with anything of the Esoteric Girl to Woman Festival, I see Serge attending, and wearing a brown overcoat, with lollipops stuck to his forehead???

    • Concerned sibling says:

      This is a disturbing “festival”. I am so concerned about what Serge will do.

      • Astral Tiger says:

        Dear Concerned sibling, here is a thought.
        Serendipity is what this requires. Dangerous as he is, Serge has some very serious limitations. Eventually his little brain will implode back to Sirius and the cult will fall apart. Cults always do because they are built on lies and stupidity.The best we can do is to be around for any of the sad people who have been drawn into Universal Medicine’s squalid mind games and hope they eventually see the light. In the meantime, it seems to me, we must continue our efforts to expose Serge for the charlatan he is and try to contain the effect of his seedy practices. He will slip up eventually and the Sword of Damocles will rain down on him like an avenging angel.
        I try not to be too judgemental about those who have been sucked in by Serge’s insidious practices. Whilst there is no doubt that some of them are deeply unpleasant people, the real culprits are the senior recruiters, Chris James for example, who has recently been trying to revitalise the miserable teachers are gold nonsense and the unscrupulous doctors you find in the name and shame pages.
        If you have lost a loved one to the cult it is unlikely that you will be able to help. Certainly, criticism of the cult will drive them deeper into Serge’s clutches. Serge revels in this, it makes him feel powerful but the truth is he is just as vulnerable to natural justice as any other organism that enjoys life on our planet. His time will come and good things will happen, of this I am sure. Take care and don’t worry too much.

        • W. Harper says:

          Very wise words Astral Tiger.

        • Thanks Astral Tiger you have made me feel better. My sibling is heavily involved in UM. I have distanced myself from my sibling.

        • Nobody says:

          Hmmm. Thanks Astral Tiger but……

          While I also believe the cult will eventually implode it doesn’t help my child who is currently being groomed.

          I’ll worry for the time being, at least until Serge is either behind bars for defrauding the commonwealth or locked in a secure mental facility. To not worry at this stage would be inappropriate.

          Now off to another appointment with the lawyers. The house deposit is long gone.

        • Astral Tiger says:

          Hi Nobody.
          Thanks for pulling me up on that one.
          I should have been more precise about the worry factor. I have been though the downward spiral the cult so efficiently creates for those who do not share in their beliefs and am out the other side. Easy for me to be reasonable and calm. I suspect that if they had managed to suck one of my children into their grubby little group my level of worry would have turned quite nasty. I was very lucky.
          Absolutely we worry, forgive me or not being clear about that.

        • Concerned sibling says:


          I understand how you are feeling. I am behind you 110%. Until Serge & his family are locked up or buried there are still many concerns for family members not in the UM cult.
          Strength is being sent to you in your fight. You have a cheer squad here.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Astral Tiger. Thank you for your response. I have a sibling who is mentioned on the name & shame page. This sibling is heavily involved in everything UM. I appreciate your comments as they help me with support & people that understand.

  3. thepelvicboneconnectedtothescammershand says:

    That is the creepiest song and clip I’ve seen
    A real paedophile’s hymn
    Girl to woman, why Serge?
    Your obsession is sick
    Photos of toddlers with the lyrics that they are turning into women
    How brainwashed are the mother’s in this cult to allow their children to be exposed and used like this to the extent that their natural protective motherly instincts are supressed
    In years to come, when it all collapses, and Serge and family pack up their property deeds and disappear, you will be left to answer your daughter’s as to why you did not protect them from such obvious danger

  4. universal mediscammers suck says:

    Thank god busking in supermarkets is prohibited in australia

  5. passthebucket says:

    Re Commander of light clip
    UMers you don’t fool me
    That girl in the clip was already a convert
    Only a UMer would have a fridge that small!

  6. siriusly stoopid says:

    Imagine pushing your trolley round Cole’s in Goonellabah to find the Baldwin’s ballading on about pranic food in the bakery.
    Or Miranda setting up the mike in the dairy section.
    Natalie could shimmy her way through confectionary and coffee
    While Michael could strum a song on the guitar whilst shooting the tube at the Ballina waterslide.
    Maybe there’s a position in UM marketing up for grabs after the German effort.
    Oh dear, makes you want to run out and join up!!!!

  7. murphy says:

    Today is um’s sickening big day, converting our vulnerable young girls and young womenfolk into the brain washing and damage that is produced by such a Festival? Yes, where are the responsible parents? Some maybe as naïve and vulnerable,, and unknowingly do not know that the festival and the supercilious big false smiles of the Benhayon’s and false caring and loving kindness is just a way of making more $$$, and gathering more people into the cult.
    Shame on the Ballina newspaper for advertising this so called festival, in Saturday’s news?

    • Concerned sibling says:

      Looking at the photos on facebook I see a going girl aged 7 with her mother. This sends chills through my body. I am hugely concerned. Why is this mother so brainwashed she takes her daughter to this event? I wish I could have stopped this but how do you compete with all the propaganda that UM used on their followers?

      • Darkly Venus says:

        I hear you,and believe me I share your frustration. UM attempted to get publicity through various media outlets and community groups, and much was refused (ignored) due to their poor reputation. Some publicity was halted when notified of UM’s sexual abuse apologism and harassment of complainants – on their own site – and previous bad press. And then there’s the likes of the Northern Star, and its gutless enabler editor, David Kirkpatrick. Thanks for nothing, David.

        I’m wondering if anyone reading contacted media outlets to complain? Schools, community groups? Or did you leave it to me?

        Did anyone apart from me take action to try and protect local children?

        • Anonymous says:

          Point taken. More people have to stick their necks out and take initiative and warn the media, schools, community facilities etc and the public.

          Even if the warning was as simple as “Are you comfortable supporting this group” (and then a link to say the wiki UM page).

          Esther takes a lot of the workload regards this activity and it needs to be shared.

    • Anonymous says:

      Which Ballina newspaper advertised it? Anyone have a copy or link?

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Hi Murphy, could you let us know the name of the newspaper? Please post it in the comments.

  8. murphy says:

    The Northern Star dated 17 January 2015 in the advertising section. On what/where to go at the weekend. I agree with you instead of blogging on, we need to be proactive.
    Ad for Girl to Woman.
    Chris James at Yoga Festival….
    Ballina Shire Advocate date of delivery 14th January 2015 and paper delivered to your door?

  9. murphy says:

    Strange, I submitted 2 comments to the Northern Star as they were asking people “what we thought of of the new layout, now both articles are of the radar?

    • Anonymous says:

      Mmmm.? That nth star link you provided above now links to ‘page not found’. Are there disappearing comments and pages at the Northern Star’s website, maybe?

      • Darkly Venus says:

        Try this one http://www.northernstar.com.au/news/things-to-do/2513427/ I’ll correct it in Murphy’s post to avoid confusion. Odd. Looks like slash came up as 1. Maybe a cut & paste error?

        • Getting Sirius ... says:

          Did many attend? It seems UM targets the young & vulnerable with minimal critical faculties (perpetuated by deriding tertiary education). Devotees are steeped in impressive sounding mainly nonsensical drivel & a nutritionally depleted diet until their brain atrophies, result: mindless loyal zombies.

        • Anonymous says:

          The Northern Star is deserving of a serving for publishing that puff-piece without researching it. And for not revealing links to UM and what their purpose is for the targeting of girls by the group.

  10. murphy says:

    Sorry my mistake, your right 1 instead of /
    I really do not understand why my 2 comments were removed completely from my screen, as after writing my comments, I hit the submit button of the Northern Star article.

  11. nothing too sirius says:

    Tie me entity down sport
    Tie me entity down
    Jumped on me from a bottle of port, sport
    So tie me entity down
    All together now
    Hope yr Australia Day celes were fun
    Heard they broke out a few extra sticks of celery over at UM
    Keep up the good work exposing the most obvious cult to normal thinking people

  12. anon says:

    Take your prrrana back jack
    Take your prrrana back
    Serge is a total whack, jack
    So take your prrrana back
    All together now

  13. Anonymous says:

    Psychology graduates? Predatory “behaviour Specialists” assisting in grooming/manipulating new girl recruits? And who promote that children with mental disabilities are affected by entities?

    Where do UM get these characters from? From the nutters of all nutters directory?