Universal Medicine cult gossip and festivity – December 2014

College of Universal Medicine property at Wollongbar

College of Universal Medicine property at Wollongbar

*December 27: Quote of the year

*December 23: ☆Merry Christmas☆ Christmas Wishlist, Wikipedia edits

*December 22: Universal Medicine attempts to manipulate Wikipedia entry

*December 21: Universal Medicine’s censorship debacle: Phoenix Global in trouble and the Streisand Effect

*December 11: Launch of Serge’s tax exempt Wollongbar church.


Another year has flown past – faster than a pranic entity chasing a can of VB. Here we are in December capping a year of the cult outdoing themselves with public self immolation, which they thought was an attempt to annihilate criticism. A highlight from the last couple of months was that the same ‘role models’ responsible for UM’s public admission of sexual abuse apologism, bullying and stupidity, stepped up publicity for their Girl to Woman Festival, a commercialized grooming exercise to be held at Lennox Head next month.

December 27: Quote of the year

In a year that ended with an intense reaction from UM critics to the cult’s underhanded attempts at censorship, and where the cult instructed followers not to read critical sites, and escalated their recruitment pitch to youth – especially young women, I found this quote particularly apt:

Brainwashing is a very deceptive thing. People don’t know when they are brainwashed. Brainwashing happens when somebody gives you one side of the story and they give it long enough to you that you believe it. Maria Ann Hirschmann, former Nazi youth leader.

December 23: ☆Merry Christmas☆

Righto duckies! Thanks for joining us for another year!  Over on the Accountability blog, I’ve posted a combined celebration of Christmas and two years of Universal Medicine Accountability, rounding up our second year of activism against the Bogan Messiah and his army of religious customers.

That and the list of censored URLs should give you plenty to occupy yourselves over the festive break, but if you get really bored and hard up for laughs, you could look back at last year’s cult meme comp entries. Princess isn’t around to run the thing this year. As soon as the public defamations kicked off earlier this year, she dug out her passport and made herself scarce. She logs in once in a while to poke fun at Andy Baldwin etc. but last I heard, she was in Nevada for the Burning Bitch Festival – launching her performance art impression of Desiree Delaloye.

Anyway, Merry Christmas!! I’m looking forward to Sourpuss Sarah Davis’ annual pseudo legal threat on Xmas morning. Merry Christmas, Sarah and enjoy your festive pea soup. If she really loosens up she might allow herself to gnaw on an extra almond.

Whatever. I’ll be enjoying our beautiful region, chomping on banana prawns and imbibing Tasmanian cuvée.

If anyone’s looking for me otherwise, I’ll either be on or under a wave.

Christmas wish list

Way down in the comment section below, in response to Bob the ambivalent troll, I wrote a neat little list in answer to his question about what I want from UM. It was a fair question. I mean why would a suburban nobody like me bother bullying  a cashed up religious leader, his legal team, his clan, his multi-million dollar corporation and hundreds of his most devoted investors and their legal fund?

Here’s what I’d like from Universal Medicine. The list features the same things any member of the public should expect from a health service that is running charities:

  • Full transparency in business practices
  • Behave accountably and eliminate misconduct, abuse and dishonesty
  • Comply with laws and industry regulations
  • Ensure honesty in advertising (i.e. disclosing supernatural/occult beliefs in publicity, publicly advertise all events, healing sessions and course structures, full disclosure of fees and charges, stop advertising false accreditation)
  • Ensure honesty in applications for government grants
  • Declare all conflicts of interest
  • Stop defaming critics
  • Stop all attempts at censorship
  • Stop making false legal and regulatory complaints as a form of intimidation and censorship
  • Answer the questions and respond to concerns in an honest and civilised fashion
  • Quit taking money from people for bogus therapies like chakra-puncture and esoteric breast massage
  • Knock it off with the anti-social ‘humanity is rot’ and ‘male energy’ is carcinogenic teachings
  • Practice tolerance of non UM philosophies and therapeutic modalities
  • Hands off erogenous zones, especially of minors and sexual abuse survivors
  • Halt covert hypnosis without informed consent
  • Halt exorcisms on children
  • Quit exposing children to age inappropriate presentations featuring rants on sex and violence
  • And stop sending juvenile girls to stay at Serge’s house!

I can’t see Santa cramming any of that down my chimney.

Wikipedia edits

It looks as though the Universal Medicine Wikipedia page is attracting a few edits. If any of you are tempted to add to or alter material on that page, please observe the Wikipedia sourcing policy. You need to back every statement with a citation from a reliable, independent source, as in a Parliamentary report or a news media report or article from a respected third party publication – not the self published tomes or blogs of lunatic cult leaders and their sycophants. I notice someone added a sentence about Raph Aron counselling ex followers, but did not add a citation to the Courier Mail article it came from. Please make sure all such statements are verifiable with references/citations, otherwise you’ll find the admins will delete your entries, and if you persist, you’ll be banned like Terri-Anne Connors, lol.

December 22: Universal Medicine attempts to manipulate Wikipedia entry

Thank you to the anonymous person who sent these links. In response to Universal Medicine’s underhanded censorship pitches, some supporters set up a Wikipedia entry on UM in the last few days. Predictably, as soon as UM got wind of it, they sent the propaganda minions to implant the cult’s ‘real story®’.

We know Terri-Anne Connors as one of the propaganda Brides who works as a Human Resources consultant for the Australian College of Massage, now Evolve College, which has merged with UM. Terri-Anne is project manager for the cult’s vast internet network of sites and password protected communications.

ConsiderThisAgain is probably Rebecca Baldwin?

A look at the page’s edit history, shows ConsiderThisAgain/Rebecca whingeing:

Fleshing out the profile on UM to a more balanced and accurate statement…

This is a company and no religion, the writer of this article is trying to defame this company – and has done so over the last 3 years online and offline. We are dealing with sophisticated trolls here.

She, he or it was subsequently blocked. ‘Sophisticated trolls’ LOL. As opposed to unsophisticated ones, Rebecca? And UM isn’t a religion? That’s not what the official website says, and that’s not what Serge tried to sell to the charity commissions in Australia and the UK.

Wikipedia is not a venue for advertising “alternative” health practitioners. Your edits are rather obviously the product of an agenda orthogonal to our core principles…22:31, 21 December 2014 (UTC)

Yes, Rebecca, Terri-Anne and Serge, Wikipedia doesn’t tolerate vandalism from propagandists. 

December 21: Censorship EPIC FAIL

The Streisand Effect

The Streisand effect is the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet.

…Streisand unsuccessfully sued photographer Kenneth Adelman and Pictopia.com for violation of privacy. The US$50 million lawsuit endeavored to remove an aerial photograph of Streisand’s mansion from the publicly available collection of 12,000 California coastline photographs. Adelman photographed the beachfront property to document coastal erosion as part of the California Coastal Records Project, which was intended to influence government policymakers. Before Streisand filed her lawsuit, “Image 3850” had been downloaded from Adelman’s website only six times; two of those downloads were by Streisand’s attorneys. As a result of the case, public knowledge of the picture increased substantially; more than 420,000 people visited the site over the following month. Wikipedia

Christmas came early for me this year. On December 17, I posted a list of URLs the cult has had removed from Google Search results, mostly for Google searches for ‘Serge Benhayon’ and ‘Paula Fletcher Universal Law’. I then went about informing authors of the sites, including Reasonable Hank and Doubtful News that they had been censored. They weren’t happy, and blogged about it.

Doubtful News: Web pages, including ours, deemed “critical” of Universal Medicine removed from Google Search results

James Randi Educational Forum: Esoteric Healing organization used Google blocking to manipulate their online reputation

Neurologica Blog: Universal Medicine uses Google to silence critics 

The links were removed in 2013, presumably because they contain the word cult. I’ve not found any links removed in 2014, which suggests Google got tired of Paula Fletcher lying to them about Sergio’s intention to take legal action. I repeat – neither he nor UM have issued us with any legal threats – apart from bogus copyright complaints.

The attempt at censorship succeeded in readers not being able to locate some key links, however the cult may or may not have learned that it only increased our determination to expose them – and anti UM sentiment has only proliferated. The revelation they too were the targets of cult censorship has reinvigorated UM’s public critics and brought more attention to our sites, and the material the cult sought to quash.

It also took readers of those sites to UM’s for what UM likes to call ‘the real story’. From one of the commenters on Doubtful News:

the fact that they have a ‘why Universal Medicine isn’t a cult’ page is far more telling than any other information they have on their website

Phoenix Global head, Michael Featherstone arrested

On December 19, I had a phone call in the morning from a journalist whose article was one of those the cult tried to have taken down from Google searches. He asked me about Phoenix Global and then told me, its head, PI and ex cop, Michael Featherstone had been arrested as part of an ongoing fraud and kidnapping plot investigation.

I’d been tweeting about Phoenix Global’s connection with UM the evening before.

Zach Featherstone, Phoenix Global's 'internet reputation coordinator

Zach Featherstone, Phoenix Global’s ‘internet reputation coordinator’

Phoenix Global have been security contractors to UM since early last year. The Chilling Effects site shows they were responsible for some of the complaints to Google. Phoenix Global also had my Facebook pages shut down a few months ago. Facebook offers no redress and would not disclose the nature of the complaints – probably more false copyright infringement nonsense. They told me to contact Phoenix Global and I dealt with Michael’s son, Zach Featherstone, their ‘internet reputation coordinator’, who issues legal complaints but has no law qualifications. Zach also refused to disclose the basis of the complaints, citing the complaints template is bound by ‘intellectual property’ constraints, LOL.

Featherstone was an ex drug squad cop who left the force under a cloud after $20K of drug money went missing from the Southport watch house. He has been found to be in business with bikie gangs and involved in sports betting scams.

The companies, which advertise horse-racing betting software and other investments, are alleged to have defrauded hundreds of people across Australia in scams worth millions of dollars…

…a parallel investigation by the ABC’s 7.30 program has uncovered evidence of the involvement of Mr Featherstone and Phoenix Global, not only with two of these companies but a range of alleged Gold Coast scams dating back almost 10 years.

They are linked to the Gold Coast private investigator in various ways – through his involvement in recruiting and managing patsy directors on behalf of others, by his own direct role as a director or shareholder, or by his providing advice on how to set up, run and protect such operations. ABC News

Sound like anyone we know? Appointing his clueless daughter and spaced out Desiree Delaloye and other sycophants as company directors for his various rackets?

The ABC has identified dozens of customers of UKHBB who between them lost almost $4 million.

The reports on December 19, paint an ugly picture. Featherstone allegedly posed as an employee of Australian MP and mining magnate, Clive Palmer, luring a banking executive and witness in a civil lawsuit against one of his clients to an island off Bali to conduct a ‘job interview’. The executive was allegedly detained, threatened and coerced into retracting his evidence.

Crook and Featherstone were charged on Friday with attempting to pervert the course of justice, retaliation against a witness and attempted fraud against NAB.

…police would allege Crook, Smith and Featherstone were all present and directly involved in threatening the banker, who was lured to the Indonesian island of Batam in January 2013 on the pretext of a job offer with the Palmer United party.

“They were all there, the three of them, on a little island of Indonesia,” Niland said. The Guardian

In other words, none of us were surprised to find self appointed messiah, Serge Benhayon – he who portrays himself as the model of energetic integrity, and who deems charity, altruism and dairy products non-Esoteric and evil, is associated with an old school Gold Coast organized crime figure and standover thug.

Thank you to one of our sleuth readers, here is Mick doing his bit to promote his favourite religion on Pinterest.

I don’t doubt for a second we’ve been under surveillance by these goons, who were probably disappointed to find no dirt they could use. We are very bloody ordinary. Unlike SergeCorp.

As a client of Featherstone’s, Sergio the bullshitter is in appropriate company.

Phoenix Global has provided “compliance” services to a range of companies on the Gold Coast, some of which are race-betting operations registered in Vanuatu.

It specialises in finding and removing adverse or defamatory internet posts about its clients, and offers investigative services to people facing criminal charges.

Mr Featherstone’s clients have included convicted child rapist John Chardon, whose wife Novy is missing, presumed dead; convicted fraudster Glenn Connelly; and Mario Girardo, who was jailed in 2010 over kidnap and extortion.

He has also worked for three-time bankrupt property spruiker and so-called “King Con” Dudley Quinlivan, and is a director of several companies connected to Michael King, who is being prosecuted by ASIC for allegedly acting dishonestly over a $150 million loan. ABC News

UM’s response of course, was what we’ve come to expect:

Cult lawyer Paula Fletcher's learned response

Cult lawyer Paula Fletcher’s learned response. I’m ‘linked’ with a Professor of Medicine and a group of scientists. She’s in with organized criminals.

December 11: The launch of Serge Benhayon’s tax exempt Wollongbar church

This weekend is UniMed Saturday and Sergio Sunday (formerly known as Esoteric Development Group weekends or something but rebranded when the Charity Commission started asking questions.) The big announcement is that there’s been a venue change. The cult’s longstanding monthly mind mash sessions have moved from Lennox Head Community Centre to the College of Universal Medicine property at 37 Converys Lane, Wollongbar, which the cult is now calling the ‘beautiful new “Hall of Ageless Wisdom”‘. In the past, a venue change has usually meant that the cult has been evicted from some property or other – Bond University for example. Lismore City Hall.

Either way, it’ll save Serge the expense of all that black plastic for covering the windows – to keep out the prying eyes of the Four Lords of Form.

This weekend is their end of year Esoteric knees up. The relationships development group has been cancelled, because the cult no longer has any relationships of worth. And they never did any development. It’s all regression. Instead the cult members will cop a marketing event for Chris and Jenny James’ new album Return to Love if we can find it among all this whingeing and hate. After that the Soul-full Sounds choir will wail out a hymn to self love and Esoteric Breast Massage. 5 pm is a break for Esoteric sustenance, where followers will pick through each other’s morsels to see if there’s anything they can eat.

Please bring a plate of Gluten & Dairy Free Food to share. To cater for everyones different dietary needs it would be appreciated if you could bring a sign listing the ingredients of your shared dish. Thank you.

And at 6 pm it’ll be Glorious Music’s turn to flog Miranda and Michael’s latest grind, Road Gloria, which must be a typo.

The muzak will be marketed as perfect energetically correct Christmas gifts, and the lemmings will buy multiple copies to inflict on long suffering loved ones. Merry Christmas 😦

Sergio Sunday is a workshop (entry $75) based on “Expression is everything” is not just an esoteric fact it is a Universal Science. LOL. It’s the perfect conclusion for a year where Universal Medicine experimented with the Science of collective bitching, moaning and false and defamatory expression. To Universal ridicule.

Aside from all the silliness, the significance of the venue change is that it confirms what we’ve said all along. The College of UM charity is a building fund for the construction of a commercial premises for Serge Benhayon and his tribe of holy halfwits. The Hall of Ageless Wisdom is the premises for which he’s been raising tax exempt funds to reduce his business overheads. In other words, the Australian government is subsidizing cult recruitment and large scale exploitation and abuse for Benhayon’s financial benefit and self glorification. It’s the same set up as the UK Sound Foundation. Universal Medicine conned followers into funding a commercial building. UM then hires a little used facility at a massively discounted rate – when they’re not using it on the sly for unpublicised commercial activities – for free.

88 Comments on “Universal Medicine cult gossip and festivity – December 2014”

  1. Murphy says:

    Well, well, well What will Serge Benhayon and his/her group of Musketeers get up to next with there charitable free enterprise? church called the ” Hall of Ageless Wisdom” ? I was told a decade or so ago, that the easy way of making money, was to start a new Church, but as I am an Honest person, I could never have done so, as I do not believe in the principle, of conning the vulnerable people of our Community. But I see that Serge has other ideas with his ideals. Shame on you, You glorious one……….

  2. Bob Dylan says:

    The funds were raised by the student body you halfwit. Charitable funds are kept separate and are routinely audited by the authorities. Although you tossers obviously dont want the truth getting in the way of a crappy story. Nobody is buying what you say. Nobody gives a shit. And it seems your campaign to bring UM to their knees has done the opposite.

    Just so you know, UM is not my cup of tea. But I know plenty of people that I have had their lives changed for the better through its teachings. I also know some that have decided its not for them and walked away. But you take the cake for the ‘ohhh they done wrong by me, I is gonna make em pay’ you sad mental case. Get a life woman, for Christs sake.

    They won’t say it, but I will. You are a sour excuse for a human. Your online rantings are only making you look stupid. Keep it up. It gives us onlookers entertainment from time to time.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Lol, I suppose that’s Esoteric love in action.

      I’ll think you’ll find the ACNC gave a shit when they required Serge to sign an undertaking that he would not profit from the charity. The OLGR also gave a shit, and so did the cult when they decided not to renew their charitable fundraising authority after it had been challenged. Oh and the UK Charity Commission gave a large enough shit to issue a compliance plan to the Sound Foundation. All of which is documented Bob Dillard starship2478@hotmail.com ISP

      So would you like to name the parts of the anatomy where Serge’s hand is located in the photos?

      Oh and my online rantings attract hundreds of pageviews per day, every day, for two years, with a growing readership, and more readers contacting me with their concerns. I would think my readers might be bored by now if I looked that stupid.

    • Phil-osopher says:

      While Im here Bob- I think you’re blowing in the wind. My lovely ex handed over a bundle of hard earned to the aussie runt for ghostly manor down the road without so much as a fucking how you going. First I heard about it was when my bank statement was missing a few zero’s. Right about the time I found out I was an abusive bastard and sexually imposing. And I was evacuated to a flat across town. So Bobby boy ,if Unimed isnt your cuppa, then why the fuck are you defending it? I’ve seen the lemmings lining up when the master arrives 1st class and I’d say if thats a change for the better, then bring on the zombie apocalypse.
      At least it’ll make more sense.

    • trolling, much? says:

      Don’t feed the troll.

      Bob doesn’t know anyone who is affiliated with UM and he doesn’t know anything about UM, he’s just bored and was idly trawling the internet to see if he could stir up some shit somewhere. Anywhere.

      Just ignore.

    • W. Harper says:

      For someone who says that UM is not their cup of tea you seem to have quite a keen knowledge of their financial workings, Mr Dillard.

      And a rather aggressive and unloving turn of phrase.

      I would be one of many who does give a ****, and who thanks the authors of this blog and the many others working to expose and inform in spite of a torrent of online and real world abuse.

  3. Murphy says:

    Hurrah for Bob Dylan, did I hit a raw nerve there?
    I know if it was not for the Health Activists putting in a lot of their time and effort, there would be a few people, at the least, be dead by now.
    I personally applaud Esther Rockett and Darkly Venus and others for their tenacity in launching their education against Universal Medicine. And making other people aware of what really goes on, behind the scene, and an,awareness to the works of U.M.
    God bless you Bob.

  4. Bob Dylan says:

    Haha authorities monitoring, scrutinizing and regulating charity’s when accused of misappropriation. Wow that’s a new one!
    Eat your bananas, climb up the tree, dance swing around and scream. The tourists will point and laugh, the locals will ignore you. Like I said nobody gives a shit. But it does provide some low level entertainment.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      You’re right, Bob. Nobody gives a shit. Except you for some reason – trolling on behalf of the ‘student body’. Authorities don’t monitor or scrutinize charity’s (sic) when ‘accused’ at all. Read carefully now. Authorities don’t act on accusations, as your mates found when they made numerous complaints about me. Authorities investigate evidence, as they did in those three cases. They act on the findings of their investigations. No evidence, no investigation, no action.

      ‘trolling much?’ Bob would be one of the conflicted UMers who lurches from Esoteric lovey-dove to hitting the bottle & failing anger management – perhaps offering Richard a ‘fucking slap in the mouth’. He’s off his gentle breaths for the holidays. Serge likes to have a few of them around to look frightening.

      I don’t mind him visiting. UM trolls do wonders for the pageviews.

      You didn’t answer the question Bob. Where is Serge’s hand? Name the parts of the anatomy.

      • Prana Torana says:

        I will answer for Bob if he is unable to.

        “Serge’s hand is enjoying grabbing the crotch of some misled girl under the illusion that he is healing her of something occultish”, correct Bob? Whether she is underage or not will not be revealed by UM, but that doesn’t matter to them.

        These type of things people DO give a shit about!

      • Bob Dylan says:

        I think you are confusing me with someone that cares. It is you who has nothing better to do than spend hours trolling the internet for sympathizers to your cause. ‘Doing wonders for your page viewers’ is obviously what is important to you. Maybe its you who is the narcissist.

        Serge would be in arrested by now if half your accusations and so called ‘evidence’ were true. You should ask yourself why the pictures have not led to any legal action. Or don’t they qualify as ‘evidence?’ I fail to see anything that qualifys for legal action.

        It is you who is the troll. I am just saying what I think . That doesn’t mean I have anything to do with UM. I don’t do the UM thing. It’s not for me. Nobody I know has treated me lesser for it.

        You need to get a life girl. But I doubt you will. You get off on this crap.

        • Darkly Venus says:

          The pageviews are rather important when we are presenting information the cult conceals up against more than a dozen UM websites and aggressive and sustained attempts at censorship and harassment. Hundreds of them and a corporation against a few of us is a little extreme don’t you think?

          Oh, sorry, you don’t care. You were having a go at me last night before sleepy byes and first thing this morning, but you don’t care where Serge’s hand is, or how old that girl is, or how much your friends have spent or how many people they’ve burned. Or how many cancer patients they pursue for their cash and estates.

          The only thing between our evidence and a conviction for Serge is more complainants. Why would they speak up when the likes of you are attempting to trash us x 300 or so, including a clutch of lawyers?

          What parts of the anatomy? How old is the girl?

  5. Prana Torana says:

    Did Bob, the UM aggressive fringe supporter, just refer to Serge as a “narcisist”? Correct!

    Something or someone’s obviously upset UM’s master plan of late and as usual they’re blaming Esther. Dispatching their closed-fisted aggressive support-group nutters to throw around some uneducated insults to scare off the many timid.

    • Bob Dylan says:

      Pay attention now Prana T…..

      Esther, and the likes of you has accused Sergio of being a narcissist…. I simply mirrored it back. ‘Maybe its you who is the narcissist.’
      But this is what you guys do. Twist words around to suit your delusions.

      Um has nothing to do with what I have to say. Fact of matter is they would probably not want me to get involved or say anything. But I don’t care what they say or the things you imply about me. I’m saying what I think. Something E has openly encouraged.

      As far as I can tell UM is going from strength to strength. 2 years of free advertising and exposure has apparently done wonders for their business.

      I once knew a business man that was accused of not paying his staff right. He was on the news and in the papers. He told me that business was flat out after that.

      Keep up the good work. It’s interesting how these things play out in our strange world.

      • WTF says:

        Mate you never thought about why UM doesn’t want you to get involved or say anythig?

        They must have a low opinion of you or they think you might get convinced by Ester? both?

        Hilarious case studies by the way where you took the words of shonks. of course their business is booming according to them.

  6. Bob Dylan says:

    You started all this Esther. Your vile posts have set the precedent for all that followed. What did you expect? Flowers on your door step?

    I care about what is true. I care about people being held to account for their criminal actions.
    Read carefully E…. I don’t care about your rantings. You have nothing. If you did, Serge and half his team would be arrested. Keep trying though. I will be the first to applaud you if you find anything criminal. Nobody is above the law.

    Sorry, you do seem obsessed with that picture. Yes it seems the hands are near/on close the vagina/vulva. Her age is not printed on her crotch so I can’t answer the second part of your stupid question. Give it to the authorities E. You never know they might make consensual therapy’s against the law. We will call it ‘The Rocket Act of 2014’

    By the posts here. It seems you have a bit of a cult following yourself.
    Go team ‘Rocket’

    • Prana Torana says:

      Bob doesn’t seem to understand that it’s quite legal to groom minors and to touch them on the genitals at UM Goonellabah and Wollongbar. UMs ability to skirt the law doesn’t make it moral or ethical though.

      Bob’s use of the word “vile” seems to suggest he reads much UM propaganda. Enjoy the brainwashing weekend at church at Wollongbar Bob, you immoral fool.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Bob, you are as naive as the members. And if you don’t have a stake why stick your neck out and be so aggressive? Here are the facts. We’ve been in contact with over 100 families with concerns about their loved ones who have undergone personality changes that have ended up often splitting up the family. Many of the members spent family money without discussing it, because Serge told them to. We are in contact with people who have lost their estates to Serge. We know of people who delayed medical treatments for esoteric ‘healing’
      We know of kids that have been traumatized.

      I don’t know which community you’re living in, but in my parts UM is generally reviled as many people have had friends/associate/family members involved, and almost with exception the story they tell is of a change that while the member thinks it is positive, they have found frightening. A common story is how they were rejected because they had ‘entities’.

      Is that positive Bob?

      You might not like the blogs or even Venus/Esthers writing style, but each week people come forward with more tales of woe.

      You are entitled to your opinion, but that is all it is. You’re doing exactly what the members are doing and basing your ‘opinions’ on a lack of information. There is a known cognitive bias where we base our beliefs on the small amount of information we have and discount the vast amount of information we clearly don’t have.

      You’re doing just that.

      Members make the same ludicrous assertion that if there was something criminal or illegal there would have been a action or an arrest.

      But let me ask you Bob, if no one looks will anything ever happen? And if one looks and no one listens, what is the way you would go about trying to tell the world?

      You make the false assumption that regulators do their jobs and getting people to act- often on old events- is easy. It isn’t. But we can assure you Bob, the evidence exists in spades that Serge has not been truthful about his past and that there are things of very serious concern.

      That’s the information you don’t have Bob that makes your opinion glib nonsense.

      Furthermore Bob, it is obvious without any particular evidence- though it exists- that the charity is dubious. Do you imagine the students would have really gathered and said “let’s get loads of money together and improve Serge’s property so we can lease some of it back from him”” or is it more likely Serge ‘suggested it’?

      What do you think Bob? of course we have notes and recordings of him doing just that so we don’t have to speculate. And do you think when he suddenly resigned as chairman of the charity when the ACNC started investigating, that was just a co-incidence…Bob?

      And finally – if you are not an invested member, I wonder how it is you agree that one man can claim to have the answers to everything and not notice that there is something wrong with that.

      You’re right, we’re all slightly narcissistic- but there’s not many of us going around claiming to be a member of an elite spiritual group bringing the world into higher awareness- or something.

      I have a funny feeling Esthers pay off is slightly less handsome that Serge’s Bob.

      Own up, or wake up Bob.

      But thanks for your ‘opinion’.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey Bob, chill man. My, you are an angry bunny. If you want to know why Esther and the rest of us are so pissed about Segio and the brides you really should attend one of the halfwit meetings, maybe gen-up on pranic colours etc. Bad manners to be so down on people who actually care about humanity.

  7. Prana Torana says:

    Note that UM Bob used the term “consensual therapy’s” in the context of (arguably) a minor having her genitals massaged by the unqualified.

    This is what pro-fiddler UM supporters like Bob will never grasp. A MINOR CANNOT GIVE CONSENT TO BEING TOUCHED UP. Get it?

    I know UM Bob and his gang would like this not to be true. Perhaps UM and Bob need to lobby the State to have consent standards changed in law. Write to your local member Bob.


  8. Murphy says:

    Bob, I have studied anatomy and physiology and I would definitely say, that the male’s hand are definitely on the vagina/vulva area and the other hand is placed on the females breasts. What would you call that??? Recently Rolf Harris is now spending 5 years in jail, along with the Hey Dad Star, and many more males are ending up in jail doing the very same thing as the person in those photographs. I would call it sexual abuse not esoteric healing as there is no such words and the courts would agree with that. Regardless of age, though I must say if the female was under 16 years of age, then he has much to account for. We are being bombarded on the nightly news of men who have performed these acts on other females, going back to the early seventies and now that women are being treated rightly by the court system, these Predators are being caught out. As I said before it will take time, but eventually the whole affair with Universal Medicine will be made to account for their actions.

  9. Esther Rockett says:

    I started it, ‘Bob’? Er, no. Serge started it the minute he started preying on people. We just happen to be the people who haven’t backed down to the intimidation.

    At least Bob has had the guts to come here, read some of the material and attempt to answer, so well done Bob. You’ve gone further than any of your UM friends. It appears you’re having a crisis of faith and I applaud you for at least attempting to test what we’re saying against their line.

    You’ve contradicted yourself. You’re saying you’d congratulate us if Serge was charged, but until that happens you’ll abuse us for exposing his secretive wrongdoings. Rather than determine for yourself what’s right or wrong from the evidence and questions we present.

    You’re saying the inappropriate touching is wrong if the girl is underaged, but because you don’t know her age we’re wrong to ask the question.

    You’re talking about consent, but as Prana Torana says, an underaged person cannot consent. Also, AHMAC is proposing changing legislation to make sure unqualified scam artists can’t molest people under a pretence of healing. Consent to a deception is not consent.

    Are you saying that Esoteric healing is genuine? Not a deception? Even though you’re not interested in it…?

    Are you saying that touching the vulvas of sexual abuse survivors is an acceptable practice? Having teen girls put their names and photo portraits to testimonials saying Serge is not a paedophile or groomer is okay?

    You’re okay with all of that? And with all the points the LOF made? Traumatized children? Psychotic episodes coming out of healing workshops? Entities that rape babies?

    Every phrase you’ve uttered, apart from some of the name calling and sarcasm, is a cult line.

    As for the cult of Rockett – did you notice I allowed your comments, and I addressed every point you’ve attempted to make? Have you seen my comments on the cult sites? When has Serge ever answered any questions?

    I’m happy to trash UM for the trash it is, but where have I trashed other faiths, healing modalities or humanity as a whole, as Serge does? Is anyone walking around speaking in jargon I’ve invented? Is anyone paying for my teachings? Listening repeatedly to recordings I’ve made? Have I told anyone how to parent or how to make love? Has a regulator investigated me? Have ten news organisations reported on my activities? Have I attempted to censor anyone?

    Keep talking to us, Bob. Keep questioning. We’ll come right back atcha. You can believe or disbelieve what you want, but I would ask you to THINK first. Think it through. UM won’t tolerate that, but we will.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey Bob the knob
    You have to pick a different famous person to reincarnate yourself as, one that has passed on into the next circumcised, tattoo and tamponless stratosphere of lovely livingness lemmings where a glass of wine and the dreaded soft serve with a chocolate flake is banned so you and the nearest baby in the vicinity can’t be raped by UMpa Loompa invisable entity creature thingies!
    FOR SERGE SAKE, you can’t be serious.
    I do not know Esther or Lance but I know
    Serge and he has escalated his passive conman gig to alarming levels.
    Let me tell you there are a lot of people on the North Coast who are grateful that this cult are under constant scrutiny, and hope the whole thing collapses before too much more damage is done

  11. Cleopatra backatcha says:

    To all the UMers
    Don’t go (and pay) to the “hall of ageless wisdom” this weekend.
    Get together, rent out Monty Pythons “Life of Brian” have a laugh (at yourselves) and read between the lines.
    Serge, ” he is not the Messiah, he’s just a (dangerous) naughty boy”

  12. Joan of Arc(turus) says:

    Firstly, Bob the Dill(an)
    Ok, so UM is not your cup of tea
    Thank goodness because tea has caffeine in it and is a banned substance over at the Cageless Halls of Wisdom
    I have my doubts about your declaration of non devotion to UM, as you are so emotionally charged in defence of Serge, which is kinda contadictory, as we know in the cult of Benhayonism, if you are emotional your body cells will turn cancerous now and for lifetimes to come.
    Maybe you are UM’s version of a suicide bomber.

    • Latte Lou says:

      Didn’t Serge preach that Coffee was a drug, even worse than Heroin? I have been wondering then what you call the devoted members of the church of Universal Medicine and owners of The Belle General.
      Would they be referred to as ‘dealers’ or ‘pushers’?

      • Caffffffeeein says:

        Yeah and Cargo Aroma (Coffee Vans) in Mackay. The proprietor has made herself feel better by adding on the side of the vans “made with love”.what a fuckin joke. Serge doesn’t care where the money comes from and neither does Belinda from esoteric solutions.
        Coffee is a drug bitches no matter how you make it. Is that right this week Serge?

      • Lord of Form says:

        And ironically, the coffee at the Belle General is very good…

        • Latte Lou says:

          Life is far too short for very good, has to be great to drag me away from my local.

          The Knights of the round table have been wondering, if the pranic coffee is served is special symbolic clearing cups? If not do you think the evil energy left in the cups, by the coffee and then transmitted into the peppermint tea will be a problem?

          Also did you check under the chairs to see if you were being symbolically cleared in-situ?

        • Darkly Venus says:

          By the way, I would like to thank all the commenters this week. I’m not sure if it was the cult trolls that prompted more than usual comments, or whether it was the psychopath fake jihadist from the Lindt Cafe tragedy – either way, thank you, and welcome if you have not commented before. It’s always nice to have new voices here.

          A reminder to all readers, you are welcome to comment anonymously and you don’t need to include an email address. You can leave all fields blank if you like.

  13. La Métempsycose says:

    Bob may well be UM’s version of a suicide bomber Jean d’ Arc(turus) but no cause for alarm. UM suicide bombers implode… back to Sirius, I believe.

  14. Counter Cult says:

    Let the compound begin!!

  15. Joan of Arc(turus) says:

    Yes anonymous
    The maccas drive thru is so thick with invisible entities just waiting to pounce that you might as well continue driving on straight to the rape crisis centre from there.
    Or book in for a hands on purge from Serge.
    What an insult to anyone who has been sexually abused.
    We all know Serge gets very obsessed with certain things like himself, Miranda, anything sexual, money, diet, more money, elevating his children above their capacities, young girls and more money.
    He had to survive as a desperate bankrupt father of 4 young children on an income supported by an unfortunate young tennis player. Serge equates financial affluence with success, but how did you get the money. Drug dealers are also financially well off preying on addicts for their income. Exploiting people to rob them to make yourself rich has about as much integrity as robbing a bank, but with a much more personal trail of destruction.
    The black cloud of shame hangs heavily over your head, Serge, there’s no mistaking it for a halo

  16. Joan of Arc(turus) says:

    And that’s an incredibly oversized number “37” at the front gate to the halls of Sergedom.
    Is that to prevent the blindly brainwashed from mistakedly toddling next door and leaving the $ in the wrong place?!

  17. Joan of Arc(turus) says:

    You can’t be Sirius!

  18. Michel(b)an(ned)gel(at)o says:

    Who do I contact to set up my stall at the “Grooming Girls to Washed out Women Festival”
    I sort of want to make money from nothing if I can so here’s my list of items for sale
    1. Hand drawn chart of the female reproductive organs and where they are located – $5
    2. Emotionless esoteric eggs from hens guaranteed never to have cried -$10
    3. Little plastic bags of magic dirt (I know, I know its been done before) $20 hey, I had to buy the bags!
    4. Tattoo removal kit (includes sandpaper and voucher to visit John of God scalpel session) $50
    5. Circumcision kit, see above $50
    6. Dingo breakfast ( water and a good lookaround) $15
    7. Tennis balls handsigned by a famous coach now messiah $3 each or 2 for $10
    8. Free tickets to Sergios Slumber Party (age and gender limitations apply)
    9. Ride around the block in a Porsche (pre-prana hosing down required) $40
    10. I will have the hat out busking songs from the new album – Gloriously Roadtripping
    Toss in a gold coin or your house deeds

  19. Coffee is a drug, no one who eats dairy can truly love you, and men who drink a beer and show affection to their children are paedophiles.

    Bob says ‘Um has nothing to do with what I have to say. Fact of matter is they would probably not want me to get involved or say anything. But I don’t care what they say…’

    Would you like to be specific Bob Dyl-an? Who is they? Are you talking about UM Pty Ltd? Or your ‘friends’ who are into UM? Or are you talking about the upper management Brides who egged you on?

    Seems like UM’s social media blitz is backfiring. It’s bringing us readers who come to see for themselves and then can’t stand up to the questioning. At least Bob can identify a set of genitals when he sees it – even if he can’t see anything wrong with sticking his hands there.

  20. Clay Dust says:

    Let’s not let UM Bob distract us and the reading public from the roasting UM got at the HCCC Parliamentary Committee,

    Very tricky of UM Bob to take the focus away from a Parliamentary investigation by starting an argy-bargy argument. Your under instructions from Serge and the Brides, hey Bob?

  21. Bob Dylan says:

    Wrong E, You started THIS. I’ve been watching. You started the website, and Team Rocket. You called peoples work places and dumped on it’s staff associated with UM. YOU and your cult followers called authorities making allegations and complaints putting peoples livelihoods in jeopardy. You started the mud throwing, which was completely ignored until silence wasn’t an option. Conning sensationalist media to play your bullshit game was a true stroke of heinous, and ultimately a waste of time. Then, ‘OH LORDY ME’, cried the victim when the organization began to defend their beliefs, practices and life choices.

    You started the whole dam thing E because you do not agree with practices or like what a particular organization does and its founder has to say. Nothing wrong with asking questions about any organization you have suspicions about, but you take it to an unnecessary level. You continue on like nothings been done even after the feds have investigated. Thats obsessive behavior and probably why nobody really takes you serious any more.

    You’re a bloody hypocrite Nothing better to do than spend hours checking and lamenting over an organization that has held up to every inquiry, investigation,audit and government body you could muster. 2 years of throwing mud and what have you got. Jack shit that’s what. Nobody cares. Even the media has grown tired of your hot air.

    You know what that tells me. It tells me there is nothing to your grubby claims that warrants any civil action. It tells me you are a sad case that can’t admit she has been made the fool.

    Your obsession with someones hands near a persons crotch is quite remarkable. You imply under age, but you produce no evidence. You know practically nothing about the age, circumstances or the consenting adults or parents if indeed the person was under age. (although the question should be asked and has most likely been answered to the authority’s satisfaction by now) You plant a dirty seed like the fingers are going in, and sit behind your computer waiting for your screeching grooms and brides of Rocket to confirm your contrived determinations.

    You let people come here and say their mind. But whats the point. Yours is already made up. It wouldn’t matter what anyone said. I can’t be bothered addressing all your points. You just stick your grubby take on everything that’s said. You don’t really hear unless the posts are in agreement. You twist words and scrum up with your followers to feel good about it. I particularly like your miserable take on black plastic on the windows. Like there has never been a function or gathering that has not wanted privacy during their meetings. What a fool.

    Its a crazy world out there with thousands of bat shit crazy beliefs and healing modalities. Look around. Jesus might have walked on water, Mohammed may have a flying horse, or John of God might really heal you with a pair of forceps up your nose. But you spend what may be your only time on earth picking out one of them that has upset you to wage war against.

    Come up with some real evidence that constitutes civil action, or piss off. I’m going to have a cup of coffee with my wife.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      careful Bob, emotions give you cancer. Serge says so. But then he can treat you for ‘free’ and tell you only to leave a bequest to him if you feel to, and nothing to do with him blessing you with an improved initiation on Sirius.

      It’s a pity you spent paragraphs sputtering at your keyboard rather than not being bothered to address our concerns. The regulatory action taken by the charity authorities? The hammering from the NSW parliamentary committee? The bogus practitioner accreditation? The baby raping entities, the karma of rape victims, the seventeen year olds putting their face to defence of a predator? So are his hands on her vulva or not? You said they were upthread…Consent by deception? Privacy invasions? False legal complaints? False accusations of bullying and abuse? Not eating root vegetables because they’re pranic? Death is a healing?

      UM didn’t defend their beliefs. You’re trying for some reason. They just tried shutting me down. When that didn’t work they tried defamation.

      See you after your coffee.

      • Bob Dylan says:

        Note to myself, buy a pod machine….. Instant coffee sucks.

        If I don’t believe in the Bible version of Jesus I’m going to hell. Extreme Muslims want me beheaded. UM beliefs have me possessed with raping entities and lifetimes of correctional cancers, or buried in and earthquake to rid my bad Karma. Who cares, I DONT believe in any of it. I find it about as threatening as a hippie telling me he is going to punch me in my aura. Until I see some real evidence that I was Genghis Khan, some bloody hero I will continue as I am.

        If action is taken by charity authorities or UM cops a hammering from parliamentary committees then they probably deserve it, that’s the law. Thats their job and it’s good to see they are doing it. I bet they did it respectfully and professionally. I expect UM might not agree with their findings. However they are still in business, so I think it’s fair to assume they have accepted and complied with the law.

        What more do you want? Blood?

        • Darkly Venus says:

          Full transparency; accountability; compliance with laws and regulations; truth in advertising (i.e. include all supernatural/occult beliefs in publicity, publicly advertise all events, course structures and full disclosure of fees, stop advertising false accreditation); truth in applications for government grants; declare all conflicts of interest; stop defaming critics; stop making false legal and regulatory complaints; answer the questions in a civilised way; quit selling bogus therapies like chakra-puncture to cancer patients; hands off erogenous zones, especially of minors and sexual abuse survivors; no covert hypnosis without informed consent; no exorcisms on children; and stop sending adolescent girls to stay at Serge’s house.

          As is expected of any respectable organization.

        • Lord of Form says:

          Stop running a scam charity that I have to subsidize with my taxes that improves Serge’s assets and is used to propagate a scam “religion” by a dunce who claims to be a member of hierarchy overseeing a new-era that results in the wholesale-and documented- breakdown of families.


    • Anonymous says:

      Bob you are a loser. I think it’s you who is obsessed with Esther, and I think she should go to the police about you and UM harassing her.

      My sister is caught up in UM and one of her friends who has small children. It scares me all this talk about entities. It’s disgusting. My sister came to a family gathering and we could see the healing symbol sticking up from in her underpants when she bent down. We were too polite to say anything. She kept tell us how amazing UM is, and then she said she had to go home and cleanse herself because some of us had a few ciders. Our family don’t even drink heavily. She nibbled on nuts and apple wouldn’t eat the food we’d made. Those kids talk about entities coming in at night when they’re asleep.

      Get lost Bob. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Bob Dylan says:

        Okay, I’ll get lost princess. Your right, I’ve spent way too much time on this already.

        I’ll leave all you lunatics to be scared about things you don’t believe in.

        • Anonymous says:

          You sick fool, get some help. It scares me that children have parents who think putting a healing symbol in their underpants will keep away evil spirits. It scares me that these people admit Serge has girls stay at his house and are running festivals for girls.

    • Clay Dust BA LLB(Hons) says:

      Psycho UM Bob has lost it and has an obsession with just one victim of UM, Esther. Many would consider him potentially dangerous considering UM publicise Esther’s work address to their blind hate followers. But he is reflective and representative of many with suppressed emotional problems in UM.

      My advise to Bob and friends is to stop reading the hate websites of UM. Especially those by Alison Greig BA LLB Grad Dip Sociopathy. Her writings reflect that she is one of the most unstable at UM, and she needs to reference properly if she puts letters at the end of her name.

  22. Lord of Form says:

    I think Bob is very dishonest. He’s not worth arguing with. He’s spitting up the exact same arguments I have heard every member use. Ergo, he’s not thinking for himself. He’s just repeating rationalizations.

    Bob reckons he’s gone away, but for other members who may have a few neurons firing and can actually think for themselves, consider this.

    How do you know the investigations have stopped? Or been fruitless?
    Do you know everything that is going on?
    Have you tried to find out? rather than just allowing yourself to be drip fed propaganda from the group.
    How do you know the media have lost interest?
    What is this arbitrary timeline you’ve imposed in your feeble brains? Why should it have happened by now? ( check every other cult/abuse case timeline for a frame of reference numb-nuts)

    I also think Bob doesn’t have the courage of his convictions. He’s nearly blowing a fuse repeating the cult rationalisations, then pretending not to be towing the cult line. Dishonest, and weak. Who has your balls Bob?

    It’s also very insulting to the hundreds of people that have had direct negative experiences either through the break down of their families, loss of money, misdiagnosis, traumatized children that Bob- like the rest of the members- blithely disregard into non-existence because they choose to live in a bubble of ignorance. That is, by definition, a state bereft of information.

    It is best if Bob beats it because he has nothing to offer. He hasn’t even tried to construct a rational argument. He’s a patsie.


  23. Michel(b)an(ned)gel(at)o says:

    The seige in Sydney has ended in tradgedy.
    We now find out the gunman is a self appointed sheik healer and has criminal record including sexual assault.
    These narcissistic individuals are all dangerous and in this case deadly.
    Two innocent hostages have lost their lives.
    No doubt Serge will connect their fate to the prana of being in a coffee shop.
    Meanwhile, the terrorist is deceased and off to meet his 72 virgins in eternal glory.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      I think there was a discussion of that idiot on this blog last year when he was in the news. What a terrible, terrible waste.

  24. Michel(b)an(ned)gel(at)o says:

    UMdercover Bob…
    “How many years can some people exist, before they’re allowed to be free.
    Yes and how many times can a man turn his head, pretending he just doesn’t see
    The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind”
    Come back Bob, I need to know from Serge what Elvis is up to this Xmas.


    • Serge of Lies says:

      …And whether he is now a man or woman or which country he is in! Serge has been very unclear while trying to keep his story straight. We’re confused.

  25. Phil-osopher says:

    I’d like to say thanks Esther/Venus and co for putting up these blogs and taking these prats on. You’re thickskinned by the sound of it, but don’t take any of their bullshit. Everything they are throwing at you has been thrown at me too on a lesser scale. Doesn’t matter what Bob Dullard has to say coz I know there are lots of us who think you are a champion. Kudos to you.

  26. Michel(b)an(ned)gel(at)o says:

    ALL self proclaimed fake spiritual leaders who are obviously preying on innocent (gullible) people should not only be on the relevent govt dept and police watchlists but shutdown completely.

  27. Cult*ural In$ergent says:

    Hey there Bob. Just to clarify… is it okily-dokily to be inappropriately (an understatement) touched if one is above the age of consent? Of particular interest to me, though, is an apparent suggestion (is it possible I misread this bit???) that to touch someone who is under the age of consent in such a way is a-okay if their parents have sanctioned the touching…

  28. UMder Pressure says:

    So the real truth is surfacing
    Umderworld criminals and crime connections
    Bubbling up as the rancid abscess of lies and deception it always was
    Back to the throne king Serge, not to emiss esoteric effluent this time but to just crap yourself I think
    How much longer can the lemmings play “Sergio Says “….I wonder
    Right up until he is UMder arrest

  29. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps Universal Medicine needs to be reminded of the “5 Pillars of Wikipedia”:


    And to highlight the point I am making:

    “Apply Wikipedia etiquette, and don’t engage in personal attacks. Seek consensus, avoid edit wars, and never disrupt Wikipedia to illustrate a point. Act in good faith, and assume good faith on the part of others.”

    Making comments about “trolls”, erasing entries and replacing them with pages copied from the UM website, and behaving in a completely self serving fashion, is counter to the above.

  30. Lord of Form says:

    Information control gone wrong, again. Removing links to referenced material in Wikipedia. Tch Tch..dopes.

    Somewhat like pretending that the multitudinous facts presented here do not exist or are all “invented”.

    Members- take a good long hard look at yourselves. If you need to control information in order to convince yourself and the world of Serge’s and your ‘integrity’ what it is you are “truly” involved with?

    You’ve been doing it all along, but at least here someone has called you on it.

    Maybe it’s time to do a little more thinking and a little less propagandizing.

  31. W. Harper says:

    “Fleshing out the profile on UM to a more balanced and accurate statement…” LOL

    Completely erasing the page and replacing it is the reality of what these people were trying to do. Shame on you, ConsiderThisAgain and Terri-Anne Connors. Thank the Lord websites like Wikipedia exist and that the continual attempts of UM to manipulate the truth, and defame anyone who does not agree with them are there for the world to see.

  32. kneebonesconnectedtothethighbone says:

    Just had the anatomy lesson over on the UM facts blog.
    The point is, that Serge is not a trained professional in anything let alone medical (esoteric, universal or any other made up nonsense) has a very dubious past, and shouldn’t have his hands anywhere on anybody. Those of you who are trained professionals and elevate him to this fake status only denegrates you and your professions and screams cult leader worship.
    Anatomy is something that everybody has, but looks better on a girl eh Serge

    • Darkly Venus says:

      I beg to differ – the point is his hand is on genitals, anuses and breasts – of very young girls and sexual abuse survivors. Yes, I’d rather his grubby hands were nowhere near anyone, but that touching in the images qualifies as sexual abuse, particularly when combined with the mind mash of ‘you were raped because it’s your karma’.

      If I were to do that to my patients, I’d be deregistered. If you were to do it while walking down the street, you’d be charged with indecent assault.

      When Serge does it people donate to his church. Sorry, business.

  33. UMder Pressure says:

    Merry Xmas to all on this site who stick their necks out like Christmas turkeys to expose the truth about UM.
    Keep it up, there are a lot of people in support of your efforts.
    On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me
    An entity on a VB
    Feel free to be creative and add onto the 12 days of Xmas lyrics

    • Darkly Venus says:

      THAT is a great idea!!

      Please add. I shall have a think.

      By the way, if any of you want your spelling checked in your comments over the break, you need to send money, or be patient. I’m using the WordPress phone app, so might be delays in approving comments, and it doesn’t like edits.

      Now for today’s funny! Elderly relative calls UM the Klu Klucks Klann, lol. Says to me ‘How’s that Klu Klucks Klan of yours? What are they again? They’re in trouble again aren’t they? There was something in the news…’ lol

  34. thepelvicboneconnectedtothescammershand says:

    Just came back from the loo
    Had myself a visionary poo
    Want to share it with the world and you
    Elvis was there and Leonardo too

    Yep, overnight I have become an obs n gynae practitioner
    Why?, because I said so.
    I will call myself Dr Carefree (not tampons and not free either)
    Yes, Dr Carefree at your cervix
    See me at my stall at the UM girl to woman festival
    Next to the person who chats to your ovaries
    What a rip off that is!
    Everyone knows you can only email them, and I can do that for a small fee.

  35. Hey, I agreed to be here for a good time, not a long time.

    The feminist performance art festival was meh, thanks for asking. No one got the Desiree impression. They thought I’d dropped a mix of ecstasy and Stillnox. But I got a laugh for the gag about her thinking she’s so special because someone named a potato after her.

    Merry Christmas all you sexy pranic beasts!! See you next year!

    And thank Goddess Bob drank some coffee. Maybe it woke him up.

  36. murphy says:

    Happy Christmas, to all, hope all my friends enjoy their only one day, to put your feet up and relax, or can we? I don’t think we can even allow that one day to relax as Esther et al have always to be one ahead of the dirty machinery of UM whether it be Touch, Feel 0r Whatever !!! the Um Call Esoteric!!! Healing.

  37. W. Harper says:

    It’s great to see the Wikipedia page on Universal Medicine grow and develop. It’s also very illustrative picture of how UM operates. As always, any further light shone on UM leads to them claiming the same thing – it is biassed – and then they attempt to manipulate it to their own ends. With traditional media this has involved claims of sensationalism by newspapers. Of course nothing is further from the truth. Each media source has independently come to the same conclusion and written what they have uncovered. With Wikipedia it’s great to see the admins of that site step in and ensure an accurate, unbiassed view is presented. To use their own abbreviation a NPOV – a neutral point of view – backed by a range of verifiable and independent sources is what remains on the page. The “Talk” page of the UM page could not show more clearly the voices within UM attempting to manipulate what the public reads.

    I hope the Wiki page continues to grow and climb the google rankings. It’s a powerful assessment of the reality of UM that hopefully may help a few souls considering getting involved take a step back.

  38. murphy says:

    Just after reading the Wikipedia statement and must applaud the pure genius and high intelligent person/persons who put this format together. Masterfully written and covering all subjects of which Universal Medicine Stand for ‘Esoteric’?…… A true professional document.
    Well presented and well done and Congratulations.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Roger that Murphy. What a joy to see these perfidious monsters exposed. Difficult for Delerious Desiree to find any filth on the Wikipedia trolls, I wonder if she will be so keen on cut and paste in the future. Bravo to all who have enabled this Wiki page. This has to be the way forward for those of us who would like to try and prevent this rotten bunch of esoteric ghouls from further damaging vulnerable people.

  40. Tracy Aisbett says:

    This is the biggest load of rubbish I’ve ever read. I was at this beautiful and supporting event and not one single word you say has any ounce of truth to it. Your vicious agenda to grandiose yourself as some saviour is quite sad to witness. How you think so many intelligent and amazing people could be held under some spell or cult is just pure fiction. I hope one day you will come to your senses. The stop is long over due.

    • Esther Rockett says:

      Hi Tracy, can you clarify what you mean by ‘the stop is long overdue’? What do you mean by stop? Do you mean the legal action that’s never been taken? Or the underhanded attempts at censorship with the help of Phoenix Global and their organised crime connections? Or the attempts to have me deregistered by labelling me a psychopath? Or the attempts to have me charged me with some crime or other that Paula Fletcher and friends haven’t been able to identify? Or the attempts to put me out of business by having people who don’t live in Byron Bay try to tell my clients I’m not welcome in Byron Bay?

      Or am I in physical danger?

      Is that a threat, Tracy?

      How much have you spent on UM? You’re a school teacher aren’t you? What would you do if you found out one of your pupils was being sent to stay in the home of a religious leader and the wife who first moved in with him at 14? Would you ask questions? Or would you give him more money and send more girls? And then bully anyone who expressed misgivings?

      Why do you need to lay your hands on people’s crotches to help them recover from rape, Tracy? Do you think there might be a more therapeutically sound way of helping sexual abuse survivors?

      What are entities? How do they ‘enter’ people exactly?

      And grandiose is an adjective not a verb, dear.

      • Tracy Aisbett says:

        I can’t engage with someone who is clearly on an agenda mission that no truth, facts or common sense will prevail. The Facts team has clearly countered all your claims, of which have all been dismissed by governing bodies.

        There was zero threat with the ‘stop’ remark. That’s just your typical way of manipulating words. I’ve read many a threat made by you and Lance. It was a statement stating that I hope there is a stop to your behaviour, as it is long over due.

        Yes I am a school teacher, and I’m incredibly passionate about teenagers and treat every student I’ve ever taught with integrity and professionalism. To accuse people like me as sexual abuse apologist is insulting and disturbing.

        I have nothing further to say as the Facts team have written at length about all your blatant lies you’ve stated. I just wanted to speak factually about the girl to woman festival on your blog site so some truth was amongst all these horrible lies. Each and every one of your claims was outrageous and blatant lies, I was there, I heard the presentations and they were so loving and supportive and I was there with my friends with young girls and they had an amazing day. If only this events content was taught as the norm in my school, I would see such amazing transformations in the students I see who are ill, depressed, riddled with anxiety, self abusing (a serious issue in schools) and all the rest I see on a daily basis.

        Deepest apologies for the verb/adjective slip up that you clearly have to patronisingly mock, I’m OK with not being perfect and take no notice of immature jibes like this.

        I hope one day you will see the reasons why you are doing what you are doing and begin to heal.

        • Esther Rockett says:

          You took so little notice of my jibe about your English skills, you had to apologise for it. Just like you don’t care about my ‘lies’, yet you’re here reading.

          If my exposure was ‘blatant lies’, why would you or the cult take any notice? Why is the UM Facts team so obsessed with me? Why record every word I write?

          Several hundred of you vilifying me and repeating the same nonsense over a couple of dozen web pages is a little excessive don’t you think? Why don’t you apologize for that? How does it feel to be just one lemming among a pack of gutless bullies?

          You didn’t answer the questions, and you’ve specified no lies.

          Have you ever had an entity in you, Tracy? What was that like?

          If you found out one of your pupils was staying in the home of an Exclusive Brethren bigwig, or a neighbour, or a politician, along with a series of young girls, would you ask questions or not?

          Have you performed Deeper Femaleness on anyone, Tracy? How long did you keep your hand on someone’s pubic bone? Have you had all of your imposed ‘male energy’ cleared? Or are you ‘not there yet’? How long will it take, and how much will it cost?

          The UM Facts Team’s responses have only made us more concerned and brought us more support.

          According to your fellow investors, it’s okay for Serge to keep his hands on anuses and public bones and chests because they dredged up dodgey photos on the internet pointing out anatomical points acupuncturists don’t use. Or did Rebecca Poole use them? The propaganda says it’s okay for illiterate, unqualified, scam artist, Serge, and his ‘students’ to stick hands on genitals or anywhere you ‘feel to in truth’ because registered professionals sometimes touch groins and chests when treating injuries. That makes so much sense, dear.

          Why don’t the UM Facts team allow my comments on their sites?

          The charity complaints weren’t dismissed. Regulatory action was taken in the UK, and the ACNC had Serge sign an undertaking ensuring he would not profit from the CoUM or its dissolution. Ponder on that, dearie.

        • Esther Rockett says:

          And you posted your comments on the wrong post, sweetie. Be a love and put them on the right one next time. 😉

        • Parent says:

          I’m shocked that you, as a school teacher, Tracy, defend UM’s abhorrent behaviour. You have a responsibility to protect children, but I fear for the impressionable kids in your charge.
          Are children allowed to ask questions in your school room? Are they allowed to speak up to discuss facts, or are they told black is white, which is what you are saying here?
          In all the time I’ve been reading these blogs I have never read a single threat here. You are a dishonest and irresponsible person Tracy. I’m glad you don’t teach where my kids go to school.

        • Astral Tiger says:

          ‘If only this events content was taught as the norm in my school’

          Mmmm. Careful Tracy, you may be wrong.

        • Margie says:

          I am confused Tracy. Are you talking about the sites put up by the group? You really think they address the questions and tell and are packed with facts? As far as I can see they are a blatant attack on everyone who has questioned the group. They seem to have reworked the narrative so they come up smelling sweet and everyone else is literally evil. The attacks are ad hominen. That is, they don’t address the questions, rather attack the credibility of the people involved. The attack on journalists is extraordinary as the stories they have written are rather straight forward, yet the response has been to call them liars and frauds.

          The attack on Lance by his wife by an measure is unusual. You’d have to agree that attacking your husband online is taking the low road, and not something you’d do naturally if not suiting the agenda of the group. And I notice he hasn’t done the same. I imagine like all stores there are three sides, his, hers and the facts. The piece de resistance is the sustained and incoherent attack on Esther. Extraordinary. And it still manages to avoid answering any question or successfully countering an argument.

          Now Tracy, you would need to be very biased to think that the facts side is anything other than propaganda by a group with an agenda. The site is like many Scientologists have established to defame their critics without every honestly answering a question.

          I don’t know the “facts” Tracy, but I do know when something is bull dust. There are serious questions being asked. And that there is “smoke” billowing out of UM and Serge is plain to see.

          I’d also like to comment that if you, as a teacher Tracy, can read that site and not be appalled by the sub par prose and the hopelessly discursive arguments perhaps you need to do to some brushing up on basic skills. Oh, and I should mention, the parrot like responses from the members (who all seem to quote what I imagine to be Serge utterances) screams cult. Please don’t just take my word for it Tracy. Show the site at your next staff meeting and watch reactions very carefully.

          And yes, my sister is in the group. Her transformation has been disturbing as is her thinking. Your brave putting your name to this group Tracy because my feeling is history will reveal it is exactly like every other cult and Serge is like every other cult leader.

    • i call bullshit says:

      you’re full of shit tracy. you came to a troll’s site to make comments saying you’re not going to engage with the troll. fucking hypocrite, grow up

      you came here to get brownie points from team sergio. nuthin more. those are our kids you’re messing with. answer the questions or fuck off

  41. anon says:

    What is it with new age quacks, you always need healing, when you express a different point of view…?

    So, just for in case, Esther: they say this woman can heal just by listening to her voice on the radio. I guess a clip is even more healing, and I don’t want you to be deprived of healing, pissing off Serge.


    All this was, of course, before one of our actresses died after being diagnosed with breast cancer, because she refused treatment based on Jomanda telling her, it was just an infection.

  42. anon says:

    For those who are interested: here is an article, in English, about the actress who died an unnecessary, horribly painful death at the hands of two doctors and Jomanda.


    And here is a link to the Dutch Division of UniMed: if you scroll down you’ll see they’ve already had a breast cancer care day, offering a new look at cancer, and selfcare. Including Doctor Minford from Ireland. €40,- a person.


    • anon says:

      Oh, did  I mention the fact that the oncologist who saw her at the end also stated she went through all that pain on prescribed paracetamol, by her so called doctors…?

      Same oncologist also said: “I never have seen a case like this before, because cases like this belong to the dark ages.”

      If we’re talking ‘dignity’ here, she at least, should have been on morphine in the last couple of week’s of her life: no matter what her own choices were, but (somehow) nobody in her environment thought of that for some mysterious reason…(?!)

      Sorry for the rant, had to get that one, off my chest. (Horrible…!)

      Ancient wisdom, right?

      • anon says:

        What is the oldest profession in this world again….

        ….As well as pimps and spies.

        It sucks! But ancient wisdom it is…

  43. Cult Teachers are NOT Gold says:

    Well said Margie. I also agree with the comment that Tracy came her to aggrandise herself to fellow cult members. Tracy, it’s disingenuous you would leave a comment criticising the author, and another saying you won’t engage with her.

    Does your school have a policy on bullying Tracy? For example, what kind of a school answers questions about child safety by having the whole school turn on one person or a small number of people, pointing the finger, telling blatant lies and trying to shame them?

  44. Impenitent says:

    Dear Alison Greig, Serge et al.
    Name calling is what children do when they don’t have answers.
    Now we are all ‘miscreants’ as well as ‘detractors’!
    Bwah hahahaha
    Is that because we don’t believe Serge Benhayon is God?
    Stop please- I have a stitch from so much laughing.