Naming Names page updates October 2014

TENDER-HEARTThe Naming Names page continues to be updated with all the ‘healers’ and other parasites out there spruiking for Serge Benhayon’s great Esoteric Livingness swindle. While the number of Esoteric healers entering an oversupplied market has slowed, Universal Medicine’s cult fronts have proliferated, affirming UM’s pyramid structure.

And the Esoteric Practitioner’s Association with its sham code of conduct is a monumental fake.

Considering how many ‘students’ have attended all the piss take courses, sometimes repeatedly, and forked out for ‘accreditation’ as an Esoteric Healer and the privilege of giving more money to the Esoteric Practitioners Association (website STILL coming soon since 2009), the number of healers hasn’t grown. Quite a few of the ‘accredited’ Esoteric practitioners have gone back to their day jobs practicing law or packing groceries or defrauding Centrelink and what not.

Show us the money

Because only the top rung of parasites makes any money out of Esoteric healing, and only because they get picked up by Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd or the scam tax exempt College of UM or other fronts and get the opportunity to promote their businesses by telling lies for Serge. Hello Heather Pope, Katie Walls, Rebecca Poole, Mary Louise Myers, Jenny Ellis etc. etc.

Lower rung Esoteric practitioners can’t and won’t make a living out of Esoteric drivel because customers resent paying money for ineffectual rubbish, and having their ears bashed with New Age nonsense and a sales pitch for the One True Religion®. They vote with their feet and go where they will get value for money. And results.

The Universal Medicine business model

Apart from Serge’s call for anonymous donations and his wholesale appeal for bequests, the cult’s money spinner is courses. The genius of Serge Benhayon is getting the same wretches to attend the same courses time and time again, and to rope in others. Many are seduced by the idea they can become ‘healers’ and end up driving sports cars like the Benhayon underachievers without going to the trouble of getting tertiary qualifications or making themselves accountable to anyone but themselves. Essentially it’s a pyramid scheme, with those at the top sponging money from those at the bottom who can least afford it. With the help of religious marketing, the top rung bask in the Glory and Soul-fullness of recruiting, robbing and molesting underlings, gaining extra initiation points for their reincarnation if they bring in more victims. Blessed by The One.

Proliferating cult fronts

While the number of Esoteric practitioners has stalled, UM cult fronts continue to proliferate as Serge and his business associates look for more ways to deceive potential followers and insidiously lure them into a life of submission and constant financial output. One of these years we’ll establish a special page for exclusively naming the UM cult fronts, and the players behind them. Disturbingly the most recent fronts are grooming exercises targeting children, especially adolescent girls, a la the Girl to Woman Project, Teachers are Gold, True Movement and Sunlight Ink Publishing.

The Esoteric Accreditation Scam

Esoteric accreditation is a scam. The EPA is not a registered training organization, and therefore can’t lawfully offer accreditation, no matter how many deluded rheumatologists are trying to sell it, yes Dr Maxine Szramka?

EPA sham accreditation is about making Esoteric Healing appear legit. Not as any assurance to the public about the ‘integrity’ of practitioners, but to mislead students into buying a full menu of courses.

Universal Medicine’s accreditation is about as meaningful as its laughable Code of Conduct, breached by every member of Sergio’s hierarchy of cashed up bogans. Remember how the cult scrambled to publish their Code of Conduct when I started asking how they could assert the thing is the highest in the whole wide world when they’d never made it public? That was a over a year ago, before their first publicized ‘annual’ conference. So where was the annual conference this year? And years into taking money out of the faith-full, the EPA hasn’t published the promised practitioner directory. They asked investors to submit their bios, and got them to fork out for mugshots taken by Deborah Benhayon’s latest husband, Clayton Lloyd, so what’s the hold up?

I guess they’ve all been too busy mobbing and vilifying critics and victims.

More importantly, the EPA hasn’t published what it should publish, the basic disclosure of course outlines, fees and requirements for ‘accreditation’.

Where is it?

What kind of accrediting body has zero public disclosure of its courses and fee structure?

What does Universal Medicine have to hide?

Chakra-puncture – another rip off, another flop

Where is UM’s marketing for Esoteric Chakra-puncture courses? Why is Chakra-puncture course content and pricing never made public?

The big question is how many students trained to gain Chakra-puncture accreditation and how many are actually practicing it? Hundreds attended those courses. How many are making a living from it?

It’s less than a dozen, yes?

I promise the only practitioners earning from Chakra-puncture are ex-acupuncturists, and the holy Benhayons.

Naming Names page additions

Esoteric Healers to welcome to the UniMed cult Naming Names page: Perth contingent, Johanne and Matthew Brown, Johanna Fredericks and Joyce Rubin; Susan Pryor in Mackay, Cindy Morris on the Gold Coast, Lucie Barlow, Yasmin Lang and Anne Bennier in Byron Bay, and Anne Scott in Kohimaramara in Auckland, New Zealand. In the UK we have Beverley Bulmer in Norfolk andLorraine Wellman in Basingstoke .

Special mention goes to Martin Gladman of Tender Heart Counselling in Melbourne, another prize recruit for the cult. Recruited turns recruiter. Martin was a social worker, and is now working his contacts to reel in the vulnerable marks to a miserable life of occult based dread and therapy dependency. Martin is also running cult ‘Wellness Days’, and joins the ranks of sell out presenter parasites for the sham College of UM – preying on the vulnerable. Love-ly.

Deceptive and misleading conduct

If you paid money for UM courses under the impression you or the person you were paying for could become an accredited practitioner, please report it to NSW Fair Trading 13 32 20

Without your complaints UM will continue to rip off people who can ill afford it, and waste time they could have spent training for a viable occupation, and UM’s ranks of recruiters and victims will continue to grow.

9 Comments on “Naming Names page updates October 2014”

  1. Lance says:

    “Martin brings a high level of integrity and insight to his practice and is known by those around him as being a joyful and gentle man with an unwavering dedication to truth, honesty and care for all of humanity”

    Of course if any of the members were interested in ‘truth’ and acted with (real) ‘integrity’ they would ask themselves:

    Is Serge really a spiritually evolved bringer of knowledge, the best non-musician in the world, the healers healer, smarter than any scientists, more spiritual than the Dalai Lama, the reincarnation of past luminaries… or deluded?
    Why did Serge lie about his past, and continue to do so?
    Is it odd that Serge is married to a former student, and does his story stack up?
    Encourage blogs attacking people-Surely he would be so evolved that would not be necessary…?
    Lie to journalists when questioned. Every time.
    Lie and exaggerate about his past achievements.
    Tell porkies to his members which they repeat without question.

    Martin, you look benign but have the certain glazed look that occurs when you abandon critical thinking. Truth- No. Integrity. I don’t think so. Integrity is about having the same values no matter what, and sticking by them. It’s not a code of behavior that suits you and serves your ideology.

    The ‘truth’ is, Esther and I have far more ‘integrity’ than all of the members and Serge put together. You just haven’t figured out what integrity really is yet. Just saying it doesn’t make it so.

    • Aw come on, that’s not saying much about you two. The cane toad I ran over on my driveway has more integrity than that lot put together.

      Tender Heart Counselling LOL. Tender and heart-full until you ask questions or object to having your boobs rubbed and your family dissed.

      There’s nothing tender about Martin’s new found religion of incessant bitching and lying about victims and concerned parents.

  2. Google me timber says:

    Susan Pryor Specialises in “Releaseology”. On planet earth the definition (please note on earth there is no e after the s) is simply “Releasology” which is “the practice and study of releasing muscles from spasm.” Most forms of chronic pain are caused by muscles in spasm. Example Serge Bendoverhanyon

    So what we have here is another word taken from $erges book of bullshittology. Notice 2 t’s it’s definitely more effective and no else has done it before.

    On planet Susan she reckons Releaseology is a way of letting go of unwanted emotion, thoughts and bull shit bullshit! Nice!

    She also puts herself out there as a ……..wait for it……..a councillor…..well blow me down

    I wonder where she was trained of in fact have any qualifications?

    • Another under qualified wannabe taking money from people in pain. Thus causing more pain.

      One of the Lords of Form was talking about setting up a racket to rival Serge’s called Esoteric Fuck-u-puncture. When he sobers up I’ll ask him what that means but he was drawling about drilling into ‘students’ craniums to release surplus pea soup.

      And cash.

      That’s fine with AHPRA of course. Fuck-u-puncture is not a protected title. Any idiot can do it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Another website that seems to be “in development”. What’s the issue with these people? It’s not hard to set up a website these days, and yet this one, the EPA (LOL), the unSound Foundation etc all seem to be in a holding pattern. Surely the money is rolling in to hire a web designer and get these sites live. What’s the problem eh?

  3. Anonymous says:

    “All of Martin Gladman’s work is inspired by and because of the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine”

    Oh dear. I wouldn’t bank on that being a long term career then.

    • The Dark Lodge says:

      He will probably be inspired to give money to Serge anonymously at some point too, because and by Serge Benhayon.

  4. RJM says:

    I know for a fact that when the controversy surrounding Serge’s snake-oil scam first broke in the press, Gladman quietly acknowledged that Universal Medicine “ticked all the boxes” as far as cult-hallmarks goes. So, like all the other cult-struck fools, deep down he knows it’s a cult, but he likes it so he remains involved despite all the flaming red flags.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      I doubt it’s even so deep down. Like a bunch of the other UM professional mediocrities, Gladman saw a ready made market among Serge’s cashed up faithfull. They don’t need any skill, or to get therapeutic results, they just have to drill up on SergeSpeak and talk the talk.

      Someone asked ‘do people leave UM?’ among the Google search terms that show up in the blog’s dashboard. The answer is a lot leave. More leave than stay, and they leave because they realize it’s rubbish. However, many of these professional recruiters stay because they’re given positions of influence and business incentives.