Universal Medicine cult gossip October 2014

Cult pulp

Cult pulp

October 26: *The College of Universal Medicine presents piffle, sorry, SCIENCE *Halloween extravaganza October 19: *How to be a cult woman with the College of Universal Medicine *Cult options October 6: *Cult parallels – Serge Benhayon and Brazil’s John of God *Recycling Sergio

October 26: Another College of Universal Medicine five week course: How to sleep


Or it should be titled, how to behave like a complete arsehole, prey on people, bully them and wreck their lives, and then act like you don’t lose any sleep over it. Keynote speaker, Alison Greig.

As mentioned below, the College of UM is running out overlapping courses on nothing trying to wring every cent and every remnant of common sense from subscribers. The latest is called Healthy Sleep – Health Life. We all know UMers sleep between 9 pm and 3 am while the entities are active to avoid having evil spirits enter their base chakras looking to feed on dairy products – while they’re awake at least. And yes, science has proven sleep benefits health, which explains why UMers look like death and have to trowel on the make-up.

This 5 week course provides a practical foundation to develop a healthy sleep cycle by: 

  • Developing a relationship with sleep and our unique rhythms around sleep.
  • Identify what influences these rhythms, that is, what works for each for us and what doesn’t.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the science of sleep in relationship to our own bodies, patterns and observations. College of Universal Medicine site

The Esoteric ‘science of sleep’ of course comes from Sergio da Vinci, who also teaches the SCIENCE of numerology, the SCIENCE of reincarnation, and that humans didn’t evolve from apes. The speakers include *Facts* Team fantasist Alison Grotesque Greig, quackery peddler and part time physiotherapist, Kate Greenaway, and the other Mystic dentist, Rachel motor scooter Mascord, who has probably learned SCIENCE from the original Mystic dentist, Rachel Hall’s ‘Harvard’ (nudge nudge wink wink) anti water fluoridation ‘studies’.

Because dental cavities are good for business for dentists, yes? Just as sleep deprivation is great business for wackjob cults.

Anyway, the intellectually well rested Brides of Serge are sure to spend the five weeks telling devotees how inflicting that sleep regime on children will impair their cognitive and physical development so thoroughly they are guaranteed to need behaviour management from Tania Curtis’ little money spinner, FABIC Behaviour Management, and have such irreparable imbecility they’re bound to end up as cult lifers. Like their parents.

Cost: $75 and what’s left of your conscience.

Halloween special

Another melee broke out in the Accountability bunker today over who would be wearing what to go trick or treating this year. It started with a discussion of what would be guaranteed to frighten the neighbours, but descended into an all in bout of Greco Roman wrestling. Princess is going as a Lord of Form, but You Know who objected to playing her horse, and when she tried on one of their capes she had a few things to say about the toast crumbs and red wine stains. The actual Lords of Form then got physical about who was going go as Desiree Delaloye and who would go as Alison Greig, and the only way I could get their hands of each other’s throats was to offer them the option of going as the Before OR After version.

It makes no difference.

Just one Fright Night option

Just one Fright Night option

There are plenty of options

There are plenty

And it’s not like there’s no other cult ghouls to go as. Sarah Davis!

I’m going as Paula Fletcher.

The chance to go as Micheal Benhayon caused uproarious laughter, however, and this is the first year no one has wanted to go as Serge.

Serge is passé.

No takers for this though...

No takers for this though…

The resemblance is uncanny

but the resemblance is uncanny

October 19: College of Universal Medicine’s latest course: How to be a cult woman

Since the tax exempt College of UM has had to distance itself from its founder, his property improvement plan and his loony occult philosophy, it’s had to rope in the hierarchy of money grubbers to facilitate a bunch of worthless courses. The content is thinner than Sergio’s emaciated wrists and a poor disguise for his sham charity’s true purpose of recruiting new missionaries/donors for the charitable purpose of ‘owning their very own building‘.

The latest is a discounted version of Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd’s recruitment pitches: ‘Being a Woman in the Cruel, Nasty and Pranic World Today’. It’s a four week course asking the question: ‘How are we really living today as women?’ The answer of course is hopelessly. Especially the blokes. The Girl to Woman Project’s predatory groomer in chief, and Esoteric Women’s Health promoter, Sara Harris, will conduct the Melbourne pitch and leave the Sydney pitch to Katie Walls, who has distinguished herself by having a diploma in something or other, from TAFE or somewhere AMAZING, yet making money out of piss take Esoteric healing.

From the course pitch:

This four week course is an honest, real and practical exploration of who we are as women and what we think it means to be a woman in the world today.

The behaviour of the cult’s beauty-full Women in Lyingness compelled us to push that sentence through the reality tester translator, and it came out in English as ‘This four week indoctrination is a dishonest, fanciful and useless diatribe on painting the world as hostile, convincing women they’re miserable and the solution is to join our cult, turn over their money, bully or be bullied, and call it a self-loving choice.’

A Woman in 'Livingness', the way Sergio likes them

An exquisitely lovely Woman in ‘Livingness’, the way Sergio likes them

The four week course is actually a prolonged Esoteric Breast Massage minus the groping, and including the obligatory instructions on how to fear and loathe any organism with testicles, how to become paranoid of catching cancer, and grooming tips for trying to look pretty while acting ugly. A follow up course will show how to take orders from a perverted misogynist runt, how to perfect passive aggression, how not to cross Desiree Delaloye, which is harder than it sounds, and how to bitch incessantly about anyone who intercepts the Benhayons’ cash flow. The planned advanced course will help women develop skills in trashing the advancements made by our feminist forebears, with a special focus on exploiting inequities in family law to punish ex partners and children.

Cost: $60 plus family law expenses and all self respect.

Cult options

I’m bored with Universal Medicine. I take my eye off the cult for a few weeks and come back and nothing’s changed. UMers are still aggressive, still dull, still stupid, and still trying to rope in little girls and cancer patients. They’ve come up with no new content. They’re still trying to spread the old tripe thinner. Their big AMAZING development this year has been trying to sell ‘self-care’ like they invented it, and like it’s not something anyone can sort out for themselves without spending a cent. Or joining a cult.

Anyway, this month we’ve seen some suggestions for new cults to join. The Adidam cult mentioned in the comments is still staggering along, even though its Living God® is dead. Or one could throw oneself into the John of God maelstrom described below, with the option of having one’s base chakra inspected or one’s third eye accessed from within with the help of some unsterilized forceps. All mentioned cults guarantee they’ll take donations. And young girls.

A reader pitched another option for those in need of a guru. This guy has cut through a lot of the jargon and has a no nonsense approach to the essentials of looking special and spiritual. He probably taught Serge. His subscription may also be marginally cheaper, and the women in his videos, at least, are over 18.

October 6 2014: The world’s greatest healer? John of God vs Serge Benhayon

Sydney Morning Herald featured a fascinating report about Brazilian crook, João de Deus (John of God) who is the greatest healer since Jesus Christ. Serge can probably one up him though for being a fifth level initiate, a PHILOSOPHER, and arguably a better tennis player. Then again Johnny heals 6,000 customers per week and would probably flog him at arm wrestling.

Anyway, these guys have followed the same instruction manual for ‘healing’ scams, except João beefs up his healings with the use of surgical implements and no anaesthetic or sterile procedure. Blood loss apparently assists the pilgrims in releasing energetic attachment to their cash, and it makes Esoteric Chakra-puncture look like tickling.

Both these characters are untrained, uneducated buffoons with a star studded list of previous incarnations. The report says João is fully illiterate, which is one better than Serge who is only semi-illiterate. Strangely, João boasts of a supernatural ability to read tax receipts. Both of them work with ‘energy’ and ‘entities’, but in Johnno’s case, the entities are the good guys, and he doesn’t hate cats. Both of them sell AMAZING, aesthetically challenged healing symbols.

And neither of them do the healing. No. GOD does that, or the body, or you heal yourself or something. They just take the money

John of God's special healing triangles.

John of God’s special healing triangles.

Both have managed to rope a large entourage of the faith-full into working for their multi million dollar businesses for nothing, and both of them give away their healing services for ‘free’. I believe the mercantile Lord of Form calls this schtick a ‘loss leader’ – an unsophisticated but effective method of getting people to fork out money via an initial pretence at good will. Serge’s favourite is treating cancer patients for ‘free’ and then receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Glorious bequests. Johnno’s product line is more extensive than Serge’s though, and infinitely more imaginative.

João doesn’t charge for his consultations, but the treatments don’t come for free. There are eight crystal beds at the casa that are rented out on high rotation (for $60 an hour), as well as a gift shop selling all manner of John of God-branded merchandise: books, CDs, DVDs, tote bags, T-shirts, coffee mugs and crystals (“All crystals have been blessed by the Entity,” reads a sign on the wall). There are John of God pendants, postcards and travel pillows, even glow-in-the-dark John of God wall stickers. Both the gift shop and cafe also do a brisk trade in water that has been “blessed by the Entity”. People at the casa treat the “Blessed Water” like nitroglycerine. “Don’t drink it all at once!” Jana Tsu-Jones says one afternoon, when she sees me swigging from a bottle. “You’ll be up all night!” Sarah Layton tells me she regularly buys 10-litre jugs of the stuff to take home in her luggage. Then, of course, there is the “pharmacy”, where patients buy their healing herbs. I had assumed that the pharmacy would stock a range of different herbs to treat a range of different conditions. But no, there is only one herb for sale here: passiflora, the flower of the passionfruit plant. When I ask Coppola about this, he explains that it’s not what’s in the capsules that counts, but rather the “spiritual prescription” that John of God writes for each patient. “The intentionality of that prescription is transferred to the capsules at the time of purchase,” he says. Virtually all of the approximately 2000 people João sees daily receive a prescription for herbs. Some buy $50 worth, others as little as $10. The average purchase appears to be about $20, which would account for $40,000 a day, in herb sales alone.

Serge should take notes. João’s followers’ uniform is better too – all white, which is easier to mix n match.

Both of our healing savants have investor apologists with blasé excuses for their guru’s sexual improprieties.

Talk turns to the sexual assault allegations against João. “I’ve never seen any evidence of that,” says Pellegrino-Estrich. “But who knows? There are two different things: João, the Entity, and João, the man. A man is a man: we have impulses, right?” It could also be a simple misunderstanding. “There are seven chakras,” says Pellegrino-Estrich, “and the lowest one is the base chakra, and João may have put his hand on a woman’s base chakra, and freaked them out.” He sits back, shrugs. “It’s possible.” 

Pellegrino-Estrich runs pilgrimage tours to visit the Entity/man, by the way, and also wrote a glowing biography.

And His Holinesses have a similar response to journalists and questions:

I squeeze in one more question, about the allegation that he diverted funds that were meant to go toward a soup kitchen into renovating his own home. This does not go down well. João begins a long rant, about how he has been a successful farmer and businessman, that he has worked for 50 years, that he is not a thief; quite to the contrary, the person who made that allegation is a thief, a vagabond and a bandit. He says he will show me his tax receipts and that he wants to see mine, too. Then he walks out, shouting, and does not return. Sydney Morning Herald, October 4, 2014

Anyway, for any of Sergio’s followers who are counting up all the money they’ve thrown away, relationships they’ve burned, and are weary of spending hours per day promoting other people’s businesses and bitching about enemies via input to multiple cult Facebook pages and blogs – and are looking for a new cult to join, with more spectacular ‘healings’ and all new routes to their base chakra, the João de Deus roadshow hits Sydney’s Olympic Park next month.

Recycling campaign

If any of you have volumes of Serge’s occult philosophy cluttering your hovels that you haven’t hurled into a dumpster yet, please consider donating them to the Accountability bunker. They come in awfully handy for lending to journalists and family lawyers, and for the bunker’s ongoing research into Serge’s bullshit. Please contact us for a mailing address or drop off point. Or just flip them out the car window as you drive by Lance’s place. No need to stop. Cheers.

62 Comments on “Universal Medicine cult gossip October 2014”

  1. Darkly Venus says:

    It’s been a hectic few weeks in the bunker. Princess has been organizing her inaugural French pastry and erotic film festival for months now, and just days out she realized she’d forgotten to make the films.

    They took longer than expected, partly because it was more fun than we thought it would be, and partly due to lack of talent.

    Anyway, knowing Princess we’ll probably have to make the pastries too.

    The SMH article on Joao de Deus has some interesting video by the way, but not for the squeamish.

  2. The parallels don’t end there! The Joao cult is also advertising BLESSED SOUP! Lol! http://www.johnofgod-sydney.com.au/event-information-1.html

    The soup is meant to nourish your soul in addition to providing some sustenance for your body. Although you are free to consume it any way you would like, our recommendation is that you do so quietly and respectfully as you are receiving much more than what the eyes can see.

    As a welcome to Australia Kevin Andrews and the ATO will probably grant Joao and his cult tax exempt charity status.

    And does anyone have a recipe for easy mille feuille?

  3. Murphy says:

    We could also add Sia Baba vs Serge Benhayon .
    Sai Baba claimed to be the reincarnation of Sai Baba Shirda. Sia Baba claimed to be a miracle maker. This poor peasant died in 2011 and his cult tax exempt charity status, paying him well.
    However Sai Baba Tax Inventories assessed that this poor man had US$ 4.7 million with 98 gold ornaments. 307 kg of silver ornaments valued U.S $0.36 million and U.S$ 2.6 million in cash. Three months later, the tax man found additional U.S $0.17 million. In his Bangalore-area ashram tallied 6 kg of gold coins and jewellery, 245 kg of silver articles and Rs 8 million in cash.
    The total of theses items is believed to exceed 7.8 million U.S.dollars Not counting his clothes and 500 pairs of shoes.These goods are believed to have been donated over the years by Sai Baba devotees from all over the world as religious gifts. A lucrative Cult business to be involved in.

    • Murphy says:

      Sorry, spelling mistake, meant 500 pairs of shoes.Now wouldn’t the poor bare footed people
      of Bangalore, love a pair of Sai Baba’s shoes. Could be sold at a free tax exempt charity event.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      It’s a good point – Sai Baba hoarding all that booty. He had no need or use for it. Like Serge doesn’t need the property or the money. He doesn’t have the imagination to use it properly. Most of the plastic gurus got wealth out of followers – Bhagwan Rajneesh.

      It’s a power trip. They do it because they can. It shows how much power they have over followers that the lemmings will blindly give and give and give – when as you say, around the corner are people in genuine need, as are authentic non profits who would use it productively to relieve some suffering.

      Instead of creating it a la Sergio the muck raker.

  4. Lord of Form says:

    Serge is just one move short of João’s spontaneous prescriptions for $40 worth of weeds. He gets Binky to type his mangled missives and calls the word-jumble “esoteric”, THEN charges $45 for a pot full of herbs with magical properties.

    Otherwise, it’s the same act, different GPS.

    Humans. Pack animals waiting to be suckered in by the first guy that doesn’t blink.

  5. Anon says:

    UM are all “loving” and “not brainwashed”.

    On another topic, I just got a giggle out of reading the latest article on UM’s cyber-bully UniversalMedicineFacts website. In a condensed form here’s how it basically goes:

    1. The UM business and “religion” begins by assuring us that “love is the greatest form of intelligence”.
    2. Then it continues with a vendetta of private person (Lance) with 100’s of words of slander.
    3. It says nice things about their medical practicing friend Dr Sam Kim because a private person (Lance) apparently questioned him.
    4. It then outright rejects that “Universal Medicine students are ‘brainwashed’”.
    5. Then 233 of those “loving” and “unbrainwashed” Universal Medicine students contribute to hate vendetta and join in the slander fun with their own supporting comments.

    Nothing new here as this is acceptable behaviour for UM. What they don’t, can’t and will never comprehend is that normal people read such things and can come to no other conclusion these “students” and UM are a dangerous bunch of lunatics. Normal people are outright shocked by this, but the UM machine keep on fighting on hoping that one day lunacy will prevail over normalcy.

    • W. Harper says:

      That website is very revealing about the true nature of those involved with UM. The hatred of those who dare to question, the misinformation and twisting of the facts, the ‘lynch-mob’ style comments, it’s all very clear to see.

      What a nasty, foul little group they are.

    • Lance says:

      Hi Anon. Thanks for your feedback. Everyone I know that has seen the site has expressed more or less the same thing to me. While there are some serious things to consider- and they most certainly will be in due time- I can’t say I am personally offended by the attacks, any more than you would be if a group of six year olds were calling you names. Alison Grieg is incoherent both as a writer and thinker, as are the rest of the “facts” team. Imagine having Chuck on your side in a court room!

      The accusations are convoluted and reveal more about what they would like to defend than they do about me or Esther. In fact, they say nothing about us at all. We’ve just been dehumanized as objects of derision and hate to keep the group busy so they don’t notice the glaring inconsistencies banging them in their esoteric noggins.

      They have confabulated stories out of thin air, abject lack of imagination, hearsay and a good dash of what they would like to believe. And all of them refuse to take up my offer to see hard evidence that decimates the shared fairy-tale about the most wonderful man in the universe.

      Their ludicrously named blogs have always been the best thing we have had working for us. But it is their current hate attacks- that they call “love”- that is a siren renting the air that wails “CULT!!!”.

      I do however wonder how those 233 people (probably more) can lack insight into their own disgraceful behaviour in joining in on the hate-fest. Years of “study” with Universal Medicine don’t seem to have amounted to much do they? Or perhaps, sadly, they have amounted to exactly what Mr Benhayon always intended. I think that is more likely.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Years of “study” with Universal Medicine don’t seem to have amounted to much do they?”. Sums it up perfectly.

  6. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Hello UM Serge followers! Serge is NOT the only ONE.
    There are lots of these self created special people scamming money.

  7. Listen, you have to corner the market with an Orstralian version of
    the Gentle Wind Project For Troublesome Flatulence.

    You are creative gals, I am sure you can make a few bucks off this
    on the New Age Pranic-Splenic circuits and glean the raw materials
    from ye olde suburban Hard Rubbish Collection.


  8. S.T. says:

    Hey there,
    Stumbled onto yr site.
    I played competitive tennis at the same time as Miranda many years ago. She was never allowed to talk to us, and Serge completely isolated her. I remember Serge trying to pass off clay dust as some miracle tennis grip aid and sold it in little plastic bags with labels on them. No one was fooled by it though. Very surprised to hear she is now married to him. I hope she is happy.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Hi S.T. We’ve heard the same from many of Miranda’s former tennis colleagues, parents and other coaches from the era. One could say he took total control of her. But it’s okay, because according to the members, she is now in her “glory”.

      I don’t think happiness comes into the equation.

      • S.T. says:

        Ok, I’ve had a good look at the UM site, songs etc and here’s my take on it.
        Firstly, Miranda is clearly suffering Stockholm syndrome, she was too young initially and had an innocent dream to be a great tennis player but serge obsessed, possessed then burnt her out on the court. He replaced her family with his, took her away from any other influences, school, friends etc.By then no one could rescue her and after so many years it was all she had. Serge can only have the highest level of narcissism imaginable. Deb Benhayon, as a woman and mother, also has alot to answer for. Serge must be pinching himself that he has not only got away with all this but finds himself idolized by others at the same time. He has just swapped a racquet for a microphone in my eyes. Nothing wrong with people, educated or not, searching for a better lifestyle for themselves, but its so obviously all about the $ and being the ‘one’.
        I wonder if Miranda will ever become a mother herself, that would be very risky for Serge, she could snap out of it emotionally, and of course there would be someone more important in her life than him.
        This whole thing would make a great holywood movie, someone should write a script, that would make a lot more dollars than Serge ever imagined!
        Serge has put himself into the public arena and must expect and respect opinions against him from people who are not vulnerable or do not agree with his created world.

        • S.T. says:

          Miranda looks just as sad on that video song clip as she did on the tennis court. 😦

        • Lord of Form says:

          Hi S.T, thanks for your comments. According to the members, we’ve made all that up. In fact, we’re probably just pretending to be you.

          I’ve spoken with quite a few people who tell the same story and raised the same concerns. The official group story is that after Tennis Serge and Miranda went separate ways, then hooked up again around 2004 (they’ve pushed the years back as time has gone on) We know this is not the case, and in fact have evidence to the contrary. To us, what has happened with Miranda is emblematic of Serge’s M.O. He gets in the head of someone, sells people grandiose visions, breaks up families, then gets what he wants from them- without any hint of conscience. In fact, according to him, it is everyone else’s fault.

          We also know that he was doing similiar things before he bolted from Sydney in 1991, and in between. His now perfected his art. He is selling the ultimate cosmic vision, having tapped the fears, hopes and dreams of every mortal; and then sells industrial quantities of snake-oil. All born from a humble bag of dirt he was flogging when supposedly bankrupt. He breaks up families with impunity, actively egging members on by bombarding them with negative messages about relationships, and finally emailing members encouraging them to leave their partners.

          We’ve been trying to expose his past for more than two years. We’ve kept our powder dry on the most explosive stuff. But we have learned, like Deborah Benhayon who has watched the whole thing unfold, the members steadfastly refuse to look at the facts and see the truth of what they are involved in, and now actively promote.

          Miranda is sad. Despite what the members want to believe. And we’re not just guessing either.

    • Anonymous says:

      LOLing loud at the ‘miracle grip aid’. A leopard can not change its spots! You want to post about that Greig?

  9. S.T. says:

    Yes, so sadly interesting a real live social experiment to observe unfortunately with real victims, Serge has indeed perfected his art, but seriously, I find it hard to sympathize with the ADULTS who could be so mindless as to follow this nonsense appropriately born on the toilet. Surely little mental alarm bells must ring with statements like “Elvis is somewhere in Asia”. I guess when your brainwashed, its all or nothing, especially under the threat of ostracism.
    But I feel strongest about stealing the soul of a child, and no amount of money or comfort now can replace freedom and a life journey scripted by another human being because they want to possess you.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Hi S.T. Thanks for your observations. I think there’s a lot of Stockholm Syndrome in UM. Slightly different though for Miranda, because if she does have doubts or want out, she is hemmed in by that vicious hierarchy of cult Brides who are rabidly (a) lying for Serge and (b) speaking for her on how autonomous she is. (No irony there.)

      Invisible handcuffs.

      I agree Miranda has had her life stolen from her. Who would have thought a promising tennis talent could have fallen into something so sinister? Serge began wearing her down and programming her from the outset. He had her coaching for him, bringing in money when she was barely in her teens, and he’s still milking her ability to bring in cash. Full backing all the way from Deborah, the master enabler, who sold out her own kids as well.

      As for ADULTS in the group – that’s debatable. They are physically adults, but with the mentality and behaviour of hypoglycaemic pre-schoolers.

      • S.T. says:

        Serge operates on the fact that most people at some time in their lives are searching for answers, and even though some of them have a high IQ, they are often lacking balance in the EQ (emotional quotient) dept. Then there are the “followers” who will throw themselves 100% into the latest fad whatever it is. The roadkill here is families, relationships and hard earned money.
        Its simple, for Serge to ‘get’, someone has to ‘give’. The trick is to get them to give willingly, and legally manouver around the government rules and regulations, otherwise it is stealing, tax or otherwise, which is against the law.
        Under a healthy livingness banner, there lies the same old pyramid selling that’s been around forever, which I see is UMs official symbol. There’s little clues to the rip off everywhere if you look for them.
        To those who have lost partners to UM, let them go, they are on their own individual journey in life. Partners are lost mentally and physically in endless ways including death, accidents, cancer, and disappear through strokes and affairs and the grief is real but you will eventually heal.

        • Anonymous says:

          I was going to “Let it go” but I find your comments really condescending. Some of us have been living with a family member or several in UM for years. It’s obvious you haven’t. Please don’t tell me how to deal with the loss of people I care about to these vile people.

          My family member is an adult, as you say, but she was formerly an intelligent person whose opinion I respected. Now she’s a blathering idiot with a head full of UM’s meaningless jargon.

          These blogs have been running for years, and you come along and make out you’re an expert on what we have to live with, but your only connection is you played tennis with Miranda twenty years ago.

          We’ll eventually heal, I suppose. For some of us this is happening here and now. Please don’t tell me the grief is “real” when you have no idea.

        • Darkly Venus says:

          That’s a fair call, Anonymous.

          S.T. I think you mean well, but you make it sound a little too easy to recover from the grief these people wreak. If it were that simple I wouldn’t be blogging. We have a large number of readers with ongoing issues with UM. A lot are trying to live with a cult member and keep their relationship together. A lot have children in the cult. You’re also commenting on a site where the authors are being subjected to ongoing defamation and harassment for our troubles.

        • Lord of Form says:

          Ouch. S.T, you hit a nerve there.

          As anon says, it is very difficult to just let go because it doesn’t just go away. Many of us have children and fear for their futures as Serge and the group go the way of all cults and try to make it generational. The group have set up a “girl to woman” project. Think of that in context of Serge and Miranda! Out-fucking-rageous.

          And no boy to man project either. I guess that is a lot simpler ‘esoterically’, because according to Serge you just “smack the pack energy out of them”. Worked with his two.

          Yes, you can get over the grief of losing someone you love to his mind-fuck. You can even start to rationalise the fact that he gets in there are encourages the members to leave their families. But no decent parent is going to stand by and watch the group try to turn their child into a clone, sprouting irrational Sergisms.

          I’ve had plenty of people tell me the same, and frankly, I’d like nothing more than to never think about UM or Serge again except as a horror story when I am 75. But like Anon, and many others who contact us (and more emerge all the time) when you have a family member in, or kids that might be adversely effected, there is no choice but to stand and fight. If you care.

          You get the picture.

    • Truthseeker says:

      Thank you for sharing your insight and experiences and observations. Much appreciated.

  10. S.T. says:

    Fair enough, I’m sorry to offend, especially anonymous.
    To clarify, I did mean adults, who have left a relationship physically and mentally for UM.I did not mean to belittle those still living in a day to day nightmare and of course where children are involved, which was my point about Miranda initially.
    I am in no way an expert on UM, I will not go into my profession only to say I have spent many hours in court regarding child abuse and neglect cases.
    And yes, I have experienced grief from loss first hand, having a loved one stolen from me.
    So, again, I appologise and sincerely sympathise with your plight and fight, and will sign off and leave you to it.

  11. Feline Aphrodite says:




    Sydney Morning Herald
    Natasha Lakaev’s evidence ‘deliberately untrue’, says judge

    Sydney Morning Herald – ‎13 minutes ago‎
    Four years ago I wrote a story in The Sunday Age about a brave young woman who had been trapped in a small, northern-NSW new-age cult for 12 years.

  12. Feline Aphrodite says:

    PS: Are they blinded, liars or just dumber than dumb?

    To any UM’s who are brave enough to read these sites you are being misled by Alison & Co
    Alsion cannot read and comprehend properly. Or doesn’t want to.

    NO Debra Douglas and all you others you are not being told the truth the whole truth by Alison Greig and Co. You are not even told the truth in her blogs about what any who blog on this site are supposed to have said etc. Yes it’s appalling that concocted lies can be printed without any regard for the harm it can cause other human beings. That is what Alison is doing.

    Wake up! It’s a scam.

    Debra Douglas says:
    OCTOBER 12, 2014 AT 4:07 PM
    Yes Matilda, I too have blindly believed things I’ve read in the press. The way Ms Greig brings the truth to light makes me realise how we have to be very discerning about what we hear and read. It’s appalling that concocted lies can be printed without any regard for the harm it can cause other human beings. Individuals like Jane Hansen should be held accountable.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Feline, I feel your frustration and outrage, but just one read of Debra Douglas’ comments reveal that she is under the spell as she trots out the group-speak and generalizations that turn complex considerations into rally-raising slogans.

      We’re not dealing with rational people. Otherwise, they’d see how ‘bizarre’ it is to fawn sycophantically over their guru’s relationship, whether it is under question or not. Let’s face it, who of us spends time observing other peoples marriages and oh-ahhing about how cute their interactions are?

      They keep spewing verbal diarrhea because they don’t have any facts to present, and they fear the facts we have. They think by discrediting critics or commentators, they lend themselves credibility. Frankly, the more they go on about it, the more they prove us right. About them, and about the things they deny.

      And there are a bunch more S.T’s out there too. They are only fooling themselves.

      • La Métempsycose says:

        I agree with the comments made by S.T. and thank him/her for the additional insights into this rather peculiar organisation called Universal Medicine. UM have their own website to counter the allegations made against them by this website and others. Ironically it only confirms a) that they have all been suckered into the Benhayon ego trip and b)that they all have absolutely no idea of the enormous and tragic harm UM has done to themselves, their own families and former friends across the globe .

        I suspect that anonymity and pseudonyms are used by many (including myself) on this site not for fear of prosecution or to make any unfounded slanderous comments with impunity about the machinations of UM (as UMers claim) but rather to protect those we love who have been seduced into Benhayon’s weird world view.

        I know enough about UM to realise it’s a ‘hen pecking party’ and a quick scan of the diatribe of identical comments on their websites will confirm that to be true. It’s almost as if they were members, dare I say it, of some CULT as they trip over themselves in a lemming-like rush to sound the praises of the family Benhayon and all their commercial enterprises.

        How can anybody in their right mind think that this self proclaimed ascended master who wants to take us all back to some mythical theocratic society where he, and only he and those he deems to be worthy, are the fountains of all knowledge and wisdom is ‘the real deal’?
        Give us a break Benhayon & Co . This is the 21st Century. We are on the Internet. Invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee who gave it away for free ! Have some respect for the democracy you live in and engage in a dialogue rather than pillorying anyone, like Esther Rockett, who criticises your organisation because they don’t believe it’s all you crack it up to be.

  13. anon 2 says:

    Yep, You can’t rationalise with the totally irrational. But this story shows that over-intimidation eventually wears thin and fails.

    And thanks to ST for reading, rationalising, commenting and being concerned about UM. Even if she/he did accidently hit a raw nerve. More are welcome to come forward.

    You think it’s going quiet and the hard working anti-UMers are getting a well earned break. Then it all kicks off again, and such is life when dealing with nutters.

    And it’s a bit like one who is constantly trying to show they’re not a racist, they’re most probably a guilt ridden closet racist. So the more one tried to portray they’re not a cult, the more likely they are one and will eventually be shown to be.

  14. S.T. says:

    Hi anon 2
    STs bestie here
    Thankyou for your Thankyou
    She showed me this blog, and I’ve done some site snooping and had to comment if that’s ok.
    Firstly, ST is the kindest person I know, not ignorant or condescending, ever, but anon is obviously hurting, so we understand.
    Next, I am a non drinking, non smoking, non drug taking adult who exercises regularly.
    Does that make me a UMer…..no…….because
    I do not need a psycho (albeit a calm, clever one) to tell me if I can use tampons, whether my boyfriend is an animal sexually because he isn’t circumcised, that I can only listen to music with lyrics and tunes straight outbid the wiggles, and I can’t eat 95% of food groups all in the name of glorifying and financing one family with a very dubious background.
    This reminds me of another small madman with a giant ego, I think his name was Adolf something, but he used force not love as a weapon to glorify himself and build an empire. Very clever really, but history has proven, eventually it will all self destruct and only those at the top of the pyramid will be left with the $, porches and property.

  15. S.T. says:

    “Out of ” not “outbid”

  16. S.T. says:

    Which is the UM website that counters this one?
    I need a laugh!

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Hi S.T.,

      A couple of things I need to point out. That site is defamatory, and not a laugh for those of us being bullied and defamed there, or for other victims who will now not come forward for fear of that kind of public vilification. You might notice a HCCC complainant who spoke with News Ltd being bullied and mobbed by hundreds of cult members there, and also blatant attempts to destroy our livelihoods by calling us mentally ill and criminals etc. I have posted responses on the blog, which I screenshotted before they disappeared, but since then I have vowed on my blogs not to give it an atom of oxygen. If others want to comment here on it, they’re free to. Comments are open. Personally my only comment on it is to say there is not one word on the thing that is based in fact or rationality.

      I don’t want to know what they write. I don’t read it and I’m not interested in hearing about it.

      It’s been established to try and wipe my blogs off google searches, which hasn’t worked and to try and get us to respond to their bullshit rather than continue our exposure – which is not going to happen. Cult members are ordered not to visit my blogs as an attempt to downgrade our Google rankings.

      I ask any of you who want to read their carryings on to use the donotlink.com site. It means doing a bit of right clicking to put links through donotlink, but to hell with them, if they insist on having hundreds of them gang up on a few of us – who have zero to gain from standing up to them, I’m entitled to ask my readers not to improve their Google rankings either. http://www.donotlink.com/c1au

      Go ahead and have a laugh if that’s your thing, but just bear in mind most of our readers aren’t so flippant.

  17. Trish says:

    Universalmedicinefacts is one of the websites and then there is truthaboutsergebenhayon truthaboutuniversalmedicine there are more but that should get you started. they are actually so smug and boring to read I wish you luck!

  18. S.T. says:

    Will have a look, maybe not a laugh

  19. S.T. says:

    Just got back from the donotlink site at UM
    The loving lemmings are armed, attacking and dangerous , proving to the outside observer, like myself, that they are well and truely eyeball deep in a cult and prepared to fight to the death, verbally at this stage, for their leader.
    I guess I was a bit flippant, but only because of how ridiculous UM is.
    If they were truely loving souls they would be trying to “save Esther and Lance from themselves and convert them. No, the reason they must be silenced is that they are seeds of evidence and dangerous doubt for Serge who narcissistically wants to rule the world unobstructed. People, you don’t need to pay Serge to get a better lifestyle, anything radical that takes over your life as an obsession is not healthy. Of course he is going to be nice to you and your families, you are his mealticket!
    I realise now I have tumbled out of the sky onto an issue that is very sensitive to those wounded by UM, and has gone on for years, but for what its worth, you are doing a couragious and important job here and my eyes are one more set opened and educated to all that is the cult, UM

    • Darkly Venus says:

      We’ve had the conversion attempts. Criticism of UM and media reports the cult doesn’t like are all because we are ‘loveless and in pain’ and ‘haven’t dealt with our issues’. Nothing to do with them preying on, molesting, robbing and bullying vulnerable people.

      The Esoteric solution of course is to submit to a self-loving lobotomy, start forking over money for nothing to the Benhayons and their array of parasites, and join the lynch mob in trying to silence critics. That’ll help us ascend a notch or two on Sergio’s special priced initiation scale.

  20. anon 2 says:

    Looks like UM have prepared the outline of their legal defence and published it online if and when they have to defend child grooming charges. No expense spared here employing professional witnesses to speak in their favour, and legal preparation and research.

    Why would any ‘normal’ group do this? Very weird behaviour. Unless there is some substance to back up suggestions of grooming?

    Never a dull week with these nutters!

    • Darkly Venus says:

      I’ve never heard of an organization, no matter how bent, trying to pre-empt legal action this way. Not the Catholic Church, not Christian Assemblies International, not anyone…

      Whatever they’ve put forward, I haven’t read it, won’t read it and don’t need to.


      We already know their behaviour is indefensible, legally or otherwise. The predatory grooming is blatant. The bullying and intimidation of critics more so. Serge’s goose is cooked if he gets to court and he knows it. He knows we haven’t published all there is to know, and he won’t risk having his past put under the microscope in court.

      To UM’s many victims, UM is very wealthy, and a damages pay out is potentially very large. It’s getting larger the more they try and deter people from coming forward.

      Again, please use donotlink.com if you have to visit their site. They have no new material, just new denials. You’re doing exactly what they want you to – giving them undeserved credence. http://www.donotlink.com/c1au

      • anon 2 says:

        I think they expect they are in a little trouble with their reputation of late and some other probs are on the boil. Thus their misguided need to present themselves as desperate.

        Do yourself a favour and don’t read their latest crap Venus.

  21. FlowerPower says:

    Never ever is there a dull week is there as far as UM go?
    Do you think that Alison Greig has done UM any favours really?

    They ALL protesteth too much and so unprofessionally.

    Alison (or any of them actually) are not ones for reporting factually. As was said in an earlier comment it appears that she either doesn’t read properly or has poor comprehension, or deliberately misleads.

    They sure are very very weird and they are becoming moreso.

    • Just saying ... says:

      The sense of grief & loss amongst those who’ve “lost” a loved one is palpable, I express my condolences … however truth, love & common sense may yet prevail! UM bloggers continue to blindly (sometimes arrogantly, paternalistically & self righteously) reinforce each others distortions & lies, block alternative views & unfairly cast others (esp critics & challengers) as hate filled, abusive & mentally unstable. Obviously many well meaning, love -ly Umers somehow trust & reconcile the warm, fuzzy white washed public image, with the more obscure, dark, occult based principles (feel tainted reading the creepy books, where do I chuck them?). I surmise that initially “tender loving care” & a sense of community attract, then a gradual desensitization / re-framing / brain washing process, along with loyalty to friends / family & fear keep them hooked in. Adults are supposed to have “free” will, but time will tell re long term impact on innocent, confused children 😦

  22. Lord of Form says:

    • Lord of Form says:

      There are some superficial differences between Adidam and UM, but the behaviour of the members and the leader are out of the same playbook. It’s genesis dates back four decades which informs you there’s nothing new under this sun. The denials are the same, the attacks on critics are the same. The definition of the rest of the world being a cult seems mightily familiar. And the faithful are still recruiting. There are flyers up all over the shire.

      For the benefit of any members with a flicker of self-awareness, perhaps wanting to wake up from someone else’s dream- check it out.

    • Pranic Princess says:

      I’m adding the second part to that report that talks more about the risks to children, and these mad fools involving their kids with that horse shit.

      Another day another cult. Hangers on continue to flog his rubbish even though the guru/living God is six feet under. Sergio probably borrowed some of his schtick, including the term ‘self-contraction’ for anyone who doesn’t pay up and submit. It’s all the standard stuff – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adi_Da – healing ‘miracles’, an initiation scale, bad press, and as seen in the video, rabid, highly emotional investors/abuse deniers with bad hair.

      Same crap, different brand name.

  23. Truthseeker says:

    Reporting child abuse claims ‘not my role’, says police inspector
    Sydney Morning Herald – ‎35 minutes ago‎
    A NSW Police Inspector learnt about scores of child sex abuse cases while on a Catholic Church advisory committee but did not report any of the information back to the force, the police watchdog has heard.

  24. susieQ says:



    ‘Clean eating’ concern |
    22nd Oct 2014
    Ruby Prosser Scully

    THE recent trend towards ‘clean eating’ could be cause for concern as experts warn highly restricted diets may trigger full-blown eating disorders.

    THE recent trend towards ‘clean eating’ could be cause for concern as experts warn highly restricted diets may trigger full-blown eating disorders.

    Clean eating or ‘pure’ eating is a diet gaining in popularity, and, while there is variation from person to person, it generally revolves around the basic principle of avoiding processed foods and refined grains and sugars.

    “Clean eating and super healthy eating is really being promoted in society, but there also seems to be a moralistic element coming in,” said Melbourne dietitian and eating disorder expert Fiona Sutherland, from the therapy provider Body Positive Australia.

    While there are plenty of people who could benefit from a “cleaner” diet, it can become a disguise for disordered eating and thinking about food, Ms Sutherland said.

    The Victorian government recently earmarked $10 million for an eating disorders strategy, including development of training programs for GPs to spot people experiencing emergent eating problems or body image issues.

    GP Dr Rick Krausman, an obesity and eating disorder specialist, said that beyond obsessive thinking about raw or whole foods, identifying guilt around deviating from these eating patterns could be a warning sign for more serious issues.

    “Guilt is not a healthy thing to have around food,” Dr Krausman said.

    Asking patients how they feel about their body or body image are questions that might alert GPs to potential issues and flag the need to refer to a specialist, he said.

    While not all people involved in this kind of restrictive diet will go on to develop problems, Dr Krausman said, there are “a huge number of people who are spending way too much time worrying about what they’re eating to the detriment of their general wellbeing and health”.

    While the term ‘orthorexia’ is sometimes used to describe a preoccupation with avoiding foods considered to be unhealthy, it is not included as an eating disorder in the DSM-5 manual.

  25. Murphy says:

    Watch 60 minutes on Sunday night, it’s all about the Brazilian’s John of God Miracle maker, the best since Jesus Christ? It will be interesting to find what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine crew will think after watching this program….. if they dare? Two peas in a pod I think? praying on the sick and vulnerable of our communities… all for the glory of self [ huge egos] and the abominable money of course… I wonder if the crew of Serge Benhayon/ UM! will go into denial or become pro activists against Serge, a wake up call, so to speak??? Will be very interesting. Looking forward to watching this sick program.

  26. Darkly Venus says:

    Is it any surprise that the John of God amateur surgery and mind fuck roadshow is being promoted by Max Markson? LoL!

    AUD$295 per day

    For those fortunate enough never to have heard of Markson, he’s a publicist who’s earned big bucks turning louts and bogan dropkicks into 15 minute celebs.

    Serge will probably bring him in to help Sarah Davis and Alison Greig with the propaganda blitzz.

  27. FlowerPower says:

    We do not need to give these people Visas do we?
    We have more than enough of our homegrown ones!

  28. Lance says:

    Speaking of the hate-mongerer Alison Grieg, apparently she is bagging out me and Esther again. I received a snippet in my inbox that went something like this:

    “brainwashing isnt real- that’s scientifically proven” “Lance has brainwashed people into believing his lies” and goes onto say Lance is a liar, without saying about what. Again.

    So about what Alison?

    Did I claim to be the re-incarnation of Leonard Da Vinci?
    A member of an elite spiritual hierarchy?
    Know everything in the universe?
    Be smarter than any scientist?
    Be the best musician in the world (without ever playing an instrument. Currently on the UM website. LOL)
    Never to have been bankrupt…hang on you mean ‘that bankruptcy’

    etc etc

    Please specify the lies Alison my dear. We have.

    And remember, proof is always available to those with the moral courage to seek truth. Not just aspersions. Do yourself a favour Alison, give it a rest. You’re just giving me more material for the inevitable damages suit you will be facing.

  29. Murphy says:

    Did you see the horror story on 60 minutes last night, of John of God’s practices of sticking a pair of scissors up a followers nose, and then just walking away with the scissors still in situ. Also, the look on the face of another follower., who was being butchered by a scalpel to his back and right side of the abdomen slashing away, as John of God walked along to attend to other vulnerable people. I will never forget the pain,shock and anguish on this poor fellow’s face. I have worked as an emergency nurse, thought I had seen it all? until last night, and he gets away with it. Not forgetting the unbelievable, atrocious sexual remarks that he said to a translater of the program. I could say more about his spiritual drinking water/ vitamins etc.
    But I am to much in shock to write any more on this Leech.
    How can a gutless wonder called John of God be allowed to visit Australia.

    • Murphy says:

      Addit, especially when he has committed GBH on at least 2 followers. Isn’t there special requirements on entering Australia before receiving a visa.?

      • Esther Rockett says:

        I think the Twitter exchange below answers that to an extent.

        You can get a visa to enter Australia if you’re a corrupt millionaire con artist, sadist and sexual predator. If you’re fleeing corruption, torture and persecution, you get shipped to a slammer on a disease plagued tropical hell hole.

        The 60 Minutes report showed John of God to be the vile, sadistic sleaze bag he is. Very different to the official propaganda. That set up is no different to Serge Benhayon, who publicly exhibits himself as a hateful scam artist – painted over with adulatory testimony from his major investors. Joao has been around longer though – long enough for more victims to come forward.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      More on John of God

  30. HandsOffMyTits! says:

    What! The latest UM sleep deprivation course is not being publicly subsidised nor held in a rate-payer funded building?

    • Esther Rockett says:

      Hmm, well spotted. To be held at the Goonellabah Business Centre.

      We’re not doing so well with Esoteric Women’s Health though, and their infiltration of so called feminist organisations. What a joke. More on that soon.

      • HandsOffMyTits! says:

        Look forward to who these ‘feminist’ organisations might be.

        From my reading it now seems that they deny EBM involves the touching of the breasts. Whereas previously it involved breast groping, eg esoteric “breast massage”. I’m confused LOL.