Universal Medicine cult gossip September 2014

Cult Lawyer Twitter Bio LOL

Cult Lawyer Twitter Bio LOL

September 24: College of UM Emasculation and Humiliation Course September 17: Dropkick journalist, Hamish Broome at it again *Cr Isaac Smith obfuscates  September 12: Lance Martin talks about the decision on the College of UM’s Charitable Fundraising Authority Complaint September 9: Keep Universal Medicine out of Lismore City Hall September 7 2014: Schools invasion, local government questions and patient bashing

September 24: College of UM course in causing male anxiety

The Tax Exempt Scam College of Universal Mischief is rolling out its curriculum with a course starting tomorrow “Understanding How to Cause Anxiety in Men“. The cult usually specializes in causing generalized misery, but Sergio, the born again prophet of piffle, loves nothing more than to rummage up a gender war out of his piss take occult philosophy and to keep the family courts hopping.

'You'd help my anxiety by keeping your goddamn hands off me...'

An Esoteric ‘real man’ in recruitment mode

It’s a five week course in sexist stereotyping, passive aggression, ball breaking and gynaecology envy. Cult pharmacist, Michael Serafin, will be selling his line of over priced and over prescribed supplements, including special emasculation compounds designed to relieve the anxiety of thinking for oneself. Michael Benhayon will talk about the pressures of milking cash out of mediocrity and underachievement, and the strain of being an Esoteric ‘real man’. He’ll then impart how his Dad wouldn’t let him listen to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers so he’s now taking his aggression out on all of us with his Glorious Music label – music designed to annihilate passion in both sexes. Martin Gladman, Adam Warburton and Francisco Clara, whoever they are, will talk about how they never felt such Glorious anxiety until Serge told them ‘male energy’ causes women’s cancers, looking at women is ‘energetic rape’ and that men can experience a joy-full menstrual cycle. Victoria Carter who is calling herself a ‘registered’ Esoteric practitioner – registered WHERE Victoria? And doing WHAT? – and is experienced in trying very very hard to make herself seem important will be there to talk about how women can experience male anxiety as long as they believe any old thing Serge says. The six of them will hug each other a bit too long and talk about Sergio the bullshitter’s teachings on how supernatural entities rape people who drink so much as a glass of sherry, and how ‘prana’, whatever the heck that is, gives you cancer for lifetimes to come. All of which is AMAZING for the anxiety levels, as is finding the money to keep ‘clearing’ all that ‘imposed energy’ that no one had ever heard of until Serge blessed us with an overrated bowel movement.

The course comes with a guarantee it will cause anxiety, with a bonus helping of angst. If not, anyone who complains will be issued with a complimentary AVO.

The promotional email suggests: *Women: please pass this email on to male friends who may be interested*
If they have any male friends left.
Course fee: $75

An upcoming course will teach children to be afraid of dairy products, the dark and other invisible nonsense, and show them how to make friends with sexual predators helped by the endorsement of health professionals and parental assertions that said predators are spiritual leaders of ‘utmost integrity’.

September 17: Hamish Broome is a dropkick

Remember Northern Star thirty-something year old cadet journalist, Hamish Broome – the black listed idiot journalist who approached a few of us under a pretence of writing a story, told us he’d never heard of UM and knew no followers, but we later found out his wife is Serge’s premier butt kissing propagandist, cyber-bullying specialist and authority on other people’s marriages, Sarah Davis. Sarah Davis was organizing the RMRC cyber-bullying conference flop at the time.

Anyway, due to some extraordinary spinelessness on the part of Northern Star publisher, APN, and editor David Kirkpatrick, Hamish Broome still has a job at Northern Star – just no other paper anywhere for the rest of his cult compromised, ethics free existence.

Anyway, thank you to a reader for pointing out he published a story yesterday promoting UM’s top rung recruiters and Esoteric ‘self-care’, thinly disguised as a report on Labor party opposition to the GP co payment policy.

Local physiotherapist Kate Greenaway highlighted the need to fund preventative self-care programs to address the one in five Australians with chronic pain who already cost the system “$34 billion a year”.

“They’re predicting that this will increase with the ageing population to over five million people,” Ms Greenaway said.

Local GP Jane Barker and nurse Elizabeth Dolan said the health of frontline healthcare staff could implode with further cuts.

Dr Barker said Australia had one of the best healthcare systems in the world, but had reached a point where staff were facing an “intolerable” level of stress, with burnout a career hazard.

That line – Local physiotherapist Kate Greenaway highlighted the need to fund preventative self-care programs – refers to the cult’s all new pitch for federal funding for Serge’s property portfolio and the expansion of his occult Church of eternal clearing of ‘pranic’ energy for a premium price.

Isn’t that right, Kate? You and the other self-loving investors are trying to sell Serge’s scam to the Australian government?

Back to Hamish Broome. When we pointed out to editor David Kirkpatrick that the people he interviewed are financial associates/employees of UM, the company that pays his wife to bully victims online and organize recruitment events, Kirkpatrick did not give a toss.

Seems like a legitimate health story to me

And I would point out that UM and its followers have not been convicted of any wrongdoing that I am aware of so far.

If Hamish talks to a registered health professional about a GP co payment I think that is fair enough.

Never mind that the comments had nothing to do with GP co payments and everything to do with UM’s self-care pitch. Never mind Broome’s conflict of interest in promoting financial associates of his wife’s employer, a multi million dollar exploitative health scam opposed to free speech, that publicly bullies victims and slurs journalists for doing their jobs. Never mind that Broome was publicly declared a member of the RMRC propaganda team promoting UM, until someone woke up and whisked him off the page.

Kirkpatrick doesn’t give a toss that Hamish Broome is using the Northern Star as a platform to promote a dangerous cult.

Perhaps he’s a convert to the Church of Serge.

Councillor Isaac Smith

Smith has continued to talk about himself over at the Accountability blog. Hundreds of words about how he’s a great politician and a great guy, how bullying is terrible and blah blah blah, and about 50 words or less about how he can’t do anything about UM in City Hall because he has a conflict of interest. Thankfully other councillors from Lismore City Council took the notifications seriously, did the research and are now alert to UM and listening, without inflicting us with an election campaign.

The one good point Isaac made is to ask readers to contact their local Lismore councillor with their concerns about UM, and to ask them to keep UM out of Lismore City Hall. We have more impact when those affected speak up. If you’re concerned about revealing your identity, write to or call Councillors Greg Bennett and Gianpiero Battista and ask for your communication to be kept confidential. Please contact them. It’s one thing for me to give the Councillors a heap of information, but it hits home when people affected tell their stories. Do you have concerns for loved ones? Did UM break up your family? Are you being bullied by UM? Were you harmed or did you lose a lot of money to them? Please tell the Councillors and consider writing to your local state and federal member of parliament. In Lismore that’s Thomas George and Kevin Hogan.

I give up on trying to deal with Isaac Smith personally. I sent Smith additional information to help his research, seeing he was making a lot of comments and was either completely ignorant of the subject of UM or pretending to be. For that I got a reply demanding to know whether it’s me that set up a ‘fake’ Twitter account using his name and image, and asking why I would bully him, and how terrible bullying is, and if it’s not me, who is it and can I ask them to stop blah blah blah?

I told him to stop wasting my time. I’d never heard of Isaac Smith until three or four weeks ago, and wish I never had. Like I have nothing better to do than pursue a small town councillor hundreds of kms from where I live. Whoever is running the Twitter account, I fully support that person’s right to free speech and anonymity, and I wouldn’t tell Smith who they are even if I knew. Certainly not as someone who has been subjected to constant harassment for speaking out about UM. As for asking them to stop, Isaac Smith reckons he’s running for the state seat next year, but if he’s that precious about a critical Twitter account, he won’t cut it in the Coliseum that is state parliament.

Like I have time to fight his battles when we are engaged in trying to bring a large, aggressive, international cult to account.

All of Smith’s nonsense is obfuscation on steroids. We have concerns about UM bullying, rorting, ripping off, molesting, abusing family court processes and preying on kids, sexual abuse victims and cancer patients in significant numbers under Smith’s nose, and he’s carrying on about how he feels bullied because someone says stuff he doesn’t like on Twitter.

Remind you of anyone?

September 12: Decision on the College of Universal Medicine Charitable Fundraising Authority

From Lance Martin:

Universal Medicine are celebrating the dismissal of my complaint to the OLGR regarding their fundraising authority. As usual, it’s a load of spin, so here’s some clarification.

According to the NSW Office of Liquor Gaming & Racing that oversees Charitable Fundraising Authority, CoUM didn’t strictly require a fundraising authority and UM became aware of this during the investigation. Therefore, CoUM didn’t reapply. This is because unregulated fundraising is apparently allowed among ‘like-minded’ people. So Serge’s followers can be suckered out of any amount of money. They’d only require a CFA for wider public fundraising. Ergo, even though the OLGR might have wanted to act, there was nothing to act on.

Other points I’d raised regarding public benefit within the complaint are, apparently, administered by the ACNC. The ACNC are totally dysfunctional and have given me and others contradictory indications on what they can, can’t, will and won’t do.

However, I was informed the ACNC did seek an undertaking from Serge and CoUM regarding the conflict of interest we had flagged. That’s good. But not good enough.

The ACNC, for a little context, have only revoked the charity status of four organisations, yet we are all aware of harmful organizations that run charities, like UM, Scientology and Christian Assemblies International that we saw on ABC 4 Corners. The current Federal government is in the process of abolishing the ACNC, so the word is that no one there will stick their necks out to investigate issues.

Despite this, the ACNC and the OLGR have indicated they are carefully watching the College of UM to see if they behave like a charity. We’ll hold them to that.

I still believe they fail to meet the public benefit test and will be making further representations about this – and other matters -until someone wakes up that CoUM is not a charity in the sense that a reasonable person would understand it to be; least of all a “true” charity as Serge strangely claims it to be.

For the public and the many people that have contacted us about this in the last two years, it is apparent that the regulators are slow to act and then only within the strictest interpretations of the legislation they administer. Many have voiced their frustrations to us at their inability to do something and have given us advice at how to proceed.

The group on the other hand use legislative constraints and ensuing regulatory inaction as both proof and exoneration, when nothing could be further from the truth (as commonly understood by regular folk)

Given the group persist in attacking us directly and indirectly, we have the motivation to continue our efforts to bring them to account. And continue we will.

September 9: Keep Universal Medicine out of Lismore City Hall

It was only this morning I realized this evening was the monthly Lismore City Council Meeting and the last before the next predatory Esoteric Womens Health Breast Cancer Care and bequest harvesting Retreat to be held at Lismore City Hall on October 10, which was unfortunate because it gave me very limited time to get a request for a motion to ban UM from Lismore City Hall to the Council. Anyway, I got an open letter up on the blog and an email out to the Councillors and a response from Mayor Jenny Dowell which I’ve posted in the comments of that blog.

Lets see if the Council does the right thing and turfs them out.

September 7: Humdinger round up

UM in Schools

It’s been a hectic few weeks in the Accountability bunker. The cult launched its initiatives for infiltrating schools with the commercial Teachers are Gold project and the Benhayon’s commercial exercise class embarrasment, True Movement. It’s one thing to pitch Esoteric rubbish at adults, but our readers took exception to UM going after children, and mobilized to help us notify schools and local officials. True Movement made the mistake of falsely advertising a list of local private schools on their website, and the feedback I received from notifying those schools were emphatic denials of any involvement with UM and its indoctrinatory rot, and indications they were receiving legal advice.

UM never learns though. They still think they are soul-full purveyors of love and light. The True Movement site still features a photo of UK school children who’ve never done True Movement and were lured to the Lighthouse, UM’s UK hub, for swimming lessons at Simone Benhayon’s cult subsidized swimming business. Watch that space. They’re still advertising a Schools Program as well.

In response to a concerned parent starting an Avaaz petition, the Brides of Serge then started their own cult spam petition on the same site, in breach of Avaaz’s content standards, to promote the Teachers are Gold teacher recruitment and in schools grooming business registered to Michael Benhayon. Avaaz is an activism petition site, and its terms and conditions state it’s not to be used for commercial promotions and advertising. They’ve received at least one notification, but the thing is still live. A link on the page lets you mark it as inappropriate, so please visit the page and do so. If any of our readers have a connection with Avaaz, please give us a hand and talk to them for us.

Either way, I doubt a cult petition is likely to impress federal education Minister Christopher Pyne. The Keep Universal Medicine cult out of schools post has suggestions for what you can do to help, which is write or talk to the appropriate officials, and has a link to a notification that can be downloaded and sent to your local school if you think it’s at risk of being invaded by aggressive cult bullies and groomers.

Cult members’s choice wins business award

Universal Medicine Pty Ltd then won People’s Choice award at the Lismore Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence awards with a spam vote from cult members all over the world – eliminating competition from legitimate local businesses that don’t have an international following of religious investors.

UM & local government

Next, we were informed Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd sought a discount for venue hire at Lismore City Hall for their upcoming predatory Breast Cancer Care and bequest harvesting retreat. Mayor Jenny Dowell voted in favour, in spite of having been notified of UM’s abusive behaviour, and questions were raised about Councillor and state candidate Isaac Smith’s seconding of the motion before absenting himself over a conflict of interest. Mayor Dowell’s response to questions about her support for UM have been highly unsatisfactory, and while Isaac Smith took the trouble to answer our questions on the Accountability site, he’s feigning ignorance of anything UM. The question remains, will Lismore Council ban UM and its predatory promotions from City facilities.

Report of harm to patient in Daily Telegraph

$erge’s Defender in Chief

Last Sunday, the Daily Telegraph featured a report on a patient who’d been misdiagnosed by one of the cult doctors, wrongly prescribed two years of chemotherapy, wrongly put on the lung transplant list, and to add insult to grievous bodily harm, referred by that doctor to useless Esoteric healers. The cult reacted with the expected hysterics, squealing ‘lies’ and media bias, but surpassed their usual putrid aggression with outrageous denials stating the patient had never been to the UM clinic and never received the treatment – denials they could only make honestly if the doctor has unlawfully released her medical records to the degenerate Brides of the Hierarchy. So either the doctor is breaching Australian law, or the cult’s propaganda division are liars. Probably both.

It’s what patients can expect from UM’s self-loving health professionals.

And the brainless Esoteric lynch mob are busy on the cult blog chiming in to the chorus of scripted vilification of the victim – which could be good news for that patient. The more they attempt to publicly mob, discredit and intimidate her, the bigger her damages claim will be against UM, with publicity to match. Well done, Desiree.

As for propaganda shit slinger, Alison Greig, she should keep sitting on her symbol and dishing up her ‘true expression’. The more she does, the more the public learns about the dangerous noxiousness that is UM.

50 Comments on “Universal Medicine cult gossip September 2014”

  1. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Whilst they are damning the brave brave patient and journalist they have refreshed their love bombing of each other and are on about how wonderful UM AND SB are due to winning the ‘People’s Choice Awards.’
    Remembering as we know that they voted for themselves with Universal Medicine voters from different parts of the world which so unfair. UM should have their pseudo rigged win revoked.
    Remember that Universal Medicine display truth and integrity second to none!!!!!
    Laughable if it was such disgusting BS.

  2. Penny Doyle says:


    On behalf of the GOOD people of the Lismore Local Gov Area we say sorry. Sorry to the victims of UM, their families and friends and the people who are terrified of UM of what they can do to innocent people’s lives.

    Lismore has let humanity down over the last couple of years by having an open-door policy to Universal Medicine and allowing them to expand further and gain high level influence. It’s common for big business to gain the influence of local leadership but in Lismore cronyism will also extend to unsavoury business who conduct a multitude of miserable practices. Cultism, inappropriate touching, inappropriate medical practices, sex-speak to minors, high-level cyberbullying, dodgy financial activities, lies and threats, just to name a few.

    Our civic leaders have let us and you down enormously and Lismore is a disgrace. We are not all ignorant of this. Lismore deserves to be mocked considering a conglomerate such as UM has been embraced and protected here.

    Once again, on behalf of the GOOD people of the Lismore our sincerest apologies.

  3. Esther Rockett says:

    Thank you Penny, I intend to post more on this subject – hopefully in the next couple of days. I have an open letter for Lismore Council to consider.

  4. anon says:

    This so called business called Universal Medicine, has been such an education for me and no doubt, many others unaware of the practise of Universal Medicine I looked up the meaning of “esoteric” definition, to be understood by only a small number of people? now, if is not a play of words, [semantics] what is? and to be used by UM as its practise, is very perplexing. Especially in the dealings of their Practitioners. I refuse to call them Allied Health Professionals and a Registered Doctor, who is registered with Queensland Medical Board of Physician,namely Samuel Kim a Lung Doctor and who is under the auspices of Universal Medicine, at Gonelebah, near Lismore NSW.
    As a Registered Nurse, working previously in a Respiratory Ward, it is incredible to beleive that a respiratory patient of Dr Kim’s, Ira McClure’s name was placed on a Lung Transplant list, and prescribed a long treatment of Chemotherapy drugs, and transfer Ms McClure to Sirius a star 6.3 light years away, which is probably the only paper that is on record, but can be identified by the person who wrote it. Further insult to injury is to pay $35,000 for this cryptic treatment?
    Thank God for the patient who had the Guts, strength and will-power to put her case forward even if it was enough for one person to take note, and save a life…..

    • Lord of Form says:

      in UM esoteric is supposed to mean “innermost”. But that is more of Benhayon’s word play and bastardizations. It means what you said, and in fact how it works within the group- They are hiding their occult beliefs. Their occult beliefs are based on new-age mumbo jumbo, much of which owes itself to a form of Lucifer worship. Hence ‘fiery’ and the heat analogies used. I am sure the members have no idea about this because they take everything at face value and accept whatever spin their guru puts on it.

      The cult are incapable of seeing any fault with their behaviours and are in the process of attempting to destroy the credibility of the complainant. They think by using the words integrity, love and care it makes them right.

      What is being highlighted to them is that their preoccupation with Benhayon’s woo nonsense distracts them from providing proper care. There’s no doubt that Sam Kim is a nice guy, as other plenty of other members. Jane Hansen’s article is not questioning that. The problem is, at least in this case, that he appears to have been sidetracked. This is the concern we keep raising over and over about the medical professionals involved.

      It is a real danger because these people don’t seem capable of recognizing the distinct difference between evidence based medicine and treatments (other than paying it convenient lip service) that are the inventions of the unqualified and highly questionable Benhayon. While that is happening, there is always a danger they can make errors.

      Referring patients for UM treatments is both unprofessional, against their code of ethics and potentially dangerous. Especially if it takes the place of real treatments.

      Rather than playing victim, they should perhaps take pause to consider their actions and perhaps learn a lesson. But based on past behaviours, I doubt that will happen. When you’ve already decided you’re amazing, there isn’t a lot of room for self-reflection.

      • Feline Aphrodite says:

        I have just read the newspaper article again written by Jane Hansen and nowhere does it say which Dr was being referred to.

        I was told this week that Serge emails his people and tells them what to say etc is this right
        does anyone know? Well I guess it is true because they all speak same same.

        • Esther says:

          Yes, it’s true. We saw it on their Yammer site telling people what to read and not read and not to share any of their secret communiques. Yes, Serge sends out emails posturing himself as the victim and telling the faith-full to comment on the blogs if they feel to.

          Strange isn’t it that a religious leader and the source of the One Unified Truth, and his vampire Brides, hang on to every word from a few suburban bloggers.

  5. sophia says:

    Well done for the people who are willing to put their time and effort into being Health Care Activists, namely Jane Hanson, Esther Rocket, Darkly Venus and the many supporters, who care for the well being of others, especially the vulnerable people of our Community.
    It is diabolical that Lismore Council gives the glory of Universal Medicine as the winning of the People’s Choice Awards, I wonder who makes this possible, as UM is a con and has broken up many families in this area that I know off. Keep going, you Health Care Activists, you are all performing a great service to others, that will eventually come out as the TRUTH.

  6. Max Littlemore says:

    I also reported the spam petition to avaaz last week and just checked to see it’s still live.

    So I used the “Contact” link to spell out to then that it is spam and suggest they police their own terms and conditions.

    Perhaps others might want to do the same.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Take a look around, your priorities are extremely obscured. I dare you to focus on what’s TRUTHFULLY happening in the world at the moment, this website disgusts me with it’s lack of integrity and utter ignorance. Grow up. There are men and women half your age risking their lives for YOU RIGHT NOW and this is how you spend your time? Shame on you all.


    • Esther Rockett says:

      Yes, and I’ll repeat the response I made to you on my other site.

      Are you talking to me?

      Look in the mirror. Look at the UM Facts site that is denigrating people harmed by UM and the people trying to expose that harm. Yes?

      Look at Serge teaching that becoming emotionally involved in the plight of other human beings is ‘pandering’, cancer causing and not ‘self-loving’. Are you telling me you actually care about the victims of terrorism here and in the Middle East? But you don’t give a stuff about the people harmed by UM? People being bullied and silenced in their own homes – hit with baseless AVOs and false accusations. People who’ve been ripped off and molested that you and your friends are trying to silence. People who are not allowed to express an opinion or an emotion without being oppressed by the Esoteric thought police.

      Shame on you for not recognising the havoc and despair wrought by the people in your immediate vicinity that you are financially supporting.

      Fighting terrorism starts at home darling, and I mean fighting extremist bullies, perverts and fascists in our streets and suburbs, like the UM cult.

      Attend your own lectures.

    • FlowerPower says:

      If this website disgusts you why are you here?
      Why? Who sent you?
      Why do you not care about the harm caused by UM?

      • Darkly Venus says:

        I imagine curiosity got the better of them – and they didn’t like what they read and were overcome with cancer causing emotion.

        Desiree will have sent out a command by now reiterating the order not to read our sites – in case cult members start taking on the dangerous ‘energy of doubt’.

    • RJM says:

      Funnily enough, Serge would say we have it coming because we were terrorists in a past life.

  8. Max Littlemore says:

    Funny the cancer causing stuff. I can’t comment directly for legal reasons, but I find it odd that washing of hands to the point of a loss of skin should take precedence over hygenic towel cleaning. Fear is a huge motivator.
    http://youtu.be/Vq7JSic1DtM provides an antidote for those of us who realise what anger is. For me it’s an invitation to be patient.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kohbNhmiIj4 is better for a laugh, although all too true.

  9. Truthseeker says:

    Would someone please explain to me how that the College of Universal Medicine is a Charity?
    They charge for everything? Where does that money go?


    From the CoUM site

    “The Ancient Wisdom has always been available to humanity and is presented to these times by Serge Benhayon who stands in an ancient lineage of living wisdom that serves the progress of unity and equality in mankind, and offers humanity a new and true way of living. The College of Universal Medicine is dedicated to serving its charitable objects.”






    Help me out what is charitable about any of this, who do they help other than themselves?

    AND – They have the audacity to say that complainants are wasting taxpayer’s money! LOL

    Is it any wonder that they want complainants shut up and do not leave a stone unturned in doing so.

    ‘Way of Livingness’ is a religion no doubt for another tax dodge. Finger in every pie?

    • You Know Who says:

      I agree. We’re subsidizing Serge’s indoctrination of people and the destruction of families. The charity status gives his crap legitimacy. He’s moved all his courses over to the charity, so it is a gateway to his main business and his goal of growing a ‘new world religion’ .

      The charity is still making money. Under their constitution, profits will go back into more “charitable” work. I imagine this will be buildings and land purchases. I will bet a zillion prana points that not a cent is ever given away to someone who needs it, such as the ‘chronically ill” it claims to assist (other than some free stays at the B&B across from the clinic, just long enough for some changes to the will)

      There is no greater public good.

      There are a lot of questions that remain unanswered. They may have managed to tick a few boxes and make undertakings to satisfy the lazy regulators, but we know what they are really about.

      We’ll keep the spot light on them until something gives.

  10. susieQ says:

    I am with you FP and YKW all the way.

    The “instructors!’ of those courses are hand picked I think so that they will be able to promote their own businesses all for the love of Serge.

    EG: Menopausal course!!

    Instructor Number 1

    MICHAEL SERAFIN (Ballina Compounding Pharmacist)

    …..now I am just asking is it a coincidence that He makes up the wacko hormonal cream/s etc.

    He can promote his Pharmaceutical Compounding stuff can’t He? At this course.

    There is NOTHING to be seen about giving back to the community.
    UM is BIG business and the name of the religion ‘Way of Livingness’ is a safety net – Religions are tax free….Come into my web.

    I am so disgusted.

  11. pranabunny says:

    Well, no matter which way they spin it, UM was denied charity status in the UK BECAUSE THERE IS NO PUBLIC BENEFIT. I think Esther posted the UKCC report in full a while ago.

    This is why in the UK Serge makes his money through The Sound Foundation, which was founded yonks ago by our dearest “maestro” Chris James for a totally different purpose and was resurrected as the UM charity arm in the UK when all else failed.

  12. anon says:

    So this is the works of Charity! There is NO public benefit.

    From the CoUM site their own words-

    The bank of College educators have the capacity to attract very large speaker’s fees, given their standing in their various fields, however, in recognition of the public interest which the College serves, these renowned educators and professionals offer their services to the charity free of charge, which in turn enables the College to keep its charges at a very reasonable level.

    Hey Truthseeker see this from the CoUM site again their own words!
    So you can add this to your list of questions.

    The Ancient Wisdom has always been available to humanity and is presented to these times by Serge Benhayon who stands in an ancient lineage of living wisdom that serves the progress of unity and equality in mankind, and offers humanity a new and true way of living.-

    The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy.Presented by Serge Benhayon and guest presenters this course offers the public-

  13. FlowerPower says:

    To prove what I said earlier this is an example of the results from vexatious stupidity spread by Alison Greig.
    These comments appear on Alison Greig’s blog about the lady/patient in the paper. There are many more all of the same.
    Nonsensical and Brainwashed.
    I have just reread the article in the paper and the Doctor wasn’t even named, go figure.
    Alison did not present the facts. – Dangerous woman.

    Golnaz Shariatzadeh says:
    SEPTEMBER 18, 2014 AT 2:50 AM
    Humanity is in a state as is shown with illness, disease, the lack of love towards one another, as well as the general discontentment with life. There are those such as Serge Benhayon and Dr Samuel Kim who choose to dedicate their lives to caring for and supporting other people. It makes sense to me that such individuals are treasured for the outstanding service they provide and are supported wherever possible. Instead we get people like Jane Hansen and Ira McClure intent on hindering them with as much malice as they can muster. I am baffled. I cannot imagine anything matters to such people other than self-aggrandizement. Thank you Alison for shining light on their web of deceit.

    Cathy Hackett says:
    SEPTEMBER 18, 2014 AT 5:17 AM
    Thanks once again for dissecting the fabrications, presenting the facts and raising the unanswered questions with such thoroughness and specificity. Your dedication to truth is the complete antithesis of Hansen’s manufactured storylines. Any journalistic code of ethics and integrity is meaningless whilst an ounce of this kind of practice from Hansen continues to be tolerated.

    • Truthseeker says:

      FlowerPower, they over there at Universal Medicine in all its many many manymarketing cells they think they know it all.I just had a look at that site OMG! horrid creeps they are.
      You do not have to be the patient of that story to know and see the truth.

      Those few of Serge’s Brides who are the Head Policing Contingency who I am presuming were allowed to read the article didn’t get the facts right at all. Idiots.

      You know what even if the patient was to fulfill all of their demands and you should see those demands, disgusting invasive and bullying (whoever is Head Honcho Alison Greig to make these demands in the first place) They would not believe the patient.

      One must never burst the bubble of their amazing fairy tale with the truth. Never!
      I do hope the patient has dealt with them legally.

      Even if you hinted at believing their crap the vicious vendetta of utter misconstrued statements should be enough to be a wake up call. It won’t be though to that lot because they are all weak nasty bullies who need each other to survive.

      They are full of undealt with issues. All of those tripe adulating comments about Alison Greig’s investigative journalism are bull shit. Not only can she not write anything logically she doesn’t get the story right.

      Her self acknowledged lack of self esteem has received a huge boost from the dearly beloved faithful starry eyed nincompoops of UM. All of the utter disgusting vitriolic crap she that has written about poor ole Esther and Lance and Jane as well no love or integrity nope. My goodness they aren’t charitable nor even a hint of anything nice.

      Look out Serge – Alison will upstage you soon, her head will be big enough to do anything.

      As you can see I am very angry, oh and I do not have a symbol! Bloody ridiculous that anyone would believe that Bull shit.

      All Alison tries to do is make the web of UM deceit more and more convoluted.

  14. Lord of Form says:

    “Humanity is in a state as is shown with illness, disease, the lack of love towards one another, as well as the general discontentment with life.,,”

    Said with a monotonous voice and a blank stare.

    Yes FP and TS, Alison Grieg is a big fat liar. Don’t worry, they are only bullshitting each other. Everyone else knows it doesn’t make sense. They HAVE to keep lying to themselves and to each other- and attack and vilify critics in the most heinous ways- to keep their fantasy world alive.

    The whole edifice is built on layers of lies. Lies about Serge, lies about illness, lies about money, lies about their treatments, lies about themselves, lies about others. Lie, lies, lies.

    They call it integrity.

  15. Truthseeker says:

    Neil Gamble The latest vocal threatening UM head honcho – loverly past!


    “Not only did the radio hosts provide positive comment for their sponsors but also defended them against adverse publicity. One case involved the death last year of a patron at Sydney’s casino, Star City. Peter Dalamangas, 23, died of compression injuries to his chest and neck after an altercation with the casino’s security guards. Despite video evidence showing guards on top of him, no-one has ever been charged. As for Laws, he refused to allow any of his on-line callers to comment on Dalamangas’s death.
    This fact only emerged when the CEO of the casino, Neil Gamble, wrote to Laws on November 6, 1998 criticising his interview with Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett, who attacked the Star City casino as part of his promotion of its direct rival in Melbourne, Crown Casino.
    In his letter Gamble wrote: “The transcript of the exchange indicates that you made no attempt to defend Star City despite the fact that we are paying a substantial fee for your endorsement … nowhere in our transcript is there any evidence of you sticking up for Star City and endorsing it as a great entertainment venue.” Laws was paid $250,000 a year by the casino, as well as $4,000 a month in free food, drinks and accommodation.
    Three days later Laws replied: “I believe that I have displayed my loyalty to Star City constantly and perhaps in a way of which you aren’t aware. We get reasonably frequent calls wanting to be critical of Star City, as we do with faxes and emails. I either dismiss them totally or defend Star City. At no time did I allow any comment on the unfortunate incident concerning the security guards even though I was strongly encouraged to do so. We have provided, I believe, absolute support for anything that Star City is doing.”

    RSVP and Oasis merge in search of Latin lovers
    http://www.smh.com.au › BusinessDay
    Jun 25, 2014 – Today’s News & Views · Comment & Analysis · World Business · Mining & … Daniel Haigh, as well as former Star City and Solution 6 boss Neil Gamble. … at $90 million, with the merger taking effect by way of shares and cash.

    • You Know Who says:

      Yes, Neil is suffering from the same hypocrisy issues as the rest of the cult crew. He was involved in the infamous cash for comment scandal with John Laws around 2000 as the boss of Star City whereby the casino, under his direction, paid John Laws a bundle not to say anything negative about the gambling venue- or gambling- or Gamble. There was an inquiry into the affair and it was headline news at the time.

      Now he has the hide to accuse Jane Hansen of lack of integrity and manipulating the “truth”..What can you say? They are total fucking hypocrites. Can you imagine the field day Alison Grieg would have if that was one of us? Actually can you imagine the field day she’d have if one of us married a former student, hid their bankruptcy and changed their story every time someone asked?

      The members are also now openly worshiping Serge as the most loving man they have ever met. Excuse me while I vomit. Meantime he has a hate site up attacking anyone who dares question him, and he is still sending divisive emails and going ga-ga with hate-sprays on on of his many sites which is full of big fat porkies about his glorious past.

      They have moved into another plane of existence.

      Neil and Serge find themselves in the same boat. Not in a position to pass comment or judgment on anyone.

      Yesterday they sent out an email for the College of UM which in part says this:

      “Unimed Living will offer teachings which, when applied to daily living, return humanity to its original way of being and to a higher form of intelligence based on Love. It is all about education and about the choices we make resulting in improved well-being and a purity that will lead to a more joyful, harmonious and loving lifestyle.”

      Higher form of intelligence? They have got to be joking. I have never seen such a dismal pack of numbskulls.

      Sickening. And overtly fundamentalist. This is why CoUM has to be put out of commission.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Fundamentalist” is the right word to describe them. Their websites spout hatred and lies, commented on time and time again (under instruction) from those at the centre of this most vile organization.

      • pranabunny says:

        I have it from the horse’s mouth that all the followers have been instructed to buy smartphones and tablets so they can keep up with their ‘duty’ of commenting on and liking “at least three blog posts a day” (quote). No joke. So much for being a truth-full organisation of the highest integrity.

        It really does blow my mind. Every time I think that they can’t stoop any lower or be more stupid and brainwashed, UM proves me wrong.

        • FlowerPower says:

          And they conform without question and without thinking. It does blow your mind.
          BUT they are not brainwashed or controlled.
          Cult thinking absolutely.

      • pranabunny says:

        Oh and this is interesting too:

        Google “serge benhayon universal medicine cult” and you will find that UM has been busy to get Google to remove certain pages from the results page under the new European “right to be forgotten” law. So much for transparency.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t think Serge needs to have any worries about his right to be forgotten. Crackpot gurus tend not to be remembered.

  16. Truthseeker says:

    L’amour is the Entertainment and Relationship Brand for people who want more intimacy, love and fun in life. Launching on screens globally 2015.

    Natasha Ferre’ is a UMer! In support of the latest UM head honcho NEIL GAMBLE.

    Natasha is the co founder L’amour TV, a brand new Global TV Network set to launch world wide on February 14 2015. L’amour TV is the very first TV network dedicated to lifting the lid on love, sex dating and relationships. Natasha is the Director of Programming, development and creation for Lifestyle, Documentaries and chat shows. Her and her team of producers and writers are creating many more exciting TV concepts including the much anticipated release of ‘The love Shack TV’ show. All to be seen on L’amour TV very soon

    Affiliation L’amour TV Natalie Benhayon Public Figure
    Meet Natalie: International presenter/practitioner on complementary health, TV host, App Creator, Magazine Editor and Director of Esoteric Women’s Health
    Editor in Chief of Women In Livingness Magazine, Natalie Benhayon is a complementary health presenter and practitioner who regularly treats in Australia, the UK and Germany. With a special interest in women’s health she has developed an App the Our Cycles Period and Full Moon Diary which supports both women and men to understand and track the cycles of their body. 2015 will see the launch of her very own talk show, With Love, Natalie through the TV network L’amour TV. She is a director of Esoteric Women’s Health and a founder of Sacred Movement – an experiential therapy that assists women and men to re-connect and heal through movement. From Natalie: “I am dedicated to a life lived of true quality, which is reverberated throughout all that I do. This is never a goal for perfection, but a way of living that holds my loving integrity as a base for consistency and self-development.”

  17. susieQ says:

    Oh Truthseeker golly what the! Finger in every pie.

    Oh oh oh this is why they have all worked so so hard to discredit whistleblowers.
    So many money making schemes on the go.

    And there is more.-

    Unimed Living – A Comprehensive Learning Website to be launched in the third quarter of 2014.
    It is not about what we do; it is about who we really are and about the choices we make every minute of the day. Serge said.

    “Serge says it is not about what we do??????”

    The faithful flock will learn about “a higher form of intelligence based on Love.”

    Nothing about how they speak or act is loving. I have observed some out and about (unbeknown
    to them) they are aggressive and demanding in their speech – obnoxious.
    Their site of bullying the whistle blowers is obnoxious.

    ‘Money money money it is a rich man’s world.’ This is the higher form of supposed intelligence

  18. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Thank goodness we missed it
    How is this Public Benefit at $140.00 for the privilege to have you head stuffed with
    nonsense? Lunch isn’t even included. Rip off

    Sunday 21st SEPTEMBER: 9.00am – 3.00pm

    Investment: $140 (incl. GST)
    No upgrade price

    Please bring your own lunch, means of hydration, a pillow/cushion and blanket for your own comfort and bring your massage table if you have one.

    • Victimizzed says:

      Including GST? Charities don’t charge GST.

      They are a charity or comm org when operating in Lismore but a business when in Lennox?

  19. Feline Aphrodite says:

    If College of UM is a charity – no tax no GST
    Universal Medicine – according to ASIC is GST free. Do you agree?
    Why $140.00 (incl GST)?
    I am wondering ?

  20. FlowerPower says:

    UM Ideology

    Left of Isaac Smith
    UM ideology: “a man has less sex drive if circumcised.. With sex, which is rape energetically” http://ow.ly/BJ32n pic.twitter.com/V6yH1VDGgP

    The truth is that a man has less sex drive if he is circumcised. Making love is very different than having sex. Making love is Divine. The body we are in is part of what we need to attend to. The first purpose is love, then see the human body as a vehicle of expression. Having a circumisation is an act that says I am not here to have animalistic sex/ animalistic urges. With sex, which is rape energetically, you are being used just as you are using another. We use our body from our emptiness. We have to get to the point where we have an awareness of the fact that we have a body and then ask what does this body need to be soul-full. Side note: Having a vasectomy is fine.

    (Esoteric Development Group notes taken and distributed by Esoteric Breast Masseuse and registered nurse, (name), October 2011, p.7)

  21. FlowerPower says:

    I wasn’t going to be bothered to say this but it illustrates how little research and reading UM’s
    do. They printed as fact to prove their point that Lindy Chamberlain was a Jehovah’s Witness and persecuted!

    Correction Chamberlain’s were/are Seventh day Adventist. NOW WATCH THE UM writing team CHANGE IT.

    They do not report anything correctly.

    UM do what they are told by Serge and his brides and they say what they are told to say and then build on each others lies. Chinese whispers has nothing on them!

    • FlowerPower says:

      LOL – UM changed it like I said they would to read Seventh Day Adventist.
      So glad I did a screen shot. What a joke.

    • Lord of Form says:

      More to the point, the Lindy Chamberlain allusion has been used by the members since Serge pontificated about it at a meeting at Byron Public School in June 2012 when he thought he was about to be busted for being a groomer.

      Right after, the members worked themselves up into a lather about ‘witch hunts and Lindy Chamberlain’ on their hastily built blogs about Serge Benhayon (we are not in a cult…the truth about Serge Benhayon. Serge Benhayon and Medicine. All praise Serge Benhayon…)

      In other words, Serge’s thoughts are their thoughts. It doesn’t surprise me Alison Grieg didn’t bother to look that up. Serge probably said she was JW, and that was good enough for her. Right Alison?

      They are not worth worrying about FP- they don’t have an original thought between them. Their insults are like having a pack of preschoolers taunting you. Except the preschoolers are cute.

  22. Truthseeker says:

    I find this so so offensive and upsetting preying on the sick cancer patients under the banner of support when all it is is sign here to be bombarded & brainwashed by Universal Medicine.
    AND whats more they are charging $60.00 for this.Oh concessions available. Whoopee.

    What a rip off. Another marketing ploy for UM is all it is.

    I am disgusted with you Councillor Isaac Smith and Mayor Jenny Dowell.

    WHEN: Friday October 10th 2014 – 9:30–4.00 pm
    VENUE: Lismore City Hall. 1 Bounty St Lismore NSW 2480.
    INVESTMENT: $60.00 – Concessions available – please discuss on booking
     Carers no additional charge

    • Lord of Form says:

      Yep, that sucks. They are just preying on the vulnerable. By Serge’s own admission, they don’t have any treatments that can cure or mitigate cancer, so why have a retreat about it?

      Just in case it’s forgotten, Serge went all postal when the Byron Shire Echo, the crappy Northern Star, and Fairfax suggested he had said that they cured or could assist cancer patients. There were legal bluffs flying everywhere. I NEVER SAID THAT!!! (“Quick Rebecca, pull down that site that says we can cure cancer!”)

      So which is it Serge, you can cure or assist with the treatment of cancer by rubbing tits, or you can’t? if you can then I am going to start making noises about it all over again.

      What do you reckon Alison?

  23. anon says:


    To anyone thinking about doing a supposed course through the supposed College of Universal Medicine.

    PLEASE read the terms and conditions thoroughly FIRST (if you can as it is as convoluted as is anything to do with them) then do not do sign up.

    You are not just doing a “course” you are signing ALL of your details over to them.

    If you do not give them all of your details then you will not be accepted – apparently! Good

    I question the legality of HAVING to give your marital status among other things that are a supposed requirement. It looks and sounds so bogus to me.

  24. anon says:

    WE know you lot of BIG twisted BOSSY BOOTS, Serge’s favourites at UM read these sites (the corrections you do prove that lol losers)
    Listen here you lot of losers at UM.
    Have you ever thought that maybe lies haven’t been told by anyone affiliated with this site?
    Have you ever contemplated that you have been conned and lied to deceived by the team you are blindly and stupidly backing?
    Do you really think people would put their careers on the line for you?
    Do you think people would stick their necks for you lot of brainwashed twits without good cause?
    No there is nothing in it for anyone over here other than being maligned without valid reason
    and a clean conscience knowing that we tried

    • You Know Who says:

      Anon, apparently the reason is that Lance can’t get over his marriage, Esther is insane and everyone else is lying and lacks integrity and has it in for them. It’s perfectly obvious! They keep explaining it over and over on the love blogs. You need to read more and think less.

  25. susieQ says:

    If Universal Medicine detest (real hate speech now) Journalists and the media so so much I ask:

    Why are they so upset that they feel the wonderful story of UM (I don’t think so) is not being told by the media?

    According to how Universal Medicine feel towards the media and the vitriolic threats from Neil Gamble and the same ‘ol brainwashed supporters (who are told to write comments at least three times a day) why would they want to engage people (media) that they say you cannot trust. Idiotic.

    I have taken time to look at just one example UM’s are blowing their trumpets and beating their
    drums and throwing the not fair tantrums about the patient who the Telegraph reported on.
    The people who wrote the UM article about this patient, well it is nothing like the report in the paper.The Dr in the paper wasn’t even named just like on the N.S.W 7:30 report last night.

    All of the UM supporters comments just build on this wrong reporting by UM. As is always is the case.

    Beaten up the patient. Beaten up the Journalist. Why? When they haven’t even read the newspaper report.

    They reckon that the Dr has kept confidentiality, but I am not so sure, they are all to much the experts on it all over there at UM. So either the Dr has revealed stuff or UM’s are making it all up. Or both.

    The newspaper article about the patient in the Telegraph said that the
    HCCC has been told about this. I hope that the HCCC do something this time.
    Maybe this is why UM’s are so upset, that it is a patient dobbing this time.

    As an onlooker looking at this I feel that the Journalist is on to something here and UM want everyone shut up, as they do anyone who is out to reveal what is going on.
    ‘UM protesteth too much’

    So now they are taking on the paper, good stuff.
    Maybe it will bring the revealing of Universal Medicine’s true agenda and really put it into the Public domain. Universal Medicine is not about care or integrity or love it is all about ugly big business and making money lots and lots of it and they do not care at whose expense.
    Big investors are out to protect their investment no doubt Neil gamble is a big investor.
    They do not want bad publicity especially when it is truthful.

    Serge is being praised for how he has behaved by all of his followers who are reassuring him how much they love him. Serge does not want this matter in the courts not for any benevolent
    reason tho’ think about it.

  26. FlowerPower says:

    UM used this quote about Journalists.

    BUT it is them to a tee don’t you think?

    “We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”John Swinton

  27. S.T. says:

    Just reading an article in today’s Courier Mail on p5 about the prosecuting of a man now aged in his 50s who preyed upon a young elite female athlete whilst in his care as coach. He established trust by convincing her parents he had the ability to make true the girls dream of becoming a great athlete in her chosen sport when she was just 14. He then travelled with her and she basically lived with this man. The prosecutor said the crown alleges that the man was completely obsessed with the girl alienating her from any other connections. She became his possession. He is now being charged with sexual assault of a minor once her parents were able to separate her from this person and reveal the sad, horrific and cruel hold he had over their child.

    Sound familiar?