Universal Medicine cult gossip August 2014

August 31: Cult doctors in the Daily Telegraph  August 29: *Lismore City Council’s connections with UM *Esoteric Women’s Health tries it on in Melbourne *2nd Facebook page removed  August 24: *UM spams votes to win business award *True Movement’s occult origins *Class action against UM  August 19: Keeping UM out of schools  August 15: Facebook page censored *This weekend’s relationship workshop *Welcome to the Naming Names page cult psychologists, Aimee Jeffreys and Jo Frare  August 10: Esoteric Women’s Health Sydney recruitment push *Getting a grip on our press kit

August 31: Daily Telegraph report – a patient speaks up on harm by a cult doctor

Check out Daily Telegraph on the perils of Universal Medicine cult doctors for a disturbing story about how a woman was unknowingly referred to one of the cult doctors for treatment for a cough and ended up on chemotherapy, and referred to an array of Esoteric idiot healers. She has lodged a complaint with the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission. The most chilling part of the story is when the doctor wanted to transfer her to Sirius, which is code for Benhayon’s idea of a Glorious death.

Having made complaints about the cult doctors to the dismissive HCCC, it worries me that no one is protecting patients in spite of warnings of dangerous and unethical behaviour.

August 29: Lismore City Council’s connections with Universal Medicine

Over on Accountability is a write up of Lismore Mayor and Councillor Isaac Smith’s relationships with Universal Medicine and quotes from Council meeting minutes earlier this month when Smith moved to give Esoteric Women’s Harm a discount to use the City Hall to prey on breast cancer patients. He then absented himself from the vote due to his conflict of interest.  The motion was supported by Mayor Jenny Dowell, who has been informed about UM’s abusive and exploitative behaviour. The motion was opposed by Councillor Gianpiero Battista and others and voted down. I have a number of questions for the Councillors, particularly for Councillor Smith, who plans to run for state parliament next year. Can we expect more policitical favours for the cult?

UM is not the first cult to have the support of political figures. From the Jim Jones Wikipedia page:

He eventually moved the headquarters for the Temple to San Francisco, a major center for radical protest movements at the time. The move led to Jones and the Temple becoming politically influential in San Francisco politics, culminating in the Temple’s instrumental role in the mayoral election victory of George Moscone in 1975. Moscone subsequently appointed Jones as the chairman of the San Francisco Housing Authority Commission.[42]

Unlike most supposed cult leaders, Jones was able to gain public support and contact with prominent politicians in the local and national level. For example, Jones and Moscone met privately with vice presidential candidate Walter Mondale on his campaign plane days before the 1976 election, leading Mondale to publicly praise the Temple.[43][44] First LadyRosalynn Carter also personally met with Jones on multiple occasions; corresponded with him about Cuba; and spoke with him at the grand opening of the San FranciscoDemocratic Party Headquarters, where Jones garnered louder applause than Mrs. Carter.

In September 1977, California assemblyman Willie Brown served as master of ceremonies at a large testimonial dinner for Jones attended by Governor Jerry Brown and Lieutenant Governor Mervyn Dymally.[47] 

Esoteric Womens Health inflicts its beauty-ness on Melbourne, August 31

This Sunday, Women in Lyingness, aka the paid Brides of Serge are ‘Awakening the True Woman’, to become part of the Brotherhood of Sons of God, or something.

Our presenters will take a look at this hot topic – awakening the true woman, in the knowing that many, many women are searching for ways of connecting with who they truly areEsoteric Womens Health – Women in Livingness event flyer

Because if any of you lost, brainless, miserable women aren’t sure who you truly are, UM will provide you with several hundred judgemental bitches to tell you. They’ll also tell you how you feel, keep an eye on you and keep you in line, at a number of different points of sale, plus donations.

Anyway, this weekend, they’re in Melbourne, but not at the Queen Victoria Womens Centre, and never again, isn’t that right Serryn? How did you explain where Serge had his hand? Oh, that’s right, you call it ‘healing’.

Again, men and children aren’t allowed at the event because the Women in Lyingness is all about secrets, trashing men and neglecting children. It’s got nothing to do with their sexual and gynaecological exhibitionism. They save that for the internet.

Cult psychologist Cynthia Hickman sells Esoteric Women's Health

Cult psychologist Cynthia Hickman sells Esoteric Women’s Health

Natalie Benhayon will be talking about how amazing it is to repeat everything Dad tells her word for word, and how special it is to have no education past year 11 at high skool and make mountains of money out of completely worthless crap. UM Pty Ltd Company Secretary, Serryn O’Regan, will talk about her career nosedive from respected environmental lawyer to hustling fake accreditation scams and a bequest racket for a sleazy bogan cult leader. Psychologist Cynthia Hickman will talk about how supernatural entities will enter you if you’re not in bed by 9 pm, and how the Four Lords of Form were fallen sons of Venus and Mars but didn’t make the vibrational ascension into Sirius from those two mother planets. Sara Harris will officially launch the Girl to Woman Project, and to celebrate, adolescent girls will be eligible for the lucky door prize of a slumber party at Serge’s and some lessons in how to keep quiet. Singing teacher Rachael Kane will talk about how she liberated herself from tone, melody and taste, and how Glorious Music doesn’t need you to like it, just buy it – it benefits the Kidneys and Serge. Finally, Nina Stabey is back at it with a recipe for gluten-free, pasta-free, dairy-free, beef-free, seaweed ‘lasagne’, some handy tips for plugging faecal incontinence, and a referral for a thyroid ultrasound.

Tickets: $145. Duration six effing hours. Please bring a means of hydration & cushion for your comfort or to smother yourself. Or me.

Second Facebook page removed

Okay, well blogging is hectic at the moment, so I may have to revisit this one. Earlier in the month, the cult got the Universal Medicine Accountability Facebook page removed from view in Australia, the UK, NZ & Singapore. It’s still up everywhere else that has decent free speech protections.

This week they got my Esther Rockett activist page removed as well. I had seven whole followers.

The accountability page had about thirty something. WHAT A BLOW TO THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST THOSE EVIL FASCISTS. Etc. Those pages were housing my Twitter feed, and it is a bit of an irritant for the Facebook followers, who now have to visit my sites more often to check for updates. Whatever. The ones who will really miss it though were the cult members who used to check on it every five minutes to see what the ‘hate-bloggers’ were doing.

Anyway, the cult paid big scary security company, Phoenix Global, to cook up some bullshit complaints to have them removed, probably unlawfully. Neither Phoenix Global or Facebook have responded to requests for copies of the complaints, and won’t tell me what the complaints were alleging. They’ve learned all about Esoteric transparency from Serge.

The response I did get from Phoenix Global was hilarious for its level of sheer bullshittery, though, so I’ll post it on a slow news day perhaps.

August 24: UM spams votes for business award

Lismore Chamber of Commerce has announced the winners of its Business Excellence Awards with Universal Medicine cheating to ‘win’ the People’s Choice award. UM has a record for spam voting to win competitions. There was Simone Benhayon’s Zoggs swim school of the year in the UK, the Huffington Post’s Inspirational Women photo competition where Natalie Benhayon was disqualified when the cult spammed the comments of the competition page plugging her menstrual cycle app for blokes, and the Brides of Serge spammed the Battle of the Bands to vote up Glorious Music but went all sour grapes when they found out the thing was also judged on musical merit.

It works the other way too, with the cult spamming newsrooms of media organizations that publish reports that aren’t in accordance with Esoteric ‘truth’. They even spammed the ACCC with 4,500 pages of crap about me – that went nowhere.

Anyway, they’ve hit the Lismore Chamber of Commerce this time and took the gong for the inaugural Cult Members’ Choice 2014, because UM isn’t a religion, it’s a business, except when it wants tax concessions. Then it’s a religion, and a charity.

True Movement’s occult origins

UM’s push into schools mentioned below has outraged a lot of readers, and the reaction from schools was shock. The schools that have responded have insisted they have not had any dealings with True Movement. So UM – again – is falsely advertising. Falsely associating themselves with reputable schools is a particularly low manoeuvre. I’m not sure how many, if any, schools have hosted TM, but am confident none of them would have if they were aware of the UM connection, and that UM is a New Age religion/cult.

Anyway, I’ve posted some EDG student notes on True Movement and it’s nutty Esoteric origins.

Class action

In the comments, our friend, Max Littlemore has brought up the subject of legal action against UM, and asked if anyone has had legal advice.

What I am thinking is that there’s clearly financial damage for those of us that don’t want to pay Serge in trying to protect our children from harm including possible sexual grooming and physical, psychological and nutritional harm. If we are loving parents who want the best for our children there is no way we can accept what he preaches so we are effectively forced into a system that costs us a lot of money. The alternative is our children are raised in a psychologically abusive system, we are denied access and there is no room for negotiation.

There seems to be enough published material to support a case that this is deliberate on the part of UM and it seems obvious that it is entirely designed to benefit Serge’s fiscal position into the future. It also seems clear to me that the use of intervention orders are a denial of the family law rights of the children involved and in the case of the order that was just removed from my daughter I believe it was also denying her her rights under the Victorian human rights charter.

I know class actions against a cult are generally prone to failure but it seems to me an action specifically targeted at the use of intervention orders and spurious family court action might have a chance and would certainly attract media attention. I’m wondering if anyone has sought a legal opinion on something like this and if it’s worth compiling a list of effected parents and children?

Legal advice has been sought for a class action against UM, but so far the advice was on the possibility of recouping funds spent under a false impression that, for example, one could gain ‘accreditation’ for Esoteric healing through the EPA, or that Esoteric Breast Massage is effective for women’s health disorders. The advice was that such an action is winnable. Not sure fire, as nothing is, but could be worth a shot. I believe there’s also the possibility of a damages claim for stress, loss of income and for victims of molestation or psychological abuse. Any such legal actions would require the establishment of a legal fund by interested applicants.

As for parents making a claim on the basis of spurious family court actions and vexatious AVOs and intervention orders, we’d need further advice. I suggest interested parties contact my blogs and consider establishing a legal fund among you to at least get the initial advice.

August 19: True Movement and Teachers are Gold – the UniMed cult infiltrates schools

UM has recently publicized its efforts to recruit school teachers via the ‘Teachers are Gold‘ project, and is targeting schools and school children through their ridiculous anti-sport ‘True Movement’.

I’ve posted plenty about UM’s extensive risks to children, and I’ve put up a post with suggestions on how you can help us keep UM out of schools – there’s a petition to sign for a start, but we’d really appreciate it if all concerned parents and citizens could write to their local state parliamentarian, their state education ministers and also help us notify schools at risk of infiltration by these predators. I’ve posted a PDF notification document that can be downloaded and sent to schools. Please help.

August 15: Facebook Censored

The cult have managed to bully Facebook into closing the Universal Medicine Accountability Facebook page in Australia, the UK, NZ and Singapore. We’ve been given no warning and no explanation.

The Facebook page updates are just my Twitter feed, so while we try to get it reinstated, you could follow my Esther Rockett page, until they get that down as well, or just visit my blogs and look to the Twitter feed for updates on new posts and other bits and pieces.

A reader also tells me the cult is reblogging old posts and getting the followers to post comments etc. The strategy seems to be to try and downgrade our Google rankings by having cult members visit their sites and avoid ours.

This weekend’s relationship breaking workshop

I blogged about this last year, but this weekend, Sergio and his team of professional suckholes will spend Sunday at Lennox Head Community Centre telling customers how to reject their non cult partners, refuse to communicate or negotiate reasonably, trash them to their families, kids and the family court, take out baseless AVOs and defame them online. Children are invited along to hear all the graphic details about how the Brides of Serge can seduce their partners and then withhold sex, and Universal Law solicitors will be there to round up the property settlements and bequests. Tickets $75 for singles and $120 for cult couples.

Welcome to the Naming Names page Aimee Jeffreys and Jo Frare

Aimee Jeffreys, cult psychologist

Aimee Jeffreys, cult psychologist

Universal Medicine has two more psychologists spruiking the brand through the cult’s new anti-education project targeting teachers – Teachers are Gold.

Aimee Jeffreys works in private practice in Goonellabah and Mullumbimby, NSW, and Jo Frare works for NSW Health and in private practice in Lismore, NSW.

Questions for Aimee and Jo:

How exactly does an entity ‘enter’ a person?

How are emotions the ’cause of all disease? Do you tell your patients that?

Jo Frare, cult psychologist

Jo Frare, cult psychologist

Do you put your hands on the pubic bones of your sexual abuse survivor patients to ‘clear’ the energy of sexual abuse?

How often do you listen to podcasts of Serge’s lectures? How many times do you listen to the same one?

If psychosis is caused by entity possession, how do you treat that? What’s the APS position on exorcisms?

Comments are open ladies. We look forward to your educated explanations.

August 10: Esoteric Wimmin’s Harm recruiting in Sydney August 3rd

Dr Howard Chilton sells Esoteric Women's Health

Dr Howard Chilton sells Esoteric Women’s Health

Esoteric Women’s Health pulled in paediatrician, Howard Chilton, as their recruitment big gun at the Terrey Hills event in Sydney last Sunday. Howard is a clueless old doofus – like Mr Magoo crossed with a Raelian and one of the Thunderbird puppets. Yes, yes, he’s the author of some parenting books, and he works at a plush private hospital and the newspapers ring him up for comment whenever a circumcision story breaks, but he’s so busy being connected to his own hubris or off the planet on how great his mind is, he hasn’t realized his daughter married a uterus massaging, knuckle scraping son of a cult leader, or that he’s selling a molesting, death worshipping bunch of philistine ratbags. As long as everyone tells him how great he is and someone gives him a hot dinner once in a while, he’s anyone’s really.

Anyway, someone handed him a topic to waffle on about – ‘women ought to listen to their innermost knowing when it comes to mothering because if they used their brains they’d never join a cult’ – or something, and he had a marvellous time with it. He told them how women make amazing mothers, wheeled out his slapstick anecdotes and all those girls laughed and laughed. He made those girls laugh and laugh they told him he was great and amazing. It was great. It was joy-full and amazing.

Once that blew over, Annette Baker and Gabrielle Caplice talked about the joy of relationships without men. Donna Gianniotis talked about how none of the Esoteric Women in Livingness will ever get cancer. Never. Unless they commit an Esoteric sin. Esoteric naturopath, Nina Stabey, gave sound nutritional advice on how dairy products are pranic and damp, Serge says so, and you can get all the calcium you need from seaweed, with a bonus dose of iodine toxicity. She also recommends to wait 12 hours to eat if you’re in nervous energy. Jenny Ellis took that advice and hasn’t eaten since 2009. Natalie Benhayon was there to talk about the energetic impress that inspired her to initiate Esoteric Womens Health Pty Ltd and rake money out of nothing, and then played a practical joke on the audience and got them to do a session of ‘True Movement’.

Cult humiliation ritual led by Natalie Benhayon

Cult humiliation ritual led by Natalie Benhayon

Tickets were $145.

But the kicker was psycho-therapist, Jean Gamble, with the thought of the day: ‘there’s always more than one reality in the room’.

I’m not sure if she was channelling the hierarchy at the time. Or an entity. But we’ve all copped the cult’s dual realities, yes? There’s Esoteric reality where UMers are glorious, soul-full, healthy and loving, lol, and then there’s actual reality, where UMers are deluded, insufferable and money grubbing. And pretending they’re not nasty bitches.

Our press kit

Apparently the cult a la Esoteric thought police, Alison Greig, Sarah transparency Davis, and Desperate Desiree Delaloye are still harping about our press kit, which apparently is full of lies and defamatory statements they’re unable to specify.

We compiled a press kit in late 2012, which has been updated a number of times. It’s a 50 or so page document backgrounding UM’s structure, unethical carryings on and Benhayon’s occult bullshit and chock full of quotes and images etc.

Lance copped it the other day from someone insisting we’d sent a ‘press kit’ to various employers of the cult recruiters, including the Brisbane private hospital where Dr Samuel Kim works.

As I’ve said, we sent the press kits to the press. Except for ONE which I sent to the NHS Northern Trust that employs shameless Eunice Minford the euthanasia enthusiast. It was probably the earliest version of the kit, and has been substantially beefed up since then.

I’ve sent other employers and practices where cult recruiters work, including Dr Kim’s workplace, a shorter notification document including the images of inappropriate touching and some of Benhayon’s more ghoulish, idiotic and sleazy quotes. Those notifications are not the press kit.

If your employer received one, you deserved it. Any practice or employer acting in the best interests of patients want to know if they are referring patients to a cult recruiter, particularly when these cultists are essentially being funded by Medicare or the NHS to prey on the vulnerable.

The cult harps about us sending press kits to anything that moves because they’re trying to make out Hamish Broome, the dropkick Northern Star journalist, didn’t breach journalistic ethics in passing our personal information and our press kit to his beloved cult. It doesn’t change the fact he sought our information under a pretence that he was researching a story and didn’t tell us his wife, Sarah Davis, is a paid recruiter and propagandist – after we asked him several times if he knew of UM and anyone associated.

Maybe the Northern Trust passed the press kit on to Eunice the famous surgeon. I don’t know. Perhaps they thought she might read it and wake up to her stupid, arrogant self. If she did and was not disturbed by Benhayon’s writings and troubling past she’s more dangerous than he is. She’s flagrantly abusing her position as an NHS surgeon. It’s a mark of the true integrity of UM’s top rung mercenaries that they can whine our press kit is full of lies, struggle to specify a single one, and having read the thing continue to promote pervey Uncle Serge’s loony impresses and his gropes at the pubic bones of sexual abuse survivors unfazed.

And what is truly AMAZING is that lung specialist, Dr Kim, made a public affirmation he’s assisted patients to die, promotes a jackass that claims evolution isn’t true and cancer is contagious, and moans I’m the one at fault for notifying the hospital and AHPRA.

Get a grip, UMers.

37 Comments on “Universal Medicine cult gossip August 2014”

  1. susieQ says:

    Why would Dr Kim be so unhappy that the hospital & AHPRA know about his involvement and sanctioning of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon? Silly man do not shoot the messenger Dr Kim. After all Dr Kim has made it so public his allegiance and support of everything UM. As usual nothing to do with UM makes any sense.

    I heard a whisper that the sexpert on Nuptials Natalie Benhayon lectured older women on how to maintain their sexiness into old age. Apparently this was at the same Con ference you mentioned. Why are they SO obsessed with sex? I am asking.

    Dr Chilton isn’t looking as well as he did, is he? Needs a good feed of gluten cake.

    The worst thing that UM and er’s could have done was to criticise this blog and the complainants because all this has done is prove us all right beyond any doubt. They are showing that there is so so much that they have hidden and that they are NOT full of (that word and phrase I have now grown to dislike) -“integrity” “second to none.” What a farce.

    Their blogs are not full of the glossy smiles that is their outward con cover.
    They never answer questions. UM rather attacks but never answers questions.
    People who have much to hide are always evasive when it comes to answering questions.

    By the way we all have photos of when we are in the garden all disheveled to compare with our glam shots. I note that they (UM snap shot victims) are smothered with SO MUCH makeup.
    Not pretty. Airbrushing does wonders for photos.Photography has come along way.

    • Max Littlemore says:

      It is true that they have integrity that is second to none and in failing to feel this you are clearly allowing the pranic energy to hold you in resistance to the truth. I will explain to help others feel the truth-full-ness of this fact.

      Find an example of somebody with absolutely no integrity. The integrity of those who are doing the work in truth comes a distant second to that. The spirit will resist this simple fact by insisting that it is impossible to have less than no integrity but this is in truth the spirit resisting the energy that makes them profitable. Ponder on the truth of this revelation.

      Here’s clear example of integrity. I found out on Monday that my sister (not a zombie) was given the phone number of my psychologist and asked to call her and dig up dirt or poison our relationship or something. Of course my sister declined and my psychologist has told me she would simply deny knowing me if she received such a call. Unfortunately I’m not legally allowed to say who gave her the number but I’m hoping it’s clear from reading between the lines and I can say that a relationship workshop was involved.

      • Lord of Form says:

        No surprises there Max. They would have been told it it is self-loving to bring you into disrepute. Every ex, and would be ex, of members I speak to has had some charge leveled against them. Heinous things such as being “angry, upset, heady, not in their heart. closed minded, emotional” and crimes against humanity such as partying, having the odd drink, too much coffee, or using profanities.

        I’m sure the dirt, had it been found, would have been along those lines. Strangely enough I haven’t heard of an ex yet that was an alcoholic (really) beat his or her partner (really), gambled, was a cocaine addict, adulterer, peadophile, profligate or prick.

        It appears the transgression is always the same. Not swallowing esoteric bullshit. Last Sunday would have been a reaffirmation of their collective cock-eyed view of the world whereby whatever they want is ‘in regard’ and whatever we want is ‘pranic’. And a reminder we are controlled by evil spirits and entities.

        Looks like we’re both totally resistant to the ‘one-unified-truth’.

        • Max Littlemore says:

          I think it’s been said before but I find myself wondering if being self loving is the same as being a wanker. But then of course that would be confusing love with sex.

          Seriously though, I’ve been wondering whether a class action against UM would work. I’m not thinking of taking them on over partners that may have been lost through the ramblings of a psychopathic kiddie fiddler because people are clearly free to choose their own beliefs.

          What I am thinking is that there’s clearly financial damage for those of us that don’t want to pay Serge in trying to protect our children from harm including possible sexual grooming and physical, psychological and nutritional harm. If we are loving parents who want the best for our children there is no way we can accept what he preaches so we are effectively forced into a system that costs us a lot of money. The alternative is our children are raised in a psychologically abusive system, we are denied access and there is no room for negotiation.

          There seems to be enough published material to support a case that this is deliberate on the part of UM and it seems obvious that it is entirely designed to benefit Serge’s fiscal position into the future. It also seems clear to me that the use of intervention orders are a denial of the family law rights of the children involved and in the case of the order that was just removed from my daughter I believe it was also denying her her rights under the Victorian human rights charter.

          I know class actions against a cult are generally prone to failure but it seems to me an action specifically targeted at the use of intervention orders and spurious family court action might have a chance and would certainly attract media attention. I’m wondering if anyone has sought a legal opinion on something like this and if it’s worth compiling a list of effected parents and children?

        • Darkly Venus says:

          Congratulations on having the order removed from your daughter, Max.

          I’ve posted a response to your question about legal action in the gossip post above.

          I wonder if a complaint to the Human Rights commission would be worth a try?

      • susieQ says:

        Max, so sorry to hear of your plight caused by UM sadly tho there are no surprises in what you have said and that lot of unscrupulous beings dare to call those of us who are working hard to get this evil horrible cult stopped bullies.
        There are no boundaries as to how low that lot have and will sink.
        Huh and just this week they have been mouthing off courtesy of Alison Greig at UM HQ how they do not misuse intervention orders.

        • Max Littlemore says:

          Thanks Susie. Yeah I’m sure they do use intervention orders as designed. Intervention orders allow someone to go to court, deny the other parent access to a a child for at least a few months while the parties wait for a chance to actually have the matter heard in court. Then on the morning of the court date, they can drop the order with no repurcussions. If the respondant breaches the order they face up to 5 years in gaol in Victoria, if the applicant lies in the statement the worst they can face is 1 year in gaol.

          It’s how the orders are designed and UM makes perfect use of that. It may be repugnant to the spirit of the legislation, but it’s legal.

          I like the model they have in Colorado, at least I think it’s Colorado. If someone takes out a family violence order the matter must go to court and if the order is found to be frivolous the applicant faces the same penalty as a breach attracts. And they can’t withdraw the order without the matter being heard in court.

          That seems like a much better system to me. And every lawyer I’ve spoken too as well as a police officer agrees.

          Unfortunately that dickhead who shot his son earlier this year not too far from where I live has got a lobby group trying to get tightening of laws against respondents as an issue in the upcoming state elections. The problem in that case was more with the struggling ancient IT systems of Victoria Police than the law but there’s a chance these actions could get worse before they get better.

          @Esther, sorry there’s no reply link on your comment above. Thanks very much. I’m not sure the human rights commisioner can do much. I have a lot on at the moment but I’ll have think about that, could be worth a shot to at least try and get a fairer IO system. Again, thanks for your help.

  2. CRAZ-Y says:

    Howard stands and dresses like Serge. He’s on the breatharian diet as well by the looks.

  3. Esther Rockett says:

    Hello all, I’ll blog about this soon I guess, but the cult has gotten my Universal Medicine Accountability Facebook page shut down to Australian readers. International readers can still access. I’m not clear on what the complaint was – some bullshit, no doubt.

    If you still want to follow on FB, you could like my other page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Esther-Rockett-Healthcare-Anticult-Activist/249550098585074

    Or follow me on Twitter, or subscribe to the blogs via email – there’s a button to the right of this page, above the YouTube screen.

    Thx for your patience.

  4. Today’s best search term lol: ‘detractors website aimee jefferys’

    We can safely say that’s a cult member, lol.

  5. Lord of Form says:

    I was going to comment on YouTube but figured Tanya wouldn’t let it through, because I would be trying to influence her behaviour with my contrary opinions.

    It’s interesting to listen to this. Tanya’s definition as a “behaviour expert” on bullying (a fave cult accusation) is very broad. She simply defines bullying as the attempt to control the emotions, behaviours and reactions of another person”

    That would mean for example, when one person becomes enamored with a group and tries to impose the rituals of the group on another- eating, language, music, activities, beliefs- is bullying. Similarly, when someone disagrees with that behaviour, then they are bullying. If they are strident in their disagreement, then of course it makes sense it is ‘abusive’.

    In fact, everyone is bullying all the time under that definition.

    And what of Universal Medicine, which by definition is trying to control the beleifs, emotions and behaviours of its members. And how about the zillion letters sent to various bodies about Esther, Lance, Jane, Robert, Heath, Byron, David…or anyone else that sticks their heads up to disagree? On our experts say-so, that is also clearly bullying.

    But my guess is, Tanya only thinks it is bullying when someone does it to her or someone who shares the same beliefs. The other way around, I think she call it ‘speaking her truth’.

    It just shows you that you can’t trust so called experts. Especially one that speaks in staccato and thinks glorious music is actually glorious.

    • susieQ says:

      “Tanya only thinks it is bullying when someone does it to her or someone who shares the same beliefs. The other way around, I think she call it ‘speaking her truth’.”

      This is an accurate definition of bullyness (deliberate ‘ness) according to Serge and his brides, one of whom according to Serge ‘has intelligence off the Richter scale!’ namely THE Alison Grieg. The statement about the Richter scale doesn’t make any grammatical sense as usual.

      Look at the way Alison and all UMer’s have bullied all those you have mentioned here LOF and then yesterday the really horrible attack on Jane Hansen.

      They do not see truth they do not want to see truth. They couldn’t bare to think and deal with the fact that they have all been had. Then they would have to stand on their own two feet.

      Everyday they just prove more and more that they are in yet another crooked bent cult. Where will it all end up?

  6. Feline Aphrodite says:

    huh! I see The Northern Star sponsored the People’s Choice Awards!!! Fancy that.
    Funny that Universal Medicine won!
    Just saying that Hamish Broome works for Northern Star.
    Is there a connection I wonder? Can’t be.

  7. Feline Aphrodite says:


    Lismore Chamber of Commerce Inc
    22 hours ago
    Congratulations to Universal Medicine .. Winner of the Peoples Choice award and congratulations to Black Sombrero .. Winner of the Best New Business award !
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    Rebecca Baldwin Universal Medicine congratulations on the award, well done!
    6 · 21 hours ago

    Sharon Gavioli A huge congratulations to Universal Medicine which is a business.
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    Maxine Szramka Congratulations Universal Medicine. Well deserved!
    3 · 21 hours ago

    Jess Riddell Universal Medicine won? What is this world coming to…
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    Julie Snelgrove Congratulations Universal Medicine and absolutely the best and most inspiring business Ever!
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    Jane Keep So well deserved Universal Medicine – deeply inspiring.
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    Vanessa McComb Way to go Universal Medicine! Best business ever!
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    Kristen S. James Awesome… All the way!
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    Leonne Sharkey Awesome news and very well deserved
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    Hamish Broome Congratulations Universal Medicine, a well-deserved award!
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    Paul Jones This is disturbing.
    1 · 8 hours ago

    Peter Tierney Wait, what? A cult won an award last night? You people need reprogramming.
    1 · 9 hours ago

    Penny Scheenhouwer Congratulations to Universal Medicine!
    1 · 12 hours ago

    Kate Olivieri Huge congratulations Julie and Black Sombrero, very well deserved!
    1 · 19 hours ago

    Natalie Hawthorne That is so amazing Well Done Universal Medicine!
    2 · 19 hours ago

    Nicole Ricketts Yay! Congratulations Universal Medicine!
    1 · 21 hours ago

    Katrina Hume I thought UM was a charity, not a business?
    22 hours ago

    Katrina Hume Congratulations to Julie and Co at Black Sombrero.
    22 hours ago

    Desiree Delaloye Congratulations. Absolutely deserved.
    1 · 2 hours ago

    Paul Jones “People’s Choice” shows a lot of people are brainwashed idiots http://www.smh.com.au/…/the-da-vinci-mode-20120820…

    The Da Vinci mode
    Once a humble tennis coach, Serge Benhayon claims to channel Leonardo and cure the ill. David Leser meets Universal Medicine’s founder.
    1 · 8 hours ago

    • Esther Rockett says:

      Interesting to visit that Facebook link to see a load of Serge’s male and female Brides describing UM as the best business in the universe, with a Like from Lismore City Councillor Isaac Smith – more on him and UM soon.

      Plus a few people weighing in with their disapproval of UM cult spam voting. Most notably Councillor Gianpiero Battista, who is NOT a fan.

      My advice to the cult – keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing – bullying, trashing high profile people, lying – it’s getting us a ton of support.

      In the meantime, we’ll continue to expose that vast, ill concealed core of balderdash, hypocrisy, dishonesty and hate you try and package as ‘medicine’, ‘glory’ and ‘love’.

  8. susieQ says:

    So UM won as a BUSINESS, but they themselves say this

    Introduction to our Religion – The Way of the Livingness
    All content on this site is ©copyright by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, 2000 / All Rights Reserved

    I agree wholeheartedly with this comment on F/B it sums it up so well.

    “Winner of the Cult Members’ Choice award don’t you mean? UM is a business when they win awards but a religion and a charity when they want tax breaks. Cult members spamming the votes is unfair to other businesses, yes?”

    • Trish says:

      One of the followers “students” sums it um with “A huge congratulations to Universal Medicine which is a business.” so is it a business or a religion. Even the followers are confused.

      • Max Littlemore says:

        Yeah, I found that to be a really strange comment. Is the commenter a student or is the comment sarcasm? I can’t tell.

        • Feline Aphrodite says:

          No Max it is not sarcasm, the people who commented are UMer’s. A ‘finger in every pie’ they are a Busine$$? a Charity?? a Religion??? and Medicine???? Whatever $erve$ $erge’s & UM’$ purpose = money interests best at the time.

          Here are some examples from just one of their sites:

          Introduction to our Religion – The Way of the Livingness

          Universal Medicine, founded by Serge Benhayon, is a school of esoteric philosophy and a complementary healing clinic in Goonellabah, NSW, Australia

          “a charity has also been launched called the College of Universal Medicine (CoUM), established for those who have benefitted from Universal Medicine’s treatment”

          “everyday Universal Medicine business still remains the clinic’s services, whether counselling, physiotherapy, massage, or chakra-puncture”

          This is all so immoral and wrong, it is a Business to make money whichever way they can, under the pseudo banner of care. Is it any wonder why $erge and bride$ work so so hard to try and shut down these Accountability sites, and Facebook? They work so hard to discredit Esther and anyone affiliated with these sites. They never answer questions. It is a scam with a trail of destruction behind it in so many ways.

  9. Truthseeker says:


    2014 Crowe Horwath Lismore Business Excellence Awards
    23 August 2014, City Hall, Lismore

    People’s Choice Award
    Winner: Universal Medicine
    Sponsor: The Northern Star

    COMMENT: So was Hamish Broome of the Northern Star and a UMer the spruiker for Universal Medicine?

    • FlowerPower says:


      People’s Choice Award
      Entry Guidelines
      Any individual can place a vote by nominating a local business for this award.
      Voting will take place online through The Chamber Facebook page or nomination form in The Northern Star Newspaper to submit a vote for your nominated business. Nominations must include full name of individual placing vote.

  10. Feline Aphrodite says:

    It was UM’s choice not the Public’s choice no doubt??

    Universal Medicine named “The People’s Choice” at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards


    “In a testament to its local – and international – word-of-mouth-built reputation, Goonellabah-based complementary healing clinic Universal Medicine was last night named “The People’s Choice” at this year’s Lismore Business Excellence Awards!

    This was the first year the Crowe Horwath sponsored awards chose to hand over the People’s Choice category to the public, allowing the community to nominate their favourite business via a short survey.

    Deborah Benhayon, the clinic’s financial officer, accepted the honour on behalf of the business at the awards ceremony at Lismore City Hall.

    Speaking briefly, Deborah attributed Universal Medicine’s success – from its first incarnation in 1999 to the opening of its modern clinic in 2009 – to its absolute dedication to the care and well-being of its clients…………………………….etc etc”

    • Darkly Venus says:

      This was the first year the Crowe Horwath sponsored awards chose to hand over the People’s Choice category to the public, allowing the community to nominate their favourite business via a short survey.

      It’ll be the last.

      Or the Lismore Chamber of Commerce will take Councillor Battista’s advice and do their research.

  11. FlowerPower says:

    “Bring all of you to what you do – its much more fun and totally rewarding. And never give in to the mudslinging of people that are totally disconnected can’t but hate because they hate the corner they got themselves into.”
    http://www.design-arts.com.au/ June Blog Archives Desiree Delaloye

    Hypocrisy again and again

    • Lord of Form says:

      Note the “us and them” paradigm that dominates their thinking. As soon as they start calling someone loveless or disconnected they’ve started hating. It’s just by degrees.

      By creating these false labels that they are able to see themselves as special and on the path to something. Let’s see- That’s all fundamentalist religions, and all zealots.

      And the way of the lyingness, it turns out, is an extreme ideology based on that old chestnut of religious intolerance, hate.

      For clarification:

      “Hate (verb) feel aversion towards, feel revulsion towards, feel hostile towards, be repelled by, be revolted by, regard with disgust, not be able to bear/stand, be unable to stomach, find intolerable, shudder at, recoil from, shrink from”

      Yep, they hate us. And the rest of the astral cult.

      Desiree, my dear amateur artist, the only people in a corner are you, the cult members. Personally, I feel liberated and significantly more clued up than I ever have been, with a keen radar for bullshit and self-deception. Watching you guys is like being a technician in a lab watching the hamsters running around that wheel. With a little picture of Serge’s head dangling before you.

      I can walk down the street without fear. I notice that is not always the case with the cult members who duck and dive, or have sudden vision problems in their bid to avoid the one of the Lords of Form.

      However, unlike members I am able to separate the person from the situation. I’m full aware that the members (generally) mean no harm and are not (meaning) to be bad people. When I say “hello”, I mean hello. Not “you are evil and I am superior…hahahahahaha”.

      They’ve just fallen into the totalitarian trap of twisted logic where any amount of hate, judgement and potential violence is justifiable if it advances their agenda, or more precisely, the agenda of the cult leader. One Serge Benhaytmongerer whose dystopian vision has everyone dancing like buffoons, living on air. lamb and pea soup; and setting up direct debits to tithe his “true charity” a zillion bucks a year.

      By the way, when you do “the work” you take the Hypocritic oath apparently. Yep, it looks like Serge fucked up again.

  12. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Universal Medicine #cult have shut down our 2 @facebook pages with false complaints enabled by #facebook and Australian law. #censorship

    This was done by UM to remove your comment from the Lismore Chamber of Commerce FB page. Never mind truth has a way of prevailing.

    Maybe we should let the Lismore Chamber of Commerce know! I hope Deborah Benhayon was sitting on a symbol Saturday night with all the prana of the astral cult and wine and food that would have been there and the competition. Yer right.

    • Esther Rockett says:

      UM have been trying to get my pages taken down ever since they went up. They put security firm, Phoenix Global, onto it. I’ve asked Phoenix Global for a copy of the complaints, but they’re refusing to even tell me the grounds of the complaint. Facebook also won’t discuss.

      But Facebook will allow photos of terrorists beheading people.

      • Trish says:

        I told you UM is well organized. Maybe the governments could learn a thing or two. Its the fact they are so well organzied and obviously have a few recruits who are legally minded that they keep getting away with their “love and healing” religion (wasn’t a religion until quite recently) business whatever the hell it is. Its so obvious its worth so much money to a few people at the top of the hierarchy that there is no way they want bad press. Its kind of like a MLM or pyramid scheme. Those who have been close to Sergio for years make money from him so they can’t afford to walk away and they certainly can’t afford for Serge to stop being “the chosen one”. Its all a whole lot of bs. If it was true love and light it would be free and they would be way above any website that criticised them. But they aren’t that enlightened and they are completely arrogant so they will do anything to crush pranic devil dancers like us

  13. FlowerPower says:

    I see in the Northern Star newspaper page 12 Tuesday 26 August 2014 that Emily Billsborough was with Deborah Benhayon to receive the People’s Choice Award for UM from The Northern Star General Manager Phillip Clynes.

  14. Lord of Form says:

    by Emily Billsborough, Receptionist (Diploma of Business Management), Wollongbar, Australia

    “What are we searching or fighting for?
    Does anyone ask if there may be more?”

    Yes, everyone Emily. And the best way is to find it for yourself, using your own intelligence.

    “Who built the pyramids and aligned them to the stars?
    Was it us or aliens from Mars?”

    Us. As monuments to human vanity, folly, and a desire for eternity. The remains of the spent bodies of slaves are piled high. It remind me of UM.

    “If we looked back throughout our history,
    Maybe it wouldn’t be such a mystery.”

    There’s no mystery. it’s stupid to think the past equates to wisdom. Human knowledge increases as time goes on. It’s the best it’s ever been.

    “How many times have we cried to God above,
    Then gone back to living life without love?”

    There is only human love. Think about it.

    “Why are we recognised only by what we do or say?
    From when we are young it seems that way.”

    Because if we said or did nothing, we’d be empty vessels. People can only make you out of you from your works. Think about it.

    “Why do we choose to not take responsibility?”

    Mature adults do, but not for ‘energetic choices’. Real responsibility is taking charge of your life, your thinking, your real world actions. Not some fairy tale thought effects.”

    “Why do we accept and promote individuality?”

    Because the alternative is totalitarianism and fascism.

    “This way of being does not make sense,
    We are always living at our body’s expense.”

    Bullshit. You can look after yourself, respect yourself, care for yourself, be good to yourself and still know Serge is a jerk off and UM is a cult.

    “How can we defend human intelligence with such pride,”

    Because human intelligence is what has given us what we have, and your ability to live in a rich first world country and fantasize about people from Mars. Our cognitive abilities are what makes us what we are. Smack yourself in the head if you don’t believe me, then trying living in your heart.

    “When it’s our innate love that is being shut down and denied?”

    There is only human love. Think about it.

    “Is it possible to make another choice?
    To stand there and claim it with true strength in our voice?”

    It’s a false choice. It’s one on offer to you from Serge. He’s asking you to give up your thinking and your own self-determination.

    “It only took one to love unconditionally.
    One who chose to truly live and think freely.”

    There is only human love. You’re pretzel logic has got you not being an individual and also choosing and thinking freely. Clearly, without individuality, you can’t do that.

    “He never gave up or wished on a star.
    Instead he kept living the love we all naturally are.”

    Are we talking about Serge now? He’s just told you that. In reality, he’s a greedy, angry little shit head.

    “With true understanding and reflection so strong,
    Easily exposing false and loveless ways to be wrong.”

    Ahh, now we’re into judgement. Crossing the threshold to hate. Love-ly.

    “Now there are many who live this way,
    Who know the truth and don’t give their power away.”

    Actually, you’ve completely given your power away, to Serge. How can you have power and not have individuality? Think about it.

    “This is why we will always say,
    That our love is forever and it’s here to stay.”

    You mean your commitment to the cult and not thinking for yourself.

    “No matter what they may say or do,
    We will never back down from what we know is true.”

    “They” being us- the ones with facts, information, knowledge that proves that Serge is a liar and you’ve all been conned? But I guess, with no thinking and no individuality, there’s no going back is there.

    “They’ll never pull us over with deception or lies.
    OUR truth is unwavering with no compromise.”

    “OUR” being the cult- the group, the group-think. All individuality gone, and emphasized. No compromise means never listening to an alternative point of view. Deception and lies means truth.

    What a sad little ditty to being ingested into a cult, and how to regurgitate Serge think. 38 fellow cult members loved it. It was AMAZING.

  15. FlowerPower says:

    “The Esoteric Ovary Massage offers women a true healing to deconstruct the emotional imprints and blockages that may lay suppressed in the ovaries, consequence to the many experiences a woman has endured throughout her life that have had effect to the relationship she holds with herself.
    This treatment is comprised of Sacred Esoteric Healing techniques, whereby gentle hands-on contact is applied to the ovarian/pelvic hip area on a woman’s body.”

    What alot of BS.
    Check out the photo

  16. Max Littlemore says:

    I’ve just been reading the Victorian Human Rights Charter and the ATO rules about religious charites. I’m very pleased that UM won that business prize and I particularly like all the comments from UMers on the facebook page calling UM a business. The fact that so many customers see it as a business clarifies what up until now has been a confusing issue for me: Are they a religion?; Are they a business?; Is UM a cult?

    As far as I can see in the light of this confirmation of their status, the word “cult” only applies to UM in the same sense as it applies to people who only use Apple or Windows or as it used to be in Oz, exclusively bought Holden or Ford cars. That is that UM is a company and many of it’s customers appear to be in a cult.

    See, if the various UM courses are run by a religious organisation, then it’s a breach of their religious rights do pretty much anything that restricts their operation. If they operate as a family business, they have no right to a tax exemption and they are not so easily protected by religious freedom. If they are a purely commercial entity, they can’t claim religious freedom or tax exemption any easier than Apple or Microsoft can. It’s irrelevant that a significant number of customers show a religious fervour in their worship of the marketing hype.

    If comments like this one or the information published on the various blogs appears in the public domain and they scramble to change their structure (like removing Serge from the directorship of the college), declare themselves a religion or transfer the operation of their courses to a charity in response, it shouldn’t be too difficult at all to satisfy a court that any claims of religious freedom are cynical and repugnant to the spirit of religious freedom protections in any jurisdiction. That can only further any action against UM.

    So let’s not lose sight of the fact that UM is a commercial entity with it’s customers susceptable to abusive marketing. I don’t think any loyal customers of UM will ever read this comment but I would like to apologise unreservedly for any offense caused in referring to you as zombies in any previous comments I may have posted. It is now clear to me that you have simply been misled by an advertising campaign and now that you have invested your money you find it difficult to come to terms with the possibility that the product/service is defective. (Hey, same thing happened to me when I bought a first gen Samsung Galaxy S a few years back – we all do it at some point)

    @Esther, I looked into the Human Rights Commission and they don’t handle complaints and refer people to the ombudsman. The ombudsman doesn’t handle complaints about legislation or the judiciary. So my only real option is through a member of parliament. My local member is the lame duck Geoff Shaw (shame really, he’s a devout Catholic so I’m sure he would take an instant dislike to UM and any teaching that breaks up families).

    We have a state election coming up in November so I’m not sure who will be who in the next government. After the shooting in Tyabb this year, there is a vocal campaign by women’s groups to strengthen laws against fathers and make it even easier to use abusive orders in this state. Not looking good for protecting families from cults in the state of Victoria.

  17. FlowerPower says:

    Please don’t forget to vote we do not want this disturbing organisation of UM anywhere near our children.


  18. FlowerPower says:

    This is so so sad.
    Universal Medicine have shown yet again that they are such low life with obviously so much to hide. How dare they, love and integrity blah blah! Where? I do not think so.

    Our thoughts and support are with you Jane.
    We admire your courage.

    jane hansen @janehansen2000 · 22h
    I miss you baby boy. Jackson Nelson 13.11.2003 – 29.8.2004. Ten years today and my love for you grows.

    jane hansen @janehansen2000 · 22h
    This is how universal medicine deal with criticism @sergebenhayon: Vicious attack and brings up my deceased child.

  19. Feline Aphrodite says:

    “Serge Benhayon observed in clinic the all too common pattern of lack of self nurturing in women and the significant lack of relationship women have with their breasts and the detrimental effects it was having on their body. To support a woman to connect to herself more, through the portal of their body, he developed the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM), though he never practiced it, with the integrity and knowing that it was not for men to practice but only for women to practice. He therefore handed the modality to leading female practitioners of Universal Medicine therapies at that time, training them in the philosophy with a clothed, simulation of the technique above the body of his wife in absolute honour of a woman’s body.”

    universalmedicinefacts site

    “Serge Benhayon observed in clinic the all too common pattern…….. and the significant lack of relationship women have with their breasts”

  20. Darkly Venus says:

    Had emails today from new readers congratulating us on our efforts, and this from a newbie who read the Daily Tele article and started Googling:

    Message: LOL,

    I googled “Serge Benhayon” and although the first item shown was his own site, the next seven were either anti-Serge/UM or were news items that were critical about him. Unfortunately this sort of stuff never seems to be properly beaten. But that doesn’t mean you don’t stop trying. 🙂

    LOL indeed. I’m not sure when the cult will wake up to the fact they’re only fooling themselves.

    Serge doesn’t give a bugger as long as the money for nothing rolls in and his loyal brides keep fighting his battles.