Universal Medicine Cult Gossip July 2014 – integrity roundup

Not-Gossiping-NetworkingJuly 27: Responding to UM’s Esoteric ‘facts’ July 23: Charity cyber-bullying  July 21: Esoteric Womens Health Money for Nothing  July 17: College of UM Bullshit – Donations policy, Kate Greenaway & ACM *Sergio the philolsopher at the movies July 15: Slideshare propaganda lol July 14: Selling a patronizing, sexist, rip off – Esoteric Womens Health and the Women in Livingness magazine. July 12, 2014: Women in Livingness Magazine & Launch. July 9: *Serge Benhayon on reading ovaries *Breast Cancer Care retreat Lismore July 11

Who knows what July holds for Universal Medicine cult gossip? It may or may not be a feast, but it’s unlikely to be a gluten free famine.

July 27: Responding to UM’s Esoteric ‘Facts’

Look, as far as I’m concerned the UM Facts blog is impossible to take seriously. I’m not sure anyone other than cult members believes a word of it, and I think responding to anything written there by Serge’s ferocious little terrier, Alison Greig, would be giving it far too much dignity.

How does one tell when Serge Benhayon is bullshitting?

His lips are moving.

How does one tell when a UniMedder is bullshitting?

Same, or they’re using a keyboard.

However, the Lord of Form isn’t as blasé, bless his cotton socks.

We talked about the Facts Team’s latest blog the other day and he thought it was worth correcting. I said, ‘Meh. No one believes their shit, and they ignore the evidence I post and continue to post the same lies. There’s no point.’

He just sent this comment:

And now according to the dimwits at the cult and the prose- handicapped Alison Greig,  [Medical Observer journalist] Byron Kaye made up a non-existent TGA complaint, and also submitted one to the HCCC.

There certainly was a preceding TGA complaint well before UM called them. Byron picked up the info from a routine press release from that department’s media unit. That sparked the first story.

Around the same time, an individual in QLD had the foresight to lodge a complaint to the HCCC re. UM’s cancer claims and also chakra-puncture name change.

All before we thought of anything. And hats off to him.

I’ve got the documents coming to me now for the file.

As usual, cult wrong on all counts.

Yes. But not just wrong. Lying. Blatantly.

According to the propagandists, there was never a complaint to the TGA about the cult’s claims about its Eso herbs (overpriced curry powder). Instead they asked the TGA to check out their products because they wanted to do the right thing after marketing the stuff for years, lol.

“The TGA is concerned that these goods are not included in the Australian Register of Therapeautic Goods and have not been evaluated by the TGA as the law requires.

“In order to protect the public, this matter is being urgently investigated by the TGA with the sponsor being required to achieve compliance with the regulatory requirements of Australia’s therapeutic goods legislation.”ABC Online, July 23, 2012

Mr Benhayon agreed Universal Medicine was “a good business”, with its reincarnation workshops particularly popular.

He conceded the Therapeutic Goods Authority forced it to withdraw unscientific claims about products sold on its website. News Ltd, September 15, 2012

The UM Facts blog is another smokescreen set up by the cult distracting attention from the nastiness we’ve been exposing. They probably hoped I’d be stupid and react to their blog by wasting time debunking every little bit of bullshit they post – and that would keep me so busy, I’d take my eyes off the puppeteer, his prize harpies and their Glorious racket.

My observation of their sites: every word of it is bullshit. My tip for reading their stuff – take every word as bullshit until they publish documentation which proves otherwise.

In house fact checking

And yes yes, in response to the protests of the bunker fact checkers, who stirred from their Nanna naps to point out Kyla Plummer and Mary Louise Manhating Myers are not a mother and daughter eating disorder team as stated somewhere below, but an aunt and niece manhating and eating disorder duo. My apologies for that oversight.

I have trouble telling the clones apart.

July 23: Charity cyber-bully forum for cult members

Cyber-bullying facilitator, Sarah Davis

Cyber-bullying facilitator, Sarah Davis

Yes, well, tomorrow the College of Universal Medicine’s first stab at a public anything is set to go ahead with their Cyber-bullying extravaganza forum, where Sarah Davis will try and sell a four week College course in addressing cyber-bullying via defamation, bitching, stupidity and incoherent verbosity, for an as yet undisclosed fee, to the Esoteric pilgrims. No one else will be there.

I almost went to the trouble of phoning Sarah to ask why she didn’t invite me (again) to speak about what it’s like to be accused of cyber-bullying for asking questions of an intransparent organization that’s doing nicely out of tax exemption and fleecing and silencing victims. But, I dunno, we all know how that would go.

Does anyone in the local area think UM has any credibility?

Will Lismore’s mayor be there?

How much are you being paid Sarah, to run your ‘non profit’ publishing venture, Real Media Real Change, that markets UM?

Anyway, local Astral cultists, keep an eye on local media for me. I don’t think the thing will get coverage, or if it does, I would hope the interviewers will ask Sarah and her fellow propagandists about their dodgey *facts* site, and why it doesn’t allow comments and corrections from the people it’s defaming.

July 21: Esoteric Womens Health – the high price of ‘community’


‘Lessee, 100+ x $145 = $14,500 plus app, plus donations, plus EBM, ovary massage, healing symbols, cancer scaring…’

The Women in Livingness event was held last Sunday the 13th in Brisbane with an entry fee of $145 to sit on plastic chairs and listen to a group of busy-ness women sell them Serge Benhayon’s invented rubbish about women’s health. Jenny Ellis and Penny Scheenhouwer talked about their true friendship based on their business ripping women off and invading their privacy, Dr Amelia Stephens talked about her ethics bypass in promoting pseudoscience, magical thinking, bogus therapeutic claims and over servicing. Nurse Sharon Gavioli talked about what it’s like to have breasts, and mother and daughter aunt and niece team, Mary Louise Myers and Kyla Plummer talked about how they made the self loving transition from anorexia and bulimia to Serge’s glorious eating disorder.

WIL Briz Eating Disorder duo

Mary Louise Myers and Kyla Plummer selling the eating disorder

$145 is a lot of money to pay to listen to cult members promote their business, but from the photos it looks as if at least a hundred investors showed up to hear the same carry on they’ve heard a hundred times before, and some took the trouble to fly in from interstate.

I guess it was a nice opportunity to dress up.

At the end of the day, Esoteric Womens Health Pty Ltd then officially launched the bloated breast and disease commodification manifesto, Women in Livingness Magazine – yet another promotion for Universal Medicine’s lucrative behavioural dependency.

And they’re doing the whole routine all over again, including the magazine launch party in Sydney and Melbourne next month. Another $145 and the same consumers flocking to pay for the same recycled nothing. Except they’ve roped high profile paediatrician, Dr Howard Chilton in to flog the brand at the Sydney show.

As I’ve asked before, what is EWH selling? And the answer is very little, for too much. It’s the Esoteric healing workshop and retreat racket over again. Repeat repackaging of the same insubstantial crap, consumed repetitively by religious investors.

The only recent innovation is the make-over. The Brides of Serge have entered an all new phase of self-loving makeup, photography and styling. The packaging may have improved, in a mumsy, wowserish way, but the product remains the same – a false sense of community with a bunch of like minded, censorious bigots, based on sexist, occult nonsense with threats of health and supernatural consequences if targets relent in their consumption.

Ask any of the customers present on the day what they’d spent on UM (and donated), and weigh those huge sums against the benefits they claim – feeling more connected to their breasts, feeling photogenic, thinking they are making healthy self loving choices, chronic diarrhoea and fatigue, disordered eating, neurosis, exhibitionism, fraught or broken relationships with those outside the group and toxic self obsession. If they ask questions they’re bullied and shunned. If they get sick or suffer misfortune they blame themselves and their karma.

It’s not what I’d call value for money.

July 17: College of UM Bullshit – Kate Greenaway flogging Esoteric healing through ACM, & donations policy

A few little items dredged up from the College of Universal Medicine website:

Esoteric physiotherapist and College of UM ‘educator’, Kate Greenaway is writing an Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy course for Evolve College, which a little birdie told us is the new name for ACM, the Australian College of Massage. Those of you who haven’t been bored into catatonia by UM carryings on will remember the ACM’s owners, Robert and Deborah Wild are religious devotees to the Church of $erge, and that Sergio’s pet company director, Serryn O’Regan is now ACM CEO. What that means is UM is doing a merger with ACM, or at least trying to use ACM’s status as a registered training organization to legitimize courses in Serge and Kate’s piss-take body work. It’s genius really – a rip off ‘accreditation’ course in a rip off ‘therapy’ so that graduates can rip off patients in a market already oversupplied with rip offs.


But it wasn’t posted on Kate’s bio for long. Why did you remove it, Kate? Or did ACM’s owners get nervous about having their business associated with a shonky charity?

And then there’s this load of hogwash on the donations page.

The College of Universal Medicine has declined to accept offers of donations in light of donors’ personal circumstances. This reflects the College’s commitment to the public interest and its purely charitable purpose. It has the firm policy of requesting that all those interested in donating first seek professional financial advice.

Further, if the proposed donor is still interested in donating, but their personal circumstances suggest this may not be in their best interests, the College reserves the right to refuse the donation.

I just happened by these student notes from 2011 where Sergio the scammer has a go at the minions for not manifesting enough ‘available’ money to attend the retreats.

The afternoon commenced with Serge briefly reflecting on the Retreats in Vietnam and the one in Lennox Head that was held the previous week – a total of 560 present at the 3 – now with shields removed.

As some at today’s E.D.G. Meeting had not been present at any of the Retreats for one reason or another he presented to us that Hierarchy cannot give information just to one group of students – that is leaving those not present at the Retreats out on a limb with out the information shared – the teachings would never exclude anyone.  If money was the issue – asked us to reflect on the fact of money being always available depends a lot on our preparation of an ongoing life force. (EDG lecture notes, unidentified note taker, April 2011)

Pay up or you’re dead?

Being unable to pay is not Esoteric.

‘…now with shields removed’ is referring to the shield against scams.

From the same set of notes, referring to the College building:

Within this UniMed Centre at Goonellebah will be many and varied presentations holding the U.M. Integrity.  Serge reiterated that help is really needed. Donations made are to energetically clear with no conditions. 

Unconditional donations. Hats off to you Serge. You’re the piss take scam artist supreme.


Sergio at the Munich Film Festival

L’Chaim – Sergio the phiLOLsopher at the movies

Apparently some schmuck has made a documentary film about a man who takes care of his holocaust survivor mother and ruined it by adding a platitude from the muddle headed messiah’s ‘wisdom’.

The film ends with the quote of the author and philosopher Serge Benhayon.
“The war is not over when the last bullet is fired, the war is over when we all return into our hearts.” L’Chaim Facebook page

PHILOSOPHER! LOL! Bernard-Henri Levy must be pissing in his pants! A self-published ‘author and philosopher’ at that.


July 15: Sergio on Slideshare (?)

I dunno what Slideshare is – probably one of countless PR sites for generating press releases for the internet to ignore. Last week the dimwits posted something similar on Reddit – another internet garbage heap for conspiracy theorists and other nutjobs.

Whatever. How many of you think Sergio believes his own bullshit?

Serge Benhayon, founder of Universal Medicine is calling for government agencies to identify and stop the abuse of their public complaint processes by ‘vexatious complainants

Spare me.

July 14: What is Esoteric Womens Health selling?

The Student Body has grown globally by the work of Serge Benhayon and by word of mouth;
to date there have been no promotions of any of the Universal Medicine services or products. 
Universal Medicine website

Esoteric Womens Health Pty Ltd is Universal Medicine’s marketing and promotion outfit for selling its Womens Health products. The most lucrative are the healing and practitioner courses run by Universal Medicine and profiting the Benhayon family. Some of the benefits trickle down to their upper rung of parasites, but most Esoteric healers who’ve gone to the trouble and expense of achieving Esoteric ‘accreditation’ find themselves in a market oversupplied with so called healers, and unable to make money.

It works like this. Women go to presentations run by EWH. A lot think it’s rubbish and don’t go back. Some are ‘inspired’ to visit Esoteric healing practitioners – usually the ones making the most money, such as Jenny Ellis, Rebecca Poole and others. If they swallow the pitch that their bodies need constant ‘clearing’ of pranic male energy and entities or whatever, they develop a behavioural dependency on Esoteric healings. The Esoteric practitioners sell them UM workshops, courses, retreats and Sergio’s money for nothing religious products, like his occult philosophy tomes, the funny looking and useless healing symbols, Glorious Music, audio subscriptons etc.

What I’m not certain of is whether the Eso practitioners sell Serge’s crap on commission, or whether they assist him financially out of pure religious devotion.

Which brings me to the next question; what is the Women in Livingness Magazine selling?

Advertising for one thing. On the last four pages there are a few dozen small ads for Esoteric healing practitioners and other businesses run by cult members. One wonders how much cult members paid for those spots.

But does the small amount of revenue from a couple of pages of ads justify 105 pages of weird breast fetishisation and sexless homoeroticism?

I suspect the magazine’s purpose is similar to the Women in Livingness blog. Where mother’ groups bond over the shared experiences of parenting, and breast cancer support groups share their experience of their illness, the Women in Livingness bond over their subscription to a New Age con, and their new found religion of self obsession. Women in Livingness gives them a platform to share their adherence to Serge’s habit forming rubbish – where they can share the illusion that their trivial self observations are important, and they can bond as a community of like minded numbskulls. The magazine is the commercial version of that community – where the Brides of Serge have the opportunity to be photographed looking joy-full and connected to their femaleness, advertise their Esoteric skills, and share the illusion that Esoteric healing is a legitimate business.

Not a patronizing, money for nothing scam.

July 12: Wimmin In Lyingness Magazine launch & Brisbane event July 13

Esoteric Womens Health is holding their ‘True Self Worth’ event in Brisbane tomorrow to launch the Women in Lyingness Magazine. No men or children are allowed to the launch, which makes me wonder what the heck they’ll be talking about. They’re usually more than happy to throw their sexual histories and their gynaecological minutiae all over the internet. And we know Serge has talked about rough sex between adolescents in front of kids.

Perhaps they’re going to delve into their next big campaign of not telling anyone what to do and start telling targets that sex impedes the light of the soul, with a few specifics on how to make ‘gentle’ emotionless love without moving or seeking the ‘comfort’ of sexual pleasure. Followed by a tutorial on how to call their partners abusers if they look at them sideways and how to take out a self-loving AVO. Then they’ll have a selfie show and tell, and compliment each other how beauty-full they are and how ‘sexy’ – without the sex.

The magazine is now live online, for want of a better word, and its another miracle of self-love. ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE PAGES of bland non info padded out with glossy pics of women looking like they’re getting along with each other. More than 80 of those pages are devoted to BREAST CARE.

Frankly it’s about five pages of non groundbreaking info stretched to an insufferable 105. There are insinuations as to ‘true breast care’ – meaning signing your life over to a cult, but mostly they avoid mentioning the man hatred, the Talibanesque restrictions on sport, music and intellectual pursuits, and they take great pains not to mention Serge.

Natalie Benhayon is editor in chief, and the thing is a bit like the women featured: over-dressed, over made up and trying a little too hard to look legit.

July 9: Serge Benhayon radio interview on reading ovaries

The UM fallacious *facts* team has written thousands of words denying Serge gave me a fake psychic reading of my ovaries in 2005. Among their Esoteric terms of endearment they’ve called me psychotic and liar, and offered the very convincing argument that there was no such ‘modality’ as ‘ovarian reading’ back then, and that a journalist invented the term in 2012. Somehow.

None of them were in the room with Serge and me in 2005.

Ovarian reading is mentioned in student notes from an Esoteric Womens Group in October 2011, along with the usual energetic nonsense.

  • Natalie has found the demand for ovarian massage is huge so this women’s group is to give us all a ovarian healing session. Be aware that you may get heavy periods, hip pain, nausea etc
  • The ovarian massage is very simple, done dry over clothes
  • The technique arises the imprints you have taken on as a woman, all the choices made by you, around you, about you by others, your reactions, behaviours that then become patterns and how all that will affect your future. The ovaries reveal a lot!
  • They are very matter of fact, without emotion…
  • All of Natalie’s come from reading women’s ovaries (sic)

Natalie Benhayon learned that crap from Dad. She’s not one for original thoughts. Esoteric Womens Health Pty Ltd company director, Serryn O’Regan isn’t either:

Esoteric Women’s Health is inspired by and because of the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. serrynoregan.com

And thanks to a reader for sending this link: Serge confirmed the ovarian readings on ABC Radio in July 2012. Following a discussion of entity possession.

(12:35 minutes) Interviewer, Justine Frazier: What about claims that people can pay $70 an hour for someone to talk to their ovaries?

Benhayon: The way that’s been worded is incorrect. You know the world is full of, um, psychics, palm readers, astrologers and so forth. The ability to communicate with the body is nothing new and there is a famous author who has done this by the name of Carolyn Myss and she is known as a medical intuitive – and very very famous. All…The body…because everything is energy, the body does contain energetic imprints of all our choices and all our behaviours. It’s a very very simple thing to do. Anyone can do it so long as they connect to their intuition. 

BCCBreast Cancer Care Retreat July 11

It appears Esoteric Women’s Health have been hawking their Breast Cancer Care brainwashing retreat among breast cancer support groups in Ballina, Byron Bay and the Lismore area, and not all the members of those groups are happy about being preyed upon by vindictive religious zealots seeking to instil a therapy dependency to their own advantage.

But it also appears Esoteric Women’s Health has gotten to some of the members, encouraging them to overlook inappropriate touching, privacy invasion, death worship and sexism, because it’s only ‘a few individuals’ who are calling for investigations into UM and its practitioners – echoing the cult’s standard response to questions.

To the members of those groups reading and their loved ones, those of us taking action are doing so out of strong concerns over the predatory aggression of the group and on behalf of many many more adversely affected by UM who are too fearful of retaliation to make their voices heard. If you’re still trying to decide whether to go to the retreats or not, please take a look at the big picture we’ve presented on my blogs – with evidence – and ask yourself why a group of seemingly caring people has endeavoured to destroy our livelihoods rather than address our questions.

38 Comments on “Universal Medicine Cult Gossip July 2014 – integrity roundup”

  1. Truthseeker says:

    Serge Benhayon, a former tennis coach from Maroubra, has up to 1000, mainly female, devotees to his movement, Universal Medicine, based in the hills outside Lismore on the north coast of NSW.

    Mr Benhayon told The Sun-Herald he had no medical qualifications but stood by the effectiveness of his treatments, including ”esoteric breast massage” – administered only by women – and ”chakra-puncture”. His daughter, Natalie, 22, claims to be able to talk to women’s ovaries – for $70 an hour.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/cult-cures-on-medicare-20120721-22gsn.html#ixzz36xDZnvaE

    • Darkly Venus says:

      yes, the cult reckons heath aston invented the term ovarian reading, and that I came up with a story based on that.They are truly indefatigable and relentless bullshitters.

      • Truthseeker says:

        Without deviating too much the ABC Radio interview July 2012 mentioned above is really worth a listen.

        Mr Benhayon himself said here that they do not advertise? It is only by word of mouth? Really?

        Mr Benhayon said no one joins? Then I ask why are people persecuted and shunned if they decide to leave UM?

        The most commonsense comment made by Mr Benhayon was that yes it does sound ridiculous,(true true) so one must get the whole picture. BUT for some of us with more and more of the WHOLE picture it gets more and more ridiculous and grief stricken.

        It is my observation that questions are not answered but at the same time anyone who is a whistle blower is persecuted.

        Truly the NSW government really needs to attend to UM promptly.

        • Yes yes, UM NEVER ADVERTISES.



          – according to Sergio the bullshitter and the propaganda team responsible for his 10th website:

          The Student Body has grown globally by the work of Serge Benhayon and by word of mouth;
          to date there have been no promotions of any of the Universal Medicine services or products.



          Help me out here.


  2. SubRosa says:

    Nope, UM is not a cult… No ads either.

    They even have our song by the Lie, Lie,Lie sisters on that page. With Great Exposing Article Andy, on the banjo: ” lie,lie, lie, lie, lie, – lie, lie, lie, lie, – lie,lie, lie, lie – the detractors…” (ROFL, all over again!)

    Universal Medicine is a College.

    (Never mind the fact that Serge just declared UniMed a religion.)

  3. Breast Cancer Care says:

    I’d like to add something for the women reading who are members of the breast cancer support groups.

    Universal Medicine likes to advertise that they are all about free will and free choice.

    That sounds nice, except they do not supply critical information in their promotions.

    In other words, what they portray as free choice is not informed choice.

    It’s deception. Back that up with the endorsement of doctors and nurses and cult ‘love-bombing’ – and vulnerable patients do not stand a chance.

    The last thing you need when you’re sick is to fend off predators – wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

    If it really was ‘free choice’ and UM was up front with their information, I wouldn’t be issuing public warnings.

    For example, were you told that UM is a religion?

    Anything UM appears to be offering – healthy self loving choices – is available elsewhere from practitioners who are not pushing a religion or ideology. Certainly not an ideology that blames you for your illness and encourages you to reject your loved ones and sink money into Serge’s property fund.

    • Cult*ural In$ergent says:

      Oh, praise be! Your prediction (which I’m sure was based upon sound science – i.e. you had your finger firmly on the pulse of what was REALLY goin’ on with UM) came true. They’re now a bona fide (er humph) religion. Bli$$, oh ble$$, bring on the ordinary, everyday miracles! Let’s all take a delusional dump to-gevva. Yay!!

    • Concerned Local says:

      I had a friend in U.M for a few years and was concerned by what she told me. I have been in a local breast cancer support group for a year and was concerned by the Esoterics Womens push into the group. Their brochures are deceiving and I supplied information to the Support facilitator. Alas they were invited to the group and new members encouraged to attend the Lismore workshops. Please keep exposing them and their slick P.R. campaign

  4. grammar police says:

    Who would have known that ‘religion’ isn’t only a noun, it’s now apparently, and according to Sergio, an adjective!

    “To be in religion”

    UM speak for “to be in DENIAL”

    scientifically speaking this is another bit of proof that UM is indeed a cult, as per definition cults and cult-like groups invent their own language and phrases. Just think of how UM followers hyphenate and misspell certain words (joy-full, in-truth etc) and how they all use the same phrases (signing off correspondence “with love” and always use “feel” instead of “think” even when it doesn’t make any sense) and certain words like AWESOME, YUMMY, UTMOST, LOVELY. By using a common language they all become part of an elite members club to which the evil astral cult (aka everyone else) has no access. So special! And so dangerous!

    • Truthseeker says:

      More examples cult grammar:

      “There is absolutely no doubt that the EPA upholds the highest level of professionalism, integrity and principles with a Code of Conduct which is second to none”

      “the EPA code of ethics and conduct is the highest standard of any association in the world”

      I am asking the claim ‘in the world’ who judged this to be true and how do they know that such a SWEEPING statement is true?

      UM cannot make up its mind whether it is a Religion?? Charity?? or ?Healthcare??
      An iron in every fire! Why?

      Haven’t all religions/cults claimed the same as the EPA and UM are claiming?
      Integrity ethics etc?

      Sadly, daily we see more and more revealed as to what really goes on below the holy than thou exterior.

  5. Truthseeker says:

    The new magazine is a ‘booby trap’ for recruiting to Universal Medicine which apparently is a charity?? health care?? and a Religion???

    These Umer’s preach that the ‘objectification’ of breasts is wrong….but this is what they are doing in over 100 pages++ in this magazine and elsewhere.

    Here’s something new for them to market, think of the benefits!! Seeing that they are SO taken with breasts.
    Maybe they should go and get their breasts done in a cast mould and have them bronzed – like new Mums and Dad’s do with babies hands and feet. They could then have them on the mantle piece and bow down and worship them at 3 am in the morning, and chant how beautiful they are. No apology for my sarcasm.

    PS: I laughed and laughed….Silk body wraps, 100% Gluten free.
    Remember wheat is banned even in heat packs.

    • Bravo! LOVE this comment.

      And in all that palaver about breasts breasts breasts breasts breasts breasts, they never once mention sexual pleasure.


      Also, men don’t exist in that mag. You see half a man – Rebecca Poole’s husband – in a photo about ‘dating’ LOL. Chaste, emotionless, puritanical, narcissistic, man hating ‘dating’.

      Feminist separatism is rare these days, but I say let the Brides of Serge go for it.

      Means more available men for us women who don’t need to be sold ‘connectedness’ and ‘self-love’. 😀

  6. Trish says:

    The thing that frustrates me is that they make out women have all these problems with their breasts. I don’t have any problems with mine. They have served me well. Apart from the fact they are sagging a bit now, I have loved my big breasts and don’t care if men or women have ever looked at them or objectified them. They take this really prudish slant on everything. UM is boring boring boring and that’s all I can say, and yes they are so god dam righteous. I am so over smug PC people.

    • SubRosa says:

      Besides Playboy, I have never seen a magazine in my life with so many pages on breasts before. Call me stupid, but I don’t understand what it is all about. I think it’s just plain weird.

      Also, I am not impressed with their so called beauty nor radiance. In the before and after pictures I just See regular women being obsessed with themselves. And yes the self rigorousness they have going on is off putting. I don’ t see true selfwoth either (at all).

      I like to read a women magazine, once in a while, but this is beyond me.

  7. RJM says:

    Currently watching the film HOLY SMOKE starring Kate Winslet as a young women who falls under the influence of a Sannyasin guru. It’s interesting to compare the descriptions in the film to the testimonials of UM cultists:

    “I’ve discovered a whole new way to live”

    “It’s so gentle”

    “He’s pure love”


    If Serge isn’t running a cult he’s accidentally managed to emulate one to the letter.

  8. Cult*ural In$ergent says:

    Just read that crappy mag. In what way exactly are they not targeting women with breast cancer?

    They say it’s a ‘reader’s digest’! That’s a lie. I have a serious case of indigestion now but that’s probably due to my personal reluctance to swallow everything I’m fed.

  9. Lord of Form says:

    It is an amazingly self indulgent 100 plus pages of obsessiveness about one part of the female body.

    So just like the rest of UM. Self obsessed and female focused.

    Here’s some other tell tales.

    No mention of Universal Medicine. Correct me if I am wrong. I couldn’t be bothered reading every overwrought word.
    All cult members photographed.
    Lots of Serge’s false dilemmas.
    Lots of imputations about the cause, and hence, prevention of breast cancer. What ever happened to those law suits? I guess this is not UM making the claims now…
    Overblown- What have they left for another issue? Of course, one prays there is never another one.

    What’s the revenue model? I am sure articles were done ex gratia or for some initiation points earned via association with the anointed scion. Ads in the back? A monthly subscription fee perhaps? After all, Natalie needs to furnish her big new pile bought on the back of the dreams of members.

    In any case, members rushed to Brisbane Sunday like Catholics to an idol weeping blood. While they were there, $145 down for a day of women’s only non-sense.

    It leaves me asking, again, where is the mens magazine, 100 plus pages on testicles, ETM’s, and the men only groups (no women or kids allowed…) ??? Where…?

    Seriously, can you imagine the esoteric outrage from the brides of Serge if another group dared such a thing? Men only? Out-rage-ous. They’d have to resort to three hyphens just to show their indignation.

    My review- should come with a sticker. “WARNING- CULT INDOCTRINATION POSSIBLE WITH EVERY ISSUE”

  10. Universal Medicine is not mentioned…Esoteric is only mentioned in the ads at the back if I remember…

    So is Sergio the amateur gynecologist mentioned in the thing? Anyone? Please don’t make me go back and look at it again… 😦

  11. susieQ says:

    Slideshare and sites = desperate measures.

    Obviously these sites are designed to try to make Mr Benahyon appear so benevolent that he is not taking legal action.

    Is Mr Benhayon running scared? It looks that way.

    How dare Mr Benhayon think that he can now try to control the governmental agencies.

    • Lance says:

      I wonder if Serge and co might consider the probably bitter irony that I had never made an “official” complaint until they put up the hate-blog. Perhaps I may have never.

      There’s nothing like a little motivation. Now they are just flying out left right and centre. They’re their own worst enemies.

  12. Looks like Sergio rehired Binky the Pranic Primate to throw together that typo ridden Slideshare power point prez – AND the AMAZINGLY informative Reddit posts.

    And while I’m here a reminder – the entry price for the Women in Livingness day long sexism and eating disorder festival the other day was ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE DOLLARS – as are the two upcoming ones in Sydney and Melbourne next month.

    ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE DOLLARS for a bunch of cult dimwits to tell you how to run your life.

    I can think of a lot of better ways to spend that kind of $$$

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am not sure they have quite grasped the concept of Reddit. Nor that of PR.

    Note to UM: it’s meant to make people like you…

  14. Feline Aphrodite says:

    $ erge Benhayon
    C ollege of Universal Medicine
    A ffiliated with ACM
    M ovie Philosopher – self proclaimed

  15. Truthseeker says:

    Darkly Venus please can you shed more light on your comment
    “The NSW HCCC was invented by FRANZ KAFKA. Universal Medicine cult can continue molesting and ripping off patients. HCCC WON’T STOP THEM”

    • Darkly Venus says:

      oh, it’s the usual story. The dimwits are in breach of advertising guidelines, a breach of the national law handled by AHPRA. Complaints to AHPRA NSW go through the HCCC, who tell you to complain to AHPRA who tell you to complain to the HCCC.

      Classic Kafkaesque cock up.

      The phone number the commissioner gave me for the medical board doesn’t work.

      And no one’s shown the HCCC how to use email yet.

      So if you’re a bent health professional, it’s open season on the vulnerable – the regulator ain’t regulating.

      • Truthseeker says:

        This UM situation must be a unique case with each government body not sure whose problem it is.

        When you think about it, cults have been around for a long time so have people who are self proclaimed Messiahs with their supposed revelations, out there cures and teachings.

        What makes this situation so different and so unethical is the Doctors that are sanctioning it, and even worse they are promoting it.

        This matter again needs to go to Politicians. Urgently

        • Lord of Form says:

          Actually, it turns out doctors, lawyers and others being involved with groups such as this is not unusual. It’s actually more of the rule.

          The Family, whose leader (atypically) was a lady by the name of Anne Hamilton-Byrne recruited doctors, nurses and lawyers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_Moore_(The_Family)

          There’s been and are other groups operating right now using the same Modus Operandi.

          Being a medical or legal professional does not make you immune from indoctrination or compromising yourself. We’re all people. In fact, some members train in certain professions in service of the group.

          Unfortunately, government departments not doing anything about it is also the way things are, now and then. Typically, things only happen when things become overtly bad and action has to be taken. Usually for political reasons.

          Cults or harmful groups are not easily recognised, either by those in them, or by society at large. That’s because for the most part the people in them behave rationally most of the time, and because no one knows what constitutes a cult. Worse still, there are so many grey areas in regulation that allows groups to operate and even encourages them with tax breaks, incentives, and unenforceable regulations.

          UM is navigating its way through those grey areas, aided by ambivalent or ill-informed govt. departments; and regulations ill considered and full of holes. UM even managed to get a large injection via a govt grant.

          Just one of many ways Serge gets funds that are not so obvious.

          Serge claims to have been vindicated in various “investigations” but the truth is he hasn’t been really investigated yet.

          The HCCC conducts an “assessment” to determine the likelihood of succeeding at a prosecution or action. By their own admission, this system is contradictory, because without investigating, they can’t know. Hence, the rarely do. If the practitioners says ” I didn’t do it” then they more or less have to take that at face value. In their words “the threshold for investigation is very high”, and if you look at when they do, you get the idea of what they feel confident of going after.

          Serge has however been censured on at least one occasion for failing to abide by the code for unregistered practitioners. He continues to breach those codes.

          Other government departments are not moved to action even when they are notified, often until their is a preponderance of complaints or notifications. Ironically, as history has shown, these often do not come until a prosecution occurs or when a victim is brave enough to speak out.

          Given the way the group attacks critics or anyone who even suggests problems, that is not highly likely. And we know of many- almost all of whom are frightened not to speak up for one reason or another.

          There is clearly an agenda to become have more medical professional involved and to lend their weight to Universal Medicine- i guess the misnomer of ‘medicine’ in the name reveals that too.

          We’re caught between a rock and hard place. We can’t really expect govt departments to do much based on past performance, but their lack of action emboldens the group. They’ve even got brave enough to send submissions to the HCCC parliamentary inquiry which is essentially about that regulators inability to take action against groups such as UM.

          Go figure.

          We know they know there are scores of unhappy people out there for one reason or another. We hope that just a few of them have the courage to make their complaints or follow up as needed as this will enable others to do the same.

  16. Ha ha ha! The Slideshare presentation disappeared.

    Lost control of your PR have you Sergio?

    The Reddit bollocks disappeared too. LOL

  17. Wendy says:

    I used to be a client of Heather Pope, I hoped it would help with some pain, but she didn’t seem to be able to connect to me, or me to her, i just felt like she was taking my money, massaging my breasts, and then advising me to come back.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Wendy, I moved your comment here from where you posted it on a past post.

      Thanks for your comment. It seems the only benefits from Esoteric healing are financial ones, reserved for the top rung of practitioners.

  18. You Know Who says:

    You know what is bullying? Four weeks of listening to Sarah Davis harping on about it hypocritically.

    And it’s abusive. What could they talk about for four weeks?? Crikey.

    Nothing in local rags yet. I suspect Hamish Broome, Norther Star ‘journalist’ and spouse of cyber-bullying ‘expert’ may have been warned off it this time. Well, at least you’d hope.

    • Cassandra says:

      You may have noticed that the only time anything to do with Universal Medicine appears these days, in either the Northern Star or the Echo is when the editor is away.

      • Concerned Local says:

        This is interesting because this week in the Echo, the Cancer retreat 1 day in Lismore is advertised in the Pin This Up… this section is for non-profit community groups…how does a business charging $60 get in here?

        • susieQ says:

          Concerned Local very observant thank you.
          How did this pass the editor I wonder?
          UM has no conscience. I agree how can they be non-profit and charge.

          Here is another UM con.

        • Lord of Form says:

          I shudder when I read By Renee Burns-Woods writing that Natalie is the daughter of the “trusted Serge Benhayon”. A whole organisation obsessed by womans “health” with the centerpiece ‘the-rapy” of “EBM’s, created by a man who has no qualifications and who is married to a woman who was his student and lived in his home from 13 years of age…

          Jesus. Denial is powerful. Renee might have no idea of the genesis of this dodgy outfit and the background of its founder. But it shows how mythology flowers without any relationship to facts.

  19. Cassandra says:

    On the subject of coverage, maybe the love-ly women from the Esoteric Womens’ Health group might like to have a read of an article on page 18 of the Weekend Star (26-07-14).
    Here we have a group of young women who have been written up as ‘local heroes’. They raise money, lots of money for research and assistance to breast cancer victims.
    They represent the true meaning of the word ‘altruistic’, they give their time, money, energy and love- JUST to help other women.
    They do not make breast cancer survivors sit on cold hard chairs, in the basement of the Lismore City Hall (for free)! Their work does NOT aid their personal ‘atma’, nor do they ‘recruit’ new members for their group or is that university, maybe religion? I’m confused these days.
    They are there to help others only, nothing in it for them except ‘they want to’.
    Maybe that is why they get a write-up in the paper and the EWG doesn’t.

    • Yes, I bet they’re not a Pty Ltd company run by a cult, indoctrinating targets with death worship and selling them mind fuck, breast and pubic gropes, supernatural entities and sexism.

      And then scamming for a bequest.


    • Lord of Form says:

      And remember, Serges hates “altruism”- according to the master, the new era was going to expose those who claimed to be doing good as paedophiles and corrupt. Unlike him.

      Those do-gooders are easy to spot. They do things like give away money they collect and account for, help people, run social programs, show evil empathy and compassion; all the while hiding their true nature. Unlike Serge’s charities which do nothing for no one and don’t hide anything. Right under their noses.