Your Breasts… My Breasts… Just whose Breasts are those, Anyway?



The Truth about Serge Benhayon

  • Why, they’re my breasts – I’m your baby… and if you let me I’ll suck them ‘til I’m 5 years old.
  • No, they’re mine – I’m the soft porn in the ads and the page 3 girls in the daily paper. Those breasts can sell anything!
  • No, they’re my breasts – I’m the X rated porn industry, one of the USA’s greatest exports.

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  1. Esther Rockett says:

    LOL! Where does one even begin?


    A. SERGE’S

    of course. But Andy Baldwin doesn’t admit that in the article.

    No, they’re mine – I’m the cancer industry. The only thing I haven’t got for breast cancer is a reason or a cure.

    Yep. Cancer is an INDUSTRY. SERGE SAYS SO. And Serge knows the reason and the cure – INVE$T in UM, ladies. It’s epigenetics. All you have to do is improve your ‘initiation’ and make Sergio happy and you can cure cancer in your whole family tree. If you get cancer anyway, it’s because Serge is never happy, you chose to live lovelessly by feeling emotion, and gluten free cake still has the energy of cake.

    No, they’re my breasts – I’m the politician who gets to use the ‘breast’ word as many times as I like when I’m talking about breast cancer appeals.

    Because doing good is really evil. Serge SAYS SO. Why waste money on research, when cancer can be cured if women chose to self-nurture. (I’m not joking. Serge has said all of this) And only UMers could regard ‘breast’ as the “‘breast’ word”. It gets worse. Men are neanderthal sex beasts who cause women’s cancers.

    No, those are my breasts – I’m the husband or the boyfriend who wants ‘a bit of a grope’ after a night at the pub or watching porn with the boys.

    What about ‘no those are my breasts – Serge says it takes 20 years for a woman to admit she doesn’t like sex, and she only does it to please men, and sex is energetic rape’?

    Whoa! Hang on a second…
    I’m a woman and these breasts are mine…

    Nup. You’re bloke, Andy.


    I write now, as the father of three beautiful women, from a sense of wonderment and respect for them and their equally beautiful mother. For over a decade now I have observed them as they have surely repaired their relationship with their own bodies and have flowered into the gorgeous, nurturing, loving women they are today; brimming with a joy that is infectious and readily shared on every level with those with whom they make contact.

    Those with whom they make contact being the ones trying to bully and silence a woman who is blowing the whistle on commonplace sexual abuse and bullying in UM.

    The preceding list is but an aspect of that which they have overcome, albeit a very important one, for if a woman can be alienated from her very breasts, her divinely endowed centres of the nurturing essence, then she is already far down the path of separation from self, with all the abandonment and strife that surely follows. As it did!

    I’d be more concerned about separation from facts, reason, reality and hard earned cash, personally.

    Universal Medicine is the organisation that dared to go there: the one group that despite ridicule and loathing, identified that major disconnection, then answered the call by presenting the modality (the Esoteric Breast Massage) and training the dedicated female practitioners to begin the process of reconnection and reclamation of the essence of femaleness in form. And this they lovingly do.

    This they lovingly do by demonizing males and castigating women who are anything other than passive consumers of UM’s sexist, money for nothing garbage.

    If UM doesn’t like ridicule and loathing, they ought to quit being ridiculous and loathesome.

    Serge Benhayon, his family, the Way of the Livingness, and the Students one and all, you are the pointers to the future, for you are the future now.

    The future now of intransparency, abuse, bullying and stupidity.

    • Pranabunny says:

      Just the title of that gem of an ‘article’ was stupid enough for me to switch off. Who the fuck has issues with BREAST OWNERSHIP?!!? I feel that Serge projects too much. He probably sees a woman’s body as something that can be owned by a man wholly or in parts and this must mean that all women feel like someone else owns their body or their breasts.

      Question, Sergio: since men can own women’s breasts, can women own men’s penises? I’m intrigued.

      Side note: I don’t know what kind of social circles Andy frequents where it’s normal for the ‘boys’ to get together on a Friday night to watch porn. It just shows again that Serge invents these scenarios to prove that there is an issue where there is none.

      • Women might not own men’s penises but Sergio has UniMed’s shemales by the balls.

        And in case Andy Baldwin’s fantasy wasn’t enough madness for one evening – read about how Lee Green experienced his first period thanks to Natalie’s menstrual cycle app.

      • SubRosa says:

        ” Who the fuck has issues with BREASTS OWNERSHIP?!!? ”

        My points exactly! {pun intended}

      • pranabunny says:

        Haha. Well, given that Serge propagates that men are single-minded, sex-obsessed apes who shall not touch any esoterically massaged breasts without consent, I’m not sure what the issue is anyway. Surely, if one can’t touch, one can’t own those holy appendages?

        On a more serious note: UM proclaims that we are all love and it’s all about love but when it comes to serious illnesses or any form of abuse it’s all about blaming the victim. I understand on some level that people who suffer from breast cancer or serious chronic illnesses or who have been abused might at some point ask themselves WHY it happened to THEM. Maybe they did something wrong? Maybe this could have been prevented? Is it a punishment? Maybe they deserved it? You see where this is going… UM tells them there are mysterious reasons* for their suffering and it’s this victim blaming culture I find the most disgusting about them.

        *child abuse: you chose to be born into an abusive family because you need to learn a “lesson”
        *breast cancer: you aren’t self nurturing enough, you don’t accept your woman-ness
        *rape: you were a rapist in your last life and need to lean a “lesson”

  3. Truthseeker says:

    After reading that post it is obvious which organisation is the one with the ‘sexual obsession’

  4. Truthseeker says:

    All in the name of charity and religion etc etc – unbelievable stupidity.

  5. Esther Rockett says:

    Why, they’re my breasts – I’m your baby… and if you let me I’ll suck them ‘til I’m 5 years old.

    Only UniMed could pathologize breast feeding and deride a small child for wanting to breast feed. UM has produced some sick stuff, but what does one say about that?

    NHS surgeon Eunice Minford, was mouthing off over at the Echo with some defamatory nonsense calling us cyberbullies and asking where is the evidence of UniMed’s harms?

    What on earth do you call THAT, Eunice?

    How about you come here and defend that? And then you can answer some questions about rape victims copping their karma. And then we can talk about evolution denial, and children being made to get up at 3 am, and being subjected to the lousy, laxative diet.

    And as Truthseeker remarked, our mate, a father of a child that lives surrounded by these numbskulls, asked reasonable questions about this group’s inappropriate behaviour with young girls and they’ve cast him as a pervert.


  6. SubRosa says:

    Che died before his time…

    andyb50 June 24, 2014 at 7:56 pmYes Suzanne…. a revolution that will change the world.

    Thank God, we have Sergio!

  7. Truthseeker says:

    I note with great interest a comment made by Rebecca Baldwin today in the comments section of the Echonet article ‘Universal Medicine College under investigation’

    Direct quote of Ms Baldwin’s comment:
    “If anything comes of this latest round of vexatious complaints and the subsequent media coverage it has attracted, it may just be to bring much needed focus to this issue — an issue that the College of Universal Medicine has already planned to cover in an upcoming forum. I commend all the people at the College of Universal Medicine who are working hard towards community focussed initiatives such as this and look forward to seeing the public benefit that such much needed forums promise to bring.”

    I am asking why doesn’t UM and Serge himself seize the opportunity being presented to them RIGHT NOW by so many of the media?

    Will the proposed forum that Ms Baldwin speaks of be on neutral ground? FREE OF CHARGE? and open to ALL the Public so they can express their voice and their concerns and ask questions and receive answers?

    I also wish to caution those who say that the complainants notifications to government authorities went nowhere and that UM has nothing to answer. I also note that a current Parliamentary Inquiry is underway addressing issues.

    • By golly Rebecca is full of shit.

      Can they produce documentation that Sergio has been cleared of regulatory investigations?

      Nope. Notice how they can’t specify any.

      Went nowhere? Found no wrongdoing? LOL. What do they call the UK Charity Commission’s compliance action against the Sound Foundation? Losers didn’t spam the Third Sector about that.

      Also, cult psychologist, Marianna Masiorski is under investigation for professional misconduct, and let’s hope other health professionals will be soon.

      But Sergio won’t be talking with the media. The world’s teacher has crawled into his withered shell and is letting Charlie the barrister do his bidding. It’s telling isn’t it, when a health service needs a barrister to answer simple questions…

      As for the community focussed initiative – we were saving this up for a special announcement and skewering, BUT there is no IRONY at all in the fact that the first College of UM Community Event is going to be a Forum – Addressing Cyber-Bullying – NO SHIT! LOL! 😮

      Yes it will be free, July 24, Lismore.

      • Truthseeker says:

        Free! BUT you must register first and now read the rest of the link “Addressing Cyber- bullying.”
        “Following the Forum we will be offering a 4 week course exploring a practical model to respond to cyberbullying.”

        Cost of this not disclosed.
        So really from where I sit this is just another money making business venture of UM.

        Correct me if I am wrong or if I have missed something but the site that they have recently developed aren’t they very hypocritical to be speaking out against cyber bullying?

  8. Anonymous says:

    If my father had talked about me that way, I would have felt very uncomfortable.

  9. MacReady says:

    “No, they’re my breasts. I’m the only man on the planet who makes love with his whole body and I’ve been a woman (Alice A. Bailey) in my past lives, so I know what it’s like to have an unclear man between my legs. Your husband and every other man in your life projects menful energy and pranic imposts to your breasts, so you must rub my esoterically designed magic breast cream on them every day to clear the male energy from your breasts. Also, you must check in for regular Esoteric Breast Massages to further clear your breasts from the imposed energy of all the nasty men in the world. Did I mention also that using a tampon is like having the penis of the dirtiest man on earth inside your vagina during your period? You can trust me, I know all the secrets of the universe”

    – Serge Benhayon

    • SubRosa says:

      The tampon lecture Serge made on a women’s presentation, given by his daughter Natalie, was so disturbing Rebecca showed up on the Rick Ross Cult Education forum to derail the thread into another direction as damage control. Which also proves his inner circle realizes how twisted the lecture actually is.,107998,page=55

      • Esther Rockett says:

        Ah Rebecca, the great derailer. Good word for her.

        The Echo reports on an investigation launched into allegations of unlawful conduct by the College of UM, and Rebecca’s most intelligent response in the comments is we’re cyberbullies blah blah blah. She even wheeled out sourpuss Dr Rachel Hall going to police because I sent her an email, when Rebecca spam emails journalists who don’t publish her Esoteric ‘truth’.

        The College is under investigation and Sarah Davis’ best effort is to offer marital advice to Lance.

        All in defence of a depraved illiterate who sexualizes female hygiene products.

        Thanks for linking to that. It’s an interesting read after all this time.

        Rebecca didn’t stand up to the questions too well.

        Truthseeker, good point about the cyber-bullying ‘course’ and the non disclosure of fees. Funny how ‘free’ never means free in UM. Apparently the College is planning fee paying courses, with the fees going back into the charity.

        Esoteric public benefit.

      • Truthseeker says:

        This tampon lecture from UM is so disgusting, it is worse than porn.
        Why do Serge and his Company sexualise so much? Even tampons!

        What is in his head? He doesn’t sound like a man of truth and integrity to me.
        This is just so vile, denigrating to women and men, I am so disgusted.

        I wonder how UM will answer if and when the above article on Breasts and these comments from the lecture on tampons hits the press.

        Is it any wonder why UM is so busy causing a big dust storm and why they are so intent on shooting down the messengers. Journalists as well.

  10. SubRosa says:

    jamesnicholson27 June 23, 2014 at 4:21 pm Great exposing article Andy, I fully agree with you. Breasts have been seen as objects, external to the woman, something that can be manipulated to get what she wants – either desire from another or to hide away. All the time cutting the woman off from herself. It is no wonder breast cancer rates are soo staggeringly high – in the UK alone in 2011 – ‘49,936 women and 349 men in the UK were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2011’ – Cancer Research UK. –

    What does this man mean with ” Great exposing article Andy,” …?

    This is another thing I can’t stand about UMers, they are constantly EXPOSING their own one dimensional narrow minds, proclaiming it is *the* truth.

    And because I would hate to be accused of quoting out of context, Andy’s reply:

    andyb50 June 24, 2014 at 8:17 pm James, how much worse can those numbers get before the penny drops? –

    What penny would that be, exactly Andy…?

  11. Lord of Form says:

    They’re living in a world of Serge’s making. Who knows what they are talking about.

    Here’s the scoreboard.

    Rebecca Baldwin- inveterate bender of truth with origami precision. Defamationist.
    Johnny Baldwin – Defamationist. A nobody, but gaining sense of identity from being one of the gang.
    Sarah Davis – Defamationist. Truth twister. Marriage commentator.
    Hamish Broome- Bent cadet journalist, abject liar, husband of Sarah Davis.
    Charles Wilson- Defamationist and mouthpiece of the master.
    Serryn O’Regan- Chief fall girl and head of operation deception. Any operation. But don’t ask her questions. Web site coming soon.
    Alision Greig- Crazed defamationist and ringleader. Suffering from recent awareness lobotomy.
    Desiree Delaloye- Business partner of the master. Defamationist.
    Ray Karam- Defamatory commentator and ex-cop who didn’t pay attention.
    Neil Gamble- threatening behaviour. Stupidity you wouldn’t expect from someone with his life experience.
    Jean Gamble- loopy. Might be the reason.
    Andy Baldwin- pathetic former patriarch of family, now chief homily composer to his family’s tits.

    Serge Benhayon- Defamation. Leading from behind, but ultimately responsible. Cosmos sized braggart.
    Deborah Benhayon Imaginative bookeeper and keeper of secrets.

    Note- Defamation = FALSE allegations. FALSE = without merit or evidence.

    Charles, remember evidence?… Not hearsay…evidence.

    Lance and Esther- Guilty of asking the same questions over and over and over thus described as cyber bullying by cult and bullying by members. No answers forthcoming two years later.

    And where’s the tribute to prostate glands? I have been waiting for that for two years too. The unfairness of UM knows no end.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Charles the barrister? Evidence?

      Nah. Not Charles. He’s overcome with victimhood by being cyber-bullied with questions about the transparency and public benefit of the College of UM, and the rest of UM money for nothing rubbish.

      Poor poor dear.

      As for Serryn O’Regan – her website is up, advertising her directorship of three primary Universal Medicine scams, Esoteric Women’s Health, the Esoteric Practitioners Association and the dodgy College.

      All of Serryn O’Regan’s work is inspired by and because of the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

      Including this sexist garbage that manages to be offensive to both sexes:

      Esoteric Women’s Health, incorporated in 2012 is dedicated to the true wellbeing of women everywhere. In an age when women are:
      Often more male than men, with an ability to override their feelings and push through, regardless of what that actually does to themselves

      Her site is owned by her boss, Robert Wild of the ACM, in preparation for the Australian College of Massage’s merger with UM – called Evolve College.

      More on that soon.