Universal Medicine Bent Facts & Gossip June – 2014

hahafamilymemeJune 17: EPA annual CON-ference  June 15: *UM at Melbourne Mind Body Spirit LOL Festival & Esoteric Women’s Health at QVWC June 14: *Not on the payroll, part of the family *False and misleading inquiry submissions  June 7: Rick Ross Cult Education Forum’s lost threads retrieved  June 6 2014: *Welcome to the Naming Names page Dr Amelia Stephens *Glorious Music and the Battle of the Bands

Yeah, I know, it’s June ALREADY and the lunacy of UMers has reached a new zenith. They’re still crapping on about how I’m a cyber-bully and they ARE NOT A CULT. And there’s still more shenanigans than we can poke sticks at.

June 17: EPA CON-ference June 22

It’s a year since we took a look at the money for nothing Esoteric Practitioners Association, the ‘accrediting body’ for Serge’s phoney healing modalities, and revealed it for the scam it is, ‘in truth’. Remember, I asked why no one had ever clapped eyes on their ‘highest code of conduct in the world’, and suddenly there it was on the EPA website (still coming soon since 2009), whisked in on the express shuttle from Arcturus or somewhere with a few healing symbols. And then I found Eso practitioners are all in breach of the thing, and the worst offenders are Kate Greenaway and Serge.

They then hastily went public with the ‘4th annual EPA conference’ that no one’s ever heard of, and forgot to disclose the ticket price, on top of the money for nothing annual fees. It sounded scintillating – a talk or two from the usual sycophantic health professionals, some gentle breath meditation and some plugs for Natalie’s menstrual cycle app for blokes. Anyway, the conference (5th?) is scheduled on the UM Events Scam calendar for this Sunday the 22nd. But as usual there is not a peep about it publicly.

Is it like Hogwarts or something, and to be kept a secret from the Astral untouchables?

Or have they abandoned the thing out of shame?

And if the thing goes ahead, how much are they slugging the faith-full for tickets?

And what’s this year’s theme?


June 15:  UM does Melbourne

Universal Medicine Trained Practitioners Showcase Esoteric Healing at Upcoming Melbourne’s Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

Look, I wasn’t going to bother posting about UMers trying to rope in new investors at the woo woo festivals, but too many notifications and smart arsed remarks ended up in my Inbox to ‘let it go-o-o-o’.

The simple and powerful esoteric healing modalities, originally presented by teacher Serge Benhayon, are acclaimed worldwide as a complement to mainstream medicine to support healing, health and wellbeing…

It’s a bit like cultists flogging their wares at Splenda in the Grass or other evil music festivals, or Nicola Lessing selling evil dairy-full ice-cream to untouchable Astral cultists. UMers are happy to slum it with evil New Agers at the Mind Body Spirit Festival if it means DOSH – even if Sergio says SPIRIT IS ENEMY OF THE SOUL!! 😮

“Serge Benhayon is known as the Healers Healer, there is no one like him working in Australia or internationally. The calibre of professionals that attend his workshops and train with him is testament to the work he is doing”, Terri-Anne Connors said.

Damned right about that, Terri-Anne.

Anyway, Serryn O’Regan was front and centre, getting her hands dirty doing healing demonstrations on mega pranic Reiki fans and crystal huggers and what not. I bet she needed a big CLEANSE after that.

She must have been taking time off from running the Esoteric Australian College of Massage and the dodgy College of UM, and her directorships of Esoteric Women’s Harm and UM Pty Ltd, or maybe she’s been busy trying to remember where it was she got Sergio’s bent modalities ‘accredited’.


And speaking of Esoteric Women’s Health, their next Wellness for Women deception is to be held at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre in Melbourne. Lord only knows what a respectable women’s centre is doing associating themselves with that exploitative garbage. I notice the Centre’s CEO is Vidia Hickman. Does anyone know if she’s any relation to cult psychologist, Cynthia Hickman? And does anyone know anyone on the QVWC board? Please use the Contact form.

June 14:  Not on the payroll, part of the family

Read about Universal Law solicitor, Paula Fletcher, and Serge’s young female houseguests at estherrockett.com

False and misleading inquiry submissions

It took some time, but NSW state parliament posted some of the submissions to their inquiry into false and misleading health related information. More will be published in the next weeks, so we’ll see what else washes up, however Universal Medicine’s submissions are there – one from Alison Greig with Charles Wilson et al, one from Dr Maxine Szramka for the Esoteric Practitioners Association, LOL, one from Dr Sam Kim and a couple of other odd bods.

It was always going to be a bit of funniness.  For a start UM misunderstood the Inquiry terms of reference and thought they were supposed to make a false and misleading submission. Someone should have cut that energy, Alison.

Anyway, when the Inquiry was called, a few of the more hare brained members of the ‘healing’ world started running around screaming the sky was falling and it seems UM jumped on that bandwagon. All sorts of paranoia erupted that the STATE was going to start sanctioning alternative therapies, freedom of speech and neck scarves etc. and UM’s submission reflects that with some crap about how if the HCCC starts clamping down on complementary health for making misleading claims, patients might miss out on some sort of amazing health benefits.

The thing is, the inquiry was about false and misleading health information and practices. For the government to do anything about those, a health service has to be shown to be pushing deception. Then they need to harm someone or piss them off enough for someone to lodge a complaint. UM has done all of the above. It takes a lot of dissatisfaction for people to lodge complaints.

The government isn’t concerned about people wasting money on woo woo. It’s the grievous bodily harm, death, molestation and rorting the Health Ministers are troubled by. For example, when anti-vaccination misinformation costs lives, or anti-fluoridation misinformation costs teeth, or when people pretend they’re therapists and start inventing lethal diets or molesting sexual abuse victims, or saying that Esoteric Breast Massage can assist gynaecological conditions or breast cancer.

UM’s submission was full of the usual – lying by omission, talking up the AMAZING EPA code of conduct that none of them abide by and a bunch of glowing testimonials

Anyway, well see how that rolls, but for now the fictitious facts and defamation blog is bitching that I’m a ‘self-appointed’ health-care activist. I’d ask if there’s some accreditation process I’m not aware of but I don’t want to give Serge ideas for new scams. Maybe I can get the jump on him and start up the Astral Activists Association Pty Ltd – the official accrediting body for Astral activists – with the lowest code of conduct in the world.


June 7: Rick Ross Forum update

In 2012, our friend Herbert Kane began the Rick Ross cult education forum thread on Universal Medicine. It eventually ran for 154 pages until it was lost in August last year in a backup error.

Good news is Mr Ross contacted us to let us know he was in the process of retrieving it, and the entire thread is now back on line. I’ll update the links on my blogs ASAP. It’s here: http://forum.culteducation.com/read.php?12,107998

Welcome to the Naming Names page Dr Amelia Stephens

Dr Stephens is a fresh faced medical graduate and GP working in Scarborough, Qld, whose been involved with UM for a few years, introduced by her devout mother. There is a suggestion her mother is an allied health professional and if anyone can provide more information on whether Amelia’s mother is publicly promoting UM or doing so through her practice, please leave it in the comments or use the Contact form.

Anyway, a few questions for Dr Stephens.

Do you advise patients to quit dairy foods and grains? If so, is that evidence based advice, and if it is, what evidence are you using?

Or do you tell your Medicare patients those foods are pranic and SERGE SAYS SO?

Do you advise patients to eat only when they feel hungry? Do you give that advice to diabetics or patients with eating disorders?

Do you advise patients to only see specialists, including surgeons, who are living the Esoteric lifestyle, or something close? Or do you refer patients to the specialists who have the best skills?

Do you advise patients to only vaccinate their babies when they ‘feel to’ and not out of a fear of disease?

Comments are open Dr Stephens. If you’re going to publicly promote UM, you ought to answer the questions.

Glory-arse muzak and the Battle of the Bands

Miranda Natalie GM

Benhayon Family Burlesque – Glorious Music

Righto, I’m posting this latest demotional video for Michael Benhayon because it’s remarkable for two things. 1) Michael is a clone of Serge. Same voice, same language, same look, except Michael lacks Serge’s cocky smarminess. 2) Somewhere in this 10 minutes of talking about nothing, Rebecca or he or someone talks about how Michael and Miranda both have full time jobs (presumably sticking their hands on people and asking them for money), but they get up at 3 am every day to work on the hymns.

In other words, Serge’s drive for cash is relentless. The Benhayon family circus never stops trying to grift money. Do they take days off? Holidays?

Does his captive family ever get a moment to ponder on what this whole mess is built on, and where it’s headed?

And look only watch if you feel to, but if you can stay awake past 6 minutes (or just fast forward by dragging the cursor) there are some glimpses of the mysterious Miranda Benhayon. She sings, but has anyone heard her speak? And if so was there any evidence of her making an autonomous decision??

And Gawd! Glorious Music entered Battle of the Bands. SERGE SAYS ‘music is poison’ except for music the Benhayons make money out of BUT if there’s $10,000 up for grabs and some publicity, the Benhayon family Burlesque troupe are happy to muck in with all the suburban metal heads, punks, indies, folkies etc. A reader emailed, freaking out somewhat because UMers were doing their usual self-loving spamming of the votes and were in first place. There was no need to worry though, they never had a chance. The final 5 were decided last week, GM tanked, and Rachel Hall jumped on the Battle’s Facebook page with her gentle breath protests:

So few of the top 5 bands as voted by the fans did not make the final. Why was that? Disappointing that the fan votes don’t seem to count for much when it comes to making the final cut.

The Battle responded: Hi Rachel, Thanks for your feedback. Fans votes account for 50% and judging by a panel of music industry professionals accounts for 50% of the overall points. You can read our terms and conditions on the website. 

 Yes we fully understand that so how come the number one in the charts doesn’t make the final – unless the judges scored them zero? feels like a fix to me.

LOL. No Rachel. It’s called TASTE.

And you reckon I’m a troll.

16 Comments on “Universal Medicine Bent Facts & Gossip June – 2014”

  1. Lord of Form says:

    I managed to get through the whole video and not choke but I was gagging. Between Rebecca’s sycophantic arse-kissing and Michaels’ brow-beaten but clearly spawn of the devil mug, my non-esoteric sense figured out that this kid doesn’t know up from down.

    In the real world no one would buy his CD’s- Sorry Michael, it’s true. Just like no one would buy dad’s crazy books, least of waste the ink and paper it would take to publish them.

    There’s more than a hint of servitude in his responses “All the things I have…love to do” with the poor 25 year old bugger doing just as dad says forcing him up in the devils hours in vain attempts to make music. Which he can never play the same way twice.

    And Rachel- work it out love. If you guys spammed the voting (like you have before with Simone and the swim comp last year- cheats) and they got full marks there, but fell off the chart when the judges voted, it means that they thought it was SHIT. Which is a good read on what the rest of the world thinks.

    Ie- you’re living in a fantasy. But we already know that, don’t we/

    I bet the judges were looking at the entry and going…what….the…….f……..?

    Just like we do every-time we read one of your sites, your comments, your rants, or your glorious leaders half baked numb skull ideas.


  2. Pranic Princess says:

    Click on the link to the Goriest Moozic Battle of the Bands page and it leads to Google cache – Why? Because Glorious Music was removed from the site.

    Not sure if that means they were disqualified or what, but maybe the Battle of the Bands got wind they’re part of an aggressive cult that spams votes, harasses victims and condemns all music except that which Sergio the philistine makes cash out of.

    Or maybe they didn’t appreciate being trolled by tone deaf cult clones…

    And the Esoteric lovers of humanity wonder why they’re so deeply unpopular.

    • Anonymous says:

      Comments on that page are so typical UM. I counted about fifteen awesomes and same no. of “amazings”.

      “Totally awesome”

      “I love Glorious Music! Totally awesome albums, so impressive”

      “straight from the soul :)”

      “Universal and harmonious, fun and GLORIOUS!”

      “This is my favourite music of all time. I have all albums and listen everyday to this music … when Im driving, getting ready for work, cooking… any opportunity I can. Thank you Michael, Miranda, Emmalee and the rest who make glorious music so glorious.”

      “This is the only music i listen to…”

      lol. It figures.

      Among those:

      “This makes me pretty mad, this is so very obviously a whole bunch of fake likes. You shot up that fast in a few hours and these comments are all completely generic “click farm” comments. You literally didnt even try to hide how blindingly obvious your sham is. Even if you try and claim this was you “fans” voting, i call bullshit. You have 300 odd likes and FB and when you posted this that status hardly revieved attention. Even the “like on FB box” at the top of this page has a disproportionate amount of likes compared to the votes and comment you have here. I sincerely hope the judges here have a clue and throw you out of the competition, so “real bands” actually have a chance, rather than buying your way to the top.”

      • W. Harper says:

        If you read the comments some of them are identically worded, but then with a few extra words added on, obviously the work of a small group of people voting again, and again and again. With the Glorious Music entry being removed in its entirety from the Battle of the Bands website, one can only surmise that the competition organisers were not feeling “the new era”.

        The response of Universal Medicine is so illustrative too of how they operate in the wider world. Anyone who disagrees, critiques, or has a different viewpoint is instantly labelled a bully, an abuser, a manipulator. And those labels often published on public sites websites with no recourse for those accused on that platform and yet with the pretense of openness.

        Thankfully the only people buying it are the paid up members, to everyone else it appears exactly as it is. Nonsense. Utter nonsense.

        P.S. Amazing (and not unexpected) that Glorious Music also flogs instrumental versions of their albums, for the same $25 fee. Most other artists, and I am using this word very broadly when in relation to this lot, offer them as bonus tracks for a minimal fee on an enhanced version of the album. Are sales so small that this is the only way to recoup recording costs?

        • Esther Rockett says:

          Sales among the faith-full are massive. At this point Michael Benhayon could record his own farts and the clones would buy that AND the remix.

          That’s why he’s up at 3 am every morning trying to squeeze out new toons for the cult members to buy them twice or so.

          Remember this from EDG notes?

          Juzzie Smith, Chris James, Michael Benhayon all put out music that doesn’t need you to like it.
          All other entertainers have a need to be loved by the audience in some way.


          New release albums by real musicians sell on iTunes these days for AUD$16.99 – usually with an hour of music.

  3. Y says:

    They present a total different view about the dismissal on their Facebook page. Typical reaction. They won´t wake up. https://www.facebook.com/gloriousmusic

    • MacReady says:

      ‘As Serge Benhayon has said “From now on – they come to us.”‘

      I wouldn’t hold your gentle breath there, Michael.

      Nobody not indoctrinated into Serge’s bullshit scam of a cult is going to go anywhere near that muzakal drivel. I hate to break it to you, but even half of the cult members secretly think your music sucks. I’ve personally heard them say it. But for the sake of appearances and in the desperate hope of being promoted up Sergio’s initiation ladder to Sham-bollocks they all gush about how ‘amazing’ it is.

      Such integrity. So love-ly.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Ho Ho, Ha ha…these guys are so delusional.

      “Glorious Music could never become small enough to fit into the image, the sound, and the manipulations required to play the the role of ‘the-desperate-to-be-signed-artist’ in a music industry that relies on that form of desperation to do what it will with the artists that sign themselves over to it.

      Winning a competition like this always comes with strings and prerequisites that tie the artists to those “sponsoring” the “competition” and Glorious Music could never be held in that.

      Yes – they were happy to let our hits to their page get publicity for their competition, but they were never going to be a vehicle that could support what Glorious Music is or handle the reflection presented to them – afterall Michael Benhayon has already produced 6 albums in a three years…”

      Why enter the competition Simon, you tosser? Two days earlier you were spruiking it, and then when it didn’t go your way, because you cheated and the music was jaw dropingly bad, you cry like little babies about how unfair it is, with all your usual “we’re so glorious and everyone else is manipulative and using you”

      Sounds all too familiar.

      Here’s the deal thickheads. The music is real bad. No one likes it if their brains are working and intact and they are not trying to win initiation points by forcing themselves to endure whiny voices and third rate pop. Anyone can produce their own albums. The shire is jammed packed with genius artists. Michael is just taking a leaf out of dads book like he dies with his vanity publishing and then insinuating himself into the Byron Bay writers festival. Dad can’t write, and Mike can’t write music. Like father like son.

      And the “GMB” team reaction is all very reminiscent of the cult in general. Whatever they say, they do the opposite. Whatever they accuse others of, they do. If it doesn’t go their way, they were bullied, manipulated, it was facade, or too small for their amazing glory.

      It might not be worth commenting on, except it sums the group up through and through. And interestingly, it’s a theme that started way back before the cult was even a wet dream in Serge’s small brain.

      As we will all soon be finding out.

      • OMFG! LOL!

        I wasn’t going to bother, but it was worth five minutes away from our usual Sunday night orgy and cheese tasting for this…

        May 25
        Hi again everyone!
        Again in regards to voting- please make sure you are voting – ONE PER PERSON – AND ONE PER DAY !

        May 28
        If we can keep this support up for the next few days then we will be seeing Glorious Music performing live in Sydney for a panel of industry professionals and judges -and a an audience of music fans who are ” Band New ” to Glorious Music!

        May 30
        We are getting ready to go. Who’s up for a road trip! We would love to be invited to perform and take part in the finals – and with your help over the next 2 days we will be well and truly on our way! Don’t forget to log in and vote today!

        May 31
        Simon Asquith SAYS:

        The music industry is very much about the exploitation of the fame-seeker and even though this was presented as a fair and even competition, it was always clear that behind the facade were industry professionals and a record label seeking out the next wave of those who are willing to give themselves over to whatever is required in desperately seeking recognition.

        We have been automatically entered in the Melbourne leg of the competition – but we will not pursue it. As Serge Benhayon has said it -” From now on – they come to us.”


        I guess they won’t be coming to you.

        • RJM says:

          “It was never about winning” – Felicity Latchford.

          Of course it wasn’t. The cult spam-voting campaign and esoteric sour-grapes at being laughed out of the competiion suggest otherwise, though.

  4. “Bent Facts” alright!
    AND – See the mice run –
    Feline is going to be so busy chasing mice!
    May truth prevail and justice clean up this ugly mess.
    To all on this site – the site of true truth and integrity, “May the force continue be with you/us”
    How come UMer’$ aren’t allowed to read this site? Only allowed to read and believe that what they are told by the UM student body and Serge. Hmn! That says volumes.

  5. SubRosa says:

    Talking about battles, don’t we have a soccer game coming? I’ve spend the last days wondering, how on earth I ended up joining an anti cult movement; possibly being brainwashed…?! They don’t do anti cult movement counseling in this country…

    So, I have to be creative and came up with ‘getting back to my own turf therapy’ and am watching the game today. Even bought orange balloons, flags and beer. Still want a Roy Donders (trashy stylist) Cheer Suit, but besides the black market $$$$$$$$, there isn’t a Roy Donders Cheer Suit left in the entire country. Biggest marketing stunt, ever! Here is the you-tube: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XeXjER4XD50
    Everybody in the comments is outraged and all over the place; telling Rene Froger (singer) and Roy Donders (stylist) to Fuck off, because they are embarrassing our country and making us look like morons. Which they do: most embarrassing clip ever. LOL…!

    Anyway, I hope our team kicks the shit out of your team …

    May the force be with us!

    • The game is on at 2 AM, which is asking a bit much – even of us competitive, sex crazed, caffeine charged pranic Astral cultists!

      Anyway, I shall transmit my most potent mind body male energy to the Socceroos to score max goals against the boyz in Orange – ha ha. Surely the house where evil dwells will have some clout with the futbol. Yes! I’ll channel Eric Cantona!

      We may just kick your Edam fed butts…

      In other news, Alison Greig thinks calling myself Nobody’s Bitch is an insult, LOL.

      For the brides that’s worse than being Serge’s bitch I suppose

  6. SubRosa says:

    I fucked up… And do not deserve the Roy Donders CheerSuit: I also started cheering when one of your socceroos scored the first goal. Hell , that was beautiful shot!
    Therapy never is easy.

    • Well, I channelled all my pranic menfulness into a massive impost on the Socceroos, but we didn’t win – which proves everything isn’t energy, Mind Body energy doesn’t work, Louise Samways doesn’t know anything about cults and Alison Greig is wrong, or right, or something. She isn’t sure.

      That singer Rene whats-his-face looks like Liberace, which might only be marginally better than being Elvis’ reincarnation in Goonellabah.

      Those Dutch soccer fans should lighten up. Only UM cult members have less of a sense of humour.

    • Tim Cahill is the real 5th level initiate says:

      Look Ronaldhino scored a ripper in 2006 if I remember. Or was it 2002.

      This is best replay, although the Full Brazilian reenacted it with finger puppets. Sorry Craig Foster’s head is in the way…


      Off the left foot…see what you can do kiddies when you have heaps of prana and a bunch of tattoos to max it out..