Sunlight Ink Publishing – the Universal Medicine cult targets children

Imagine a world filled with people living in the knowing of their TRUE  INNER BEAUTY ­– knowing they are beauty-full just for being them.

The latest recruitment tilt from Tanya Curtis, of FABIC Behavioural Management, and Serge Benhayon’s business partner and personal assistant, Desiree Delaloye, is a publishing venture targeting children with Serge Benhayon’s bent occult philosophy and shoddy spelling. Typical of the ‘energetic integrity’ of anything associated with Universal Medicine, it’s window dressed with innocuous SergeSpeak, disguising the oppressive anti-social brainwashing crucial to Universal Medicine’s sordid ‘innermost’ core.

It’s all the vile hypocrisy we’ve seen in UM publicity and on the love blogs, prettified with smiling faces and brightly coloured love hearts – packaged for kids.


A Beauty-Full Book with a Beauty-Full Message.

A powerful message for children to learn early in life that nothing we do, nor the way we look determine our beauty as our TRUE  BEAUTY was already there at our birth and will be in us forever, no matter what our life challenges are. Our true beauty comes from our innermost and is not based on what the world judges.

It’s based on what the cult judges, instead.

Anyone who doesn’t pay up and toe the Esoteric TRUE BEAUTY line is condemned as pranic, or Astral, loveless and in pain, a hater, abuser or troll. Which page do you break that to the kiddies on, Tan?

This message shared will support children of all ages, colour and origin (including all adults) to accept themselves just for BEING them.

Except if BEING them entails:

  • Asking questions
  • Feeling or expressing emotion
  • Showing intellectual ability
  • Wanting to listen to music other than Chris James and that godawful Benhayon racket, ‘Glorious Music’.
  • Eating or expressing a desire to eat dairy, gluten, grains, potatoes, sugar, legumes, beef and anything else deemed pranic by the Messiah of Malnutrition
  • Wanting to play sport or learn to dance properly beyond flapping around in ‘True Movement’
  • Behaving like a normal kid, being active, or as the cult calls anyone not semi-catatonic and zombie-like, ‘racy’
  • Being uncomfortable with being referred to as ‘racy’, particularly with its smutty connotations
  • Wanting to read anything other than Esoteric literature – oops, too late, those books got burned at Cameron Bell’s fright night Esoteric celebration
  • Going to school or university where SERGE SAYS they’re taught to be ’empty puppets’
  • Studying rudimentary science enough to call bullshit on Sergio’s meaningless ‘everything is energy’ pseudoscience palaver
  • Not wanting to have a sleep over at pervey Uncle Serge’s house
  • Wanting to close the bathroom door at Chez Sergio
  • Not wanting to discuss their sexual or drug experiences, or dob in their parents in a kiddy confession group run by Natalie Benhayon
  • Resisting being dragged to an Esoteric ‘healer’ for an entity removal or to be told they acting all loveless and in pain because they’re a reincarnated rape or massacre victim
  • Not wanting to listen to middle aged histrionics, insufferable narcissism or psychotic meltdowns at Glorious UniMed events
  • Expressing doubt
  • Questioning the cult’s harassment of anyone who asks questions or is critical of their bullying and abuse

Once all those healthy and reasonable aspects of having an autonomous and functional personality are eliminated, it’s real easy to be a beauty-full, tender and lovely cult clone.

Imagine a world filled with people living in the knowing of their TRUE INNER BEAUTY ­– knowing they are beauty-full just for being them.


Sunlight Ink Publishing is committed to publish only books that support our readers to be their truly amazing self in a world that does not support us to be who we innately are…
That’s it Tanya, teach kids that the world outside UM is hostile and hateful.
Teach them fear.
– our naturally sensitive, tender, harmonious and beauty-full being. Knowing and living in this way – accepting our innate sensitivity, tenderness and loveliness – allows us all to bring to the world who we are in truth as opposed to what the world is imposing on us to be.
Um, the world outside the cult is imposing on us how?
To be free to think and act and feel for ourselves? Without a bunch of parasitial boundary pushers dictating a carefully censored ‘truth’ spun by a scam artist?
And then there’s this holy hogwash, following a quote attributed to Einstein, taken out of context and with no citation, and then hyperbolized into oblivion; ‘Everything is energy’:
Sunlight Ink Publishing has been developed in response to the knowing that everything a child, young person and adult experiences in life will leave an energetic imprint in our body. All imprints are stored within the body and are mostly carried throughout life. These imprints influence our future choices. Knowing this, we are aware that everything a child experiences will influence their future choices all through their life.
Sunlight Ink Publishing is aware that messages within any books will leave a lasting imprint on the reader and thus impact on all their choices including a person’s psychological well-being throughout life! (Sunlight Ink site)
Unless of course they don’t, and the kid forgets it pretty soon after it slips down the side of the bed with the peanut butter crusts.
Apparently book three in the series is titled ‘Everything is Energy…including me’.
I imagine that’s the one where Tan will introduce kiddies to preposterous notions like when you move your little finger it has a huge effect on the universe – SERGE SAYS SO.
Billy learned more about science from trying to light his farts.
Sunlight Ink is recruiting new authors to join the cult. Anyone who submits anything, having read the site, isn’t going to be too bright, but never mind, at least Tan and Desiree aren’t hiding their devotion to Serge this time…
Q1. I would like Sunlight Ink to publish my book. What do I need to do?
Sunlight Ink Publishing will consider all books that have a message that will support the readers naturally beauty-full being to develop. In accordance to the principle of ‘everything is energy, thus everything is because of energy’ (~ Serge Benhayon) we are aware that the way in which we live will have an impact on the energetic integrity of each book. Thus, while the message of the book is of high importance, so too is the energetic integrity of the author. 
Q3. I am interested in reselling your books. What do I need to do?
…We would love for you to be a part of the growing SunLight Ink Family. We are a very small Publishing company and rely on networking and word of mouth advertising. (Sunlight Ink Site)
And the backing of a multi-million dollar death cult.
And a new generation of junior Brides to start luring fresh victims and handing over the cash.
Protecting children from the Universal Medicine cult
Universal Medicine is toxic to children

14 Comments on “Sunlight Ink Publishing – the Universal Medicine cult targets children”

  1. MacReady says:

    Excellent news. Looks like I have finally found the perfect publisher for my two new children’s books, ‘You Deserved To be Sexually Molested Because You Were A Pedophile In A Past Life’ and ‘It’s Not Your Sleazy Uncle’s Fault That He Can’t Keep His Hands Off You, He’s Being Impulsed By Astral Entities’. Both are fully illustrated and based on the love-ly teachings of Sergio Benhayon.

  2. MacReady says:

    More titles ready for pre-order: ‘Expelling Evil Entities From Your Playmates: An Illustrated Guide For Five Year Olds’.

    ‘Showering With The Door Open At Serge’s House’

    ‘Mummy Left Daddy Because Serge Said He Was Channeling Dark Energies And Holding Her Back From Her Glory’

    ‘Mum, Do We Really Have To Dump Kitty At The Pound To Be Put To Sleep Because Serge Says She Doesn’t Love Us?’

    ‘Tough Love: Why It’s Okay For Your Parents To Smack The Male Pack Energy Out Of You’

    ‘I Don’t Get Raped By Rudolf Steiner’s Ghost Anymore Now That Serge Convinced My Parents To Remove Me From The Waldorf School’

    Available in no pranic bookstores soon.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Tanya’s titles:

      The Amazing Case of the Autistic Kid and the Bridge.

      and the follow up.

      The Bizarre case of the young girl and the tennis coach.

      rounding out the trilogy with:

      The Fishy Tale of the Man who would be a Messiah.

      Forewords by Mariana, Brendan and Caroline, titled: “Evidence based thinking is for members of the astral cult. How to compartmentalize your brain and have fun with confirmation biases while wearing a stupid happy grin and a glazed look”

  3. W. Harper says:

    They could do a whole series of books based on the various reincarnations claimed by the Benhayon clan too:

    “Swim for Victory” by Simone ‘Churchill’ Benhayon
    “Painting the Perfect Smile” by Sergio ‘Leonardo’ Benhayon
    “Pyramid building for Babies” by Serge ‘Imhotep’ Benhayon
    “Putting Cult in to the Occult” by Alice A. Benhayon

    and so on.

  4. 😀 Nice one guys!

    Who knew it would turn into a an Esoteric book title comp? We’ll have to come up with some prizes.

    My entry: ‘Everything is energy…including BULLSHIT’

  5. You Know Who says:

    Does “being me” mean being what the cult-struck parent just happens to think is “me”?

    And does what they happen to think, just happen to be what the chief sociopath, conman and inveterate liar Serge Benhayon also “thinks” (for want of a much better word)

    Seems so. I’ve had multiple reports from the non-cult parents of how their children are
    “corrected” by the cult parent for “not being themselves”, which is an impossible and (obviously) capricious state idealized by Serge (“father energy” purveyor) as “not-racy, not competitive and not too thoughtful” so they are compliant and thus, Amazing. Cult-code for non-resistant to the spherical-truth.

    We’ve got kids coming home full of fairy tales that were banished in the dark ages.

    Kids thinking Natalie Benhayon is an “amazing” singer. (have you heard her? Appalling)

    Kids as young as five contemplating complex supernatural ideas.

    Kids scared of bread, milk and cheese.

    Kids scared of ghosts “because mummy said they are real”

    Good one Tanya. You’re another bone head that poses a risk to the public. Your shameful promotion of pseudo-science, and whack job theories about entities and energy is explicitly against your code of conduct. But then you’re in good company.

    I agree, child hood experiences will imprint on children- but not because of some stupid idea about “energy” that relies on a misquote of Einstein and a mangling by Serge the circular thinker, but because of the proven science that shows that children that are not exposed to intelligent validation, empathy and (human emotional) love suffer innumerable consequences later in life.

    The basis of Serge’s ideas, that emotions are toxic, and en-joining/constellating and to be avoided is not just insane, but counter to the proven, well documented evidence of modern neurology and behavioral sciences. Do you cult psychologists read real books? Or do you just live in Sterge’s fantasy world? I know you don’t like evidence and all science is “sponsored” so therefore Serge’s crap is right, but you’d think a little bit of it would creep into your peculiarly thick skulls.

    There is only one type of love, and it is human love. It is emotional. That is how we experience it. Empathy is our way of knowing what other people are feeling, and thinking. It is the mechanism that allows us to socialize, keep social contracts, like people, have families, and love our children and others. And not smash people in the face that annoy us.

    People that don’t experience empathy correctly are sociopaths, or perhaps at the other end of the spectrum, psychopaths. Some people are born this way. You can image their brains and even see the wiring that is missing that indicates a preponderance towards sociopathy.

    People who promote that as “a way of livingness” are simply fucking idiots. Their wiring is probably fine. They’re just too intellectually lazy to find their own truth, or think for themselves.

    If you think I am wrong that human love is it, and cosmic/god’s love is the best, then try living in a cave your whole life from birth suckling on that fantasy and see how you end up. That’ll give you a real taste of your “innermost”. I can assure you.

    Too scared to live on God’s love alone? Google the sad story about the Romanian orphans who more or less experienced nothing but their innermost and the mess they are now in.

    Brainless twits.

    Anywho, I’ve got a feeling that Sunlight Ink is a payoff for Tanya for promoting Serge. Good old back-handed financial benefit. The tie up with Desiree is the clue. Serge likes to reward those he thinks gives him cred or provides a benefit to his empire. Surely a few new recruits will creep in via FABIC and soon they can write up their recruitment story on the blogs, just like Tan, our genius of the month, did.

    Another pernicious tentacle of the beast that needs to get the chop. I guess the only way is to cut off it’s head.

    • Tanya Curtis of Fabic Behaviour management is one of Serge’s star recruiters for sure – doing the seminar circuit in a big way. The publishing tilt is nothing – they’ll sell to current subscribers & the odd member of the public. The rest of the discerning book buying public will give them a wide berth seeing the whole set up and contents screams CULT.

      Anyway, a trawl of Tan’s FB page revealed this ripper:

      Amazing article – thanks Lucy. I love this line “I am back at school and will learn forever… because the more I choose to see, the more I am aware that I have only chosen to see such a small part of all there is to see!

      Start with the FACTS, Precious. It’s long overdue.

      That was in response to Lucy Dahill’s entry on the truth about Sergio the Bullshitter blog, ‘Reincarnation: Does everything start and end?’

  6. Darkly Venus says:

    The only title I can come up with is ‘Protecting your children from predators for Dummies’ 😦

    Does Tanya Curtis from FABIC have to abide by any code of conduct, YKW? She’s not a psychologist or registered practitioner.

    Anyway, the Brides are probably hyperventilating that we use everything against them – as they tell the nervous subscribers. Funny how they don’t see the problem is not that we use it, but they give us so much to use.

    How about mentioning the Four Lords of Form and dissing the evil Astral cult on the Sunlight Ink PR site, Tan & Desiree? That’s how you scare customers into their innermost TRUE BEAUTY isn’t it? Have you told the parents of the kids that if they let their children come into contact with someone whose had an alcoholic beverage the kids will be raped by entities? It’s what you believe isn’t it?

    • Lord of Form says:

      Some suggestions for members struggling to come up with some ideas…

      “Brendan’s colouring cult book of wicked fun for under fives?” by Brendan Mooney.

      “The tall tale of the one true man” by Marianna Masiotski.

      “The God in me, and in the room next door. $60 please” by Caroline Raphael.

      “Leonardo’s’ next five lives and my sister Winston” by Natalie Benhayon.

      “Science for suckers and other strange tales” by Christoph Schnelle.

      “Sarah’s safety tips on Strange men and other funny rants” by Kyla Plummer

      “Try to play along to pap pop 1,2,3 ” by Michael Benhayon.

      “I can count to seventy seven thousand” by Deborah Benhayon.

      “How to trick and amaze your friends with mind magic” by Sergio Benhayon.

      “The fable of the semi found girl” by Miranda B

      “Wicked massage for young men?” by Curtis Benhayon.

      “Imposed truths and real lies” by Desiree.

      “I can hug Billy too” by Rod Belove Harvey

      “Living away from home is FUN” by Simone Benhayon.

      “Other people have crazy ideas, so yours are okay too” by Rachel Hall.

      “The fun art of diplomatic silence” by Neil Ringe & Cameron Bell.

      “Your daddy is evil and channeling entities” by anon mother.

      “How to stay in our truth when presented with facts” by the RMRC Team

      “Utmost Integrity in story telling and facts gathering.” by Hamish Broome.

      “How to tell if you’re being abused and bullied even if you’re not. Yet.” By Paula Fletcher.

      ad nauseum.

  7. Prana says:

    “Honey, I shrunk my brain cells”

    “If in Doubt, sit on a symbol” by Alison Greig

  8. Anonymous says:

    The grammar mistakes and the other awkward expressions would turn me off, even before I started to examine the content.

  9. MacReady says:

    ‘Mummy Invested In My Future By Donating The Family Fortune To A Two-Bit Conman Who Says That Capitalism Is Evil And He Had No Financial Incentive To Become The Messiah, Even Though He Has A History Of Scams And He Had Filed For Bankruptcy’

    – A collective effort by the children Universal Medicine cultists.

  10. Cult*ural In$ergent says:

    Apparently many of the best and brightest are no longer entering the teaching profession. This is a real tragedy because an inquiring mind thirsts and hungers for an inspired teacher. The true wealth of a nation begins with and is measured by the quality of its education system and the educators it employs. This provides a strong foundation for a society wherein knowledge is multifaceted and a broad range of experience is valued. A society wherein people are more inclined to learn for the love of learning and to continue to question the world around them throughout their lives.

    Without educational inspiration there are those who may succumb to complacency and not realise their full potential. Being challenged to think critically develops insight and compassion. Emotional intelligence is an invaluable part of a well rounded education. The loss of teachers who have the ability to assist in the creation of a better (thinking, feeling) society is a loss to be mourned. The society in which we live is, after all, a sum of its parts.

    It’s one thing for adults to choose to follow the teachings and read the self published merchandise of a man who reinvented himself on a lavatory but it’s another thing entirely to attempt to squeeze a child’s malleable mind through the eye of a triangle.

  11. * Special Guest Blog Troll * says:

    What ever happened to Keyser $. Pythagoras left brain spam….? Mathematics for two year olds

    Written by, The Usual Suspects – Uncovering 2000 years of Illuminati bloodlines, truth, integrity & ageless wisdom.