Debasing Evil Gossip – April 2014

April 17: Esoteric Womens Health rebrands – Mary Louise Myers presenting in Bangalow this weekend. April 12: More on the JMS rapist messiah  April 9: SBS cult specials – 1. Providence Church messiah is a convicted rapist who collects brides 2. Insight SBS program on mind control April 7: Off topicKeep our Queensland Doctors – Qld gov destroying  public hospitals April 4: To cult apologists who wish to ‘connect’ with me  April 3: Esoteric numerology – Sergio scrounging for cash

Gossip-truthYes, we’re back with the UM gossip update, named after the cult’s endearing ‘Debasing Evil 101′ project, and their true expression of love for me.

April 17 – Esoteric Womens Health rebrands

The Esoteric Womens Health brand has officially gone down the gurgler. Mary Louise Myers will be presenting ‘Wellbeing for Women’ this Saturday at The Starlight Wellbeing and Woo Expo in Bangalow. The organizer of the Expo is talking up open-mindedness in the Echo, so I emailed to ask him whether he thought it was open minded to have Mary Louise plugging Benhayon’s sexist garbage that breast and gynae disease is caused by ‘male energy’ including via women engaging in sport, career or intellectual pursuits. Or having men look at them and think they’re desirable, or not, or ask where the money’s gone. I sent him some quotes from Sergio the New Age Taliban’s teachings and he wrote back to say he ‘knows’ Mary Louise and has every confidence in her expertise and integrity as a womens health presenter, and he doesn’t know Serge and UM and hasn’t met them.

I think we can safely say he doesn’t know Mary Louise either – Serge’s prize man hater has been inseparable from her ‘true religion’ and the glorious income she gets from it for some years now.


Mary Louise Myers, Esoteric Breast Massager

Funny about New Agers and their loose ideas about ‘open mindedness’ and ‘integrity’.

Anyway, a look at the Esoteric Women’s Health site shows ‘Wellbeing for Women’ is EWH’s misleadingly named new product, but as for the Bangalow Woo Expo, there’s no mention of Esoteric Breast Massage or even ‘Esoteric’. The rebranding tells us Esoteric Womens Health and its abusive practices are dead. Only the ghost of Sergio’s occult sexism remains, which makes us wonder, what the heck Mary Louise, Katie Walls, Heather Pope and Natalie Benhayon and the rest of the EWH Brides are now selling.

The very ordinary Our Cycles App?

An Esoteric touch up and a last ditch plea for donations to the endangered UM charities?

April 12 – JMS Cult

For more information on the Providence Church/JMS Cult featured in the video below from SBS 2, The Feed. Rick Ross’ cult news also ran a story on the JMS cult recruiting on US university campuses.

It’s an horrendous story.

Smith, who joined the bible study in April 2013, was simply trying to find a new way to seek God. However, she quit five months later after discovering she was being indoctrinated to believe that ex-fugitive criminal Jeong Myung-seok (aka Joshua Jung, Joshua Lee and Pastor Joshua), who’s also portrayed in the media as “heaven’s rapist,” is the second living messiah on Earth…

…in JMS the purification rituals require women to have sex with the “second messiah,” whom Myeong-seok claims to be, in order to enter heaven and to purify themselves from the original sin which cast Eve out from the Garden of Paradise…

There are 240 branches of the church in Korea alone with over 150,000 followers.

The JMS cult is spreading globally, and uses numerous front groups, including the Global Association of Culture and Peace, to recruit the unwary. Similar to UM the group targets a mostly female following through seemingly innocuous activities. For UMers it’s complementary medicine, women’s health, and Ageless Wisdom Teachings. In JMS, it’s Bible study, cultural exchange and sport. Both groups groom followers over time to avail themselves psychologically, spiritually, financially and sexually to a known predator.

The potential for UM to grow into a criminal organization as unmanageable as JMS is what keeps us working at exposure.

April 9 – SBS Specials

Providence Church

The following video aired this evening on The Feed SBS 2. Providence Church is a secretive Korean cult with tentacles in Australia. Its leader is serving ten years in a South Korean prison for rape, but that hasn’t stopped the church’s front groups from recruiting attractive young women as his ‘spiritual brides’, some of whom have been flown to Korea for intimate meetings in jail.

SBS Insight – Changing a Mindset

Changing a mindset looked at mind control across the experiences of a former cult member, a defector from North Korea, a former neo-nazi and a deradicalization counsellor who works with Jemaah Islamiyah members in Singapore prisons.

The whole program was interesting but I found the conversations about deradicalization most thought provoking. The two experts on deradicalizing neo nazis and the expert on deradicalizing Islamist militants were sharing a similar approach encouraging two way exchange of listening, compassion and empathic human connection. Extremists are encouraged to form relationships with outsiders and to feel they’re part of the wider human community, rather than see the outside world as the enemy. Professor Greg Barton from Monash University spoke very briefly on how focusing on mindsets and ideas alone is not the best approach and said that ‘ideas follow relationships’. It got me thinking about how difficult it is to change the mindset of UMers, no matter how many facts are laid in front of them.

One of the keys to Serge Benhayon’s success at indoctrination is group bonding. The followers wouldn’t swallow his insane ideas without the relationships – the sense of ‘connection’ they have with other followers. At the same time they’re resistant to the methods for deradicalization suggested because they’re deterred from connecting with others on a human level. They’re taught humanity is rot, and they’re instilled with Esoteric apartheid, based on whether or not someone is doing ‘the work’. Those that aren’t are regarded as pranic or Astral. Those of us who are publicly critical are mythologized and dehumanized as evil. Students don’t see the need to listen to outsiders because they’re taught facts and reason are inferior to the heartfelt feelings they’ve been told to feel. Emotions are considered toxic and disease causing, human needs are labelled as ‘separation’ and followers are taught that feeling empathy is to ‘take on the poison’ of the other’s emotions.

In other words, Serge’s doctrine for achieving soul-full self-love is exactly the opposite to these deradicalization methods used to defuse bigotry and terrorism. It explains why followers are so difficult to communicate with. It’s also a disturbing indication of where UM is headed.

April  7 – Queensland government bullying public hospital specialists

I rarely go off topic on our blogs, but this is an issue that could adversely affect all Queenslanders. The Queensland government is attempting to force senior medical officers (public hospital specialists) onto individual contracts without consultation, where the doctors have no rights of negotiation. Contracts that were illegal six months ago are now legal thanks to new legislation passed by the majority government.

The new contracts will force doctors into unworkable conditions where they are being subjected to performance assessments based on budgetary targets. Patient care is not a priority, and the working conditions are detrimental to patients and will cost lives. For example, psychiatrists will be assessed on how long patients are hospitalized, and public psychiatrists are refusing to be pressured into prematurely discharging patients who are a risk to themselves and the public. A number of highly regarded specialists, including two mastectomy surgeons at RBWH, have already resigned due to the draconian conditions. They already practice privately, where they make more money, but that is not why these specialists work in the public system.  If the contracts go ahead, the only Liver transplant unit in the state will close, meaning there will be no liver transplants performed in Queensland. Patients on the waiting list will die.

The government is misrepresenting the issue by saying that a couple of thousand medical specialists are being misled by ‘union thugs’. No joke. They are attempting legal action to stop the doctors from communicating with their unions, and the government is attempting to stop doctors communicating via social media. Twitter and Facebook accounts are being monitored.

So this isn’t just an issue of crippling the Queensland hospital system, perhaps irreparably and limiting healthcare access to our most vulnerable citizens, it’s an attack on workers’ rights and free speech from an authoritarian government of sociopathic ignoramuses.

Go to It has online forms for sending letters to state parliamentarians and the Qld premier, and lots of social media links, like the Keep Our Doctors Facebook page. Please hit the like button. Thanks!

April 4 – A message to cult members who attempt to ‘connect’ with me ‘privately’

A couple of Serge’s faithful have been in touch to whinge to me, first by phone and then via email and letter about how they don’t like the ‘energy’ of my blogs. Never mind the facts. They’ve asked that I keep their communications with them private – after they’ve made enquiries among my childhood neighbours about my private life and then blessed me with their unsolicited remarks about my private history and background. Also after their friend Dr Rachel Hall tried to have me charged with stalking for sending her an email, and after complaints to AHPRA from the cult psychologists et al that I’m exhibiting sub clinical psychopathy, narcissism and sadistic personality traits – because they don’t agree with my exposure of UM.

Privacy is guaranteed here to victims, informants and families of cult members. If cult apologists or any other bullies or whingers want to communicate with me, expect me to post it publicly. If they don’t like it, don’t contact me.

April 3 – Esoteric numerology

April is a whopper of a month for Sergio’s local faith-full. This weekend is a Saturday run through of the rebranded EDG mousewheel of silliness, plus a Sunday session of Esoteric Numerology, and mid month is the five day Livingness RETREEEAT!

Saturday is a hectic schedule running from 11:30 am to 6:30 pm, with a couple of breaks to take gentle breaths, glug on some Esoteric H2O and gnaw on an almond or some grass or something. It starts with True Movement (weird cult dancing), segues into The Way of Livingness (mind-fuck) Presentation, followed by Ageless Wisdom Teachings (mind-fuck intensive plus Gimme Your Money), and topped with ‘The Relationship Group’ (No booking required and you get to go home with a subscriber or alone…your choice). The regular Saturday ‘Livingness’ line up constitutes the totality of the College of UM’s charitable activities, according to the Annual Information (Evasion) Statement submitted to the ACNC, but more on that another time.

Anyway, this Sunday’s Esoteric Numerology session runs from 10am to 3pm ($75) with Sergio rabbitting on non stop with some occult sounding shit he’s made up and attached numbers to – such as NUMBER NINE IS THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST 😮 and knowing him, he’ll throw in any number of spherical tangents as well.

From the blurb:

In addition to all that, the real meaning and activity of numbers, is that they account for movement of energy. Movement of energy has a meaning in that it provides a certain knowing by the action of the movement and your willingness to be aware and in relationship to the movement of energy itself. What is not known yet by the current form of intelligence is that the Universe offers these movements by a certain sequence, which then returns to itself, in other words, the sequence has a start and it has an end before it offers the same series of sequences all over again. The number of times we are offered the entire sequence also has its meaning and its energetic effect. And so the numbers communicate, reveal and provide the facts.

Withstanding two days at a time of the above crap, is it any wonder cult members’ minds have turned into pea soup?

Anyway, the point I wanted to make is the Numerology session has only been marketed in house, and bookings require a login, which tells us Serge is getting nowhere trying to reel in new recruits, and he’s resorted to squeezing as much money out of his remaining faith-full as possible.

9 Comments on “Debasing Evil Gossip – April 2014”

  1. Sergio's accountant says:

    Wait, what??!! My brain just contorted itself into a pretzel.

    Hey Serge, how about you learn some basic grammar rules? Actually, I know it’s kinda hard, so Let me help you with that. Here’s your numerology essay but less spherical and more meaningfull:

    “In addition to my other bullcrap, the real meaning of numbers is that they account for movement of energy. Movement of energy means that certain events (‘actions’) that occur in the universe are represented by a random number. Whenever an action happens then you, the discerning student, should know not only that something of esoteric significance is happening right now but also which number is attached to this event. If you are not able to recognize the actions and their numbers it is because you are not willing to recognize them. Be also aware that the actions happen in an ascending sequence of random length and there will be a most significant action happen at some point in time, after which the actions happen in descending sequence until they’ve reached the starting number again. It’s a cycle! The same random sequence of actions might be repeated several times, the number of which is also energetically significant somehow. If you don’t get it by now then you are resisting the truth. The numbers are facts. 1=1, 2=2 and so on. But the most important number of them all is zero. The more zeros attached to a number the better. For me. I mean, for you. Your karma will be cleared proportionally to the number of zeros in your faithfull donations to me. Cheerio!”

    • I’ve heard you’re eligible for parole soon. Pity, you and Sergio could have shared a cell.

      By the way, dare I add, the blurb for Esoteric Numerology says it is a SCIENCE.

      • MacReady says:

        He offers workshops on the ‘science’ of reincarnation, too. I wonder whether that includes the ‘science’ of rape and murder victims asking for it due to alleged misdeeds in their alleged past lives.

        • MacReady says:

          In fact, he has declared all of his bullshit teachings the founding of a new ‘science’, with absolutely fuck-all evidence to back it up, unless you count the rambling, incomprehensible gibberish contained in his books as evidence.

      • RJM says:

        I’m still waiting for Serge to take his ‘scientific’ findings to the broader scientific community. All through his books he claims to be centuries ahead of humanity in his knowledge, and he claims to be willing to take on the greatest minds on the planet. He obviously loves raking in the cash so why is he hiding behind the scenes and leaving his battles to a handful of tragically brainwashed followers instead of “stepping up to his truth”, revolutionizing humanity’s understanding of our relationship with the cosmos, guaranteeing his place in the history books along with his supposed previous incarnations and ending human suffering forever?

        His official excuse is because he “doesn’t want ‘The Work’ to be bastardized.”

        The real reason is because his claims are 100%, absolute bullshit and he knows it. He won’t even stand up to answer the questions put forward by individuals whose families have been torn apart by his brain-frying nonsense. If there was any truth to his claims he would stand up, respond to the charges, prove them wrong and take his place as the most amazing human being who ever lived. The fact that he doesn’t proves he’s nothing more than a sleazy, manipulative con-artist.

        • you know who says:

          You’re not being facetious either. Serge has claimed to be a fifth level initiate, higher than the Dalai Lama. The group believe this and that is what they are all striving for.

          It is a fair question.

          If he is the next incarnation of enlightenment on earth, where’s his proof and the courage to put it out there?

          If he doesn’t, you can only conclude he is is the two-bit charlatan that we say he is.

          And if he doesn’t defend that charge, which the group see as egregious untruths, he well and truly knows it.

  2. MacReady says:

    The real motivation behind Sergio’s piss-poor interpretation of numerology – as with every other laughable bastardisation of pre-existing New Age claptrap he has foisted onto the public – is to shift as many digits from his followers bank accounts into his own. What a scumbag he is. What gullible fools they are.

  3. you know who says:

    Blah, blah, blah- It’s just to confuse people into thinking he knows something and he is wise. When you strip it back, it means absolutely nothing- or even less.

    Someone told me today how they are amazed at how people get sucked into woo-woo if the language is confusing. She didn’t know about UM either. I agreed with her observation wholeheartedly.

    Speaking of woo, look at Cynthia Hickman’s website. This woman, like the other cult-psychologists, has been let loose on unsuspecting people. She’s making every logical and rational argument in the book, and she’s in a position to influence people.

    Just one read of her website tells you the woman has a few loose screws rattling around, yet she is endorsed as a practicing counselor! Her particular type of non-sense is going to be very appealing to the unconsidered masses too. Just for the same reason Serge pulls them in.

    We really have to start teaching thinking, logic and reasoning at school. And showing people it is not unpoetic simply because you can string a logical argument together or detect bullshit.

    Imagine how the world would be if we could lose the fairy tales that served our pig-ignorant forebears and embrace the incandescent thinking born in the enlightenment (so called for good reason) that brought us the longest lives since man existed, the least violence and disease, the most freedom and wealth, and the liberty to live long and lovely lives?

    Imagine that! Rather than the fairy tales of a dope like Serge who has created a monster out of false dilemma’s, such as “multi-symptomatic disease and contagious cancer” and false considerations, such as they mythical “energetic integrity” (which replaces real integrity)…

    Imagine a world were the poison of woo has been eradicated. Let’s exterminate woo.

  4. Happy Easter says:

    Happy Easter everyone! I’ll be blogging here and there. Princess was working on something to do with the College of UM charity, but I guess that will have to wait. She’s off nude paragliding or something with her latest hunk.

    I love this. Enjoy your weekend.