The Australian College of Massage’s links with Universal Medicine

ACM MemeThe Australian College of Massage is a nationwide business with 36 branches and, of late, an increasingly Esoteric flavour. The question is, will the company’s association with UM and its peculiar doctrines and abusive practices help bolster the cult’s recruitment, or simply prove to be bad for ACM’s business?

ACM is owned by Robert and Deborah Wild, who divide their time between residences in Melbourne and Byron Bay. Last we heard, their Byron Bay property was on the market for upwards of $7M. We’ve heard ACM is about to undergo a name change and an expansion of the courses it offers. Seeing the Wilds appear to have been adherents of Universal Medicine for some time, and their staff numbers have been recently boosted with a number of Esoteric devotees, we wonder if the new courses will feature money for nothing Esoteric content, and whether their shop will soon stock Esoteric products, like the butt ugly healing symbols.

We were first informed of the connection by a massage student who asked an instructor if they could play music other than that by Chris James during class. The student was familiar with cult recruiter, Chris James’ insufferable droning because they’ve had the unfortunate experience of seeing loved ones disappear into the Esoteric zombie vortex. They were told by the instructor Chris James is standard music during classes. The student took in alternative music, but the instructor was reluctant to play it and became visibly uncomfortable with the conversation. The instructor said the choice wasn’t up to them.

Our informant wondered about UM involvement but couldn’t get much sense out of staff. We got in touch with an old friend who used to work for ACM, and they confirmed it. Chris James (embattled Sound Foundation charity front trustee) has provided the official College muzak since late 2012, and the College has recently filled out their staff with a bunch of UM faith-full, the most notable of whom is their new CEO, Serryn O’Regan. From her Naming Names page entry:

Serryn O’Regan, Esoteric Breast Massager and lawyer, Universal Medicine Pty Ltd company secretary, Esoteric Practitioners Association company secretary, College of Universal Medicine (charity) Chairperson.

We asked if any of the staff would like to talk with us, but our friend gave us the story we’ve all heard before. Non UM staff are walking on eggshells, fearful for their job security, and keeping their mouths shut. Our condolences go out to them, and we welcome them to our community of readers who are likewise attempting to peacefully co-exist with Esoteric followers. We could open a wig factory with all the hair that’s been torn out dealing with that lot.

We were directed to a series of articles on the ACM’s News pages, Self Care Tools for Life – the cult’s latest marketing pitch for recruiting health practitioners to their pyramid scheme of abuse – with the usual array of eccentric hyphenations and cliches. Similar to UM publicity, it’s all about everyday self-loving choices, the fiction of the rise in ‘multi-symptomatic’ disorders and the perils of a ‘racy mind’. Arcturans, entity possession, the evil Astral Cult, the four Lords of Form on horseback, rants on the karma of sexual violence, and the Gimme Your Money spiels are saved until targets have undergone the cult conversion.

Inappropriate touching and death worship kicks in at ‘Esoteric Advanced Level 2’.

The major question is what do the Wilds get from their association with UM? Hitching their wagon to an organization that’s been embroiled in controversy for almost two years and is destined for a lot more is hardly a wise business decision.

Were they hoping for a contra deal where they share their students with UM? Even the wealthiest students will only undertake a limited number of courses, or will the the new ACM business model mimic Serge’s and begin marketing the cleansing of prana and elimination of supernatural entities? Serge swindles that through his initiation scale con, and is able to market repeat attendances at the same worthless courses by inducing dread of invisible enemies.

Has Serge or the Benhayon family or Chris James bought in? What is the financial deal?

Or have the Wilds, acting purely out of faith, dragged a healthy business to the sacrficial altar of the high priest of piss-takes for him to bleed it dry and hurl the carcass into his ditch of ill repute?

Either way, with the direction in which UM is headed, tacking itself onto a nationwide massage school won’t save it.

And give it a year or two, but our prediction is there’ll be a once reputable massage school with 36 branches going cheap.

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  1. MacReady says:

    This is indeed odd, since Serge the Scourge has explicitly and repeatedly stated that EVERY healing modality and/or spiritual pursuit except for UM is evil, pranic, harmful and the creation of the Lords Of Form. There must have been a last minute e-mail from Sham-balla saying that the energy has changed, therefore it’s ok to bend the rules as long as the cash keeps flowing in.

  2. Darkly Venus says:

    Righto, a few more little factoids:

    According to EDG notes, Serryn O’Regan was also part of the Esoteric Practitioners Association ‘accreditation’ fiction:

    Serge did not want to be under the umbrella of spiritual healing so he and some others got the esoteric modalities fully accredited and now we have the EPA, which is the accrediting arm of Universal Medicine…
    Then with the help of Serryn O’Regan and Anne Barns we got our healing modalities accredited and set up the EPA. (Esoteric Development Group lecture notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, December, 2011)

    But as we know, UM and the EPA are not registered training organizations.

    Next, Terri Anne Connors is one of the card carrying UMers now on the ACM staff. She’s part of the Real Media Real Change TEAM. According to her linked in page, Ms Connors is a HR consultant for ACM. So does that involve consulting ACM on how to hire as many UMers as possible? She’s also trained in Esoteric healing since 2002.

    And Sally Scott apparently has taken up a job there too. Sally is a social worker who has no problem with little girls staying over at Uncle Serge’s, or him having young girls on stage for hands on healing demonstrations, and entity insertions done on kids. No problem at all, seeing she was one of the speakers at the 100% UM Psychological WellBeing and would you like an entity with that? Conference.

    And look there’s nothing wrong with any of these people having jobs and running businesses. That’s not the issue. But if ACM students start copping a recruitment push – plugs for Chris James’ workshops or UM products & services, meditation groups etc. that have lead to behavioural dependencies among numbers of adherents, those students have a right to know that A LOT of people are unhappy with the outcomes of involvement with UM – and they do outnumber UM’s fans – which is how these blogs rank high in Google searches, yes? And If UM was genuinely a positive and satisfying experience, then SergeCorp would be honest and transparent in their marketing about what they’re selling.

  3. W. Harper says:

    “The student took in alternative music, but the instructor was reluctant to play it and became visibly uncomfortable with the conversation. The instructor said the choice wasn’t up to them.”

    Sounds very familiar, especially the “visibly uncomfortable” bit. They can never give a reason, as none exists, it’s just a feeling, or some may say a brainwash. But the outcome is always the same. No deviation allowed. Must. Follow. Serge.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      I think we need to point out that the ACM owners are UM devotees, as are an increasing number of staff, but then there’s staff who are only there to do their jobs, and have no affiliation with UM.

      That student wasn’t convinced the instructor was a UMer, and seems to think the conversation was uncomfortable because the instructor didn’t have a good reason to respond to the request from students. And we all know that’s another aspect for people who have no choice but to deal with UMers – their beliefs are divisive and put people in difficult positions – where, as Serge says – you’re either with us or against us.

      It’s not a great way to run a service oriented business.

      • Anonymous says:

        Won’t be long before there’s a reproduction Mona Lisa is every reception room and ‘healing cards’ under every massage table.

  4. RJM says:

    I hope the ACM are aware that Serge teaches sexual abuse victims that what they experienced was simply a necessary karmic correction because they themselves were sex offenders in past lives.

    Just curious Serge, since you never back down from your ‘truth’ and you are willing to debate anybody on the planet, would you be willing to publicly state for the record that Jimmy Savile’s seemingly endless victims were all pedophiles in previous incarnations, and therefore their abuse experiences were necessary to balance their karmic debts?

    And if any representatives from the ACM is reading this, what is their official stance on associating with Serge Benhayon considering this is an explicitly recurring theme in his belief system?

  5. Lord of Form says:

    I am thinking its the last days of chez nous. They’re letting the gate crashers in and the party is about to get nasty.

    I have been wondering why they’d tarnish their successful biz with this bad brush, and can’t think of a good reason. Even while mixing metaphors.

    So I am left to conclude; blind belief. They’ve probably also coughed up a some serious coinage in the charity or UM’s direction, and no doubt can’t wait for the new-world-order to start, like Serge promised would happen in 2012.


    Well it didn’t, except maybe in their minds. But they are still inviting the riff-raff into their house and soon they’re going to find they’ve left an awful mess. Especially when the ringleader gets well and truly busted, no doubt to the surprise of his gormless gang of arse-kissers. And then they’re all rushing out and knocking over the furniture, da Vinci originals and the Ming dynasty vases.

  6. Looking at Terri-Anne Connors LinkedIn page, she also lists this in her experience:

    GLOBAL HEALTH & WELLBEING WEBSITE – Project Coordinator reporting to Project Director

    • Global Health and Well-being website with 17x different subjects and 150x SMEs/authors.
    • Co-ordination of project streams, implementing project management system processes
    • E-Learning: development and delivery of Training via Skype and Webex
    • Hosting Team meetings
    • Implementation and management of Basecamp, a project management system
    • Updating project brief, implementation of the plan
    • Reporting
    • Change Management
    • All aspects of business administration & operations management for project

    Um, would that be anyone we know?

    And this bit under ‘education’ cracks me up:

    Universal Medicine
    College of Universal Medicine, Sacred Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Chakrapuncture and Esoteric Massage 2002 – 2012

    My goodness, Terri-Anne’s quite the UM frequent flyer. You’d think after ten years she’d be a level 5 initiate to rival Serge, or at least at level 4 rubbing shoulders with the Dalai Lama.

    And just how many of those chakrapuncture courses did Sergio flog? AMAZING how many followers took those courses, yet are making their living slumming it in temporal jobs.

    What does Chakrapuncture do for symptoms again, Terri-Anne?

    Does everyone who spends 10 years forking out $$ for UM crap get jobs for the Brides? Or only if you have useful skills to expand the biz, and as long as you kiss the right boney butts?

  7. Murphy says:

    Terri-Anne a right one aint she, is an absolute idijit with her esoteric healing, esoteric chakrapuncture and sacred esoteric massage, lower case! There is no such word. The words are Meaningless.
    Terri-Anne Brilliant at conning the weak and the vulnerable, that are looking for answers to their illnesses. He/She Spends hundreds/thousands $ just to get sicker/sicker and sicker until they die. I personally know a few of them who lived to tell the tale.
    As I say wait, universal medicine, will be caught out one day, might be in the process of…..