Debasing Evil Gossip – March Edition

March 31: Spinning the ACCC complaint fiasco March 26:  Happy 50th Birthday Sergio and where’s your AIS?  March 24: *Natalie Benhayon’s raunchy table top dancing *UM’s charity status update March 22: *Damage control Yammer shut down March 21: *The cyber-bully beat up & the Charlotte Dawson tragedy *A message to Miranda Benhayon

Gossip-truthIn honour of Universal Medicine’s ‘Debasing Evil 101’ project, and to celebrate the amount of info flying into the Accountability bunker, we inaugurate our new monthly posts. We’ll update them with items throughout each month until UM bites the dust. It’s also a good place to bring your own UM related gossip or go off topic.

March 31 – The ‘authority’ and ‘accomplishment’ of the the ACCC complaint fiasco

Early this year 150 cult promoters named on our Naming Names page made 150 complaints about me to the Australian Consumer & Competition Commission about something or other, amounting to 4,500 pages of material submitted. The ACCC were so impressed they didn’t think it was worth the bother of notifying me, and dismissed the lot. However, the cult has tried to reframe that pathetic waste of time and government resources as an energetic ‘accomplishment’. The following is from the Debasing Evil 101 debacle gatekeeper, Alison Greig, early February:

Hi All
You have all felt the power of what your ACCC complaints brought you and also felt that the power of the group in this process. What was significant was the way we all challenged our own comfort and expressed with authority from the fullness that we are. What I have learnt in this process is that it is a daily commitment to keep that consistency – to ask if I have slipped back to anything that is less than being all of my expression in everything I do?
It is important to feel that the ACCC process was not a short stint in your life – that once you accomplished it then that was it. The balancing of Kurukshetra – the balance of light and darkness – is an ongoing process and each one of us is needed in this going forward.
How we are in this new expression and awareness of comfort is a new way of life going forward.
As we have seen the power of what we have expressed meant that the Naming Names page was reconfigured.

Yes, yes, Alison and bunged through the reality tester translator located in one’s intracranial space, if one dare seek it, that little grammatically atrocious paragraph means: ‘that bitch is a criminal because we say so, but the authorities disagree, but we had our whinge anyway, and we still feel like we are good and everyone who disagrees is evil, and we need to continue to assert that delusion no matter how silly it makes us look. In the end it made no difference to the Naming Names page. It’s still there and we’re still numpties. We just don’t like to think so.’

March 26 – Happy 50th Birthday Sergio

One doesn’t want to think too hard about how Sergio will celebrate his 50th birthday. Perhaps he’ll allow himself an extra gluten free peanut, or a laxative, or maybe he’ll empty the contents of his safe onto his marble floors, rip his purple clothes off and roll his shrivelled physique in all the cash. Perhaps his captives will burble out the special Esoteric birthday song, which goes ‘haaappeee birthday or something spherical, humaniteee is rot, emotions give you cancer, but never mind, yuu’ll be back on Sirius talking to God before you know it, give us your money, happpeeee birthday to yuuu’. Enjoy it while you can Sergio (no joke, Sergio is the name on his tax assessments).

The deadline for the Annual Information Statement for the ACNC is March 31st, but as a special birthday gift in service of the public, the College of UM’s founder could show his utmost integrity by posting the accounts on the College of UM site, with details of its charitable spending. Ditto for the Sound Foundation.

March 24 – Natalie Benhayon’s Esoteric Raunch

It seems pure as the driven Eso-nuns, Natalie Benhayon, got her rocks on with some table top dancing at the Vietnam RETREEEAT. And look, don’t get us wrong, the bunker has nothing against a bit of sexual disinhibition. Hence our invitation only Monday night free for alls.

Natalie Benhayon of Esoteric Womens Health Pty Ltd clearing 'male energy'

Natalie Benhayon of Esoteric Womens Health Pty Ltd clearing ‘male energy’ on Facebook

BUT, we’re not running a business called Esoteric Women’s Health, which is apparently about ‘honouring yourself as a woman’ and which blames the development of breast and gynaecological disease on objectification by men, and then cons women into a habit of repeat ‘healings’ to clear tenacious ‘male energy’ from their breasts and reproductive organs.

Imagine if Princess or I got up on a table in little red dresses, acted out a lap dance and then posted it publicly on Facebook? What would the Esoteric love-lys say about us? Would we get 163 likes? Or just a lot of back stabs from the Yammerati? Comments like this from Kim Schultz: Is that all we get, a back shot :-))) From Stephen Shanks: it is so beautiful to see a woman so beautiful, and sexxy and to present it so innocently is refreshing. And from Isabella Benhayon: It’s shots like these that keep me in the job! (Natalie Benhayon‘s official bodyguard) indicate the cult’s howling double standards. It’s not a lot different to feigning outrage about sexual predators and the evils of pornography, and then touching people’s breasts and genitals under a pretence of ‘healing’.

Look Natalie, it’s your body, and your right to do what you want with it, but to sexualize yourself publicly and then market your business on the basis that women are long suffering victims of male sexual objectification is more than a bit rich.

Universal Medicine is not a religion it’s a business

The ACNC site page for the College of UM is now showing its status as a charity for advancing education. Formerly it was listed as a basic religious entity (lol) with the subtype of advancing education. Looks like the application to be recognized as a religion for charitable purposes went tits up. Yes, Serge and Victoria Lister and barrister, Charles Wilson? So we won’t be able to call it the Church of $erge after all. Just the College of $erge.

But not for long…

March 22 – Damage control Yammer shut down?

Some of you would have seen the following message was anonymously dropped into the comments a couple of days ago. It looks like the real thing – typical evasive Esoteric wording…The login is still up, so can any of our sources confirm please?

Our use of Yammer is about to be closed/cancelled, as it is not being a true means to support the work that we are doing. Much like Facebook it is not a platform that holds the energy of what we need. We will develop other ways to communicate with you all,

with love
Alison, Simon, Desiree

Princess offered some constructive suggestions for alternatives in the last post. And the Lord of the Form Guide isn’t a bit surprised. He’d been running a book on how long it would take for them to abort. He’s given very short odds to whether or not the next platform will spring leaks, however. It’s more of a matter of how soon.

March 21 – The cyber bully beat up & the Charlotte Dawson tragedy

Judging by Alison Greig’s true expressions of love for me on the now extinct Yammer Debasing Evil debacle, the Brides of Serge don’t like to have their bullying called out. Rather, they label me the ‘ultimate cyber-bully’, capable of single handedly intimidating hundreds of them and their AMAZING legal team.

While the Esoteric lynch mob has long whined about cyber bullying, a look at a few cult members’ Facebook pages show they’ve adopted the recent death of Charlotte Dawson to support their posturings of victimhood.

Charlotte Dawson was a television celebrity with a history of depressive illness. A Twitter trolling incident triggered a highly publicized suicide attempt and hospitalization last year, and sadly Ms Dawson took her own life last month. Her death sparked a petition campaign to strengthen laws against cyber bullying.

The cult’s co-opting of that tragedy to portray themselves as victims and to liken me to the kind of troll that tells people to go and kill themselves is obscene. Not only is it offensive to memory of Ms Dawson, but it’s an affront to the people who have been damaged by Universal Medicine and who have suffered breakdowns as a result. Cult members might spare a thought for people who have had formerly good relationships and families broken up, the mentally ill people who have stumbled into UM’s web and needed ongoing care as a result of rubbish Esoteric psychology, and for the people who have been molested, bullied or ripped off by UMers, are too frightened to come forward, and are living with the depression and anxiety that has caused. Spare a thought, please, for the people who have become suicidal as a result.

Also, if you don’t like being called out by name and questioned or criticized, don’t put your name on the internet promoting a scamming predator.

Disagreement and questioning are not bullying, and neither is satirizing the nonsense of people who refuse to engage in reasonable communication – particularly when that nonsense is taking a harmful toll on others.

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. – George Orwell

A message to Miranda Benhayon

I received a call last week from a friend of Miranda’s mother, telling me that Miranda’s mum has attempted at some point to make contact with her daughter who she has seen once now in 14 years according to Fairfax News. We’re told one of the reasons Miranda gave for not wanting to meet with her mother is that she doesn’t approve of the people she is associating with – and the friend took that as implying the blog authors, myself and You Know Who.

If that’s the case, I’d like to say to Miranda, your mother doesn’t associate with us. I met her once by chance on the street in Bangalow and was introduced. Otherwise, I made contact with her once after she left a comment on the Accountability blog with her email address. I was concerned about her wellbeing because she seemed upset and I emailed to check she was okay. We are available for support if Miranda’s Mum ever feels she needs it from us, but otherwise we leave her in peace. So Miranda, you may have your own reasons for not wanting to contact your mother – that’s your affair, but don’t use us bloggers as an excuse. It’s not fair to punish your mother for an association that doesn’t exist.


A couple of notes – our contact page is found by clicking the tab at the top of the page under the blog title. You may contact us anonymously via the page and you can also comment anonymously. An email address or web page address are not required, you can leave those fields blank, unless you want a reply. We don’t share information without your permission, and we can and do delete sensitive communications. Leaks and tip offs are always welcome! Don’t assume we know everything or someone else has told us – particularly about back of house activities. Don’t be shy!

17 Comments on “Debasing Evil Gossip – March Edition”

  1. You Know Who. says:

    They continue to draw long bows…

    The fact is that with the group and individual members, feeling takes precedence over truth, as the rest of the world understand it. So all manner of rationalizations can be conflated to justify their increasingly untenable positions.

    It’s also a triple whammy dose of confirmation bias- looking for anything to support their beliefs, and shooting down anything that challenges it.

    I have observed that is also painful for members to process conflicting information. No wonder they think we are psychotic. It’s akin to the feeling they experience in their frontal lobe when we are challenging their cherished opinions about their guru and the ideas that have taken residence in their receptive brains. A scramble of thoughts trying to negate the terrible feeling that what we are saying may be true and their massive investments thus in vain.

    To confirm DV, we’re not in contact with Miranda’s mum. Our info about Miranda has been supplied by many other independent parties. We understand her pain and desire not to be involved- given the years of bullshit she had to endure.

    The faithful are at Lennox this weekend getting a top up on Serge’s fantasies so they can keep feeling good no matter what he’s done or doing. It’s not hard to imagine how all sorts of atrocities flourish when how you feel is greater than what was done for you to get there. That abject dearth of ethics and value over subjective outcomes is the basis of humanity’s greatest failures. Serge taps it, and the members willingly give in to it. Why not? It’s easier than dealing with facts, the hard work of thinking, and the pain of uncertainty.

    Serge delivers them from that. As do a lot of other fundamental ideologies.

    It’s a long way from enlightenment that is for sure.

  2. MacReady says:

    You have to hand it to Serge when it comes to absolutely frying the brains of his followers.

    According to Serge:

    When Japan is devastated by Tsunamis – that’s karma.
    When children are sexually molested – karma.
    When people die by the millions every year due to preventable starvation and disease – karma.
    When people are raped and murdered – karma.
    War and genocide – karma.

    Serge breaking up families and turning his followers against their loved ones is him encouraging them to “reclaim their glory”.

    But when someone questions Serge, that’s hate.

    Me simply writing this post is hate, trolling and cyber-bullying that needs to be made illegal.

    How anyone can fail to see the utter insanity and hypocrisy that Serge preaches is beyond belief.

    • And don’t forget he’s convinced members to “Stand in their truth” when they’re regurgitating his fictions, and not to ‘en-join’ with those that are ‘loveless’, which he has convinced them is the inevitable incredulity at his nonsense.

      • MacReady says:

        Indeed. That’s the mental prison they’re trapped in; the compound that Serge claims he doesn’t keep people locked up in.

        “Don’t read the ‘hate blogs’
        (at least not without sitting on one of Serge’s trademarked ink-blots from another dimension) because the words are energetically constellated to sow
        doubt in your minds”

        No Serge, they’re just facts. If they sow doubts in the minds of your victims that’s because at some level they recognize the TRUTH in what is being written here. It’s all very straightforward and easy to understand, unlike the absolute rubbish that you offer as “ancient wisdom”, which is incomprehensible word salad that even your most devout followers admit they have to read multiple times before they can attempt to make sense of it, and even then it’s simply a case of them submitting to your brainwashing techniques and trying to convince themselves that they “get it”.

        Deny it all you want, Sergio, but you have created compounds in the heads of everyone who has bought into your toxic garbage. Everyone who submits to your belief system is a psychological prisoner trapped in a maze of double-speak, hypocrisy, contradiction and fundamentalist delusion.

      • Hello Richard, we were wondering when you’d RESURFACE. In time to grab the glory perhaps? 😉

  3. So Natalie, if some non Esoteric bloke finds his way to your public Facebook page and posts ‘PHWOAR! SO SEXY SO INNOCENT’ on there, are you going to whinge that you’ve been objectified and then run off to Elizabeth Dolan or someone to get an EBM to clear yourself? Will you block him and complain to Facebook?

    Someone talked me into reading the RMRC blogs about cyberbullying and trolling, with cult ex cop and authority on ??, Ray Karam and Rebecca Baldwin expending thousands of words on the need to police the internet as a public space. Oh, jeez. Apparently, we wouldn’t put up with people saying things about us we don’t like in public, and Rebecca and Ray think there should be laws against free speech – and conflate people saying stuff they don’t like with theft and assault.

    What bullshit. AMAZING what you can get away with when you don’t allow public discussion on your site – unlike here.

    The internet is nothing like a standard public space. Do you go out in public, Rebecca, wearing a T-shirt with your name on it and a few remarks like ‘Serge Benhayon is a man of utmost integrity. He taught me what a real man is.’ Do you think you or anyone could walk around with their full names with their controversial ideals written on their chests or shouting them through a megaphone without attracting negative comments?

    Unlike public spaces, the internet has the potential to expose your identities and ideas to many many more people than you might be comfortable with – which is why people maintain a low key online profile. Journalists, politicians, celebs etc. expose their identities and work to the public and learn to live with the flak and the threats. If you stick your names, your sexual history, your sexy pictures and your stupid ideas up for the whole internet to see – and worse – to advertise a toxic organization, you’d better be prepared to defend them.

    • Anonymous says:

      That picture on Facebook and all the comments below are really creepy. Talk about weird sexual energy (as Serge likes to), nothing could illustrate it any better than that!

      • This from Dr Rachel Hall: should be the image for Our Cycles – Period and Full Moon Diary app

        Why stop there Dr Hall? Make it the image for Esoteric Breast Massage too. Especially the blurb that says: Then there are the external imposts from men, for example men who use breasts as their classification of attraction.

        And yes, we are aware of the table top shot, but we chose not to post it. And yes, children were present at that event.

        • Lord of Form says:

          Boy I wish Serge had the balls to follow through on his legal threats to Fairfax/News/MO re these claims. I cannot imagine any right-minded magistrate or juror would not have construed these statements to mean Serge knows how to mitigate or even cure cancer.

          “Lack of self-nurturing is now a significant global problem and
          in particular for women, as it is the energetic cause of breast cancer and
          its ill rise in our societies everywhere.

          This sacred esoteric technique assists to heal many issues such as painful periods, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, bloating/water retention, and pre-menstrual and menopausal symptoms. It is not surprising to see the amazing results, but most importantly, the deeply revealing discoveries that women are making about themselves through the release of what is insidiously held in their nurturing centres – their breasts….”

          You know what IS insidious? Serge’s fear mongering and absolute bullshit. And then calling it sacred.

          And I still am waiting to hear what the male equivalent is. Where do we hold the imposts of woman’s objectification and impositions? Where’s the esoteric testicle and prostate massage? Prostate cancer just outdoes breast cancer Sergey boy in numbers. What’s the energetic cause of that genius?

          And why are Serge’s books/rants/proclamations/recordings/business all about women and how men impose on them and not the other way around? Why are there so many rules about how men should behave towards women, and not the other way around?


          Because Serge is grooming the women into being his pets and only accepts men who go online and write sickly stories about how they’ve subjugated themselves to his emasculating doctrine. (Rod Harvey and friends)

          For the women members the definition of a “lovely man” is one who accepts all of Serge’s crap without thought and is happy to walk around with a stupid grin on his face hugging other men incessantly while intoning “amazing and awesome”. And who thinks Serge is a snappy dresser, pseudoscience is logical, two and two make five and energetic snakes come out their arses. (really)

    • Feline Aphrodite says:

      YKW: Serge targets Women because Serge knows he will get further with them. Serge exploits their hormonal changes and their bitchiness to the hilt.

      I think they are all in blind love with him.

      Just letting you all know that you can all check out the latest photos of the UM Retreat evidence on the Facebook page of [ ]. HYPOCRITES! What Hypocrites
      $erge and Company and hangin’ on-ers are! Looks like an orgy to me under the lying camouflage banner of ‘Integrity and loveliness’..What rot……..Hypocrites.
      Whatever $erge told them to do they would do… so so scary!

      Any wonder why they choose to go all out in an insane crackpot manner to shut DV and PP and YKW up! GUILT!!!!!! 150 complaints – for goodness sake… insane and down right stupid. Cult through and through. 100%

      I guess Miranda is flaunted publicly now because when it all gets dealt with, “lawfully” Serge will want Miranda and all his other gestapo like brides to go down with him or cop it for him whilst he does a runner awol!……….sharers in his sins big time they all are!

      It is sickening and concerning but you know DV and YKW and PP you have warned them all enough and tried to help them all…over and over and over again. AND copped it in the neck.

      AND what’s more whilst I am at it…. there are photos flaunted of children at that Vietnam Retreat – SICK! I am so so so disgusted.

      DV & PP & YKW I admire your spine and tenacity for what is right – Good on you.
      May the force of truth and right and justice prevail, so as to stop this cancerous malignant cult.

      I have to go and sit on a wine box just like ripple donut it really helps….

      • Darkly Venus says:

        Thanks Feline. Sorry but I removed the Facebook link from your comment. I’m not comfortable with linking to those photos – out of fairness to the kids in them. I realize it’s a public page, but they don’t deserve it.

        Discussion is open if you or anyone has any comments on that decision. Also if someone feels they have a good reason to see the photos – for example relatives or other loved ones of participants – we’ll provide the link privately if you contact the blog.

  4. MacReady says:

    Prime example of the blatant hypocrisy within UM. If anyone else dances provocatively it is ‘pranic’. When Natalie does it, it’s considered ‘esoteric’ simply because it is Natalie doing it. They start with the assumption that everything any of the Benhayons do is amazing simply because it’s them doing it, which is why Serge can transgress the boundaries he does in full view of hundreds of followers and it doesn’t even occur to them that it is inappropriate.

    Brainwashed morons.

  5. you know who says:

    There is something very disturbing about the behaviour of the Benhayon family. And contradictory. Why dance like that for the group? And why does the group adulate her and the other mediocre talents of Michael/Miranda/Emma-Lee? I know the answer to the latter, but the former question is vexing, and somewhat worrying.

    I wonder how the kids would operate in the real world without a ready made group of arse-kissers? These kids are going to have some serious readjusting to do when Dad comes a cropper.

    Let’s hope the seriously politically compromised ACNC does more than stifle Serge’s vision for a “New World Religion” and removes his charity status entirely. If they don’t we’re going back to the drawing board to ensure that happens otherwise it’ll sadly prove that any con artist can start a sham charity and get away with it.

    March madness will soon become April fools.

    • RJM says:

      I agree, it’s VERY disturbing.

      A few years ago on one of the audio recordings I heard Serge make a joke along the lines of ‘Natalie Does Goonellabah ‘ (a reference to the porn film ‘Debbie Does Dallas’) when discussing the sexual conduct of teenagers. Natalie was present with him and the crowd, which almost certainly included children, apparently thought nothing of it.

      At this point I’m not sure there’s any behaviour that the followers wouldn’t accept on Serge’s behalf as long as he had an esoteric excuse to justify it.

      • MacReady says:

        “At this point I’m not sure there’s any behaviour that the followers wouldn’t accept on Serge’s behalf as long as he had an esoteric excuse to justify it”

        That certainly appears to the the case. Remember when Serge stated that the Ascended Masters consist of paedophiles and murders who have reincarnated and paid their karmic debts? And that now it was possible to pay those karmic debts of such crimes and become an Ascended Master within a single lifetime? Speaking strictly hypothetically, if it transpired that Serge was guilty of murder or sexual improprieties involving minors, according to his own teachings his (self-declared) ascendency to the position of “world teacher” clears his record. If that is indeed the sort of reasoning at work here, then it would follow that the UM students may be prepared to forgive any level of hypothetical criminal behaviour in Serge’s past, no matter how vile, because now (according to him) he’s an Ascended Master. If I’m mistaken, then I welcome any student to comment here and negate this supposition.

  6. You have all felt the power of what your ACCC complaints brought you and also felt that the power of the group in this process. What was significant was the way we all challenged our own comfort and expressed with authority from the fullness that we are.

    Maybe it’s time for a new installment of the Serge Speak Reality Tester Translator Dictionary. I think I get it. Comfort = COMMON SENSE