Natalie Benhayon’s teen groups – amateur social work, privacy invasions & predatory grooming

nataliecroppedEsoteric student notes tell us in 2010, unqualified 20 year old Natalie Benhayon took up amateur social work to perform a Universal Medicine conversion on adolescents and teens – pestering them to disclose sexual and other indiscretions and offering them and their parents an ‘alternative’ to their errant behaviour and miserable ‘pranic’ lives – join her Dad’s shonky therapy, molestation and death cult.

Esoteric Development Groups – now rebranded as Ageless Wisdom Teachings – are monthly lectures held by Universal Medicine’s homegrown messiah, Serge Benhayon to talk about how all knowing he is, denigrate anything worth living for and to market a lot of money for nothing New Age crap. Before reaching the part about Natalie Benhayon talking inappropriately with children and trying to convert them and their parents to a cult, the notes give a typical account of Benhayon’s hubristic crowd warm up – beginning with gentle breath covert hypnosis.

EDG 20 February NOTES

Started off with a meditation.

I AM that I AM

1st I AM is the in breath, calling in an energy

2nd I AM is the out breath confirming that which you are


  • Serge talked about all upgrades UM has been making, sound sytem, new van etc
  • Serge talked a little about all the things Universal Medicine (UM) is involved with Much goes on behind scenes we don’t know about. Very busy
  • Been asked to help with movies, corporate deals, EPA (esoteric practitioners association) etc, etc.
  • The EPA sets a code of ethics unmatched by any certifying body in the world.
  • It asks that the practitioner not take drugs, alcohol, pornography etc and that one should not be contolled by ones emotions.

But taking children to UM events to be harangued with talk of sexual violence and subjected to exorcistic practices and harrowing past life regressions is all good.

From Esoteric student notes:

Natalie – Teen Groups

  • Natalie holds sessions with groups of teenagers in schools to talk about issues they have at school/life.
  • Recently had local session with year 7 girls (12/13yrs)
  • When asked how school was they all said ‘great’ – typical response given to a parent.
  • Natalie presented an energy that met them – actually wanting to listen to what was going on
  • Girls opened up and felt what was going on at school – had to admit it was yuck.
  • Most boys doing porn at scool in breaks on their phones
  • People having sex in toilets
  • Drug use common
  • Year 7 girls dressed in short skirts, make up etc to please boys and attract attention
  • This is occurring at a much earlier age now than when Nat was at school.
  • 12 year old girl has 2 choices in order to fit in at school
  • Contract and be part of the above
  • Contract and be like one of the boys, be in a male energy so as not to attract attention.
  • We as parents/adults need to present an alternative to this so they can feel there is an alternative.
  • Natalie had session in Sydney with 14/15year old boys
  • Walked in and boys were all piled on sofa being macho lads
  • All rugby boys Hows life ? ‘Great’ etc ….
  •  They all Drink regularly
  • Say they love it. Good laugh, funny things happen etc…
  • Admit they feel bad the next day
  • Say they drink so they don’t have to feel their problems – pressure to do well from school, parents etc
  • Cant express how they feel to anyone, very angry boys
  • What else can i do (but drink) ?
  • Natalie sees this a cry for an alternative.

Natalie had a session with the parents 

  • Same story
  • Kids out of control don’t know what to do.

Esoteric Development Group Notes taken by Michael Dixon, Feb 20, 2010 (typos are Michael’s)

Natalie’s talk with teenagers

Talk local teenage girls

Natalie – how’s school?

Teenage Girls – School’s great!

N.- so they are not doing porn on the phone

G. – ( warming up ) most boys in school do porn every break.

   – ask any body in passing “will you give me a hand job?”

   – have to go to the toilet with people hooking up right in front of you. 

From the 1st year of high school, year 7 to the last year, year 12, girls dress in short skirts, low tops, piercing, all schools not just public schools- starting as young as 11 and 12. 2nd group a Sydney group of year 7 girls – a bit more naïve – horrified by the short skirts of the older girls at high school, say they would never do that themselves.

3rd talk -Sydney Group of 10 boys 6 aged- 15 and 4 aged 13

All sitting on top of each other

N.- How’s life?

B. It’ good. It’s alright.

N. How many of you drink every second weekend?

B. all of us

N. How many drink every weekend ?

B. Half admitted

N. How many drink both days of the weekend/

B. none.

N. Kept asking what happens

B. Takes me away from my problems

N. got them to list all the things that they can’t deal with and express

B. anger, frustration- we punch walls

Natalie basically met them and related to them at their level with energy that says – I understand what is going on even though I don’t agree with what you are doing.

Got to talk – speak honestly

B.- if I don’t use alcohol I don’t know what to do . Only alcohol helps

N.- (gave options ) Man up. At 15 you can consider yourself an adult. If you want your life to be something you have to do something about it.

B.(still a bit of blame). 

Natalie saw the parents next

P. Kids are out of control, we don’t know what to do…argue and drink, starting from 12 going right through

N. There is a way to be different…look into their eyes and see that they are not them. 

Both the boys and the girls are sexting – sexting is considered like flirting – girls spread their legs and take photos and send it to their boy friend who then sends it on to all their friends. Boys are doing it too. Girls are getting blackmailed into having sex – if you don’t see me again I will send it to your parents.

Kids are either entrapped and enjoin or react and shut down

Girls -at 12 get scared of being a woman and attracting attention to themselves.- Got to be a slut or a boy (in boy energy)

Boys doing porn at lunchtime. Boys going into hardness

WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? ……………………SO THAT THE KIDS CAN FEEL- Hey, I don’t have to shut down, I don’t have to enjoin. I can choose something else.

There is a RESPONSIBILITY IN US to show a different way.

The parents are checked out.

The teachers are checked out. (Esoteric Development Group lecture notes, unidentified note taker, February 20, 2012)

Beginning with a group of 12 year old girls, no qualifications, no training Natalie, who has no business running youth groups, asked them how school is, and when they didn’t deliver the suitably miserable story she needs to hone in on their vulnerabilities, she pried and pressured those children to tell her what she wanted to hear. It’s possible those kids invented or embellished stories to satisfy her. It’s also possible she made the whole lot up, just as her father allowed his unsavoury imagination to run wild in his rant about ‘splitting’. Notice she has nothing positive to say about them, and there’s no mention of healthy or constructive activities they may be involved in.

Our advice: don’t disclose your personal history to anyone, let alone a group, unless it’s in qualified counselling or group therapy. The fact these notes say this happened in schools is an outrage.

She also pried in the same way her father tried to pry into Venus’s background during the tacky ovarian reading. The one where he said she didn’t have to comment on his speculations, but asked if he was right when she didn’t. Natalie pried in the same entitled way we’ve seen in the Esoteric Breast Massage publicity where those misandrist busy bodies get a detailed personal and medical history from clients in spite lacking the qualifications which would warrant the gathering of such information. And then there’s the privacy invading workshop ‘consent’ form, where customers are asked to disclose their HIV status and other medical details to a family of bequest hungry scam artists before attending a one day ‘Livingness’ or ‘Glory’ workshop.

Except she did it to children, looking for marketing opportunities and dirt on them and their parents.

In addition, our friend Tibouchina tells us the younger Benhayons host youth ‘sessions’ on the UM premises, and witnessed Michael Benhayon stroking a young girl’s face in way that is NOT therapeutically ethical in any context.

Some questions for the Benhayons and their media and ‘facts team’:

  • What are Natalie’s qualifications for conducting group counselling sessions?
  • What right does Natalie have to ask about anyone’s sexual history or drug and alcohol use?
  • Natalie, how about you come here and answer the questions?

Universal Medicine is toxic to children

Predatory Grooming Serge Benhayon style – a guest post by ‘Tibouchina’

Serge Benhayon’s inappropriate behaviour with children

Esoteric Privacy – nothing is sacred

14 Comments on “Natalie Benhayon’s teen groups – amateur social work, privacy invasions & predatory grooming”

  1. Darkly Venus says:

    If you know which schools this occurred in, please contact the blogs.

    The other question is whether educational consultant, Kristy Wood of Kids in Connection, had a hand in the Benhayons accessing these children?

    The cult members need to know people lose their jobs over this kind of misconduct. And so they should.

  2. Goooooood Morning Vietnam!

    So have you lot done your photo op at Hoi An hospital yet, and wasted their time teaching the staff Esoteric ‘healing’?

    Or will you make yourselves useful and give them money? Even a fraction of what you lot spend on keeping Serge in messiah-hood could save a few lives there.

    But, now that we have your attention, Natalie – if you think it’s okay to talk with groups of adolescents and teens about their sexual experiences and experimentation with drugs and alcohol, then get yourself a professional qualification to do it properly and ethically and make yourself accountable to a professional association or state board. Yes? Like all other counsellors and therapists are required to.

    Your father has misled you to think it’s okay to go rummaging around in people’s lives and then to use that information to sell them endless hands on indoctrination and his One Unified Truth, but it’s not. Not in schools and not in private sessions on the UM compound.

    Even if you had a working with children check, it’s still wrong.

  3. Lord of Form says:

    It’s more wrong because someone who was a professional would know not to go there.
    Natalie and her siblings are really more victims of Serge because he has normalised that sort of behaviour. Let’s remember that at this time Natalie was about 20 and by all accounts had not been in a relationship.

    Where’s her life experience, least of all credentials? Unless of course you are to accept she is a “seer”, a status conveniently bestowed by her father.

    Remember the women’s groups where Serge guest starred to discuss ‘tampons being like the most dirty man’s penis you can imagine inside you”?

    The family fascination with sex, sexual violence, genitalia, woman’s parts (uterus/breast massage) betrays the contents of Serge’s mind, and what he has exposed his family to.
    Not only has he normalised it with them, he has done the same with the wider group, and turned subjects best kept confidential and with professionals into group confessions, often online, which are deemed “of the utmost integrity’

    The photos of Serge with his fingers on a lady’s genitals with the tag line “good for rape recovery”- INTEGRITY. Speaking endlessly about Sexual violence. INTEGRITY. Marrying an ex-tennis student he met as an impressionable teenager. INTEGRITY. Ranting about “young girls being split by older men in Goonellebah”- INTEGRITY.

    This is called reality drift. So acclimatised are the members that Dragana Brown writes (for want of a better description) articles about sexual deviancy constantly, and the members clamour to agree with her.

    Reality is turned on its head in UM world. Natalie quite frankly would never have been given the tools to see the world without the belief systems and content Serge has imposed on her (her family and now the members).

    The burning question is, who allowed her to get in front of kids, and under what pretense?

  4. MacReady says:

    I’m willing to bet that the “splitting” scenario reported here is either a figment of Serge’s perverted imagination entirely, or the kids in question responded affirmatively to a leading line given to them by Natalie at Serge’s suggestion. It’s a particularly nasty bit of sensationalism cooked up by ‘The One’ to scare parents into believing their children are safer with him than they are living healthy lives in the real world, and another disturbing indication of the true workings of Serge’s mind.

  5. W. Harper says:

    The whole thing with her and kids and that type of questioning is just really creepy.

    I wonder if the parents of the kids involved were/are aware that an unqualified/non-member of staff was asking their kids questions like this. If it were my kids I’d be in contact with the police immediately.

  6. susieQ says:

    What this post reveals is really gross (yet again) – Natalie targeting the young really gives me the creeps.Who would be suspicious, or suspect a young woman turning up, let alone believe or know that she would be there to present this creepy stuff and the questioning.
    A very very sick and disturbing but clever marketing ploy of $B

    Fingers in all pies now in the U.K! Why? To try and prove that they are a worthy (or to be seen) to have a charity status?! More like camouflaged marketing for more recruits.

    What a sneaky sneaky celebration for last Saturday. Such generous donations to charity – not!
    That would be small change for $erge that donation.
    BUT as the disturbing content of this Post shows yet again the core is so evil.
    If they are so full of truth and integrity and love etc as they say so often, why did they need it to be pointed out to them what a Charity status is really about?

    Sound Foundation Charitable Trust
    March 10
    A huge thank you to all the volunteers and supporters of the Sound Foundation Charitable Trust who ensured the WOMEN IN LIVINGNESS event was a success – a huge boost for sound health and wellbeing. And thank you to all who attended, this event was for YOU.

    Sound Foundation Charitable Trust
    March 11
    And with a little local top up, it is our pleasure to present to the Avon Breast Screening Unit a donation of £400 arising from the Women in Livingness Celebration of Women event on Saturday. A huge thank you from the Sound Foundation and the Frome Community.
    Photo: And with a little local top up, it is our pleasure to present to the Avon Breast Screening Unit a donation of £400 arising from the Women in Livingness Celebration of Women event on Saturday. A huge thank you from the Sound Foundation and the Frome Community.

    Team SOUND FOUNDATION to make their Debut at the Positive Action on Cancer Quiz Night Fundraiser in Downtown Frome – definitely up for some fun.

    • Anonymous says:

      400? Is that it? What about the other million or so listed on the CC website in the accounts section.

      Think of all the good they could actually do with that money locally. And yet 400 quid and a few chairs is the extent of their charity.

      Shame on you.

      • susieQ says:

        I agree – Shame on them it mostly came from a Raffle not them…..

        Quotes:We are very pleased to announce that the WOMEN IN LIVINGNESS Raffle on the day raised a generous £353.50 –
        And with a little local top up, it is our pleasure to present to the Avon Breast Screening Unit a donation of £400 arising from the Women in Livingness Celebration of Women event on Saturday. A huge thank you from the Sound Foundation and the Frome Community.

        So much amazing lovingness,NOT!

  7. Darkly Venus says:

    Hang on to your hats everyone – we have lots to blog – in fact it’s been hard to know where to begin…The cult’s defamation complaints to Google have finally been posted over at Accountability. Plus, in the near future, there’ll be more from the Yammerati, lots of gossip, beat ups, hysterics etcetera.

    And that’s just the warm up…

  8. MacReady says:

    I wonder if Natalie encourages parents to burn photographs of their children’s friends? That’s how Serge reacted to Natalie associating with someone he didn’t approve of. He claimed the friend was possessed by an astral entity and only an exorcism by fire would break the her hold over Natalie.

    Another time, Curtis reportedly snuck out of the house at night to go and do something pranic, like have fun, and Serge flipped out, demanding that Curtis clear himself of astral energies for a few days before performing any massages at the clinic. I suppose that involved Curtis sitting on a clearing symbol until Serge gave the OK, but I’m not sure.