FUN with debasing evil



Okay, I know Venus already covered this material over on the Accountability blog, but I can’t resist my own dig. Besides, Venus keeps telling everyone I’m not pulling my weight and I want to assure readers that is a scurrilous and defamatory lie, and besides I only signed up for morale boosting duties and catering, under an agreement that Venus wears the flak from the Esoteric lynch mob.

None of which should matter, because I don’t exist.

Rebecca Baldwin SAYS SO.

In the Christmas Harassment post – which elucidated the Brides of Serge’s festive pseudo-legal demands, Venus had a fascinating discussion in the comments about Rebecca Baldwin’s infatuation with her, and how imitation is the highest form of flattery. We suspected Rebecca Baldwin is fashioning a Venus skin suit out of envy and lust – a kind of aspirational homoerotic passion for the forbidden etc. Our friend, Sub Rosa said:

I am sure some of these women do need your skin suit badly , Venus. Lol…
I’ll give it three more months before Rebecca opens her own hateblog.

Who knew it was already underway, and a whole cult load of Sons of God had joined the collective obsession and were finding their true passionate expression on the hidden Esoteric love site…

What I can say is the infatuation is unrequited and Rebecca is on THIN ICE. Lord knows, we’ve all called Venus a thing or two, so ‘hate-blogger, criminal and troll’ is water off a duck’s back, but labelling her a heavy metal fan is another thing. An extreme heavy metal fan at that! It’s an inaccuracy, a falsehood, and Venus is consulting her legal counsel over the semi-public insult to her aesthetics! Rebecca is saying she took her name from some thrash artists, Cradle of Filth, which sounds more like an Esoteric Healing Workshop, but no, that band stole their name from Venus’ porn name.

Her career was short, albeit.

Dear Students

We recently asked you all to write a VERY SHORT PARAGRAPH about who you are and what you bring in the world in order to create a new document that presents who we are in complete contrast to the Naming Names page.

That hardly seems necessary given all of the students are all over the internet spruiking who they are, alongside their unconditional devotion to UM.

Of 120 students we have had 20 responses – what is going on?

Er, I dunno, they’re over it?

They’re realizing attaching their names and professional reputations to a scam isn’t a great career move?

We are creating a very important document that will break the hold of the Naming Names page. It will be an extremely powerful document of the living truth that cannot be dismissed on any level.

What hold? That we’re giving readers a more accurate picture of what to expect when they pay money to UM associated service providers?

The ACCC would have told you what that’s all about. It comes with a matching law, called the Trade Practices Act.

We are also creating a debasing evil website which will debase all the blogs one by one – as a powerful start we want to lead with the naming names – this needs your collaboration immediately.

So is that the password protected one, or are you lot going to come out of the closet and post your loving debasements publicly? So that everyone gets to read?

Who on earth came up with title ‘debasing evil’ by the way? For pity’s sake didn’t any of you ask William Foley, the cult’s linguistics professor, for some help with SEMANTICS? You can’t debase evil. Evil debases. By its very nature, EVIL DEBASES! You don’t debase it back. You can counter evil, or annihilate evil, or discard evil, or any number of everyday self-loving word choices, but DEBASE??

Or did Serge come up with that?


That would make sense.

A little preview for our readers: there’s nothing new on the debasing evil site, except the Sons of God are more forthright with their emotions, and the thing is riddled with rage, paranoia, jealousy and comparison – and lust. The cult uses the same format to respond to our posts as we do to theirs, but without allowing us to see it. And without our open, coliseum style comments. As expected the responses don’t answer our questions, and don’t invite any reasoned discussion with us.

It goes like this; Rebecca et al quote something Venus has written and then write a few thousand words on why it is all lie lie lies and organized criminality and whatnot.

For example, Venus writes:


And Rebecca responds:

THIS IS ABSURD! E***** M**** R****** has never been to an Esoteric workshop, except once, and maybe that weird yoga channelling thing, and doesn’t know any Esoteric families, much, and she can’t know what ‘THE’ means Esoterically because she is loveless, childless, Sergeless and in pain and hasn’t dealt with her issues…  

And on and on for thousands and thousands of words repeating the same ad hominem mantra, egged on by the unisex Brides of Serge and, um, Serge.

Look, Rebecca, we’re available anytime for coaching if you decide to spruce up your literary skills. There’s not a lot of flair in your writing, Precious, and when you write, you all sound THE SAME. I’d look at introducing some structure, some lyricism, some wit, some METAPHOR. 😮  You know, a bit of Atwood meets Voltaire, or Wilde, darling, get some Wilde into you.

(I’d avoid Plath, or that poor Foster Wallace bloke.)

I suppose we can’t expect much from people who’ve never read Orwell.

Oh well.

And let’s face it, Venus is no slouch when it comes to word count, but Rebecca’s missives have reached a par with Eunice Minford’s. They make Venus’ longest posts  look like haiku.

What we need here is a VERY CONDENSED statement of your experience, your qualifications, what you now do – like a summary CV – Please look at how simple this is from these examples (it should take you a few minutes):

Jenny Ellis ND Adv. Dip. Acup.  Advanced Diploma of Applied Science: Naturopathy (Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy) 1989. Advanced Diploma of Applied Science: Acupuncture 1997 and Chinese Herbal Medicine 2003. Trained in Live Blood Analysis with Healthworld Ltd 1989. Taught Live Blood Analysis to Practitioners Australia wide 1988-1992. Assistant facilitator, Universal Medicine healing courses. Director and Practitioner, Unimed Brisbane Healing Centre. Facilitator and Presenter, Esoteric Women’s Groups in Brisbane.

You missed the bit about Esoteric Breast Massage, Jenny, or is EBM passé since it was given an Accountability dissection?

Dr. Rachel Hall BChD LDSRCS MACNEM Owner, founder and principal dentist of Evolve Dental Healing Esoteric and Holistic Dentistry. Experienced in all fields of dentistry. Train and mentor dental students, dentists, dental assistants and auxiliary staff. Work place training centre for dental nurses, South Bank TAFE. Presentations, talks and seminars on dentistry, dental health and holistic health care, including approach and philosophies in personal practice. Author on holistic and esoteric dentistry for health and wellbeing magazines.

Esoteric dentistry? What’s that? Your root canal comes with a plug for however many lifetimes’ supply of Esoteric healing workshops, and some advice to sit on a symbol – $7.50 a piece or $210 for the wholesale set.

The anti-fluoridation propaganda is gratis.

The process of stating these facts clearly and without hesitation confirms that everything about the Blogs that list your name cannot and does not bear any semblance of truth. As Deborah Benhayon has written:

“we cut through imposed evil –
for a lie cannot stand up against a lived truth.”


We were wondering if she even exists…I mean we thought Miranda was less photographed than the Loch Ness monster, but Debby Benhayon is more invisible than the Four Lords of Form. So did she write that all by herself? Did anyone see her holding the pen?? Was she counting the money at the time?

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR BIOGRAPHY ON YAMMER (Desiree will send you another invitation)  BY FRIDAY 14 FEBRUARY – please post under this message on Yammer as a reply)

It is time to stop evil having the upper hand.

With love

Alison, Deborah B, Desiree and the UM Facts Team

FACTS! Official Esoteric ‘facts’. Why don’t you come here and give us your ‘facts’, Facts Team.

Talk about debasing the language.

And we were tickled by Alison Greig’s gentle breath browbeating of students’ regard for their names and reputations. It’s all right for her. She’s not on the Naming Names page, but I’m sure we can find some space…

…On the level of service, do you want to address the balance of light here on earth?

It is up to you – so please get your bios in – we had a deadline of Friday last week – it was not met by most – so what has happened to you all ? – PLEASE POST ON YAMMER – Debasing Evil Naming Names in a word document.

WHAT RULES – THE DIVINITY THAT YOU ARE OR COMFORT ? – Perhaps listen to Sermon 9 – The Sermon of Truth and Energetic Truth – that was presented on Saturday it might inspire.

Cripes. I thought I had a somewhat excessive affection for CAPS LOCK – which I fully defend in the name of satirical hyperbole, BUT if you’re flogging love-ly-ness and gentle-ness and being beauty-full, you’d think you’d know when to lay off the thing.

And will someone answer our questions? Serge told the Charity Commission UM is a religion, not a business. He told the Echo it’s not a religion, it’s a business, and there’s no group and no followers – in contradiction to his followers’ stated association, beliefs and ideals. Now his EDG Messages have been rebranded as Ageless Wisdom® Sermons.


He’s an odd little munchkin, the UM puppet master. For months now we’ve been asking where he is. Now we know. He’s up to his usual tricks, and still hiding behind his bullying Brides, with password protection.

Does that mean you’re still the World’s Teacher, Sergio?

Or did you mean the underworld teacher all along?


24 Comments on “FUN with debasing evil”

  1. Darkly Venus says:

    Debasing evil is a HUGE internet leviathan of a site. The cult’s secret hate site has whole threads dedicated to the threat of Accountability and Facts. Eg. the UK INITIATIVE.

    It’s hardly a fair fight is it? Scores, or maybe hundreds of them, naked and armed with nothing but their ‘truth’, against a small number of active bunker staff with our arsenal of FACTS! Yes?

    Poor pets are UNDER SIEGE.

    • MacReady says:

      Under siege and under Serge. Who knew that a couple of mentally deranged people could pose such a formidable threat to the combined might of the sham-bolic Heirarchy, glory, light, true expression, lovely-ness etc? Then again, truth has a habit of destroying lies, and Serge’s esoteric empire is composed of nothing but lies.

  2. Drat, I meant to write a few lines about the cult’s web designers and developers Rebecca and Desiree AMAZINGLY having plenty of time to spend writing secret love blogs about Venus, when the cult’s official websites languish in the purgatory of ‘coming soon’. The EPA site, the Sound Foundation site and any number of cult front bizzinesses on the Naming Names page all ‘coming soon’ since before the dawn of the New Era of accountability.

    So where’s the financial disclosures for the Sound Foundation and College of UM bent charities and details of their charitable activities, hm? The EPA practitioner directory? Some disclosure of the curriculum courses and Esoteric healing courses with course outlines and a price list????



  3. E***** R****** says:

    Rebecca probably thinks this is heavy metal – which is SO much worse than promoting child abuse and touching up sexual abuse victims…

    Anyway it’s the bunker staff unwinding with one of our jam sessions.

    That’s Donut on drums, MacReady on keyboards, me on lead vocals and You Know Who in the plum coloured number.

    Princess usually plays tuba, but she had the night off to attend a harpsichord recital.

  4. From the Echo says:

    From the Echo article:

    “In a letter to Echonetdaily recently, Mr Benhayon has denied the group is a cult.

    ‘I run a business – there is no cult, no group and no members. As a client of Universal Medicine, the business, you choose to attend, you pay, you get the service and you leave, returning if you so choose to,’ he said.”

    Unless you’re an esoteric practitioner who chooses not to put in a bio. You have to promote Serge’s business or perish.

  5. rippleddonut says:

    Gosh, I have been busy haven’t I!! How ever I found the time to play the drums like that I cannot imagine.

    Busy spreading the word you see, Ear to the ground you see, Fingers in pies you see, Bullshit detectors set to red alert you see

  6. SubRosa says:

    O, boy…?! This is skin crawling creepy…

    They have a secret (covert) ‘ let’s go get them’ blog…? Seriously, this is reaching the point where some agency like the FBI should take note of what’s going on with these people.


  7. MacReady says:

    I bet Deborah is regretting not doing the right thing when she had the chance way back when. It must be sickening for her to constantly have to promote Serge’s lies, further embroiling herself in his labyrinth of criminality, knowing that the more she struggles the deeper she sinks; like a quick sand pit of lies. She should really consider stepping up to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. At this point she’s in so deep that she’s going to share in Serge’s eventual disgrace unless she gets out. Deborah, if you’re reading this, try to imagine the relief, the liberation that coming clean and telling the truth would bring to you. Could potential jail time be any worse than the emotional and psychological prison that you’re trapped in as a result of aligning yourself with Serge and covering for his rancid history of lies and wrongdoing? The longer you cover for him, the worse your own situation is going to get. You know it’s true, Deborah. He’s holding you back from your glory. From truth. Ponder on that.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Well, he’s doing that to all the members. But I hate to say it, like them, Deborah is convinced that there is a something to what he is preaching. He’s managed to keep her in through the lies, and make her a part of them going right back to his Evergreen Tennis days and before. This is where his power is- turning mountain sized lies and wrongdoings into a shared delusion- and she is a demonstration of that, along with Miranda, and perhaps the kids.

      The members prefer to accept the notion that he has a special connection with the truth than the more simple and obvious fact that he, like thousands of others like him, has invented a grandiose story bigger than his original lies and no matter what facts we throw at that their denial is so massive and so complete we cannot make a chink in it.

      I’d like to think Deborah, or Miranda would come clean, But I fear they are too far in. They’ve had to lie to themselves for far too long to justify their lives. They are way too invested, However, perhaps under pressure the truth will emerge. We’ll know in due course.

  8. susieQ says:

    Why the hell does this gutless bullying cult mob always have to hide?

    Huh what’s the fuss they know who we all are anyway from the HCCC complaints etc our names had to be on our complaints. BUT –
    Remember you UM lot we who have complained to these regulatory bodies have whistle blower protection and we are not gutless creeps, and we have nothing to hide, and no hidden agenda – we just want truth and justice to prevail and this ugly ugly activity of Serge Benhayon and all at Universal Medicine to be stopped and you all be called to account. That’s all.

    Another example of UM gutlessness is that those of us who have written to the HCCC – we all know that the responses back to the HCCC be they from $erge or Neil Ringe etc etc etc all have a special little note on them to say that we who have complained are not allowed to see the replies of these Cult people. Gutless wimps.

    I ask why?
    What has the cult got to hide?? (Rhertorical question)

    C’mon you lot at UM be you Dr’s/Dentists/Specialists/Educators etc you ALL of you have a conflict of interest at the very least and you are just bloody useless practitioners if you need the outlet of UM….I suppose it makes you extra money, make you feel good, keeps you in $B’s good books etc.

    Enjoy your time at the moment you evil lot in Vietnam at your Sergey retreat and your attempts at trying to mess with the heads of those lovely people the Vietnamese …. just so that you are able to exploit them. All for the love of Serge. I reckon that for all of you UM quack Doctors/Practitioners this is a tax benefited trip. Disgusting.

    If you were anywhere near worthy you would answer our questions openly here or in the courts, you can’t and you don’t because it is a $cam and you do not want to be caught.


    You would rather bully and try to shut all of us up, try to close us down, now the underhanded bullying of your own, UNBELIEVABLE! for your yammer site. You are so gutless and so so reprehensible. Hey it is all so so obvious.

    SubRosa is right it is a job for the FBI maybe they already know.

    To go to the lengths and loyalty you Umer’s go to…..except the courts, one does not need much of an imagination to work it all out.

    We have been through the site at “Con” very’s Lane you know the UM site where Serge’s think BIG BIG BIG $$$$$$$$$ plans are —–
    and the Goonellabah look like a Medical Centre with the name to con unsuspecting people – you know ‘Universal Medicine’ on Blue Hills Road….
    and the hypocritical Belle General store in Ballina looked after by a lot of the lie lie lie sisters…………………………………………………………..
    and soon we will be lucky enough to go to the UK…So Frome here we come.

    I am not at all religious but there is that old saying that says: “The mills of God grind slowly but they grind to a fine powder.” I really really hope that lawful justice will be dealt soon for the benefit of all of those hurting from in the past and in the present.

  9. La Métempsycose says:

    Why do they all persist in defending the indefensible? It beggars belief that a doctrine that castigates charities while receiving the benefits of being one , condemns the whole continent of Africa as a godless wilderness, promotes the wealth and well being of one family above all others,has, as its core tenet, the absurd belief that one man alone has access to a group of superior beings with infinite knowledge, casts aspirations on all other beliefs, ridicules Darwinism, burns books, etc. etc…. has any followers at all on the planet.
    By refusing to enter into a debate, by ignoring all criticism and adverse comment about their belief in a fantasy world of an eternal struggle for the domination of the universe between the Lords of Form and The Hierarchy , the students of UM are confirming to everyone who is not following this plastic shaman, that they are indeed in a cult . How much more factual evidence do they need to show them they have been duped by a cunning and manipulative egotist ?

    • MacReady says:

      At this point the most impressive justification any of them have been able to summon in defense of the indefensible is “I gave up drinking and it’s all thanks to Serge” or “I no longer listen to decent music and it’s all thanks to Serge” or “I no longer eat ice cream blah blah ad nauseum”.

      I hate to burst their cult-struck bubbles, but none of the changes (for better or worse) the followers have made are miraculous, apart from Serge convincing them that Michael Benhayon and Chris James’ music is anything other than the utter shit that it actually is. Giving up drinking is great, but does it make Serge a world teacher? Does it excuse his endless lies and extremely dubious past? Is it worth each follower funneling thousands of dollars a year into Serge’s bank accounts?

      Any positive changes resulting from UM are very simple lifestyle choices that could easily be implemented by anyone wanting to do so for free, and without the twisted, dogmatic belief system that Serge pumps into people’s heads at the cost of their sanity, social lives, family, wealth etc.

      Is the need to believe in this delusion so strong that the followers can’t recognize that they have been taken for a very expensive ride by a master conman and criminal? Apparently so. Now is the time for them to salvage whatever remains of their reputations,
      family relations and livelihoods and get out while they can. When Serge’s labyrinth of lies comes undone for the appropriate authorities to see – and it will – I can guarantee nobody wants to be associated with him or what he has done. Get out now, folks. Take back your lives while you still can or share in the utter disgrace of an absolute scumbag.

  10. Beloved of the cult says:

    We know you’re all hanging out for more leaks from Debasing Evil, but really if the thing ever sees day light, not a word of it will suprise any of our readers. It’s just a lot of ad hominem attacks on me, plus a lot of excuse making in response to my blog posts.

    They quote my comments on quotes from Serge’s writings and then come up with all the usual Esoteric obfuscatory waffle that the points I make are ‘sensationalist’ ‘cult spin’ and ‘fabricated lies’ and on and on. They don’t address the points I make or acknowledge the sick mind behind the original writings I quote. No one answers the questions.

    Anyway, a couple of little previews into that mindset:

    From Alison Greig:

    Hi all, There has been much work been going on in the background debasing the blogs – we are building the fire that will burn down the house where evil dwells…

    What came to me this morning as I read Rachel and Sandy’s second instalment [Debasing Esoteric Parenting Part 1 – one long guilt trip] is that we have such love to bring – for that is what Rachel and Sandy showed in their writing that it is pure love that carries us forward – not outrage – it is an expression that the truth will be told and FELT With love Alison

    From Desiree Delaloye:

    I just love the Debasing Evil 101 project, it is bringing out all our powerful expression that is so needed everywhere.

    All of which is a bonanza for Serge. So the cult members are not only preoccupied with their SergeCasts and Sergemons, stirring their pea and basil mush anti-clockwise, sitting on their symbols and lighting clearing candles, flailing around in true movement and reconnecting with their breasts, facebooking, truth blogging, living in fear of invisible entities etc. -but now he has them all focussed on yammering at me.

    The content of which is of no consequence at all – except that some of them should be very worried about admissions they’ve made on there.

    But the real dirt won’t be found on Yammer, and while the followers are falling over themselves pursuing me, the focus is distracted from Serge.

    I’ve said it before – keep your eyes on puppet master.

  11. All rightie, the bunker ethics and standards board has ordered a CORRECTION or RETRACTION of an allegation I made above. Otherwise he’ll refuse to take out the garbage again.

    So apparently I got my Rebecca clones mixed up, and the Rebecca that has falsely accused Venus of being a heavy metallist is Rebecca Poole – although it’s a bit hard to know if she originated that defamatory remark. Did she do the Google search of the ‘Darkly Venus’ tag all by herself? We’ll never know…

    And look, they all sound the same, they all dress the same, they write the same, they all have their copy checked by Andy, and they share the same limited range of ideas and whinges. Probably because they’re all operating on one shared brain cell – malnourished as it is.

    And gawd, how old are these people – that actually think heavy metal is worse than child abuse?? Where are we? Louisiana 1947? WTF?

    Anyway Rebecca (a suitable collective moniker for all the Brides of Serge, M & F), this isn’t heavy metal either, and it’s a modern example of METAPHOR.

    • D***** V**** says:

      Hm, reminiscent of your weekend recreations with your ex…

      And speaking of cradles of filth – how is it you suddenly feel the impress to write a blog post whenever it’s your turn to do the vacuuming?

      As for my pseudonym, or as the Echo called it, my ‘alias’ – it’s a ‘playful’ astrological reference to Pluto in trine to my natal retrograde Venus – with a tinge of Velvet Underground.

      No Rebecca, that’s not heavy metal either.

      It must be tough to go through one’s adult life with NO IMAGINATION – dependent on Serge’s psychopathological ‘impresses’.

      • And thanks for nothing to the cult once again – since Venus found out the cult submitted 150 separate complaints to the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission – and the ACCC thought them of such little consequence they didn’t even notify her – she’s been strutting around the bunker with her chest out like she owns the joint.


        I’m sure she’ll blog about it soon enough. We’ll never hear the end of it. Talk about a self-love affair 🙄

      • SubRosa says:

        Gosh, I Googled the lyrics of Darkly Venus….?! then, I went for the you – tube: I need a retreat right now. (Lol!)

        (Where did I get myself into, this time…?)

        At least I am still happy I outgrew Lou Rawles, a live …
        But that’s just my story.

        • SubRosa says:

          Sorry for the typo’s. The song really threw me off guard.

          Back to Lou…(Rawls)

        • Darkly Venus says:

          No one else apologizes for their typos, so why should you?

          Andy Baldwin mans the love blogs correcting all the comments so they all sound and look the same. Trust me the love bloggers’ spelling is as atrocious as their choice of guru. At least we’re real here.


          Well done with your hate blog prediction, Sub Rosa. We thought it was a laugh at the time, but seriously, the Brides are hanging on to my every word. It’s like having my own cult! Serge is fine with me stealing his followers, by the way – as long as they’re not asking him to account for himself. He drops in on the Yammer site to egg them on in focussing their passions on me – thanking them for their efforts and describing their ‘debasements’ as ‘evolving/Initiating’.

          And Donut, you think you were busy perfecting your drumming, how about getting the LOF into my dress…

          Also, prep yourselves for stacks of Esoteric revelations in the next little while. The ACCC stuff is hilarious! We received a tip off something was afoot in December but couldn’t get our heads around what they might be trying – the Yammer site confirmed it, and we’re in the process of getting some additional documentation…Cult lunacy at its best.

      • RJM says:

        I think Serge is the one pilfering ideas from heavy metals bands. Here’s a charming little ditty from UK doom-metal merchants, Esoteric.

  12. Anonymous says:

    ‘heavy metal’, not heard anyone use that expression outside of latvia since the late 90’s

  13. Lord of Form says:

    Here’s the salient point. The group, who say they are not a cult, now see the world is terms of black and white- Good and Evil. Them, and the rest of the world. Classic cult behaviour.

    So unconscious of this are they, they “love” ‘debasing’ evil because their mission of godliness is to eradicate all that is bad, according to them. They’ve even given up the word ‘pranic’ which was code for evil not so long ago. Now ‘evil’ is the new catchword since UM is a religion and Serge has gone from giving talks to Sermons.

    They sink ever deeper into the trap and Serge’s lies.

    Notice how we have “fabricated’ and ‘imposed’ lies, and they have “lived” truth. This relativistic version of ethics has a great plasticity so they can bend it around Serge’s contradictions and colossal porkies, and still make it work.

    It’s easy to get lost in the din of the stampede of the group frightened by the single lion(ess) creeping up on them, and forget that Serge is in the middle, cowering and hoping it all goes away so he can got on with his misguided but sociopathic mission of turning everyone into empathy-less clones of himself, for a hefty fee.

    Evil? Let’s not forget Serge says there is no such thing. He even explained how a murderer is helping out his victim with a karmic agreement via supernatural payback. How can having a conflicting view of UM be evil by comparison to that? It’s like Serge thinks killing is okay, but not agreeing with him is a mortal sin.

    And I think that tells us something.