The College of Universal Medicine – a self serving charity – guest post by the Lord of Form

Wikipedia says ‘Charitable giving is the act of giving money, goods or time to the unfortunate.’ According to our favourite anti-cult guerrilla, the Lord of Form, Sergio Reverso Benhayon ‘considers the act of charity in how he receives it, not how he gives it.’ On Planet Serge, charity is all about benefit to Serge. He says as much in the College’s publicity, and sadly, his followers will continue to give. And give.

By Guest Blogger, The Lord of Form

The other day on one of the group love blogs, Andie, the hapless Baldwin patriarch set about justifying his massive decade long investment in Serge’s wealth creation plan. Met with the usual dimwitted approval and suggestions to write a book , Andie, who has spent the better part of the last ten years not so secretly pissed off at how Serge rakes in it while they hand over their cash, rationalized his poverty inducing investments thusly: He had stopped buying alcohol. By adding up what he thinks he would have spent over that 10 years (probably exaggerated) and comparing to what he says he spent with Serge ($25,000!- most definitely conservatively estimated) he deduced he was million percent better off.

Not to mention hangovers. Hmmm. I worked that out by myself for about $4.50. Imagine the return on my investment? And that’s the thing, most of the stuff they bang on they have learned ( and Serge highlights as his success for six to eight-hundred people (?) ) anyone with some common sense and a little self motivation can and does do. I estimate that there are hundreds of thousands of Australians who have stopped drinking and decided to eat better without having to hand over $25K to Serge Benhayon. His argument is basically; ” I was too stupid to work it out for myself, so I stupidly handed over $25K to this guy who so wonderful we have to write blog posts about him. Nothing suss here folks.”

But, in reality he has spent a damn site more than $25,000. He paid for his wife and kids. Then there’s the constant visits to practitioners, treatments, food, music, products, books, music- ad nauseam. I’ll pick a figure of $150,000 Plus. That’s from one family.

Not a bad business for the philanthropic Serge Benhayon. Sarah Baldwin did once mention that Serge “sponsors” people to go to his courses. I thought that meant it was free, but I quickly learned that meant you pay him later. When you can. Charitable? I guess so, apparently he doesn’t charge interest. But I can’t be sure.

Point is, the members have to work out ways to justify their expenditure. Why else write a blog post long windedly explaining why giving your money to Serge is a good investment. He ends with “Thanks Serge (and Chris James?) for making me poor and giving you the proceeds of the sale of my property. I got to return to the workforce as a ‘retail assistant’ in my sixties, and you’ve got the unwarranted adulation of all my family’ Andie also moderates the love blogs, for free. Nice.

I cannot imagine Serge giving a cent away. I think he had a story going that he bought properties for patients to stay in while recuperating (from finding out they had an entity in their kidneys and they had been a rapist in their last ten lives). Most of the time the rooms in these houses are rented out dorm style (do the maths, better than renting the whole house) and apparently he throws the odd person a bone here and there. In business, that is called a loss leader. Give them something for “free” (nudge nudge) and then sell them something they don’t need when you’ve got their trust. (Wink wink- “why don’t I sponsor you for my next retreat. You look like you need it.”)

Now Serge has re-invented his whole enterprise as an “educational charity”. What a misnomer. Serge is anti-thought (thoughts are not your own), anti-education (university educated minds are resistant to the spherical truth) and anti-intellectual (the intellect is the lower mind).
What can he be possibly “educating” people on? His invented occult philosophy? How to leave your partner and family because they are holding you back from your glory? How to become so self-absorbed you don’t give a shit about anyone else except yourself. If that is his educational benchmark, then he has, I admit, succeeded.

Let me do some maths. A year or two back the number of students quoted by Serge and the members was 2000. Now they are saying 800 ish. I reckon that is about right. I think they get around $5000 on average from each of those hard core members per year for courses, treatments (at the clinic), events, and retreats. There is probably extras and this is not counting ‘donations’- that is $4M at least per year. He’s done better in the past, but that is still pretty good for a small town cult leader. He’s now trying to divert all that into the charity. Probably because its hard to tuck $4, 5 or 6 million a year in cash into crawl spaces, mattresses and fire proof safes behind fake walls. Plus it gets rid of tax burdens when you do declare it (even if all your companies and ABN’s are magically not registered for GST).

Hoping for a date with Princess

This is before Serge convinces people to bequeath estates, fund special building projects and give him large donations by using simple reverse psychology. “We only want you to give us donations in the right energy”. Aspirant: “Please Serge, take my last dollars and approve of my energetic integrity…pleaaaaaseee.” Who knows what that totals, but based on the anonymous (and not so anonymous) information that has come to us in the last two years it is very significant. It’s one reason why he likes older followers. He’s even thought of opening retirement homes so he can sell them a unit, then take their money with they die, then resell the unit. He’s been thinking about this one since 1990 by the way. Long before impressed himself with a blissful movement. Yes Serge, we know all. That’s the benefit of being a Lord of Form.

If you look at other charities what they do is this. They raise money, and they spend it. They attempt to keep their overhead to a small percentage of dollars raised so they can return the maximum to those requiring it. I’ve been giving money to a few charities for a long time (I know, utter illusion, energy of paedophilia, but can’t help it. I want the starving Africans to get fed and educated and for the ABC to be around next year) and they report to me regularly what is happening with the money I am giving them. You know, a graph, a pie chart, some facts and figures. According to the ever wise wikipedia, “Charitable giving is the act of giving money, goods or time to the unfortunate.”

How is CoUM a charity in any sense? The new, hastily built and somewhat laughable site is clearly a business venture dressed up. They are just selling their mega-kooky rebranded EDG courses, and even encouraging students to repeat courses because it is never the same (even if it is the same name and course. Their study material must be crap, or invented ad hoc) There are no free courses (even if that was charitable and not unusual mental torture) There is no program for looking after unfortunate people. There is nothing.

Instead, the charity is concerned with raising funds to improve a building on land held by Serge so he can run his paid courses there, and which will lease the premises back off him, as the owner. And he’s now convinced a handful of followers to present for free, increasing his returns. I think Serge gets confused about what a charity is. Take this line from the site/donations page. “To the College, a charitable donation cannot be truly charitable unless it serves the person making the donation, the charity itself, and the public all equally”. It’s classic Sergio-reverso. He considers the act of charity in how he receives it, not how he gives it. Love is hate, hate is love. Serving all is self-serving, and giving to his charity IS the act of charity. Full stop.

CoUM will never spend a cent helping anyone. In Serge’s demented vision he is propagating his new minted religion (a reviled word two years back with members) and getting his flock to pay him for the privilege. He’s pretty well running the charity like most churches do (and why they want the ACNC shut down) for his own benefit. His six to eight hundred followers may believe that his wacky occult crap means something, and that because they gave up the odd drink, cheese and a good shag they are now saved, but to everyone else it is just a big con. Just like everything else Serge has done.

And soon to be revealed.

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The tax exempt College of Universal Medicine – a hostile education

The tax exempt Universal Medicine College and Fiery Building Fund – donating to the Church of $erge

9 Comments on “The College of Universal Medicine – a self serving charity – guest post by the Lord of Form”

  1. MacReady says:

    I can hear the rusty, esoteric cogs creaking in Serge’s spherical lower-mind now, formulating an explanation riddled with dubious energetic integrity along the lines of:

    “Yes, but I am a world teacher and fifth-level initiate, sent from Sham-balla to serve all of humankind equally so. Therefore, every property investment, each Alpha Romeo purchased, every first-class flight taken, every hidden safe full of cash is in the name of one-unified truth, designed to initiate The Plan on Earth. Capitalism is evil and loveless, and every charity spart from mine is fraught with the energy of pedophilia. Forget this not.

    Yours in Atmic Service,

    The Forever Scammer”

  2. Good point.

    “To the College, a charitable donation cannot be truly charitable unless it serves the person making the donation, the charity itself, and the public all equally.”

    No legitimate charity on earth is set up to benefit the charity itself or the person making the donation. What horseshit.

    It’s Serge’s mind fuck supreme – emotionless, non pandering, self-loving choices supposedly rule out anything done for ‘recognition’.

    So why give to any charity? How does giving to the CoUM ‘serve the person making the donation’, when giving anything to anyone contradicts Serge’s teachings.

    Except the teachings where he asks the faithful to believe he’s an Ascended Master incarnate, and to give him their cash.

  3. Darkly Venus says:

    I don’t dream of UM much, but I had a dream the other night, after I wrote the post on CoUM, of a lecture room with a bunch of Serge’s suck hole professionals giving lectures. Eventually, little Serge showed up, but he didn’t intend to lecture. He’d shrunken further and was very pale. His face was freckled with pox. He looked like shit. The followers didn’t notice and were frothing with the usual blind adulation.

    Interpret that, Natalie.

    Regardless of the psychoanalysis of that, the dream indicated what is happening in reality. Sergio the ‘World’s Teacher, Fifth Degree Initiate, Ascended Master walking among us etc.’ is very very diminished, and has seriously lost his shine.

    The CoUM site does not mention the word ESOTERIC once. Why is that Serge?

    Is the College Esoteric or not?

    There’s no middle ground in UM, is there Serge? If it’s not Esoteric, it must be PRANIC 😮

    The CoUM site alludes to ‘Ageless Wisdom’ to replace anything Esoteric, but what is the Ageless Wisdom? Why no details?

    The site represents a shift in UM’s marketing. Serge and the Esoteric are going underground – for subscribers only – those who’ve undergone the cult conversion. Public image and recruitment is now taken care of by the cult’s health and other professionals. I’d say Serge the parasite was always gunning for that.

    However, Serge is not mentioned among the professional lecturers and presenters, yeah? His name is crap – He’s now notorious as a creepy, philistine, wack job cult leader.

    He’s ditched the Esoteric, because it has no cred and it’s now anathema to the expansion of his commerce.

    For public consumption and recruitment purposes, he’s relying on his brainwashed professional sycophants to provide the curriculum for the college, under a pretence of corporate packaging of ‘wellness education’. The occult shit won’t weather the new accountability rules and scrutiny.

    But the wellness curriculum is piss weak and hackneyed. The educators are not respected outside UM, because they’re fools, and Serge knows that the dependency and dread induced by the sordid occult brainwashing is the only way to maintain financial turnover.

    But it doesn’t have it’s pull anymore does it, Sergio?

    The other dream I had was months ago. Sergio had big, black, rotting tumours on his skinny little arms. He looked like he was dressed by Supre. Cheap, sick and rotten.

    He’s lost his power.

    • you know who says:

      I’m a little worried about your dreams folks.

      My interest is Serge’s new narrative about his past charitable activity. It’s quite see through. My guess is his copping heat from the ACNC and a related ATO poke around. So the cover story is that previous ill gotten booty was blown on philanthropic activities- all undocumented of course- but no doubt anecdotally supported by his loyal followers.

      It’s difficult for the ATO to be aware of cash, so I hope they have sat down with a calculator and done the maths. It’s certainly not hard to figure out Serge has been raking it in for at least 6 to 7 years, mostly flowing as cash into a non-GST registered series of entities. I think it’s then drained out to Uruguay, some safes, O/S with trips abroad, cash expenditure (we know what some of that is) and for a time the charity (before Serge realized it would come under scrutiny)

      It’s not just Serge in the firing line here. It is Deborah as she is the cash handler. Poor Deborah. 30 years of Serge’s crap and now standing in the firing line.

      Take a close look at the wording of the CoUM site and read between the lines. There is something going down.

      • There’s always something shifty going down on Planet Serge. What’s new?

        Regardless of the glowing testimonies from the zombie contingent, there’s still the problem that he’s done no charitable activity that can’t be seen as a business promotion for UM, and then there’s the unmistakable personal benefit to Serge Corp in the way the thing is set up.

        My dreams won’t be posted here – no deep prophetic significance.

        And they’re too dirty.

      • MacReady says:

        Deborah must be feeling a tad foolish about now. First, sleazy Sergio leaves her for a 13 year old. Then, he convinces her up stop slagging him off publicly as a sexual predator and join him in his new career as the Messiah from Scam-balla. Lastly, he convinces her to cook the books and generally operate in blatant disregard to Australian tax laws, all to his benefit. It must have been hard for her to state on the record that she “wouldn’t be here (with Serge and Miranda) if she didn’t think there was integrity”. Capitalism may be evil and loveless, but money sure talks on Planet Sergio.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        If you’re saying the new site is a desperate belated propaganda stunt by a stinking scam that’s found itself under the microscope – I would say you are right.

        Serge is probably pissing in his polyester pants.

        And he should be.

        • you know who says:

          Whatever I was saying I need to read it before I hit post. But you got the point point. I’d love to be a fly on the wall. Or maybe I am 😉

    • you know who says: