Holy Hogwash – Serge Benhayon’s grandiosity New Year 2012

Poor LeonardoSerge Benhayon’s New Year’s message for 2014 was a fizzer in comparison to the grandiose delusions of previous years. Probably because he didn’t write it. The thing presented on the Universal Medicine website looks more like damage control, botched together by a committee. Similarly, ever since media scrutiny of UM commenced, the World’s Teacher has pulled his funny looking head in, and refuses to grant interviews or speak publicly, beyond his entranced flock. So it’s with some nostalgia we listened to his 2012 New Year’s interview, recorded at the dawn of his much hyped ‘New Era’, when everything was going to get ‘better and better for those living a soul-full life’, and a lot worse for us loveless members of the Astral cult. Business was booming and the guru was only too happy to out himself as a first class nutter, broadcasting his omnipotent ‘intuition’ and writing off human life

The loony quotient of the 2012 interview was sky high, and we’ll organize some additional ravings on Esoteric SCIENCE into a follow up post, but for now we thought we’d focus on Benhayon’s demented misanthropy.

It’s the same hatred of humanity written into his 2012 Message published on the UM site, back when he unashamedly spewed out thousands of words at a time in attenuated paragraphs of confusional wackjobbery:

It is a very unfortunate human condition, brought about by the spirit’s penchant to make human life its divine definition, that we choose to not see the extent of the rot we live in. The ‘rot we live in’ meaning the whole race as one species living on the one planet as a one humanity. (Benhayon, S, 2012 New Era Message, p.27)

The broadcast begins with Serge hailing the New Year which coincides with the New Era, which heralds the launch of New SCIENCE that is concrete science and knowledge founded on the Ageless Wisdom®. He reckons that the SCIENCE is that energy precedes everything, and we can know ‘everything’ intuitively in an instant, and later extrapolates from that bit of insane hyperbole to justify his disendorsement of certain medications. Leading up to that was some nonsense about the world being under a certain magnetic pull for the next 50 years, which would bring about an ‘enormous adjustment’ for the planet and humanity. Accordingly, Serge felt he would need to adjust his delivery of his silly rants, and goes on to say that sometimes it’s about exposing the rot or making someone feel the irresponsibility, while at others it’s about delivering the absolute joy and love we have. His customers are lambasted with the rot if they haven’t been doing ‘the work’ (spending copious amounts on UM products and services, starving themselves on the non nutritionally based Esoteric diet, signing over bequests and donations, alienating and rejecting non subscribers, connecting at every moment with their breasts and anal sphincters, and separating their emotions from their feelings etc.) But because Serge is convinced none of his investors are ever ‘doing the work’ well enough, he makes sure they feel like crap while they think they’re aspiring to the joy and love of being a multi-millionaire fifth level initiate. He rubs it in when he goes on to say that whoever turns up to presentations is a ‘representative of all humanity’. Given Serge regards humanity as ‘rot’, his audiences invariably cop a dressing down.

We’re still waiting for any of the equal Sons of God to ascend to fifth level status, where they too can channel the Ageless Wisdom of the Ass-ended Masters into self published masterworks, and set up their own sham churches. Rowena Williams (now Rowena Stewart, EPA EU/UK company director) channelled the Messages from the Masters for a while, but notice Serge managed to copyright her readings to © Universal Medicine, lol, before he inevitably knocked her down a notch.

That’s because you can only achieve equality and simultaneous ascendence in future lifetimes, and only if you’ve done ‘the work’.

Pardon my Astral-ness.

Under a searing interrogation from Universal Law office manager Gayle Cue, the world’s teacher was asked whether his endorsement of ‘traditional’ (sic – read conventional) medicine may change in the New Era®:

There will be some drugs that I will be very outspoken about, in particular the drugs that numb people, that are in the sense of the anti-epileptic type of move that mental health has gone towards, so I’ll be a little bit more screening of my endorsement of conventional medicine. I’m still very pro surgery. I’m still very pro the procedures, excessive as they are today because of the legal medico way that medicine is practiced today. I will be a little bit more distinct in the way that I present on pharmaceuticals because there’s quite a few of them that won’t make it to what I would call part of what I endorse of conventional medicine that I used to have a wider umbrella for. (9 minute mark)

I wouldn’t be surprised if that quote from an unqualified dropkick who can barely form a coherent sentence, let alone use correct terminology, let alone portray himself as competent to ‘endorse’ pharmaceutial medications,  finds its way onto a NSW parliamentary document as part of the Inquiry in False and Misleading Health Related Information.

Questioned about his personal experience of the new era seeing Gayle Cue reckons he’s ‘operating on a different level than the rest of us’:

I don’t get any special advantages being part of, one of, the Hierarchy who is here incarnated…What gives me an advantage is what I’ve done for myself as a human being which has given me the initiations. I don’t, I don’t have any special gifts or anything like that. The intuition I’ve achieved as a human being, I’ve achieved it as a human being, not because I fell to earth and came with all the powers and gifts. I’ve achieved on my own. (10:45)

Yet, he also tells us he’s not a regular human being:

The human being has been taught to understand things in the mind first, so I write in a way that deconstructs the way in which we’ve been educated, because it locks you up into thinking that all you need to know or all you do know is in the mind, whereas I know more than any scientist in my inner heart. In my inner heart I know everything about the universe and how it works. But I may not know the formulas, but everything I know is relative to life. And that is the greatest knowing because that’s what we do, we live. So there’s no point knowing about space if it doesn’t relate to life. So intuition is always based on life. So I can answer any question about any mystery in the world, any mystery in the universe, but my question, my answers will always relate to life and that’s how the intuition works. (20:30)

Specifically, he shows us how his ‘answers’ and his intuition relate to the end of life, and we’d be inclined to agree Benhayon’s understanding is out of his mind. For example, he tells us the number nine is the number of death:

Number 9 is about ending everything that doesn’t work, that doesn’t relate to being divine. It’s also been called the number of the beast… the word beast means the spirit, the aspect that’s separated from the soul to become beastly, in other words to become human, to join the animal kingdom, to derive its new body from the animal kingdom and to make itself a carcass or a incarnation so to speak, so 9 is the actual number of the beast. If you use the numbers triple six which has been accorded to the devil and satan and so forth, and you understand the laws of numerology and you add three sixes it comes to 18. If you, um, add one and eight that comes to nine, so it is in fact the number of the beast. But you need to understand what the beast means, and the beast is simply that the wayward aspect that’s separated from soul and lost its way so much so that it even created for itself a beastly body, in other words, an animal, and in that existence, the beast or the spirit has been lost ever since, so life on earth is actually about the ending of the that cycle, the ending of separation with that soul, so planet earth is actually a nine cycle. It’s about actually re, um, finishing the life of the spirit in separation…we were not ever supposed to enter earth, the earth realm as a living quarter, as a living realm. That was the spirit that decided from the etheric plane to enter the physical life…Whereas on the Astral plane that cycle is an eight because the it’s about the spirit returning to soul, but the spirit descended further into the beastly body. We are here to arrest the beastly body. (49:10)

So for those paying attention, Serge either endorses or deigns not to endorse certain pharmaceutical medications, not because he has any qualifications, but because he knows more than any scientist in his inner heart. It’s the same intuition that has ‘given him the initiations’ to be able to tell us nine is the number of death – ‘humanity living as one on the planet is rot’, the human body is a carcass and human life is a mistake, so hurry up and die already. The same recording also talks about the energetically responsible use of money, and how that benefits kidney energy and the life force – the same language he uses when he’s soliciting bequests. Therefore, by his own spherical logic, when Serge peddles ‘health’ services and disendorses medications, it’s because his dead inner heart tells him we are here to become extinct.

He’s here to get rich.

Promoted and endorsed by lawyers, psychologists and doctors.

11 Comments on “Holy Hogwash – Serge Benhayon’s grandiosity New Year 2012”

  1. If Serge’s quotes are difficult to read, blame him. I promise there’s no typos in that lot. Listen for yourselves.

    Next, can anyone confirm that Rowena Williams became Rowena Stewart – EPA EU/UK Company director?

    Does anyone know what happened to her hotline to the Ascended Masters – apart from the Master incarnate getting his jocks in a knot over her stealing his thunder?

  2. rippleddonut says:

    Yes that’s the same Rowena. They got married a couple of years ago, so she’s now Rowena Stewart. Found a link for some nonsense they were doing together in 2005, shows her maiden name and association with Jonathan.


    • Darkly Venus says:

      Thanks donut.

      We can’t underestimate the Esoteric POWER of Serge dishing out important sounding titles to reward his most faithful parasites – especially if their commitment is beginning to waver. So Rowena goes from channelling the Ascended Masters (coincidentally in exactly the same language used in Alice Bailey’s books) to suddenly NOT, and to training in EBM only to have Sara Williams grab the UK monopoly on that rubbish, but then Rowena gets a company directorship of the EPA EU/UK. Her very bright husband, Jonathan is also a director. He thinks earthquakes are caused by consumption of dairy and sugar.

      Similarly RMRC was set up to make a bunch of exceedingly ordinary culties feel important, occupying themselves with devising lengthy submissions to ACMA telling it how to regulate news orgs, while sending their kids to cop an exorcism from Sergio the bullshitter.

      Deborah Benhayon, Jenny Ellis and Desiree Delaloye are keeping mum on a lot of dirt in exchange for their positions in the hierarchy, yes?

      Wait until it all comes out, and not just via a few little leaks.

  3. Achtung says:

    If anyone has any other material – audio or other – where Serge is talking about pharmaceutical medications and what drugs are okay or not okay to take, please contact the blogs. If anyone heard him do so at events or in his treatment room, please let us know, especially if he talked about specific medications, including drugs for depression, psychosis, schizophrenia, or chemotherapy drugs. Or report it to the HCCC. Thanks.

  4. Lord of Form says:

    Yeah, the 2012 New Era message is my fave. In contradiction to Marianna Masiorski’s insistence that Serge has no ego (in a pandering post on the love blogs about how she checked him out and found the perfect man) while Serge talks about how he has perfect numerology, knows everything, is an expert in medicine and pharmacology and how scientists know less than his left foot.

    Basically how he is king shit- delivered in his inimitable style that somehow confounds his sycophantic followers that he is without hubris and the most truthful man to have existed, all while inventing monstrous lies and with an ego the size of Mount Kilimanjaro- which by the way is located in Africa where humans did not evolve from. Or so he says, so it must be right.

    I am still in awe how any body can get sucked into this stuff. It’s somewhere between morbid fascination and utter astonishment. But it keeps me motivated. I really want to see the smug smirk wiped off his gaunt face.

    • We’ll be adding that to the next hogwash post as a bonus lol.

      And look, he reckons ‘we’re here to arrest the beastly body’ etc. I don’t know about you lot, but I’m here to embrace it. As many as possible in fact 😉

      • SubRosa says:

        Aah, we’re getting to the facts on Pranic Princess? Awesome!!!
        Hope there comes a naming names page…? (Lol)

        My favourite part of the 2012 revelations is when Gayle Cue asks Serge about his ‘thing’ for Pinochio: he has a small Pinochio statue in the hall of his main UniMed centre. He answered with a typical 5 sentences, saying nothing, Serge reply; which doped me down enough, to forget what the answer exactly was. However, most interesting question in the complete interview, IMO.

        • 😀 Wall of Fame, baby!

          And yes, we’ll do a little psychoanalysis of Pinocchio sitting in the UM clinic in the next hogwash post. Just wait. It didn’t make it into this one. We’ll be looking forward to your comment.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        He talks about the beastly body as if it’s a bad thing.

        Schmuckio has quite a resumé, yes? Wowser AND pervert.

      • MacReady says:

        Let’s take some of Pinocchio’s personality traits into consideration:

        “a puppet who dreamed of becoming a real boy”

        Much like someone enslaved to a narcissistic ego who is unable to empathize with others, so who acts like he cares for people to function in society, perhaps?

        “…a character who is prone to telling lies and fabricating stories for various reasons”

        Sounds like someone we know, doesn’t it?

        “In…the original tale, Pinocchio exhibits obnoxious, bratty and selfish traits”

        There’s possibly more disturbing reasons, but I think it’s obvious why Serge is drawn to Pinocchio. I’d wager that a qualified psychoanalyst would have a field day with this.