Serge Benhayon’s New Year’s Message for 2014 – disappointingly dilute wackjobbery

Sergio the Bullshitter has posted his 2014 New Year’s Message and my goodness how watered down it is compared with previous years – no catastrophes, no Esoteric fire and brimstone or threats of disease, little detectable misanthropy, and um, little else to remark on.

funny-pictures-sky-fell-on-catI know we aren’t supposed to be blogging until well into the New Year, but sometimes it’s nice to have it confirmed our exposure is making an impact on the Universal Medicine cult juggernaut of lies. Judging from the desperation of the Christmas harassment from the Brides of Serge, to Serge’s feeble latest New Year’s ramble, it’s clear the cult has lost its bluster, and Serge the omnipotent – he who knows more than any scientist in his inner heart as the voice from heaven for our times – appears to be losing his nerve.

It’s like Sergio has written the thing conscious that he’s being critiqued. Perhaps he appointed a competent editor and allowed them to modify his random syntax. Gone are the long long paragraphs, the medical and environmental catatastrophizing, the indistinct prophecies of his mythical, paranoia filled ‘New Era’ that didn’t happen and the hatred of humanity a la this from 2012:

It is a very unfortunate human condition, brought about by the spirit’s penchant to make human life its divine definition, that we choose to not see the extent of the rot we live in. The ‘rot we live in’ meaning the whole race as one species living on the one planet as a one humanity…
Delaying the inevitable that we will return to being the Divine beings we are originally, and still are, will only incur greater forces of resistance. It is these forces that cause our illness and disease and, what we call, rightly or wrongly, ‘climate change’… rightly because it has indeed changed and wrongly because we do not choose to see its real causes – us, in resistance to our Divine truth that causes the planet to correct the mass of ill energy we place upon it.
The New Era is a cycle that will give us the greatest pull back to who we truly are. It will do this more than in any other cycle before this time.

Or this kind of mad bullshit from 2011:

The Hierarchy, led by the Christ in Buddha have delivered every bit and ounce of truth they have expressed since 1999 and all that was said beforehand has come to full fruition leading to that point where the Reappearance occurred in late 1999. Since the year 2000, when the Second Coming occurred, and thus the new Christ light upon the Earth was released, much has been changing … If one were to not …sit with or contemplate what has been here read thus far, one will have before them much by way of explanation as to what has been taking place on a worldwide basis, specifically, in regards to the inordinate growth of illness and disease, the tale-telling weather patterns, Earth’s responses and the obvious ill behavioural manner that have most in excess denial and reaction to life’s truths … ’truths’ that cannot be ignored…

Can the world not see that nothing has ever worked but love? Why espouse or preach tolerance for example, when love is the only form of unification that is eternal?…
The human race has extensively tried everything else and, what cannot be ignored is the fact that human history is a testimony of everything that is not love in clear and irrefutable contrast to that which is or has been true love. And with such overwhelming evidence, a historically long line of clear and undeniable evidence of war-mongering, killing, raping, paedophilia and religious and or nationalistic bickering not to mention the micro versions of that lovelessness as in domestic violence down to the very personal and individualised versions of constant self-abuse through drugs, alcohol and food that cannot be denied or cast aside, and thus — why not make [emotionless] love the only self-purpose and thus the only outward purpose in life?

With a monumental list of irrefutable historically long evidence of how not being love or loving results in suffering, cruelty, misery and the grand illusion of ‘doing good’ that does not work because it is void of true love —–
should we not then make it all about love and nothing but [emotionless] love from this point onward?..
If illness and disease are on the rise and rise, if violence is escalating and not declining, if more extreme behaviour is on the increase and, if the planet is showing us such unsettling weather patterns and all of it is taking place in a world where it can be said that everything is energy, should we not ask — what is energetically going on and how are we energetically living?

Except when you remove the ‘everything is energy’ pseudoscience, loony paranoia and doomsday balderdash, as Sergio has done for this year’s message, all that’s left is a bit of unfocussed spherical silliness about nothing, with nothing worth quoting and nothing worth knowing. Not much value for money there, which is nothing new, but why bother?

Seeing Serge has built his industry of abuse on frightening crap out of his covertly hypnotized customers – he’ll struggle to keep them dependent on his Esoteric healing if he fails to induce the necessary level of dread.

However, we can’t picture him or his degenerate hierarchy genuinely going straight. Their attempts to appear less fundamentalist and more transparent are a public charade. He and his legion of parasitic enablers will keep up the doom, the exploitation, the paranoia and the threats, disguised as love and soul-fullness, behind closed doors – albeit to dwindling numbers of victims.

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  1. Now just because we’ve blogged when we said we wouldn’t, it doesn’t mean the Meme Comp is closed. Entries have slowed but keep them coming. Lord knows the cult provides enough material to lampoon.

  2. Darkly Venus says:

    I imagine Serge is scheduled to broadcast his Christmas message on cult radio tomorrow morning as he has most years on January 1.

    Now wouldn’t it be something if interviewer, Gayle Cue, dropped the sycophancy and asked the Prince of Pisstakes some honest questions.

    How long has he had a sexual relationship with Miranda?

    Why is it necessary for him to touch the genitals of sexual abuse victims?

    How much money does he still owe his creditors dating back to the 90s?

    How did he get a working with children certificate? And how does he still have it?

    Why do cult members send their adolescent daughters to stay in his home?


    • you know who says:

      …dating back to the 80’s actually.

      I had a flick through one of his volumes yesterday and it still has the same effect on me- Incredulity that anyone can read his ramblings and not want to tear their hair out at the utter stupidity of it.

      I came across so many passages where he transparently is head-fucking. Each one is followed with “God is love and love is god” or some nonsense to nullify the effect of the preceding head fuck and throw readers off the trail of where he is really taking them. He was predicting the end of the world as we know it in 2012 but that seems to have been forgotten. Or maybe he’s transmuted that into a metaphor, just like his Leonardo incarnation. A ‘joke/allusion’ to make a point….

      This new year ramble is certainly sanitized for more general consumption which does show some self awareness. Or manipulation. It’s still inane rubbish based on false assumptions, but then the whole edifice is. Him personally and his bullshit called Ancient Wisdom.

      Here’s a prediction for you Serge. 2014 is the year that the world as you know it will end. Your bullshit is finally going to catch up with you and you’ll be brought to justice by the proper authorities. Enjoy.

  3. MacReady says:

    Spherical = going around in circles, in the case of Serge’s muddled musings, never having a point.

    I imagine the more outré “revelations” involving specific details of the Heirarchy’s plans for the New Era are being saved for private communications amongst the inner circle, or unveiled at events where a bit of trance-inducing meditation serves as an entree. Because Serge has absolutely nothing to hide, and he is willing to debate his teachings with anyone on the planet.

    • W. Harper says:

      I predict 2014 is going to be a very enlightening year. To Venus, thank you for your tireless work. It is much appreciated.

  4. you know who says:

    I just read his message. What the fuck is he on? It makes no sense at all. It is thousands of words with no point at all unless it is designed to confuse, then it is fantastically successful. I can’t believe a just wasted six minutes reading it. Serge owes me for that time now. Bastard.

  5. Lord of Form says:

    Check out his “plot points”- the merged messiah’s and the subtext that it is he who is the new messiah.. Note ‘late 1999’ there was a “reappearance”- the second coming. Right about when Serge was having his shit-full epiphany. Talk about self aggrandizement.

    “The Hierarchy, led by the Christ in Buddha have delivered every bit and ounce of truth they have expressed since 1999 and all that was said beforehand has come to full fruition leading to that point where the Reappearance occurred in late 1999. Since the year 2000, when the Second Coming occurred, and thus the new Christ light upon the Earth was released, much has been changing…”

    He’s not so bold now is he? We should put on that list of questions: Yes or no answer. Are you the ‘energy’ of the new christ in the new era?

    I know this is what a lot of the members tacitly believe. The diametric opposite of the truth, in-truth.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      There’s no occult, second coming, doomsday horseshit at all this year – not even spherically. No narcissism (?)

      It’s obviously written in damage control and chastened by the public scrutiny.

      Bets are on SERGE DIDN’T WRITE IT.

      It’s such a big departure from his usual overblown hubris and blatant messiah complex. Or if he did write it, it was some random bit of shit, and not intended as a message heralding the 2014 ‘new era’ where UM continues its slide down the gurgler. One or more of the Brides has cleaned it up and thrown it onto the internet to make it look like business as usual. Yes?

      I’ve read his crap for over a year now, and that’s not Serge’s style.

      Anyone know if the New Year interview went ahead? I’ll be listening with interest and giving my two cents.

      Lord knows when we give our two cents, the cult jumps, lol.

  6. Darkly Venus says:

    Some other noticeable changes in the cult’s public posturings of late:

    They copped some bad publicity in relation to the UK Charity Commission hitting the Sound Foundation with a compliance plan.

    Did they bomb the Third Sector with Esoteric hyperventilatons about a smear campaign? Did Eunice write another million words of apologism? Was the UM site pasted with outraged articles written by cartel members?


    Remember the big damage control melee after the Medical Observer and SMH first outed them?

    The mens health, psychological well-being and self care in health care conferences went tits up. They probably attracted no new victims, and RMRC et al found a bunch of doors slamming in their smug faces – a la Medicare locals and other groups removing the promotions of the conferences from their websites, and Bond University turfing them out. I also imagine they were asked some uncomfortable questions by local media when they tried to get publicity.

    Again, don’t blame us, Sarah, Desiree & Rebecca et al. All the above interest groups were responding to referenced textual material and images we sent them showing the UM philosophy and practices the cult studiously avoids making public. They were responding to the evidence provided. Not to me. They don’t know me from a bar of soap.

    Anyway, RMRC tries to bullshit on their site that the men’s health Eso-castration drive was a ‘big success’. ABC radio Brisbane was very interested to hear they’d run a radio interview with a bunch of cult recruiters, and I’ve already notified them of the next event. I daresay anything or anyone UM related won’t be welcome back.

    Not a word anywhere on the propaganda pages gloating about the ‘success’ of the other CONferences.

    And we’ve seen the cult attempt partial transparency by belatedly publicizing the conferences’ connection with Benhayon and UM. I congratulate them on that much, but it’s still insufficient. Naming the connection backfired because UM’s name is shit.

    The Brides of Serge recent demands to have all references to them removed from these blogs is proof UM’s reputation is on the nose – but they’re trying to blame us rather than their own dodgey operations.

    We’re just the messengers, duckies. All we’ve done is unearth the facts the cult tries to conceal – and there’s more to come. Truth is, if Sergio had operated his business transparently, ethically and accountably from the outset, he’d be about as successful as he was before his bankruptcy. That’s hypothetical, by the way, because he’s incapable of attempting to earn a living honestly.

    The only way UM was able to expand the way it has is via underhandedness and by attempting to intimidate critics.

    They can keep trying to intimidate us, but the horse has bolted. And as more facts come to light – the worst is yet to come – their tenuous position only weakens.

    And W. Harper, thanks.

  7. MacReady says:

    How I Was Seduced By A Narcissistic Misanthrope or: The Way A Cult Leader Rubs Words Off A Whiteboard Says More About Him Than The Fact That Those Words Were Utter Bullshit.

    • Yeah, Serge the fifth degree initiate with a hotline to the hierarchy and the One Unified Truth® is ‘ordinary’. He was especially ordinary when he channeled the Living Sutras of the Hierarchy in six different fonts. No doubt the Hierarchy told him to only pay his longstanding creditors if he ‘feels to’.

      Have you noticed the cult members now put their blog authorship at the bottom of the blog rather than at the top? Having your name anywhere near UM is ‘damaging’ to your reputation. Rebecca, Sarah, Desiree and Marianna say so – due to the injurious falsehoods of their dodgey practices, therapeutic claims and intransparent operations.

      Notice Rebecca didn’t release the stats for the truth blogs. Their pageviews aren’t augmented by porn searches like Women in Lyingness is why. And the public’s appetite for bullshit propaganda tends to wear thin – particularly with the mind numbing repetition. Even the cult members are switching off. But as long as they write self-loving soft porn, they’ll continue to get the hits – from 128 countries.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Yes, she described classic recruitment techniques. It’s interesting how they see what they want to see. I have met Serge and been to a presentation, and sat outside a few others. I have always detected hubris, anxiety and arrogance off the spectrum- but admittedly masked by a facade of harmlessness; most of the time that is. No doubt I have been face to face more times with Serge than most members, and I did and can see right through his act. I’ve tested his honesty, which he’s failed. I’ve been aware he was cold reading, and tricked him, and I’ve used my own sales techniques on him to get him saying what I wanted, which he did.
      He’s the real deal all right. But not the real deal! that Simone thinks.

  8. Submissions close date has been extended for:
    “The Promotion of False or Misleading Health-Related Information or Practices (Inquiry)”

    Call for submissions: 30 Oct 2013
    Submissions close: 7 Feb 2014

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Thanks for that Feline.

      I’m going to submit some more material on how the HCCC has accepted false information from Serge and Miranda Benhayon in response to a complaint about them. For example, Serge told the HCCC he has a current working with children certificate, and the HCCC didn’t check. I did and he doesn’t. We’ve asked for an explanation from the Commission, and we’ll be making that issue part of our submission on how the HCCC has failed to act on clear evidence of misconduct.

      I’ll blog about it soon, but suffice to say giving false or misleading information to the HCCC is an offence under NSW law.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        He won’t pass. Not a chance. I’ll blog about it and an assortment of other blatant lies to the authorities soon.

      • Lord of Form says:

        Serge telling is lie??? No way, that is not possible. He is man of utter integrity. Or as I was recently told “his record is clean”

        Well we know that Serge never tells one things straight. Ever. It’s all one big monstrous lie encrusted with thousands of smaller ones. A big polished turd that somehow the students eat up without gagging.

        I am thinking there is two pages need. Serge’s lies and a wall of Shame for members who have sinned in the name of Serge. Like a brief snapshot for a newcomer to see what idiocy is contained herein.

      • All right pushy people, in response to an outcry calling for a cult wall of shame, I put the Naming Names page on steroids and added some biographical material alongside the resumés of the major parasites.

        If anyone has the time and energy to improve on that, and organize the biggest suckholes onto one page, please be my guest.

        I’m busy with regulatory matters. Don’t ask Princess, she’s learning how to ride a longboard.

  9. you know who says:

    This about sums up the brainpower of the UM “community” and the sort of spherical reasoning their master employs. I particularly like the medieval, but nicely allegorical version of quelling critical thinking it opens with.

    • you know who says:

      We’re the witch BTW.

      • Speak for yourself.

        And the medieval rabble are more intelligent than UMers. They’re not superstitious about potatoes for a start, and wacking oneself in the mug with a plank of wood is still better for one’s wellbeing than investing in Benhayon’s bullshit.