Esoteric Slander: the Universal Medicine cult psychologists on the defensive


The Universal Medicine cult persists in telling its followers they’re taking legal action against me, but in spite of the group’s wealth, numbers and dedicated and oh so competent legal team, they have not. They’ve tried just about anything else to bully me and shut me down, having the UK and Australian URLs of my Blogger blog censored without a court order, followed by false copyright and trademark infringement complaints, and a false complaint of stalking by the Mystic dentist. No one has denied my accounts of my experiences with Benhayon, and no one answers our questions about the cult’s secretive practices and their messiah’s inexcusable behaviour. The latest lowly attack comes from the cult psychologists, Marianna Masiorski, Brendan Mooney and Caroline Raphael, who made a complaint to the Australian Healthcare Practitioner Regulatory Authority, with whom I’m a registered practitioner, about my ‘conduct’.

Just over a year ago I made public my accounts of the sleazy ovarian reading cult leader, Serge Benhayon, tried on me in his treatment room, as well as my experience of the damaging exorcistic hijinks at a Sacred Esoteric Healing Workshop in 2005. Knowing Benhayon’s bizarre and predatory behaviour, I was alarmed to learn UM had spread internationally and gathered a following of mostly women. I have worked to expose Benhayon’s toxic doctrines and practices, and I have reserved special criticism and exposure for the registered health professionals who enable and promote his contemptible enterprise. Masiorski, Raphael and Mooney deserve everything they get when they endorse the inappropriate touching of sexual abuse victims and the abhorrent Esoteric Psychology, complete with Benhayon’s entity possession and exorcism roadshow.

Esoteric slander and harassment

Masiorski, Mooney and Raphael’s complaint about me to AHPRA is an unsurprisingly unfocussed series of whinges. They haven’t cited any breaches of my professional code of conduct, haven’t named any patients affected or how my criticisms of their public promotion of a sexual predator and scam artist impact my care of patients. Their initial defensive missal to the HCCC cites ‘slander and harassment’, but when passed through the reality tester translator it comes out as ‘standing up to a bullying multi million dollar death cult, criticizing inexcusable unprofessional behaviour, and sticking up for victims’.

AHPRA hasn’t made a ruling on the complaints yet. They have asked for my response. I replied that AHPRA is not the authority to try alleged defamation claims, and my criticisms of the psychologists’ public promotions are not related to my professional practice.

Nonetheless, the complaints put forward by these three belong on the internet for the public to judge the calibre of Universal Medicine’s affiliated health professionals.

Note that the first whinge was written soon after Princess criticized Masiorski’s disgraceful targeting of depressed people.

6 June 2013

Dear Sirs,

Re: Ongoing Harassment and Slander

We  are  a group  of  three  qualified   psychologists  who  are writing   to  alert  you  to  serious allegations  that  have been threatened   to  be made against  us, to agencies or  bodies who regulate  our  professional  practice.  In particular,  we  have been  informed   that  complaints may be made, or may have been made, to the HCCC,APSand AHPRA.

All of the alleged complaints  and accusations are false, and we have been most surprised to read of them  on internet  blogsites associated with  a hate campaign that  now appears to be targeting  us.

Our background

We write  to  you  as dedicated  practitioners   committed   to  providing  the  best care for  our clients, and with the support  of our many clients and colleagues behind us.

Caroline  Raphael has been  working  as a Psychologist  since 2000.   She has worked  for  a number  of  highly accredited  organisations,  including  Kids Help Line, Relationship  Australia and the  Federal Government  program,  Reconnect.  She is now currently  self-employed  in a very successful private  practice  where she is highly  sought  after,  having clients  both  from around  Australia  and internationally. 

All of whom are cult members.

Caroline has done no advertising,  her reputation  and high quality  of service precedes  her, and all her referrals  come from  local GP’s and client endorsements.     During  her working  career  she has gained  a reputation   for  being  highly committed   to  her  profession,  constantly   developing  herself  so that  she can continue  to provide  the best quality  of service for  her clients, as well as for the many psychologists that regularly  use her for their  professional  development.   During her 13 years as a Psychologist Caroline has shown nothing  but professionalism,  dedication  and true  care for  her clients, as she does for all members of society.

The resumés, self promotion and eyelash fluttering of the other two can be read in the full document. We won’t bore you with it here, except to remind readers that the other complainant, Brendan Mooney presented an extremely poor argument on the propaganda sites denying Universal Medicine is a cult.

Baseless threats

The purpose  of  this  letter  is to  inform  you  about  a baseless threat  by two  individuals  to report  us as practitioners   to  the  HCCC,AHPRA and the  APS. As yet we  are unsure  if this threat   has been  followed   through   and  any  complaint   lodged.  However,  as responsible practitioners   we wished  to  inform  you that an allegation  may be, or may have been made against us. The entire  basis of this threat  appears to  be simply  due to  our association  with an organisation called Universal  Medicine.  You would  have heard of Universal Medicine,  as to  the  best  of  our  knowledge  at  least  9 complaints   have  been  reported  to  the  HCCC in regards to Universal Medicine,  its practitioners  and associated professionals;  all of which we understand  have been dismissed by the HCCC. It is our understanding  that these complaints have been lodged by the same one or two  people.

The complainants

Since mid  last year,  we  have become  aware  that  two  individuals  involved  in an ongoing harassment  and smear campaign  have set up ‘hate’  blogs designed to  denigrate Universal Medicine  and any person  associated with  this  organisation. One of these  individuals  uses several  pseudonyms  on  the  blogs which makes  it  appear  as though there   are  multiple people  commenting   on the  blog sites. We are of the  understanding  that  the  name of this individual   is  [ ], and that   he  is the  main  leader  of  the   harassment and slander campaign. The  other   individual   uses the  pseudonym   ‘Venus  Darkly,  among other  pseudonyms. We are of the  understanding  that  the  name of this individual  is [ ]. [ ] declares  herself  to  be  the  author   of  the  main  ‘hate’   blog  in  a defamatory   ‘press kit’ that  these  two  individuals  supply  to  the  press, government   bodies and  politicians.  Marianna,   Brendan  and  Caroline  are the  latest  professionals targeted  in [  ]   and  [ ]’s  campaign  and these two  individuals  have declared  on [ ]’s  blog  a that  they  have  or will  be complaining  about  us to the HCCC, APS and AHPRA.


It is worth  noting  that  these  two  individuals  have been asked by various  online  forums  to cease posting  aggressive, abusive,  and  derogatory   remarks  as written   on  their  blogs.  In addition, Google has removed  several of their blog sites from  Google platforms,  because of their  defamatory  nature.

Take a gentle breath Marianna. Google removed UK and Australian URLs from the Blogger platform without a court order because the cult told them they were taking defamation action against me. The legality of those removals is under question. The blog site is still on the Google platform in the US, but I suspended most of the posts so as not to diffuse pageviews.

I moved the allegedly defamatory material to the WordPress Accountability site, and I’ve added a lot more evidence and exposure, and no one has come after me for defamation.


And which online forums asked us to cease posting, dear? Are you referring to the UM ‘truth’ sites? No one has asked us anything. No one has attempted discussion with us. No one answers the questions either.

In  complaints  to  the  HCCC, we   understand  that  these individuals  attempted  to  be anonymous,  initially,  but their  complaints  were  not acted upon.

They weren’t acted upon because I didn’t name patients. I wouldn’t rely on Serge for your information, darling.

It’s our understanding  that [ ] then  used her name on the series of complaints against Universal  Medicine, but she has not come forth in public to put her name to the many vitriolic  statements  she has published about Universal Medicine and any associated professionals online.

We  are  no  less than  astonished that  these  individuals,  who  have  never  attended   our clinical   practices,   have  no  personal   knowledge  of  our  work,   have not  received  any treatment   from  us nor even met us personally, would  lodge a complaint  about  us to HCCC, APS and  or AHPRA.

We  see  this  activity   as  an  organised   criminal   attack   (by  virtue   of  the  fact  that   it  is harassment)  solely aimed to destroy the  reputation   of responsible members within society.

Call the police, Marianna. Criticism of your public promotions of a toxic scam isn’t harassment or a crime, and neither is making official complaints, or attempting to do something to protect patients. Statements are only slanderous or defamatory if they can be proven false. If you’re worried about destroying your reputation, you’re doing a good job of that yourself.

If any complaint has been  received against us, we offer our full cooperation with any process initiated by any of your agencies. We have nothing to hide, and we invite you to investigate us in full, according to your normal processes. We completely support the need for professional bodies and regulators to ensure the  standards associated with  professional practice, and  health care,  are  upheld.  We  have  always  and  continue   to  abide  by  the Australian  Psychological  Society  Code of  Ethics  and  Conduct  as well  as choosing  to  be members  of  the  Esoteric  Practitioners   Association  (EPA) and  the  very  high  standards  of integrity and professionalism  required by that Code. Members of the EPA  are insured through  Australia’s  largest natural  therapies  insurance  broker,  OAMPS and the  EPA is considered to have the highest level of code of ethics and conduct guidelines  in the world.

We  urge you to  treat  with  great  caution  any complaints  received  by your  organisation   in connection  with  the above. Complaints  may come under the name of [ ] and or [ ], among others. Regardless of what  complaints  may have been or may be lodged against us, we will  continue  to  uphold  our integrity  as people within  society and as professionals.

Should you require  any further  information   from  us, please do not hesitate to contact  us.

With warm  regards,

Caroline Raphael

(Registered Psychologist) BPsych MAPS

Marianna  Masiorski

(Registered Psychologist) BPsych (Hons) MAPS

 Brendan Mooney

 (Registered Psychologist) BPsySci(Hons) AssocMAPS AmusA

The complainant is loveless and in pain

Although that bit of hilarity was written in June, the complaint wasn’t submitted until October, timed to frighten me off airing some unpopular facts that could derail the putrid Psychological Well-Being recruitment fiasco on the Gold Coast.

When the intimidation didn’t work and I went ahead and exposed it anyway, the psychologists submitted further ‘information’ to the complaint. They still didn’t provide evidence of any breach of the code or any conduct that might be detrimental to patients, just an escalation in accusatory hysteria, this time attempting to pathologize my activism and cast aspersions on my mental health.

RE: Request for further information regarding notification 00267363

AHPRA has received additional information from the notifiers which you are invited to respond to by COB Tuesday 3 December 2013. The notifiers have requested that this information remain confidential, however, to ensure natural justice, we have summarised the content which is noted below:

i.      As a result of AHPRA contacting the practitioner regarding the notification, the practitioner has added further ‘abuse and vilification’ with her posts on the internet.

ii.     That the practitioner may have some underlying health conditions; that it is possible that this behaviour is driven by underlying psychological issues that have been unidentified, untreated and unresolved.

iii.    That it is possible the practitioner is not a fit and proper person for general registration.

iv.    That the practitioner may be in breach of the [ ] Board’s Code of Conduct.

v.     The practitioner’s behaviour demonstrates psychological, emotional and mental instability.

vi.    The fact that they (the notifiers) are attacked because they practice from premises owned by universal Medicine and that each has attended courses by Universal Medicine is unacceptable.

vii.   The practitioner has noted on the blog website that her ‘criticism of [Universal Medicine] has nothing to do with [her] professional life. No bearing on [her] practice or on patient care’.

The concern with this complaint is the psychologists’ abuse of their positions. An officer at the regulator told me the only reason the complaint is being taken seriously is because they’re psychologists. If they were nurses or chiropractors, it would have been thrown out.

But my real concern is for patients who gather the guts to come forward to make complaints about Universal Medicine practitioners. Universal Medicine is essentially a healthcare cartel which attempts to monopolize the healthcare of patients, and puts benefit of the enterprise before patient welfare. Many UM clients have visited a number of UM practitioners including these psychologists. So if one of Serge’s victims comes forward to make a complaint they’ve been molested, most likely while Caroline Raphael was talking him up in the next room, is this what we can expect? Will the psychologists attempt to discredit them with claims they are mentally and emotionally unstable?

One more time now, Masiorski, Raphael and Mooney: which recognized school of psychology endorses touching the genitals of sexual abuse victims? How do you excuse Benhayon having young girls stay unaccompanied in his home, knowing his current wife moved into his home at age 13? Which recognized school of psychology supports the ideas that depressed people should stop making an effort, that emotions are the cause of all disease, that loving children emotionally has never worked or that it’s all right to smack the aggression out of young boys?

7 Comments on “Esoteric Slander: the Universal Medicine cult psychologists on the defensive”

  1. you know who says:

    In the “complaint” that they might get a complaint, they claim “we abide by the APA code” No they don’t. I’ve analyzed it, and can find a dozen codes they ignore and several they violate in their promotion of Universal Medicine, amongst other things.

    They are low on my list- they’re just numbskulls as far as I am concerned- but now they have highlighted their breaches, there will be a notification lodged in due time to the relevant body concerning the three that have signed the document, and others that are involved in promulgating Serge’s delusional esoteric psychology, which is covert and non consensual indoctrination by another name.

    Mooney’s ludicrous and unscholarly defence of UM not being a cult springs to mind as a deceptive testimonial ( Section C.2.3(a)) I recall similar outpourings from the other numbnuts. The advice proffered on the group blogs breaches section breaches subsections C.2.3 b and c.

    I mean, ladies and young man, you’re in a cult (yes you are. No point arguing) for god’s sake. You’re basing your approach to therapy on the wholly unscientific (section C.3) of a classic narcissistic sociopath (which you can’t recognise!?!!), not informing your clients that your therapy has a basis on his invented ancient wisdom (consent) and the likely outcome (indoctrination) while working well outside of the “established knowledge and discipline” of psychology (Section C). Oh, while actively and openly criticizing main stream and accepted therapy, in complete violation of the first section of your code!

    I mean, are you that stupid? The only thing that will save you is that the board will no doubt not care one iota, just like all the other government departments whose main job is covering their own arses; , and the other psychologists charged with checking it out will most likely have no idea what a cult is either. But what the hell, we’ll get that notification off at some point. There’s a slim chance they will act. And at least it might give you guys pause for thought.. Though, somehow, I really doubt it. The thinking went out long ago- About the time you accepted Serge is a messiah, we came from Acturia and Miranda appeared out of the ether last week.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      The only reason I haven’t made notifications to AHPRA about those three to date is because I know AHPRA doesn’t act on code breaches alone. I’ve been busy prioritizing other complaints that are likely to be acted on. AHPRA only act if a patient comes forward complaining of grievous bodily harm, molestation or death.

      In essence, if an errant practitioner can intimidate patients well enough to deter them from complaining, they can do whatever they want. If patients are also intimidated enough by the complaints system, practitioners can literally get away with murder.

      You’re right, a glance at the APS code of conduct shows those three have breached numerous sections – not the least section B.1.2. (b) where they have significantly departed from the established knowledge and discipline in promoting Sergio the mad bullshitter’s damaging occult rot.

      I agree, a notification is overdue, if only to have it filed in case a patient does have the guts to complain they’ve been harmed by that lot.

      Sergio tells followers my complaints have been dismissed, which is incorrect. They were not acted upon, and there is a difference. If a patient comes forward, the regulator is required to view prior complaints and information in notifications.

      Masiorski assumes any complaint we make will be ‘false’, but not a single notification we’ve made has been rejected by regulators as such. Like every bit of exposure on our blogs, every quote and image in our notifications is referenced.

      Funny how they are always accusing us of defamation, but have never nominated which statements are supposedly false.

  2. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Monopolize! Legal threats! To try and gag you is all they want to do.

    BUT they NEVER answer questions.

    Good on AHPRA in not bowing to their bullying attempt to stop AHPRA from telling you –

    “The notifiers have requested that this information remain confidential, however, to ensure natural justice, we have summarised the content which is noted below:”

    Let’s hope that natural justice does ensue and that AHPRA sees it for what it really is and deals with them.

  3. MacReady says:

    Dear AHPRA,

    Please stop people from questioning our decision to promote a scam artist of questionable mental stability. We realize it sounds unconventional when compared to mainstream psychology, but one day it will be accepted scientific fact that children are sexually abused because they were sexual abusers in past lives. We know this because Serge says so, and he is a fifth level initiate, the reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci, Pythagoras (and many others) and ascended sent from Sham-balla by the Hierarchy to lead humanity into the New Era. He knows who and where the reincarnations of Hitler and Elvis are, and Shakespeare’s reincarnation attends his workshops. He can transcend dimensions, and he knows more than any scientist about the mysteries of the universe in his inner heart. How do we know all this? Again, Serge says so. How can anybody dispute that?!

    So please, stop the evil hate bloggers from the astral cult from questioning our decisions. It’s all a smear campaign engineered by the Lords of Form, designed to stop the Hierarchy from implementing The Plan (translation: Serge’s ongoing multi-tiered financial scam, tax avoidance and real estate portfolio) on Earth.

    With esoteric love and cult-struck delusion,

    Brendan Mooney
    Caroline Raphael
    Marianna Masiorski

  4. Caroline Raphael worked for Kids Help Line and has no problem talking up Sergio the bullshitter who has the adolescent daughters of cult members stay in his home unaccompanied with him and his wife who moved in when she was 13.

    I can’t make up my mind. Are those psychologists deluded or stupid or both? That’s one of the more unhinged pieces of writing we’ve posted – on a par with anything written by SB.

    What is not in question is how dangerous they are. Psychologists are some of the most influential members of society. Imagine if AHPRA takes that seriously and seeks to discipline Venus for exercising her right to free speech and expression?

    An Esoteric gulag where bent psychologists create the law.

  5. you know who says:

    Caroline has been dispensing relationship advice too, and guess what, my source tells me she’s not what you would call abundant in personal experience. A little bit like Natalie telling grown women how to have sex, or not; and treat their husbands.

    There’s no doubt that their misguided whinge to the HCCC has piqued my interest. I mean, why pre-empt? It’s more than stupid, it’s revealing. These guys are up to their scarfs in dissonance and delusion. And they are guiding other people down the same path. I wonder how many woman have gone to see Caroline and ended up leaving their husbands or partners after 10 medicare rebated sessions of misandry? A few I bet. It would be hard for Caroline to give advice about something she does’t know anything about, and that is setting aside her belief that Serge is a demi-god, rather than the more obvious delusional narcissist he clearly is.

    I wonder what Caroline’s family think of all this? Oh that’s right, I already know. The same as every other thinking and caring non UM family member. Frightening.

  6. Darkly Venus says:

    Well duckies, AHPRA sent their decision today that the cult psychologists’ complaint ‘is lacking substance’.

    They found no evidence I’m in breach of my professional code of conduct, no evidence I have any health concerns that would warrant further investigation and there was no information provided to support the claim my conduct was of a lesser professional standard than that might be expected from the public or my peers.

    To which I might add, I’m personally acquainted with a lot more doctors and psychologists than are in the cult. Some are close and longstanding friends. I didn’t write that in my response because it’s not relevant, and I didn’t expect the complaint to succeed. Another windy Esoteric flop. There is a lot of support from my medical and psychologist friends for my work in exposing UM. I’d like to repeat that they are disgusted with the conduct of the cult’s so called health professionals, and that the cult’s health professionals absolutely do not measure up to the professional standard expected by their peers. UM’s health professionals are an embarrassment and a disgrace to their professions, and the complaint letter posted above is just one example of it.