Newsflash! Real Media Real Change says Universal Medicine isn’t a cult

RMRCEchoLetter-urlIn an Esoterically explosive letter to the editor (now removed from the site) of the Byron Shire Echo, Real Media Real Change characterizes our exposure of facts about RMRC and our criticism of their deceptive publicity as an ‘attack’ by a ‘hate group’.  They also say UM isn’t a cult, they’re not a cult front, they don’t deliver propaganda, and we’ve produced ‘absolutely no evidence whatsoever’. The same people call malnourished multi-millionaire genital palpater, Serge Benhayon, a man of ‘utmost integrity’ and ‘highly respected’.

Whilst they fan their outrage smokescreen, they continue to evade our questions about their financial relationships with Universal Medicine, and their promotion of a sexual predator and his commerce in abuse.

The original letter to the editor has disappeared from that link, and appears to have been whisked to Arcturus. As predicted, the Echo was inundated with Esoteric outrage, demands, whingeing and self-loving legal threats, so I won’t to add to their stress by asking WTF happened to the letter.

In spite of its removal, I will respond to it anyway, and took screenshots so our readers can be assured I haven’t altered it. Click the images for enlargements.


Conference targeted by hate group

The International Men’s Day Conference is receiving great support from the community. We thank you for being a part of Starting the Conversation by including the article on Tony Steenson and this weekend’s conference in Echonetdaily on 13/11/13

We feel as a sign of good faith and respect for your producers and team to inform you that our organisation, Real Media Real Change (RMRC), has been targeted by a hate-group of a few people who over the last 12 months have engaged in a relentless campaign harassing RMRC and disseminating false and unsubstantiated allegations about us with the intent of raising doubts in the mind of our potential audience and partners about our motivation and integrity. All allegations are categorically false and set with an intention to harm and defame. We wanted to make sure you were aware of the vile and malicious attacks and to assure you of their falsity.

Support from which community? The Universal Medicine community? And perhaps a few stragglers who haven’t been made aware of RMRC’s dodgey connections?

What harassment, Victoria, on behalf of Adam Warburton, on behalf of Sarah Davis and Rebecca Baldwin, on behalf of Sergio? This is an open site. We invite you to comment or post here with evidence of ‘harrassment’, or ‘stalking’ for that matter. What allegations? Which of them are false? Please make your case and present evidence that what we’ve written about RMRC is ‘unsubstantiated’. Is that the best you can do to allay doubts in the ‘mind’ (which Serge Benhayon says is untrustworthy) of your target audience? Avoid answering our questions and flap around talking about ‘attacks’ from a ‘hate group’?

RMRC continues its community work despite and regardless of the empty attacks and lies.

And we’ll continue to scrutinize RMRC, Universal Medicine, and the rest of its fronts, and criticize your hypocrisy. For example, the howling hypocrisy of a 49 page submission to ACMA advising them on media ethics and accountability, when RMRC team member, cult informant and Northern Star journalist, Hamish Broome, acted in contempt of the journalistic code of conduct by feeding the identities and information from victims to the cult, under a pretence of writing a story and failing to declare his conflict of interest.

The attacks have taken different forms including anonymous phone calls and emails to anyone with whom RMRC has been in contact – including venue hire operators, conference speakers, and even local MPs and the media. Hence, this letter to you.

Informing stakeholders of information you fail to disclose is not an attack. None of our notifications have been anonymous – except for one. I sent the notification using an email with a pseudonym, but when I called the parties concerned, I used my name. Otherwise our names are on every notification and complaint we’ve made. If the cult has been told otherwise it may be because the recipients have concerns for our safety.

It’s interesting how the Psychological Wellbeing Conference suddenly changed venue after Bond University were notified of Universal Medicine’s nasty practices, complete with images and quotes. No doubt the cult will blame us for that, but that’s flattery. We don’t have that much clout, or charm. Large institutions, the media and regulators don’t respond to baseless ‘attacks’ from suburban bloggers. Like many who’ve been notified of UM’s practices, they haven’t withdrawn support or launched investigations because they’ve been bullied by a ‘hate group’, but in view of irrefutable facts.

RMRC views the conduct of the hate-group most seriously, and possibly as injurious falsehood and defamation, and are are currently taking appropriate action through legal and law-enforcement channels.

My goodness, the cult’s being saying that for a long time. I have documentation now for all complaints which have been made against me, including Universal Law’s 50 page complaint to Google, which will soon be posted online, with extracts on our blogs. Marianna Masiorski’s ludicrous complaint of professional misconduct about me to AHPRA will be going up, and then I have all of the complaints sent to WordPress, falsely claiming copyright and trademark infringement. Yet here we are, still questioning, still exposing, and I’ve said it before, the more we dig, the more we find, and it will all go public, and appropriate evidence will be submitted to appropriate regulators.

Do I have to point out again for a court to find us guilty of slander or defamation, there needs to be proof our allegations are false?

We can back everything we say.

We believe that RMRC has been targeted because the original promoters of RMRC know each other through their association with an organisation called Universal Medicine – see our origins page and team bios on the RMRC website for further background on this:

No Victoria, we don’t care who you hang with, or what you believe in. Our problem is with the damage done by UM to individuals, relationships and families; the manipulating, rorting and molesting, and the dishonest marketing and recruitment practices you are contributing to.

The central claim by this hate-group is that RMRC is a ‘front’ for Universal Medicine, which they have, with absolutely no evidence whatsoever, labelled as a cult – with the charge that RMRC is delivering ‘cult propaganda’.

No evidence whatsoever? You can’t have been reading. Universal Medicine fits all academic definitions of a cult, and Rick Ross’s criteria for a harmful group. For a refresher, there’s my response to cult psychologist Brendan Mooney’s apologism, and the thought reform posts on the Accountability blog, beginning with What Makes Universal Medicine a Cult and Universal Medicine is Habit Forming, Part 1.

You might want to learn to use Wikipedia, Victoria and Adam. You might learn something.

Propaganda is a form of communication aimed towards influencing the attitude of the community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of an argument. Propaganda statements may be partly false and partly true. Propaganda is usually repeated and dispersed over a wide variety of media in order to create the chosen result in audience attitudes.

As you can see from this post, I’m presenting both sides here – your piss poor argument and my response. You’ll notice the Echo also afforded you more than ample opportunity to state your case. Where have RMRC or UM given anyone the opportunity to ask questions or present an alternative view point? Where have any of you engaged in a mature discussion of our concerns? Why so defensive? The Echo have told us they were bombarded with criticism following their exposure of Adam Warburton’s non disclosure of UM’s relationship with the recent RMRC Men’s Health Conferences, in a rerun of the Esoteric fracas when the Mackay Telegraph started asking questions. None of the criticism addressed our statements.

Typically hypocritical, UMers regard their overblown and evasive criticism as ‘truthful’, whereas our questions and criticism are branded as ‘hate’.

It is important for us to clearly state clearly and categorically that RMRC was conceived as an independent community initiative and has no agenda other than to support accountability and connection in media. Our commitment stems from the fact that we are all active, engaged and concerned members of our communities. It is equally important that we state emphatically that Universal Medicine is not in any way a ‘cult’. Universal Medicine is an organisation that is committed to health and wellbeing at a deep personal level, within the community, and across people everywhere.

Except for the detailed evidence of damaging practices and anti-social doctrines we’ve exposed.

The label has been applied by the hate-group with the object of marginalising the very important message that RMRC brings, with the awareness that the label will play on fear and distrust within the community, and incite a discernible anti-cult bias in many corners of the Australian media landscape.

Again, what are you doing to establish the trust of your target market? Avoiding questions and discussion and hurling around accusations of ‘hate’?

Not marketing, not advertising, but 'collaboration'

Not marketing, not advertising, but ‘collaboration’

Again we make it clear that RMRC is not a marketing or advertising vehicle of Universal Medicine, and Universal Medicine is absolutely not a cult.

RMRC collaborates with many different like-minded groups within the community, and such collaboration is conducive to producing media that are congruent with RMRC’s stated aim: to deliver quality media, and events that support the wellbeing and the healthy representation of people everywhere – regardless of their religion, gender, skin colour or nationality.

We welcome collaboration with Universal Medicine and all organisations or bodies who share our vision of media that inspire and connect.

Collaboration? RMRC claims its promotion of UM events aren’t marketing and advertising but ‘collaboration’. Staging four Women’s Health events in Lennox Head, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane featuring the proprietor of Esoteric Women’s Health, Natalie Benhayon and an array of Esoteric Breast Massagers as speakers, launching Natalie’s ‘Our Cycles’ app and producing a promotional video isn’t marketing? Real Media Real Change is the name of a business operated by sole trader, Sarah Davis since November last year. Why adopt an ABN unless you intend to make an income? In the past year, RMRC have only staged events associated with UM. Are you being paid or not Sarah, et al? Who sets up a business selling ‘collaboration’?

Who pays?

And if you’re not being paid, Sarah et al, why not? Who works for nothing promoting a multi million dollar enterprise?

We are looking forward to our Starting the Conversation event. We will keep you updated on the conference and further initiatives from RMRC as we continue to build relationships within the community and produce ‘Media that connect’.

Victoria Carter, on behalf of Adam Warburton & RMRC

Media that connects with anything but our questions or the facts.

In the meantime, never mind the smokescreen. Keep your eyes on the puppet master.

26 Comments on “Newsflash! Real Media Real Change says Universal Medicine isn’t a cult”

  1. W. Harper says:

    From the Echonetdaily online newspaper:

    “In a letter to Echonetdaily recently, Mr Benhayon has denied the group is a cult.
    ‘I run a business – there is no cult, no group and no members. As a client of Universal Medicine, the business, you choose to attend, you pay, you get the service and you leave, returning if you so choose to,’ he said.”

    and from the same article:

    “Mr Warburton told Echonetdaily that both he and the story’s subject, Tony Steenson, are members of Universal Medicine, which he said was ‘like a religion’.”

    Seems to be a difference of opinion between Serge and his followers. Perhaps they could post here and clear up the confusion?


    This comment was originally posted on the Accountability site, but has been reposted here. Venus

    • MacReady says:

      Since Charlatan Serge has stated for the record that he’s running a business, he should be disqualified from the tax-exempt status that had him crying tears of joy while the Hierarchy allegedly cheered on from Sham-balla.

  2. Martin says:

    As a member of the so-called “hate group”, I think we have a right of reply. Firstly, we are not a ‘hate’ group, we are a ‘facts’ group. The persistent characterization of anyone who criticizes Universal Medicine or its activities as “hate-bloggers” is a form of gas-lighting designed to belittle the critics rather than confront the arguments and facts truthfully. Nor do we hate anyone. On the contrary, one of our chief motivations is care for those we believe are being duped, those of whom include our friends and family.

    As to the connection between Universal Medicine and RMRC or the Men’s health group- these are inexorable. One can draw a clear line back to Universal Medicine and its ideas as both the motivation for their existence, and their philosophies. If RMRC was not conceived to tackle its detractors, then it is a fairly solid co-incidence that its inception was immediately after a UM think-tank session to deal with UM critics online, by (rather ambitiously) reforming digital media; and that its first conference was aimed squarely at that.

    “The central claim by this hate-group is that RMRC is a ‘front’ for Universal Medicine, which they have, with absolutely no evidence whatsoever, labelled as a cult – with the charge that RMRC is delivering ‘cult propaganda’……Again we make it clear that RMRC is not a marketing or advertising vehicle of Universal Medicine, and Universal Medicine is absolutely not a cult.”

    As to whether Universal Medicine is a cult or not, the author is being somewhat disingenuous as she would recall that it was only last year that Dr David Millikan, a renowned expert in cults, told members at a Lennox Head meeting, that they were in fact in a cult- at the invitation of a somewhat bewildered Serge Benhayon. Of course, the members have denied this (en masse on their restricted blogs) by discrediting Dr Millikan, as they continue to discredit us, and any other fact that inconveniently rears its head.

    In addition, ex members of Universal Medicine are being exit counseled by cult specialists, all of whom are undergoing intense emotional upheaval and traumatic readjustments having realized that they had been covertly indoctrinated. A reminder for the members and for interested readers as to what a cult is:

    ” …the term cult is not pejorative but simply descriptive. It denotes a group that forms around a person who claims he or she has a special mission or knowledge, which will be shared with those who turn over most of their decision making to that self-appointed leader…

    Cults are truly personality cults. Because cult structure is basically authoritarian, the personality of the leader is all important. Cults come to reflect the ideas, style, and whims of the leader and become extensions of the leader.” (Singer, 2003, p.XXIV)

    “Eventually, those groups subject their followers to mind-numbing treatments that block critical and evaluative thinking and subjugate independent choice in a context of a strictly enforced hierarchy.

    The wisdom of the ages is that most manipulation is subtle and covert.” (Singer, 1995, p. XXIII)

    The “students” or “like-minded” members of Universal Medicine may find the label of cult offensive, and this is surely what they are reviling, but it’s nature is undeniable except to those in it, and those outside who don’t understand what a cult looks like, and indeed how it differs from a religion.

    As far as raising doubts with potential partners or consumers of RMRC, that has been set in motion by the organization itself by belatedly declaring its roots and origins in Universal Medicine. If they aspire to integrity and honesty of the highest order, than you would expect that they are hold themselves to the same or better standard that they demand of others. Real journalists do declare conflicts of interest. RMRC should do the same.

    “RMRC views the conduct of the hate-group most seriously, and possibly as injurious falsehood and defamation, and are are currently taking appropriate action through legal and law-enforcement channels”

    It’s worth noting that there is no legal action, that we have been made aware of, from RMRC or Universal Medicine as stated by Mr Warburton or Victoria. A reason we suspect is that RMRC have engaged in underhanded conduct to obtain information, and we are in possession of ample proofs supporting our allegations concerning Universal Medicine and its founder. Any legal action would simply force facts into the public arena. No law has been broken so clearly those words are for effect.

    At no time has our facts-group made statements that are not based on verifiable information. While we may have more colourful language than the monotoned members, much of what is said is simply a dissection of the contradictory doctrines of the founder, or of members’ strange behaviour. We have demonstrated connections between Universal Medicine and outfits such as RMRC which they now belatedly admit. And we have uncovered facts about Serge Benhayon that if (when) brought into the public domain will most certainly demonstrate that our continued efforts, far from being empty, were both urgent and necessary.

    This remains our primary concern and we maintain our right to speak up against what we believe is a pernicious and self interested organization.

  3. Darkly Venus says:

    Let’s take a moment to imagine what the Echo staff were put through this week for asking Adam Warburton about his UM connection, and then seeking opinions from critics.

    Scores of cult zombies bombarding the small office of a truly independent regional newspaper with hyperbolic Esoteric wrath and a swathe of legal threats.

    Not one of them addressing our questions about the philosophical backround to the Men’s Health event – Benhayon’s toxic sexism; teaching that women develop reproductive disorders from male energy and from seeking equal rights, and that men should be more like disempowered women. The same teachings that have broken relationships and instigated false accusations of abuse.

    No one confronts our questions about inappropriate touching and underaged houseguests, let alone Benhayon’s highly questionable business practices or his dark past.

    Nope, the Echo just copped a barrage of crass denials, obfuscations and threats.

    From a self-loving group that is very quick to make accusations of bullying.

    • W. Harper says:

      I have a lot of respect for The Echo for keeping the reports up and hope they continue to do so.

      I can see why good ol’ Sergio doesn’t often make public statements. He’s really put his foot in it about his business declarations. All please note: UM is a business, pure and simple. It’s there to make money for Serge. Whatever else you think it may be, you’re wrong. How do I know? Serge says so.

    • RJM says:

      They burn books, we’re a ‘hate group’.

      Serge denigrates all other religions, gurus, countless businesses, alternative health practitioners, mainstream medicine, history, science, all music apart from the recordings he profits from, sport, food, we’re a ‘hate group’.

      Serge breaks up families, turning cult
      members against their partners, friends and relatives and we’re a ‘hate group’.

      Serge equates goodwill with ‘evil’ and charity (apart from the ones that line his pockets) with pedophilia but we’re a ‘hate group’.

      Serge claims that victims of murder, assault, rape, molestation etc have it coming because they perpetrated these crimes in a past life, but we’re a ‘hate group’.

      Serge claims that capitalism is evil yet has purchased over 12 properties and encourages cult members to bequeath their life’s savings to him rather than their children, and we’re a ‘hate group’.

      We love the friends, relatives and loved ones who have fallen under the influence of UM and want them to appreciate this life rather than follow Serge’s insane teachings lest they suffer in future incarnations. Serge claims that human existence is a mistake and that his followers must drop off the earth (die) to return to his theosophical God (Sanat Kumara), but we’re a ‘hate group’.

      Such is the ‘one-unified truth’ at the inner heart of Universal Medicine.

  4. susieQ says:

    Sam Kim
    Dear RMRC,

    Dear RMRC,

    Your organisation has shown the wider community the pivotal importance of integrity and corporate social responsibility in truthful reporting by all platforms of media and its personnels, through community-oriented initiatives such as the very well-attended International Men’s Day with the oncoming Psychological Well-being Day and Self-Care in Health Care Day.

    The core theme of Healing of the highest integrity and personal responsibility is also equally unique within the organisation of RMRC as this is also held in central regard by the original intent of Law and Medicine. Healing can never be separated from any visible human endeavours as any purposeful actions/activities we undertake requires letting go of what can potentially harm our fellow men and women, thus we can all serve with love, compassion and wisdom.

    Being deeply aware of the impact of healing in any reputable organisation should be highly respected by society when individuals can be affected through the ill effects of dishonesty in media reporting and manipulation by deception/corruption/questionable practices by those who disregard the very concept of integrity. If we are to care for and prevent illness and disease, bringing the light of integrity and responsibility also should be part of our public health prevention,

    Congratulation to RMRC and its continued vocation.

    With love,

    Sam Kim,
    Integrative Pulmonary Care & Medical
    Spring Hill, Brisbane
    Like · · November 18 at 5:49am
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    • Darkly Venus says:

      LOL, Dr Kim obviously didn’t get the memo about RMRC NOT being the marketing or advertising vehicle for the cult. Silly Billy thinks that just because the RMRC team led by RMRC proprietor Sarah Davis are organizing, marketing and promoting the two ‘oncoming’ UM events – ‘Psycho Well-Being’, and ‘Self-Care & to hell with patients in Health Care’, RMRC must be responsible.

      NO DR KIM. GET IT RIGHT. Repeat after Rebecca. ‘The RMRC staff happening to organize every UM event is a purely incidental undisclosed ‘collaboration’ and UNIVERSAL MEDICINE IS TOTALLY NOT A CULT!!!! 😮

      Serge says so.

    • MacReady says:

      It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. All the talk of truth responsibility, honesty, the creation of RMRC, all of it in defense of Serge’s empire and based on the belief that he is a man of utmost integrity with more love for humanity than anyone else who ever lived. And the proof of this?

      Serge said so. That’s it.

      It’s sad to think that so many people have swallowed so much bullshit, simply because the man shoveling it down their throats keeps repeating “I have more integrity than anyone else ever”, as if repeating that claim makes it true.

      I almost feel sorry for them. Almost, but given the amount of information now freely available indicating that Serge is actually a lying cretin and completely devoid of integrity, if they choose to cling to their collective delusion then they will share in his inevitable disgrace.

  5. susieQ says:

    The above from Sam Kim is sickening. He is the one who is associated with and promoting dishonesty (I quote):
    “when individuals can be affected through the ill effects of dishonesty in media reporting and manipulation by deception/corruption/questionable practices by those who disregard the very concept of integrity.”

    Where is Dr Kim’s ‘integrity’ the evidence is out there for all to see.
    RJM your comments expressed it all so succinctly very sad but so true.
    How can Dr Kim know all of that and still say the above?

    • Darkly Venus says:

      His reality tester is bung. He’s been busy handing out one way tickets to Sirius.

      • you know who says:

        “Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes”

        Seems the concept of integrity is actually lost on UM members and the multi headed Hydra Serge has spawned in the form of these organisations.

        Sam’s sentences actually don’t make sense if you read them carefully. It appears as if he has adopted Serge’s witless writing style including the “thus” and “ill-effects” and the spherical reasoning that justifies its own premise.

        The resonance, understood by UM members, is the subverted meaning they have put on particular words such as love, integrity and truth, which is not what a person unaffected by UM ideology would surmise them to be.

        It’s like we are having two different conversations. The reasoned one, and the rationalized one. To keep the members engaged, these key words only need be mentioned. They are not interested in whether they are true or not, just how it makes them feel when they encounter them.

    • you know who says:

      For a taste of “dishonesty in media reporting and manipulation by deception/corruption/questionable practices by those who disregard the very concept of integrity” there is no better, and laughable, example of the “news article” that appeared by magic at 3Am in the morning the morning after David Millikan didn’t do as Serge expected at their Lennox Head meeting last year.

      This badly written “article” was hastily sent out to the UM database along with an email anticipating the possible fallout from the surprise revelation from a cult expert that UM was indeed a cult, and the embarrassment that Serge had invited that person to speak at his meeting.

      It’s clearly written by Serge. You can tell his style. His made himself the hero of the story. Of course it did not happen like that. Serge was knocked off his feet and the meeting ended early.

      We could also highlight Hamish Broome’s deceptions from the previous post- now a member of RMRC which according to Sam has amazing integrity- but what’s the point? If they can read that drivel above and not cringe knowing full well it was hastily penned in a child like way by the man they think is a master, they’re not going to understand Hamish’s slightly more complicated deceptions.

  6. La Métempsycose says:

    Perhaps Benhayon, as a man of integrity, will now cease from applying for charity status for UM in Europe. Pay back any donations that might have been made by students, followers, and business customers who thought they were in a religion. Pay back any tax waived due to getting charitable status and start paying taxes in the countries in which he does business like every other mortal who runs a business.
    Keep up the good work in spite of all the intimidation and threats. You have done a courageous job in shedding some light on this very shady ‘business’ . I am sure that there are some very grateful people out there who, like me, have learnt a lot about this insidious organisation that has ripped apart families and partnerships.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Thanks to all who’ve sent messages of support and also to those who send tip offs and information. The exposure of UM would not be possible without this support.

      Contrary to the cult’s propaganda, there is no media or any other conspiracy. This is hard work and we’ve needed to be strident and persistent. We have to make a solid case with each notification. We’ve had to push and push. Mostly our notifications receive no response, and when we do get one, we often have to fight to make sure the information is passed on correctly. It all takes time we’d rather be spending on other things and we’re rarely thanked. At times we cop flak or simply come up against apathy and incompetence.

      So your messages of support and your efforts to help where you can are welcomed and appreciated.

      And I’ve said it before, but keep reading. There is more to come.

  7. An Esoteric EXPLOSION sounds like this:


    So why was the EXPLOSIVE letter to the editor from Victoria Carter on behalf of on behalf of on behalf of pulled? They can’t blame Victoria, surely. That thing was written by a committee, like every word of propaganda produced by the TEAM.

    I doubt the Echo pulled it, because it’s got CULT written all over it, emphasized by the vehement denials.

    No no, who wants to bet, the order to pull that letter came from the fifth degree – he who is closest to SHAMballa and Sanat Kumara the 12th degree initiate, aka GOD?

    • W. Harper says:

      I would agree with that. The public out burst of vitriol doesn’t really fit with the image he likes to display.

  8. Darkly Venus says:

    LOL, I’d forgotten about that Pineapple Post article from October last year LLLLOLLLLL!🍍🍍🍍

    Sergio would have been up all night composing that, after his knees went to jelly and the Brides had to catch him in a swoon.

    And the email from the UK that accompanied it inferred the formation of RMRC. This development was several months after Rebecca Baldwin set up the five propaganda blogs.

    The Australian students have recently formed a very strong action team that have been meeting to take action with regards to bringing to light the already criminal activity of aggressively ‘trolling’ (causing anti-social conflict and abusing online) Serge, the Benhayon Family, Universal Medicine and many practitioners and students of the work, through a particular cult website discussion form and its increasing hateful offshoots.

    We are currently planning a unified UK/Europe response and will be emailing shortly with regards to a ‘unified’ action, for together we are stronger. In the meantime, your input would be greatly appreciated.

    But fraud, rorting, molesting, exploiting and ripping off aren’t anti-social or abusive, or hate.

    RMRC’s public debut was the failed Cyber-Bullying Conference, publicized with no reference to UM. I screenshotted the entire site.

    In spite of Sarah claiming the Conference had nothing to do with UM, Serge was at the welcome dinner the night before it opened and Sarah made a point of introducing him to the high profile defamation lawyer who had been invited to speak. Only one of two of the original eight invited speakers to appear. Serge greased some free legal advice from him.

    Poor downtrodden multi millionaire guru.

    • you know who says:

      The action team was Real Media Real Change. I would like to see Sarah and co stand in a court and say otherwise.

      Waiting for it.

      • Good tip, Dobbs.

        I believe Venus is currently taking large bribes to correct spelling – unlike Andy Baldwin who does it for nix under threat of being reborn as a gluten free cracker at a UM Lyingness retreat.

        Don’t ask me to do it. I’m busy taking a break from polyamory to fantasize about baked cheesecake recipes.

      • MacReady says:

        Paying attention to correct spelling and grammar just proves that you are caught in the so-called intelligence of the lower mind, and thus disconnected from the true soul-full intelligence if the inner-heart. As such, you are in total illusion, and must re-incarnate into the dreaded human form at least five more times and consume only pea and basil soup to clear your Nadis if excess Prana. Once you have done this, for a small fee of your entire life’s savings you can start the work, and once you have completed the same eight workshops countless times over I will consider whether you are ready to reach level 1 on your initiation ascent to Sham-balla. I have a hotline direct to Sanat Kumara, so don’t think about making any loveless choices and enjoying your life, or I’ll knock your in-esoteric ass back down to the Astral plane for a stern chat with the Lords of Form. In Atmic service and one unified truth for all, equally so.

        With love, the forever scammer.


      • MacReady says:

        Hi Venus,

        I was caught in the Intellect of the lower mind when I posted that comment just now. If you get a chance to correct the following feel free:

        ‘Of’ the lower mind instead of ‘if’ the lower mind.

        ‘of’ the inner heart instead of ‘if’

        Nadis ‘of’ excess Prana, not ‘if’.

        Un-esoteric ass, instead of in-esoteric ass, lol.

        Rest assured, I am eating humble gluten, sugar and dairy-free pie as I type this.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        Your bribe wasn’t large enough, so keep eating that humble pie, MacReady. Although I’d never known that comment wasn’t Scourge if you hadn’t put your name to it. Bravo.

        Otherwise, I’m on spell checking strike. You can all fend for yourselves.

        Speaking of which, you know the Lord of Form is excited when he loses control of his apostrophes.

        The situation improves after his nap I find.

        Now stop fooling around you lot and go and read the latest Accountability post about THE UKCC cracking down on the Sound Foundation scam.

        Even Richard Raymond has torn himself away from his red hot amour to make a comment on the Third Sector article.

        It’d be nice if he graced our pages FOR A CHANGE!

    • MacReady says:

      I blame the pranic autocorrect on this so-called smart phone, which was invented by the so called intellect of the lower mind and thus keeps me in Maya and illusion.

      If only I had downloaded the ‘Our Cycles’ app, my phone wouldn’t be
      having its man-period and my previous posts would have been error-free, and full of energetic integrity instead.

  9. RJM says:

    The following article is disturbingly relevant to UM and well worth reading. It describes many of Serge’s sociopathic characteristics and manipulation techniques.

    • Lord of Form says:

      “One of the more offensive duties of being an investigative journalist is taking out the trash — exposing liars, fraudsters, con artists and scammers for the people they truly are. Each time we investigate a sociopath, we find that they always have a little cult group following of spellbound worshippers who consider that particular sociopath to be a “guru” or “prophet.”

      Sociopaths are masters at influence and deception. Very little of what they say actually checks out in terms of facts or reality, but they’re extremely skillful at making the things they say sound believable, even if they’re just making them up out of thin air.”

      When you understand that this is exactly what is happening with Serge and his followers, the whole thing seems farcical. What an immense waste of everything for the followers of his immense delusions and scams, and a pain in the arse for us trying to wake them up and save them from it.

      Kudos to Venus for standing at the frontline and giving it to them. She’s proven that Serge is a straw man. Pity the followers can’t see that for just one second.