Steffen Messerschmidt – naturopath, cult yes man, opportuni$t

We could have had a rant about Steffen Messerschmidt in the previous post covering the Universal Medicine cult’s exploitation of International Men’s Day to plug Esoteric Men’s health – SergeSpeak for an expensive exercise in toxic emasculation, but we think practitioners of his ilk deserve a URL of their own, and a special dose of vitriol.

Believe me, we have better things to do than trawl through the Facebook pages of sycophant profiteers, but a couple of readers sent a link to Messerschmidt’s August Facebook tour of Vietnam prompting a riot among the bunker staff. Esoteric missionary Messerschmidt and his latest GF, psychologist Marianna ‘depressed, no you aren’t, join our cult’ Masiorski took it upon themselves to take Esoteric healing to the resource strapped hospitals of Vietnam.



The bunker staff personally know some qualified, registered medical practitioners: nurses and medical specialists who travel to Vietnam annually to volunteer for several weeks in hospitals, assisting with procedures and training. Their unqualified partners assist in construction projects and community development work, and before each trip they fundraise thousands of dollars, every cent of which goes to benefit those communities. Several of the volunteers are Vietnam veterans and they have carried on the project selflessly for decades, without making an obscene Facebook fanfare of it.

Steffen Messerschmidt, Esoteric Saviour of the third world

Steffen Messerschmidt, Esoteric Saviour of the third world

We are disgusted that Messerschmidt and Masiorski would WASTE the vital time and resources of the Vietnamese staff with bourgeois new age bullshit manufactured by a self styled messiah and bogan con artist. Our friends will tell you that Vietnamese hospitals are tragically under resourced, and what they need is money, medications, equipment and expertise. They don’t need a pair of arseholes plugging ineffective rubbish for their own agenda.

One of the photos shows Messerschmidt inflicting useless, bogus, untested, scam therapy – Esoteric Chakra-puncture on a local patient. Which did what for her? Messerschmidt is not qualifed in acupuncture, is not a registered practitioner, and Chakra-puncture is essentially a therapy racket invented by the same ex bankrupt scam artist.

Even Steffen’s guru, Serge Benhayon, will tell you Esoteric healing does nothing for symptoms. The ultimate Esoteric healing is death, after all. Did you tell the locals that, Steffen?

Did you tell them that poverty is a consciousness?

Poverty is a consciousness. It is a form of inactivity that is founded by a victim mentality to hide the lack of committing to life in full. (Benhayon, 2011, p.286)

Another photo has him telling them how massage helps circulation, as if Vietnam has no tradition of massage. The locals could have taught him that if he’d been there to learn, and they do it better as well. But no, Universal Medicine INVENTED massage. And then there’s the presentation he gave on the importance of physiotherapy in medical treatment, except he isn’t a registered physiotherapist. Not in this country. He calls himself a ‘naturopathic doctor and physician of health’, but in Australia that translates as an unregistered practitioner accountable to nobody, and a self promoting mediocrity who needs to join a cult to succeed in business. Note that he’s one of the ‘experts’ who’ll be speaking at the Real Media Real Change Men’s Health ‘Starting the CON-versation’ recruitment event on November 16 and 17.


Knowing the Universal Medicine cult regards altruism as evil, Esoteric healing does fuck all for anyone’s health, and is essentially about getting money out of vulnerable people who’ve been covertly indoctrinated, no one can tell us Messerschmidt and Masiorski were there for the benefit of the local people. Not a chance. After the self-loving couple left, the staff would have tossed Miranda Benhayon’s eye pillows into a corner and reverted to making the little they have stretch a long way.

Steffen Messerschmidt’s tour of a third world hospital was nothing more than a photo opportunity – a trumped up series of Universal Medicine Facebook selfies – with Messerschmidt casting himself as the good guy, the HERO of the third world. All for the glory, recognition and business he gets from the cult.

We hope Steffen left a large cash donation to make his visit worthwhile, but we doubt it since his guru teaches that charity is evil. Our message to Steffen and Marianna: How dare you go to a third world hospital and waste their time and exploit their dignity to aggrandize yourselves. How dare you insult and diminish the efforts of volunteers who make an authentic contribution.

Shame on you.


One of our observant readers just alerted us to another whole album on the Messerschmidt Facebook page from the March retreat in Vietnam, featuring a contingent of Esoteric missionaries making the most of the photo opportunity. So the shame now extends to opportunists Kate Greenaway, Jenny Ellis, Penny Scheenhouwer and Mary Louise Myers, and the others there whose names we don’t want to know. Dr Anne Malatt was also there, but at least she was practicing medicine.

Look at the whiteboard in this – Brother Messerschmidt prosetylizing Benhayon’s bullshit. ‘Care not sympathy. Imotep. Sleep 9pm – 3am.’


An unqualified numbskull inflicting scam Chakra-Puncture on a local patient.


And WHAT IN GOD’S NAME IS THIS? An Esoteric ovarian massage?



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  1. Darkly Venus says:

    And the latest from Marianna Masiorski, Caroline Raphael and Brendan Mooney is they’ve made a complaint of professional misconduct to AHPRA about me.

    Apparently their idea of professional misconduct is ‘slander and harrassment’ via criticizing them pseudonymously on my blogs and making official complaints to regulators, or threatening to.

    The complaint plopped into my Inbox this arvo. It really is a bit of hilarity, and I’ll probably post it on a slow news day. It took a whole 5 minutes to write my response, which the cult psychologists LOL will get to ponder over shortly.

    I think they’ll find AHPRA will tell them as will I, my criticism of UM has nothing to do with my professional life. No bearing on my practice or on patient care. The cult did try to entrap me once with a dummy patient, false name, false contact number, who wisely didn’t show for her appointment, but was probably angling to make a false complaint.

    I guess it’s a tilt at putting a mark on my professional registration. Pffft. But we can file it under the false copyright notices, false trademark infringement notices, constant threats of defamation action that never eventuate, false claims of stalking…Or what we might call the continuing slander and harrassment of me by a bunch of religious zealots profiting from a multi million dollar death and molestation cult.

    They called my criticism an ‘organized criminal attack’, but haven’t named my crime. They also haven’t cited which part of my professional code of conduct I’ve breached.

    How many times do I have to say – slander and defamation claims only apply if the statements made publicly are false? AHPRA will tell them, as will I, the place to try that is in court.

    And I’ll say it again. Bring it.

    • They just can’t get the hang of free speech can they?

      Here’s the thing, Marianna, Brendan & Caroline, and the rest of the UM $ales contingent. You write one sided public promotions of the mutant messiah and his pyramid scheme of abuse, we point out the inaccuracies, lies, deceptions, delusions and general stupidity, and we back what we say with research and evidence.

      In the free world, attempting to shut us down is not how it works. You get to rebut us publicly, engage in discussion and debate to challenge our criticism and present facts to support your case. If we are slandering you, you are free to take us to court.

      But nuh.

  2. ‘Organised criminal attack”???!!!! Projection again. How dare they.

    UM cohorts belong to a cult that is a $CAM, they have invested lots $$$$$$’s obviously in the hope of making lots $$$$$$’s in return and have been had and do not like that thought.

    The story on what happened on the Vietnam visit shows that UM and affiliates are so despicable, no conscience, money hungry.

  3. I’m glad you kept it clean. I have a lot of trouble refraining from telling the lot of them to fuck off. You should see the unedited copy of my posts… 😈

    Anyway, even if I wrote fuck off you arseholes in every sentence, my posts would still have more variety in vocabulary, imagination, wit and content than anything written by the cult members. Triple that for the psychologists.

  4. You know whos brother says:

    There is more than a hint of desperation to that act. There is of course no relationship between your professionalism as an APHRA registered practitioner (unlike many of the members practicing Serge’s invented and renamed modalities) and your commentary on the nature and going-on’s of the group.

    It reminds me of someone running to the mum and crying “He’s telling on me” boo hoo.

    Well guys, you’re being told on for a reason. I don’t doubt your sincerity, but I do doubt your ability to know what is right and wrong. And that is very dangerous when you are playing around with peoples minds.

    How do I know you don’t know what is wrong? Here it is:

    You believe in Serge’s fairy tales about the genesis of humanity, the denial of evolution and science. If you have truly read his six volumes and have not got a clear sense that the man is delusional and narcissistic, then you should tear the degrees you may or may not have off your walls. Just for your reference and as a reality check, ALL the psychologists that I presented his books to have remarked within 10 minutes “classic psychopath!” It is as clear as the noses on your three faces. Actually, you only need to read the blurb on his website. If you cannot diagnose this, what can you?

    We know he is sweet talking, and talks a lot about love, but surely you can see past that? Or more importantly, be alarmed by it! It appears not. Hence the first problem.

    In addition, you seem to be aware of a lot of verifiable facts gained by one of your brethren being less than honest. Great. If you are not somewhat concerned by those facts that is one thing, but if you have not tried to check them out, that is another. I am sure you haven’t. That is professional and intellectual dishonesty. And as a reality check, they are facts. Not fiction like ” I am a fifth level initiate, and I know everything energetically in the universe”. They can be backed up by EVIDENCE. So we have to assume you are suffering from cogntive dissonance. If you can’t recognize it in yourself or each other, what good are you to others?

    Right now you’re planning a conference based on Serge’s ideas. He has no psychological background at all, other than a proven record of mucking around with people’s thinking via covert hypnosis- of which you seem to be totally ignorant. Last year he introduced “esoteric psychology’ which you no doubt all went along to. I can tell reading your site that it has influenced your thinking. As usual, statistics are used as a rationalization for why mainstream modalities don’t work. “There is another way” clearly means Serge’s way. You’ve even got him there to make the point. What is the point of this conference? Can you tell me or anyone that your real interest is not introducing people, by stealth, to UM ideas? It is a stated mission of the college of UM and now the way of the livingness to spread the ideas of Universal Medicine, which is tantamount to spreading the ideas of a man with no credentials to speak on anything. If UM ideas are so great, why not spell out the connection clearly on the site, with links to Serge’s site and a summary of his ideas and occult doctrine (that you never speak about)??

    That means you are prepared to be dishonest to spread the word. If you can’t be totally honest in what you believe and the ideas you are basing your thinking on, can you be trusted by people you are supposed to be helping? This is the third problem.

    So listen up-Three complainers complaining that someone might complain about you. Grow up. And at least have the guts to wait and see if it happens. Meantime, rather than going off and telling yourself how enlightened and awesome you are and how crap and ‘angry’ we are, how about some proper self-analysis. Rather than accusing others of running “hate blogs” check your own behaviour. Just because you pay lips service to the words love and integrity doesn’t mean you know what they are. That’s the smoke and mirrors Serge uses too, and you’re now unable to tell fact from fiction because he’s relabeled everything in the room. If you don’t know what that means, then we have problem number four.

    I’m no doubt speaking to those that cannot hear. So no issue. Keep doing what you’re doing, and we will decide when and if to exercise our right to lodge complaints with those departments we see fit. Provided it doesn’t take us off the main game.

    BTW- Number five. Being stupid enough to think the whole thing is two or three people. That will be your undoing.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      I’ll put it up the complaint letter soon as we find a window. It has to be read to be disbelieved. Cognitive dissonance or delusional audacity?

      Anyway it was timed deliberately. They submitted it to AHPRA just as the cult announced the con-ference and were probably hoping I’d be so intimidated and bowled over with panic and occupied with trying to defend myself and cleaning up my own urine that I’d forget to write an expose of their latest scam.

      Nup. 5 minute response. Done, sent, soon to be dismissed, and Marianna Masiorski’s little missive is currently touring various Inboxes for the LOLZ. A preview for its debut on the internet.

      And as a taster, she squealed to AHPRA that I run a hate blog and there are only two of us active against UM. LOLLLLLL

  5. A made up blogger so they can at least feel justified somewhat says:

    Yeah, he’s actually written “care not sympathy” up on the whiteboard. Bloody hell.
    And Imhotep 12,000- What was he telling them? and were they believing it?
    I bet it was something like ” don’t get involved with feeling sorry for your patients or caring too much. If you don’t care for yourself to the point of exclusion of others, then you are evil. Imhotep said so. We know because Serge as Imhoptep in one of his many illustrious lives”
    Dumb grin. Any takers?
    Note the crossed arms of hospital staff.

    How did they infiltrate that hospital? After this Steffan the “doctor” (wink wink) went off with Mariana “the psychologist” (nudge nudge) for a jaunt around town to look at the locals who had emanated from the other root race that had not descended from Sirius, or so Serge said. Then they had dinner of a lettuce leaf, tuna, chillies and hot water while pretending it wasn’t tea because it would contain that energy, which is pranic. Then they went to bed at 8.50 sharp and stared into each others eyes while holding their own truth. No one else wanted to touch it.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      How did they infiltrate that hospital is a good question.

      Condescending bastard. Messerschmidt the pretend doctor and GREAT WHITE HERO from the West telling hospital staff how to do their jobs via a bunch of bogus New Age platitudes.

      His cultural ignorance is appalling.

      Have you volunteered your wisdom at any hospitals here in Australia Messerschmidt? Told the doctors and nurses here how to do their jobs?

      Why not?

      That’s the thing about the 3rd world, the language barrier and lack of regulation makes it more difficult to detect a FRAUD.

      Also, did anyone ask those patients their permission to be photographed? Hm? Would you go into a Western hospital and photograph patients receiving a pelvic massage? You low life arseholes.

      Were any of the UM hospital tourists remotely aware of Vietnamese women’s standards of modesty? Clearly not. Are any of them able to read non verbal clues within a culture of non confrontation? In other words, did any of them notice how uncomfortable those women look with fake doctor Messerschmidt’s hands where they should not be and with a camera on them. Do any of the Eso-feminists give a crap? Fuck no. It’s a Facebook selfie competition after all.

  6. We are not hate bloggers we are good people who hate fraud,$cams lie$ and deception especially when it is coated with false sickly smiles and selfies.

    There is nothing good at all about Universal Medicine it is a $CAM.
    It’s name is so misleading as are the quack Doctors and Medicos that are peddlers of UM.

    There are alot of people disgusted with Universal Medicine and all who give their allegiance and devotion to it. When this whole fraudulent scam is exposed for what it really is in the press
    many more will publicly show their disgust of UM how do I know? – because there is alot of ground swell in the community.

    It is UMar’s who are the ones involved in an ‘organised criminal attack’ on humanity – looking for innocent members of the public here AND abroad to prey on just to make money for themselves and their God $erge – the Ma$ter Marketer of lies & deception.

    How dare they TRY and attack your professional status DV just to TRY and shut you up.
    You have done such an excellent job fearlessly/tirelesly exposing Benhayon and Universal Medicine for what it really is.

    They do not like do not want to hear the truth, it doesn’t matter whether something is truth or not – if $erge says then it must be right. As you have said before this kind of thinking can and has in the past led to mass suicide.

    What gives me the creeps is that they have no conscience – they do not leave a stone unturned in finding ways to prey on people. Innocent people that they have been told by $erge are paying for their previous lives that were full of supposed evils.
    Con them to come to some bogus function, lie to them and take their money. They target their prey – to be the very vulnerable members of our communities, like the depressed – that is what is criminal and so organised.
    As far as the three mentioned to you I say, I also had a psychologist tell me a few weeks back without any hesitation that UM is a cult.

    My view is that Universal Medicine should be shut down, immediately.
    Give the taxpayers back their money which has been taken by this fraudulent Charity called UM.
    Universal Medicine is far far worse than any restaurant that dishes up food in unclean way or in unclean premises. The governmental authorities pay surprise visits for inspections of public eating places and if these places are breaking the law then they can close these businesses in some cases immediately, and there are heavy fines imposed etc.

    This Vietnam scam shows that this whole $cam has gone on way too long.
    Here’s hoping that “THEM” complaining to AHPRA will backfire on them and bring about their downfall.

    Oh I just had to check that FB page with the above story/pictures and as always is the case after an expose’ it has been removed!!!!! Gutless.

    • W. Harper says:

      Typical, every time the scam is highlighted to those outside the cult, they rush to cover their tracks. Gutless, spineless and never prepared to open a debate.

    • Ahhh, we always get a lot of page hits when we out the cult’s main parasites. Except for Eunice. A lot less readers are interested when we talk about her.

      So what are you going to do ‘Doctor’ Steffen? Sue us for having an opinion on photographic evidence of your dodgey public activities? Issue a copyright infringement notice for fair use comment and criticism of images you made public?

      One good thing about them removing access to the FB pages is that now their posturing can only be viewed by their cult ‘friends’, and not for marketing to the unsuspecting public.

      That’s a win.

  7. rippleddonut says:

    No doubt they are all being alerted as we speak to remove and hide what they KNOW is going to look bad, if normal people see it. It is such a tight clique and they are all joined together on Facebook and the stupid blogs. You see the same names again and again, but they are mistaken if they think that they can do and behave how they wish, stick a mid 90’s cheapo logo on it and get away with this fuckery.

  8. susieQ says:

    How did these creeps get into Vietnam to do this?
    Under the banner of one of the cult doctors?
    Was it Government funded?
    Huh $erge $ergeised their good medicine and then goes to sell it back to them messed up and
    screwed up. So EVIL! Outrageous.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      I doubt it was difficult to grease their way into the hospital to be able to photograph themselves saying LOOK AT ME I’M A HEALER AND I’M COMPASSIONATE and you little brown people need us important New Age bullshitters to SAVE you.

      Hoi An is a tourist area, and Asian hospitals in tourist areas often open themselves to foreign visitors for donations and occasionally skilled volunteers. I doubt they’ve had an onslaught of underqualified self-loving do gooders before.

      What I want to know is how many of those Esoteric posers made a donation? They’d all paid $1800 to attend the Vietnam Livingness Retreat SergeFest, on top of the the thousands they’ve thrown at SergeCorp via patronage of its shitty services and donations – most of them for years amounting to tens or hundreds of thousands.

      Did they donate $1800 a piece to the hospital to save a few lives? You know, to buy some antibiotics or vaccines, or to train a surgeon or nurse or midwife. Did they donate anything at all for their photo op?

      Fat chance.

  9. Jamie Cleveland says:

    Two sides to every story. Steffen fixed my daughters long term illness after doctors had given up and ruined her body with antibiotics and steroids. His knowledge and techniques worked for us.

    • Esther says:

      Good for her. So did he try and sell her Esoteric Breast Massage? Or Universal Medicine subscriptions to the workshop and healing dependency cycle? Or a ticket to the sleazy Girl to Woman Festival?

      He works from a clinic premises paid for by donations from UniMed’s religious followers who were misled into believing they would receive a return on their ‘investment’.

      He’s a recruiter to a pyramid scheme of spiritual, psychological and financial abuse where he’s clawed his way up.

      Are you aware registered health practitioners are prohibited from using testimonials in advertising, because they mislead people?

      Steffen isn’t registered, so not subject to the same standards of ethics.

      There’s more than two sides to every story, Jamie, and Steffen is a recruiter to a predatory organization. It kind of nullifies your testimonial. Which I don’t buy for a minute, by the way.