International Mens Day & the Universal Medicine Cult – joy-full emasculation

RMRCDonateyourballsBoys have accidents to shake the energy out of them. If your son comes home and you feel he has been affected by male “pack” energy,  you need to shake the energy out of him either by cutting it verbally  or physically shaking him. It is occasionally best to smack it out of him, so that he avoids an accident. Serge Benhayon, quoted in student notes, Esoteric Development Group, 8, May 17, 2008

Those arbiters of Esoteric transparency, Real Media Real Change are at it again, exploiting a respectable event to lure new donors to cult leader, Serge Benhayon’s temple of death, sexism, molestation, narcissism and real estate enhancement. But this time they’re targeting blokes, and they don’t just want their money, they want their balls as well.

The events, ‘Starting the Conversation – A Men’s Health Conference’ are to be held in conjunction with International Men’s Day in Brisbane and Lennox Head on the 16th and 17th November, 2013.

The cult, via anti free-speech front group, Real Media Real Change, thinks they can imitate the grubby marketing they use to target women – deceptively peddling sexist indoctrination and inappropriate touching as therapy. Just as they tried to cash in on International Women’s Day only to be deregistered by the IWD organization, this time they’re trying a men’s health conference to coincide with International Mens Day. However, nowhere in the publicity does Real Media Real Change mention Universal Medicine’s abhorrent anti-male doctrines, or their record for casting men as abusers and bullies, issuing vexatious AVOs and breaking up families so that property settlements can be donated to the cult.

For a refresher course on how the Universal Medicine cult demonizes ‘maleness’ and seeks to neuter so called male qualities of strength, assertiveness, libido, reason and intellect from both male and female followers, take a look at Venus’ posts, Esoteric Feminism and the series on Esoteric Manhood, beginning with Woman Good, Man Evil.

The Line Up

RMRCDonateyourballs2As for the Psychological Well-being Conference 2013, to be held at Bond University on the Gold Coast, the line up of speakers is a lacklustre bunch of cult yes-artists masquerading as know-it-alls on ‘maleness’. In this case, they’re Serge’s harem of she-males, apart from Kristy Wood, who makes a crust flogging watered down Benhayonism in primary schools.

The stars on the bill are chest specialist, Dr Samuel Kim, whose other specialty is blessing patients and assisting them to die – no shit, Serge SAYS SO – and Professor William Auguste (Bill) Foley from the University of Sydney, who is the first linguistics professor in history to be thoroughly conned by Sergio the bullshitter’s spherical syntax.

The rest of the speakers aren’t worth the bother of lampooning except to say they’ll be contributing to a day long program of conscious cock shrinkage, telling all present that men aren’t in touch with their femaleness, which on Planet Serge translates as not brainwashed, stupid and docile enough to give their money to the cult. No doubt there’ll be a special segment flogging Natalie Benhayon’s Our Cycles menstrual cycle app to blokes, and telling them how much better off they are when they start sharing their deluded experience of man-struation, a la Lee Green.

We can’t understand why Paula Fletcher from Universal Law solicitors Mullumbimby isn’t on the bill. She could give a special talk on how to take out an AVO on non cult spouses when they ask where the money’s gone.

Esoteric manhood

The male Brides of Serge are deferred to in the cult as ‘real men’, and the Men’s Health Conference is an attempt to recruit more of the same – men eager to apologize for their masculinity, while stunting their critical faculties to accept Serge’s line that bastardry and aggression are male gender traits. Just look at Paula Fletcher, Sarah Davis, Desiree Delaloye, Eunice Minford and Rebecca Baldwin for the case in point. Universal Medicine doesn’t want or need men willing to exercise reason and assert themselves enough to question the scam. Women, Serge Benhayon says, should be lovely and gentle. They should distrust the mind and only trust ‘feeling’ (as long as that feeling doesn’t include emotion), not be racy or driven or participate in sport, and not have ideals or beliefs. He also tells women their non cult partners and loved ones are ‘loveless’, ‘in pain’ and ‘holding them back from their light’. He asks them to book for a perpetuity of Esoteric healing sessions and workshops to clear the energy of sexual objectification and rape left from this or previous lives, and hassles them constantly to donate to his ‘College’. The same love-lys will hurl around bogus legal threats at anyone addressing the facts, but they never question the guru.

He likes his ‘real men’ just the same.

Gender stereotypes for imbeciles

My sincerest apologies for adding to the pain, but we had to throw in this passage from one of Serge Benhayon’s self published tomes, beginning with this howling nonsense on the occult-interplanetary-metaphysical-fantasy gender war.

It was the female etheric form that turned physical first and hence, why they first ruled on Earth in the Dynastic Period. Because the Venusians held the balance in the Femaleness and the Martians held the balance in the Maleness, it is interpreted as Eve tempting Adam. In other words the female went first. Truth is, both sets of lords made an equal deal. They then proceeded to make male spiritual bodies. This meant that they could organise a group-orientated impulse between them and thus, created the first knowledge of the power of group work, albeit not in the livingness of our fiery God, but to create an existence according to their own pranic impulse.

It is for this reason that the Four Lords of Form will do their utmost to sabotage any form of group work on Earth that is truly soulful…

…endorsed by doctors, lawyers, teachers, social workers, and now a cult struck linguistics professor.

Benhayon’s ageless wisdom extends to men’s and women’s health, where he attributes disorders of the reproductive organs to confusion over gender roles.


There are of course many signs all over the world of the way in which man is conducting his out of balance deeds. We do not here need to cover these out of balance expressions, which cause much agony and misery to many. The focus here is to bring the reader to the way in which we are all affected by the imbalance on our planet and what it is doing to our vehicle of expression, i.e., to our physical bodies.

For the purpose of bringing the reader to an astute level of focus one can look and examine the growth in certain conditions now affecting the well-being of both men and women, conditions which of course have been around for a long time for the same reason, but now are completely dis-proportionately, very much on the rise. Noted here is the rise of, for the Carnal Woman, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis (now happening more in very young women and teenage girls), fibroids and cysts in the womb area, problems with menstrual pain and menopause. For the Carnal Man, impotence in men (at very young ages), younger cases of prostate problems and its cancerous expression, testicular conditions and complications, etc. The list and its derivatives go on and on. The contributing factor that has given rise to these diseases and ill conditions is the confused social behaviour and its expectancy:

-Do men open car doors for women or is this condescending?

-Do men pay for the dinner or is this insinuating that they can because they earn more? Does a woman become offended because she cannot be allowed to pay her own way? Does she now pay for dinner because she may earn more than he? And if so, how does the man feel about this in her presence? Is there a power play in paying for dinner? Is it a sign of independence and a show of strength and freedom, or is it simply an old fashioned loving gesture?

-Who asks who out first?

-Who is on top, sexually, and does that mean control, dominance and superiority or just a natural and pleasurable expression by either party? Ponder on this one carefully.

-In today’s modern world, what is the ideal man’s woman? What is the ideal woman’s man? That is, the right balance of how to be?

-Do women rule boardroom meetings? If  so, how do they actually do it? Is it by nurturing of the company and its employees or is it from a strong dictatorial male energy?

-Colloquially expressed, do women have more balls than men these days?

-How does a man truly feel in today’s male-energy-driven society? Does he raise the ‘machismo’ bar to a higher level? If not, how far does he turn it down without losing identity?

-Are men keeping up with women in dealing with their issues? If not, why not?

-How does a woman’s body truly feel in this way of life? It is truly serving in equality and security, which is why the male energy is used? What is it truly doing to the body? What are the direct and indirect symptoms of this imbalance? How does a woman stand today and what is the glorious way of being that has been lost?

We know breast cancer is out of control and energetically from an esoteric point of view this is caused by the lack of nurturing a woman has towards herself. Women, at best, are today great nurturers of others, but not of themselves!

-So have women truly won equality? If so, at what expense?

Or has equality not truly shifted because in truth the world is only recognizing the male energy as the dominant source and thus, the only expression that is to be rewarded. (Benhayon, 2006, p.245-9)

Beginning with some wackjob pseudo sci fi claptrap, the mutant messiah takes a heap of medical misinformation, mashes it with lousy generalizations and bogus dilemmas from the false gender war and works the gender divide to monopolize the affections and loyalties of his followers. The ‘equality’ he cites bears no relationship to the real world campaign for equal rights.

Any of the above first world etiquette problems can be resolved by grown ups of any sex via respectful communication and negotiation. In spite of Universal Medicine portraying itself as a health service or as a tax exempt College promoting harmonious interaction between human beings, those interpersonal skills won’t be promoted at the Mens Health (Hand Over Your Balls, What’s Left of Your Mind & Gimme Your Money) Conference or the Psychological Well-being Cult Recruitment Drive. Rather, Serge Benhayon and the Esoteric clones preach sexist stereotypes, narcissistic self interest (self-loving choices) and passive aggressive refusal to communicate (stillness). When relationships break up as a result, dependent followers have more funds available to sink into the cult’s money for nothing services.

As long as the faithful are distracted by their gender based navel gazing, they’re oblivious to the scam.

Benhayon, S. The Way It Is, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006

17 Comments on “International Mens Day & the Universal Medicine Cult – joy-full emasculation”

  1. RJM says:

    Wow, as if the preoccupation with rape, pedophilia and murder, the blatant, hypocritical cash-grabbing and lame occult-inspired headfuckery wasn’t enough, Serge is now encouraging cult parents to physically assault their own sons if they’ve been socializing with other boys. Sounds like child abuse to me. If your sons aren’t conforming to the whims of a sleazy, narcissistic, psychopathic cult leader, beat the shit out of them. Another fine example of loving, gentle ‘Universal Medicine’ from the misanthropic mind of Serge the Scourge

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Who are these clowns?


      Real Media Real Change has announced its team – a line up of unqualified mediocrities.

      UMers don’t have to be qualified, intelligent, educated, articulate or charismatic to be somebody in the cult. They just have to pay up and be prepared to evade facts and recite the line – forcefully.

      They’re rewarded with the recognition they pretend to eschew.

      If we summed up the achievements of that lot, we’d have what? What have any of them ever done for anyone? ‘Healers’ who take money from patients and do nothing for symptoms. Cult recruiters, censors, abuse deniers, liars, exploiters of vulnerable patients.

      The sum of their achievements is a stellar job in $elling for $erge. Pushing his pyramid scheme of perversity and poison.

      And what is Real Media Real Change anyway? The blurb is vague weasel words calling for media ‘truth’. Bullshit. It began as an anti-free speech lobby against facts and a PR arm for UM, but is nothing more than a propaganda outfit pushing Serge Benhayon’s toxicity.

      There’s still no disclosure of the group’s funding. It has an ABN, so it must have an income. How is that spent, Sarah? Do the yes artists get paid to spruik Serge’s bullshit, or are they doing it for the recognition and out of self love for the multi million dollar cult?

      You and your dimwitted husband might think you can manipulate the media Sarah Davis, but not if we get there first – with verifiable facts.

  2. You know whos brother says:

    At least Adam called them to get approval, of sorts, this time. Of course, no mention of Universal Medicine or Serge’s doctrines. It should be known, it is not an endorsement of the event. The charity is small and take the view that most people will do good with their events and logo’s. We however know that this is another front by the cult to recruit and legitimize themselves.

    Speaking of Adam, I had goosebumps listening to him. Talk about a Serge regurg. Word for word- same story, same tone, same cadence. Same responses “correct”- It may as well have been Serge speaking.

    “Suck it up” Adam. You are in a cult my friend and like your cohorts, Joel Levin, Ray Karam, Mark Twist, Rod Harvey…etc, have lost the ability to think for yourself or even form your own words to construct an argument. But you (or whoever) do have a point about prostate cancer. It does kill more men than breast cancer does woman. So WHY IS THERE NO ESOTERIC PROSTATE MASSAGE???? I think I asked that question a year back. The answer is that really that doesn’t interest Serge. Tits are far more alluring. Even if you don’t touch them yourself. (except in your mind)

    Hypocrisy and contradictions abound, as usual. We’ll have to a little more work to make sure people are alerted to the cult connection.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      For those who came late, Adam Warburton, MC for the event, contacted the International Men’s Day organization to tell them about the RMRC event. No, he didn’t mention the ball busting, the AVOs and the misandrist propaganda to be peddled by Serge’s sycophants. Well done Adam, you’re part of the cult hierarchy now – lying by omission and exploiting worthy events for your own agenda. That kind of dishonesty will get you places in UM.

      As for the mens health angle – what a joke.

      What does Universal Medicine do to improve men’s health? Get blokes to buy a menstrual cycle app, join a cult and give up their brains and balls?

      Guaranteed the incidence of mens ailments is just as bad within the cult as the general population, or worse – due to the damaging so called ‘healthy’ practices. Ditto for the women.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, has anyone thought about alerting the mens rights agency to this. They would love this shit. *sarcasm*

    • Well the bunker staff aren’t touching that. The mens rights agency has a very patchy history and some primitive attitudes to feminism. Not our thing, but everyone’s entitled to their opinion. If you want to notify them, that’s up to you.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      ‘has someone thought about alerting…’ is usually a request for us to do the notifying. You’re on your own this time anon.

      And a reminder to our readers, we have careers and families etc. so please give a hand where you can. There is too much for us to handle.

      And go Dobbsie!

  4. Darkly Venus says:

    Ok, I got a bunch of messages since last night about the cult’s media blitz in the Byron Bay area about the Mens Health Con. I imagine they are doing the same in Brisbane, taking out ads, calling into radio stations.

    Of course they’re going to do that.

    Cult marketing is like a plague of vermin, deployed to spread the nastiness. I don’t need to know about every ad taken out etc.

    Come on, do you really think I have time to follow all their shit and chase every mouse?

    Serge would love that, because that’s less time I have to go after the biggest rat of all.

    You’re all capable of emailing and phoning outlets yourselves. We write these blogs so you can link to them.

    Seriously, do you think I don’t have enough to do?

    • Don’t hassle me either, I’m busy with a polyandry experiment, and believe me that’s busy.

      Sergio is looking to recruit more blokes, you realize, to keep the Brides occupied, and to rearrange a few in-cult marriages.

      That way the male and female Brides are so busy trying to work out how they can shag each other, sorry, make love, without emotion or maleness and connect with their inner light while in flagrante delicto, they forget the rorting and molesting.

  5. Darkly Venus says:

    Congratulations are due to the Byron Bay Echo for writing a story outing the Real Media Real Change Men’s Health Conference and its link to sleazy Benhayon: and for quoting our blogs.

    Unfortunately Chris contacted me using an email address I used to make a comment on Adam Warburton’s Echo article plugging the conference, so I wasnt able to make a statement for the original article. Hopefully he’ll get in touch. It’s not an email address I check often, so we were surprised to see him mention he’d tried to contact us. Chris, leave your mobile number next time. But I’m more than happy to put my name on the record with any statements I make.

    No, we hadn’t notified the Echo, so thanks to them for paying attention, or if any of our readers alerted them.

    Honestly, Universal Medicine is so full of shit, our work in exposing what the cult doesn’t want the public to see is never done, and WE DO NEED YOUR HELP in spreading the word.

    Please feel free to link to or refer to our blogs when making notifications. We have Contact forms and we put our names to statements to the press, regulators and politicians.

    As you may have read in the recent post, cult informant journalist from the Northern Star, Hamish Broome passed my name and contact details to the cult under a pretence of gathering information for a story, without declaring his conflict of interest, or that his editors had told him not to report on RMRC or UM. I was prepared to go on the record then, but have since copped flak from the bullying bastards for remaining anonymous, on top of the numerous false legal complaints, and the complaint to AHPRA where they cite my name – supplied by Broome, and refer to me as a ‘criminal’.

    Just watch, as soon as my name goes public, they’ll accuse me of trying to push my own barrow and promote my own practice.

    You can count on it.

    But I daresay it will be good for business. 😉

  6. Darkly Venus says:

    Ah, those Mullumbimby journalists – Chris hasn’t gotten in touch. He must be in a hammock or something, and who could blame him?

    I posted a response on the Echo Net article, but it hasn’t made it online, and we might guess the Echo has probably been bombarded with proponents of Esoteric ‘truth’ accusing the Echo of media bias for publishing facts and opposing view points. Quelle Horreur 😮

    A correction I could make to his article is that the Womens Day Event was deregistered by the International Womens Day Organization, not the UN National Women’s Committee.

    Readers will remember the event was listed there until the IWD org ( received the notification with the images of Benhayon handling genitals as a ‘healing’ for sexual abuse, and a collection of atrociously misogynist quotes from his self published writings.

    In my response I asked Adam Warburton to produce documentation of the ‘legal case’ against us. The cult have never mounted a defamation action against us, and the best they’ve managed are false trademark infringement claims, dismissed by WordPress, and the false copyright claims which they didn’t action when challenged.

    Adam said:

    ‘We are the target of a troll campaign. As a result, every time we do something publicly we have to justify who we are, as if we have some hidden agenda.’

    It’s called accountability and transparency, Adam. What Adam calls a troll campaign is people asking serious questions about Benhayon’s very questionable past, the quality of UM’s money for nothing services, and details of the hateful doctrines and exploitative practices the cult studiously omits from their marketing.

    None of the cult’s plethora of blogs allows visitors to ask questions or post critical comments, and Benhayon refuses to talk to the news media, ever since they revealed some inconvenient truths about his multi million dollar pyramid scheme of abuse.

    ‘It’s a difficult situation to be in. If I put Universal Medicine in [publicity] it looks like we’re actively recruiting. If not, it looks like we’re trying to recruit underhandedly.

    But either way you’re recruiting, Adam. Or is it marketing? Dishonest marketing where you don’t disclose your backing or the nature of the services you’re selling or their hefty cost?

    ‘That’s why we put the origins information in the Real Media Real Change website.’

    Only in the last couple of weeks, and only because we’ve exposed you, and only out of a pretence of transparency. How is RMRC funded, Adam? Who is being paid?

    As for hate-bloggers co-opting the media. No, Adam, we’re not that powerful. The media don’t entrust their investigations to bloggers. The media reports on facts, backed by evidence. RMRC claims trial by media, but what have they done to resolve that apart from avoid disclosure and to use whitewash marketing to peddle abuse?

    As for commenter, ‘eddy’, why bother making a comment, eddy, if you’re not a member and you’re not going to address the evidence that Benhayon is peddling sexism and molestation?

    ‘eddy’ or is it Rebecca thinks he can discredit our exposure of sordid facts and our calls for accountability with claims that our feelings must be hurt because we are part of a drug and alcohol fuelled culture. LOL

    Cult member, Rowena Parkes needs to learn to read. The Echo article says nothing about curing cancer. Serge has claimed to be able to prevent it – I have quotes from audio where he does. Why don’t you say something about ‘Deeper Femaleness’, Rowena, or the young girls who stay at Serge’s house?

    Jane Hardy, Serge won’t be at the events – he’s in the UK raking cash at the Lighthouse.

  7. Enough is Enough says:

    Rowena Parkes says “I have attended many of Serge’s presentations over the years and never has he “targeted women” with his therapies or in any other way.”

    Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd?

    Esoteric Breast Massage? Esoteric Ovary Massage? Esoteric Uterus Massage? Women in Livingness?

    I’d be interested to see UM launch Esoteric Mens Health Pty Ltd. As someone above said, the could offer esoteric penis massage or prostate massage or testicle massage. But Serge would need to pay up for a brothel licence.