Universal Medicine Cult Propaganda Madness

craniometerIn more propaganda madness, Lee Green had his first period; Christoph Schnell says UM is the first religion to be SCIENCE; E. Walsh says seeing is believing because of Plato, and SERGE SAYS SO; and E.W. the cult cop (?) reckons it’s wrong to be right, implying it’s right to do wrong.

Whatever, Serge Benhayon doesn’t give a crap. He’s got Debby counting the money.

Lee Green. Men, Periods and the Our Cycles Period App. What can I say? Serge has been running emasculating men’s groups in which he’s not only sold the Esoteric ‘real men’ a man-struation cycle, but he has blokes buying Natalie Pty Ltd’s Our Cycles menstrual cycle App. and selling it too. Lee and every other UMer that gently breathes has been flogging the thing to the point of SPAM.

Over this time I have also been using the amazing Our Cycles App developed by the amazing Natalie Benhayon, to track me – my feelings, moods and how my days have been going in relation to the moon cycle.

Interestingly, on days that I do not use the Our Cycles app they become a blur and I know that in not using it to express how I am feeling, there is something up….. perhaps I am a little off key…

Or it’s the trance wearing off.

Now Lee thinks he’s having periods.

In using the app regularly I have become more connected to the cycle of the moon. It is this cycle that allows my body to clear all that has been used in the lead up to the full moon. The way that I have honoured or dis-honoured me in the lead up

to the full moon is all felt in my body. This had gone on for some months when on the 8th day preceding the moon in July, I got a message from my body that was so clear I could not dismiss it. It was very loud.

“This is your period! Your period starts tomorrow.”…

On awakening that morning, knowing deeply that this was the first day of my period, I felt everything. The holding back, the pushing, the drive, the burdens I had stacked up… you get the picture…

It was a profound stop for me…

We wish.

I had time in my morning to run a bath and soak me, to really honour this event, this celebration of a man returning to tenderness. As I dressed I felt to wear a shirt and tie and even the choosing of the tie could not be for any other reason than to celebrate and nurture me more deeply.

We men do get periods – it just takes a surrendering of self to really feel the power that the cycles have not just for men, for humanity as a whole. Now that’s worth noting in my Our Cycles App… 

Even Venus was rendered temporarily speechless by this shit. Then, both of us had a lot to say, but not a word of it is printable, and that’s something considering we’re happy to publish our sincerest sentiment for the cult to fuck off. But that wouldn’t even begin to cover how we feel about Lee Green insulting everyone with that patent rubbish, and being more concerned with his choice of tie and retracting his testicles than giving a toss about the cult’s plethora of abuses. Maybe we should lock him in a room with the Lie Lie Lie sisters as punishment, and throw in Andrew Bolt to make it interesting.

Christoph Schnell, financial advisor, has written how Religion is Science, Almost. Ugh.

Recently I got a new perspective – religion can be true: actually, it is required to be true if it wants to explain the world. In other words, for a religion to be true, the following has to be true:  

Religion is

  • That which is true and

  • Does not contradict science and

  • Which cannot (yet) be proven by science

  • Plus all of science

You see, this is proof Serge doesn’t need to dish out mind altering drugs to send his followers cuckoo.

Christoph, the poor schmuck, didn’t get that definition of religion from Wikipedia. It’s probably from the Book of $erge. His ‘feelings’ about Science (remember thoughts, ideals and beliefs are prohibited in UM) are similarly spherical (translation: bonkers).

I never thought I would come across such a religion, but after listening to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, every statement of the “The Way of the Livingness” that I have heard has either been:

  • True as far as I can empirically test it, or it

  • Does not contradict science, though often expands on science

  • Either cannot yet be proven by science or

  • Has been proven by science.

In other words, “The Way of the Livingness” has been, in my nine years of experience, a vast expansion on science. One of the consequences is that The Way of the Livingness is full to bursting of ideas for scientific study. Like string theory in physics it is a grand unifying theory but – unlike string theory – The Way of the Livingness creates a huge amount of testable hypotheses.

No, no Christoph, you used the word expansion, twice, where you should have used extrapolation. Or is it bastardization? Or bullshit? So Serge’s theories that porn causes earthquakes, tsunamis and global warming, or where cats evolve into whales, or bats and crows are the Lords of Form with wings; do they come under ‘cannot yet be proven by science’? How about Serge Benhayon’s unscientific yet proven bankruptcy?

Never mind, we’re planning a pseudoscience special soon.

And further proof of the mind altering qualities of gentle breath, a laxative diet and too many SergeCasts, E. Walsh, who is also E.W. or not, or Eric Walsh, gives a lesson in Esoteric philosophizing in ‘Seeing is Believing’ and ‘Believing is Seeing‘, butchering Plato and Aristotle on Serge’s sacrificial altar of stupidity.

Plato has been taken to have implied that ‘believing is seeing’, and this view was later reversed by his student Aristotle to ‘seeing is believing’

E. Walsh the philosophy genius, has borrowed a bit of Plato versus Aristotle and then in a blur of pseudo-philosophical waffle LEAPT to Sergio the Spherical Bullshitter. Like we wouldn’t notice.

If so, what if seeing has little to do with our eyes in the first place! And if this is in fact so, what if seeing is actually a form of understanding the first principle of… ‘what is felt in our bodies’

I would not have believed that what I now know and feel would have been possible if it was not for the work delivered through Universal Medicine presenting the Ageless Wisdom. I did not know how to move with myself or even use my sight to see or apply my feelings to confirm what it was I could feel (despite the countless eyes that I looked into every day), and as a consequence, I had denied myself the opportunity and the reward of tireless and yet immense contact with the world. A world that is so out of contact with itself, a world which burdened by the principle of ‘seeing is believing’, has denied itself access to a living expression.

Look and you shall see, seek and you shall find – but feel and you will know what to believe.

Venus doesn’t drink, but I had to give her Tequila shots to help make sense out of that mess. Later, we ran it through the reality tester and after a few sputters it came out with ‘PLATO! ARISTOTLE! blah blah blah, Serge sold us seeing is not looking or thinking because they’re NOT ESOTERIC, therefore ARISTOTLE WAS WRONG, and besides Serge told me what to feel and I paid a lot of money and I believe him so now I KNOW.’


Venus has gone to bed.

Finally, and this is about all we could handle, cult cop, E.W., who might be E. Walsh, or not, wrote about Hate Fanaticism and Entitlement – The Investment in Being Right.

Hate, fanaticism and entitlement are traits frequently held by those who pretend to seek, promote, uphold and/or dictate outdated beliefs, customs and ingrained habits that sustain one chosen version of being right over another. Insult is often added to the injury by obstructing what is real truth, or by hampering alternative views or considered opinions.

I dunno, E.W.’s essay expends a lot of words raving about something, I suppose, but E.W. doesn’t specify who is upholding outdated views, what version of right they’re pushing, which ‘truth’ they’re obstructing, who is holding alternate views or considered opinions, or why any of that is hate, fanaticism or entitlement. It’s an unfocussed attack on no one in particular, or maybe it’s an incontinent piss in the wind at the global Astral Cult conspiracy against UM. They (E.W. or the SergeProp brains trust, if they aren’t the same thing) mentions internet trolls and vexatious complainants, an investment in being right and manipulation of facts. It doesn’t sound like us, but it might be their idea of a spherical insult. They could give us something to work with, at least. If it’s us, what are we being right about that’s so offensive? Why don’t they say we’re wrong, and then tell us what we’re wrong about? And then we can hammer them back. Con gusto.

Venus thinks it’s more likely obfuscation on steroids. E.W. is attempting to distinguish being right from Serge’s Esoteric Truth®. Who needs to be right when you’ve paid premium price for access to the exclusive, incontrovertible truth, which Serge heard from the sweet and beautiful voices that spoke to him on the toilet?

Either way it’s a stab at devaluing concepts like justice and transparency to distract cult members from UM’s prodigious wrongdoing. On steroids.

Because the more one is right, the more one must always be seen to be either doing or being right and this demands enormous energy to uphold the adopted and invested version of the interpreted right. In this way the rigid force of that concerted effort to be right is put in conflict with the nature of the right it claims to belong to.

Which adds to up to nothing compared to doing wrong, which directly harms people. You know, wrecks lives. Am I right in saying that? E.W.?

Or is it that making a stand for justice or accountability is worse than molesting sexual abuse victims, exploiting the vulnerable, invading privacy, abusing the legal system, defrauding tax payers and private health funds, smashing families, frightening children and charging money for nothing?

In other words, on Planet Serge, it’s wrong to be right, but all right to do wrong. The cult cop SAYS SO.

11 Comments on “Universal Medicine Cult Propaganda Madness”

  1. susieQ says:

    Please send the Tequila PP. Those Umar’s writings give a normal human a huge headache.
    Such utter evil rubbish.
    If I hadn’t read this unbelievable utter crap of the E.W and Lee Green and Christoph Schnell myself on the UM site – I would think that you PP have been drinking a lot Tequila and smoking eso happy herbs.

  2. pranabunny says:

    Aha. So now men can have periods too because an iPhone app says so?

    My dearest Lee,

    may I point out to you that women menstruate when there’s an unfertilized egg in their uterus that needs to be discarded? All those PMS feelings you are supposedly feeling are not really real because you don’t have the hormones in your tender body to cause those moods. And trust me, as a tender woman I can assure you that did you actually menstruate you wouldn’t be all fluffy and fuzzy about choosing a tie and running a bath and whatnot, you would most likely be moping around the house in search of a water bottle and pain killers to get rid of the back pain or the cramps or the bloating or the headache that comes with the hormone fluctuations. And before you now explain to me that uncomfortable periods are caused by hardening of the soul, let me assure you that period pains are not caused by not being in touch with ones female side or not accepting ones woman-ness. This can only come from a man (Serge) who hates women and wants to control every aspect of their lives.

    You know what comes to mind, Lee, when I read your sermon? you remind me of those men who always harp on about how “men get raped/violated, too” in discussions about violence against women.

    Be tender. Run yourself a bath. But don’t be an ass, Lee, and pretend you are in touch with your inner female-ness. if you were, you wouldn’t pretend to be menstruating, you would be out there fighting the good fight for equality. And you’d definitely not listen to a sociopath who molests women and calls it ‘treatment’.


      You couldn’t have said it better, and maybe if we’d stopped swearing and breaking up the furniture for long enough we might have had a sensible response to Leeee Greeeen.

      However, we think you are possibly too sensible. UMers will say Leee Greeen is able to experience phantom ovaries and PMS if he ‘feels to’ because ‘everything is energy’ and that’s SCIENCE.

      Biology doesn’t come into it.

      The other inference we totally resent is that alleged ‘femaleness’ equates with stupidity. However, that’s all part of the Benhayon plan to work the gender war in his favour. We all get distracted by Leee’s compulsive sharing of his bullshit ‘feelings’ and take our eyes off the scam artist pulling the strings.

      Anyway, there’s not much to this and the previous post, but I felt we needed a propaganda slap down before our next post – featuring Serge’s writings – which are some of his most disturbing.

  3. RJM says:

    Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if the male UM faithful do start menstruating, given how they’ve been brainwashed into loathing their own ‘menful energy’ and instead embracing their ‘deeper femaleness’. When they do, Natalie can start talking to their ovaries thus raking in more cash for the esoteric empire. Ka-chng!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You know Lee Green sends his young daughter to stay at Serge’s house?

    Anne Malatt sends her high school age daughter.

  5. You know whos brother who just upchucked. Again. says:

    Bloody Hell
    The cult of Confession goes to the next level.
    Starring the usual suspects.
    Check it out at the unselfaware UM blog
    I have to also say, I have never seen such self-obsessed rubbish. Get over it and get on with it you fools. Do you think self-obsessing day and night is enlightenment? does it prove anything! Jesus it makes me want to scream at the stupidity of it.
    ” Something was hard, now I don’t do that, and I am in my power because Serge said that we’re from Sirius. People can see how AMAZING I am now that I don’t give a fuck about anyone else except myself. AMAZING”
    And where’s Serge the puppet master?