FACTS about Universal Medicine: A Dangerous Cult? – We Think SO! But we’re not making a profit from this mess

SergioSMHIf I was a cynic I’d think a recent post from the LOL ‘TRUTH about Universal Medicine’ propaganda site was an attempt to divert page views from the FACTS…Which the Universal Medicine cult would never do because they are gentle and loving and renowned for their Esoteric integrity. And Serge Benhayon  was never bankrupt, the eruption of Mt Vesuvius was caused by pornography, and a horse, elephant, eagle and cat will evolve into a dog, dolphin or whale…

Facts about Universal Medicine: A Dangerous Cult – I think NOT!

September 9, 2013

You WOULD think NOT! seeing you’re making money out of Universal Medicine – flogging crap ‘designed’ by Serge Benhayon the bullshitter. How many of those have you sold?

The author has written a Universal Medicine infomercial, where she tells us she knows what a cult is because she grew up in one, where there was a lot of ‘questionable behaviour’, including sexual abuse.

There has been a complete denial of the true facts as people accuse Universal Medicine of being a dangerous cult with founder Serge Benhayon as the cult leader, for I truly know what a dangerous cult looks like and is, having experienced it firsthand! Labelling something as such is not an accusation to make lightly as the way a real cult impacts people’s lives is very destructive and emotionally crippling.  

So are those Esoteric ‘true facts’, or evidence based facts? Several of us have been providing evidence for a year that Universal Medicine is impacting people’s lives in destructive and crippling ways – financially, psychologically, sexually, spiritually and physically. We don’t take abuse or exploitation lightly and we’ve put our names to official complaints to have Universal Medicine bought to account. UM has been shown time and time again to fit all definitions of a harmful cult – on this site in answer to shameless cult psychologist, Brendan Mooney, as well as on our sister sites.

While we’re sorry to hear of the author’s unfortunate upbringing, there’s no excuse for ignoring ample evidence of harm and luring the vulnerable into a cult which she is benefiting from financially.

She doesn’t mention her mother, is also financially benefiting from Universal Medicine as its ‘International Esoteric Breast Massage Trainer’, and that she has no formal qualifications but makes her living training cult recruiters in a form of treatment room abuse that specializes in inappropriate touching, man hating indoctrination, denigration of the female body and instilling dependency.

We imagine Mum kept her kids in the previous cult, in spite of the abuses, because she wasn’t cognisant of the harm. Perhaps if she’d had access to facts, or taken heed of them, or not been brainwashed she would have gotten them out, and saved the whole family a heap of grief.

Nor does she mention she’s Rebecca Baldwin’s cousin. Rebecca is also benefiting financially from UM, while their extended families have thrown hundreds of thousands of dollars into their investment in an Esoteric reincarnation and the Benhayon collection of luxury cars.

The author puts forward some Esoteric ‘true facts’, coincidentally written with the same bland literary cadence of every Baldwin or other cult member that writes on the blogs:

At no point in all the years I have attended sessions and workshops with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine practitioners, have I or anyone I know, ever been touched in a sexual way, encouraged to touch another or felt abused in any way, shape or form. 

Except we have photographic evidence of Serge doing just that, encouraging cult members, in an Esoteric healing workshop manual, to touch the genitals of sexual abuse survivors. The author and the other deniers don’t ‘feel’ it to be sexual or abuse, because Serge told them it wasn’t.

The Brides of Serge don’t have a problem with Serge’s history with Miranda, either, beginning when she was 13.  Miranda is now around the same age ex wife Deborah was when he met Miranda. Around the same age Deborah was when he told her she was ‘keeping him from his light’. So when Miranda gets dumped for keeping Serge from the light of his next acquisition, will the Lie Lie Lie brides dump her too, or bully her into submission and drive her into the Esoteric convent with the rest of the Eso-nuns? Or will Serge award her a consolation prize and find her an Esoteric ‘real man’?

But I digress. The author goes on to claim Universal Medicine can’t be a cult because Serge doesn’t hold prolonged lectures for 24 hours straight, and why would he when he can use books, podcasts and emails and other electronic media to achieve the same level of brainwashing? It’s much less labour intensive for him.

She says there’s no requirement for followers to make donations, and the cult, in appealing for donations at every public event and online to the Fiery Property Improvement Fund, makes sure people only donate if they can afford it. The cult generously offers sponsorship, so the truly dependent can deepen their sense of obligation and pay later, and there’s always the option to work for nothing as a galley slave or doing some other menial monkey work for the multi-millionaires.

She says UM can’t be a cult because Serge isn’t pushing members into altered states with recreational drugs. Again, that’s not necessary when he can get the same effect from gentle breath trance induction and the exorcism road show. That way the money cult members don’t spend on drugs goes on it’s shitty products instead.

She says cults have terrible diets, but Serge ‘encourages clean eating in accordance to one’s choices‘ after telling them PRANIC 😮 foods cause natural disasters, lovelessness, cancer and adverse reincarnations.  She also says cult members are quite crazy, but UM devotees are really quite amazing, LOL, as we’ll see soon in Lee Green’s man-struation cycle and Christoph Schnell’s SCIENCE.

My mother would move us around wherever the cult went. Dad had no say in this, his wishes were disregarded because he was not amongst the cult…

The author is either oblivious to our many, many readers who are given no say on a range of issues, from household finances, to parenting, to being able to make a comment or ask questions on the cult blogs because they haven’t paid up and surrendered to the Livingness – or she doesn’t give a shit.

And then we have the familiar spiel that the author, like many UMers, was a drug addict, and her life was worthless before UM. Yet, plenty of people get sober and stay sober, and do regular exercise and have successful businesses without joining a cult.

I started exercising and I set up a now booming business…

Selling overpriced cult ‘merchandise’ to covertly manipulated cult members, while most of us earn an honest living.

“Universal Medicine – a dangerous cult”… I think not! Quite the opposite in fact – my life has improved DRAMATICALLY in every possible way and I am answerable to no one but myself.”

In other words, Universal Medicine can’t be a cult because it’s more streamlined in its conversion and brainwashing process and more commercially successful than the author and her Mum’s last misadventure. They’re making much better money out of this one, and the licence to self-love means they’re answerable to no one but themselves. Victims can fuck off. But not until they’ve bought the souvenirs and paid to have their breasts and braincells rearranged.

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  1. This post is a bit of repetition of stuff we’ve already said about the self-loving cult, but the original alleged ‘facts’ post on the ‘truth’ site is clearly a stab at diverting page views from us.

    UM is becoming more desperate and more underhanded in trying to suppress the information we’re posting – currently via bogus legal complaints to Google – probably claiming defamation – yet they know who we are and could have served us with a genuine defamation writ anytime in the past year.

    We’re seeking advice on legal redress for their false complaints.

    Yet, we imagine UM is hoping we run out of puff. The only reason our blogs can be found in Google searches is because we continually update them. Note that the Rick Ross Forum on UM is practically defunct, and I see no one else bothered to restore posts – probably thought we’d do it. We would if it didn’t take us away from other tasks that need doing, but then we’d be accused of ‘dominating’ the forum.

    Factual information on UM’s secretive practices are now only available from our blogs, and the cult is working to have them disappeared from Google searches.

    So if the bunker workers (a whole 2 of us) decide to put our energy elsewhere, which is always an option seeing this business is not merely thankless, but has cost us, would anyone pick up the mantle?

    Would anyone stick up for those exploited and harmed by these bastards?

    Would anyone DO anything apart from read our endangered blogs and whinge?

    • Darkly Venus says:

      And does laying a guilt trip on our readers, or emotional blackmailing make a damned bit of difference? I doubt it.

      Although, it works for Serge. He routinely lays into his followers and tells them how worthless they are, how they deserve sexual abuse and cancer for not following his diet or for feeling emotion or for being born. The difference is, he’s charging big bucks to abuse people, so his customers make sure they get their money’s worth.

      The LOF and I were talking about a report on ABC 7:30 where hundreds of people had mobilized to protest a McDonalds opening in their town in the Dandenongs, Victoria. They were holding street protests with placards and megaphones and taking out full page ads – to stop the opening of a SHOP.

      We’re protesting a fascist mind fuck, narcissism, molestation and death cult that is vandalizing people’s health, wrecking lives, families and communities, and is constructing its own tax free college/church/compound.

      The Dandenong McDonalds must be so much worse.

    • W. Harper says:

      I think the remarkable thing about blogs like this, and the RRF (in its earlier pre back-up incarnation), and the various newspaper articles/TV exposes of UniMed, is the info they provide to people. I know from first hand experience of many people who wanted to know more about UniMed, looked on the net, and came across the valuable info here and in other places. The majority of those people will not be writing letters or engaging any further, they just wanted to know more. Thanks to those who spend their valuable time spreading this information, they have been offered both sides of the story.

      I hope this blog continues as long as it’s authors wish to keep publishing, your words are much appreciated.

  2. Where to start?

    This article proves as do all the articles here written, that Serge Benhayon and his chariot of Universal Medicine really know how to destroy people’s heads and lives – black becomes white.

    The articles that these UM people who are so obsessed with self loving write, sound like that they are stoned and really off their faces. What’s in all their herb teas? It is sickening.

    We cannot sit back and wait for someone else to do something. Like it or not we all have a moral responsibility.

    You know this reminds me of a lethal intersection that we as local residents become aware of and we know that it is so dangerous, and we say:’you know one day someone will get killed there they should do something about that, like put traffic lights or a roundabout. ‘ If we do nothing and say nothing to the powers that be, then when a fatality does occur we are guilty and we must live with that.

    This ugly destructive SCAM business/cult/religion of UM is fatal. Their smirking faces remind me of the smirk that was on one of the Bali bombers face (right through and even at his trial), creepy, evil and so very disturbing.

    As the anti McDonald protesters and many others have shown, all who care must be vocal.
    The power of the people.
    This universal medicine and all its tentacles will only be stopped by the power of the people.

    We have all suffered in differing ways due to this ugly evil scam, we must all be courageous and speak up. Now.

    What gutless evil wimps they are, they won’t fight it in an expose’ of a courtroom, no rather they want to shut up and shut down. UM is definitely a CULT!

    I see that their tax free College/church/ compound has raised funds of $548,107.00 in a very short time. I guess the funds come from deceased members estates and divorce settlements??? huh!

    Come on readers – the power of the people. Write to the HCCC and your local and Federal MP’s, newspapers, etc get it out there – the damage that has been and is being done by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and all affiliates it must be stopped.

    Being proactive is a moral responsibility.

  3. You know whos brother who is a dad says:

    I reckon the members know they are in a cult, but they don’t give a toss. Notice how Jacqueline qualifies the question as “dangerous” cult? Her whole argument relies on comparing one cult with another and concluding, “well this one ain’t as bad” (ergo it isn’t a cult). Like a lot of people that have been in cults before, she and her family have found their way into another one- plain and simple. Seriously, you have to ask, if your main life choice information comes from one semi literate poorly educated pint sized man and his six vanity published books, and you spend countless weekends at his workshops, and go to fancy dress parties to worship his messed up kids- if that is not strange cultic behavior, then WTF is?

    And the thing is, in response to asinine Jacqueline’s assertion, this cult is dangerous, more so because it doesn’t seem so from the outside. It’s only when you look into its dark heart and decipher the death over life doctrine and the sordid past of its revered leader that it’s ugly face peaks out at you from being the veil of pretty words, carefully spun lies and brain-dead denials.

    As Feline points out sagely, this group is like a pedestrian crossing that can kill but no one cares about. It looks like it is there for safety, but it’s really a trap for the unwary.

    Thanks for pointing out Jacqueline’s ironic comment about her poor dad. For your benefit Jacqui dear, that is what we dissenting partners have and are going through. Not one, not two, not ten, not twenty…but scores of partners locked out of their families and fighting to see their kids and be involved in their lives because of Serge and his “family is an illusion” and “are you not stepping up to the work for fear of upsetting your partner”. All that while enduring things like Kyla Plummer, Jacqui’s cuz, shitting on those partners on the love blogs to the applause of the ever-loving, enlightened cult members. Nice stuff.

    Universal Medicine is a nasty, toxic cult. This post, like many on the love blogs, reveals the myopic self interested, ignorant, self -involved and almost masturbatory mindset of the members. Love? enlightenment? Bullshit.

    Their howlingly funny FB page “self love affair” says it all. “How I became a narcissist, proudly single and how I don’t give a fuck about anyone else”

  4. Seen the Light says:

    At first I believed the UM teachings to be of value to my life, but the more I became exposed to UM followers I began to question their blind acceptance of whatever message Serge Benhayon felt to deliver. Ok, so even if ‘some’ of what he spews makes sense, if it truly was the ‘truth’ and is designed to liberate mankind and elevate our lives so that we become more soulful, why not give it away for free? UM is a cult created to brainwash women seeking to apportion blame for society’s ills on men. After a while I began to question why these seemingly intelligent women would so blindly accept the word of Serge. Then I witnessed one of his online seminars. The man casts a trance on his followers and they all feed off each other in their adoration of him. No ladies, men aren’t the source of evil. The world is not just about women being understood. It is not the world’s men or carbs or caffeine that are your problem, Serge is. He is not an ascended master. Rather, he is a master of manipulation, a brainwash extraordinaire and a cult leader. Liberate yourselves with this truth.

    • Thanks hon.

      We haven’t seen any of those online seminar thingies. We’d LOVE a copy of one or more if anyone has them stored on their hard drive or on disc or whatnot. Use the contact form please – top of page.