Not on the payroll – an Esoteric mystery

unicorns-and-fairies-mystical-unicorn-art-gallery-pegasus-desktop-221876In February this year, Esoteric student and cult lawyer, Paula Fletcher of Universal Law solicitors, Mullumbimby, outed herself as a blog troll on the Universal Medicine Accountability site. The self-loving lawyer, thinking she’d signed in anonymously to defend one of the cult’s bent surgeons, answered Venus’s enquiry about how much money she’d made out of Universal Medicine cult damage with the famous line, ‘not on anyone’s payroll actually’. A couple of weeks ago we received a copyright infringement notice for using scanned images of Serge’s healing symbols sent to WordPress from, quelle surprise, Universal Law’s Paula Fletcher. In the following exploration of Esoteric my$tici$m we look at the supernatural sources of the cult’s wealth, and the enigmatic question of who is on the payroll on Planet $erge and who isn’t?  And why not?

Paula not on the payroll Fletcher

Perhaps she wasn’t telling porky pies, perhaps Paula’s devotion to Serge Benhayon is truth-full and heartfelt from the very bottom of her bottom most chakra. She’s gone to a lot of effort to promote the Universal Medicine cult’s utmost integrity, writing on the propaganda blogs, and sending treatises to newspapers expressing indignant incomprehension of why journalists didn’t ask for more opinions from the cult’s compromised health professionals. She added an unconvincing attempt at feminism and a stab at amateur relationship counselling, regardless of her professional conflict of interest. She’s played at defending the abusive practice of Esoteric Breast Massage on the museum hoaxes site  and she works at a law firm that recruits vulnerable family law clients fleeing abusive situations into an abusive cult.

Finally I found a lawyer who understood my position of love and integrity. The lawyer did express concern that I was making decisions from fear and did tell me what I could potentially get, but supported my decisions totally. Someone actually saw that I could make valid decisions! One day, while waiting in the office, I picked up a book written by Serge Benhayon and started to read. After a couple of pages I thought.. “what the heck is the Hierarchy?”.

These people ‘get me’

I have never been a ‘seeker’ and have always been a sceptic. So, initially I thought this Serge book was a bit ‘nutso’. AND yet, here I was exposed to two people (the lawyer and receptionist) who were students of Universal Medicine.

This was so significant because I had been told for so many years that I was ‘wrong’. That who I was, was not enough. My husband had even on numerous occasions criticised me for my integrity and for being able to love him. He’d say “f**k, I’m such a bastard to you and you can still respect and love me. You’re so sanctimonious”. But this lawyer and receptionist were saying things like “that’s great, I like that you’ve done that” or “you have such a lovely strong energy”. I felt seen.

As Venus said, ‘seen or targeted’?

Universal Law was responsible for closing down the Australian and UK URLs of the the original Accountability site on Google blogger. Then there’s the legal threats received by organizations who’ve corresponded with a certain HCCC complainant who stood up to pervey Uncle Serge. How did you get that name, Paula? Are you ready to defend Serge from prosecution for giving it out to the cult’s gutless bullies who won’t answer questions?

And now we have the copyright infringement notice sent to WordPress from the same Paula Fletcher of Universal Law solicitors Mullumbimby on letter head, citing the name of the same HCCC complainant. The notice is a bit of hilarity. The bits of crap Serge calls ‘healing symbols‘ are referred to as ‘original artwork’ and Paula provided WordPress with copies of the alleged artwork: the Esoteric duck with elephantiasis, and a few others that look like birdcrap splats or bear an uncanny resemblance to Chinese tangrams.  We’re not sure what’s sillier, Paula’s implication that Serge is an ‘artist’, unless she’s referring to his exemplary scam artistry, her claim our criticism of his crap infringes copyright, or her prior assertion she’s not on the payroll.

Who knows? Perhaps Paula has no financial conflicts of interest and her recruiting and promotion to the cult that keeps her in work are entirely faith based, and she’s merely expressing her belief in Leonardo Da Benhayon the ex bankrupt and genital healer, by lending her considerable legal TALENTS pro bono.

But if she’s doing it pro bono, she’s even sillier than we thought. Particularly since Serge has been poncing around Byron shire in the weeks since he returned from the UK unsubtly flashing enormous amounts of cash, and looking for places to offload it. We’re not talking four or five figures either. Take an average salary and multiply it, many many times.

White slavery

Who are we to interfere with anyone’s belief system if they want to work for nothing for a multi-millionaire con artist? The half starved cult leader in distress and underaged slumber party fund is a worthy cause after all, and a portion of cult members’ hard earned $$ go to the Fiery Building Fund, part of the not for profit, tax exempt Universal Medicine College, set up for ‘educational purposes’.

It’s tru-ly moving that so many Esoteric students have anonymously donated to UM with no need for a receipt, and when they have no cash left, they give their time working as galley slaves at cult events while their life savings for this and the next few reincarnations go into the Benhayon property portfolio.

In addition, the cult has set up a tithing arrangement with the faithful now sucked into monthly direct debits, as stated by Sound Foundation trustee, Sara Williams in her ‘Summary Information Return’ to the UK Charity Commission (SIR document publicly available from the UKCC site, charity number 1021566). The stated objective was to ‘Appeal for and accept donations to be held in trust for the purpose of the charity’, and Williams states this was achieved:

Established and informed supporters of a monthly direct debit system of donation, which continues to grow and provide an on going revenue for the Charity.

Apart from followers donating cash, the Lie Lie Lie Sisters do all their unmelodic bullying out of devotion to the increasingly wealthy ‘One’, and our spies insist Rebecca Baldwin isn’t remunerated for her noble efforts to shut down dissent and troublesome facts on the world wide web. She gets web services referrals, yeah, but that’s it, and her father Andy, whilst proof reading all submissions to the love blogs and rejecting the copious hate mail, gets nothing but a warm and soulful crack of the whip.

At the top of the pyramid is always comfort…

While the minions toil away to give all they have to the self-loving cult, Desiree Delaloye is business partner to a couple of Benhayons, Serge’s business partner Chris James is doing well out of his exclusive cult music deal, seeing all other music is poison, and who knows what kickbacks the Esoteric Practitioners Association hierarchy get? As EPA chairman, Neil Ringe says, each modality has an overseer. So who are they? Physiotherapist, Kate Greenaway; one of the cult psychologists and one or more of the underachieving Benhayon offspring? The EPA is taking substantial fees for a pretense of legitimacy and bugger all else, so that money’s going somewhere.

But more importantly, we know where all the money comes from. The pockets, the property settlements and the life savings of our readers, that’s where. And what do they get in return for it?

A fat dose of self-loving grief.

17 Comments on “Not on the payroll – an Esoteric mystery”

  1. You know whos annoyed brother says:

    Oh God. Do I have to keep commenting on the stupidity?… I guess so. Look how there is no logical progression in these sentences:

    “I have never been a ‘seeker’ and have always been a sceptic. So, initially I thought this Serge book was a bit ‘nutso’. AND yet, here I was exposed to two people (the lawyer and receptionist) who were students of Universal Medicine. This was so significant because I had been told for so many years that I was ‘wrong’. That who I was, was not enough. My husband had even on numerous occasions criticised me for my integrity and for being able to love him..”

    Translation: I have always been a sceptic. But because I was “exposed” (yes her word) to two people [who “met me”] I accepted Serge’s “nutso” ramblings. Meaning- I at first thought they were wrong, but because these two people who should have been advising me on matters of law blew hot air up my arse, I went along with it and resisted my first impulse. That is significant because my husband also told me I was wrong, and now they were but in a more subtle way.

    Umm. Righto. And her husband accused her of having integrity and loving him…that is outrageous abuse!!…what a bully. I can’t believe it!!! get an AVO out on that bastard quick-smart. Who can make heads or tails of their ramblings? But what is clear, is Paula and co are moonlighting as cult recruiters. Blue books strewn around. Chris James or Michael one-note Benhayon on the radio. A bit of Leo on the wall. Nice. Conflict of Interest.

    I am also amazed that these smarty pants lawyers don’t know as much as we do. You think they would have a highly honed sense of right and wrong and a penchant for a little investigation. But no.

    My guess is that most of the work is done at mate-rates and with the promise of a few more points on the initiation scale. But if you pay peanuts, you do get monkeys.

  2. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Fuming Feral Feline asks:
    Where do all of the Leo on the wall pictures come from?
    Are Universal Medicine printing them under the pretext of $erge’s claims that $erge is Leo?
    Another $cam if it is?
    Every jit jot and tittle of this whole setup up is an evil making money money money for Serge’s bank account.
    All you lot at UM with your glorious music and titles and god knows what else –
    $erge is laughing at you all the way to the bank.
    Fuming Feral feline says wake up UMar’s and enjoy this life and your hard earned money now yourself and stop giving it away to $erge’s $cam –
    You have been had you are in a CULT and whatever you look at and hear it is all a $CAM $CAM $CAM $CAM

    • Darkly Venus says:

      What a surprise, Mystic dentist Dr Rachel Hall of Evolve Dental Healing, Kenmore promoting the cult front EPA, and as usual avoiding any semblance of transparency or accountability with her feel-good bullshit blurb. Shameless, dishonest piece of work she is. Answer the questions, Rachel. What are members paying for again? Oh yeah, the privilege of throwing their money and dignity into a financial black hole/cult.

      Anyway, her waffle is highly quotable for my next EPA post on evasions and omissions.

      Sara William’s statement that the SF is now tithing via direct debit was a nice find. We’d suspected that, and imagine the same is happening here – followers making regular donations, often a percentage of their income – during a recession – to an organization that does WHAT? Oh yeah, recruits to a cult by calling itself a ‘charity’.

  3. Sub Rosa says:

    Thanks for that link Feline. I hardly ever read the Loveblogs anymore, but I get it now:Universal Medicine is not a cult, it’s a religion. Duh!

    What idiots we are…

  4. Sub Rosa says:

    The woman who wrote the article in the above posted link states she felt truly inspired by watching a movie about Hypatia. Guess what…? so am I: here is a quote…

    “Fables should be taught as fables, myths as myths, and miracles as poetic fantasies. To teach superstitions as truths is a most terrible thing. The child mind accepts and believes them, and only through great pain and perhaps tragedy can he be in after years relieved of them.”

    • Yes, UM has been escalating the religion claims for a while now, and of course we know where that’s headed – THE CHURCH OF SERGE tax exemption.

      L. Ron Hubbard was running a pretty ordinary psychotherapy racket until he realized he could get tax free status if he ran it as a religion. He then wrote a wackjob Sci Fi scripture/cosmology and voila, the Church of Scientology.

      Vanessa Hawthorne hasn’t worked out you don’t have to join a cult or a religion for that matter to be a feminist, and you don’t have to pay any money.

      If anyone hasn’t read the Hypatia quote link, Sub Rosa supplied above, please do. If Hypatia were around today, she’d be on the anti-Serge team.

      Suddenly menstruation has the power to HEAL too according to the cult. Uh, no, it’s a physiological function, not a sacrament.

      And yeah, Serge’s family are so exemplary, they drive sports cars and have followers but no friends, no education, and Serge had himself photographed inappropriately touching Natalie – confusing her anus for her sacrum – while in her early teens, and fudge for brains abuse deniers like Vanessa find that inspiring.

      Watch for Serge trying to register UM as a religion. See how far he gets.

      • susieQ says:

        PP I have been watching this develop –
        $erge next step register UM as a religion?

        He has pinched enough doctrines and phrases from all types of religions then put an even weirder sinister twist on it all.

        I really don’t think he will be successful. BUT then you never know – if he was tho it will make the job of the HCCC and other such bodies so much easier to take action with all of these UM culties who are Medical Practitioners etc for pushing their religion onto their patients and clients.

        That name Medicine should be removed from their name as well. Deceptive lies lies lies

      • Feline Aphrodite says:

        Church of $ergetology!?

      • SubRosa ™ says:

        Does the pope has a registered Trademark…?

    • Serge's nemesis ;-0 says:

      Important note: UM followers are told they are freeing themselves of belief systems imposed on them, and freeing themselves of separative religions.

      It’s part of Serge’s mind trick to make them think that while having their heads filled with elaborate, confusing, evil belief systems of a magnitude far greater than anything that would normally be experienced, that they are ‘freeing their minds’ of belief systems.

      As I keep saying, everything in Serge world is the reverse of what is seems. Everything Serge says is really a justification for the contents of his own ill-mind and the sins of his past. And present.

  5. Sub Rosa says:


    When I took a bath today with my favourite oil, being in livingness and all that. I had what Serge calls an imprint. My psychic abilities told me I had seriously pissed off Dr. Anne Malett (again)with that quote. I could feel her all the way down through cyberspace. Isn’t it amazing how energy works?

    Well, Anne for the record I’m am inspired by Hypatia. Haven’t seen the movie though, but read about her. In fact 7 years ago I made a poster my own pop art style with the above quotation weaved all the way through it.
    I was and still am pissed seeing another brilliant historical figure abused selling the Benhayon merchandise.

    As if making a religion out of female menstrual cycles isn’t hard enough to swallow.

  6. Darkly Venus says:

    Paula not on the payroll is at it again. This time she’s tried for a Trademark Infringement claim based on the names of this and the accountability blog and FAILED. I’ve written the latest update:

    It’s looking like a last ditch effort seeing I didn’t flinch at the cult’s copyright infringement bluff. Such easy work for our lawyers and a great opportunity to publicly out the cult.

    Susie, the Church of $ergetology won’t get charity/tax free status because the regulators and parliamentary and senate offices can see him coming.

    Amen SubRosa, the cult’s sex abuse denying pseudo-feminism is sickening. I’m not surprised about the magical mystical menstruation coming from the same cult as the defecation epiphany.

    ALL of it to distract followers from the rorting, molesting, bullying, lying…

    • susieQ says:

      DV I didn’t say Church of $ergetology….(I did laugh tho good one Feline.)
      But yer DV is right too easy for regulators etc……
      DV keep up the good work, it’s working.

    • Serges nemesis ;-0 says:

      You gotta imagine the scene at cult hQ. Dr evil is wondering how he will get his next “million dollars”, but meantime the forces of good are working against his dastardly scheme cutting into his profit making venture by warning the unwary of his honey trap. Number one, some hapless inner circle cronies and underpaid henchmen jump to his defence while he fires up the escape pod packed with cash just in case it all goes south.

      Yep, numbers are down. Recruitment is difficult. The word is on the street- UM is a cult and its inner workings are now known to most. What’s their plan? Try to bring down the detractors with feeble copyright/trademark infringement notices and get a few tuneless gals to sing a silly song that screams CULT. Then paste it on their home page. So there. Brilliant.

      Fact is, even if they succeeded, these sites will just reappear somewhere they cant be touched, but on steroids. Everything will come out…. and anyway, they now look like such a cult they’re doing half the heavy lifting without our help.

      But good on you DV for getting them in a flap. You’ve hit Serge where it hurts. He will have to put off the extension on his extension, next new car for the UM flotilla of luxury rides and property purchase. Damn.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        I don’t know Nemesis, I doubt Serge will curtail his spending. There’s still plenty of money rolling in. I doubt he stopped spending before his first bankruptcy either.

        I just posted this comment over at Accountability
        but it belongs here too on the post with Paula’s name on it. Paula is collecting herself some powerful enemies with all of her pseudo legal complaints:

        Paula not on the payroll’s little missive to WordPress is telling isn’t it. She of the conflicted interest, who specializes in vexatious litigation, usually baseless Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) submissions – how many of those have been thrown out of court, Paula? – and now bogus copyright and trademark infringement notices designed to do nothing more than bully me – and she’s doing well out the cult’s trade in hurling around accusations of abuse™ in order to smash families, keep her in work and keep the property settlements rolling into the Benhayon coffers. Universal Law has 3 offices now – Mullumbimby, Lismore and Tweed Heads, so Paula and Cameron Bell are doing well out of the family law disputes that are booming in Far Northern NSW thanks to UM.

        For all their vexatious accusations of abuse™, the cult are the worst offenders. UM via Universal Law are abusing the legal process to break up families and to attempt to censor me. Their denial the cult has victims is an abuse of those who’ve suffered, the piss take therapies that damage health and finances are an abuse of patients, Serge’s paranoia inducing bullshit about entities and PRANA 😮 is psychological abuse, and the Brides of Serge in plugging Natalie Pty Ltd and Esoteric Womens Health abuses on the HuffPost did so by abusing the legitimate entrants to that competition who aren’t on there with a toxic barrow to push.

        Yes, Anonymous, we are hitting them where it hurts – their financial bottom line. We wonder what they’ll try next as their desperation increases…

        Serge’s usual line is character assassination, but it’s all been done before and in my case no one that mattered gave a toss. Yeah, yeah, I’m a slut, I’m single, a bitch, an amateur porn star, a control freak, I have no friends, I’m loveless, greedy, not a nice person, mentally unstable, motivated purely by money and broke. Sorry to disappoint but I would have been an alcoholic and a drug addict if I wasn’t a two pot screamer. Etc. None of which is against the law.

        • You know whos super pissed off brother says:

          You’re right about PF aiding the destruction of families. With Paula urging her clients to get AVO’s it is a stake in the heart for any chance of reconciliation, sensible conversation or resolution. It is also not kosher. A good lawyer should seek to resolve matters in the easiest and most effective way for their clients not amp up the hostility. Karma/consequence.