Mediocre messiahs – Universal Medicine’s unisex sons of God

From the safety of the protected Propaganda sites, Joel Levin expounds the kind of juvenile Esoteric fantasy that allows Universal Medicine cult apologists to deny harm and abuse in sadistic disregard for their victims. In this typically spherical ‘parable’, he tries to tell other cult members Serge Benhayon’s entranced followers are ‘ordinary’ and ‘equal’, but at the same time their access to Serge’s exclusive and overpriced ‘truth’ makes them special and ‘divine’.

Will the Real Son of God Stand Up?

June 18, 2013 —by Joel L, Western Australia 

Funny how Joel Levin of AHA Consulting doesn’t like using his full name on the propaganda blogs. He’s no doubt worked out that being a cult apologist is bad for business when you’re a consultant in outrage management. And there’s nothing like a bit of self-loving income protection, especially when he doesn’t give a toss that lower rung UM students are spending money they can ill afford on the ‘Livingness’ mind fuck, death and molestation drive. Some are losing their family homes. Bravo Joel.

So on with the twisted fantasy:

It is a clean crisp dawn on the Mount of Olives, birds fly overhead and the sun rises on the old city of Jerusalem. There is a hum of activity in the distance as news crew and onlookers gather for the arrival of ‘the messiah’, one of the most anticipated events in human history.

Thankfully God had given humanity plenty of notice as the specially formed committee took many years to work out the seating arrangements and make sure clergy of all faiths had been invited and sat in the right order.

Behind the enclave of clergy were barriers for the general public who wore T-shirts, hats and held commemorative placards welcoming ‘the One’. The clergy preened and adjusted their regalia, everyone moving with a nervous excitement.

At the appointed hour, a man stepped forth from behind an olive tree. He wore no special clothes, arrived without thunder or light parting through the clouds. The man has a presence but he was also ordinary. The clergy didn’t know what to do, was this a member of the public that had jumped the fence?

He steps up to the waiting microphone and waits in silence, until one of the clergy asks “Who are you?”.

“I am a son of God” comes the reply.

The crowd cheered as they hear the words they had been waiting for, but some of the clergy grew suspicious.

“What do you mean a son of God, don’t you mean THE son of God, how do we know you are who you say you are?” one of the clergy responded.

After some time he said “We are all sons of God, equally so. I am no different to you or you to each other”.

“Show us a miracle; prove to us who you are” they demanded.

“I live everyday with joy, love and vitality” he responded simply.

“Yes, yes but tell us something about God we don’t know” came the abrupt reply.

“You already know God, he lives within you” was the answer.

“Jesus already said that; tell us something we don’t know…” they persisted.

“You have created an illusion that life is what you think it is, rather than living simply from the inner heart”, was his simple response.

“Buddha already said that, tell us who will be saved”, they demanded again.

The Buddha said that where? In the book of Serge?

“Anyone that chooses to put love for themselves, their body and their light will be saved by themselves and in doing so will truly give love to others. It is the fear of your own light that you fight” he responded lightly, unperturbed.

“Yes, yes, now you’re just combining Patanjali and Nelson Mandela – tell us something new” was their impatient retort.

Again he replied with the same.

“There is nothing new here; there is nothing different to be said. The choice has always been there – be willing to step away from things you do that give you identity and ask yourself about how you can live in harmony with the divinity that is already in you. That is where God lives.”

In other words, be willing to step away from the critical mind that enables you to discern what is bullshit, and might make you realize the Esoteric ‘God’ is Serge colonizing what you used to be your healthy mind.

There was silence among the crowd. Some people walked away in despair, some started to shout out questions, some started to interpret what was said to suit their own ends. The clergy started to fight among themselves, simultaneously trying to discount the credibility of this man and about whose religion had taught these principles first.

The day descended into humanity once again choosing to search for an answer that was outside of their own choices, an answer that confirms what they have already chosen to believe, an answer that keeps everything as it is.

The cult’s most comforting fantasy is that its critics have a problem with their religious message and we are opposed to their imagined religious ‘freedom’ (that prohibits questions or criticism). If Universal Medicine was only about living in some godly or divine way, more than 99% of us would not be bothered.

Contrary to Joel’s asinine metaphors, UM’s critics don’t fight amongst themselves trying to figure out the genesis of Serge’s self-loving message. We are working together to oppose the vast harm done by the group, and to call them to account for the suffering they cause. Again, the list: the harm done to minds with habit forming, damaging ‘health’ practices, molestation, rorting, privacy invasion, attacks on critics, censoriousness, physical and psychological harm to children, damage to relationships and families, sexism, deception, lies, denials of abuse

Another fallacy is that Esoteric sons of God are ‘ordinary members of the public’, but there’s nothing ordinary about molesting others, portraying it as ‘healing’ and denying sexual abuse and all the other abuses of the Universal Medicine cult. Just as he infers facing critics and behaving accountably is inconveniently ‘complex’, and living ‘simply from the inner heart’ is a state of denial enablers find easier than confronting the harm they’ve done.

On top of that, Joel and the other cult colluders try to present Serge’s Esoteric mind mash as the ‘answer’ to the world’s problems, when all evidence shows it’s made the existences of thousands considerably worse.

Believe what you want, Joel Levin, but if you are participating in harm, expect public opposition, and expect that people like us will expose all responsible and work to bring them to justice.

On that day humanity invested in complexity once again and preferred to restart the clock on its wait for ‘the real messiah’, rather than consider the possibility that all those messengers past and present saying the same thing, might be onto something.

God lovingly looked on, allowing man free will to chose how they learnt this simple lesson, wondering when his beloved children would realise the merry-go-round they live on, is of their own making.

But this is not the case for all of humanity…

There are more and more people all over the world who are no longer waiting and have taken their destiny into their own hands.

They wake rested from their nights sleep. They treat their body with tenderness, communicate with honesty, work with integrity and laugh with true joy. They are not perfect, but each drop into an old way of being serves to remind them of how amazing they are, rather than confirm that they can’t save themselves. Each choice builds from the last and makes the next easier to make. Each choice comes with a loving disciple that holds life with tenderness and grace.

The same way Serge holds the private parts of unsuspecting and vulnerable sexual abuse victims as they divulge their painful pasts. The same way he talks with tenderness and grace about underaged sex, or how anyone not committed to his dogma is a Judas sentenced to life times of mental disability, or how anyone critical is a ‘loveless’ member of the astral cult.

They make these choices because each of them accepted that ‘they are a son of God’ and there is no better time to start living that fact than right now.

In denial of all the damage.

*** Dedicated to Serge Benhayon – Not the Messiah but an awesome example of a person living a loving way of being as best as one can.

And making millions out of his giant ‘healing’ scam, worshipped by piss ant abuse deniers like Joel, the culpable cult doctors, bumbling cult lawyers and mystic dentists and their infantile public fantasies that insult and demoralize those harmed.


Bravo and encore please. I love what you have described here Joel how we are so quick to judge and shoot the messenger even if what they speak is the truth.

Never mind the Esoteric ‘truth’ Dr Hall, how about the fact preschool children have required major dental work because their cult struck parents have them on the Esoteric diet? Endorsed-by-you. Is that the ‘holistic dentistry’ you practice? Creating pain and trauma for families?

Paula   June 18, 2013 at 5:33 am

So beautifully expressed and a joy to read. It is crazy how we as humanity seek to complicate when it is truly so simple.

What I want to know is when are we going to have a ‘Joel’s book of parables’ to read to our kids as bedtime stories?

Yes, and your oh so simple attempt to have our blogs shut down worked well in our favour, Paula Fletcher of Universal Law solicitors, Mullumbimby. I see you’re also not keen to have your surname on your comments either. Anyway, you think shutting us down will be the end of UM’s troubles, but the horse has bolted – the facts are now in many more hands than ours. If you want to stop the trouble, you’ll need to shut down Serge.

Thanks Joel – another great blog oozing with truth and revealing man’s underlying difficulty with self-responsibility, preferring to blame another for their ills or to look to another to be saved.

Dr Eunice, the euthanasia enthusiast, likes to preach about self responsibility while exploiting the vulnerable with her toxic denials and pseudoscience. She turns a blind eye to the cult’s victims while squealing blue murder about sexual abuse by other groups.

Ordinary members of the public?

Sons of God?

I don’t think so.

17 Comments on “Mediocre messiahs – Universal Medicine’s unisex sons of God”

  1. Feline Aphrodite says:

    These UMer’s worship Serge.
    He is their God. He is a dictator. Manipulator. Con artist.

    Everything you read it is thanks to Serge Benhayon. Serge this! Serge that!

    People are in fear of Serge. They are shut up if they question.
    They must accept everything he says and does without question.
    Absolute obedience, absolute loyalty. He is a dictator.

    Why are those who have left in such fear of him? Fear of what he will do to their businesses
    etc? Of course this is after he has fleeced them of their money.

    It defies logic that humans have such a blind allegiance – it only happens
    when the perpetrator is a narcissistic control freak.

    Whatever he tells them to do they do. It is so scary it is right on our doorstep.

    I reckon he would be so very angry at the truthful exposure presented here and all of His followers are working their butts off to appease their God. All of course for their future lives!
    What a sick sick evil scam…….where will this all end?

  2. You know whos Brother says:

    “…communicate with honesty, work with integrity and laugh with true joy.”

    Joel, if this is a test of enlightenment, and a proclaimed outcome of accepting Serge’s vision (by inference) then I would have to say that most (correction, all) UM members have failed that simple test miserably.

    The very first thing to go with UM member is open and honest communication. It is quickly followed by a desertion of normal human decency. My ex partner has failed to communicate with me in any manner or form from BEFORE our breakup, and since has not asked me one question, communicated one thought/feeling/response to me. All of the current behaviour is based purely on assumptions and what has been told to her by a (lying perverted) conman. In the lead up to this, her behaviour was secretive, selfish and deceptive. When confronted about serious breaches of trust, I was labelled ‘abusive’ and a ‘bully’ which continues to this day. A breach of trust, incidentally that if I had done, I would have been hung and quartered and it would probably be all over the cult blogs.

    Now, if that was isolated you might think “so what, that’s their problem”. But the FACT is that every ex partner, or partner of a current member that I have spoken with (which numbers scores) will report EXACTLY THE SAME BEHAVIOR almost down to the words spoken. This includes spending of money secretly, withholding information about the group, spending inordinate amounts of time at UM events or related activities to the detriment of the relationship and in favor of time spent with children, outright lying, thoughtlessness, aloofness, sanctimoniousness, deceptions, fabrications…. Honesty? I don’t think so. In addition, the members I interact with are ardent liars or deniers. Honest, decent people become accomplished liars. It is almost a given if they are in UM. They resist facts, twist truths and events, act like children at kindergarten level telling each other stories, or go online and make up stories about people they don’t know, based on things told to them by self-interested members who have just behaved in the way I described and who have failed to take responsibility, so that they can feel better about their own stupid choices.

    You might argue, as have members to me while pretending to be sympathetic before running off to tell a different version to another cult member, that it is my behaviour that caused her to behave that way. Well, first of all what happened to this ‘responsibility’ you guys claim to have more than anyone else? And I would say, if you are enlightened, full of honesty, integrity and joy with the hell can’t you behave that way? For example, with honest communication, clear reasoning, humility, give and take, acceptance…? The reason is of course, is that you possess none of these qualities. It is pure lip service, just like Serge’s “integrity” which he contradicts in his very existence and any moron can see if they stop blowing hot air up their own arseholes and spend just a moment THINKING ABOUT IT!

    You Joel, and the rest of the group, are liars, deceivers, fanatics and actually pretty damn nasty.

    And integrity? Joy? Joel, you have no idea. If you had integrity, or Rebecca, Rachel, Eunice, Kyla, Desiree, Kate… or anyone damn one of you, and were interested in truth, you could come to us any day of the week and we would give it to you. So much you would be left with no doubt as to what is really going on. We have tried, and what we have seen is that the more we show the truth of Serge the more you guys go into massive denial. A storm of LIES, DECEPTIONS and ABUSE of those that are trying to wake you up to the fact you are being CONNED.

    As PP says, while we might not agree with your magical story, we don’t object to your beliefs, per se. It’s a lovely story. I have even had it in my head before too so I know it’s power. It is a lovely little bubble… What we object to is that that fantasy you laid out is used by Serge to headfuck you into being deceptive, nasty self deluded, self important idiots that ABUSE their relationships and the people they claim to love, including their children, and then claim to be morally superior with sanctimonious attitudes and self entitlement that is staggering.

    This seems to be the situation. You, and other members, think that because Serge has told you something AMAZING that the truth of his lies is irrelevant. Well to me that lacks truth, integrity and is not very fucking joyfull.

    Now Joel, you can get the same story from 1000000000000000000 other gurus that you described. Just go to you tube dude. They are all spinning the same myth. Just because you got the buzz from Serge spinning that age old archetypal yarn doesn’t make Serge right. It makes him the first charlatan you got the buzz from. Nothing else. In the cosmos of cults and self-deluded cult leaders, Serge is an insignificant yellow sun. There are zillions of others out there, all working on the magical thinking of their followers, confusing them with fuzzy logic and taking their money. Serge just happens to be YOUR conman.

    Truth, Integrity, Joy? Un fucking believable. The day I hear a truthful, kind, or thoughtful word spoken from a UM member is the day I know they have woken up from the lies wrapped around their heads.

  3. ''overleonardo'sbullshit'' says:

    Joel’s another brainwashed sucker! No Sergio is definitely not the Messiah, or Son of any God that I know of! Expert bull shitter and con artist come to mind, and hell why wouldn’t he be full of joy and love on a daily basis, he’s made millions from it, Charlatan!!!!!

    • Feline Aphrodite says:

      OLBS – Wow – this clip portrays it all and says it all – chillingly so.
      Thank you for this clip.
      UM to a T.
      Universal Medicine members you definitely in a cult.

  4. ''overleonardo'sbullshit'' says:

    Hey Feline 🙂 glad you enjoyed it. Yes UM to a T. Probably Sergio’s favourite clip and where Sergio got all he’s inspiration from, and all his follower’s think he’s special and a Messiah, lol.
    You know who’s Brother, your right on the money there, and it’s exactly what I went last year with my relationship and with my bust up from my ex esoteric partner, although she was selfishly kind enough to give me an ultimatum, save myself and our relationship by joining up and becoming as one, or we were through, lol. Needless to say and as sad as it was, I didn’t have to think twice, and if anything she did me a favour, good riddance to her and her stupidity 🙂 DETRACTOR AND PROUD OF IT 🙂

  5. Feline Aphrodite says:

    It is very very sad and very moving to hear of all your stories.
    The pain and the despair the frustration and the heartbreak and anger, one can only begin to imagine.
    Thank you so much for sharing – it is not always easy to share, but for those of us who are directly in touch with the different authorities you sharing your stories on this blog does give us even more reason and backing and incentive and vigor to keep on going and to keep up the exposure and reporting.

  6. Feline Aphrodite says:

    I have just seen Venus’s tweets!
    What losers! they all are.
    It just proves you have done a really really great job and they are scraping the bottom
    of the barrel in desperation. It would be so much easier if they would just answer the

  7. ''overleonardo'sbullshit'' says:

    Serge the sick perverted prick, Universal Medicine and all his pathetic cults follower’s couldn’t find their arse hole’s with a funnel! Serge, GET FUCKED, love Mr Detractor 🙂

    • Yours is one of the more polite and restrained responses.

      Venus’ latest tweets about the lovers of humanity:

      Darkly Venus ‏@DarklyVenus 2h
      The Universal Medicine internet censor has been scouring Accountability for copyright breaches- looking to to shut it down. Yeah, good luck.

      Darkly Venus ‏@DarklyVenus 43m
      How do I know? I don’t ordinarily get 118 page views in one hour hitting on every single post on the site.

  8. Feline Aphrodite says:

    “The self loving cult squealed copyright infringement on images of their UNLAWFUL privacy invading consent form on UMA. Privacy Post is gone.” DV’s tweet

    I guess this is what the losers mean by ‘rewriting’ because they have so much to hide…destroy the evidence. Too late the horse has bolted Um er’s

    It is time for that class action!

  9. susieQ says:

    Oh it must be that they feel that their privacy is being invaded, they do not like their own medicine (lol) They must be ashamed of their work.
    They either hide like Serge or remove….They NEVER EVER ANSWER!

  10. Feline Aphrodite says:

    You have got to be joking DV….(latest tweet)
    “Desiree Delaloye squealed copyright infringement on UMA for using images of the UNLAWFUL privacy invading workshop consent form. No spine.”

    I thought arty farts like the world to see their artwork especially when it is related to a cause that the so called arty fartist supports! You know a charity! Isn’t that what bloody UM’s status is?
    SCAM SCAM SCAM Sick sick sick spineless.

    They really are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    I would not want to be them in their next life (that they believe in.)

    Or maybe they see the day of accounting drawing closer and are running scared.

    Still no sight of $ERGE answering questions!

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Insurance fraud post will be up soon. In the meantime the cult is still trying to shut down our blogs by grasping at the copyright straw and I’ll also post about that.

      It was the Benhayons’ long term business partner, Desiree Delaloye this time, because if the Benhayons issued the takedown notice it’d be even more obvious that bunch of unqualified underachieving parasites have no right to be collecting private medical information, including the HIV status of participants at one day workshops. And if Universal Law claimed it, they’d be admitting they wrote an unlawful document and they know we would send that straight to the Legal Services Commission.

      Grasping, disingenuous turds the lot of them.

      The privacy post has been suspended from the UMA blog, but it’ll be back. I’ll just remove the images. There’s nothing to stop me quoting the form. That is not a copyright infringement Desiree my sweet.

    • You know whos Brother says:

      Not only does Serge not answer questions, he now conveniently distances himself from most of his nefarious activities by putting someone else in the hot seat. He is as cunning as a wet rat.

  11. ''overleonardo'sbullshit'' says:

    lmao, Just visited her website, what a joke, artwork is as good as the cult’s singing, absolute crap, I drew better pic’s in primary school, I just didn’t add the pathetic love hearts everywhere, lol Another lost sad pathetic Bride of Serge, keep up the good work Desiree, LOSER 🙂

    • Annie Oakley says:

      The hearts are a big improvement on the old days of 4 foot high vagina’s. Although there is some similarity, and that subject matter is close to her guru’s heart….Hehe. But seriously, it’s a great way to get instant critical acclaim and a good customer base isn’t it? I bet Serge told her she was Amazing and her art naturally esoteric. Bingo. Recruit.