Esoteric Stalking – how dare you ask me to stop harming people!

Universal Medicine cult denial knows no bounds. Almost two months ago, Rebecca Baldwin went postal falsely accusing us of falsely accusing Serge Benhayon of abusing patients.  The usual apologists lined up to defend him in spite of photographic evidence of Benhayon teaching inappropriate touching of sexual abuse victims to hundreds of his cult struck followers and calling it ‘healing’. Only Serge’s investors are able to look at those images and not see the wrong. The worst sex abuse deniers are the health professionals associated with the cult, who know that such conduct, if performed by a health professional, is mandatorily notifiable. It occurred to me that his professional apologists couldn’t possibly be aware of the images, otherwise they wouldn’t defend him. So I sent a few of them an email to make sure, and to ask them to stop promoting a sexual predator. The response? One of the precious sourpusses, Dr Rachel Hall of Evolve Dental Healing, Kenmore, tried to have me charged with stalking. The email exchange that had her scurrying to the police follows in its entirety.

Sourpuss is holding up the reputation of the feel-good fascist feminine bullies. Is it any wonder other victims won’t come forward?

From: Darkly Venus
Sent: Thursday, 6 June 2013 9:27 PM
To: [Office of Esoteric Apologist]
Subject: Attention Dr Hall: Serge Benhayon

Dear Dr Hall, 

It appears you are unaware of images of Universal Medicine head, Serge Benhayon, inappropriately touching women and calling it ‘healing’ for sadness, sexual abuse and sexual dysfunction. 

Your advertising claims you are an accredited Esoteric healing practitioner, which means you have the Sacred Esoteric Healing workshop manuals which contain the images. It seems odd that you would overlook them. 

I would like you to know that your continued promotion of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon shows grave disrespect to his many victims. His victims, including myself would like you to desist from promoting Benhayon because your status as a # misleads vulnerable people into thinking he and his organization have integrity. 

I’ve attached a few of the most problematic images, including one image of Serge with his hand on daughter, Natalie’s bottom, and calling it a healing for sadness. Another with his hands on her chest. She is aged 14 or 15 in the photo. The other image, Deeper Femaleness, clearly shows his hand on a woman’s genitals, with text claiming it is a healing for sexual abuse.

I really have no issue with your beliefs, but I am seriously questioning the ethics of you using your professional status to promote Benhayon’s harmful enterprise.

Sincerely, Venus

SEHAdv1Fear SEHAdv1SadnessBottom DeeperFemaleness1


From: ##
To: Darkly Venus
Subject: RE: Attention Dr Hall: Serge Benhayon
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2013 12:06:56 +1000

[Name of HCCC Complainant]

Please do not contact me again or name me on your blogs or social media platforms.

Stalking and online harassment are criminal offences.

[Name Withheld]


From: Darkly Venus
Sent: Thursday, 18 July 2013 11:19 AM
To: [ ]
Subject: RE: Attention Dr Hall: Serge Benhayon

Dear Dr Hall,

If it’s a criminal offence to contact you to show you evidence of Serge Benhayon’s molestation of sexual abuse victims, and to ask you to stop promoting a sexual predator, take these emails to the police and make a complaint.

In the meantime, if you choose to publicly endorse and promote an abuser and his abusive practices, and to use your position to exploit patients, you can expect to be publicly outed. If you insist on denying UM has no victims, you can expect to be publicly challenged.

Look at the images Dr Hall. Who is the criminal?

And by the way, we are not easily intimidated. If you got that name from the HCCC complaints made against Serge, he could be found guilty of harrassment and intimidation, and liable for prosecution with a penalty of imprisonment of up to 12 months.

Take it to the police, Dr Hall.



Info [ ]

To: ‘Darkly Venus’

[Name of HCCC Complainant]

Today I went to the # police station at [address withheld] to make a complaint to police about your unacceptable behaviour towards me. I spoke to SCSO XX about your behaviour and XX informed me that in his professional opinion you may be committing a Criminal offence of Stalking and he is happy to take my complaint and have local police attend your home address or work place to interview you and if required place you before a Court to have you convicted of this Crime and a restraining order issued against you.

XX suggested that I should Firstly send you this  LAST email message stating categorically that I no longer want you to have any further contact with me or any contact from any of your friends, family or associates in any way shape or form and that this includes but is not limited to the following means of communication:

·         Emails

·         Text messages

·         Written letters or cards

·         Visits by any persons to  my home or workplace

·         Messages or deliveries

·         Etc

Finally a copy of this email is being held on file at the # police station.

Failure by you to immediately comply with my polite but determined request to cease contact will result in me informing SCSO XX to proceed with my complaint of Stalking against you.

XX or another police officer may call you shortly after your receive this email to confirm the validity of this message or you can call XX at his police station on ___.


[Sourpuss Name Withheld]

My entire correspondence with this sex abuse denier was these two emails, roughly five weeks apart. She’s flattering herself if she thinks I’m interested in corresponding with her, and I only bothered with the second because she replied addressing me with the name of a HCCC complainant. Universal Law has been using that name in legal threats against some individuals and groups who’ve corresponded with me for some months now. How did they get it, if not from a HCCC complaint Serge had to answer to? And seeing we’ve been doing their enterprise some damage for some months now, exposing their secretive practices, why haven’t they mounted a defamation action. If we’re that bad, and criminal as they like to tell everyone, what’s the delay?

Anyway, I had no intention of carrying on some pointless correspondence with Sourpuss. She’s not that fascinating.

Perhaps it was a miscalculation to tell her to take it to the police. From what I know of the police, they dislike having their time wasted, and they hate perverts, so I was surprised she was taken seriously. Who knows, she may have stamped her little foot. The conversation with the officer was short, 90 seconds, tops. He called, told me I’d be getting an email explaining what stalking is, and not to contact Dr Hall again. I said ‘I sent her two emails’, he said ‘don’t send her anymore’, I said ‘okay’, and he said ‘Bye, have a good day.’

Anyway, I was so overwhelmed and flustered by the experience, I nearly couldn’t finish my sudoku. Eventually I took it to the bunker legal team, and he described sourpuss as ‘touchy’, concluded it would never stand up in court, and then rolled over and went back to sleep.

A couple of hours after the call from the nice officer, Rebecca Baldwin jumped on the ‘stalker’ bandwagon and sent Princess an email using this blog’s contact form. Again she addressed her using the name of the HCCC complainant. I imagine she wanted us to reply so she could scurry to the police too. Her scary email is as follows:

Name: Rebecca Baldwin
Email: We could post it, but we’re not as low as UM cult members
Comment: [Name of HCCC Complainant]

I request you cease naming me on your blogs and remove all references to me that now exist. What you are doing constitutes stalking and harassment and it is a criminal offence.

Rebecca Baldwin

Time: July 19, 2013 at 12:31 pm
IP Address:
Contact Form URL:
Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.

Um, no Rebecca, it doesn’t and it isn’t. We’re responding to public statements you and your self-loving clingons are making endorsing, defending and promoting an abuser. What we are doing is exercising our freedom of speech to expose the facts and stick up for the victims who won’t come forward because they’re intimidated by the likes of you, Sourpuss, and the self-loving cult lawyers. Freedom of speech exists in democracies like ours as a safeguard against, fascism, exploitation, abuse and corruption – Universal Medicine cult specialties. We’re not in court right now because we have evidence for every bit of dirt we’ve exposed, and Universal Law knows it.

scared-of-shadowStalked by one’s own projections

The disturbing aspect of both the sexual abuse denials and the piddling stalking complaint, is that UM’s feminine bullies are disgustingly disrespectful and demeaning toward genuine victims of abuse, and of stalking – minimizing seriously damaging and frightening offences.

Sourpuss Rachel Hall is doing what all hypocritically defensive cult members are doing – projecting. It’s not me she’s frightened of. It’s not me that’s stalking her, but the facts. Long after UM collapses, all the facts are laid out and we’ve moved on to other projects, Sourpuss and her cohort will still be jumping at shadows – a symptom of having to live with themselves.

11 Comments on “Esoteric Stalking – how dare you ask me to stop harming people!”

  1. where's the money Serge? says:

    How do these people ever recover from the damage they have done! I think once the cult comes down I will make web sites for all of them so that every time someone googles them they can see what lunatics they have been. ‘We were brained washed,’ will not be an acceptable excuse, they have had countless opportunities – wake up!

  2. Feline Aphrodite says:

    No one who is working hard on this site has anything financially or of a material nature to
    gain in anyway. Only the facts and personal experiences are what is presented here.

    If Umer’s put comments on the www. then people all over the www are going to read and formulate their opinions and express them and guess what not all are going to agree.

    It is so easy for Serge and associates to brush off whatever is written here as ‘hate bloggers’ – Yes make no mistake the behaviour and damage caused by Serge and associates is hated. It is a money making scam.

    Well said DV: “Freedom of speech exists in democracies like ours as a safeguard against, fascism, exploitation, abuse and corruption – Universal Medicine cult specialties. We’re not in court right now because we have evidence for every bit of dirt we’ve exposed, and Universal Law knows it.”

    Don’t brush off what is written here – it is factual.

    Do not shoot the messenger. UM Accountability sites are the messenger. Not the perpetrator of this evil scam.

    Many many times we here have all expressed that so many have been sucked in and conned by Serge and associates but do wake up people otherwise like it or not you are all accomplices.

    Whether a person drives the getaway car or fires the gun both are guilty of criminal behaviour. Knowingly or unknowingly.

    I am sure when the above person visited the Police Station @#$%^ did not ask the Police Officer were those photographs of inappropriate touching by someone who is a self proclaimed professional really acceptable. Along with all of the information of a very personal nature that
    Serge and Co have conned all of the gals to publicly announce about all of their personal matters. EG: Sex lives, sexual abuse,etc etc etc etc etc etc

    The fact that the above person did not answer the questions asked and instead sort to shut
    DV up….speaks one thing….guilt!

    If they really are about helping people at UM then why can they not defend their beliefs in an open/not controlled public forum – instead they run. Ban any comments on their site. Very very controlled like clones.

    In every way possible to date Serge and all of his associates have tried to shut us up.
    Never have they answered or accepted a debate in front of cameras.

    No matter what they are or are not successful in doing in the future the truth is out.

    It is no thanks at all to Serge that people with serious illness can remain cheerful no matter like he performs some miracle -rubbish. May I tell you all – if you go to any Chemo clinic or meet people anywhere who are unwell it is the norm more often than not that these people are positive and spread a wonderful cheer – that is so truly inspiring.

    The very very few bits that do make sense on the UM site are just plain old common sense that most of us worked out decades ago.

    No matter what they are or are not successful in doing to us in the future the truth is out
    loud and clear.

    Remember all of you at Universal Medicine Central you are not the centre of the Universe
    and you are not really governed by Universal Medicine Law, like the rest of us you are under the governance of the Australian law and all of us here are working very closely with these

  3. You know whos Brother says:

    I think this sums up the disconnect- from Kyla

    “Furthermore, the image uploaded on this same site suggesting sexual interference with a client is laughable for its anatomic inaccuracy, betraying total ignorance of where ‘lady parts’ are located. (The image refers to ‘a young woman’ – how do they even know this?). Thousands of these treatments have been given, with no recorded complaints. EVER! Excluding this one anonymous exception.”

    Firstly, I am a man, and i know if I am touching a woman there, I am in her erogenous zone. Kyla is a woman, and should know that better than me. Other professionals have looked at this and their heads have snapped backward and their jaws hit the ground. That’s reality Kyla. The fact that “thousands” of these treatments have occurred and no one has complained ( or so you think) is testimony to how Serge co-opts people by stealth into joining him in unseemly behaviours. It’s a case of pushing the boundaries a little at a time. It’s called in “reality drift”. And I would add, ethics and morality drift.

    As part of that reality drift many members have spent hours writing testimonials to Serge and how he is a man of absolute integrity, while he parades his behaviour before them every day in the form of his new wife. I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but there is no way you can cut that cheese where it doesn’t add up. The best version of the story is wrong. But it is not that, I have the facts blow by blow, week by week, year by year.

    There are more questions of so-called integrity that have been clearly exposed, but of course the members, as part of their reality drift don’t recognise this, or the meaning of the word ‘integrity’ is something different to the rest of the world (for the record to the mainstream cult it means: being truthful, honest, accountable,value driven, consistent- the opposite is hypocrisy. Example- claiming to be well off in the past when you were bankrupt. Claiming to be spending money to benefit ‘members’ while acquiring multi-million dollar property portfolio in own name, banging on up paedophilia at every meeting while living with a young girl you met at 13, etc)

    The truth is ladies and defenders of Serge, he has got in your heads to make you see the world he wants you to see. He is a master of that. That is what grandiose narcissism is about. You’re sucked in. And not one of you wants to know the facts. When it is offered, you deny it, or you accuse those that have them of having some other motive or being defective in some way. My mind boggles at how pathetic humans are. And you’re collective behaviours are shining examples. No wonder the world is such as crazy place. It has nothing to do with LOF’s or entities or the fantasies of Serge, and everything to do with how humans don’t like the truth and would prefer to live in dream worlds at any cost.

    And by the way, deniers of reality. There is more than one anonymous complaint. If you are as versed in abuse victims as you all claim with your endless posts about it, you would know that the vast majority of victims never make an official complaint. Many don’t know they are being abused or manipulated. Many fear ridicule ( for example, Venus who you ridicule constantly and who made an official complaint to the HCCC and Police) We know others, all muted by your constant enabling of the abuse with your denials and bullshit self interested defence. If you want to see someone loveless just take a look in the mirror. You will see the ugliest version of it.

  4. Darkly Venus says:

    Thanks guys.

    All that gently breathless fuss and tanty chucking and Sourpuss 1 and Rebecca Sourpuss 2 still haven’t answered our questions.

    The Sourpussies think they can publicly post any old bullshit they like in callous disregard of people suffering and everyone’s going to hug them for it.

    Not a chance. We’ll call you on it every time, as is our right.

    We can organize a TV crew – all the channels are keen to speak with current cult members or recent victims. They’d jump at an interview with Serge, but he’s so full of energetic integrity he’s gone to ground and refuses interviews. Camera shy messiah, pffffft. In spite of the brand new stab at Esoteric ETHICS from the EPA.

    You Know’s Bro, you’re right, I’m neither anonymous, nor the exception. And the cult members’ reality drift is so far gone now, most have lost sight of their mooring.

    Just as Serge wants. He’s going to take them all to Sirius. They’re paying for their tickets.

  5. Darkly Venus says:

    Hey and it’s a pity about all the ads in that Marx Bros clip. Sorry about that. If you click the little Xs, they disappear.

  6. susieQ says:

    GAWWD I wouldn’t want to be that lot if Sergio’s crap is right about many lives and reincarnation + punishments for previous lives blah blah….because for what that lot have done and are doing….one can only think what the next life will be for them all……if they really are
    believers in Sergio’s crap.

    What they do not realise is there are more with you DV and PP than are with them.

    Besides those who have really been so hurt and traumatised there are others.
    Anyone who hears of this disgusting crap shakes their heads in disbelief.
    They say soon it will have hit the wall and the authorities will stop it.
    Others are so disturbed that such an ugly cult exists in the beautiful Northern Rivers.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      I wish it were true the authorities will stop it.

      The authorities can’t stop UM without people taking action – making official complaints and notifications, passing on evidence.

      The few of us working on this can’t stop UM. We need more people to do their bit.

      This is one of the irritating things about belief in Karma so many people have these days. I keep hearing people say that karma will catch up with Serge, like some supernatural force for good and justice. It’s crap. The Sanskrit word ‘karma’ means action. Plenty of war criminals, serial killers, despots, abusers have lived into healthy old age scot free. The only way this harm will stop and we get justice is if people take action and do the right thing.

  7. It’s RICH from Rebecca Baldwin trying to tell us we’re stalkers, particular after Sourpuss got on her high horse and went to the cops because Venus sent her one email, and replied to another.

    How many emails did you send to journalists, Rebecca, when they didn’t report what you wanted? Hm? It was a lot wasn’t it, often to the same reporter. Hypocrite!

    And the other one. Why would anyone stalk her? She and her Esoteric ‘love of humanity’ is insufferable. As much as a dimwit that she is, she still has influence over vulnerable people.

  8. Scarlet Woman says:

    Venus they are obviously running scared putting up the front of toughies but really showing their fear. Fear of the truth.

    This is why people have AVO’s or threaten them because of fear.

    These UM guys are fearful of the truth – and that alone.

    There have been no threats made only questions asked and the truth stated and the notifiable authorities informed.

    If they were not fearful they would agree to a TV interview/s. Answer questions. Admit that they
    are like Feline says a scam and that they too are a victim of a scam – namely Serge.

    Anyway keep up the good work Venus and team – may truth prevail and justice come thru.
    Best wishes Scarlet




  10. You know whos Brother says:

    What choice does ## and co have, after all Sergey boy has warned them about conspiring with the temporal world and the pranic. He’s warned them about being to comfortable ( you know, like driving a nice Alpha and buying more property than you need and stuff like that)..

    “A warning …
    ‘If one measures their commitment and applies that measure to ‘the work’ and thus to the Hierarchy — as in –
    1: as my life gets better and ‘the work’ proves itself to me, so too will I commit more to it, and or –
    2: when my life has reached that point my spirit set-out to achieve — as in — a better-life, relief, reprieve, improvement of any kind, higher initiation and or any other personal gain etc etc — I will sit back and cruise with it.

    TAKE CAREFUL AND ASTUTE NOTE THAT — such students, as those in points 1 and 2 above, will fall into one of the greatest hidden long-term traps where one’s re-development/initiation will be stunted for many, many lifetimes by the slow and stealth-like manner the astral forces will regress them back into the damp pranic abyss they once fought hard to arise from.

    Measuring your life and commitment to ‘the work’ against whatever personal needs one may have as the leading key or point of drive for and towards ‘the work’ attracts the highest forces that are assigned to undermine and attack the work of the Hierarchy … through you, much high astral energy is wielded, for when you wobble, you will, in one way or another, blame ‘the work’ for your woes … and through that blame you will get a large dose of the highest levels of the astral plane”

    Yes, the “astral plane” will get you and trap you into lifetimes of being “comfortable” with money, a loving partner, common sense, a nice car, air conditioning and food. Ahhhhh.

    Quick, time to get off to this weekends courses on “livingness” where Serge will remind you how not to live and to turn off your sense of right and wrong, morality and plain old human decency. Remember to bring your cash. There will be lots of goodies to spend your hard earned on. All energetically necessary to make Serge more comfortable.

    And remember, don’t wobble or blame “the work” for your woes. (like no money, friends, partner, home) it is because you resisted…

    No, you are not in a cult.