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Neil Ringe on the Esoteric difference between Chakra-Puncture & Acupuncture

Artists impression of an EPA Chairman seeing Neil couldn't 'claim it' and allow his self satisfied mug to be posted near his own words.

Artists impression of an EPA Chairman seeing Neil couldn’t ‘claim it’ and allow his self satisfied mug to be posted with his own words.

Ex acupuncturist, Neil Ringe, is the Chairman of the Universal Medicine’s bogus ‘accreditation’ body, the Esoteric Practitioners Association, and in this Bay FM interview with Universal Law office manager, Gayle Cue, from June 2011, he talks about how he abandoned his profession to practice Serge Benhayon’s bastardized version of acupuncture, Esoteric Chakra-Puncture. But that isn’t all he abandoned. The interview reveals Ringe replaced what was respectable practice and regard for patients with contempt for human life and carnal existence, incessant mumbling of SergeSpeak platitudes, cynical psychological manipulation of vulnerable clients, fundamentalist conviction that Benhayon has all the answers, and a cold admission that pain and symptoms of illness are irrelevant to Chakra-Puncture practice.

That’s what he and the Universal Medicine cult calls ‘healing’.

Around the ten minute mark of the interview, he describes acupuncture and Chakra-Puncture as very different:

9:45 Ringe: Acupuncture, really, like aikido, which is a helpful name because aikido means, ai is harmony; ki is energy, prana, qi; and dō is the way. So, and acupuncture is a way of working with that energy. The problem with that is that that energy is not what we truly are. So I spent years and years refining an energy that is not me and is not you, but we’ve mistaken ourselves for.

Cue: Okay, so then you woke up to this at some point. Yeah, how did that feel? 20 years of doing this, oops.

Ringe: It didn’t happen overnight, but there is a moment of recognition where there’s a massive whoops. And that I’ve been pursuing my own tail as it were. It’s a consciousness that we’re fed, you know, ideals and beliefs, that’s what I was chasing. That’s why I said it was the spirit, because the spirit is what we’re talking about, that which is not truly the soul, but which is an energy we’ve mistaken for our…for those who are looking for it, that innermost, even when they go on that so called inner journey, they often mistake that very energy of prana, of ki, for what they really are. So I spent a lot of time refining that in people, harmonizing that in people as it were and teaching about it and I taught acupuncture as well, so then one day you wake up to the responsibility that if you look for the truth it has consequences.

Cue: What I hear you saying, there is the soul, our origin of divine spark is not the same as spirit and spirit is a bridge between the soul and the egoic personality that is in a human incarnation.

Ringe: It’s not just a bridge, it’s something we’ve mistaken ourselves for because it’s something that’s separated from our soul. So in fact it becomes through our body that we find our way back to the soul. The spirit won’t bridge us back to the soul as it is, because it will just take us away from the soul…

13:45 Cue: You’ve kind of painted a picture for us on acupuncture. Give us one on Chakra-Puncture

Ringe: First of all I should explain that it wasn’t overnight that the transformation took place, I originally made the mistake of feeling that one could somehow or other bring our true nature into acupuncture, in other words we could have an affect on who we truly are through acupuncture. Then I realized of course as I’ve said earlier, that the energy we’re working with; ki, prana, was really not what we are at all, so then, well, what are we? And of course the ancient wisdom has always told us we are light – energy – fire. So we’re working with the body’s fire. To work with the body’s fire, we work with the chakra system within the body, which is the true fire of the body.

Riiight. The ancient wisdom as chucked together by Serge post 1999. So Serge says everything is energy, which is how he reckons being within 100m of someone drinking a coldie can give you cancer. Everything is energy, but energy – qi, prana, the force, whatever, is not us, because Serge says we’re light or fire, and light and fire is energy, but not qi or prana, because he says so, and only he can tell the difference. What about gas? Bad smelling gas? And our spirit is separate from our soul, because Serge said so. It’s all a bit literal isn’t it? For metaphysics? Or was it that Neil was enlightened to the literal, fundamentalist Esoteric ‘truth’ while meditating? While he was trancing out on his arrogant, bourgeois arse, he got the ‘feeling’ he knows everything and ‘Serge says so’ is the answer to every question in the universe.

Cue: So is this the seven main chakras?

Ringe: They are the well known ones, but there are 45,000 chakras. You can’t put a needle in – you’d be a real master to put a needle in and miss one.

Cue: Okay, so we’re full of all these little chakras that are fire?

Ringe: Yes. But more importantly, I think there’s a consciousness behind things. And we try to bring what we know into what is true. As I said the truth once you seek it has consequences. And when you realize that what you’ve been working with is to magnify in myself and in others what is not, then there becomes a very strong calling to put that right.

Cue: So how did you do that?

Ringe: Well first you have to really recognize what you’ve done and the harm you’ve done, I think. Then there’s a transition period, I think, where you try to rescue some of what the ideals and beliefs you carry and some how bring them over, and then you just have to leave it all behind and start fresh. And that starting fresh was to ah, through the work of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon of course, who is my dear friend as well, we’ve had many conversations where he challenged what I’d assumed and we initially looked at Esoteric acupuncture and I still call it that for most people because, you know, we’re still bridging the idea, putting needles in. It’s still penetrating very very lightly.

Cue: I mean they look the same, right?

Ringe: They look the same, to anyone, yes, they do, that’s really not informed and not really feeling that they only look the same if you can’t feel the difference. If you can feel the difference, they’re enormously different. One, Chakra-Puncture brings the fire that you really are up, ignites the chakras, the nadis come to life and you rekindle the true fire, the true heart fire in the body.

In other words, they call it acupuncture for marketing purposes, but it’s Chakra-Puncture for the regulators, to avoid prosecution. An informed patient can feel the difference, after Neil and the Eso-cronies tell them what to feel.

Cue: So are you still practicing both?

Ringe: No. There is no possibility of practicing both, because once you know the one, you can’t possibly go back to the other.

Cue: Do you feel the need to explain this? I know you’ve got some longstanding clients. Even when I met you back in the nineties, you had quite an incredible waitlist, just to get an appointment with you, like several weeks.

Ringe: Yes, I’ve always been popular.

Cue: So for those people who are still your clients, who’ve been your clients all along, do you feel a need to tell them the difference, that you’re practicing differently?

Ringe: I do, but actually they notice. Lots of them say, well, you know, something’s different. I feel different. I feel lighter. But more importantly, we start looking, which I didn’t do, and I don’t think anyone has done, working with prana, is the meaning behind your illness, your discomfort, your disease, you know, there has to be meaning, and if you can’t help someone understand why they’re unwell, why there’s enormous rise of illnesses and disease in the world, uh, you’re not going to help them heal, so acupuncture can help return function to the flow of prana in the body.

Cue: People appear to benefit  from acupuncture, so they think they’re on a healing journey.

Ringe: They do, that’s absolutely true, they do appear to benefit but really what you’re doing again is refining the energy to be in a more sophisticated form in the body, so the person never gets the chance to experience why they’re ill. Because it starts to look like it’s going away. I put a few needles in and my pain is lessened. But no understanding of the illness and disease, no pathway to healing and therefore no truth.

Typical of Serge’s spherical Livingness, also known as the Death Drive, Neil regards all the time he’d been working as a respected and trusted acupuncturist, relieving pain and symptoms so that people could get on with healthier lives, as doing ‘harm’.

Sure, his patients feel different now, because being treated by an arsehole who belittles your pain, hates humanity, thinks being alive is a mistake and that feeling better is worse, is a very different feeling. It’s the antithesis of health-CARE.

The ‘meaning behind their disease’? That the world is crap, humanity is ‘rot’ and life is misery, and the remedy is to pay up to the Esoteric death drive, so you can shut down your mind and emotions, abandon your loved ones, destroy your health and give away your money? I’ve been told by practitioners in the area patients have been traumatized by Neil telling them they are infertile because they were some sort of evil bastard in a past life, or that they should be grateful to have cancer, probably after waiting weeks to get an appointment with Mr Special Pants, the once reputable practitioner. They feel lighter because they’ve thrown another $60 into the extensions on his house and they weren’t given a receipt.

Cue: By practicing chakrapuncture does this help the client discover what is behind the disease? Or do you do any kind of psychological support while you’re putting the needles in?

Ringe: Well, we talk about what they feel. And I often ask people how they feel when the needles are in too. And they feel different. Because they’re starting to feel who they really are…Through feeling then we talk about it. Sometimes straight away, some people obviously by what they tell you, you know you can go straight to it and talk about, ah, so you’ve really looked at this, you know something is really wrong, and you know that what you’re doing isn’t making sense in your life, it’s not bringing meaning, it’s not bringing that inner connection that you thought you’d get from all the workshops you’ve done. We all did them, you know…(Around Byron Bay) there’s an enormous amount of distraction, of chasing  that which you’re not and you can spend a lifetime simply chasing that, refining yourself, but refining not what you truly are, but what you’ve been led to believe you are, so that’s the issue, so you never get to understand why the world is as it is. And we think we can manipulate what is not, that’s the energy that we are, and somehow arrive at what we are. And we can’t do that, we actually have to really connect with who we truly are, our innermost self, our innermost heart and Chakra-Puncture helps ignite that fire in the body. Luckily you don’t have to know that to experience it. There has to come a point where if there’s going to be true healing, there’s responsibility for what you carry.

‘They’re starting to feel who they truly are’, while Neil burns incense and needles them, putting them into a suggestible state where he can practice Esoteric ‘psychology’ by fishing around in their personal history,  programming them into thinking ‘there’s something wrong’, then telling them how they should feel and what they ‘truly are’.

Only the Universal Medicine cult could come up with a practice as abusive as Chakra-Puncture, and to maximize the atrocity of being randomly jabbed with sharp metal objects, its chief prick, Neil Ringe, combines it with mind fuck – shutting patients down into the wretchedness the self-loving Esoterics like to call their ‘light’.


28 Comments on “Neil Ringe on the Esoteric difference between Chakra-Puncture & Acupuncture”

  1. You know whos Brother says:

    Poor Neil. He has taken Serge’s circular (spherical) reasoning and applied it to his mind. And if that interview isn’t a the best example of of shared cognitive landscape of group think I would be surprised.

    He is so close to his ‘dear friend’, Surge, he sounds word for word like him.
    “Imposed beliefs and ideals” “not what you truly are, but what you’ve been led to believe” “connect to who we truly are..” “and enormous rise in illness in disease” (no there isn’t) ad nauseum. Even poor old Neil can’t think for himself and construct sentences spontaneously out of his own intellect. It’s a long ugly visceral regurgitation of the baseless, mind-f*** that underlies Sterge’s lies about a spirit/soul dichotomy that doesn’t exist and is used to replace proper philosophical thought. It’s an acceptance of the deep deception that society imposes ideals and beliefs when in fact, Scourge imposes more ideals and bizarre beliefs than you could pack into five holy books fast tracked out of the bronze age (that Pervge idealises as he jets first class to London to pick up a few extra pounds).

    But the crowning achievement is getting practitioners like Neil to believe that by helping people to overcome illness, disease and their symptoms it is really making “prana” (otherwise known as life force??) manifest in more sophisticated forms that ingrain illness and evil. It sort of sums up Splurges whole enterprise of turning reality on its head, and of turning normal nice people into blathering idiots, real healers into harmers, moral and loving people into lying, deceitful hateful knobs, and truth into a tissue of endless lies and head-up-your-arse justifications.

    “ONE UNIFIED TRUTH” (OUT) It’s easy to decode. Just know that each word and utterance means exactly the opposite and the scam that is UM is laid bare. It’s just that Neil, Rachel, Sam, Rebecca, Kyla, Kate, Desiree and the small army of self-deluded followers get tricked by the sounds of the words, not understanding what Stooge really means when he uses them.

    There sure is responsibility for what you carry. And eventually you guys are all going to have to take it. One way or the other.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Currently, responsibility for UM’s enablers is being carried solely by their victims – including the loved ones they’ve trashed and abused, and we don’t plan to stop until that equation turns around.

      Serge’s other crowning achievement and particularly when it comes to Neil, is to hijack Neil’s practice and pillage his goodwill, so that Neil’s patients – those that thought he was trustworthy – have become cult fodder. I saw this at the Patanjali channelling session which Neil attended – and Serge deferred to Neil, knowing a heap of people in the audience looked up to him. Neil endorsed the utter horseshit that Serge was supposedly ‘channelling’. Essentially, Serge has transformed someone who used to have integrity into his yes artist, salesman and pimp. I’d feel pity for Neil, but I feel more pity for his patients.

      It’s excruciating to hear him regurgitate Sergisms verbatim, and sickening this arrogant certainty he attempts to exude. The certainty of Serge’s inverted ‘truth’.

      And yah, I meant to add that in the post. Illness and disease have not increased at all for white Westerners. Longevity, quality of life and personal liberty are at an all time high. Yet, here’s Neil and Sergio living in one of the world’s most privileged enclaves, surrounded by natural beauty, whinging, rorting, censoring, conspiring, molesting and seeking to deprive their victims of anything that makes their lives worthwhile.

      And they call that ‘love’ and ‘healing’.

  2. It’s interesting to read Ringe’s spiel after cult psychologist Brendan Mooney’s little treatise we posted on how UM IS NOT A CULT.

    Returning to Mooney’s cited source, lets look again at renowned expert, Margaret Singer’s quote on cults, particularly in the light of he who once had a mind of his own reciting Serge’s well worn yet meaningless cliches. A cult:

    denotes a group that forms around a person who claims he or she has a special mission or knowledge, which will be shared with those who turn over most of their decision making to that self-appointed leader…

    Cults are truly personality cults. Because cult structure is basically authoritarian, the personality of the leader is all important. Cults come to reflect the ideas, style, and whims of the leader and become extensions of the leader. (Singer, 2003, p.XXIV)

    And the other thing our readers might be able to tell us: did Neil Ringe really inform his patients that he’d chucked acupuncture to practice chakrapuncture? We’ve heard awful stories about his attitude to patients. We’re wondering how many he alienated, and how many longstanding patients he merely continued to treat without telling them of his conversion. I can understand cult members not caring if he’s treating symptoms, but longstanding patients, no way. People went to him because he used to get results, and appeared to care.


    • Darkly Venus says:

      Let’s not forget, this is the same interview featured in the post on the bogus Esoteric Practitioners Association where chairman Ringe burbled the fictions that the EPA has the highest code of conduct of any practitioner association in the world and members need to belong in order to gain standard complementary therapies insurance available to Reiki practitioners, meditation teachers and Pranic healers, lol.

  3. susieQ says:

    Who can I report Neil Ringe to? AHPRA or which government agency? I have a story to tell.

  4. Feline Aphrodite says:

    susieQ I hope this helps answer your question.

    With respect to a provider who practices a registered profession (for example doctors, nurses, physiotherapists etc) the HCCC assesses the complaint to see if there is evidence of a significant departure from an acceptable standard of care. If there is evidence of a significant departure then the HCCC would investigate the complaint with a view to prosecuting the individual at the relevant tribunal (Medical Tribunal, Nurses and Midwives Tribunal etc) to seek their de -registration, suspension or for conditions to be placed on their registration as to safeguard the public.

    As for those providers who do not require registration, the HCCC can still deal with complaints about them (as long as they practice in NSW), but the threshold for investigation is different. The HCCC needs to show that they have breached the code of conduct for unregistered practitioners (as set out in the Public Health Act) AND that they are a risk to public health and safety. If the HCCC establish this they can ultimately look to impose a prohibition order and or make public warnings/comments.

    To all those people who have been hurt/harmed by UM and Serge and associated practitioners
    keep those notifications going into the HCCC. Don’t forget the ACCC as well.

  5. susieQ says:

    I don’t suppose that tomorrow’s meeting will be a chance for all of the UM and Er’s to get together under Serge’s command and be egged on by him as to how to shut up all those who comment on this site. – Of course it is!

    All typical credentials of a bully, especially a cult bully – one who cannot answer any questions, but who must have control of all his loyal subjects, whilst successfully making them think that they are thinking for themselves.

    Why have they not answered anything PP and DV have asked and written?
    Because they can’t – because it is the truth that is written here.

    My complaint is lodged, I await the authorities response. Thanks for your help Feline and DV

  6. ''overleonardo'sbullshit'' says:

    Neil Ringe is just another disgraceful UM idiot bullshitter, with that stupid pathetic Esoteric smirk on his face, which will soon be wiped off, yes Feline I agree, SCAM SCAM SCAM

  7. lou says:

    How come in all the photos they all look the same. Smug and selfish comes to mind.

  8. susieQ says:

    We guys have to get behind all of those who have reported and report our stories of harm

  9. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Good on you susieQ for telling your story to the authorities – good luck.
    This SCAM needs to be exposed and stopped. Those almost drugged smug looks need a reality check.

  10. WTF says:

    Hi venus. You should add to your Serge dictionary , esoteric means f#cked in the head.

  11. Feline Aphrodite says:
    The code of Ethics for the EPA now here

  12. Feline Aphrodite says:

    PP so so true….they should be paying Venus
    My take on the EPA damage control C.O.E is each practitioner is responsible for themselves no matter…Serge will take your money – but do not expect anything back. If the authorities come after anyone they are on their own. Just as we thought. and No mention of Insurance!

  13. susieQ says:

    I have had a look at the EPA site. I feel today’s meeting is a rallying of the troops.
    Who is with me? says Serge…. No questions asked – shape up or ship out.
    Who is doing all of this leaking.
    And if anything legally happens to any of you be it on your own head it really sounds like Serge won’t look after you.

  14. Darkly Venus says:

    LOL!! The EPA’s hastily devised Code of Conduct is GOLD!

    I can’t wait to lay into it.

    Serge is in breach of all of it, and then there’s all the omissions.

    A damage control ethics pantomime.

  15. You know whos Brother says:

    Yes it is certainly reactive, and actually adds more weight to the facts that he hasn’t been doing these things to now. I have read it carefully line by line and this is what I can tell you:

    1. He’s crazy- All the usual waffle about it not being a religion/being a religion/ the true way/non separation = divisive, etc.
    2. He’s trying to distance himself from any liability.
    3. But he still wants the EPA members to do as he tells them. ie’- be esoteric. (from my reading, it seems like a default inner club that you pay membership fee’s for to prove that you are living the esoteric life. There is a lot of waffle about free choice, and not judging others, but then insistence that you must agree to live according to the esoteric rules. Some stated and some ‘known’ to all students (?)) My guess is all the members will clamor to join and pay their $50 a quarter. Kerching. Non profit. (someone will need to take that money. Any guesses)
    4. He’s trying to look like he was already aware of laws and statutes, and by including reference to them giving the impression they are being adhered to (which they are not or have not been in many cases)
    5. He’s having a bob both ways on the chakra puncture. “Its up to those he trained to work out whether they can stick pins in people” – Good one Serge, you con artist.
    6. He’s crazy- Oh, I think I mentioned that.

    I am really looking forward to seeing the rest of the site. I would also like to see the EBM site and also the Esoteric Uterus massage site as well. Now that would be interesting.

    On another note, I just had quick look at the Truth about UM site (I still don’t get that the cult members can’t see the problem with that title and the fact that they blog on it alone) and there is the usual testimonials to how wonderful everyone feels since they started being in ‘livingness’. Many of the things they claim happened due to the ‘work’ and Slerge happens just via common sense and maturity. Less or no drinking, going to bed early. eating better. avoiding foods YOU KNOW ARE A PROBLEM FOR YOURSELF (and not one someone has told you is) etc. In other words more group confessions to prove why they can accept:

    * Serge is a member of the hierarchy.
    * Serge is a level 5 initiate and knows everything in the universe.
    *Serge said he was the reincarnation of everyone he could think of, but now he recants that.
    * Serge met his current wife when she was 13. All good.
    * Serge lied about his wealth pre the cult, and continues to do so.
    * Serge lied about his finances, and continue to do so ( I have some new info on that front too)
    *Serge sold them courses they can use with the general public
    * Everything Serge tells them he contradicts. Glamour! ( I drive an Alpha, and fly first class. That’s self-regard) Family, an illusion (I have a family trust and three titles in a row with my family lined up in those houses- they all work for me) I don’t tell woman to leave their partners, scurrilous lies! (Any EDG meeting ” If you don’t step up to the work because you might have to leave your partners, you are living in the rot of the temporal world” (or similar) “Men just want to have sex” ” Woman only get in relationships to fill a void” ” Society imposes roles of marriage and motherhood on woman. An illusion!”)
    * Serge sucking money out of them left right and centre, and even anonymously so he can buy more property. In his own name.
    *They are in a cult that takes everything Serge says is gospel and have stopped thinking for themselves. (to the extent they don’t even know they have and insist they made the choice even though it is the same exact choice Serge told them was right…)

    I know a lot of the cult members are confused that we think they are bad people. That is wrong. I have nothing against any of them personally, and as I have said before, think many them are nice people ( and some not so but only due to their potty mouths and willful lies)

    I do think however they have been hoodwinked by a huckster to give up lots of money for the bad trade of being told to live in a certain way that you could figure the good bits out for yourself without having to accept that Serge is anything special or his ‘one-unified-truth’ is a steaming pile of contradictory horseshit. I know many of the members are thinking ” This guy thinks he is more intelligent than me. I am an intelligent and make my own choices” and I respond, “with all due respect, you do not and are not, because you fail to exercise your own god given brain to see what is right before you. If you want to know the facts so you can work out the truth for yourself, just ask us. We will tell you.”

    But as usual, I suspect no one will. Just as they will accept this sudden arrival of the EPA document as ‘proof’ of Serge’s integrity.

    • Scarlet Woman says:

      A well written summary of Serge’s ?Code of Ethics YKWB.
      That was the conclusion I drew as well. Especially on Chakra puncture just like you said:

      “5. He’s having a bob both ways on the chakra puncture. “Its up to those he trained to work out whether they can stick pins in people” – Good one Serge, you con artist.”

      Here’s to pinching Feline’s fav word SCAM.

      The Code of Ethics will be taken by them all that this is ‘proof’ of Serge’s integrity – they will not stop to think – ‘hang on a minute??’ Some will maybe. I hope.

      When the head honchos of cults change tack in either their procedures or doctrines they always present the most amazing verbal display of garbled wordy sincerity and lawabidingness and so called reasoning oops I mean sales talk – to convince the masses.

      Never will they say we were wrong and/or illegal, there is always some supernatural explanation or that they are having to react to so called persecution.

      The fact that Serge reminds them in this ?C.O.E that they are a Brotherhood and no one is above another (except for him of course and probably Neil Ringe) there must dissension in the UM camp. As well as a desire for the prominence/money that $erge enjoys.

      Serge wants them unified….united we stand or divided we fall.

  16. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Being the Cat that I am……..Today could have been…..I wonder

    We love you Serge and will stay with you forever no matter what?
    Or a Mass Exodus! I wonder which.

    I do wonder and hope that the room was full of lovingness and lots of clearing cards.

    Still there is no answers to any of the serious questions any of us have raised

    Oh I do love the tweet by Venus… check it out…….

  17. Scarlet Woman says:

    PS: Seeing that Chakra puncture etc is not legit and that the EPA are not a proper but rather a self appointed training organisation – I do not see how the section in the C.O.E with regards to Client records is legal. (no surprise I suppose)

    2:4 (a) & (b)….there it is written so vaguely about the procedure for a client to go through (supposedly lawful) to get your records and then UMers do not have to give them to you anyway and if they do they can charge a fee.

    Thoughts anyone

  18. The cult has issued another copyright infringement notice for the use of an image of Neil Ringe’s smug looking dial. Ho hum. Just in case the FACTS disappears from WordPress, be assured it will reappear on an internet near you.

    • Feline Aphrodite says:

      Ho Hum! Gawwd they must have so much more to hide. They will not answer a damn thing and they will not own it. They just hide. All because of integrity and etc etc….blah blah integrity ONLY to $erge. I bet he is so cranky to be near. So they must all grovel more and more it makes me sick.

  19. susieQ says:

    Hey readers am I the only person that Neil Ringe has preached Serge’s esoteric nonsensical teachings to whilst having the useless waste of time and money chakra esoteric acupuncture?

  20. Rose says:

    Esoteric Chakra-Puncture: A Practitioner’s Perspective › – Esoteric Chakra-puncture‎
    Jul 27, 2012 – Esoteric Chakra-puncture

    ” I have been practising Esoteric Chakra-puncture for 3.5 years and was part of a small group of qualified acupuncturists who worked with Serge Benhayon in the development of Esoteric Chakra-puncture.”

    Proves Chakra Puncture is wacko UM stuff done by Serge.