Universal Medicine is so NOT A CULT! says cult psychologist Brendan Mooney

Artist's impression of a cult psychologist.

Artist’s impression of a cult psychologist.

We can’t resist resurrecting this piece of classic denial from a member of the Universal Medicine brains trust and cartel. Except we’ve helped Brendan by supplementing his Esoteric ‘true facts’ with real world evidence.

Universal Medicine: Cult or the Antithesis?

September 17, 2012 — 31 Comments

by Brendan Mooney, Registered Psychologist BPsySci (Hons) AmusA

In recent weeks, there have been a number of articles written by the media stating that Universal Medicine may be a cult organisation. However, these articles have not provided any evidence to this claim, and obvious facts about Universal Medicine have not been published. The intention of this article is to address these ‘Universal Medicine cult’ accusations and to outline the true facts. In doing so, the reader will have an opportunity to be more informed in making up his or her own mind.

The facts about Universal Medicine are:

    • All Universal Medicine events are publicly open to all, and there is no pre-qualification to attend entry-level events of any kind.

Except for having cash and a susceptibility to bullshit. Although the cult isn’t fussy whose cash it is, or who does without so followers can pay.

    • There are no recruitment methods used by Universal Medicine. This is in contrast to cults, as world-renowned cult-expert Dr Margaret Thaler Singer states ‘contrary to the myth that those who join cults are seekers, it is the cults that go out and actively and aggressively find followers’ (Singer, 1995, p. XXIII).

You might want to read the rest of Margaret Singer’s book, Brendan. Or was it chucked on the pyre at cult lawyer Cameron Bell’s book burning? Everyone in the UM pyramid scheme from the surgeons down refer vulnerable patients to Esoteric healers, who then refer them to more Esoteric healers and then workshops and then retreats…the UniMed cartel recruitment drive into the UniMed ‘healing’ mousewheel.  Dr Elizabeth Skinner refers patients for breast massages, who are then referred for chakrapuncture and so on. Dr Sam Kim refers patients to his unqualified wife, Jasna, the Benhayon underachievers, Kate Greenaway, Danielle Pirera, Neil Ringe, and even you or Caroline Raphael to really have their heads unglued. Patients seek qualified professionals under the impression they can trust them to adhere to their codes of conduct and provide ethical care. I’d call exploiting unsuspecting and vulnerable patients aggressive, Brendan.

The remainder of the quote, from Singer’s work is as follows:

Eventually, those groups subject their followers to mind-numbing treatments that block critical and evaluative thinking and subjugate independent choice in a context of a strictly enforced hierarchy.

The wisdom of the ages is that most manipulation is subtle and covert. (Singer, 1995, p. XXIII)

Before we read any more of Brendan’s thesis, we ought to look at Singer’s definition of cults, which Brendan avoided. In fact, we may follow this post with a set of quotes from Singer’s book, which Brendan conveniently overlooked. (The date and page number discrepancy is because I’m using a later edition, but with the same preface.)

…the term cult is not perjorative but simply descriptive. It denotes a group that forms around a person who claims he or she has a special mission or knowledge, which will be shared with those who turn over most of their decision making to that self-appointed leader…

Cults are truly personality cults. Because cult structure is basically authoritarian, the personality of the leader is all important. Cults come to reflect the ideas, style, and whims of the leader and become extensions of the leader. (Singer, 2003, p.XXIV)

Brendan continues:

    • People who attend Universal Medicine events are clearly informed of what the organisation is that they are becoming involved with. For example, extensive information can be gained from the public website, which states key messages presented by Universal Medicine. Instead, cults typically use deceptive recruiting methods and often exhibit secret stages within the organisation (Singer, 1995).

‘Extensive’ information amounting to the messages Universal Medicine wants the public to see. Whereas here on the FACTS and Accountability sites we expose the material the cult omits from its publicity. The inappropriate touching of sexual abuse victims, the personal boundary transgressions, the hostility to outsiders, the obsession with underaged sex and paedophilia, the glorification of death, the out and out wackjobbery, the privacy invasions – click on any page and you’ll see the ‘key messages’ the cult won’t show on its sites.

    • People are free to attend none, some or all of the events presented by Universal Medicine. To attend an event, each person is required to individually register for every event they wish to attend. For example, some people attend only the Friday evening lectures, held once per month, at $5 per person. In contrast, cults have an expectation if not a requirement that attendees at cult events become members of the cult (Singer, 1995; Singer, 1996).

Do you have page numbers for those references, Brendan?

Yah, Rebecca Baldwin spun the $5 line too. What about Serge’s appeals for anonymous donations ‘if you feel to’ that amounted to £2.5 million in renovations to the Lighthouse in the UK (that we know about), and him buying a $2.3 million dollar cold storage facility in Wollongbar as part of a $7 million dollar property portfolio? That’s lots of $5.

    • There are no recurring fees or memberships at Universal Medicine.

    • People are free to leave an event at any time. For example, the events are held in public rented venues and the entrance door remains unlocked at all times. Events are not held in communes, and Universal Medicine publicly announces that any attendee can obtain a full refund and exit the premises at any time without penalty of any kind.

HOW GENEROUS! But we know people have asked for refunds and been refused. And what’s with the gaffer tape and black plastic covering the windows? What is UM hiding?

    • Universal Medicine collects standard attendee registration information. Any person can obtain full disclosure of their personal information held by Universal Medicine at any time. This is in contrast to cults whereby cult records are typically confidential and/or hidden by members and not shared (Singer, 1995).

So patients and workshop participants are allowed to see the full disclosure of their personal and medical history, including their HIV status they supplied on the UM ‘consent’ forms – information gathered in breach of the Australian Privacy act? More Esoteric generosity. Why do you need to know someone’s HIV status Brendan? For a six hour ‘Livingness’ workshop? And how about the financial transparency of the Esoteric Practitioners Association and the tax exempt Universal Medicine ‘College’? Where can the public view the annual reports?

    • There are no rituals, no mantras, and no exceptional practices.

No rituals? Except for all the counter clockwise bullshit – walking, massaging, stirring nutrient deprived Esoteric gruel. Then there’s the ritual clearing symbols and clearing candles, gentle breath meditation/hypnosis, listening to podcasts daily, parroting uniform Esoteric platitudes. And there’s nothing exceptional about the practices of Esoteric Breast, Uterus and Ovary massage?

    • Serge Benhayon is the founder of Universal Medicine. At the core of Serge’s presentations is the importance of brotherhood and living a loving life to the best of one’s ability. In other words, Serge presents that we are all equal, and that no one is more gifted, special or chosen than any other. The essence of Serge’s presentations is about choosing to live a more loving life and treating all others equally with that same level of care and love. Serge also presents that we all have an equal and innate ability to know what is true in life and what is not. On numerous occasions, Serge has also publicly announced that he does not consider himself to be perfect in any way, and that he makes mistakes like we all do.

Yep, we’re all equal, except on Serge’s Initiation scale, or when it comes to freedom of speech, or worse, dissent. And Serge does not make mistakes ‘like we all do’. Normal people don’t go around touching the genitals of sexual abuse victims, or offering unqualified vaginal examinations as ‘healing’, or inviting adolescent girls for extended sleepovers, or not bothering to pay back the people he’s owed money since the nineties, or asking for donations to a legal fund knowing you can’t win a defamation action against facts. Did he refund the money you all put in?

    • The first teaching of Universal Medicine is how to discern energy and the importance of discerning all presentations, including by Universal Medicine so that people can choose, for themselves, whether what is offered is true or not.

    • Universal Medicine publicly advocates freedom of choice. For example, people are encouraged to make up their own minds with regards to their chosen religion and political views, as well as whether they accept or reject some or all of what Universal Medicine presents.

    • People attending Universal Medicine events are free to choose their friends and family associations (including their selection of a partner or spouse). There is no restriction of access to information in relation to television, radio, telephone, mail or reading material. This is in contrast to cults which typically isolate their members from their loved ones, and from society in general (Singer, 1995; Singer, 1996).

Yeah, free to choose after Serge has told them everyone who isn’t committed to his Esoteric balderdash is loveless, in pain, and part of the Astral cult. No restriction of access? No, you just choose to burn books, and the cult chooses to have zero financial transparency and to disallow comments and questions from outsiders on their propaganda sites, and to be selective that only Serge’s publicly palatable ‘key messages’ are found in the propaganda.

    • Universal Medicine does not tell people what to eat or wear or where to work, sleep or bathe. Universal Medicine presents the importance of regular exercise and a sleep rhythm that honours the body’s natural rhythms. This is in contrast to cults that rarely encourage members to maintain good health practices or fitness (Singer, 1995). For example, Universal Medicine presents that the body functions well with an earlier bedtime (e.g. 9 or 10pm) and an earlier rise time, rather than doing things at night when we are tired. However, no bedtime is prescribed. Similarly with food, Universal Medicine presents the importance of discerning for oneself what food is right for you. Universal Medicine openly states that the food that one person eats will not necessarily be right for another. It is up to each person to feel this for themselves. If a person decides to make dietary changes, the main changes may include ceasing consumption of alcohol, gluten, and/or dairy. Alcohol has been well researched and scientifically documented as a chemical poison to the human body. There are also large numbers of people worldwide who do not eat gluten or dairy, as evidenced by the many restaurants that include gluten and/or dairy free meals in their menus.

    • Universal Medicine publically encourages medical treatment. For example, many people who attend events are themselves medical and allied health professionals. The Practitioners Committee of the Esoteric Practitioners Association consists mainly of medically-trained professionals, such as General Practitioners, Dentists, and Surgeons. This is in contrast to cults which typically discourage or forbid medical treatment (Singer, 1995).

Large numbers of people worldwide don’t eat gluten or dairy because they have legitimate, professionally diagnosed allergies or sensitivities. Cult members don’t eat them because Serge says those foods have too much pranic life energy. Cult members have also cut tomatoes, coconut milk, all grains, including rice, root vegetables, beef, vinegar, legumes – not for any nutritional reason but because Serge SAYS SO. The small number of medical professionals associated with the cult, including you, are in breach of your professional codes of conduct, including by exploiting patients’ lack of specialist knowledge and failing to declare your personal and financial conflicts of interest. You are all, without exception, a disgrace to your professions. And furthermore, you’re a bunch of callous, entitled bastards.

    • Although some of what Universal Medicine presents is unconventional, people are not asked to believe it, and there is much evidence showing that people are encouraged to question what is presented. Furthermore, unconventional statements made by any group in society do not necessarily constitute a cult. For example, there are many well-established religions that advocate a variety of beliefs, values and ideals related to reincarnation, Heaven and Hell, spirit and soul, and miracles. In fact, these beliefs are considered part of conventional society in both western and eastern cultures.

If questions are encouraged, why don’t followers don’t ask any? We have 8 hours of lecture audio of Serge’s monologues in which not only does he talk non stop horseshit, but not one question is asked. The group is harangued with the evil, loveless, cancer causing properties of food, sex, music, sport, emotions, ideals, beliefs, intellect and life itself, and all lectures are preceded by a session of trance inducing ‘meditation’, also known as hypnosis.

    • People from varying locations around the world attend events by Universal Medicine, such as Australia, New Zealand, Holland, England, Germany, and many other parts of the world. This is in contrast to cults that typically isolate their members geographically from society (Singer, 1995; Singer, 1996)…

Serge doesn’t have to isolate people geographically, he isolates them by shutting down their emotions and critical minds, and making it impossible for them to sustain relationships with anyone outside the cult.

    • Universal Medicine presents that if needed people can perform a ‘gentle breath meditation’. This is a brief meditation (publicly recommended to perform in less than 10 minutes) in a comfortable seated position, in order to allow people to feel their own gentleness. The emphasis behind this is that if a person is feeling gentle, thus at ease and more calm, they are able to make clear and informed decisions for themselves. In contrast, when people are feeling emotional they are reactive to life and thus tainted by their experience. For example, a person feeling stressed is likely to make decisions that will be influenced by this stress.

And a person who has been gradually manipulated into not suspecting they are being conned, molested and robbed, will continue to be conned, molested and robbed.

    • Universal Medicine presents that it is not a sovereign entity receiving any exceptions to the law or to any legal proceedings. In contrast, cults often consider themselves to be above the law and accountable to no-one (Singer, 1995)…

Except for UniMed and its practitioners’ indecent assaults, breaches of professional codes of conduct, the privacy act, the Trade Practices act and Australian tax law.

And apparently you’re too Esoterically advanced to provide page numbers for your references.


Whilst unconventional or even unpopular statements may be made by Universal Medicine, no organisation in society should ever be labeled a cult when there is absolutely no evidence to justify this claim. The term ‘cult’ carries heavy stigma for those involved and should never be used carelessly or irresponsibly. To do so would severely denigrate and demean the thousands of people who have been inspired to make truly loving changes in their lives and to support those around them. The real stories about Universal Medicine will be found here, in the countless numbers of individuals who now bring a sense of wellness to family life, to the workplace, and to all of society. So I leave it to you the reader to determine. Universal Medicine: Cult or the Antithesis?

Brendan Mooney works as a fully-registered Psychologist. He has studied up to the level of a PhD in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Queensland. Brendan works as a Psychologist both privately and in the rehabilitation sector. 

Brendan works at SergeCentral – the Universal Medicine clinic in Goonellabah.

Singer, M.T. (1995). Cults in our midst: The hidden menace in our everyday lives. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers.

Singer, M.T. (1996). Crazy therapies. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers.

Singer, M. T. Cults In Our Midst, Jossey Bass, San Francisco, 2003.

What Makes Universal Medicine a Cult?

17 Comments on “Universal Medicine is so NOT A CULT! says cult psychologist Brendan Mooney”

  1. You know whos Brother says:

    What this tells me is someone who has allegedly studied how the human mind works has no idea how his own does. I think he phoned in his PHD and didn’t actually to read and understand the material because he is making every mistake in the book. As you point out, he is avoiding the real definitions that Serge meets in spades. He has massaged each point to emolliate the FACTS that it is the inverse of what he claims. I think it’s been pointed out here before, but I will do it again. Here is the real definition of cultic behavior contained within the same material Brendan (please take my degree away) Moonee has referenced but somehow managed not to refer to.

    http://www.ex-cult.org/General/lifton-criteria (the full definition)

    The themes and how UM matches the descriptions-

    1. Milieu control- Serge dictates music, art, literature, philosophy that is ‘energetically correct’- the members adhere to this faithfully. Communication is tightly controlled via moderated blogs. Members reject their former social groups/family/partners in favour of the group. Serge encourages leaving families/partners/friends that object to UM (or the member being in their ‘light’). Well documented from EDG notes and recordings.

    2. Mystical manipulation- Serge invokes a sense in members that they have reached decisions by themselves by postulating false dilemma’s through well known confessional technique. The members share a cognitive landscape that is manipulated via hubris, halo and heuristic effects (all unknown to the hapless Mr Moonee )

    3. Demand for Purity- The members are engaged in purification rituals of eating ‘energetically correct’ food, walking the right way, thinking the right way, avoiding the ill-effects of music, art, sympathy, emotions, emotional love, sex.

    4. Cult of Confession- the members constantly confess to each other in person, publicly on blogs, at their events.

    5. Sacred Science- Serge claims science is false, except where he thinks it support his arguments. The members do the same. The “ancient wisdom’, while having no origin, source, or objective reality, is considered sacred, true and above all other science. The members are often heard to claims ‘science is catching up with what Serge has said” which is of course preposterous but in lock step with this central cultist theme.

    6. Loading the language- Their blogs are full of cliches, buzz words, cookie cut sentences, and Serge’s statements regurgitated. They are incapable of constructing logical, well thought out, truthful and reflective arguments. Serge has introduced a lexicon of phrases and words they use to describe their shared cognitive landscape with each other, and which they also use to deflect criticism (eg, abusive, loveless)

    7. The Primacy of Doctrine of Person- “One Unified Truth” Serge’s vision of a doctrine that everyone should conform to. Because it is ‘true’

    8. The Dispensing of Existence- UM believes it knows the ultimate truth, and that the members either live that way or suffer the consequence. Moreover, it teaches that the world at large is in illusion, arrogant, and ignorant. In addition, UM and Serge is obsessed with discounting and disparaging existence and insisting that our carnal self is “rot” and that the next life/next stage/next plane is more important and the goal. THIS IS THE MOST DANGEROUS THEME OF UM, and is common to most cults and religions. It is why the students don’t eat properly, hand over their money to Serge, leave their families and live a series of lies to themselves and everyone around them in a slow but sure reality drift.

    Mr. Moonee is either a very bad student of the human mind, a liar, self-deluded, under Serge’s spell, or all of the above. I suspect it is a mix of them all. In any case, he and the other cult-struck psychologists should be debarred from practicing, and most certainly from influencing people into believing UM is anything but a cult that relies on the self generated visions of a huckster, with a mix of pseudo-science, and second hand new age mumbo-jumbo thrown in to confuse well meaning people.

    There is no doubt at all that most people that have come to UM have done so without any fore-knowledge of what was in store. They either came for healing when in crisis, for solace, or simply for a massage, or maybe to do his ‘courses”. They were unaware that Serge and his co-horts would covertly draw them into a sub-culture of “occult” teachings with Serge as the pivotal player, on one hand pretending to be ‘no more than anyone else’ while on the other, boldly proclaiming on the other (on recordings and in books) to be the teacher of the “new era” and the only one capable of understanding ‘energetic truth’ placing himself over all other religions, philosophy, modalities, medicine, guru’s and science.

    Just like Brendan’s half baked, disingenuous and dishonest defence, Serge plays a deceitful game of pretending it is one thing, while insisting it is another. And just like an uninformed casual reader may take baby faced Brendans insipid defence on face value, the members fall for the same trick. Over and over. Why? because they are lazy. They don’t want to stop and think. They don’t want to use their own minds to evaluate information. They aren’t even interested in information. They are happy to join the group-think and take the happy pill, subjugating their own critical faculties to the hopelessly irrational and unfulfilling fantasia of an insignificant middle aged man with a cosmic vision of himself. They, including young, naive and under studied Mr Moonee, have gleefully joined his wicked fantasy and given their souls and very lives to his demonic game.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      You know’s bro, I don’t quite agree about the laziness of cult followers.

      I think it’s more that they fall for the initial deception, and then as they get enmeshed in Serge’s spherical thinking and language, they are truly trapped in that closed system of logic. As much as they attempt to operate logically within that framework of Esoteric ‘truth’ it’s extremely difficult to escape. They must reject the framework in order to free themselves.

      I’ve been reading Serge’s books at times and thought, shit, this is how he does it. He lures people in with half truths and then limits critical logic by deliberately limiting language. Serge only allows argument in his own language and using his own subverted logic, and this is where cult followers become trapped. This really hit home when I listened to Neil Ringe, a man who formerly could think robustly and individually, speaking SergeSpeak and regurgitating twisted Esoteric platitudes to sell the cult message. I realized he got himself trapped in it by accepting Serge’s language and failing to force Serge to use real world reason.

      • You know whos Brother says:

        That is why I say they are lazy. Cognitively lazy. I think most people are in fact. We are not prepared to stop and think about the motivation of the person telling us something (sales person/media/advertiser/friend/cult leader), check the source of the information, and engage our critical mind- which involves cognitive effort- to see if it is rational. That is the heuristic effect. The mind, which is adept at quick “intuitive” (ie- inferring and inducing based on past experience and/or a limited subset of information) is not cranked up another gear to “test” the information being inputted. It is the difference between being reactive and responsive. But you are 100% right. If you accept via that “intuition” that what Serge is saying ‘makes sense’ he snares you with a one-way anti logic that ensures that you can’t and won’t engage your critical mind- because according to him, doing so is “arrogant” “spiritual” “channeling” and so forth. His way of keeping his members in the trap. His technique of offering half truths works a treat, because it makes full use of that heuristic effect and the fact that most people are cognitively lazy.

        I think he is too dumb to know any of this, just like the cult psychologists, but he has tripped over a technique that works. In fact, a member reading what I am saying would be forced to believe, probably quite strongly, that I am channeling, too in my head, ignoring my heart/soul and therefore, deluded. They would have a silly half smile of literally brain dead stupidity and a halo of spiritual hubris about how they “feel” (intuit) they are ‘right’ and know the ‘truth’ and I can’t possibly see how it is right because I won’t allow “it” ( which is actually just switching off the critical mind)

        It’s the same trap any person who has strong (unjustifiable and improvable) beliefs falls into. For the member to leave this framework they have to have the realization that their mind is the only tool they have to perceive the world. Not some fictitious gland, in their heart muscle, or in their ‘soul’ and understand that their perception of the world they have now is nothing but a shared delusion that is reinforced by group speak and rules explicit and implicit that informs them they are members of UM. We could prove it to them of course by giving them a good whack in the frontal lobe, damaging their higher brain function and probably knocking them out of it, but I don’t think that demonstration is practical. Or is it?

        The only way I see to release them is to expose Serge for the charlatan he is. We’ve already seen them fully accept a bucket full of contradictions and lies, so I suspect it will take a lot even then. And I bet there will be some die-hards that will prefer to swoon in the shadows of their unreflective minds even then, probably intoning the words “awesome. Serge is a man of such integrity”

        • Katy Davidson says:

          Brendan is my brother in laws brother. He played violin at my sisters wedding, and flirted with me down the side of the village hall…that was pre-UM when he had emotions, urges etc… My brother in law practices ‘physiotherapy’ here in the UK although when with lower back pain I received esoteric healing with symbols on cards under the couch – without asking my permission. I have lost my sister and my niece and nephew due to Serge She takes her 2 &4 yr old along to his retreats. They talk about my ‘bad energy’ and so have isolated only me from their family. I think that as they tow the line they make money, it reaffirms their position of support. Serge’s writing is the most convoluted nonsensical crap I’ve ever attempted to read, my brain felt pollluted by the moronic monologues so I stopped, realising it was from someone ineloquent. The only positive and true information found in UM is knowledge and wisdom he has purloined from other uncultish, age-old practices, theories, intuitions, religions etc; Then he takes it to a whole other level and tries to own all of it like some deity. Andrew Mooney, my brother in law tried to get me along to one of Serges’ retreats in Somerset… I knew nothing about the Cultish Serge at that point, but something in my gut told me not to go. So glad I didn’t although it would have been fun to stand up, point at Serge and shout “He’s not the messiah! He’s a very naughty boy!!!”

        • Darkly Venus says:

          Katy, thanks for commenting and giving your side of the story. I feel for you, having this stinking cult wreck your relationship with your sister and the little ones. A heap of our readers know exactly how that feels.

          For anyone else considering commenting, you don’t need to use your name and you can leave the email and URL boxes blank if you like. We can’t identify you or your location from this end, so have no fear. Too many people are in fear of this cult, but united we stand.

  2. susieQ says:

    This is so very disturbing to know thank you PP for alerting us all to this. Gawd it is never ending.

    People who are dealing with personal issues and emotional pain consult with Psychologists,in the hope that they will gain help to have their cognitive functions helped, restored and adjusted so as to be able put things into perspective.

    One can rightly assume (In view of Mr Mooney’s offbeat defense of SB & UM) that Brendan Mooney would be preaching and teaching Serge Benhayon’s /UM’s wacko mind messing life destroying doctrines to the unwary and vulnerable as therapy. This is so scary. This needs reporting.

    The other sad thing is that Serge must have seen in Mr Mooney a young vulnerable easy target to use and to control. What an ugly mess.

  3. Feline Aphrodite says:

    How can these so called professional people say such things as this?
    Are they really blind to all of the mountains of abuse of Power and control and devastation etc by $B and UMer’s?……..under the banner of ‘integrity!’

    This quote comes from the Testimonials at https://www.universalmedicine.com.au/universal-medicine-home

    “I have known Serge for a number of years now, and I am absolutely confident to say that he has integrity to the highest level. I can feel the integrity that he has in the way he talks and expresses, and I find him a true inspiration. Given the time I have known Serge, I have had plenty of opportunities to ‘suss him out’, and to see whether he truly lives what he says. I for one can say that Serge has never faltered and remains a constant reflection to me that it is possible to live with such integrity all the time.”

    Brendan Mooney BPsySci (Hons), Goonellabah, NSW

    • You know whos Brother says:

      “I can feel the integrity that he has in the way he talks and expresses..” cult speak. “feel” rather than ‘Observe (collect and evaluate information via my critical faculties) Brendan fresh out of uni might have learned about how we place more importance on the small amount of information we have and discount the far greater amount we don’t. But it seems not. He’s so good at feeling he hasn’t even “sussed” out the obvious contradictions before him ( I won’t go into them, it is way too many and far too boring) and when faced with revelations of deceptions last year, like ALL THE RUSTED ON CULT MEMBERS rather than going “Whoa, there is something SUSS here” he wrote this stupid testimonial. Then rushed posthaste to be one of the stooges in Serge’s little ACA show- “look at us. Nothing unusual here. A group of people all sitting around while some guy talks to them. See we’re not a cult. Yes Serge is a man of integrity”

      What they are really doing Feline is protecting their shared identity in the UM landscape. I bet they do have doubts about Serge, but to admit it is death to their investment of time and energy. Best to cover it up by shouting how great he is even louder. Even if they are offered evidence, they are not interested. They would prefer to pretend that person is a liar, loveless, abusive, deluded and that the facts don’t exist.

      Brendan is no professional. He is just a foolish young man who will be wearing the stigma of having been in a cult for a long time. I hope that when he works it out later, he can turn it around and use it to his advantage to help others who have been mind-trapped like him not to end up the same.

  4. Feline Aphrodite says:

    DV I just have to say I do not not envy Deborah Benhayon’s position the other day you commented

    “Todays best google search term: toxic asshole passive aggressive narcissistic bastard. Deborah Benhayon must have hit the search button”

    DB is really between a rock and a hard place, if she stood her ground against $B she would lose her children, she has already been debunked as a wife, if she doesn’t toe the line she would lose her role as a Mum. What an ugly ugly ugly ugly situation.

    I wish to here express my deepest sympathy for Serge’s present wife’s mother.
    The loss of a child in any circumstance is horrific, this situation too is unspeakable.

    All of those going along with UM by their association and actions side with the perpetrator…. the common denominator SERGE.
    No lovingness here – no integrity – none at all. An evil scam

    • Darkly Venus says:

      I don’t envy her either. She’s one of Serge’s many victims, and one of the ways he victimizes is by making those close to him complicit in his abuses. To keep her quiet he probably told her if he goes down, she’ll go down too, or he’ll take the whole family down or something similar.

      The thing now that she could consider is the cat is out of the bag. It’s just a matter of time before he is brought to justice, but she could put a stop to all the madness and make it easier for herself and the other victims, including Miranda, by coming forward. He’s already taken this mess too far, but we’d like to stop it before it goes further. Deborah knows exactly what we mean.

      Really, we’ve aimed to bring Serge to justice without retraumatizing victims, but unfortunately without victims coming forward we are doing it the hard way, and may not get there. In the meantime, the harm goes unchecked.

      Please, if you’ve been exploited or abused by Serge and UM, consider coming forward to the authorities. It may save countless more victims.

  5. You know whos Brother says:

    No Brendan, and fellow UM’ers, you are not in a cult-

    “A warning … ‘If one measures their commitment and applies that measure to ‘the work’ and thus to the Hierarchy — as in – 1: as my life gets better and ‘the work’ proves itself to me, so too will I commit more to it, and or – 2: when my life has reached that point my spirit set-out to achieve — as in — a better-life, relief, reprieve, improvement of any kind, higher initiation and or any other personal gain etc etc — I will sit back and cruise with it. TAKE CAREFUL AND ASTUTE NOTE THAT — such students, as those in points 1 and 2 above, will fall into one of the greatest hidden long-term traps where one’s re-development/initiation will be stunted for many, many lifetimes by the slow and stealth-like manner the astral forces will regress them back into the damp pranic abyss they once fought hard to arise from. Measuring your life and commitment to ‘the work’ against whatever personal needs one may have as the leading key or point of drive for and towards ‘the work’ attracts the highest forces that are assigned to undermine and attack the work of the Hierarchy … through you, much high astral energy is wielded, for when you wobble, you will, in one way or another, blame ‘the work’ for your woes … and through that blame you will get a large dose of the highest levels of the astral plane.

    Measuring your life with ‘the work’ as in – doing enough to feel better, but not enough to upset your partner, your suitable life, or your family, friends, colleagues etc, will have you feeling ‘better’ by the numbness the astral will bring to you. And whilst you may think you are doing ok or progressing esoterically, you are in fact receding back into the damp body the fire once showed you to be in. It pays not to dance alongside the true fiery esoteric work. It is a very harming illusion to do so and one that will take many lifetimes to heal………………………end.

    Dear students, Take special note of the above warning. My words will make themselves be known more and more as we head closer to 2012 and beyond. Embracing the fire is the only true healing way forward … all else will merely get you by whilst it builds the new dampness the lords of form have released to counter the greater light of fire/Christ that now so abounds. This new level of dampness is not one to get wrong about if you are in the illusion that you are not part of it. The new ‘damp’ pranic energy is in accordance to my prediction some years ago about the coming new lung ill conditions on Earth. Not only will ill lung conditions increase, they will develop more severely in addition to the coming new forms of them that the specialists are not trained for. The solution – Choose fire — whole-heartedly and never in part Choose fire all the way and do not measure how much it can be in you, but embrace it in full and let it serve as it must to help those who know little of the imprisonment they are in.

    From the endless reservoir of Atma and thus with Atmic love, Serge Benhayon”

  6. Feline Aphrodite says:

    ‘Not only will ill lung conditions increase, they will develop more severely in addition to the coming new forms of them that the specialists are not trained for.’ from the above quote

    These are words that Dr Kim quoted to at least one of his patients – NOT sound medical advice but rather, Serge’s cult wisdom!

  7. pranabunny says:

    Truly mind blowing stuff, and not in a positive way.

    Just ponder this:

    A desire to improve your personal life (ie your ‘personal needs’) cannot be the reason why you are doing The Work. Trying to resolve your issues or to improve your personal life through doing The Work means committing yourself to the astral plane.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but most people fall into the new age (clap) trap because they feel that their personal life isn’t as great as it could be. For those seekers, The Work is a way of improving their personal life and filling perceived voids. Now, they are doing all they can to implement Serges ideas into their daily lives, they avoid all the pranic foods, music, books, people. And then the master tells them that how/why they are doing The Work is pranic.

    Headf*ck, much?

    But let’s spin the yarn a bit more….

    So, you’re doing The Work but you’re doing it for the wrong reasons and so all the fiery energy is turned into pranic evil. What’s more, Serge is saying that if there is ANY reason why you’re doing The Work, you’re doomed. If you’re doing just enough of The Work to make you feel better about your personal life, you’re doomed. If you stop doing The Work once you feel better, you’re doomed too.

    This is actually very neat because

    UM students can never do enough, because there is no ‘enough’. The Work has no end, unlike Buddhism, say, where one strives to reach enlightenment and nirvana (the end of being reborn), or Catholizism, where one strives to live a good life so one can go to heaven.

    Serge can increase the pressure as he likes because there is no end goal. He is the one who holds all the ‘truths’ (because he invented them) and if he fancies it, he just makes up another rule. It’s such a cruel game, because no matter how little you eat, how many pillow cases you buy and on how many retreats you go, you never get any closer to…. Oh wait…. yes…. exactly….

    there is nothing you can aim for.

    Why? Because there is no goal. Serge said so himself. The Work is per definition goal-less. If you are working towards a goal (clarity of the mind, spiritual awakening, happiness, better health, self love) then you’re doing The Work wrong because there is a REASON why you’re doing it. Hence why you are doomed to a life in pranic hell.

    And if you have achieved this wonderful state of goal-lessness where you are doing The Work for the sake of doing The Work?

    Well. Keep on doing it. Keep on paddling in the muddied waters, even you don’t (and can’t) know why you’re doing it. Because if you ever stop, you will be reborn into the most pranic life imaginable.

  8. you know who's brudda says:

    A well known cult expert told me this; ” Cult leaders despise their followers. They keep them trapped and working by constantly changing the rules and making it impossible to ever understand fully what is being said or reach a goal. This keeps them confused and working all the time to meet the demands of the cult leader. They will up the ante, keep telling them there is more coming, that the world is changing, events are about to occur and that they have received new information/messages..

    Eventually the members leave because they can’t meet the expectations of the cult leader, or they feel they have failed. Rarely do they leave because they have worked out that it is a construct of the cult leader. They have failed, and the cult leader will show their disappointment and despise for them doing so”

    To paraphrase Serge ” Sometimes esoteric students return to the mainstream cult. They have returned to the rot and illusion of carnal life”

    It is not meant to make sense. That is why it is a cult.

  9. Scarlet Woman says:

    Prana bunny and You know who’s brudda.
    What you have both said here I can vouch for 100% remember Scarlet out of a cult.
    Huh! this cult also referred to it as ‘the work’ and no you never ever made the mark.

  10. Katy Davidson says:

    Darkly Venus, I’m not scared of them in the slightest. I just wish I could meet the likes of him (Serge) on an even playing field. He protects himself too well for that though. Why would people be scared? Have people faced intimidation/attack from UM supporters?

    • Darkly Venus says:

      I’m not scared of these arseholes either, but a lot of people are, and fear repercussions.

      We know of verbal abuse, physical and legal threats in the Lismore, Byron Bay area from a small element of cult thugs.

      I’ve been called a hate blogger, criminal, stalker, troll for asking questions to major apologists like Eunice Minford and Dr Rachel Hall, the mystic dentist, about their promotion of a sexual predator. UM shut my blog down once.

      But a lot of people in the area, particularly those working in health and medical care, perceive a threat to their livelihoods if they speak out about UM. There’s also a fear that saying anything negative about Serge will upset already tenuous relationships. Not only among loved ones, but medical staff in the area fear that criticism of UM could make followers reluctant to seek legitimate healthcare.

      Families and communities are on tenterhooks.

      And then there’s a fear of supernatural reprisal from Serge the omniscient being and that he’s capable of some sort of Esoteric juju. I mean we have geniuses like Jane Keep trying to tell us her car copped a scrape in the carpark because she laid off the Esoteric self obsession for five minutes. Threats to those not Esoteric enough include being born with mental disabilities for many lifetimes to come, cancer, sexual abuse and a negative energetic assessment from Neil sell out Ringe. FFS.

      It’d be easier for everyone if more people showed some courage and spoke out.