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Sergio Benbullshit Stands Up

Deep in the darkened cellars of Lismore’s anti-cult underground, a gentle breath away from the Esoteric Thought Police and their self-loving defamation threats, a freedom fighter from the comic resistance is covertly filmed dumping his PRANA 😮 to re-connect-us-with-The-One.

(Princess recommends viewing by a mature audience.)


5 Comments on “Sergio Benbullshit Stands Up”

  1. Feline Aphrodite says:


    • David and Margaret just phoned. Margaret gave it 5, but David took off a star for the camerawork.

      The bunker film critic agrees, the LOF need to sharpen up the cinematography skills.

      And mattsuth1, how come you didn’t allow my YouTube comment? Too rude?

      • Feline Aphrodite says:

        Bit harsh! bit harsh PP – it was meant to be dark and mystical like SB UM cult meetings are?
        Where was the bunkers staff invite? hmmmn
        Very well done – The saddest thing is that it is all true.

  2. Rightio, to the anonymous smart arse who wrote in to ask whether the woman in the audience with a laugh like a banshee on helium is me. It is NOT. I missed most of the act because I was busy at the bar trying to get some menful action. (Sorry mattsuth1)

    And it wasn’t Venus either. She laughs more like a machine gun interspersed with snorts. And was probably under the table by then. And she doesn’t even DRINK.

  3. I SHOULD mention mattsuth1 is the real deal. Before his scrape with the Esoteric goon squad, he was professionally funny. So much so he performed at the Edinburgh Comedy Fest.

    I can vouch, he’s also funny in his spare time. He’s funny without trying. In fact the less he tries, the funnier he is…

    Anyway, we think we should see more of him on stage and screen. And okay, I’ll try to not disrupt his act by throwing my knickers.