Rebecca Baldwin fails to shut down our hate blogs again


Some time in the past month Rebecca Baldwin and other Universal Medicine cult members complained to blog hosts, WordPress, that I’d breached copyright of their false accusations of false accusations and other sexual abuse denying comments by pasting them here on the FACTS blog. Several comments were subsequently removed, which was a heart rending LOSS for us and the rest of the literary community. We pasted them to be read in context with the photographic evidence of Serge Benhayon inappropriately touching clients and teaching it as ‘healing’ for sexual abuse, and in light of the fact Benhayon’s shrill defenders have participated in the molestation themselves. As part of the transparent process for dealing with alleged copyright breaches, the administrators at WordPress forwarded Rebecca Baldwin’s hissy little complaint, where she shows just how hostile to facts and accountability she is, and in the absence of evidence or just cause wants WordPress to remove our blogs, because SHE SAYS SO.

I imagine cult members, Rebecca Baldwin, Helen Simkins and Mystic Dentist Dr Rachel Hall of Evolve Dental Healing Kenmore Queensland who loves humanity as long as humanity subscribes to the UM cult, succeeded in their DMCA takedowns because we’d pasted their names with their verbatim denials as if they’d had the guts to come here and answer to the cult’s victims themselves.

We won’t do it that way next time, we’ll just quote them instead, like this endearing tirade from Rebecca Baldwin to our WordPress hosts, where she gives them both barrels of her soulful self-lovingness.

For your urgent attention — I recently submitted a report of abusive content through and received no reply – so I am now re-submitting it here: You are hosting a blog on your platform which is being used as a vehicle to harass, intimidate and defame me, my immediate family and a growing number of individuals who are a part of health and wellness community (Universal Medicine) in Australia and overseas. My sister has also been in touch with you and has to date received an an insufficient response from you in regards to this matter.

The ongoing harassment and defamation by the author of this blog has already been confirmed as such by Google Blogger and one of her blogs has already been removed in its entirety ( from that platform.

Um no, Rebecca dear. Take a gentle breath. The only thing confirmed by the removal of the blogger Australian url listed above is Google’s piss weak attitude to freedom of speech in Australia, where a loophole in the law allows cults to censor blogs without a court order. The blog was never shut down in the US, because the US has more public protections against censorious scam artists. I purposely shut it down in the US so as not to diffuse our pageviews, and to optimize our position in Google searches. We didn’t pay an SEO expert to get us to the top of the Google searches either. We just wrote the facts.

She has since copied and pasted it to your platform and also opened a further defamatory site ( ) (sic) with this blog time targeting a broad cross-section of upstanding community-minded people across a number of professions, purely on the basis that they attend Universal Medicine events.This essentially means that the WordPress platform is harbouring and enabling activity which is criminal by virtue of the fact that it is harassing, menacing and offensive. I request that WordPress cease this and remove her blog in its entirety.

I would also request that you action the following points-

Remove comments that were not posted by me yet appear to be from me (she has copied and pasted them from another site, and then used them, without my permission, on her own blogsite, making it appear as if I made the comments on her blogsite, which I did not). The blogsite is nothing that I wish to be associated with, as it is maliciously designed to damage Universal Medicine’s standing, which is an organisation which I hold in the highest regard, and I do not wish to be seen as following a blog of that sort or in any way endorsing or engaging in the conversation that appears on it. Hence, the posting of the comments, seemingly by me on that blog, is entirely without my consent.

The below comments were not made by me (Rebecca Baldwin) on this WordPress site. and have been lifted (without my consent) from the following url: ORIGINAL LEGITIMATE COMMENT


Thank you for looking into this matter immediately, I look forward to your prompt response

Rebecca Baldwin


Only an Esoteric student could make a distinction between the ORIGINAL LEGITIMATE COMMENT and the FRAUDULENT COMMENTS PLEASE DELETE, even though the ORIGINAL content was cut and pasted verbatim. Ah Rebecca, you truly are a parody of yourself. According to Rebecca, the same comment is LEGITIMATE on the propaganda sites and FRAUDULENT when juxtaposed with facts, and questions about her conduct and accountability.


The other priceless claim is for breach of copyright, as if we’re falling over ourselves to plagiarize her literary brilliance, lol.

Take another gentle breath Rebecca, and let’s work through this. Try to KEEP CALM. I’ve invited you to speak with me before, dear. I have a contact form on the UMA blog, and I’d be more than happy to discuss your feelings as long as you oblige by answering some questions, particularly about your participation in sexual abuse, and your opinion on adolescent girls staying Serge Benhayon’s home.

We’re not targeting anyone ‘purely on the basis that they attend UM events’. We’re too busy for that crap. We’re exposing a cult engaging in deceptive practices, insidious thought reform techniques designed to induce dread and dependency, so called ‘health’ practices that harm people physically and psychologically, sexual exploitation and abuse, financial exploitation, division of relationships and families, unlawful invasions of privacy, censorship, bullying and vilification. We’re targeting a group of people profiting from these practices at the expense of the vulnerable, including cancer patients, people with mental health issues, people with eating disorders, sexual abuse victims and children. In particular, we’re targeting professionals who are breaching their codes of conduct and abusing their status to endorse these harmful practices and assist recruitment to the cult.

Add that to your complaint next time.

Facts come with evidence, Rebecca, and facts are not abuse. Neither is disagreement. WordPress didn’t reply to you because they host millions of blogs, a good number of which are critical of corrupt, exploitative and abusive groups like UM. WordPress gets thousands of emails a day from righteous little bullies like you attempting protect their ill gained positions and lines of credit.

Exposing facts is not defamatory, Rebecca. Defamation occurs when people publish lies about you. If you’re going to get into a tizz about being defamed, stop defaming yourself through your own conduct. WordPress spells it out in their terms and conditions – if you have a case for defamation, take us to court, test our evidence and if you succeed, you can present them with the court order they require to shut us down. Otherwise, dear, they won’t shut us down because you want them to, and just maybe they looked at the images of Serge’s special techniques and decided you’re full of shit.

If you think we’re engaging in hate speech and we’ve intimidated or harrassed you, present the evidence to WordPress. Unlike UM, WordPress understands hate speech isn’t people saying they don’t like you or that you’re a bully or a bitch or presenting other facts. Authentic hate speech incites violence or includes threats.

If you don’t want to be lampooned, Rebecca, don’t make it so easy. We’ve asked you to account for your actions. No one here has threatened, intimidated, harrassed or menaced you, and certainly not on the scale that the Universal Medicine Cult is vandalizing lives, frightening children, fracturing and bankrupting families and engaging in a culture of sexual abuse and sexual abuse denial and apologism.

Don’t kid yourself, we’d love to shut UM down. But when that happens, it’ll be the law that does it, not us, and a well informed public groundswell rejecting the Livingness death and molestation package you so innocently describe as ‘health and wellness’.

And if offensiveness was a crime, Rebecca, you’d have been locked up for your self righteous participation in molestation and your brutal denials in contempt of people suffering because of UM, and Serge would be in the gulag as well.

Keep up those gentle breaths dear, and if you find you’re still in an Esoteric dither, go sit on a symbol.

19 Comments on “Rebecca Baldwin fails to shut down our hate blogs again”

  1. ''overleonardo'sbullshit'' says:

    What Rebecca doesn’t realise is, that even though no one has made a formal complaint just yet, it will happen, and it will only take just one, and Uni Med and it’s pathetic bull shitter conman guru Sergio and his accomplices such as Rebecca will be made accountable in a court of Law, not in la la land. Rebecca reminds me a lot of Ma Anand Sheela the outspoken spokeswoman for the Orange People Cult. If I remember correctly after Osho, another pathetic bull shitter conman and cult leader of the Orange People was deported, Sheela spent two and a half years in a Federal Prison, Mmm tough titties indeed, Whoo Hoo Rebecca, you go girl 🙂

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Actually people have made formal complaints – just not enough, and it’s true, the right one could completely bring down the multi-million dollar Benhayon family circus.

      I’ve been told there was a complaint of inappropriate touching made against Serge in 2008. I made one, but was told the HCCC couldn’t act because the incident occurred before the code for unregistered practitioners was introduced in 2008, and isn’t retroactive.

      Since new legislation which gives the HCCC new investigative powers, they’ll be getting a slew of complaints about UM.

      There are also other complaints in the system, which we can’t comment on until investigations are complete.

      The bunker staff are doing all we can, but we need those adversely affected by UM to do more. When I say it will be the law that shuts down UM, the law isn’t out there looking for trouble. It takes complaints and information from those affected or the cult will continue on its death and molestation drive until the carnage jolts them into doing something.

      I would rather have action taken before the damage gets any worse.

      Believe me, if this were another era or under another regime, Rebecca and her ILK would have me and my colleagues gassed, or in labour camps or up against a wall and shot. Her twisted censoriousness is a grave threat which we need to take very seriously.

      We need to understand, if she could get us shut down, which the Australian government already allowed the Google Blogger platform to do, we believe unlawfully – that would mean no more FACTS about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine – and more families would be prey to this pestilence.

      It’s by the grace of US laws regarding free speech that we bloggers and the Rick Ross Forum can counter the propaganda that lures the vulnerable and unsuspecting into the cult’s clutches.

  2. Rebecca has one bent mind. A bunch of abuse enabling, exploitative bastards profiting from misery and intimidating victims with their aggressive denials are ‘upstanding community minded people’. Facts are ‘abuse, defamation and harrassment’. Being offensive, which is probably her prim way of saying we use rude words is ‘criminal’, but starving and molesting people isn’t. And nor is taking anonymous donations for the Universal Medicine College, which does WHAT? And for whom?

    Dear Anonymous donors, please show us your receipts, and if you weren’t given one, ask Serge and Serryn O’Regan, where’s the money?

    And we’re the criminals, Rebecca?

    Here’s another question for you Rebecca. One of the journalists described you as UM’s media person, so does that mean you’re on the payroll too? And if you are, is it above board, or under the table? When you try to get us shut down are you selflessly protecting your colleagues and family and your delicate reputation, or does the defensiveness boil down to your abuse mongering income?

    Or do you run the five propaganda blogs and the other websites out of the love of your little heart chakra? We’ve noticed you’re not registered for GST, so your annual turnover is under $70K.

    Are you really that underpaid?

    Is Serge financially doing you over too, Precious?

    Desiree’s doing better than you isn’t she? She has her finger in a few UM pies. How come you’re out in the cold Rebecca? Or are you?

  3. you know who's brudda says:

    “You are hosting a blog on your platform which is being used as a vehicle to harass, intimidate and defame me, my immediate family and a growing number of individuals who are a part of health and wellness community (Universal Medicine) in Australia and overseas. My sister has also been in touch with you…”

    Um, would this be the same sister that on Rebecca’s WordPress blog, moderated by her goodself, actually does defame and slander two men in a vile character assassination? One that clearly breaches slander laws and may end up eventually with said sister and Rebecca in court? From what I can see, Rebecca has defamed herself, along with her sister by constant revelation of personal information online. No one has made an unprovoked attack on either of them and at no time have they been characterized in childish terms unrelated to the topic at hand. Facts have been stated in response to remarks they have made. As pointed out, that has been attempted on their sites in response to their remarks, but they don’t allow response, hence it has been done here.

    If Rebecca was as fair minded as she makes out, and allowed comments, then the remarks made in response to this site would not have been referenced here. If she was as enlightened as she thinks, she would see the glaring hypocrisy of hosting vile posts against people they perceive to be against their “health and wellness group” (LOL) while crying foul at others.

    Wakey Wakey Rebecca.

  4. Feline Aphrodite says:

    RB’s complaint is out there man, illogical – but no surprise really. What a control freak.

    SB and cohorts: Are the law! They are above any other law!..THEY THINK.

    Good on you for posting this DV transparency and honesty that’s what we like and need –
    truthful ness………

    RB will not be breathing gentle breaths, and she will need all of the healing symbols in XL size. Silly XL brat that she is.

    She is not upset really about it’s posting because if she was she wouldn’t have posted it anyway or anywhere in the first place….. she put her comments on the WWW.

    RB and UMer’s and especially $B do not like the truthful exposure that is presented here.

    • Heh, heh, she’d need a healing symbol the size of a small continent and ringed with electrified barbed wire to be clear of us.

      We’re not going anywhere, Precious. Even if the Esoteric goon squad did get us shut down, we’d just get more support to relaunch elsewhere.

      Speaking of which, perhaps she’d enjoy living in China or similar states which actively censor the internet – except she might find herself and her wackjob beliefs on the other end of the silence stick.

  5. Scarlet Woman says:

    I would have thought that if Rebecca Baldwin has something to say she would like the widest exposure as is possible. Good for the reader when the other side is presented. As it is here.
    Maybe Rebecca Baldwin doesn’t have the conviction of her beliefs and she certainly can’t stand healthy logical criticism. Dangerously narrow minded. Cult symptom. Scary.

    • Nah, her comments are strictly for within the airless and fact free Esoteric bell jar. They’re LEGITIMATE on the Esoteric ‘truth’ site, but FRAUDULENT on the FACTS site. They don’t stand up to reality. Nothing the cult says or does stands up to transparency, accountability or common sense.

  6. susieQ says:

    SB through RB is fighting back to silence all of us critics there’s no logic or honesty. They are flapping like a fish on the bottom of a boat. Maybe the Office of Fair Trading will make them change their name also, seeing as they do not heal do not this do not that do not the other.
    All they do is control lives and minds with weird things, and charge big time for the privilege. I do not think they should be allowed to use the name Medicine. It’s a scam.

  7. ''overleonardo'sbullshit'' says:

    “Sergio’s Universal Bullshit” sound’s good 🙂

    • Darkly Venus says:

      It’s not deceptive either. 🙂

      Jokes aside Susie and OLB, there is a case to be made for getting the Office of Fair Trading to get a court order to have UM remove ‘medicine’ from their business name. After all, Sergio has no qualifications, and not one of UM’s modalities or practices could be said to assist health. On the contrary we can make a case the practices are overwhelmingly damaging.

      The Office of Fair Trading (ACCC) ordered the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) to change their name because they are an anti vaccination lobby that ruthlessly propagates misinformation. The ACCC found their name to be misleading to the unsuspecting public. The AVN have also been ordered to disband by the NSW senate, which goes to show what can happen to harmful groups when enough people are motivated to make their complaints official.

      • susieQ says:

        DV I wasn’t joking..the thought came to me today…..after rereading the ACCC vs AVN

      • Darkly Venus says:

        I don’t think OLB was joking either.

        One of these days we’ll get that case up. Another for the to do list, if the cult doesn’t collapse first. Serge has been white anting the whole thing for years.

  8. Scarlet Woman says:

    DV & susieQ the name Universal Medicine is so deceptive if you look in the Yellow pages for a Physio in Goonellabah there it is an AD ‘Universal Medicine Kate Greenaway.’

    You would unwittingly go there thinking that it was like a normal Physio practice. It sounds like it is part of a medical practice with the name ‘Medicine’ and bingo. Another prospective recruit walks in.

    The same happens when Universal Medicine – Medical Practitioners refer you to Universal Medicine the name is so deceptive for the unwary…which is most of the Public.

    Seems replica of the AVN story to me. It is another clever marketing trick of Serge Benhayon’s
    and Cohorts.

    • You know whos Brother says:

      Universal “Medicine” is clearly a deceptive name. In an interview on one of the tabloid shows, when asked about whether he has any qualifications, Serge says (paraphrasing because I cant bear to watch it again) “No. I don’t claim to have any. On the board outside it clearly says HEALING CLINIC It doesn’t say medical centre”.

      The healing clinic is right below UNIVERSAL MEDICINE which dominates, clearly giving the impression of some credibility and connection to real medicine that does not exist- highlighting the usual overt deception and bald faced lies of Serge. In a pop poll of doctors/public I have spoken with that don’t know about UM, when the name is used people automatically assume it is run by someone with a medical background. The name is clearly designed to mislead, and it does.

      FYI, I will be lodging an extensive complaint about this at some stage soon along with some other material around deceptive practices. I will be asking people for statements to add to it soon. I will ask DV and co for help to collect them. Based on what I know about the ACCC and co, I think we have a good chance of having that name deregistered which will at least remove the con that it is more than a sub par ‘alternative healing’ clinic.

      If we could also highlight that it is really a cover for a cult recruitment center, then we would really be successful.

    • pranabunny says:

      You Know Whos Brother, I’m more than happy to write to the ACCC and complain about the name of universal ‘medicine’. I should have done so a long time ago but I guess I was waiting for someone to say the word GO. I’ll wait for DV to get in touch and then I’ll unleash the fiery…I mean… fury.
      UM is dangerous and Serge’s teachings are detrimental to people’s mental and physical health and the sooner this outfit is stripped of it’s misleading name the better.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        You little beauty pranabunny. Consider yourself in the loop.

        Or any of you can make a start yourselves via the ACCC website complaints area

        There’s also Scamwatch – run by the ACCC, which is a complaint I just haven’t gotten around to yet.

        Please, those of you adversely affected by UM, don’t wait for me to make the complaints. It’s too much for the small number of us working hard at this, and we’ll have more chance of success if there are more complaints from as many angles as possible. All of them take time to process and investigate, which is more time for UM to compound its harms.

        More time for more vulnerable people to be damaged. Please help out.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m in I’ll complain.
          Cash only for hearings?
          Oh an Rebecca’s rant?
          You can’t copy paste my words?
          Once they are on the Internet my dear they are public property unless you protect them with a trade mark.
          Otherwise keep your trap shut, just like you have to in uni med.
          If you don’t agree with serge you can’t say so.
          In my experience I never once witnessed an open debate on anything he presented.
          This is basradisation according to serge.
          It is a cult tactic designed to keep people in a trance like state and part of the mind control employed.
          Do some research Bec you will then understand why nobody here likes universal medicine.
          Come back here when your critical thought has returned.
          You will thank us in the end.
          With love

  9. susieQ says:

    Let us all get behind this and report this to the ACCC – the sooner the better.
    Good thoughts You know whose brother, prana bunny and Darkly Venus.
    So well summed up Dobbsie and Scarlet.