When wackjobs unite – Serge Benhayon vs Don

wackjobsuniteEsoteric Development Group Message 14 features medicine conspiracy theorist, Don, in an epistolary bromance with Prana Conquistador, Benhayon. As piss takingly ‘spherical’ as ever Serge lets  his flock know exactly how he feels about competing alternative healing modalities.

Anyone who can read to the end without swearing, laughing loudly or primal screaming wins an eternal subscription to the Livingness.

But you can pay for it yourself, and probably are.

Dear students,
I have ‘Message 13’ ready but feel to hold it back given that it is a study that most need to revisit/re-read often … just like Message 9, or all the messages for that matter. And thus, as I have felt to do before in accordance to what is needed and not from a personal choice, ‘Message 14’ is released ahead of 13. The latter will follow when I feel that Message 14 has been taken-in and understood somewhat. Message 14:
This message is based on an email exchange with one of our students. Of course, and like Message 12, I have his permission to share it with our student network. I was already going to expand on the subject of ‘evil’ at the first EDG of 2011 and Don’s email came. Hence, I replied, but felt also that the reply should be shared information as it is part of the teachings we bring. And thus, for you to read and take-in the magnitude and extent of this subject and how it plays-out its hidden force. Most notably, how it shows its ugly hand for the majority to fall-for and have a focus to point a finger at whilst keeping its real harm and controlling force not only hidden, but presented as the good choice and the right and even divine way as it ill is for so many.

With Atma through my veins,

From Don:  26/01/2011

“Hi Serge,

My third attempt to write to you as I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but I have to ask why you support the medical system and its compounding chemists.

The drug industry produces harmful, damaging and debilitating drugs that kill millions of people every year. They falsify their research, they lie about their statistics and knowingly put drugs on the market that have the potential to kill. Cholesterol drugs have less than 0.9% of reducing cholesterol, and the 4 billion dollars spent on Statins per year have devastating effects on the users.

They will never find a cure for cancer and millions of people will suffer painful and horrible deaths because of their poisonous supposed cures. The Spanish inquisition is nothing in comparison to the numbers that are being mutilated and die miserable deaths at the hands of the power brokers.

You may not know how many drugs are withdrawn because the death rates from the side effects became too embarrassing for the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). You may not know about the collusion between governments and the drug companies, or the way the media have to present what they are told to. Or why hundreds of professors who try to tell the truth lose their jobs and are struck off the medical register.

There has never been a drug to my knowledge that cured anything, when there are thousands of natural ways that could have been adopted. But then there is no money in natural.

Natural does not kill, natural can cure and natural has very few side effects, if any.

Your work is so amazing and the results are beyond what science will ever understand. So why be a supporter of an industry that has no heart, no love in it or any intention to allow anything natural to be readily available.
Codex has already removed thousands of natural cures and are now going after the food industry.

If on the other hand you are staying under the radar by not upsetting a power that one day will come to its own demise then I apologise.

I love your work but it upsets me to see you run side by side with an industry that hands out chemicals that do harm. Many with 1000’s of percent profit margins.

It is with great difficulty I write this as it may be perceived as a criticism of your work, I am only trying to separate you from working in conjunction with a power that is not in the interests of its clientele.

Would love to debate this with you but these days you are too busy, and I don’t want to distract you from what you need to achieve. Just needed to let you know there may be other options.

Cheers and love from an admirer of what you have taken on.”


Reply from serge … 26/01/2011

“Hi Don,

Firstly, I can only feel love from you and thus, there is not a single piece or bit of criticism I feel coming from you. Your words are absolutely true as you put them. I do know all that you write and I am very well informed of the evil in it but, it is an evil I can work with and whilst the results are devastating on physiological levels, energetically, they are nowhere near as bad as ‘A course in Miracles’ or ‘AA’ or ‘the Journey’ or ‘Sai Baba’ or ‘Krishnamurti’ or ‘Steiner’ or ‘Reiki’ or ‘Acupuncture’, ‘Chinese herbs’, ‘N.L.P’, ‘Kinesiolgy’, any ‘acu’ work, re-birthing, non esoteric yoga, and all forms of meditation that are not Soul mechanised in addition to the deeply devastating real cause of certain religions in particular the major 4.

Now here is a tip, key and or clue for you Don — if you knew the evil of all those that I mention and many, many others that are alike in energy, you would have not written to me like you did, for the damage done to one’s spirit is far, far worse than what can be done to one’s physiology. Please sit with these words for a bit before reading on ………………. You see, the reason you have so much info and ‘real data’ that expose what the evil in pharmacological drugs can do and does in many cases, at least you can see it, research it, know about it and, most can talk about it and or debate it ……… now try telling a buddhist that he/she are going to be locked away for many lifetimes in loveless-wonder or that they are building many future lives of lung diseases from their blocked crown centre etc all coming from the pranic-energy that runs buddhism today. Try telling a catholic that they are selling if not donating their life-force (kidney and spleen) to keep one of the four footprints of the lords of form on Earth via the central point at the so called ‘Holy-See/Vatican’ and from there via the many parcels of land/property they own and thus can imprint the earth with. You see, you can charge a drug company with its ill affects on people, but you cannot charge much less even speak about the energetic fact that the catholic footprint is the single biggest cause of natural disasters on earth …… note, I said single not the only one. We have common good friends, in fact, you lovingly introduced us. After years of kinesiology and no apparent traces of the symptoms they sought to cure, they found that they were all there when the kinesiology was removed and, not only were they all there, they had been buried deeper for them to not be able to so easily heal ……. what is the point of major significance here? …… they were completely lost with no SYMPTOMS to complain about …… at least, ‘an evil intended drug’ will give me the side effects I can question and then challenge whereas kinesiology or its twin brother N.L.P are not only not challenged, they are spreading as if they were a ‘savior’ modality when in-truth, each equally buries prana so deeply that the human spirit will impregnate each and every next 8 to 12 lives with nervous disorder, kidney and spleen dysfunction along with underlying anxiousness not to mention how difficultly it will be to address one’s ill patterns as a result of the SILENT PRANIC DOMINATING FORCE that will be running their incarnations …. There are many today who are pranicly impulsed by former lives of indulgent pranic modalities, courses, certain religions and gurus etc not knowing that it is that that is bringing down how they live ……. imagine trying to genuinely get your life together only to have it continuously brought down or robbed by an energy you are today not choosing and, do NOT know even exists? It is not the pills and powders we are to fear, loath, hate and be aware of, but the silent pranic energy most do not know is running their every thought …… in fact, it is not the evil in a chemist, but the energy running them that makes them invent and then produce the drugs that you are aware of not to mention the utter lovelessness of that energy that makes so many so ruthlessly greedy and profit or commission driven at the expense of the people they are peddling their products to. Hence, it is the energy and so, I much prefer a point I can refer to than a something I cannot see or have such an ease of reference to look back at and challenge.

Consider that many of the UniMed students have realised that it is their past pranic ways that sabotage the ease in which love can so easily be today ……..the love is easy but it is the former pranic patterns that stop us from our instant glory. And so, it is for many, a case of two steps forward and at times five steps back……..take away Universal Medicine, which is the work of The Hierarchy, and there are few true steps forward and, naught of the words you are so freely reading here.

And so, in closing I say – I can trace the ill or side effects of the evil of pharmaceutical drugs, but very, very few, especially before I came along, can sense much less feel the true devastation they are carrying from those pranic modalities, healings, their gurus/teachers, yoga, meditations, courses and books. And, one last point if I may, certain drugs do help and not all are evil but, not a single drop of those pranic modalities/gurus/books etc have ever truly helped anyone ….. on the contrary, they have deepened the separation from their Soul and thus make the path back a very long and troublesome journey when in-truth, it should be one of joy, love and harmony in the Godly glory one is truly made of.

said with love,

And from Don …

“Wow, and I was concerned you may take my email the wrong way, what a reply. You have opened my eyes even wider to the overall evil that exists, I must thank you from the deepest part of me and I appreciated your reply and your time. How silly of me to be concerned you had a slight affiliation with the medical system when they are only a part of the evil that exists on earth.
I must thank you again for your reply, this covers the field in a way I have never seen before, I had not united them as originating from the same source the way you presented it. I know you have presented these things before but as a total picture they are a lesson on their own. If I didn’t see it in this format then maybe there are others in a similar boat, their focus may be different but when it’s all put together in this way maybe they too may see the overall picture of evil.
I look even more forward to the time in Vietnam.
Thank you for nailing what I had not felt before.
Cheers and love,

14 Comments on “When wackjobs unite – Serge Benhayon vs Don”

  1. Darkly Venus says:

    I hope Don is never hit by a bus because he might be disappointed to find his life saved by evil, nasty emergency room staff in conspiracy with Big Pharma.

    And good luck to him if he catches pneumonia or gonorrhoea or has a heart attack or stroke, and tries to hug a tree or take garlic to get well. Tosser.

    And trust Serge to come up with a new category of ‘evil’ that doesn’t include molestation in the name of healing, starvation, death worship, rorting, scamming, breaking up relationships and families, brainwashing etc. On the contrary, those are what he regards as ‘helping’ people return to Glory, love and soulfulness.

    • Ten bucks Don is no longer a UM ‘student’. As fucked up as they are, he has too many ideals, beliefs and thoughts. He’d be too difficult to control.

      Rebecca Baldwin, why oh why don’t you post this beauty-full and a-maz-ing material on the ‘truth’ sites?

      What is it you said in your Esoteric call to arms?

      I feel it is time, and I know from your emails that I am not alone, that we make our own blogs and write our own content and make the truth available to all those who choose to see it. We are not writing to convert or convince, we are writing to allow others a true choice with all the facts presented and unpacked.

  2. pranabunny says:

    “The catholic footprint is the single most cause of natural disasters on earth” oh Sergio, how can you cook up all this bullshit and keep a straight face!?

    And isn’t it amazing how Serge rants about the evil greedy chemists who invent drugs full of pranic energy and no healing value and peddle them to the ill-informed masses for a profit? It takes one to know one, eh?

    Fascinating also, how Dear Don doesn’t seem to grasp that Serge has to condemn ‘alternative’ therapies and other religions, otherwise how would he make money? If acupuncture and chakrapuncture are equally good healing methods, I bet most people would go for the better known (and possibly cheaper) acupuncture. Hence the “all alternative medicine is evil” approach. And of course he needs to keep his doctors on board! After all we are talking about Universal MEDICINE…. and Serge’s lack of qualifications in the medical (or any other) department facilitates the need for endorsement by real (albeit deluded) medics. If he told them that western medicine is evil, I doubt many would give up their lucrative surgeries and join Camp Serge to become esoteric breast massagists.

  3. you know who's brudda says:

    Don is clearly a massive knob all on his own, but I love how Serge takes his conspiracy theory /reality denying rant as a serious topic so he can spin his magic of saying nothing and convincing them that he knows all- with atma running through is veins.! Sergey boy always has to think of a way of making sure we know he is the vessel through which enlightenment has found its way to earth… cough. And aren’t we all so lucky Serge sprung out of his bankruptcy with a young lass on his arm and dropped that enlightening shit so he could tell us all how everyone else was wrong “before he came along” to let us know every other religion, belief, guru, drug, medicine…anything has been sending us all straight to hell! What luck for the world. Because Serge knows.

    Really, can anyone read this and not know that Serge is an unrepentant narcissistic with tickets on himself so big that the cosmos can’t contain it?

    And Don, word to the wise. Serge didn’t mention it (its part of his integrity ethic) but he’s thick with at least one evil drug making pharmacist. There might be something between them. A little arrangement. Wink wink. And mate, you are a total moron. Try a herbal compress the next time your child or grand child gets a serious infection. I dare you.

    It’s like battle of the idiots isn’t it? And should be irrelevant. Like two children arguing over calculus. Except that so many people take Serge seriously. And give him money. And then give up their “loveless” lives so they can know the glory of his utter stupidity. With Atma running through my veins… jesus christ. What a total tosser.

    “Break out the black plastic. Hide behind another blog. Back pedal a little more. Recant this, change that, twist the other. Ah that’s better. No one will work out I am a scammer. I think I even believe it myself. God I look handsome today. It must be all the pranic food I am not eating. Now who else shall I declare evil today….”

  4. Sure is really WACKO! Evil rubbish.

    This is another example of $B’s psychological projection.
    He is definitely talking about himself look at this example: (from $B’s above reply)
    “utter lovelessness of that energy that makes so many so ruthlessly greedy and profit or commission driven at the expense of the people they are peddling their products to. “

  5. lou says:

    Hey guys as much as I dislike Serge and his teachings there is alot to be said of how bad the pharmaceutical industry is. I have had chronic illnesses for a long time and drugs don’t cut it. Sure if I had a heart attack or got hit by a car I would want a western dr, but there are lots of times I wouldn’t go near a Western Dr. Basically if they can’t cure you with a pill they want to give you anti depressants. Don’t alienate people just because they don’t tow the Government and big Pharma drug line….. I can’t be bothered finding research on all this but there are amazing health systems around the world don’t revolved around antibiotics and anti depressants. Surely you have all heard about the invented diseases just so they can give out more pills and make more money. I got fixed by an amazing Ayurveda Dr who had the best herbs for parasites and balancing my system. He also cured my son of whooping cough (yes he had been vaccinated). Western medicine just gave him cough medicine. Anyway you have caught me in a bad mood. I wish we could debate and discuss Serge’s outrageous claims without being just as opinionated and righteous as Serge

    • Darkly Venus says:

      My apologies Lou, we held your comment until I could respond to it.

      I agree Big Pharma is corrupt and the medical system has a lot of problems – one of them being accountability. I’m currently wrangling with medical regulators to get them to do something about the harmful behaviour of the cult doctors, as well as Serge.

      I don’t believe we’re alienating anyone for not towing the conventional line. Serge’s hypocritical writing off of alternative medicine is sheer hypocrisy designed to eliminate competition and monopolize followers’ health. We’ve all seen the damaging results of that. Don’s complete writing off of conventional medicine is dangerously misguided. I think my comments on that were fair.

      My viewpoint might be opinionated, but unlike Serge or Don, I did 8 years training to practice hands on complementary medicine on patients for the past 18 years. I am AHPRA registered. I have my own complicated medical history and have been a regular patient of both complementary and conventional medicine for longer than I’ve been working in healthcare. I regularly refer my patients for both. My primary interest is what is best for the patient – not a political stance. I prefer not to highlight my background on my blog because I’ve been accused of pushing my own barrow and attempting to profit from this mess.

      I’m well aware of the problems in both systems and I have strong opinions and strong passions about those. I don’t apologize for that. However, we didn’t set these blogs up to get into a conventional vs complementary debate. Getting into that debate is similar to getting into Serge’s gender war, and his cats vs dogs war, pranic vs Esoteric – all of it is playing divide and conquer. He takes controversial and complex issues and exploits them – offering submission to his way as the ‘truth’. No one is selling anything on our blogs, we do them in our own time at our own expense and you can agree or disagree, take or leave as you see fit. It costs you nothing. Unlike on Planet Serge.

      More importantly, Serge’s divisiveness is a distraction from the scamming, molesting and brutalization of bodies, relationships and lives.

      • lou says:

        I agree DV that that this blog is not about conventional vs complementary, but unfortunately most of the comments were really derogatory towards Don which I didn’t think was necessary. The whole point is that Serge is divisive and controlling. I am a softy and don’t like people putting other people down on any blog in away that is demeaning to that person ie Don.

    • you know who's brudda says:

      Lou,that is a very nuanced discussion and we’re not trying to address it here. Suffice to say that where there’s money there is always corruption, some doctors are clueless (evidently) some drugs are over prescribed and/or don’t work as well as said. Some natural therapies are great, some not. But here’s the thing. Don, the intellectual giant, proclaimed no medicine has ever cured anyone “as far as he knew” and went on to claim that so many are dying from it, that the Spanish inquisition pales by comparison- Well he clearly knows very little. Diseases have been eradicated, whole populations saved, people cured in the hundreds of millions due to modern drugs and pharmacological.

      This sort of thinking goes to the heart of why Serge succeeds. People are very confused. They don’t know science from sci-fi. They don’t understand that while science might have imperfect people in it, the system is largely accountable. Just like registered medical practitioners. Those outside of that accountability framework, a la Serge and co, claim that the establishment is corrupt while they peddle their largely unproven and unaccountable forms of medicine/therapies relying wholly on people mainly ill founded suspicion of the established and well proven medicine that has helped them live in a society free of the ravages of diseases our grandparents kids died in droves from. Their proofs are anecdotal stories of people recovering when western medicine seemed to fail. Of course, the hundreds of failures are discounted or forgotten. That’s not to say that alternative therapies don’t produce benefits, because the best ones allow themselves to be tested the same way conventional therapies are.

      Serge is benefiting from this very same information problem. There would be one, two or three people over the years who have recovered from diseases-perhaps cancer- and this has been attributed to his AMAZING healing powers. Of course, the hundreds, if not thousands who have had no benefit, or in fact ended up worse, are ignored. It is not worth taking about. Or its their karma, bad choices, ill-energy. The discussion here is about how someone like Serge can claim to heal, when there is no basis for it at all. And a flake like Don highlights the skewed thinking that gets people involved in these groups or radical fringe ideas.

      Of course, Don didn’t notice how Serge accuses the Catholic church of greed and corruption while for years he has been hard at work collecting ‘anonymous’ donations to pay off mortgages to acquire more property in his name. If there really is a Lord of Form corrupting the world, it is Serge. He is the closest thing to a demon I can imagine. Tricking all those around him that he is something he nothing even close to. But luckily, not everyone.

  6. I am so puzzled.
    Serge has Dr’s recruiting for him ??
    Compounding Pharmacy in Northern NSW has a whole page dedicated to I love Serge??

    From all I have read (and I have tried so hard to read) Serge has pinched teachings beliefs
    from all over the place including mainstream religious concepts and added his wacko twist to it all. Yet Serge sees fit to condemn everyone who is not paying him money. Am I right?
    I cannot get my head around any of it. Who gave him all this authority? Himself.

    It still really really upsets me that $B has UM as a Charity. How is this possible? What charitable works do they do? Everything has big dollars signs attached to it – nothing charitable.

    Then there are Serge’s views and judgements of the sick and disabled they are so so sickening and upsetting.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      You know’s bro is right. The time you spend trying to get your head around it is time you’re not spending acknowledging how deeply damaging this whole scam is.

      As for cult compounding pharmacist, Michael Serafin, I doubt he buys any of the energetic integrity schtick. He’s in it for the dosh, pure and simple.

      Funny, if ‘everything is energy’ and one atom of alcohol is toxic and gives you cancer, as Eunice the famous doctor tells everyone, why do followers need to spend years and thousands of $$$ taking bucket loads of Michael Serafin’s magical energetically correct potions? ‘Everything is energy’, but not all energy is equal on Planet Serge. A microscopic dose of gluten can cause global warming, but you need copious quantities of Eso-herbs and other expensive Eso-crap and a round of healings and workshops to clear it. And yes, You Know’s Bro, Serafin calls himself a molecular nutritionist or something, and will prescribe a truck load of supplements to treat malnutrition, when what most of his cult patients need is decent food.

  7. you know who's brudda says:

    You’re not supposed to be able to get your head around it- that’s the idea. But here’s a rule of thumb. If Serge says one thing, he means the other. If he accuses someone else, he means himself. What Serge artfully avoided in that insane response was revealing to the intellectually challenged Don that he and his mate at the local compounders work together to dream up snake oil potions that they can sell. The local evil compounder (by Don’s reckoning) would have got a whole different spiel off Shonky Serge explaining how he can correctly make up and flog those drugs because he’s in the right energy. And said Pharmacist benefits by supplying 2000 odd cult members with unnecessary potions trying to get them to recover from the side-effects of being on the cult diet. It’s a nice little symbiotic relationship, A bit like the sucker fish on a shark. Serge is the shark btw. And of course Serge’s charity is benefiting someone. Don’t be ridiculous! I mean, Serge needs all the money he can get for his land development. Some day he may even hand it back to the UniMed students..provided they don’t BASTARDISE his work.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What the fuck his modalities are the only ones that work ??
    And your proof that others are bad ?

    One of the very very few people who can read of feel the ill effects can back you up ?
    Tell us who they are if you dare.
    Not only can only you sense but only you can heal or teach and accredit those who can heal.
    Sounds like a Pyramid with you serge at the top.
    Hmm what a wonderful life it must be for you.
    From tennis coach to bankrupt to 2 million in turnover so you say per year.