The Esoteric crimes of the Astral cult

stickemup Just when you thought you’d recovered from Serge Benhayon’s revelation that WE’RE ALL IN A CULT! 😮 here’s his list of crimes we’re all guilty of – each and every loveless one of us on Planet Earth who hasn’t invested in the UM death and molestation fund – along with a few of the Judases within the cult who’ve paid up but haven’t fully submitted. Some of you may be grateful to know this is the last extract from EDG Message 23, which also gave us misandry and paedophilia, but the bad news is Serge has written mountains of this crap.

Here at the FACTS we want to make sure the public has access to the material the cult doesn’t want them to see. However, the usual mental health warning applies – the following confusional balderdash is best read in a padded and soundproof environment. Plus it’s best to go in with a refresher on the definition of psychological projection; a defense mechanism wherein a person ascribes their own unacceptable qualities or desires to other people.

Projection is a form of defense in which unwanted feelings are displaced onto another person, where they then appear as a threat from the external world. A common form of projection occurs when an individual, threatened by his own angry feelings, accuses another of harbouring hostile thoughts.

From EDG Message 23

At the core of the delusion and illusion that those who call these truths an illusion and delusion, is the deep irresponsibility the astral cult members refuse to accept they have made their life to be. It is, much easier, to call the teachings of the Hierarchy/Serge to be false, evil and or delusional than it is to consider if they are universally true or not … especially when it comes to contemplating the great universal and one-unifying responsibilities our teachings bring and thus the deep irresponsibility they reflect when one is not one-unified in how they choose to live their earthly life.

How willingly blind are the cult members of the astral cult?

If one were to stop and deeply consider the enormous anomalies that abound and are so obvious for all to see, one could wonder why they are allowed to just be, and hence, the very deliberate choice to be blind. Take for instance the complete blindness to —

a. Religions defy if not defile charity law and yet they are considered charities. They claim to represent and or help the poor, yet they have enough wealth to erase poverty. They can say that they have miracles that prove they are of God and yet they subject the full armoury of science on anyone who claims a miracle … a form of scrutiny they do not allow of their claims. They openly discriminate against women and yet, should a business or company display the same attitude towards women let alone adopt some of their utterly prejudiced laws, they would be sued.

But molesting people and calling it healing is fine. And the Universal Medicine College and the Sound Foundation charities do what for humanity? Disseminate physically vandalizing and abusive practices marketed as healing? A lot of people in the so called Astral cult are critical of religions, but a lot more hate cults.

b. The cult members test grapes and report on their goodness. They then denature and ferment them into alcohol, and they still allow the use of the original grapes’ goodness report, ignoring completely whether they held that goodness or not in the end product the cult members then claim has all the goodness.

c. The astral cult allows share prices to rise when hundreds are laid off and sent to the unemployment line. The cult followers announce ‘cost cutting’ because a company cannot sustain its losses, but not long after, when the share price rises again, the ‘cost cutting’ executives receive enormous bonuses that represent real costs to the company.

d. The astral cult produces medicine that addresses certain symptoms but creates greater ills elsewhere … this is ok in this cult.

As opposed to producing medicine that addresses nothing, creates greater ills elsewhere, breaks up your relationships and family and annihilates your assets.

e. These cult members, also known as mankind, have outlawed what they call bribery, but if it is called lobbying or ‘donation’, which can have the exact same effect, it is legal.

It’s legal when it’s accounted for. But Serge was seeking donations for his ‘charity’ years before it was registered, and asking for donations to be made anonymously to save him the trouble of accounting for the money. We’d love to see a UM College or Sound Foundation donation receipt. Anyone?

f. Certain narcotics/drugs are classified illegal due to their disturbing and detrimental effects on the cult members’ minds and bodies, but somehow, the same kinds of detriment can also be legal.

Is Serge referring to the Esoteric diet?

Some of the following is repeated from the misandry and paedophilia post, but feel free to exercise your own reality tester, pick out your least favourite of  Serge’s bullet (or is that bullshit) points and pull them apart in the comments.

What other outrageous lies sold and taught as truths has this assumed and or so-called mainstream way of life brought to the actual sphere of life we call the human living?

Some of the staunchly fought-for truths of the mainstream cult are —

1.That alcohol is good for you – especially for heart disease, but not if you are avoiding getting cancer. If you do not want to get cancer or decrease substantially your chances, then, zero alcohol is advised. The same drink they claim is good for you ‘in moderation’ is also blamed for causing or increasing your chances of getting cancer as well as being the cause of widespread ill-social-havoc in all societies and cultures. And thus, according to this cult, we can safely drink for the health of our heart but not for the rest of the body or society.

2. In this cult, cancer is caused from causes outside of you but, it can also come from causes inside of you, but this is because of your parents passing down a bad gene, but never is it the unloving behavioural choices one makes … there are so many ‘buts’ here that one could say this cult’s scientific claims are coming out of someone’s behind.

That was Esoteric humour.

3.There are in this cult, teachings that say you are a born sinner or that you are born into a class you cannot get out of … standards that are ok by their standards, but there is evil if one teaches that we are from the one Heavenly Father and thus that we are all His children — equally so. Teach the latter and you are a heretic and by denotation not holy.

4.In this cult, the ones who obey certain religious teachings and the rules that come with those teachings will be – wait for it —‘floated up to heaven’ – yes, floated up to heaven when their saviour comes to gather them up and ignores those who do not obey. Yes, according to what is not a cult by the mainstream cult’s standards, they can claim and tell all their followers that a divine all loving being will carry his flock up by some form of ‘levitation’, but not those he presumably does not love … this is what is being taught and, is accepted as a bona fide religion with charitable status.

5.Women we are told are to endure painful childbirth as well as the unclean period of menstruation because they sinned first.

6.Women are to have children, this is what they do and if they do not, they must question their womanhood and thus their standing in this cult’s ‘mainstream’ society.

7.Also, women must ignore their innate ability to feel and know what is true love and put up with whatever their already denatured man dishes out because he is providing — even if he is abusive.

8.And so, accepting sex at the expense of their bodies is part of being a woman in this cult, for you are frigid, cold and not beautiful if you do not. And therefore, it is the woman who is at fault if they say no to sex … the kind that men like to use to relieve themselves by using the woman.

9.In the mainstream cult it is ok to leave a woman who does not ‘putout’, obey or comply, but not ok for her to leave his abusive and unloving behaviours.

10.Men are from birth unlovingly conditioned to be a certain way, and then they are blamed for being that way.

11.This cult teaches that men can build behaviours that are unloving and that if those unloving behaviours are challenged, it comes from a cult leader and they are to be ignored or put a stop to.

12.In the mainstream cult, it is ok for men who are aggressive, depressed, rude and unloving to their partners and family to call those who teach a one-unified meaning of love, an evil cult.

13.Women too are allowed to call a cult anything that teaches them to remember their true beauty, tender essence and the amazing wise bearers of truth that they naturally are.

True beauty as dictated by a nasty little fascist and treatment room predator who had our blogs shut down. Yes, women are ‘allowed’ to call UM a cult. It’s called exercising our freedom of thought speech and pushing back against against precisely this kind of patriarchal dictatorship.

14.And look out if someone dares to bring a true form of healing that helps address the root issues of what is wrong in society – he/she must be a cult, how dare they offer such truth … who do they think they are?

I doubt anyone would mind if Esoteric truth wasn’t so damaging and had a relationship with facts.

Moving along.

15. In the mainstream cult it is ok and quite normal to be medicated to the eyeballs and not fully present and alert – so long as the symptoms are not felt and the multitude of side effects are ignored as it is normal to ignore why one is depressed, bi-polar, sick, ill and or generally aggressive.

16. Yes, in the cult known as the mainstream and conventional life, it is perfectly acceptable and thus very normal to find solutions for everything that goes ill or wrong, but never find answers to the real causes … answers that by all logic have to be energetic given that even by this cult’s convenient form of gathered knowledge they can admit that everything is energy.

Here it comes. Serge’s favourite pseudoscientific generalization upon which he bases his catalogue of fallacies…

17.You read the last point correctly – this cult will admit that in fact everything is energy, but will not look for any energetic causes to any illness, disease, ill behaviours or any wrongs in its world … you read correctly — even though they teach the fact that everything is energy they do not look for the answers being an energetic cause.

Okay, in brief, Serge can’t tell the difference between physics and metaphysics. Every scientist and philosopher on planet Earth can. Serge has taken a quantum physics generalization made by David Bohm et al that the universe is a unified whole, and tried to extrapolate that into a law of causation. The bastardization into ‘everything is energy’ therefore causation is simple and controllable because Serge says so, doesn’t account for myriad complex relationship variables between disparate entities. It can’t, and it’s useless in real world sciences such as engineering, biology, chemistry or medicine where it’s crucial such relationships are established. We’ll do a proper debunk sometime soon, or go ahead in the comments. Serge is full of shit.

18. Generally, if not widespread, most members of the mainstream cult are deeply unhappy, withdrawn, given-up, miserable, greedy, corrupt, sick, ill, carrying illness and disease and checked-out from any responsibility as to the fact that what they do will affect all others. Well, everything you do is energy and therefore it has to affect others simply because everything is energy — but let’s not say it so because you will be in a cult if you bring an irrefutable truth to the fore and actually make everybody think about a greater form of responsibility. 

19. Drinking caffeinated and heavily sugarised drinks that bring artificial rises of nervous energy to the body is not only normal but promoted to be healthy … ‘healthy’ so long as no one is asked why they need such false forms of energy that are by all reason un-healthy to the true function of the human body … you are a cult if you highlight the deep tiredness and exhaustion of people in society, but not a cult if you promote, market and sell an artificial rise in nervous energy to get through the day.

20. You are an evil or some kind of cult if you sell healing symbols that have helped countless hundreds, but you are not a cult if you sell cigarettes that have harmed millions.

Helped countless hundreds to part with their savings.

21. Yes, in the mainstream cult, exhaustion is rife, few make love or know love, but everybody wants it but won’t take the responsible steps to have it and so they make new versions of what it means because it is much easier to change the meaning of a word than it is to adhere to its true meaning.

The following was in the previous post on misandry and paedophilia – Serge’s graphic descriptions of his projections…

22. And so, change the meaning of as many words as it is necessary and, as it is suitable so that one or the many can get away with almost anything … well, make that get away with anything they so choose. Need an example? How about the word ‘religion’, which originally means to re-choose, to re-connect or to re-bind, which fits perfectly in its true meaning with what the esoteric is all about. And so, why not make the word ‘religion’ to mean that one can have an institution that can operate above the law and that if it breaks the law, such as rape and or sodomise, that is – to sexually seek anal and oral intercourse with children and teenagers … they will not be de-institutionalised, shut-down or put in jail like any other cult or person would should they perform such violating gross injustices on children.

22.We rightly arrest the leaders of ‘cults’ that take advantage of children, but not arrest a pope and his cohorts who protect their own vile repeating child-offenders. And so, they are free to sodomise and thus completely de-moralise young children whilst all efforts are made to protect their religion even if it means to ignore the law and further crush the children it has violated by ignoring the horrendous crimes and putting their church above all such claims … another form of psychological violation for the multitude of victims that will further damage them and last life-long … but then again, it’s ok to further damage and humiliate the already deeply violated by ignoring if not arrogantly refusing their rights in this cult’s way of life.

23. In this mainstream cult it is much easier to place a complete lie into a so-called respectable dictionary and thus totally mislead about the true meaning of words. Like the word ‘esoteric’ from the Greek ‘Esoterikos’ meaning within or deepest within. And hence, completely ignore its true and original meaning and substitute that meaning with the dictionary entry of – ‘the mysterious, the hidden, the exclusive knowledge of a select few’ etc, etc, but not that it is about living life from our inner most essence.

Serge INVENTED language.

24. In fact, why not change the meaning of lots of words and that way the mainstream cult can have a free-for-all industry called law-practice that is entirely founded on interpretation, and haggling with what is suitably interpreted rather than any true truth?

Just ask Cameron book burning Bell and Paula not on the payroll  from Universal Law solicitors, Mullumbimby. They love the truth so much they got our blogs shut down without a court order.

25. The mainstream cult suffers from economic disasters that are purely based on greed, yes, pure and simple greed, but there is an explanation for these also because ‘computer selling’ and ‘investor sentiment’ are intelligent responses the cult’s members are willing to accept instead of accepting the fact that the whole system fails to sustain itself and truly serve because it is based on greed.

26. Having charities that squander money is totally acceptable so long as a good cause is shown and or a celebrity is involved.

27. Legalising destructive acts such as gambling that destroys so many of its followers is fine because the majority are ‘responsible gamblers’ … yet another term of this cult that defies truth and logic given that all gambling is very purposely designed and geared for one to lose … it should be called — ‘responsibly losing money’.

28. The legal sales of poisons such as nicotine, caffeine, chocolate and alcohol are all fine in this cult but, dare to lovingly show them what is causing their misery, their lovelessness, widespread illness and disease and do it in a way that provides real and truth-full answers, and you are an evil cult.

And  publish the facts about Universal Medicine and speak up about Esoteric exploitation and abuse and get lovingly called a hate-blogger and a troll, cop legal threats and get your blog shut down.

10 Comments on “The Esoteric crimes of the Astral cult”

  1. You know whos Brother says:

    There’s too much crap in this EDG note from Serge to deconstruct. But you’ve summed it up nicely with the projection summary. EVERYTHING Sergio does and talks about is just that. I don’t know if he is aware of it, or whether it is his narcissistic dysfunction that stops him and his followers seeing it- but to me, you, and plenty of others it is obvious as the nose on his malnourished face. What I find almost funny, but not quite, is that Serge puts this stuff out there, along with his ‘books’ and he thinks they are important insights. Truth even. When in-fact, in-truth, they are just the contents of his mind, his predilections, preoccupations, fetishes, confessions and lies interwoven through heavily plagiarized new age idea’s, albeit poorly expressed via his “spherical” writing style. Known more accurately as badly written bullshit.

    What to me is more striking, more worrying, is that the students can read this utter filth, and not want to walk up and bitch slap Serge back to reality, throw down the books in disgust and walk away as fast as they can. It just shows you how he’s screwed their heads around to get away with putting this sort of shit out there, and having them accept it. BTW, see how many times you can find the word ‘love’ in his little hateful discourse of evil projections.

  2. lou says:

    Are cult numbers down? Sounds like a desperate attempt to stop followers walking away from camp serge. The whole thing is so bizarre ….. I can’t be bothered Deconstructing his ridiculous arguments – it would be like arguing with a child. Though children are more fun, dance, eat chocolate and can laugh at themselves, none of which serge and his cult members can do. What is it about unimed followers and no sense of humour?

    • Yes Lou, numbers are down. Halved or more than halved at recent UK workshops, and unhappy campers in the ranks.

      However, EDG message 23 was released probably late 2011. We haven’t been able to get a date on it, but it’s not that recent and was certainly written before the first news stories came out. We think it coincided with Yvonne McIlwhaine’s cult evasion blog which was also shut down by the Esoteric champions of free speech.

      Serge has always carried on like a paranoid pork chop with the same humanity hating views in evidence in his books dating from 2006 at least.

      • lou says:

        He is still making loads of dosh. When do you think he will do a runner? Or is his ego to huge and insecure to let go of his flock?

      • Oh yes, he and the whole over remunerated underachieving Benhayon clan and their hangers on are still making far more out of scam healing than they deserve to.

        He could do a runner, but he’s also got a messiah/crucifixion complex. We can’t sugarcoat this – none of the bunker staff think this will end well – hence the urgency to get authorities to act.

  3. I sincerely hope all of this exposure of $B and UM leads to criminal action.
    Interested bystanders need to know $erge and his army are just a bunch of conspiracy-minded money making nobodies who often show little understanding life let alone of love integrity and truth.

  4. rippleddonut says:

    Hello, I’m new on here, gonna read up on this shocking and sickening stuff. For now all I want to say is What A Knob!

  5. Phil says:

    I have a very good friend who has become part of this cult. Through a woman called Bina Pattel. I feel like the worst friend in the world because I didn’t see it happening and I am so worried about her. I have tried talking to her but I have now been labelled as ‘astral’ and she has been advised not to talk to me.
    What can I do?
    My friend was once someone I relied upon for help and advice but now she is surrounded by weird symbols and pictures of the MonaLisa.