The images don’t show abuse, Serge is a man of utmost integrity and red is black

In the light of abuse denials by Universal Medicine’s investors we consider it timely to visit hypnotist Derryn Brown demonstrating how someone can be convinced red is black in a matter of minutes.

A similar but more elongated process has resulted in UniMed students looking at images the rest of the universe can clearly see are abuse, and seeing them as healing. By extension they believe they have the gentlest and most loving of intentions when they invade privacy and carry out those techniques on sexual abuse victims and other vulnerable clients.

It’s been a peculiar week on the Universal Medicine cult anti-propaganda front, with the Esoteric goon squad erupting in a riot of gentle breaths to demean the experience of abuse victims and insist the images of Serge Benhayon with his hands on a woman’s genitals aren’t sexual and aren’t abusive. They’re trying to tell us they are the actions of a ‘real man’ who has shown the many abuse survivors within the cult how to raise the bar when it comes to the standard of man they’ll associate with. The same followers are busy recruiting new quarry to the cult, and taking their own daughters to Benhayon for ‘healings’.

All of this is unthinkable for those who are not under the influence of ‘The One’.

Derren Brown is a stage hypnotist who set out in a series of UK television specials to debunk claims of supernatural powers, and to show how people can be successfully hypnotized to do anything, including murder Stephen Fry. In his experiments, Brown adhered to a strict set of ethics under observation by academics and law enforcement bodies, and the experiments were conducted with the consent of the subjects.

In contrast, cults use the same techniques of hypnotic manipulation, but without informed consent. Such techniques are identified and described in psychologist Louise Samway’s book, ‘Dangerous Persuaders’ as ‘covert hypnosis without informed consent’. Cult expert, the late Margaret Singer, similarly described thought reform indoctrination as a type of manipulation inflicted on the unsuspecting without their knowledge, so that their way of thinking and behaving changes without them knowing it. In this way, previously harmless people can be influenced to do things they never would have condoned before.

Derren Brown performs manipulation techniques in the videos here. I’m not trained in hypnosis, but I recognize some of the characteristics of hypnotic manipulation, such as the use of suggestion, key words, eye contact and physical contact. In the colour blind clip above, the hypnotized woman’s friends listened to all the spoken cues, but weren’t affected. I’m sure they were instructed not to look into Derren’s eyes, nor did they receive the subtle touching.

We may note a number of similarities with Benhayon’s technique. Serge repeats key words (love, healing, nurturing, connect, choice, energetically correct, integrity, soulful) as cognitive anchors within writings and lectures that are otherwise meandering and confusional (spherical) and loaded with violent and repulsive imagery (rape, cancer, separation, lovelessness, corruption, pain, natural disasters, damp, rot, paedophilia). Benhayon often stands close – too close – to subjects and uses eye contact, physical touch, confidence and an appearance of cheerfulness and caring to manipulate. He then has his students enter collective trance states via group meditation, and by repetitively listening to his podcasts. Students undertake exercises in pairs or groups where they also use eye contact, physical contact, confessions and are instructed to empty the mind, all to maintain states of suggestible dissociation. Venus wrote about the process in her Universal Medicine is Habit Forming posts.

Under this conditioning, the unsuspecting are soon consenting to be molested, dishing out money for it, performing it on others and inviting their friends and children along for the same.

The following longer (approx. 45 minutes) videos are our pick of Derren Brown’s specials on manipulation.


Debunks psychic phenomena.

Game Show

Shows how groups can be manipulated to perform callous acts.

The Assassin

Shows how a normal individual can be hypnotized to commit murder without their awareness.

There’s also this interesting one from Louis Theroux on the use of hypnosis in the personal development industry, Self Fulfilment/Hypnosis.

For more of the same try this page of links on the UMA blog, Venus’s YouTube Channel or this playlist of Derren Brown videos.

9 Comments on “The images don’t show abuse, Serge is a man of utmost integrity and red is black”

  1. pranabunny says:

    Derren Brown himself explains in his book that hypnosis doesn’t work the way we think it does. Mostly, the participants aren’t in a trance-like state where they don’t know what they are doing and can be told to bark like a dog etc. Instead, the participants pretend (!) to be in a trance-like state because that’s what’s expected of them and they don’t want to be seen as being unsusceptible and also because they don’t want to embarrass the hypnotist and fellow participants. Interestingly the pretend-hypnotized participants aren’t fully aware that they are only pretending and if you asked them, they would swear that they had been in trance and ‘properly’ hypnotized.
    When Serge stands too close to you, what he’s most likely doing is weakening your boundaries. You’ll take a step back to reinstore your personal space and he’ll take a step forward to transgress again. And while your mind is preoccupied with solving these boundary issues, he uses your diminished capacity to THINK clearly, to plant his ideas in your head.
    The repeated touching of the upper arm/shoulder helps to establish a connection with the other person and to persuade them of your argument. I observe myself doing this all the time when I need someone I don’t know very well to listen to me, trust me and to calm down (not in a sinister way, it’s part of my job). Same goes for eye contact. If you look someone straight in the eye whilst talking to them, it makes your argument more persuasive. Just observe yourself when you are having a normal conversation with someone. While you are talking, you will mostly look away (!) and only occasionally make eye contact. It’s when you are coming to the end of your argument, that you will look at the other person to signal that it’s their turn to talk or when you are trying to convice them of something (when people lie, they look you in the eye a bit too often and too long) Prolonged eye contact is quite unnatural in a conversational setting and can be unsettling and persuasive at the same time. I am pretty sure it also has to do with domination and display of power. You look away, you submit.
    I really don’t think Serge is trying to hypnotize the UM followers, he’d be busy 24/7 to keep them all in trance. They do the ‘hypnotizing’ all by themselves. What he does do very well is use all the tools in the book to break down boundaries and persuade people that his ideas are valid.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      It’s true, I’ve been hypnotized a couple of times, and if you want to bring yourself out you can. It’s weird you start seeing things from the past you wouldn’t think you’d remember, for example the exact clothes you were wearing, but you’re still aware of your surroundings etc.

      At the workshops, I participated and followed instructions to the letter because I wanted to see how Serge was able to induce physically cathartic reactions. I was speaking in tongues, which is something I’d never done, but I’d decided I’d just give myself over to whatever the subconscious process was, kept my mind clear and let whatever happened happen. After doing it a few times though, it got boring, and I realized it wasn’t actually getting me anywhere. I could see how others were getting hooked on it though. It’s trippy.

      I’d disagree that Serge isn’t trying to hypnotize followers, and we’ve spoken to numerous cult counsellors and other experts who will back that. Yes, they do the hypnotizing themselves and on each other, but it’s all learned from Serge. When I heard that followers were seen to walk around slowly with glazed eyes and that many had undergone severe personality changes, I sent out some questionnaires and looked at how cult followers were behaving day to day, and found they live their days saturated with Serge and UM, mostly engaged in practices they’d learned. The most involved are listening to his podcasts for a minimum of an hour a day – that is the same one hour podcast at least 30 times, until the next one is released (monthly). They are hypnotic – I have listened to about 8 hours of them. Then there’s elaborate rituals for absolutely everything, choosing food that isn’t pranic, stirring the cooking anti-clockwise, trying to be mindful of the body at all times, trying to separate feeling from emotion at all times, trying to balance all that with staying connected with their breasts at all times (no joke), meditating, listening exclusively to cult music, and then replicating trance states by frequently practicing the Esoteric healing on each other, sing alongs, Esoteric movement classes and groups, Eso yoga. Clearing symbols, clearing candles, pictures of Serge on the walls, Da Vinci prints, trying to read his spherical nut job writings, often reading his books over and over, and then constantly trying to sense and deflect prana and entities in the environment. Even when followers are in non cult workplaces they’re mindful of dodging prana and lovelessness. It’s all pervasive. I wrote it all up in the Esoteric Bell Jar post. And ex student Y gave us a valuable insight.

      The other point is that the participants do go along with it because they’re not aware they’ve been manipulated into constant dissociative states. They think what they’re doing is the ‘livingness’ and ‘self-loving choices’.

      The hypnotic techniques are documented in articles like this on the unethical use of hypnosis by harmful cults,

      Dissociation explains how ex followers can have serious trouble readjusting to life after the cult – often experiencing cognitive difficulties like slipping involuntarily into trance states, and having serious memory lapses and difficulty concentrating – described by Margaret Singer et al, and in this article on coping with trance states.

      Of course, Derren Brown uses some different techniques to Serge, but he’s great for showing us how powerful those techniques can be.

      • pranabunny says:

        First of all: I love Derren Brown! Almost as much as I love Louis Theroux! 😉

        I totally agree that the constant immersion of the UM followers in all things esoteric is a way of keeping the critical mind shtumm. Sergio’s podcasts, Chris James’s awe-some music, the restrictive diet, workshops, lectures, books, retreats; it’s a way of keeping the flock occupied and in a state of quasi-trance.

        When I said that I don’t think Serge is trying to ‘hypnotize’ people, what I meant is that he doesn’t do what people commonly call ‘hypnosis’ (pendulum swinging – piercing eyes – big bearded hypnotist making you hop on one leg and pretend you are a flamingo), he puts people in a state where their mind is open to his suggestions and manipulations. Then, in order to keep the cash flowing, he needs to keep his students in this low alertness state, hence the constant bombardment with all things UM/esoteric.

        I remember that someone on the rickross forum mentioned that their partner, as soon as he/she stopped listening to the podcasts the tight UM grip seemed to lessen relatively quickly. Which just goes to show that the students’ critical mind is asleep, rather than obliterated.

        Interestingly, it seems to me that many of the ‘good’ UM students notice when the esoteric grip is starting to weaken. My dear friend is signing herself up to one of the livingness courses (she’s done all stages about 5 times) every time she begins to wake up (which usually coincides with us having more in-depth and critical discussions about certain topics such as reincarnation, nutrition, quantum physics and ‘energy’). Then she gets scared and swans off to get indoctrinated again and when she gets back, she’s all numb and full of funny ideas. Until next time…

        ps: on a side note: if you want to have a little pranic chuckle, have a look at The Lighthouse trip advisor page. Some interesting recent reviews on there… and some even more interesting responses from Janet “UM is just a client of ours” Williams. She absolutely HATES that tripadvisor doesn’t allow her to censor the reviews (the awe-some yummy ones are mostly from UM students, as far as I can tell.)

      • Scarlet says:

        I felt this was quite informative. Please can someone answer these questions for me
        Is Janet Williams the Owner?? or Manager?
        Who owns The Lighthouse?
        I learnt alot from this site (Of course there is also the usual to be expected “boring” “stereotype” “same ol same ol” Umer’s comments as well)

        “Very odd”
        Reviewed 7 August 2012
        The Lighthouse is situated in 30 acres if the most beautiful countryside the United Kingdom has to offer. It is a beautifully renovated set of farm buildings that lend it a most individual sense of serenity and quality. This sense pervades as one arrives and is welcomed- the whole establishment is well-maintaned and clean.

        It did strike me as a little odd that there were ‘healing symbols’ on the walls as we arrived, but never mind; each to their own, right? Wrong. What started out as quirky oddities soon became claustrophobic reminders that this is not ‘just a B&B’ as the staff later suggested, but in fact a business run in support of the decidedly dubious ‘Universal Medicine’ organisation. Their literature is everywhere, and as if you can’t get blatant enough, there is an enormous version of one of their symbols **on your pillowcase**. This would be absolutely fine, *if* they let you know that this was the case on their website (they don’t), and if they didn’t take the slightly absurd stance that they are ‘simply a B&B’, and nothing to do with ‘Universal Medicine’, which is should be clear to anyone but an utter loon that they are!

        A quick flick round the internet left us in no doubt that we wanted nothing to do with Universal Medicine, and by association, The Lighthouse. To be fair, my additional night’s stay which we no longer wanted was refunded without quibble, but so it should have been.

        Let’s be clear: I don’t care what your beliefs are; believe what you like; but if your business is tied to a religious movement (though that was protested- this is my opinion), you should be clear about that. To not be honest, albeit by omission, leaves customers feeling duped. Avoid.

        Stayed August 2012, travelled with family”

        Janet Williams, Owner at The Lighthouse, responded to this review
        11 August 2012
        “The Lighthouse Management wish to respond to the ‘very odd’ review written on the 10th August 2012.
        The Lighthouse offers accommodation to a wide variety of customers. The emphasis of the business is in providing a beautiful and tranquil environment, a loving but unimposing high quality of care from the staff, and the support of healthy nutritious food from our teahouse, so that guests feel they can unwind and rejuvenate. If they should choose so, relaxing treatments are also available on request. Often guests simply use the Lighthouse as a base to explore the area, or if they are passing through on business, so they do not always have the chance to take time and enjoy the surroundings and the service fully.

        We cannot state more clearly that we are nothing to do with ‘religion’. Universal Medicine is a client of ours who makes use of the conference facilities on the premises and with whom we have had a wonderful working relationship for many years. We make use of their healing symbols as we have found them very helpful, and offer them in the bedrooms as an additional support for our guests to have a good night’s sleep. This is no more ‘odd’ than having bibles in the top bedside table drawers in hotels across the world. If this is not desirable to the customer, we completely respect their wishes. Our website depicts clearly that we have a ‘slant’ towards health and well-being, as many other places do.

        If the customer was spoken to about ‘beliefs’ of any kind by our staff in a imposing manner, or treated other than with the utmost care and respect, we would like to hear about it. It is very disappointing for us to receive such a strong negative review – if you look at the other reviews on Tripadvisor you will see how seriously we take our job in ensuring that our guests feel very at home and well looked after. If he would like to discuss his concerns further, we would welcome the opportunity to talk things through.

        And lastly, we would like to appeal to the customer to take the responsibility in writing reviews on websites such as Tripadvisor very seriously, as one person’s reaction can have a very damming affect on a business.”

        Scarlet says, this last comment from Janet Williams is a very inappropriate I feel, UM is use to telling people what to say
        and think and feel and eat and drink and write etc etc etc etc etc.

      • pranabunny says:

        Scarlet, I can’t be 100% certain but I think The Lighthouse was ‘donated’ to UM a while ago. Janet Williams runs it for UM, so they are not just a client, as she likes to put it.

        A quick google search reveals:

        Business Overview

        Lighthouse Property Estates Limited is an Active business incorporated in England & Wales on 14th July 2006. Their business activity is recorded as Hotels And Similar Accommodation. Lighthouse Property Estates Limited is run by 3 current members. and 1 company secretary. 3 shareholders own the total shares within the company. It is also part of a group.

        The latest Annual Accounts submitted to Companies House for the year up to 31/12/2012 reported ‘cash at bank’ of £33,432, ‘liabilities’ worth £722,615, ‘net worth’ of £3,334,255 and ‘assets’ worth £112,504. Lighthouse Property Estates Limited’s risk score was amended on 14/06/2013.

        The Lighthouse is a money spinner for UM and the people who run it/work there don’t give a flying **** if members of the public (also known as THE ASTRAL CULT) think the place is odd. It’s run by UM followers for UM followers, hence the yummy food, no caffeine, no alcohol permitted on site (LOL), esoteric teas mixed by Fiona, only Sergios books in the library (no joke), a giant Mona Lisa print looming in the hallway, esoteric symbols on the pillows “because we find they help our guests sleep” (LOL again), esoteric massages. The works. They don’t even want us astral people there, but they love to take our money.

        I’m tempted to inform tripadvisor that the glowing reviews posted on their website are from people affiliated with the organisation who owns the place, but will have to look deeper into it obviously. But shouldn’t be too hard to cross-check UM members against tripadvisor reviewers….

        • Well done, pranabunny, sorry the anti-cult bunker has been flat out busy, but briefly, we have some EDG student notes that confirm what you’re saying:

          The Lighthouse is a beautiful building that was bought by a couple of esoteric students in England. They used their own money to buy it- approx 3 million pounds. The Lighthouse is in Frome, Somerset. UK.
          There is 35 acres on this property and Universal Medicine has leased some of this land for 999 years and is now building a conference centre on it with 8 treatment rooms, a commercial kitchen and a swimming pool for Simone to teach in. The Lighthouse itself provides accommodation for the students; there is a café there, a library and treatment rooms. It is a beautiful place and well worth a visit sometime in your life. You can have a look at it on the UM website-go to links when you get onto the UM website. The new conference centre at the Lighthouse has been designed esoterically and all details in getting it ready for use are been done by Serge and Simone so it is going to be fully esoterically designed right down to colours etc. Serge showed us slides of the Lighthouse.
          EDG notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, December 17, 2011, pp.1-2.

          The couple of Esoteric students are Janet and Simon Williams. Simon is a chartered accountant.

          The unimed charity in the UK has now got a 2.5million pound centre with kitchen, hall, accommodation and indoor swimming pool all for use for courses, retreats etc all purchased through student donations. It is not owned by anyone but by all of us for everyone to use. The direction of the centre and the charity is made in response to the call from the student body. It is run independently from unimed and ‘the lighthouse’. EDG notes taken by Michael Dixon, 18 February 2012, p.4.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        “I remember that someone on the rickross forum mentioned that their partner, as soon as he/she stopped listening to the podcasts the tight UM grip seemed to lessen relatively quickly. Which just goes to show that the students’ critical mind is asleep, rather than obliterated.”

        Pranabunny, yes, it was one of the things that twigged me to the hypnosis. One of our correspondents noticed their partner had returned to some normality and was interacting reasonably, but a very short phone call from Serge could put them back into a trance instantly. We know one of the trigger words is ‘connect’ and its derivatives (reconnect etc.)

        Also psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton who pioneered the study of thought reform (mind control/brainwashing) found that people were never completely brainwashed – as long as they got away from the thought control environment they could recover their faculties, through a period of recovery.

        Scarlet & pb, Janet Williams reprimanding a customer critical of the typical UM arrogant lack of transparency is hilarious!!

        And is anyone else confused by those student notes? Do the Williams own the Lighthouse or did the students buy it??

        I wonder who the 3 shareholders are?

        And hello Rebecca Baldwin, £2.5 million is a lot of $5 lectures isn’t it dear? And that’s just the UK/Europe donations.

      • THANK YOU to an ‘enterprising’ anon tip offster – no return address, but you know who you are, we received some links with more details on The Lighthouse, which also led us to some other interesting items we can pass on to the appropriate parties. 😉

        The Lighthouse proprietors, Janet ‘Universal Medicine is a client of ours’ Williams and Simon Williams are company directors of Universal Medicine UK.

        Some might call that an omission. We’d call it a blatant lie.

        Habitual behaviour for those with financial stakes in UM it seems.

        Thank you and please feel free to send any info you think relevant. There really aren’t enough of us in the bunker to stay on top of the UM dirt. That kind of info is so useful, but we just didn’t have the resources to get to it ourselves.

  2. Darkly Venus says:

    Oh yeah and Princess threw Derren Brown on because one of our good mates who has watched the love of his life disappear down the UM rabbit hole and become someone unrecognisable, emailed the other night after reading the ‘Serge says we’re all in a cult’ post.

    He was clearly frustrated and said:
    ‘How did I not see he was such a **** when I met him? how?
    why didn’t i realise the mind games he was playing and stop it early. why?
    I cannot believe for one minute that anyone IN THEIR RIGHT MIND cannot see that he is manipulating them. Therefore, they must all be insane. It is scary.’

    They’re not quite insane but they also can’t see he’s manipulating them, just as our dear friend didn’t see it either, for years.

    It took me some time to pick it, and I’d been in cults before and had studied the subject at Uni. I was fresh from finishing the degree and I knew what to look for.

    Crucially, Sergio was mostly on his best behaviour. Charming, funny, ‘gentle’, seemingly empathic and understanding. He pounced when he thought I’d dropped my guard. It’s only looking back at his prior behaviour in the light of his predatory behaviour that I twigged to the manipulation. Standing too close, as pranabunny says, so it throws your concentration. Walking out of his clinic having bought products I didn’t want, need or use. Going along with some ideas I know think are completely ridiculous.

    Our friend realizes Serge nudged at his boundaries over time – working him to see how much he could get away with, and how to get control of his loved one. At one point he thought Serge had made a slip of the tongue when he ‘jokingly’ told our friend he was perving at a pre school age girl. It was a test.

    Serge has had a lot of time to practice his dark craft – decades – on business associates, tennis pupils and their parents, his wives. He’s perfected it with large audiences willing to finance his progress.

    Coming soon on the UMA blog – Esoteric personal boundaries, and I promise, it’s another shocker.