Serge Benhayon says WE’RE ALL IN A CULT!


EDG Message 23:

A revelation for all students to ponder –

Have you been part of a brainwashing cult that UniMed’s teachings have pulled you out of?

We first visited Esoteric Development Group Message 23 in the post on false feminism, true misandry and hitting the paedophilia button. Now we return to Serge Benhayon’s sophisticated thesis on how everyone outside of Universal Medicine is in a BRAINWASHING CULT!

To look out for: deliberately confusional syntax, SergeSpeak manipulation of language, consistent attempts to undermine all normal cognitive, emotional and critical functioning; denigration of  human characteristics, including the human body; an us versus them attitude that the whole world outside the cult is irredeemably painful and evil, and anyone who doesn’t buy Esoteric philosophy is hopelessly blinded by invisible supernatural forces, along with events that occurred in mythical past lives, that only Serge knows about.

EDG Message 23, (undated, but probably produced late 2011) is about 10 pages and 6000+ words long and in this post we’ve singled out its mind frying process. The next post on EDG 23 will give Serge’s long long list of astral crimes, which can only be remedied by denouncing the Astral cult and joining his Esoteric one. The message in it’s entirety, including its decorative font mash can be read at this link, but should come with a mental health warning.

EDG Message 23:

A revelation for all students to ponder –

Have you been part of a brainwashing cult that UniMed’s teachings have pulled you out of?

As Universal Medicine continues to unfold in accordance to The Plan it serves, you will find certain moments that require an adjustment with regard to your relationship with it and all that it brings. In general, the student body as a whole has not made certain adjustments and is in fact a few adjustments behind where it could be. The indication here is referenced against where the student body could be in relation to the available energy and not said or measured as a critique or judgment. In general, and on many levels, the student body has done very well considering where so many came from…

Now that Serge had informed students how miserable, hopeless and lost they were before they sunk their money into the self-loving Church of Esoteric yumminess, Sergio commences the mind fuck con gusto:

Free-Will = to choose the energy that will make you all that you are to be in expression

Consider that the choices you make whenever you think, eat, choose a partner, job etc, etc, will always be choices made well after the choice of energy has been made. This is worth stopping in your tracks for and considering deeply.

Yah, UM’s free souls chose the energy to be screwed up in this life way back in distant past lives. With the right amount investment they can be free of all the nasty pranicness of having emotions, relationships and a useless physical form. If they feel some resistance in signing over their funds and their lives, that’s the fault of the mythical manipulators of the Astral hierarchy. Whoever they are.

Following on –
As UniMed moves into its broader light, a light that will bridge, develop and advance, there will of course be the usual astral resistance, a resistance the astral justifies to itself given that they are under the illusion that they own humanity’s way of life and thus the day-to-day choices/decision making…

Back to message 23:
The Astral Plane’s pranic founded hierarchy is based on rank, reward, and loyalty, in complete opposite to the Fiery and Atmic based Hierarchy that preside in and from Heaven.

The Fiery Hierarchy is based on available funds and whether one has the unsoulful habit of asking questions.

But never mind that, us astral cultists have NO FREE WILL.

The latter seek the re-awakening of the Son of Man so that he/she begin to truly make choices for themselves and thus not be part of an energy and a system that cleverly overrides Free-Will by hiding the energetic truth and thus only providing a scope of choices within the Pranic Consciousness, but never outside it let alone allow any one to know that there is anything that exists outside the realms they provide and infuse each and every single un-awakened willing participant of the temporal and astral life with.

If one is kept un-aware, especially, un-aware of the energetic forces and consequences, then, he/she will indulge in whatever fits in with their pursuit of individuality…keeping in mind that to indulge creates feelings that override/help bury the one feeling the spirit does not want to feel.

Um, that UM is a giant lie and an even bigger rip off?

This then provides the perfect premise from which to dictate a set of individual suiting principles that are founded on the following — let someone do something for long enough and he or she will believe they have an ultimate right to do it so … even though it may be completely wrong, false, self-harming, harming to others and thus against all living and unchangeable Universal Laws.

Universal Laws determined solely by a syntactically challenged, mediocre tennis coach, ex bankrupt bogan who changed his name from Sergio.

Underpinning these principles is the incessant drive to create as many feelings as possible so as to not make aware/be aware of one’s deep and undeniable desolation. Leading these spirit-based principles and discoveries are those who first found them – two spirits from Mars and two from the Venus plane of life. They are collectively known today as the four Lords of Form. Under and because of these principles, there are spirits who have long forgotten the Divine truths they once lived in, with and for. The depth and point of separation is now so long ago that they are blind to seeing them again … even when all their feelings indicate that they do know them, they resort to the override to quash, vanquish and force-fully resist such easy to feel feelings.

The four Lords of Form are no more than schoolyard bullies who bully the blind. Yes, these words are energetically accurate; for it is only the blind they have control over and not those who choose to truly see.

Esoteric blindness is SergeSpeak for thinking he’s full of it.

And hence the game –

Keep them blind by continually offering pranic feelings, known as emotions, so that they cannot feel anything else, because ‘anything else’ will not bring the reward of individualism nor the ability to subvert one’s Divine Responsibility.

Okaaaaaay. So if I’m feeling, but not feeling emotions, what am I feeling? Serge says that numb, non emotional, non thinking, shutdown feeling is the ‘innermost’ and ‘soul’, and ‘who we truly are’. In other words, who we truly are is non human, and the fact that I am born human is a colossal mistake and punishment for being a naughty spirit aeons ago. And if I try not to be an individual with emotions and a bunch of other human characteristics, doesn’t that make me dead? Like literally dead, not just emotionally dead and brain dead, with no personality?

I don’t know, it seems like a lot of money to pay to be dead. And bored. And boring. And conceited about it, and ignorant of injustice and abuse.

The four lords of Form are, as Occultly revealed here, the ultimate schoolyard bullies given that Earth life/Temporal Life is a school that was set-up by a group of Logos to teach the forgotten Divine Truths to and for those who chose to remain in the pranic realms known as the what is not

The members of the Astral Cult:
For too long mankind has allowed the spirit world to control their every way. Mention this absolute fact and you are considered delusional if not claimed to be crazy even though it is how it is and how it has been, and how it will be for some time yet … although increasingly less so thanks to those who are willing to live the impulse of their Soul…

In spite of the Divine reflections, there is still a strong will to refuse, reject, deny and offset such love … all, so that the misery and lovelessness continues. Once again, it is not stupidity nor idiocy but pure and utter indulgence of individuality … an illness and disease not accepted as illness and disease by the pain-less spirit that runs the pain-full human being…

Speak for yourself.

It would be useful for you to know as a student of Universal Medicine that the astral plane pundits are very upset that we, The Hierarchy, have made great inroads into what they have always assumed was their domain – the temporal world and its way of life.

It is for the UniMed student to consider the beliefs and ideals you once had and how you can today see them in the false and or utter lies they truly are. In affect, you are no longer taken and thus you cannot be used to further such lies as you once unknowingly did. This is why the astral cult is upset with UniMed, for they are losing servants (empty vessels) … the many un-awakened that play ball with their illusion. But note – even though they detest losing a servant, they do not mind the esoteric student who occasionally returns to them…

Mindfuck warning, danger ahead:

In complete simple revelation, you now know that — a whole plane of life has been built from an energy that is not supposed to have any role in expression. As a result, lies are truths, made manifest by the life-force under intention and effort. The latter two are expressions that come from one’s right of Free-Will … a Divine right that is part of Divine love. Let’s say it again in simpler terms – because everything is energy, you can make a lie feel like it is true if enough force is given to override the lie you first feel is a lie.


Okay, sane readers, you can reread that as many times as you like, Serge wants you to, but it won’t make any more sense and you’ll end up distracted and worn down, which is how he likes you. Hand over your money.

The key to true truth is therefore in the first feeling. But, the Lords of Form have also a counter to this very simple and Divine given natural ability by keeping one full of emotions, and there are enough pranic feelings to cause doubt as to what you feel/felt first from any incident, word, food, music or event etc.


As soon as you locate, identify and differentiate them (a process ironically known in SergeSpeak as ‘connecting’, whereas healthy integration of the cognitive, emotional and physical aspects of the personality, he calls ‘separation’).

In the temporal world, we are bombarded with lies that are taught as irrefutable truths.

Unlike Esoteric world, where ‘truths’ are an irrefutable pack of lies.

And these are peddled by the current crop of religions and by the universities and similar educating bodies of this world

In affect, as a result and, in-truth – our temporal world to-date, life as we conventionally know it, is predominantly under the impulse of the Astral Plane. It is one big cult by the very meaning the temporal has of that word. General human life, as it currently is lived by the majority, is a brainwashing cult, lived under the title of ‘mainstream’ or ‘conventional’ life.

In the conventional life, if there are enough believing and or living a lie, it somehow becomes a rock solid truth.

We ought to sit with these words and contemplate how silly, for want of a more descriptive word like absurd it is to have that fact said about a race of beings that represent the leading and so-called intelligent species of a planet …

Will mankind accept that they have allowed a way of life where it can be evidently and factually said that –
a lie can become a rock solid truth.

What is called mainstream/conventional life is nothing more than a brain-washing cult that easily preys on anyone who is not impulsed by their Soul or does not live from their inner-heart. These are words ‘they’ loathe hearing...

The astral’s brainwashing skills are based on — telling people anything and everything they want to hear so long as it feeds the ability to not feel their Divine truth and the universal and one-unifying responsibilities that come with Divine Truths…

I want a refund on my astral cult membership fees, (or is that Astral Practitioner Association accreditation fees?) Last time I checked the astral cult wasn’t telling me everything I want to hear and providing all the answers. I’ve had to use my own brain and settle for uncertainty. OMG, I can’t cope, maybe I should join Serge’s non cult!

So long as what the cult members are told does not ask them to be responsible for all that takes place, you are free to say, state and or claim anything.

Yes, I’m personally responsible for the Oklahoma tornado because I ate a gluten free cookie that still had the energy of gluten because it was trying to look like a cookie. Last time Venus drank champagne, global warming accelerated and there was an earthquake in China. Just like Jane Keep got her car catastrophically dinged in the car park by a nice man who paid for the damage because she decided to be less of an Esoteric bitch for ten minutes and relinquish control of the Universe.

But, you will be a heretic, an anti-Semite and a cult leader by their definition if you teach that we are one and that only love will work for us all equally.

That’s a poke at Yvonne McIlwhaine who dared write the first anti-Serge blogs and mentioned Alice Bailey was an anti-semite, apart from being a useless, derivative, over-rated nut-job.

Prepare to slap thyself:

And so, the mainstream cult has what it calls truth and what it calls not true but not what actually is truth and what is not true, much less allow the Energetic Truth to be accepted as the only true truth...


And so, in respect to UniMed being called a cult, consider that few if any actually discuss their concerns with Serge directly, but rather assume that we are a cult from the very suitable and convenient re-interpretations of our books, audios, website text etc … an interpretation that most conveniently suits the type of truth they are working so very hard to hold on to so that they can more easily bury their real issues and thus avoid at all costs dealing with them.

Reinterpretation being SergeSpeak for viewing his bullshit in light of facts. And it’s a bit hard to discuss our concerns with Serge seeing he’s gone to ground and gets Rebecca Baldwin and the other Serge Brides to generate outrage smokescreens as an excuse for dodging questions.

Now a dig at dissenters (aka Judases):

To those so-called students who conveniently use our knowledge but not live any of the love we teach and thus not truly understand where we come from, we say to you —

To truly use our teachings, love and principles is not a matter or a case of reading and or learning them, but a case of living them and thus ‘them’ being your truth you naturally share with others from the perspective of living the truth you share rather than using the mind to recall knowledge that comes from you not living it …

In other words, students might have paid to belong, but Serge won’t stop denigrating them until they’re fully compliant with the mind fuck and death drive.

And to those who live, by choice, in the mainstream cult, and do not admit that you have allowed yourself to be brainwashed by the insidious lies, long held erroneous interpretations, re-interpretations and the deliberate bastardisations of ancient truths …

ancient truths devised since 1999 by Sergio

we say to you — If you choose to live a certain way, honour it, respect it and leave alone the choice of others even if those choices expose your choices as not being true, but being of a convenient truth that is used to hide your inner- hurts and childhood pain.

Said, in and under Logoic Breath,
Serge Benhayon

After attacking the choices of ‘so-called‘ Esoteric students, reprimanding our freedom of thought and speech, and accusing us of being in a gigantic leaderless, doctrineless, non consensus cult, he wants us to leave the ‘choices of others’ alone. Never mind ‘choices’ of Esoteric students are made under the duress of thought reform indoctrination including covert hypnosis, and consolidated by oppressive groupthink. He wants us to back off from exposing the adverse affects of the manipulation he calls ‘self-loving’ which is wrecking lives, bodies, relationships and families.

Because what we think is free will in our giant brainwashing cult is just the impulse of the Pranic consciousness that makes us grateful to be alive, appreciative of our health, cherishing of the loved ones we have and averse to abuse, exploitation and injustice.

Serge Benhayon KNOWS. He’s the only being in the universe privy to the ‘truth’.

Except maybe A.J.

29 Comments on “Serge Benhayon says WE’RE ALL IN A CULT!”

  1. You know whos Brother says:

    “And to those who live, by choice, in the mainstream cult, and do not admit that you have allowed yourself to be brainwashed by the insidious lies, long held erroneous interpretations, re-interpretations and the deliberate bastardisations of ancient truths … we say to you —
    If you choose to live a certain way, honour it, respect it and leave alone the choice of others even if those choices expose your choices as not being true, but being of a convenient truth that is used to hide your inner- hurts and childhood pain.
    Said, in and under Logoic Breath,
    Serge Benhayon”

    Um.. even though according to you, we are in a cult, and your ‘students’ are not, we CHOOSE (with real choice and our intellects intact) not to leave you alone Sergio because you take peoples choices away by bamboozling people with your utter bullshit. I am sure you don’t really believe any of this. And I know you know it is a cult and you are a cult leader ( check your own reaction on TDT, for fun) And because you keep choose to f**k with people’s minds, lives, families, relationships…we’re going to keep exposing you and reporting you until it is sayonara UM and the students wake up to the lies, illusions, deceptions, confusions, you wrought on them so you can fill your wall safe with cash and pretend to yourself that you are something more than the less than the very ordinary man that you are. You might have a few hundred convinced otherwise right now, but we’ll make sure it is zero, and the real story, the TRUTH about Serge Benhayon and all he has and is doing is known. Calling others a liar when you are the king of liars does nothing but encourage us to keep working to make sure you are out of business and hopefully somewhere where you can’t manipulate others. That’s a promise. There’s more to come Serge. You know what it is. Heads up.

  2. pranabunny says:

    I like to think of myself as reasonably intelligent, but I have read this drivel three times now and my mind is still bending over backwards to make sense of the serge-talk. It’s kind of made me realize how much hard work the UM students have to put in ALL THE TIME to keep the sane part of their brain in check.

    Serge and the UM followers (just like the members of any other cult) are constantly talking about ‘the truth’ and who knows the truth and who doesn’t. I have learned never to discuss UM related topics on the basis of this. ‘Truth’ is by nature subjective and not absolute, and especially the UM version of the truth is pretty dodgy. Serge calls it ‘the knowing’. Basically, you have no (scientific) proof for your wacky ideas but you “just know that it’s true”.

    The mainstream cult (haha) doesn’t live their lives based on the idea that there is ONE general all encompassing truth out there. The mainstream follows ideas and concepts based on facts. Yes, we LOVE facts. A lot.

  3. Richard says:

    Serge is clearly delusional, but not insane. The rant is a rallying cry designed to manipulate his followers into both further commitment and to make them believe they are the only ones in the world are not in a cult. There is a type of inverse logic to Serge’s outpourings. He projects his own behavior onto everyone and everything else; a type of non-reflective narcissistic dummy-spit. To sum it up “a lie can become a rock-solid truth” in Serge’s worldview.

    The dilemmas upon which he builds his arguments, are as laughable as they are erroneous, betraying the contents of his mind and how he perceives himself being persecuted. The “students”, keeping true to his deep narcissism, are berated for not following his way, or for having the temerity to only partially commit. Heaven forbid if they leave! To him they are as evil as the “mainstream cult” who reject his infantile fantasies and enrage him with their criticisms. Everyone else is wrong. Serge, via self-generated revelation, is right. He is so right, it is called “One-unified-truth” which according to him, everyone should adhere to. A type of spiritual fascism.

    I particularly like Serge’s stinging criticisms of religion and charities, and special mention of cult leaders and churches that promote paedophilia. Of course. It appears as if Serge is unaware that those outside the cult that remain steadfastly immune to his manipulations, unsubtle as they are, can read the subtext like it is a neon sign on a very dark night. He doesn’t seem to be at all bashful in showing the world his inner machinations – something like a Tim Burton film but many times more sinister. Not very pretty at all. The ongoing and frustrating mystery to me, is how reasonably intelligent people – many much more so than Serge – cannot see through his shenanigans like you can a child’s ill constructed lie? It never ceases to amaze me.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      “The ongoing and frustrating mystery to me, is how reasonably intelligent people – many much more so than Serge – cannot see through his shenanigans like you can a child’s ill constructed lie? It never ceases to amaze me.”

      Hi Richard, I think you touched on this yourself in a comment you made on the Accountability blog. You wrote about the halo effect, where someone is able to market something of poor quality (in this case repugnant) by surrounding it with pleasantries.

      No one uses this as brilliantly as Serge – marketing abuse and calling it healing; coming across as benign, harmless, weedy, soft spoken and full of platitudes about love, gentleness etc. He then surrounds himself with prettily dressed women all behaving ‘nicely’ (until you cross them), hugging, healing and decorated with Desiree’s flowers and love hearts.

      Deceptive pox.

      Then there’s Margaret Singer’s thesis on thought reform indoctrination, where a person’s thoughts and behaviour are changed without their knowledge.

      So in spite of their intelligence (arguable in some cases), what we have is a group of formerly open minded, well meaning people who have been conditioned to think inappropriate touching is healing, starvation of one’s self and one’s kids is a self loving choice, and a bloke who is peddling oppression, dehumanization and death is ‘The One’. From there we see these formerly decent people behaving sociopathically – defending and enabling an abuser, practicing collective self harm, losing empathy for their former loved ones and attempting to curtail freedom of speech and to intimidate victims. All with an air of righteousness and spiritual superiority.

      I think You Know Who’s Bro is right in saying these people can’t imagine someone could have such evil intent and fully follow it through the way Serge has. Attempting to even contemplate the evil at work in UM causes a cognitive disconnect for them. The comments on Rebecca Baldwin’s blog post prove that. They literally can’t see what’s wrong with those images – while the rest of us (as in anyone outside of UM) are looking at them and Serge’s abhorrent writings and saying WTF?

  4. I really wanted to make the above a shorter post, but Serge’s spherical writing is impossible to edit – he never gets to the point. Never have so many words said so little. I had to opt to keep about 2,500 words to show how the manipulation unfolds.

    Richard, if you think he’s projecting in these passages, wait til I post Serge’s list of crimes committed by the astral cult. It reads like his autobiography.

    Pranabunny, I never appreciated facts as much as I have since I copped UniMed ‘truth’.

    You Know’s Bro, I wonder if Serge realizes how many irons we have in the fire, and how much trouble he’s in. Then again, he created all of it. It’s all of his own reckoning.

  5. Feline Aphrodite says:

    It doesn’t happen often that Feline is lost for words:……………..
    Wake up Umer’s $B UM is a SCAM!

  6. Richard says:

    I’m afraid it is not that easy Feline. To the “students”, these are words of wisdom. Over a long period and with Serge’s help, they have learned to distrust their critical, higher cognitive minds. The ugly discourse to them would be just a reaffirmation of what they “know”- that the rest of the world is in illusion and they are not. A nice side-effect of avoiding cognitive effort is a feeling of peace and joy. I’ve heard people call it “going with the flow”. We’ve all experienced it. For example when we are exhausted and out of our usual environment. We can suddenly feel very peaceful and connected. It’s a nice feeling, however physiologically the body has simply stopped supplying energy to the higher functioning part of the brain to preserve fuel. The same state can be achieved by meditation, relaxation techniques, massage. It’s a natural state, probably something akin to how we feel as children. However it is not enlightenment. I’ve mentioned it before – Serge’s livingness or being esoteric is simply a state of surrender. The students do feel good, and because they avoid both critical, deductive thought and emotion, they are without the rope to pull themselves out of the hole into which they have fallen. What’s more, without those faculties, they remain unaware they are in a deep dark hole seeing a small patch of the sky dominated by Serge’s vision, and nothing else. Very sad. But true.

  7. Scarlet Woman says:

    I have just tried reading this again.
    I didn’t make any sense of it last night and I still can’t.
    Serge’s teachings or whatever they are give me a headache. Did this give you a headache PP? You researchers are doing an admirable difficult job.

    Serge bamboozles and confuses people (the vulnerable no matter what their secular or personal station is in life) with his crap then every so often says something near normal, which must create the blind following effect on UMer’s so that they keeping coming back and giving their money.

    The more I read (or try to read!) the more I feel that there is something BIG under all of this. What is Serge really trying to say or confess I wonder?

    No doubts UM is really out to make money.

    • It didn’t give me a headache – rather, it gave me great glee to imagine how it will look on the internet, in contrast to the propaganda the cult wants you to see.

      Hey Rebecca, this is just one example of the ‘truth’ and ‘integrity’ you won’t post, and we have lots more. Why do you make sure none of this content goes on the official sites? Why so secretive?


  8. You know whos Brother says:

    If there is one document that defines Serge’s craziness, this is probably it. A friend of mine said last night that when you are around a pathological liar it is impossible to recognize it because you yourself cannot imagine it. Just like we can’t imagine the other things Serge is/has been up to.

    Most of the population can’t imagine murdering someone, yet about 0.1% of the population do.
    That means during your life you are going to be talking to several murderers. You might be friends with them. But there is no way you can imagine it, because it is not something you would do. Serge is such a pathological liar many members cannot recognize that it is the same way. For the members I guess, they have no choice but to believe it is the absolute truth, because the opposite, especially with all their investment, is too horrible to consider. If they allow one doubt to creep in, then the whole thing collapses. And I think why they can read this claptrap and force themselves to buy it.

  9. Feline Aphrodite says:

    These writings are Black Magic under the banner of White magic,
    Serge Benhayon and all of his spellbound helpers are under Serge’s evil spell.

  10. lou says:

    Serge serge serge you are truly grasping at straws or are you completely stark raving mad?

  11. You know whos Brother says:

    I had a re read of Serge’s non-sense, not for fun, but because it reveal so much about him.
    There’s a lot of reveals, not revelations. But one thing that hit me was right at the end when he blames critics (ie- us) as having unresolved childhood issues. This is probably a seminal reveal from Serge, not only about himself, but about his followers. We know he has issues related to his family life; much of his doctrine is inspired by his father’s take on their religion for example. His sexual deviancy would be in there somewhere too…

    The irony is that the students have used UM to cement their childhood issues in place. Rather than dealing with them- be it father issues, commitment issues, self esteem issues, etc- they use UM as a rationalization for their inability to deal with them. It is evident from the members I know and many that I am aware of, that the issues that have been their bugbears, have been used by Serge to turn them into card carrying members, and in the process exacerbated and enlarged them. Those with father issues have had that turned into men issues. Those with commitment issues have had that transmuted into self-loving choices. Those that tend to be self-obsessed have had it alchemised into ‘self-regard’- so in the end, none of them have dealt with their deep seated issues, but instead had them gilded and turned into statues they can worship.

    Nice work Serge. You’ve got them to all do the same thing as you. Worshiping and making a doctrine of their failings. Lovely.

  12. Winston says:

    Anyone watch 60 minutes? Maybe a good time for channel 9 to back the show up with some local quackery?

    • Yes, the bunker went into lockdown for it. Venus used the time to do her ironing.

      So the similarities we noticed were Scientologists breaking up families, attempting to discredit victims and using propaganda blitzes as damage control.

      We decided we wanted to invite Jenna and Dallas and their kids over for an uber prana dinner and give them hugs. Their courage was so inspiring considering the deadly litigiousness of Scientology and their very real use of violence.

      As for breaking up families, Scientology does it both psychologically and by physically distancing children from parents for extended periods. The Hare Krishnas did something similar in California, and dozens of kids were abused in boarding schools in India. It goes to show the power of manipulation that parents can allow themselves to be separated from their own kids. Unthinkable to the rest of us, right?

      UM promotes emotional shutdown in the guise of self loving choices – so parents emotionally and psychologically cut themselves off from their kids. Serge uses sexism and empty accusations of abuse to push for divorces – so in effect kids are alienated from their parents.

      The other interesting thing about the episode is that Jenna and Dallas are clearly scarred by their upbringing in Scientology, but have gone on to lead healthy lives and to achieve psychological liberation and autonomy, in spite of years of brainwashing.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Winston, we’ve approached a couple of top notch national current affairs programs and they’re more than interested, however, they want more victims who are willing to front camera.

      The story isn’t going away either. Expect more revelations. We can’t give exact dates, but there’s more in the works.

      The magic bullet would be victims willing to come forward. That will put Serge on his arse.

  13. Winston says:

    Surely based on the number of people posting there are enough victims? Anyone who posts here is a victim! The breakdown of Serges quackery is well documented on these sites and a good reporter sould be able to easily portray this cult for what it is and the self generated hirachy Serge has concocted. Serges puppies will be the only supporters, the rest of Australia will be saying WTF? Send them everything that has been posted, it won’t be ignored.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      They need ex followers who will go on camera, or people who’ve been in Serge’s treatment room and copped the techniques shown in the images or worse.

      We are working on other angles, but that would be the angle that would guarantee it goes to air fast and bowls all the bullshit over.

      Stuff written on the internet doesn’t cut it. TV needs faces.

  14. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Venus do you mean just like 60 minutes discussion of Scientology, they used Jenna and Dallas case because they had experienced it to help expose Scientology’s practices?

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Yes, people with inside knowledge. I count as one, because I was in the treatment room with that idiot. I made official complaints about him and have put my name on the record.

      I didn’t want to go on camera initially, either. But then it was explained to me that no one else was willing and I was becoming aware of the amount of harm done. I’ve already filmed an interview that’s ready to roll. The problem is, I’m not enough, and they need more recent insider dirt, because for all the public knows, that idiot and his nest of vipers have cleaned up their acts, and are a harmless healing organization.

      It’s a case of being able to put the evidence together on camera with people with inside knowledge/direct inside experience willing to talk.

      Having said that, I’ve only communicated with the high level programs. The tabloids are also an option. They have hefty budgets and would do the full hatchet job on UM, so that’s an option I can pursue.

  15. Daoul Ruke says:

    Guess who said: “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”

    Clue: It wasn’t Serge.

  16. Winston says:

    United we stand. So Those who have experienced the wrongful “work” of UM stand up and be counted. If you sit back you are giving them the course to proceed albeit in a reformed way. They have as expected “changed the way they work” but all the past crap they did is still real and did happen and there is a shit loads of information to prove it.

  17. Feline Aphrodite says:

    May I also suggest that if you are or have been a patient of any of the Cult Medical Practitioners, and these Medical practitioners have referred you to a UMer for treatment or
    to Serge Benhayon himself then the Regulatory bodies – HCCC would like to hear from you.

  18. Feline, yes! Please any patients who’ve been messed around by UM cult doctors or other practitioners, take it to the HCCC. Patient complaints have more clout than Venus sending them a thesis every other week.

    Daoul, bloody hell! I looked up that quote thinking it was Venus’s fave – George Orwell, but it was Adolph Hitler!

    And he’d know.

    Winston, unfortunately that’s easier said than done. Coming forward is difficult. We’re looking at a significant number of victims (we are sure of that) but who mostly live in small town Far Northern NSW, and to come out against Serge in an area that is basically Planet Serge where a bunch of rabid defenders like the charming Baldwin sisters live is asking a lot.

    I think Venus wants to appeal for people to come forward, but we realize what we’re asking. Having said that, there may be ways to make it more worthwhile. For example an anti cult pro suggested the possibility of mounting a class action against UM. The other thing is that sexual assault victims are entitled to compensation pay outs. If victims got together Serge could be hit very hard.

    Also I think the only way the cult has changed the way they work is to be more secretive about their vile practices. Ten bucks they’re conniving to carry on all the usual abuse, but trying to find ways to do it so we won’t find out. Arseholes.

  19. Daoul Ruke says:

    Serge Benhayon is a fascist. His followers are fascists. UM is a fascist organisation.

    And I do not joke or belittle saying this you understand? I am not using this term merely as an insult, or as a provocation. I use it seriously.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      We totally agree, and we don’t take it lightly. I was just saying the other day to one of the bunker staff, in another part of the world or another era, Serge and many of the UMers would have us against a wall and shot. Or gassed.

      That’s why we keep at it.

  20. Daoul Ruke says:

    Yes DV, their self obsession and yet their complete lack of self awareness is what has left them vulnerable to UM.

    We must take care; the next logical step in the Benhayon strategy would be to get someone elected at a local government level; therebye extending influence and offseting critics by claiming a democratic mandate. Any local election candidates within a local UM sphere of influence must be scrutinised carefully for links, and then challenged publically on their world view if found to be members. Local politics in Australia is rarely run on broad policy or position, rather on personality, hence it is a dangerous place, and one where idiots can get elected quite easily by claiming the running on a simple local issue..

    • Feline Aphrodite says:

      Sobering and Scary Daoul? Thank You for making us aware, more clues?

      DV do any of your readers know anything about K & B Networking & Associates Pty Ltd? Affiliated with UM! Does the K & B represent Kim & Benhayon???

      • Darkly Venus says:

        Anyone?? Feline is referring to Kim as in Dr Samuel Kim.

        Daoul, you’re right about Benhayon seeking power wherever, and yes the logical step would be more lawyers plus some political reps.

        Which is why we’ve sent emails to all the state and fed members in the Byron Bay, Ballina and Lismore area CCed to all so none can complain they didn’t know about UM’s harms, and we’ve received acknowledgments of our concerns from reps from the 3 major parties, state and fed.

        I can say the most suspicious local politician is Jenny Dowell, mayor of Lismore. She spoke at the Real Media Real Change (UM cult front anti-free speech lobby group) Cyberbullying conference in Lismore in December. Notifications went out to speakers of RMRC’s undisclosed backing and 8 out of the 10 speakers cancelled. Jenny Dowell didn’t cancel and when I saw she hadn’t I emailed her the day before and asked if she knew that RMRC was a UM cult front, and that speaking at the conference might be detrimental to her reputation. She replied by email with letterhead confirming she was ‘aware of the connections’.

        I wonder if she’s so keen to associate herself with RMRC and UM now.

        Hm, Jenny?

        We heard a great line on 4 Corners the other night (about the Mossad scandal). ‘Sunlight is the best disinfectant’. We intend to expose all UM enablers and power brokers, while we keep up the official complaints.