Newsflash! The UniMed cult accuses hate-bloggers of fiddling our numbers

The cult says there’s only two of us! It’s a scurrilous lie, a travesty and a deliberate attempt to cast doubt on our character(s). But we have photographic evidence of us pictured in the same room at the same time which PROVES we are not the same person or people or something.

Princess & Venus at home

Princess & Venus at home

See, that’s me on the left, or the right. I can’t remember which we agreed on. Anyway, we were over dressed for that shot, and we prefer a bit of photoshop to enhance our assets, so to speak.

Princess & Venus at Work

Princess & Venus at Work

And the other hate blogger(s) is shy about her or his or their internet presence, but here’s one of a thousand or so of our rare party pics. See, three of us haters in the same room at the same time, accepting our inaugural awards for Best dressed Maya, Glamour and Illusion and maxed out PRANA 😮

I’m the winner, as anyone can see. I outdressed those bitches.

There are three or more hate-bloggers, not two, tsk!

There are three or more hate-bloggers, not two, tsk!

The pics weren’t so pretty after they ran out of bubbles. But it was one hell of a non-Eso-knees-up.

Anyway, sexual abuse apologists, Rebecca Baldwin and Dr Rachel Hall, mystic dullard and dentist, now that we’ve proven our innocence of INTERNET CRIMES, how about you answer the questions about participating in and enabling the molestation of Universal Medicine students.

And it’s not like Rebecca ever fiddles her propaganda blogs to make UM look OMNIPOTENT. At least I, sorry,  we, mix it up somewhat with music, gossip and regular naps, as opposed to their dwindling numbers of 40 or so cult clones regurgitating the same sanitized message. We allow everyone their say and we respond to questions and criticism, including hers. We post the elephant in the room – the factual material including Sergio’s sordid writings and images the cult doesn’t want the non brainwashed to see.

And Rebecca NEVER uses multiple accounts when she ‘likes’ her own blogs using the Medicine & Serge the Bullshitter and Women in Lyingness blog IDs. NEVER. Because the numbers aren’t slipping and she’s not in the least bit desperate.

Also concerning is that people can make it appear as though they are many, simply by making multiple accounts and pseudonyms — hate-blogging on overdrive — this is a massive problem on the internet generally - Rebecca Baldwin, June 2, 2013

Also concerning is that people can make it appear as though they are many, simply by making multiple accounts and pseudonyms — hate-blogging on overdrive — this is a massive problem on the internet generally – Rebecca Baldwin, June 2, 2013.

And touching other cult members genitals is fine as long as everyone plays along, we call ourselves ‘healers’ and say it’s Esoteric.

Go sit on a symbol, Rebecca. We’re cuter, funnier, smarter and better dressed. It comes with the PRANA 😮

11 Comments on “Newsflash! The UniMed cult accuses hate-bloggers of fiddling our numbers”

  1. Hang on, we must be the same person because everything is energy and we are all one in the beingness, so actually I am Venus, but wait if I’m Venus, I must be Rebecca too – oh fuck! – but why are we so different – like I’d never wear those outfits and I can actually blink when in front of a camera and we disagree on a whole heap of stuff, and which one of us caused global warming again? Oh right, that must be me because I ate croissants with BUTTER…

    If everything is energy and everything we do has an affect and causes global warming, volcanic eruptions, clergy abuse and cat shows, and if we’re Esoteric and abstain from sex and caffeine and can stop ourselves from developing cancer or having someone run into our car in the carpark, why can’t Serge spell? Or get Curtis to take out the garbage?

  2. La Métempsycose says:

    Just to make it clear to Rebecca Baldwin and Dr. Rachel Hall and anyone else who might be interested, I live on a different continent to the instigators of this site and its sister site ‘Accountability’. I have never met them or any of the other contributors to these sites or the Rick Ross Forum. I only make comments when I feel that they contribute to the debate and I am certainly not on a witch hunt against the individual students of Universal Medicine since I have lost someone whom I love to the bizarre world view of Serge Benhayon. I think you will find that many of us use pseudonyms not to protect our identities but to protect those of our loved ones who are still immersed in the stultifying quagmire Benhayon calls ‘the Livingness’.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Thank you for making those points.

      Personally, I’ve opted to maintain online anonymity as is my right. I could put my name to the site – and the cult knows my name because it’s on the official complaints that have been sent to Serge. I know he’s circulated it because some feeble attempts were made at harrassment – although quickly withdrawn as the cult clearly is aware of whistleblower laws which protect people who make official complaints. My name is on all official correspondence I’ve made.

      When I first started this, I copped some flak because I’m willing to speak to media and go on camera to speak out against UM. I was accused of seeking publicity and trying to recruit people to my business and my ’cause’ whatever that is. Then the cult whines that I’m anonymous. One of them asked what I was paid to talk to Channel 7, lol. (2 cups of coffee and one cup of tea)

      Anyway, if I’m going to be the only victim that speaks up publicly against these bastards, on my own time, at my own expense, and put my name to official complaints, I really don’t care who’s against me. I’ll do it my way, in my voice, and hopefully find some humour in this sordid mess, if only to keep myself sane. Anyone who doesn’t like it is welcome to visit another site, do their own research and write their own complaints. I’m not interested in pursuing minor players, but I will absolutely go after the cult’s main recruiters and apologists, particularly the doctors et al who are abusing their positions, or like Rebecca, who is, as one correspondent described her – an unblinking robot – and an abuse denying bully. If anyone can find a better way to stop or reduce the harm, no one’s stopping you.

      I appreciate the point you make – commenters here can take or leave this site. I know some of the commenters but have no way of contacting the rest – most are truly anon, and I don’t know where they are writing from. In other words, we don’t go drumming up support like Rebecca. We don’t have sycophants. We’re lucky to agree amongst ourselves. In fact, if there was ever a consensus here, we’d be suspicious.

      And thanks for quoting Orwell the other day. He’s another consolation that keeps my reality tester from blowing a gasket.

  3. You know whos Brother says:

    The facts is, Venus, I know more than a dozen strident anti-UM people locally. Everyone is different and reacts differently.Frankly, I have been amazed how many people have just watched their families fall apart due to UM, grieved, complained then did nothing. But I can’t judge them, that is how they dealt with it. Besides the local ones, I know of as many or more across Australia and overseas. Some of them are trying to do things, others-many- don’t know what to do. If they try to speak to their partner they are “abusive”- a common thing we have all heard. If they try and put forward a different point of view, they are scoffed at. They all watch their partner or family member drift away from them and they are at their wits end trying to figure out a solution. And there is none. Once Serge has them in his web they become more entangled, more in illusion, more confused, but thinking it is the opposite with a sort of smugness that is infuriating.

    Even the expose of Serge’s lies has not dented the enthusiasm and denials of the majority of hard core members. Many of these disaffected people have made contact with me, or you, or someone we know over the last year and told us carbon-copy stories of the same events unfolding in their households. They have mostly not posted here. Many don’t even know about the blogs. Some have just given up. The ones that have, such as myself, use a pseudonym for the very reason stated- out of care for our loved one, even though they have shown us little- but just like Venus, I am known to them. Frankly, I couldn’t give a shit because I know everything I say is the truth. I am just waiting for one of them to test it, but they don’t dare, because they know, deep deep down, it is the truth. They become more shrill, more hostile, more diffident the more we touch that nerve.

    My guess is in the Byron /Lismore/Ballina Shires alone there are several hundred UM detesters. Over 100 families that have been busted up. I have been to Sydney and randomly met people who have told me that their friends wife left them due to UM because suddenly he was ‘abusive”. I’ve heard the same story in Brisbane, Melbourne, North Queensland, London and the US. The accusations against their former loving partners are identical- almost to the word. How Rachel “Serge never interferes in peoples relationships. Women attend UM meetings and then get the courage to confront the abuse” Hall, and Rebecca “Single, loving it and aiding others by engineering TV appearances” Baldwin and others can feel comfortable with that I really don’t understand. It is as if there little myopic view of the world is more important than the pain and suffering that is manifestly happening, otherwise these voices would not exist. I might be able to understand they are too lazy or cognitively blind to check out who is giving them such AMAZING and MIND BLOWING (literally) “possibilities” but pretending that families aren’t being split up, that abuse isn’t happening, that Serge isn’t interested in LOT$ of money, is borderline criminal.

    The only difference between me and the others that have come before is I am much closer to it and Serge REALLY wrong footed it with me. For a master that knows everything, he really failed to understand my dogged and determined character. I’m the one-too-many guys he’s pissed off, and I along with Venus, am sticking up for all the others that can’t or won’t voice their pain and disgust. Anon or not. We march on. And time will tell all.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Oops, I should clarify, when I say I’m the only victim willing to go public, I meant I’m the only one of Serge’s many treatment room victims.

      I estimate the cult has thousands of victims – many among their own followers and then the effects on loved ones. Our site stats would support that. My heart really goes out to loved ones trying to hold relationships together in households where all behaviour is dictated by Serge’s version of energetic correctness. Utterly oppressive.

      I’ve been reading a bit more of his writings and listening to recordings sent in, and I hate to say it, but I can see how he manipulates people and how powerful it is – he gradually breaks down all resistance – physical, spiritual and cognitive. It’s intensely virulent – devastating. Princess will put up some posts soon talking through the process within EDG messages etc. I think she’s on a PRANA bender so give her a few days.

      While I’m here, I’d like to thank everyone who sends in tip offs, links, student notes, and also makes their own complaints and notifications. (Hello Feline!) Many haven’t left return addresses – so you know who you are and THANK YOU!

      Please keep it up!

  4. Feline Aphrodite says:

    I too, have made Official complaints…………(and will continue to do so)
    Darkly you are not alone in this mission.

    My name is on these Official complaints so the Offender/s knows who I am.
    I have no doubt at all that all at UM know who I am as well.

    I like Darkly Venus will continue to report the doctors and main players in this scam.
    These people are abusing their positions to sanction this dangerous scam. Shame on them.

    I have opted for anonymity on this site, that is my choice and right.
    In the same vane as we are given whistleblower protection.

  5. Winston says:

    60 minutes on Sunday has a show on Scientology. Might be worth a look?

    • Yes! Thanks for the tip.

      Worth watching because Serge has certainly learned from their business model. But while Scientology focuses on their brand of psychology (covert hypnosis and indoctrination plus groupthink etc), UM is more total because it brings in highly potent hands on ‘healing’ as part of the manipulation. However, the stratified initiation levels are super similar.

      The other thing worth noting, is Scientology’s tenacity and success long after the wackjob science fiction writer returned to Xenu or whatever – mostly because it was a successful business that flew under the accountability radar too long and developed a solid corporate structure and a massive legal presence. In other words it attracted a lot of greedy lawyers to its hefty payroll in a legal environment (USA) which favours the wealthy. Which is why we need to go after UM now and use current legal and regulatory mechanisms before it becomes too powerful, too aggressive and too sophisticated to bring down.

      Apart from that, what we have working for us is social media – public exposure! Sunlight is the best disinfect, I heard someone say. And current laws protecting free speech (to an extent, thanks for niente Google).

    • Richard says:

      I hate to be a bore, however two or three years back I sat down with my friend who is now an ardent member of UM and we watched a documentary on cults. I was waiting for one look to pass over her face betraying even a hint of recognizing the striking similarities between the groups and their leaders featured and Serge and UM… but none was forthcoming. Instead, when it ended she said without any irony and quite sincerely “That is unbelievable. How do people get sucked into these things!? Serge said…..”

      And here we are today. Perhaps these things are for our own edification at this time.

      • Oh yes, and as we’ve seen Serge accuses all of us of being in a cult, albeit one without a leader, a philosophy or guiding principle, or anything remotely coherent.

        If the cult members can’t see the images of inappropriate touching posted in the previous post and on the Accountability blog are abuse, and are still falling over themselves for Serge in spite of his tawdry past with Miranda, the bankruptcy, the hatred for humanity, the ableism, the sexism, the starvation, the molestation and the death drive, they won’t register any similarities with Scientology or any of the death cults.

        Nah, Winston’s recommendation was strictly for the benefit of the non compromised.