Rebecca Baldwin – Universal Medicine cult sexual abuse apologist falsely accuses us of false accusations

DeeperFemaleness1It’s little wonder Rebecca and the other cult apologists are so defensive about these images from a Sacred Esoteric Healing Workshop manual. They’ve carried out the technique at workshops where it was taught. She and numerous others have participated in the molestation.

When Serge and Rebecca et al grope genitals it’s ‘healing’. It can’t be abusive because Universal Medicine OWNS sexual abuse. The cult’s abuse deniers intimidate and demean victims via vicious Groupthink, and believe by publicly disclosing their own histories and insisting the abuse they’ve suffered is more important than anyone else’s, they get to decide what constitutes a legitimate complaint.

A Response to False Accusations of Sexual Misconduct & Abuse by Universal Medicine & Serge Benhayon

Foreword by Rebecca Baldwin

Background: In 2012 many of us witnessed how a small group of hate-bloggers captured the attention of the local and national media with blatant lies and false reports of diet and lifestyle concerns about those who attended Universal Medicine presentations. Subsequently a spate of error-riddled and defamatory stories, were pumped through the usual and predictable channels. While there were some who were undiscerning enough to consume the junk-media, there were many more who saw right through it and in many ways it did nothing to disrupt Universal Medicine’s service offerings. Indeed, as always, due to the huge demand for its’ services, Universal Medicine continues to steadily go from strength to strength.

In many ways it did nothing to disrupt UM’s offerings?

Apart from the ways it DID disrupt them. The cult wiped the Esoteric Breast Massage site and rebranded it. Esoteric Breast Massage is dead. Universal Medicine’s cult pimping service, Esoteric Women’s Health is a non starter, with little in the way of saleable product. Rebecca herself launched five propaganda blogs where investors attempt to paper over the lies and abuses with platitudinous fictions about ‘healing’, but it hasn’t slowed the decline. Anti free speech cult front Real Media Real Change flopped. Several professional apologists have had their wings clipped – called to account by employers and regulatory bodies. A couple were stood down from  paid positions due to their affiliations with harmful, hate ridden death cult. Numbers are down at all events and were down 50% at the last UK retreat.

It wasn’t the bloggers that captured the attention of the media, but UniMed’s putrid practices. Denial and blatant lies aren’t indicative of ‘strength to strength’, Rebecca.

In effect the hate-bloggers who instigated the media attention were left unsatisfied and as their numbers dwindle, their anonymous online smear campaign has become increasingly outrageous and questionable.

You call it hate, we call it fact. You’re right though, we’re not satisfied, and while we have a lot of actions in motion, we believe Serge should have been prohibited by now. We’d also like more of those affected by the cult to take action, but there you have it. Numbers aren’t dwindling. Our support base is growing and so are our site stats. And your false accusations of false accusations brought about a surge in our pageviews, so thx.

We agree our content has become more outrageous and questionable since we’ve posted more of Serge’s quotes and writings – the Messiah’s own material you won’t allow into your publicity. Not to mention those images.

Their latest lie, is that Serge Benhayon’s healing techniques are sexually abusive. Anyone who knows Serge Benhayon knows how patently ridiculous that claim is – straight from the same ilk of the ‘Serge Benhayon gives Breast Massages’ lie that was made famous by an easily manipulated press who last year pimped out its pages to become a mega-phone for the hate-blogger’s lies and hate-campaigning.

So this is a lie Rebecca?


Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 2 Workshop Manual, p.71

Knowing the seriousness of giving airplay to false allegations of sexual abuse, especially where not a shred of evidence accompanies, the press have so far been wise enough to not touch these baseless and false accusations but unfortunately it remains on the hate-blog – a blog already once removed in its entirety by Google, because of its defamatory content. Of course the Internet being what it is, it has simply been cut and pasted to a new blogging platform and so the defamatory content remains.

Serge Benhayon having himself photographed with his hands on genitals is more than a shred of evidence and you’ll find the press, the HCCC and the police agree. All that’s missing is a complainant. Another shred is the fact I’ve been in a treatment room with that bastard, where I assertively told him I did not want an ovarian reading, but was put under considerable pressure to submit.

Look at the image Rebecca and answer the questions. We’re demanding answers and we want you to be specific. Is the touching in the above image in any way appropriate in any treatment room situation for any reason?  State the reason. We know the technique has been taught at Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 2 workshops. We know you participated and we know you’ve had your hands on other cult members genitals. It’s no wonder you’re defensive, and it’s no wonder you don’t think of it as abuse – because you’ve done it too and you think you’re SO superior.

We have witnesses. Are you going to deny you touched other student’s genitals?

We know cult members take their daughters, including small children, to Serge for ‘healings’. Is it appropriate for Serge to perform that technique on children? We don’t think it’s appropriate he performs it on adults, but if you think it’s not abusive for adults, do you think it’s appropriate for little girls? Tell us Rebecca, why is it necessary for you or Serge to touch anyone’s genitals? Why haven’t you denied he does it? Why don’t you accuse me of lying about the ovarian reading? Did he give you ovarian readings? Has he or has he not done the same to countless women? Has he asked about your sexual history? Has he touched your genitals?

You insist Serge is a ‘gentleman’ of utmost integrity, but you don’t deny he touches genitals. You and your colleagues only deny his healing techniques are sexual abuse. If the hands in the images belonged to anyone outside the cult, the Serge Brides would be ranting themselves silly via Facebook and ‘truth’ blog activism and plugging a pissy petition to have him stopped.

And so as the hate-bloggers hit a new low, those that know the truth will steadfastly address the lies.

Never mind the lies Rebecca, – that’s the cult’s specialty. We want you to address the facts. Answer the questions.

Using false allegations of sexual abuse smacks of a very insidious brand of malice, as it attempts to play on people’s worst fears about men.

You’re shameless. Playing on fears of men? You’ve written misandrist accusatory blogs in defence of a sleaze artist who has generated a doctrine of misandry. We’re talking about the revolting actions of Serge Benhayon and men and women like yourself, who’ve enabled him and participated in the abuse and are attempting to bully victims into not complaining by denying the inappropriate touching is molestation.

The only people who think the touching pictured above is acceptable are Universal Medicine cult apologists. Everyone else is against you.

In an age of Internet anonymity easily abused, this is a particularly cowardly act. In this very courageous piece by Kyla Plummer, she exposes the absurdity of the lies that continue to be perpetrated by an anonymous few.

I’m not anonymous. My name is on complaints Serge has received. The police, the HCCC, the media, a number government departments and regulatory bodies and all the public representatives in the Byron Bay region know who I am. What is cowardly is that Serge doesn’t defend himself and he hides behind shrill bullies like you, and the smoke screen of your sister exhibiting her private life on the internet.

If our content is defamatory why hasn’t Serge sued us? If the media reports were defamatory and error ridden, why didn’t he sue the media organizations?

We’re ready to roll. You bring your cult lawyers. We’ll bring the evidence, the facts, the witnesses and the TV crews.


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  1. It’s because of people like Rebecca Baldwin that sexual abuse victims don’t come forward.

  2. You know whos Brother says:

    That’s a good point Eric. Rebecca and co enable abuse because like many when they hear of it, deny it rather than investigate it. At least have the courage to eliminate the ‘lies’ (aka by us as FACTS) by answering the questions and looking at what is right under your nose. And let’s not forget the people we know who have come out of the cult, like your wife, now recovering and trying to put their lives and view of the world back together after having it covertly dismantled by Serge and his enablers. The long term effects are extremely hard to overcome, not for any mystical reason, but simply because when you tamper with peoples base programming, it is hard to restore them. It’s not like there is a ‘restore point’ to back up to, worse luck. You could ask the cult psychologists, but of course they are clueless. They couldn’t counsel a cracker.

    Rebecca and Serge, lets get straight on a few things. There is not a dwindling number of people. The numbers are increasing, albeit unbeknown to you. Of course. You might have a false sense of security because things seem to be quieter, but rest assured in the background things are still going on. There are enough pissed off/ripped off/abused people out there that the momentum is unstoppable. Nowadays, the people that matter are highly aware of UM. Nothing that has been said has been done so lightly. There are still multiple issues to be sorted with various govt. departments, and they will be in due time. There is also a lot of interest in Serge’s past from the relevant authorities. It is only a matter of time before someone steps up.

    I know you have it in your cult-addled mind that there is three people sitting there writing blogs, and that the same one or two people are pretending to multiple personalities. Which is good for a laugh and nothing else. There may be a handful of vocal people with the courage to speak out, but be assured there are scores of others who have the same objective; be they ex-members, family members, ex-partners, children of members, bureaucrats, politicians, police. It is not a fantasy of a few ‘hate-bloggers’ loveless men, ex-partners…(esp, the ones if your feeble imaginings) The writing is on the wall simply because of what Serge has and is doing. You either enable it, or stand out of the way and get bowled over when it goes off. Now unlike Serge’s false alternatives, that is a real choice.

  3. Darkly Venus –
    I have gone to the site in question – Rebecca Baldwin and Kyla Plummer’s.
    I have read it and all of the comments posted there.

    I have had many thoughts after having read their blog. First and foremost is this.
    Very sadly I note that many of those (UM followers) who have offered comments on Rebecca’s and Kyla’s rave say that they themselves have been victims of abuse in the past and not only that they express it happened more than once to them. How awful and tragic for them and my heart genuinely goes out to them.

    It really concerns me that abuse has happened to them more than once, yet they can speak with such conviction even in view of all the facts, that what they are experiencing at UM is not abuse!

    *****A sobering thought is this that victims of abuse are so very vulnerable to further abuse.
    *****Abusers know how to pick them. A disgusting and disgraceful and despicable thought.

    I find more than a couple of Kyla’s and Rebecca’s comments concerning, here’s a sample-

    “We all know what a creep looks like: most people know what creeps feel like or what creepy behavior entails” End of Quote

    Kyla not all creeps look alike many are smooth operators.

    “I take great offence to anyone suggesting that I don’t know what sexual abuse is. Or that I am somehow too stupid or manipulated to know what sexual assault is” End of Quote

    What does it have to do with Serge or anyone else at UM having to know the detailed history of those who have suffered sexual abuse. Why does he have to know the details?

    As has already been stated it serves to make it easier to manipulate the vulnerable.

    Never ever underestimate the power of cults and their leaders.

  4. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Sorry Dr Hall there are far more than two of us and there is a huge story to tell.

    Again you do not answer any of the so called FALSE accusations which by the way are FACTS.

    How do you know what is happening with the media?

    Darkly Venus you summed it all up, and I share your sentiments:

    “If our content is defamatory why hasn’t Serge sued us? If the media reports were defamatory and error ridden, why didn’t he sue the media organizations?
    We’re ready to roll. You bring your cult lawyers. We’ll bring the evidence, the facts, the witnesses and the TV crews.”


      So does that make me David Millikan, or do I get to be Professor John Dwyer?


  5. Darkly Venus says:

    Mystic dentist Dr Hall (the dentist who Loves Humanity as long as ‘Humanity’ are cult investors, and hates freedom of speech and sexual abuse victims) posted the above reply on the propaganda pages, so we thought we’d help her out, endow her with some courage and paste it here.

    The fact Google removed the blog, Rachel, speaks volumes about it’s shitty, dishonest terms and conditions, but they’re still not as dishonest as sexual abuse apologists like you – enabling UMers to continue their deception and molestation.

    If the content is defamatory why didn’t Serge and Universal Law take us to court Rachel? Instead they exploited a dodgey loophole in Australian law that allows sexually abusive death cults and their fascist apologists to censor the internet.

    And NOT A WHIFF OF SEXUAL OVERTONES??? What a joke! What a dishonest piece of work you are Rachel Hall. Sexual overtones in Serge’s own words are all over this, the facts site, and Universal Medicine Accountability. Serge never shuts up about his pet themes of sexual violence and particularly underaged sex and paedophilia. And he has you all playing collective exhibitionism posting lurid details of sex abuse on the internet, on sites bearing his own name – because he enjoys it. He’s manipulating and preying on all of you.

    While you’re here you can answer some questions too.

    You say you’re a student of Esoteric healing and no infection control Esoteric chakra-puncture and you’re accredited by the defunct Esoteric Practitioners Association, which was never a registered training organization. Yes?

    So you’ve done SEH Advanced Level 2, you have that manual which contains the image above, and you did not blow the whistle on that molesting pervert.

    Why not?

    You are registered with AHPRA and that is mandatorily notifiable conduct.

    Did you take part in Deeper Femaleness? Did you inflict it on other students? Now that you are an Esoteric healer do you perform that technique on your patients? Would you allow your children to undergo it? It’s Esoteric healing after all.

    Can you come here and honestly tell us you have no problem with the above image? If it was your child on the table would you object? If those hands belonged to Eckhardt Tolle, you’d be hyperventilating your little wings off.

    Dishonest, toxic hypocrite!

    To our other readers, if anyone can place Rachel Hall at any of the Esoteric Healing workshops where inappropriate touching was performed as ‘healing’ let us know and we’ll report her to AHPRA.

  6. Guillaume Bélibaste says:

    So these “low grade TV shows” would be the ones UniMed contributed to would they? Today/Tonight seems to have had their full cooperation. I and many others would not consider the SMH as low grade, or the Medical Observer. Both spent time with current and former members and drew their own conclusions. As has every other article in the free press (as opposed to the censored/sponsored blogs of UM origin). Tell me this, why has no media body considered to tell the story you insist exists? Could it be that upon spending time with UM they came to same conclusion as this blog and many, many other people both personally effected by UM and on the outside of this debate? You can pretend this is not true as long as you like, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

  7. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Just the other day I was speaking with friends and the subject of $B UM came up in discussion.

    In short it was summed up by my friends as wacko and utter nonsense. Dreadful and

  8. You know whos Brother says:

    Its quite telling that Rachel has known Serge for 9 years and knows nothing about him, except the utter bullshit she accepts as truth. I spent about a day on the internet downloading company files and bankruptcy documents. Another day speaking to people from his past who had a slightly lesser opinion than his followers. 20 minutes figuring out Miranda Smith met him as a 13 year old. A day hearing the story about how he wrestled her from another coach. A week to speak to people who confirmed what I then started to fear. A few more days to speak to other people who told similar stories. When the media broke last year, it flushed a few others out who though reticent confirm what we had suspected. And then I found something even worse….

    But Rachel lost in the fantasy of higher initiations, loving choices, a sexless existence wrapped in a vapid emotionless and intellectually corrupt self-delusion, blithely sails along thinking she knows what is going on and DARES to get on line and tell us she knows what is right and wrong.

    Kyla might be outraged that we say she doesn’t know when something is creepy but I am sickened and disgusted that we are told we are liars when we know the TRUTH and not one of them has the guts to spend a few minutes to find it out for themselves. I now consider anyone in the cult who doesn’t do that, or take the opportunity when it is presented to them, to be as bad as Serge and have indulged in the same behavior.

    Rachel you sicken me. In fact, you all sicken me. It is my duty to make sure it comes out fully so the stupid grins of denial can be wiped off your faces.

  9. Feline Aphrodite says:

    rebecca baldwin
    JUNE 2, 2013 AT 7:26 AM
    Hi Rosie – yes I totally agree. It also exposes the level of corruption on the internet – that anyone can target another person and get away with absolute defamation and when it is taken down it just gets pasted up somewhere else. Also concerning is that people can make it appear as though they are many, simply by making multiple accounts and pseudonyms — hate-blogging on overdrive — this is a massive problem on the internet generally


    • Oh Rebecca, the internet is TERRIBLE isn’t it. So terrible you’re running how many websites? 5 blogs is it, and the UM main sites?
      And we really AREN’T the same person. We can tell each other apart. REALLY. That’s an Esoteric promise.


      And molesting people is okay.

  10. Winston says:

    Well Rebecca I’m number 4. Oh shit, is that a good number or not. Better freak out for an hour while I find out….followed by an hour of gentle breath centering myself while my kids a left to there own defences.
    Typical dribble, girls, a sign of your dysfunction and still your inability to answer questions

  11. Darkly Venus says:

    Ho hum, Rebecca, one day you’ll answer the questions rather than doing a slippery Sergio obfuscation learned from il maestro.

    We’re only somewhat obsessed with UniMed’s financial exploits, because it’s only one tentacle of the vast UniMed harms – the molestation, the deception, the manipulation, the fear mongering, the physical vandalism, the sexual exploitation of the Livingness/Lyingness Death Package.

    But while you’re here obfuscating about the financial exploitation and playing all innocent about the $5 punters part with for the EDG mindfuck sessions – overpriced at that – lets talk about how UM really raises revenue – via the sleazy ‘healing’ workshops, the useless, ineffectual, habit forming ‘healings’, and the real cash cow – Rebecca – the tax exempt donations to UM’s scandalously bogus charity.

    Lets let Elizabeth Dolan explain:

    There has been a new UniMed building and 6 acre grounds bought in Goonellabah (2.3 million). Serge showed us some pictures of the grounds – it is very very beautiful. UniMed needs anonomous gifts of investment for this new property to get up and running. What ever you put into it will be invested into your life force – guaranteed by Serge. If you feel it is true and you can than invest in it, but only invest if you do it with clarity, not if you have needs attached on it.
    Send Serge an email if you are interested in giving. The new space will be for all the workshops and will offer free livingness retreats for sick people, so they have an opportunity to truly change they way they live, that cannot be offered during lhr sessions.

    EDG notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, September 18, 2011, p.4.

    That’s apart from the 2.5 million pounds raised for the Lighthouse building fund in the UK.

    Yep, keep telling it how it is Rebecca, but if you’re not going to include the facts, we’ll do it for you.

  12. You know whos Brother says:

    Rebecca is lying about the money. I know her family has argued about the vast sums of money that has been given to Serge, and how he drives around in Alpha’s and has loads of properties. She knows that the reason we keep pointing it out is the same reason it disturbed her father. It’s inconsistent with the story that Serge had them believing. Up to that point the narrative was Serge was a simple man and made very little money from it, now it is he is a successful business man, and what is wrong with that? Like other contradictions, they have rationalized it. Probably the same way they have rationalised the appearance of Miranda, helped by Serge demonizing her mother last year in anticipation of the media.

    To go to Vietnam is the cost of the retreat, plus flights and out of pockets. Not the same as going to have a holiday at all. Moreover, over $700,000 goes into Serge’s pocket mostly in cash. Why does an enlightened member of the hierarchy need so much money Rebecca? I think I recall hearing Serge on some recording sermonizing how “it is easier for a camel to enter the kingdom of heaven than a rich man” (not a serge original obviously)- I am all for people making money. The reason it is an issue Rebecca, is because like all things related to Serge, he has lied about it. Plain and Simple.

    And PP has a good point. You think there is a few people switching names to try and give the impression of many, while you guys are running a series of tightly moderated blogs to give the impression of magnitude that doesn’t exist. It is the same 40-50 die hard cult members banging on about loving choices with their heads buried in the sand. Yes, there is a small group of vocal., motivated and evidence laden detractors, but I can assure you Rebecca, Rachel, Kyla, Serge, Deborah, Miranda, boys, girls, cult members that the number of people quietly working against UM and Serge is FAR MORE THAN your core group of hard core enablers and kiss-ass, intelligence bereft fans such a Rod Harvey/Mark Twist et al. And the number of people in the community who detest UM and what is has done to you, your families, their friends is thousands. You’re the pariahs, not us.

    Wake up. The Lords of Form are going to win with the sword of truth.

  13. You know whos Brother says:

    And what about the $5 investment lie?. That is simply recruitment day-Serge doesn’t want to turn away potential investors. Rebecca knows very well that Serge will insist you take every course– in fact, they never end. Just check out his website. And each one will cost from $100 to $2000. There are many each year, and most members, including Rebecca will attend, spending thousands of dollars. While they are there, they will be encouraged to buy eye-pillows, CD’s, herbs, creams, books, pillowslips, cards. Money money money. And Rebecca, Lie, Lie, Lies— and denials.

    Why not book into the coming “”livingness”” workshop, again, Rebecca- because you will- “Have fun and meet others who are also seeking an honesty in their life” You either need to work on the last part, or Serge needs to update what you get out of the ‘course’. You’re telling so many lies to yourselves and each other, you wouldn’t know truth if is smashed you in the face.- That’s an awesome sum up Rebecca. Awe-some.

  14. Okay, so what is Rebecca’s fresh counter offensiveness REALLY about?

    She knows no one in their right mind could believe her manufactured truths, and the supporters are falling away. The blogs have a number of conspicuous absences…and the cult is aware of growing public antipathy toward them.

    1. The cult is beginning to realize what material we have and what we’re sitting on, and it’s a last ditch attack to stop us publishing the very damaging factual truth about Serge the bullshitter.

    2. They’re pushing us to show our hand, which is fine – we’ll show what works for us right now, but if I were the cult, I’d be worried about the stuff we don’t mention while we await the results of several investigations.

    3. Rebecca’s also pushing us to reveal where the media is at regarding the cult. Even she doesn’t believe they’ve lost interest and there’s ‘no story’. Victims might be too demoralized to come forward, but the media is still plugged in. So, too bad Rebecca, you’ll have to wait and see who comes after you next. I’d keep up the hairdresser visits and make sure your maquillage is ready darling. You’ll want to look good on camera.

  15. Darkly Venus says:

    No victims, Rebecca? Sex abuse denier. And you accuse us of stooping.

    I don’t remember you being in the room when that little turd got sleazy with me. Nor were you in the room when he tried it on others we’ve spoken to. You don’t know.

    We also regard the woman in those images as a victim.

    When you deny UM has victims, you are following in a long tradition of arrogant entitled bullies who try to intimidate people from coming forward with obstinate counterfeit righteousness. You are insulting and demoralizing victims of sexual abuse everywhere. Everyone can see what those images are, even you. Are you covering your investment?

    As for your victims: we know you touched genitals at workshops and we know you were asked to stop, because your victim didn’t like it. It’s not healing, Rebecca, when people feel worse after you’ve had your hands on them. It’s not healing if they’ve been creeped out by it for years since and they have no respect for you.

    I missed this part of your comment yesterday, because I thought it was part of the quote from the mystic dullard, whose comments I generally don’t read due to their extremes of inanity. She’s another amateur anaesthetist with writings that could put you in a coma.

    And another thing. I got a false sense of security about Serge because women like Desiree were wafting around his clinic. I thought he must be trustworthy if all these women trust him. Now I know what he has you all there for.

    Complicit enablers.

  16. Daoul Ruke says:

    Riiight. So all the people who fronted up to a recent Special General Meeting of a Qld not – for – profit and voted out the President specificially because she was supporting UMs vileness were actually the same two people?

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Hi Daoul, it’s good to see you back. You reminded me I should have reserved a special comment for Tricky Victoria Lister in the previous post about Esoteric Judas, and how Serge sentences UM dissenters to lifetimes with mental disability.

      For those who don’t know, Victoria Lister was stood down from her position as President of a not for profit disability organization, and it’s on public record that she denounced Serge’s abhorrent teachings on disability and so called ‘karma’, however, Victoria is still actively publicly spruiking on the ‘truth’ blogs for this shitty destructive cult where dissent is not tolerated.

      How do you reconcile that little dilemma Victoria, or are you just another lying sourpuss in the Baldwin tradition?

  17. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Feline found this comment,41816
    By Morpheus 2nd June 2013

    “Hi All-I got the schedule for the Lennox events by email last night. Check this out.

    There can never be a case where this course is done and completed. ] As the energetic times change so too does the workshop adjust, change and reveal the latest presentation of what is needed to get through Earth’s most intense period, and how to take full advantage of what it all means in our daily way of life. This workshop is a great way to introduce Serge/UniMed to your friends and family and for you to touch base with the latest principles and foundations of the Livingness.


    The word the ‘Livingness’ stands for a way or form of living that forges forth a being and its expressing vehicle towards their true form. In essence, ‘the true way to live’ is to live in a way that is a harmonious integration of who you truly are in a world that is not so seemingly accepting of the real you. Too many of us give-up and thus cave-in to the way we are told to be rather than be who we truly are. The problem is — if you cannot live the real you, you end up living what you are not. This makes us deeply sad and or miserable, angry and very frustrated etc, which are all harm-full emotions that we then try and drown-out or cover-up with food, beverages, distraction and mental escapes not to mention the drain this has on our body which we then have to constantly prop-up in so many ways to keep ourselves going. In short, we end up living a self-abusive cycle we never planned or set-out to live, but nonetheless, inherit its ill ways.


    As an ex member let me warn you, don’t do it. Serge just wants your money. He’s not interested in you even though he is great at making out he is.”

    Feline thanks Morpheus.
    I too read this comment on the UM site by $B himself:
    “There can never be a case where this course is done and completed. ] As the energetic times change so too does the workshop adjust, change and reveal the latest presentation of what is needed to get through Earth’s most intense period, and how to take full advantage of what it all means in our daily way of life. This workshop is a great way to introduce Serge/UniMed to your friends and family and for you to touch base with the latest principles and foundations of the Livingness.”

    To quote the well used phrase on the ABC program named ‘Checkout’
    I would wholeheartedly without hesitation say of $B UM and Co (as they do when something that ‘Checkout’ has investigated and that they find to be a rip off.


    I too would like to say I have been a victim. I have reported it to the authorities.

  18. Pranic Princess says:

    More from Kyla, JUNE 3, 2013 AT 8:13 PM

    Yes it is shocking and I am still perplexed by this accusation and these lies and a few points beg to be spelt out again;
    1. I have never been touched on the ‘vulva’ by Serge Benhayon or anyone form Universal Medicine and then brainwashed into being unaware of it. – WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! even typing that looks and sounds ridiculous – I cannot believe anyone could or would suggest that seriously.
    2. Furthermore, I have never attended any workshop or course run by Universal Medicine where anyone was instructed to touch or actually touched any woman’s ‘vulva’. As I stated in the above blog I would never be involved with any person or group that encouraged or allowed or suggested sexual interference with anyone. Absolutely never.
    3. It is very convenient to attempt to make light of women’s experiences but suggesting that they are vulnerable targets (?) or that are damaged by sexual abuse experiences from their past. I do not hear any damaged women speaking on these blogs. Rather, those that have moved past there sexual abuse experiences with grace, strength and clarity and the writing of their stories only brings attention and light to a very dark subject.

    Surely, I made this abundantly clear in the above blog, but perhaps not for a few – so I thought I would break it down with the above points and lay it out there so there is less (or no) room for misinterpretation.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      So is the Esoteric ‘vulva’ another mythical part of the anatomy like the Xanthalumus gland?

      We don’t think any cult member is unaware of having their genitals touched, but they’ve been manipulated into thinking it was appropriate, and ‘healing’, by an unqualified numbskull.

      I have never attended any workshop or course run by Universal Medicine where anyone was instructed to touch or actually touched any woman’s ‘vulva’. As I stated in the above blog I would never be involved with any person or group that encouraged or allowed or suggested sexual interference with anyone.

      Except you have, and the proof is the image above of Serge with his hand on genitals from a manual that has been in use and in print for YEARS and we have spoken with people who’ve attended workshops where that technique was taught and used.

      We were waiting for the point when you’d start lying to each other, rather than stick to evasion. It didn’t take much did it? You all need to think about how far you will go if you’re prepared to lie for Serge and deny and denigrate his victims. What is the next step? Do you realize how much enjoyment he’s getting watching all of you compromise yourselves? How much are you willing to compromise yourselves to prove your loyalty?

      And Kyla, if you’re still carrying on repetitively about experiences of sexual abuse, and still can’t recognize it in photographic evidence, we can safely say you haven’t moved on.

      The so called ‘healing’ hasn’t worked.

  19. Pranic Princess says:

    Still more From Kyla, JUNE 3, 2013 AT 8:10 PM

    Yes, they are telling us more about their issues… and how exposing is that considering the full blown rant they are on.
    Far more than me sharing some experiences on a ‘taboo’ subject of sexual assault. I mean really, in this day and age surely we are able to be open about the truth of what it is like to live as a woman in society in relation to sexual issues and abuse. I have no shame in sharing past experiences, what would I have to be ashamed of?… that I was a victim of sexual abuse and assault like countless others? Should I remain silent because it is not a pleasant subject? How archaic. The only way to put a true stop to the rampant sexual abuse that is so common within society is to get loud about how it really is, put an end to shame in relation to this issue and raise the bar on what is acceptable treatment of women and our fellow human beings in general.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Plenty of people share their experiences of sexual abuse and do so with dignity and courage, but you should be ashamed of doing so in defence of a predator and in response to people like me, who have direct experience of his predatory behaviour, attempting to get justice – and especially when there is clear photographic evidence of inappropriate touching and severe privacy invasions from a workshop manual all of the Eso healers have in their possession.

      At least you answered one question, Kyla, unlike your gutless associates, but we have many more.

      Yes, we have serious issues with sexual abuse, and we are getting loud about how it really is – and bringing to light the problem of sexual abuse enabling, denial and the intimidation of victims – which is currently in the public spotlight due to the Royal Commission into institutional sex abuse. (20 years ago the first victim of abuse within the Catholic church went public after decades of denials and enabling.) We don’t want you to remain silent, Kyla, we want you and the other enablers to acknowledge the facts and the evidence in front of your eyes, and stop trying to bully those who are speaking out.

  20. Darkly Venus says:

    Helen, we’re endeavouring to have Serge put behind bars, and believe me we’re not doing that anonymously, or lightly. We are doing it publicly.

    In the meantime, who are you to decide what claims are false? This is why we want Serge in court where we can lay out the evidence. The image above is just one piece. Now Helen come here and tell us that image is false. And unless you were in the treatment room with me or any other victims, you have no idea and no right to judge.

    And anyone is free to target us right back, anonymous or otherwise, anytime. Who cares? We’re not the ones with nasty secrets to hide.

    Good luck with shutting down the internet, and only allowing use by those who worship Serge.

    Esoteric utopia – Serge’s fascist republic, populated by fact deprived abuse enablers.

  21. So where is cult lawyer, anonymous anti-free speech blog troll and apologist, Paula not on the payroll Fletcher? Remember this, Paula, champion of women’s rights?

    Where you carried on with hysterics about husbands needing explicit permission every time they touch their wives in defence of the character in the photo above, who gets permission for touching genitals by deceiving sexual abuse victims into thinking it’s healing.

    You’re reprehensible and another vile, bullying, high status hypocrite.

  22. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Pardon Feline please!

    These images are self explanatory – if one feels that they are not, then the write up next to the images DEFINITELY says what they are.

    Remembering that these UM people are not properly trained as accredited proper professionals to be sex therapists, rape counsellors or any such thing.

    “Great for cases of Rape,” SB says. I beg your pardon

    It is what it is – blatant abuse.

  23. Thanks to one of our readers for noticing mystic dentist Dr Rachel Hall and anti-free speech whinger Helen Simkins have persuaded WordPress to remove their comments about us from this thread. WordPress didn’t bother to tell me.

    While the two didn’t post the comments here, I assisted them to engage in free speech by pasting their comments from the propaganda blog here. I gave them the chance to see what those affected by UM think about their love for humanity.

    As you can see the 10 last messages in this thread (below) are out of chronological sync. If anyone wants to read their denials and accusations of us, these are the links:

    Dr Rachel Hall

    Helen Simkins

    No doubt UM is also attempting to get our blogs shut down without a court order again.

    As for Dr Rachel Hall – I’d like to repeat Venus’s sentiment – you are a dishonest hypocrite and a sexual abuse enabler. In your comment you tried to tell us there is ‘no whiff of sexual overtones’ to Serge Benhayon’s teachings and behaviour, in spite of the clear evidence in the image above, and posted throughout our blogs in referenced quotes from Benhayon’s writings and lectures, and in spite of Venus having to endure an ovarian reading she neither asked for nor wanted, and objected to, but nonetheless received. Your denials are utterly offensive to those who are suffering because of this group.

    And Helen Simkins got special mention for her attitude to free speech. There she is commenting on a UM blog, where her associates love to bitch about all sorts of terrible crimes of the Astral cult (read anyone outside of UM), yet they want to deny the right of free speech to everyone else. Helen, wait until you have non Esoterically correct question for Serge or his lethal Bride mafia, and see if it gets posted.

    You’re living in an Esoteric gulag, darling, but you’re always free to post your comments here.

    • Feline Aphrodite says:

      Dr Rachel Hall and Helen Simkins must not have the courage of their conviction.

      Why were they not proud of their comments? Do they not want people reading this site to see their offensive denials?

      this is again another example of a Dr sanctioning UM.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      And I kept my promise and emailed the image above and a few others to Dr Rachel Hall and asked her to desist from abusing her professional status to promote Serge Benhayon and in so doing continue to demoralize his victims.

      Dr Rachel Mascord didn’t get the email because I couldn’t find an email address for her, so I sent them to Eunice Minford instead with the same request.

      So when it all comes out about Serge, and it will, particularly when he so obviously wants to be caught, these professional enablers will have no excuse for saying they weren’t aware of what was going on.

    • you know who's brudda says:

      “To suggest otherwise shows that those who do so need to look to themselves and address their issues as they are clearly exposed” I did read it and found the usual refrain of the cult members, using Serge’s words. I mean I know its a waste of breath on them, but for clear thinking readers, it is obvious that whatever our issues are they couldn’t motivate us to keep going for over a year. And if there was no truth to it, why is Serge quiet? Why hasn’t the master in a blaze of integrity taken us to court? Hmmm. Well, the answer is easy. It is all depressingly true, he would sink faster than the titanic and just as unexpectedly (to the cult members) and the they would be left standing on the bow screaming for help from us loveless ones- with issues we clearly aren’t dealing with.

      Following Helen’s mindless regurgitation of Serge’s lines, Toni also tells us her radar has had no blips at all. This is from the woman who accepted Serge’s story about her being a reincarnated Aboriginal murderer (or such like) I mean, if the radar doesn’t go off with that, it clearly isn’t going off is it!!! In fact, that is as good a story as any he has going. Basically he can tell them any outrageous bullshit with a straight face and their radar stays steadfastly quiet. SO, cult members- note to yourselves. Your radar’s are screwed.

      From outside the love bubble Serge’s big fat porkers, con’s, scams, manipulations, and crimes are as obvious as an oil tanker bearing down on a over packed life boat. No radar needed at all. I don’t think there’s much chance of reasoning the members out of their dream state, cliches, and catchphrases, but it will be interesting to see what happens when they hit the iceberg and on the way down they see what lays beneath the surface.

      Bon Voyage.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        I fear the hard core Serge Brides are beyond help. They’ll be like the followers of that fundamentalist Mormon leader who was jailed for raping children and be huddling together in their compound, jibbering about injustice and waiting for their guru to get out of jail in 2038.

        I doubt we’ll change their minds, and I doubt UM’s collapse will make any difference to that set, but in the meantime we can continue to expose UM and the lengths the brainwashed or the cash-washed will go to in toxic denials.

      • you know who's brudda says:

        My mind actually boggles trying to imagine the conversations they have with each other. How do they stay in denial with each other? The only way I can imagine is them not talking about anything that leads to discursive reasoning ( the ability to reason by inference (from knowledge) rather than intuitive reasoning (their specialty) which is knowledge from nowhere- or Serge’s arse) They must talk to each other like they do on the blogs, or spend all their time denigrating us loveless ones for our abundant flaws, such as being sad, depressed, having emotional love and hurt feelings. But I really can’t imagine it…it must be a horrible existence trying to keep yourself in a state of denial constantly, while praising Serge. Horrible.

  24. Ha! Sexual abuse apologist Rebecca Baldwin has hit us with a DMCA take down notice for comments of hers I reposted verbatim here with her name on – to give her a chance to see how people really feel about her participation in wholesale sexual abuse.

    Yes, Rebecca Baldwin, we’ve permanently deleted your soulful and self-loving sexual abuse denials as per the DMCA take down notice, but I’ve also asked to have the notice forwarded, as is my right, and heck if I have time, maybe I’ll challenge it, and if it’s good reading, I’ll post it too. Because all I did was quote you.

    You and the rest of your free speech advocating mates might want to read up on the copyright acts, which state that we can quote you for the purposes of criticism and satire:

    Anyway, these are the quotes Rebecca doesn’t want us to comment on, where she tries to tell us UM has no victims, lest it curtail the molestation and the profits:

    With all their noise and posturing and the constant output of lies on their dark little corner of the interweb one fact remains — there are no ‘victims’ coming forward — because there are no victims — only hundreds of people blogging about their positive experiences of UniMed. And those that find UniMed is not for them – well most of them are the same as any other decent human being — they are respectful of other peoples right to choose how they want to live their lives; and they have this really decent way of not telling you what health and well-being workshops you should attend on the weekend.

    The hate-bloggers are obsessed with money – as if having a successful business that helps hundreds of people globally is a crime…
    And the money obsession is so old — the cost of a lecture with Serge Benhayon is $5 – what is that, the price of a coffee?
    In time the absurdity will come to light of the whole farcical media campaign..until then..we keep telling it how it is…

    And Rebecca, you continue your self-loving bullying and we’ll continue to quote your denials. There’s no law against it. Censorship is strictly Esoteric.

    • If anyone puts anything on the internet, it is there for all to see whether they like it or not.
      Open to criticism and analysis – elementary really. I do not see what the fuss is all about RB. It is what you wrote RB and what you feel RB and you are always given full credit for your work and words….but then Universal Medicine is all about total control, isn’t it?

  25. you know who's brudda says:

    I missed out on this little flurry of events. Hooray for my sanity. Yet the distance gives me time to reflect on the ‘absurdity’ of Kyla/Rebecca’s/Rachel’s position that there isn’t a whiff of impropriety about Serge.

    Let me pose a scenario. There is a guy called Hank. He’s about 32. He’s married, got 3 kids. For some reason, they billet a young girl at their home for a number of years. Hank is a little odd. In fact, he’s a control freak. He decides what they eat, what they do, the music they should like. He even likes them to shower with the doors open. A few people notice something a little untoward going on between Hank and the young charge. In fact, Hank and his wife, Reba are fighting quite a lot since she came along. She remains at the house for a few years, then finally leaves. The young girl- lets call her Caringbah- doesn’t move too far away. ( we’ll fill in this gap later) Now quite a few years later, Hank who has become a renowned doctor in the area, and has divorced Reba a few years earlier and kept a low dating profile (though he was known to brag that a lot of women were attracted to him) suddenly announces that he and Caringbah are together and getting married…

    Now, even with the best interpretation, that has just a whiff of something wrong. Doc Hank is hooking up with a young lass the same age as his own children who he has known from a prepubescent child. Hmmm. Well, I know if it was your average guy, all of the enlightened anti-women abuse UM members would be coming down on him like a ton of bricks. But in Hanks case it is A-Okay. Why, because he is their “trusted” doctor. So trusted, when Hank gets accused of financial shenanigans- he was asking his patients to donate to him so he could pay off a mortgage on his properties, and he also lied about his financial past- that his patients shrugged their shoulders and without so much as a thought about it rushed on TV to defend good old Hank. In some cases, it meant the end of some of Hanks patients relationships. Hank, a quite enlightened guy, had no qualms about being an agent for that at all. And the patients, mostly woman, didn’t see anything strange at all in doing it- after all Hank is such a good guy, that he cannot do any wrong. As Hank says, it is because the other people are jealous of him, and his new wife Caringbah.

    Now a few of Hanks main patients- they seem to be sick quite a lot- called Kyla/Rebecca/Rachel assure everyone that they are above ordinary in knowing when someone is shonky and sleazy. They are so sure, they set up blogs to defend hank. and write copious words on why he is such a good guy. When outsiders think this behaviour is just a little unusual, they suggest that they may be under his influence. After all, like a lot of other patients, they spend a lot of time going to courses Hank puts on where Hank denounces all the other medico’s in the area and proclaims an exclusive knowledge. But these patients are insulted by this. After they are intelligent people. Their behavior is as perfectly normal as is Hank’s unusual relationships and behavior.

    Of course the patients would not like to hear at all the Hank in fact never stopped living with Caringbah, or that Reba, understandably upset made very serious accusations about Hank when he suddenly quit the marriage to move in with his young charge. And if they did, would that qualify as abuse? as sexual manipulation? In their minds, probably not. And if they knew that their denials further hurt the parents of Caringbah who had endured years of heartache would they care? It seems not. In fact, it only encourages them more to blog about how great Hank is, and how everyone else is actually an abuser- sexual or otherwise.

    Of course a person like Hank couldn’t really exist. Such a guy who manipulates a young girl into a sexual relationship with him at a young age, and then flaunts it in the face of his patients, and even gets them to defend him by exposing their own sexual history would be a monster.

    Yep, in the words of Hank, that would be ‘absurd’.

    • That sounds like the screenplay of a David Lynch film.

      Except weirder. And grimier.

      You could kind of get people mistakenly trusting a doctor, but our ‘Hank’ is no doctor – he’s a cheap bogan scam artist. Bewildering.

      And wordpress have forwarded Rebecca’s complaint of breach of copyright, which I’ll be posting soon with comments and criticism as is my right. She’s as shameless as ever.

  26. you know who's brudda says:

    Yes, the doctor part was supposed to be irony.

    But luckily there’s no such Hank out there tricking people into giving him money illegally to pay of mortgages, inventing therapies almost exclusively focused on woman’s private parts, labeling anyone that doesn’t agree with him as ‘without-love’ and telling his patients they are better of being alone for the rest of their lives. Or who spends a lot of time talking about paedophilia and under age sex while married to a girl he met who had just left primary school.

    Because no one would fall for that…would they.