Esoteric Judas – dealing with dissent in the Universal Medicine cult

judas640_360 Serge Benhayon’s Esoteric ‘truth’ is so flawless and divinely all encompassing no one ever need question it. Yet, once in a while a cult member does the unthinkable and ‘detracts’ from the work. In Benhayon’s EDG Message 9, we are not told how such detractors behaved, except that they aren’t fully committed to the Livingness death drive, but we get a taste of how Benhayon handles dissent – by comparing the less committed with the apostle Judas, accusing them of jealousy and damning them to repeated future incarnations with mental disabilities such as autism and Down Syndrome.


EDG Message 9 – Dealing with comparison and jealousy

‘A concise in-depth study of how the ‘measured esoteric life’ does not pay-off’ 

Jealousy & comparison = some of the most self-destructive emotional forces of all

What exactly is jealousy?

Jealousy is the reflection of one ignoring the deep pain of separating from their own light whilst others move on in theirs.

Note that – jealousy is very closely tied in with living a ‘measured life’, which, in this case of the esoteric student, is the ‘measured esoteric life’.

Let’s begin this small study with the following quote —

‘Some of the greatest detractors of the Hierarchy’s work on Earth are often found within the student body’ — SIB

The above is, most unfortunately, true. That said, such misaligned and misdirected students have never succeeded in stopping the work, which is what the force that works through them wants to achieve. However, whilst the astral-force fails on all but a few counts, and thus takes a different route in its failed fury, the misaligned student/s, at times, succeed in making a small dent in an otherwise whole for all concerned. As such is the greatest example of all — in the case of Judas. He set-up Yeshua for a confrontation Judas wanted to watch. The drive to have Yeshua tested against the precepts of the heads of a certain type of Jewish faith came from his desire of wanting to be more but, at the same time, feeling his lack of true fiery commitment … a classic case of jealousy. It was jealousy and not Judas’ greed, as has been erroneously and conveniently touted by the Roman Catholic Church, that led to Yeshua’s eventual physical end.

Did Judas succeed?

He succeeded to spoil the ease in which most could have had access to the work in the area it was originally designed to be at … this was the Plan. A small win for the lords of form – hence, the small ‘dent’. As far as Yeshua is concerned, he simply and effortlessly re-incarnated and did one thousand more Divine acts, teachings and ‘earthings’ as Apollonius in his immediate next life. In Divine grace and under the same impress, Peter and Magdaleena carried on the work in full and thus the Plan that led to the showing of how the esoteric life can live in full in the temporal world. As a result of Peter and Magdaleena taking the same impress forth, many were advanced in their initiations and the whole Cathar movement was launched. The impress lasted twelve hundred years … and, even though it was again stopped by the wannabe Cathars within the body of the Cathar movement, it energetically still lives today within those who were exposed to it … something that forever remains to be re-ignited. Meanwhile, Judas, who took his own life when he saw that his plan to have Yeshua tested backfired with Yeshua’s arrest, something he did not want or expect, has tried ever since to be the one others look up to or seek their truth from. He (Judas), in suicide, passed over in the momentum of his own pranic doing — a two thousand year jealous driven ill and very agonising momentum that ended in his last life as an astral impulsed guru. He now will face the usual series of mentally retarded lives followed by some autistic and down syndrome lives thereafter. This will help him heal his out of control spirit and thus contain him to experience life in the self-driven care of those who will emotionally attend to his needs…

We could have a lot of fun here guessing who this was directed at, what they’d done to deserve Sergio’s Esoteric wrath, and whether or not they’re still forking out cash to be spiritually blackmailed.

As spherical as Benhayon’s messages are, its still possible to read between the lines. As the message drags on (and on), he carries on about ‘the measured Esoteric life’ – SergeSpeak for not being fully brainwashed. Serge can’t possibly reach transcendental realms of financial success if cult members are even minutely resistant.

Anyhow, from the following I’m surmising one or more cult members realized Serge is full of it, and that the non Esoteric life is healthier, happier, less expensive and more fun. Maybe one or more spoke up about it, went on to be happier, healthier and better off financially, made Serge look like a pervey little weed and were labelled ‘jealous’ and Judas for their troubles.

Note also that comparison, like jealousy, is an Esoteric sin, unless of course you’re Serge and you’re comparing dissenters with Judas, or rating followers on his very own initiation scale, where he occupies poll position a few levels ahead of the Dalai Lama.

The point is this …  On the surface, and due to the outward ill expression of jealousy, it may appear that what Judas wanted most was to be it … the one, the Christ for The Christ on Earth. The truth is, Judas was furious because he knew he could be it as that is forever the humble emanation of any World Teacher. What Judas also knew, albeit unconsciously, was the fact that he (Judas) fell short in his initiation as a result of his previous (lives) temporal rewarding and indulgent ways (the ‘measured esoteric life’). And so, Yeshua, by reflection, brought up in Judas all that he had indulged-in against what he felt was true … in other words, Yeshua showed how with dedication and loving discipline one can arise to heal and truly represent God on Earth. Judas wanted to have that role. Being close to it, and feeling the fact, he felt he should have got it but, he conveniently ignored the fact that in his previous lives he had in some way chosen the ‘measured esoteric life’ … in other words — do enough to arise and better oneself, but not go all the way. And hence the jealousy –

the self-fury when you see that another makes the loving choices you do not choose to make and, instead, choose the pranic comfortable alternative.

Note that — those who ‘sell-out’ to the pranic alternative, are very spiritually rewarded in one temporal way or another.

Yes, they’re happier, healthier and better off.

In one form of ‘astral reward’, the issue you do not want to see will not come-up for you, so to speak. In more ingrained ‘rewarded’ cases, one can also further their pranic appetite and achieve whatever it is they lust after and or desire … a triumph that is fully aided by the Pranic Consciousness. In all cases, no matter what you use the pranic-light for, whether it be to serve your measured life or to help suppress your own fury at not dedicating yourself to the esoteric task at hand, your life will appear to improve as the emptiness gets filled by the astral only to have the fire recede, ever so slowly, to the point and with deliberate design so that you will not know it is happening … It is the ultimate insidious trap.

Yes, being happier, healthier, richer, more successful etc. is NOT ESOTERIC! 😮

Exposing the root ill momentumchoosing to live a ‘measured esoteric life’ whilst being involved with the esoteric work in any way will nearly always guarantee you a ‘better’ life but, the ‘better life’, may not always come from the esoteric impulse … WATCH-OUT FOR THIS GRAND ILLUSION…


And for the right price you can get the greater initiation package and a bonus deal of God’s special light.

Those who choose the measured-esoteric-life will always come across those who have not measured it and thus they will come across those who will hold greater initiations and thus greater roles in its expression on Earth under the direct impulse of the Hierarchy … it is here where the real fury ignites, for the measured life is fully exposed when the real light of God is seen in expression through those who live to and in its esoteric full…

Although you’re healthier, more relaxed and having more fun, God, Serge and the Hierarchy don’t approve.


When there is jealousy in and amongst the esoteric students, it is not a simple case where one is jealous of another who plays better piano or is seemingly smarter or better looking etc etc. It is a case where one is jealous of another or of those who have taken the exoteric courage, strength and sacrifice to self-love themselves back into their inner-most so that they can once again be with their Soul to help mankind under the impulse of God and the Christ…

blah blah blah…

Consider the facts here presented. The fact that jealousy and or comparison are nothing more than — you being aware that you have made choices that are not loving or not of any true truth…

But, there is yet another point here for those in jealousy or comparison of any kind … especially when the jealousy is towards those who have chosen to make the light of their Soul more dominant than not and thus hold greater roles in service and thus higher self-made marks of Initiation. The one who has chosen their Soul and, adheres to its impulse, no matter how grand or great that may be, never loses out and their cause always gets Divine intervention whereas the wielder of such jealous driven pranic-forces, towards those who are making an effort in accordance to and with the Plan, with no pardon, will always taste the fullness of their pranic choices.

Forever in the fiery will of our Father

Serge Benhayon

Halle-freaking-lujah – full bodied PRANA 😮 – and welcome back to the land of the living.

16 Comments on “Esoteric Judas – dealing with dissent in the Universal Medicine cult”

  1. Darkly Venus says:

    Sergio must be dishing out copious Judas accusations at the moment considering the levels of discontent among his self loving flock.

    It must be bad if news of the ructions among some of his most rabid apologists make it to the accountability bunker.

    Word is, some of the devotees have taken exception to Serge speeding up the death drive. They appear to prefer clinging to dear life and a few atoms of common sense, and have risked the disapproval of the Hierarchy, worse future incarnations and a prognosis of contagious cancer to have a whinge at the Prince of Piss-takes.

    If only the Judases would wake up to the other abuses and stop handing over the cash.

  2. Scarlet Woman says:

    $B mixes his version of Christianity in with his wacko teachings for CONTROL.
    The other day I read a post saying that the followers of UM are so happy as there is no hellfire teaching at $B UM.

    And why say Yeshua and not use the name Jesus?

    Rule or Ruin.

    What are EDG messages and when was this one from?

    The Disability Regulatory Body needs to see $B remarks they are so EVIL. No love there at UM.

    Here’s hoping $erge will be in even more trouble for this than Eddie McGuire was for his comments.Especially seeing He $B & UM are a registered charity.

    Evil evil man so awful and so disturbing are the comments on Autism and disability.
    Expresses $erge’s absolute need for absolute and complete loyalty and control. Or else!

    These comments of Serge’s reminded me so much of the ugly cult I was controlled by.

    • Hi Scarlet,

      Sorry I should have explained EDG stands for Esoteric Development Group – monthly Benhayon family circus performances where Serge rants about underaged sex, how we’re all going to get cancer, how religion, dairy, gluten, sugar and alcohol are more evil than paedophilia and then he asks for donations to the Church of Serge and sells his energetically correct talentless dirge muzak produced by his business partner Chris James and his underachieving children.

      Entry $5.

      I think they’ve changed the format this year though, seeing ex students have sent us their EDG notes and attendance has gone through the floor.

      EDG message 9 is undated, and we presume it was produced sometime after the Cathars were slaughtered, and possibly with the advent of Microsoft Word. The EDG messages are transmissions from the Hierarchy thru Sergio the ex bankrupt, but are transmitted via spherical chronology, so that EDG message 9 probably came out after message 23.

      The more $ergio $crambles $ubscribers $ynapses, the higher the $$$ turnover.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Serge is probably using Yeshua to be fancy – it is the original Hebrew/Aramaic for Jesus, but it’s not like he’s devoutly religious unless it’s toward the cult of his nibs. He can’t resist fiddling with language and yes, I agree, it’s all about control and Esoteric hellfire.

      As for his disgraceful bogus charities, the ACNC has requirements for charities, and one is that they don’t harm so called beneficiaries. It might be time we sent a dossier of Sergio’s toxic healthcare pronouncements and got his charity/tax exempt status revoked. The bastard should be paying extra tax considering the cost of his exploits to public health services including mental health, the family court, social services and to individuals.

      I wonder if the disability regulatory body can do something. Does anyone know?

      I think it might be like the breaches of the Privacy act. There are probably cases for the anti-discrimination boards, but they’d require complainants to come forward.

  3. Scarlet Woman says:

    PP thankyou for that explanation!? I could say pardon.
    I get the gist – control by Serge is achieved thru confusion.

    Look what I just found on Serge site. The Livingness 1.

    SOMERSET – The Sound Training Centre
    – next to The Lighthouse, Tytherington, Frome, Somerset BA11 5BW
    June 1st, 2013 11:00 AM through 4:00 PM
    The Sound Training Centre
    next to the The Lighthouse
    Tytherington, Frome, Somerset, BA11 5BW
    United Kingdom
    “There can never be a case where this course is done and completed. As the energetic times change so too does the workshop adjust, change and reveal the latest presentation of what is needed to get through Earth’s most intense period, and how to take full advantage of what it all means in our daily way of life. This workshop is a great way to introduce Serge/UniMed to your friends and family and for you to touch base with the latest principles and foundations of the Livingness.”

    “There can never be a case where this course is done and completed.”
    Because Serge needs to constantly stock up his huge bank account because He is riddled with GREED!

  4. Feline Aphrodite says:‎
    Basically the Act provides for:

    A stronger whole-of-government, whole-of-community response to the rights and needs of people with a disability.

    A framework for the provision of high quality services and supports for people with a disability.

    The Australian Disability Discrimination Act protects individuals across Australia from direct and indirect discrimination in many parts of public life, such as employment, education and access to premises. The Act makes harassment on the basis of disability against the law. It also protects friends, relatives and others from discrimination because of their connection to someone with a disability.

    For instance Section 23 of the Australian Disability Discrimination Act makes it unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of disability in providing access to or use of premises that the public can enter or use. Building access issues also arise under other DDA provisions including in relation to employment, access to services, and accommodation. And Section 25 of the DDA makes it unlawful to discriminate in provision of accommodation on the grounds of disability of a person or his or her associates.

    Objectives of the DDA Australia

    “To eliminate, as far as possible, discrimination against persons on the ground of disability in the areas of: work, accommodation, education, access to premises, clubs and sport; and the provision of goods, facilities, services and land; and existing laws; and the administration of Commonwealth laws and programs; and to ensure, as far as practicable, that persons with disabilities have the same rights to equality before the law as the rest of the community; and to promote recognition and acceptance within the community of the principle that persons with disabilities have the same fundamental rights as the rest of the community.”

    Under the Act, individuals can lodge complaints of discrimination and harassment with the Australian Human Rights Commission.

    Complaints made under the DDA are made to the Australian Human Rights Commission (previously known as the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, HREOC), which also handles complaints relating to the Racial Discrimination Act 1975, Sex Discrimination Act 1984, Age Discrimination Act 2004 and the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986.

  5. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Do SB & UM allow people with disabilities to join?

    • There’s no joining UM. You either have the $$ and buy the bullshit or not. The cult targets people with disabilities as shown in previous posts tagged ‘soft targets’ from cult psychologist Marianna Masiorski targeting people with depressive disorders and cult physiotherapist and chronic toxic bullshitter and Medicare rorter Kate Greenaway going after autistic children and their parents, while failing to mention Serge’s disgusting ableist views on mental disability.

      What does holding someone’s big toes for half an hour do for them again, Kate? And how does Medicare feel about you calling that ‘physiotherapy’?

      UM is more than happy to take money from the vulnerable. We have Serge on audio bragging about treating people with psychosis – which he probably caused in the first place.

      But as we’ve seen from their bogus consent forms and the disclaimer overkill on all their sites – thanks Feline for sending the link to the extreme Women in Lyingness disclaimer – is that the cult is more than happy to make all kinds of false healing claims, but also tries to buy out of the damage done by inappropriate touching, deceptive information, ineffective treatment, privacy invasions, lack of infection control, the illness producing diet and the covert hypnosis that triggers psychotic episodes.

  6. You know whos Brother says:

    Oh Boy. Just the other day Rebecca went on about how the media told lies about their little group who are just about ‘health and diet choices’ and sexual abuse by everyone except them or anyone they know- especially anyone THEY KNOW. And here it is, the whole wacky doctrine on show, with Serge betraying his real and pathetic motives very clearly. I don’t get how they cannot figure out how they are being manipulated by the little worm.

    So let me get this straight…Serge is the messiah by inference. The detractors ( I am thinking Deborah B here- I mean she has been putting up with his bullshit for 20+ years and has been dragged through hell and back. She’s not going to be too easy to convince) are heading for lifetimes of disabilities (let me tell that to some families with disabled kids I know and then let them loose on the Serge- the grub) Basically, if you haven’t given up all your money, time, commitment to Serge’s vision then you are living a ‘half-arsed esoteric life of ease’.

    “Get over here and get brainwashed by my bullshit! What you haven’t given up your husband and family yet?! You want to remain in that comfort, false emotional love, having sex! like an animal? Don’t you want to be like me? i know how to make love, and have full body orgasms [with my young wife I met when she was 13- nudge nudge]. I know you are jealous…Well you’re just not stepping up are you! What he called UM a cult? Scurrilous lies. Don’t you know he is loveless, and a liar!” 😉 ” No, I didn’t say to leave him… that is your choice…don’t hide behind my words..take responsibility”

    What a gutless turd. A choice of words that will be his undoing BTW. Mark my words.

    I had a thought yesterday when I responded to something Rebecca posted (pointlessly as I don’t think she cares) that Serge claims ‘absolute truth, while everything he does and says is built on absolute lies”- Whether it is his claims to have been well off, an elite tennis coach, the reincarnation of Da Vinci and others, living austerely and investing in helping others, whatever.

    Yet everywhere Serge goes on that if you accept one part of lie, you align with the whole energy of it. The usual hypocrisy that is the hallmark of his way of subverting the truth. You have to admit it is pretty effective. Tell the biggest lies, and make the grandest claims, and because the two are so far apart, if you accept the latter, it is hard (for the culties) to bridge the gap.

    His mangled doctrine pisses me off too. It is so unpoetical and lifeless. He’s made the usual spirituality into a chore and real life subsumed by the shadow of his edifice of grandiose mental meanderings. I cannot for one minute work out how anyone could think there is anything to what he goes on about. There are far better, more eloquent religious constructs out there. His is like an sculpture of a piece of dog do. Yet the culties all go on about how good they feel and walk around like zombies and being AMAZING.

    I have to conclude that is because they have partially lobotomized themselves. How else can you not see that everything Serge says is, in-truth, the biggest pack of lies ever invented.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      If he singled out Deborah Benhayon I reckon there have been plenty of others. Lots of people have defected from the cult. There was that older Uruguayan woman I encountered in 2005 whose name escapes me, Cindee, Serge’s one time editor – who probably burnt out trying to deal with spherical syntax and spelling – although it could have been the molesting and the bullshit. The TV personality who wrote the best seller on quitting sugar. You can bet some of the excommunications have been fiery in the non esoteric sense.

      Ex wife, Deborah can’t really believe she’ll be struck down with lifetimes of disability for disobeying the bloke she once publicly called a paedophile.

      I wonder if she’s realized she could lead a nice life emancipated from him.

  7. Feline Aphrodite says:

    For the record Rebecca Baldwin


    “In effect the hate-bloggers who instigated the media attention were left unsatisfied and as their numbers dwindle, their anonymous online smear campaign has become increasingly outrageous and questionable. Their latest lie, is that Serge Benhayon’s healing techniques are sexually abusive. Anyone who knows Serge Benhayon knows how patently ridiculous that claim is – straight from the same ilk of the ‘Serge Benhayon gives Breast Massages’ lie that was made famous by an easily manipulated press who last year pimped out its pages to become a mega-phone for the hate-blogger’s lies and hate-campaigning.” Quote from R Baldwin

    I repeat again:
    We are not anonymous,(You know this) we have all lodged official complaints and you know who we are.

    Stop telling untruths. Serge has brainwashed you all so well. Lies become truth.

    If you feel that what is said here is lies then why do you REFUSE to answer us?
    Why does Serge refuse to join a public (on camera) debate? He hides behind all his girls.

    How can any of you Umer’s read (just the above let alone all the rest of the evil stuff that comes out of SB UM) and not be so disgusted and so ashamed. These comments from $erge alone on the sick and disabled are absolutely disgusting and very very very evil. How dare He.

    Why do you stay associating yourselves with something so so evil you Umer’s

    There is not a hint of love truth and integrity in any of it.

    Evil evil Nonsense. Money money money.

  8. Scarlet Woman says:

    “The cult of confessions which involves telling all others details of your personal life reveals a lot about how Serge gets inside peoples heads and subverts their view of the world.”,107998,120667,page=154#msg-120667

    Please help me get my head around this.

    Kyla openly talks about her many sexual abuses – I really feel for what she has been through.

    BUT why???? did the cult of Serge & UM allow her to put this on the internet for all to see.

    BUT that is not all, I have just found that all of the details of her current sex life are also
    able to be read by all. Why?

    Kyla has been a victim of sexual abuse in the past, any normal human not only finds knowing all these intimate details very distasteful, and it is private between partners but even more so it is so unacceptable for someone so vulnerable. She has been preyed upon as far as I see.

    Why does Serge have to know all of this. Well it is obvious and makes me sick.
    He certainly preys upon the sick disabled and vulnerable.

    It definitely is a sick evil cult….no doubt at all.

  9. La Métempsycose says:…/healing-gurus-cult-resort/
    “We don’t keep people in a compound. It’s not a commune. We don’t lock the doors. The doors are open. They can leave.” Serge Benhayon. Today Interview 31st July 2012.

    But if they are a member of the inner circle and privy to the reality of how Universal Medicine and its plastic shaman actually operate and have the courage to expose the full extent of the corruption of this organisation then they, like Judas to his Christ, are subject to ” a two thousand year jealous driven ill and very agonising momentum that ended in his last life as an astral impulsed guru. He now will face the usual series of mentally retarded lives followed by some autistic and down syndrome lives thereafter. This will help him heal his out of control spirit and thus contain him to experience life in the self-driven care of those who will emotionally attend to his needs…”
    Now if that isn’t a cult leader’s threat to a potential dissenting initiate then please explain to me why it isn’t.

  10. You know whos Brother says:

    As a fifth level master who knows everything in the universe- even how other beings aren’t inconvenienced by legs and arms like us low-life humans- it is intriguing how the focus of his doctrine is the Judea-Christian timeline. Even on this little backward planet there are thousands of cultures, creation stories and religions. Why is the connection to that one particular one so important? Why not another, or one from Sirius where he spends some of this time in the fifth dimension..?

    It would have nothing to do with the fact that Serge is from a fairly orthodox Jewish family would it? Or that he is appealing to a customer base of people from a christian background? No of course not.

    Why do I keep deconstructing Serge’s bullshit I ask myself? I guess I am intrigued that anyone can buy any of his stories. It reminds me of when I was teenager and I knew this guy who boarded with a neighbor and told us he had seen a UFO close up, and went into immense detail. So much, that everyone started to get into the story. He was very emotional about, very excited. Very convincing. And very smooth talking… To the point we were talking about it for months after..right up to the day he was arrested for bag snatching and indecent assault on a train, and it turned out that was his day job.

    Afterwards we realized the tall story was directly proportional to his sins. A lesson I’ve never forgotten.

    • If Serge’s tall stories are proportional to his sins, he’s been one bad boy. He’s written seven volumes of published tripe now, there’s the UM website, the EDG messages, regular emails to the faithful, and he can verbally harangue them for hours with it.

      He’s a more prodigious bullshitter than Gurdjieff or Jim Jones.