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Sanity can prevail, even when it comes to Eunice Minford

For those who don’t know, Eunice Minford, consultant surgeon, interfaith minister, Esoteric healer and euthanasia enthusiast is the Universal Medicine cult’s über apologist, spraying Esoteric self-love and accusations of media bias all over the internet in defence of millionaire self styled healer and genital grabber Serge Benhayon. The previous post took a look at Eunice’s Facebook page, complete with wackjob conspiracy theories and her Esoteric jokes at the expense of UM victims, their loved ones and their pets.

Those of us exposing Universal Medicine and its underwhelming leader believe the cult would be wrecking substantially fewer lives if it didn’t have the endorsement of obstinately misguided medical professionals, like Eunice and her peers; Dr Samuel Kim, Dr Howard Chilton, Dr Maxine Szramka, Dr Anne Malatt and Dr Jane Barker.

Complaints were made about all of them to Australian and UK medical regulators, but so far no action has been taken. In spite of a couple of the doctors gloating about assisted death and all of these doctors being in breach of their codes of conduct – exploiting patients’ lack of medical knowledge, financially exploiting patients, referring patients to unqualified practitioners with whom they have personal and financial relationships (i.e. conflicts of interest) and breaching advertising and research guidelines – the regulators have not seen fit to investigate the breaches let alone take disciplinary action.

However, a look at Eunice’s Soulful Doctor site reveals Eunice has been reprimanded for her conduct. The site still plugs all the usual cult balderdash – a presentation by unqualified Breast massager, Mary Louise Myers, endorsements of amateur gynaecologist/rape counsellor Serge Benhayon and thousands of words of pseudoscience, eating disorder apologism and denialist sexual abuse outrage. But Eunice is no longer advertising her surgical services on the  site, and she’s removed the contact details for her surgical practice.

It also appears Eunice has had to move her Esoteric consultations out of her medical rooms to a ‘Wellbeing Centre’ where she is now slumming it with a group of life coaches and NLP practitioners, who are no doubt oblivious to Universal Medicine’s damnation of all non Esoteric healing modalities.

We’d call that a small win for Universal Medicine Accountability. Venus made a complaint about Eunice to the UK GMC, which determines doctors’ fitness to practice and was told that in spite of her advertising assisted suicide alongside surgical services and Serge Benhayon, they couldn’t rule her unfit. Who wants to bet the same council members, if they or their loved ones required surgery, would object to going under Ms Minford’s scalpel?

Anyway, on notifying the GMC, Venus also notified the hospital trust that employs her (and a few British newspapers), and sent them details of complaints made to the NSW HCCC, images of Sergio groping at genitals and calling it ‘healing’ for sexual abuse and a list of links to news reports about UM. (All using her name – not anonymously as the cult likes to pretend.)

Hospitals are averse to risk, more so than regulatory bodies, because it’s hospitals that have to explain mishaps to patients and their families, foot the bill and cop the damage to reputations. While Eunice might be entitled to her beliefs, she’s not entitled to recruit public surgical patients to a sexually abusive death cult.

So, while we battle ineffectual regulators, it’s good to know someone takes UM’s harmdoing seriously.

To Eunice, wake up and smell the decaf. We imagine your employers called special conferences about this issue and gave you a stern talking to. Among your employers are seasoned professionals of high integrity – large hospitals can’t operate without them. We can’t imagine they have much, if any, respect for your conduct. Yet, you choose to shun those who work hard to maintain accountability to back Benhayon, in spite of all the evidence making a mockery of his Esoteric ‘truth’. You’re still actively participating in UM workshops and promoting Benhayon in flagrant disrespect of those damaged by UM, and you’re increasingly alienating yourself from integrity and reason. We know your last workshop got canned. But you’re still selling toxic ‘medicine’ and clinging to your beliefs and ideals, even though Serge himself says beliefs and ideals are ‘loveless’.

Serge of Interest – Private Eye Magazine’s expose of Minford & UM’s links with the NHS


2 Comments on “Sanity can prevail, even when it comes to Eunice Minford”

  1. Feline Aphrodite says:

    “Those of us exposing Universal Medicine and its underwhelming leader believe the cult would be wrecking substantially fewer lives if it didn’t have the endorsement of obstinately misguided medical professionals, like Eunice and her peers; Dr Samuel Kim, Dr Howard Chilton, Dr Maxine Szramka, Dr Anne Malatt and Dr Jane Barker.” Here Here

    We are very aware of the fact that wacko dangerous cults come and they go.
    A lot of the characteristics of Cult leaders are very similar to others who are diagnosed with mental illness. EG: Schizophrenia. Schizophrenics I do believe say and believe that they are someone from history or are Jesus Christ. ‘The One’

    What makes UM and $B and endorsers so so so REPREHENSIBLE and so so so DANGEROUS is the word ‘Medicine” in the name and the fact that there are members of the Medical Profession endorsing it.

    UM is in a category of it’s own.

    When $B planned all of this He did such a good job in marketing and learning mind control. $B sure did his homework, He was flying under the radar for so many years whilst he established himself.

    If Doctors choose to belong to wacko evil cults in their private lives that is their choice, but to bring all of this evil stuff into their patients lives and for Dr’s to sanction it is unforgivable.
    They are supporting a money making mongrel.
    No integrity no love no truthfulness. No Hippocratic Oath.

  2. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    My cult is also heavy on euthanasia. But my regular readers know that. Such cults will crop up like mushrooms given the lopsided demographics all over the world. In addition, my cult believes in teaching of eternal damnation. However, we do not see the need for sciency talk.