This week’s cult oddities


Eunice Minford’s Esoteric sense of humour, Joel Levin’s outrage scale, Jane Keep’s mastery of the Universe and the RMRC site gets hacked.

Consultant Surgeon and cult apologist extraordinaire, Eunice Minford‘s Facebook page is not anywhere a sane person would want to linger, particularly when one tries to account for the number of ‘friends’ against the content of her posts. It’s a grab bag of silliness, between the pseudoscience, the hypocritical blustering about sex crimes and homophobia and the conspiracy theories. The bombs had barely gone off in Boston before Eunice was linking to ‘reports’ from the source of utmost journalistic integrity — YouTube.


But to really get to know the soulful and self-loving, euthanasia enthusiast it’s best to look at her Esoteric jokes. Eunicehatescats

Yeah, real funny Eunice. Serge says cats are PRANIC! 😮 because they represent spirit rather than Esoteric ‘soul’, resulting in a heap of cult members taking their cats to the pet shelter to be destroyed or adopted out, and Eunice thinks cat hating is funny.

She has a similar Esoteric sense of humour about marriage.

Marriage is like a deck of cards. In the beginning all you need is two hearts and a diamond. By the end you wish you had a club and a spade.


Very tasteful, Eunice. Particularly for a major recruiter to a cult that specializes in destroying relationships and families, and fetishizes death. Note the lols from Sarah Cloutier, another morbid apologist promoting the Esoteric eating disorder they call a ‘diet’ on the HuffPost site.


We know, Eunice.

Ohhh, we know.

Our sense of humour in the anti-cult bunker is very un-Esoteric. For example, we think it’s funny Eunice planned to hold an introductory one day mind fuck and pseudoscience workshop called ‘Life is Medicine’ at the Lighthouse last month for £85 per head. The publicity included threats of poetic expression and ‘humour’.

It was cancelled.

Ha ha ha.

Next is cult oddball Joel Levin, who runs AHA Consulting, assisting ‘organisations, stakeholders and communities to engage in quality deliberation, debate and decision making’ or something. Whatever. Obviously he can sell that on Planet Earth, but we all know there’s no dice for deliberation, debate and autonomous decision making on Planet Serge, where followers await every pronouncement from ‘The One’ and dare not question.

Anyway, the really fun item sent to us from Joel’s site is the ‘Outrage Factors Assessment Worksheet‘, LOL. It’s rather  a sensible document. One wonders if Joel has thought of applying it to the cult he’s happy to spruik on the internet.

Anyway, without reprinting the whole thing, according to AHA consulting, the outrage factor can influence a stakeholder’s willingness to take on a project. We might suggest a stakeholder is a loved one of a Universal Medicine cult member, or even a potential recruit with access to the FACTS. According to the consultancy, a high outrage factor exists when a project is forced upon people rather than being chosen; is artificially created, rather than occurring naturally; is strange as opposed to familiar; involves dread and catastrophe; is ill defined (spherical perhaps); run by a group where minimal control is given to individuals; is considered immoral by the collective; is managed by an organization the community does not trust; and includes a reactive process with little information provided along the way.

Sound like anyone we know?

Ex Esoteric Breast Massager Jane Keep wrote a cheerful little blog post about karma, causality, magical thinking, car park bingles and insufferable anti-sociability and ingratitude. It’s difficult to tell which is more bent, her car’s fender or her cult warped mind.

In short, someone damaged Jane’s red car all because she ignored her precious feelings and instead of buggering off from work at the usual time, she stayed behind because someone asked to converse with her (an imposition regarded by UM as ‘abuse’). She reckons her car wouldn’t have been hit if she’d listened to her body, honoured her self loving choices, behaved more antisocially and pissed off went she felt like it. The ding in her car was KARMA! for not being narcissistic enough. A bunch of truth bloggers agreed and congratulated her on her  amazing insight.

The whingeing is unbearable, particularly since she expended however many words and gentle breaths bitching about how she was NOT angry at the other driver for a bit of panel damage. The other driver actually did the unthinkable and left a note with his contact details, so not only did he fess up, but he covered the repairs.

But never mind the guy’s decency or her good fortune. The catastrophic incident was telling Jane all about her CONTROL OF THE UNIVERSE.

In this simple incident I could feel how the choices I make are connected to something much greater, something that connects with everyone else/everything else, and this confirmed what I had already known somewhere deep down: that every single action, incident, occurrence in our lives has a deeper meaning and is related to our choices – in this case my choice to dishonour my feelings and stay later, so my car was, if you will, ‘out of place’ and consequently was not ‘seen’. My choice to stay was the cause, the effect being that someone bumped into my car.

This incident has certainly given me a gentle nudge to pay full attention to my feelings, and that even a moment’s delay can have an implication somewhere down the line, whatever that implication is. 

Yep, Jane Keep is able to control the universe with her self-loving choices. Nothing can ever go wrong if one follows pervey Uncle Sergey.

The psychiatry community have a full set of terms for that condition.

As one of our correspondents commented, replace the fender bender with sexual assault or murder and you get the full psychological toxicity of Serge’s victim blaming.

Finally, Real Media Real Change is whining their website was hacked. A little birdie told us the site had been suspended and Venus got excited thinking Sarah Davis had come to her senses, but no. I’m not sure the hacking was apparent on most web browsers, but I did try to access the site on my mobile and got a loop of rather festive porn. (I don’t know if I was seeing correctly or because the screen was small, but there were body parts in those shots I didn’t know existed…)

Anyway, Venus must be going soft because she felt sorry for Sarah for about 7.5 seconds, until I reminded her RMRC is a cult front anti-free speech pimping operation for Esoteric Women’s Health, with zero transparency, who helped get her blog shut down. That snapped her out of it. Then we got on a Joel Levin outrage roll and looked up their latest Facebook offerings. If their deregistered International Women’s Day punt wasn’t bad enough, RMRC is now parasitially attaching itself to the campaigns against the sexualization of children by the mass media.

Vile hypocrites!

Real Media Real Change energetically market inappropriate touching as healing by the Universal Medicine cult, and clearly have no objection to adolescent girls staying for extended periods in the Messiah’s home with the wife he cohabited with since she was 13.

It’s no wonder they were hacked.

11 Comments on “This week’s cult oddities”

  1. For more cult silliness, UM has posted the propaganda from their last Lennox Head RETREAT! (‘retreat’ should always be used as a verb when it comes to this particular cult, present imperative at that)

    In short, the cult is now posting photos of the outdoors, as in daylight. There are a couple of vampire shots: full moon with bat, Esoteric mosh pit, Serge trying to hide his fangs, but if I were the cult I wouldn’t be making too much of the natural beauty of Lennox Head, because it might awaken followers to the fact they spent four or five days penned up indoors on bloody uncomfortable chairs staring into each others’ glazed eyeballs and missing out on LIFE.

    And if that’s the best pic they could get of ‘The One’, he’s in lousy shape. Who knew the undead could sell a health service?

    No wonder he hates garlic.

  2. You know whos Brother says:

    The number of people looks closer to 400, which is disturbing because it means that Serge managed to take another 600K + in CASH from his non-cult members, and that so many people are still sucked into the vortex of spherical stupidity and are subjecting themselves to five long days of mind-numbing numb-skullery, and taking their teenage children to have their young and impressionable brains done over by the master of misandry and mental mischief- Kyla I mean you. That should be illegal and any parent taking impressionable children should be reported to FaCs (but not the Lismore branch, a hot bed of culties who remarkably can’t figure out that their exalted leader has an unusual preoccupation with pedophilia and see nothing suss in the miraculous materialization of young wife replete with an unbelievable back story)

    It also means Serge and co are trying to downplay their numbers, probably because they know the ATO is sniffing around doing the maths, which any dumbo with a calculator who can count past 10 could figure is yielding one SB plenty of bucks for cash reno’s at his house, the purchase of new cars, some property at Coollongatta, and more cash, cash cash cash.

    And it’s almost futile pointing out the dumbness of his followers and their carrying on. They’re all trying their best to shoehorn it into their professions to rationalize it. “People are depressed. They are not esoteric” “People get cancer. They are not esoteric” “People get upset. They are not esoteric” – Amazing, step up, truth, hard-ness, beauty-full.

    When you’re lost down the rabbit hole, your lost. But when there’s a lot of other people down there with you, with flowers in their hair, a slightly glazed look, and a pick ‘n mix of cult cliches, finding your way back to the surface is nigh on impossible. I feel sorry for them because they all think they are on to something gathering to re-affirm it to each other. But in truth they have been hoodwinked, ripped off, abused, mind f***d, manipulated and made to behave like nasty little narcissists because its “love, truth, esoteric” and Serge Benhayon is happy to keep taking their money, rip families apart, fill kids heads with dangerous ideas, de-sexualise woman, vilify men, steal their lives, their loves, their lives….all so he can be right and his safe in the wall at his home keeps filling up with cash, cash cash cash. And if there is every any trouble, he just sets his followers to his defence- ” as the man with the most integrity, care and love in the world”

  3. You know whos Brother says:

    “Eunice Minford. Eunice is unique as she has wide experience as a Surgeon having qualified and trained in Transplantation and General Surgery and in addition has also obtained Academic and Applied qualifications in matters of the spirit and soul. Thus she is ideally suited to offer a range of services encompassing the whole mind, body, heart, spirit and soul complex.”

    “…and in addition has also obtained Academic and Applied qualifications in matters of the spirit and soul” I mean, really? where do you get that? At a tarot card reading, from Serge’s backside, out of thin air?? And right after her qualification (presumably real) of being able to transplant body parts.

    “Thus she is ideally suited to offer a range of services encompassing the whole mind, body, heart, spirit and soul complex” WTF is the soul complex? is this something she has measured and mapped back at the coven and the only one on earth aware of it?? And doesn’t she know Serge says spirit is PRANIC.

    “Now let me see. Yes, that leg goes there, that spirit goes there, and the soul there. Oh no, the body is rejecting the soul! Quick on the hotline to Serge central to see what he has to say!”

    “Hello this is the Sergery. Soul rejecting you say. Hmmm. Hmmmm. Its clearly a case of a lower carnal entity channeling from the fourth astral dimension due to karmic interference patterns. I feel the patient was a pedophile in a former life, and probably murdered someone with a rock. I think the best way is to let the patient dump prana and drown in a pool of their own bile, thus equalising the karmic akashic records and allowing them to ascend to a higher initiate level…”

    “Oh lovely Serge. beauty-full, thank-you. You’re a man of such integrity and knowledge…let me blog something totally incomprehensible and improvable and use a lot of cult words in your honour…”

    • Darkly Venus says:


      Where’d you get Eunice’s blurb? From her site?

      She’s also an interfaith minister or something, but I bet she doesn’t tell her fellow interfaithers that he of the ‘utmost integrity’ is hostile to all other religions, beliefs, ideals and spirituality. And he thinks we’re all better off dead.

    • Feline Aphrodite says:

      OMG! I have just found the blurb on Eunice Minford site.

      You know whos brother – you have summed it all up so well. It sounds like it is a joke but its not.

      It is all so scary, like a bad dream – that you so hope you will wake up soon.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        Thanks for this – you prompted me to look at Eunice’s site, and I’ve noticed a few changes. It appears Eunice has been asked or told to pull her woolly head in – no doubt by her employers.

        I’ll post about it later here on the FACTS site.

      • You know whos Brother says:

        Feline, the frightening thing is it is much more true that you can know. Yet.

  4. Darkly Venus says:

    When negative press reports came out about the cult mid last year, Eunice went on an Esoteric social media rampage with accusations of media bias and smear campaigns – yet her idea of journalistic integrity is wackjob YouTube conspiracy theories.

    I described Eunice’s antics to a surgeon I know, and she said the medical profession is like any other population – it has its share of idiots.

  5. You know whos Brother says:

    That single joke is very pertinent. Firstly, of course Eunice is single. Who could live on the planet she’s on ? but more darkly and at the dark heart of UM, “I think I am the one” sums up their whole narcissistic creed. Imagine if everyone in the world reached the same conclusion? I guess Serge’s master plan would be achieved- no low carnal humans entrapping souls and hoodwinking them with ‘spirit’ and prana. Eunice really is the poster girl for cult stupidity.