The Universal Medicine Cult targets depressed people

Natasha Bieniek,  4:15

Esoteric psychology is another malnourished sprout from cult leader Serge Benhayon’s compost filled mind, and in this introduction from the Medicine and Serge Benhayon site, cult psychologist, Marianna Masiorski B. Psych., dispenses with professional credibility and uses pseudoscience, deception and hypnotically manipulative language to tell depressed people the answer to their problems is to join a cult.

And then give up.

Ms Masiorski’s post is all the more sinister in the light of the Universal Medicine cult’s unethical and unlawful gathering of private medical information from clients, including detailed questions on mental health conditions. The following is an indication of how such information is used to target the vulnerable.

Beyond Depression – An Effortless Approach

6 May 2013

By Marianna Masiorski B Psych (Hons) MAPS (Sunshine Coast, Australia)

We grow up living in a way that is pushed, and believing that striving, effort and strain in all areas of life will deliver “something better”. And I see that this approach has transferred to financial or material “gains” as adults and also has tainted our approach to healing in general and our mental or emotional health…

Effort is a hoax. An effort-full approach creates physical tension and depletion in the human body AND is particularly damaging when applied in psychological therapy, by either therapist or patient. Effort is essentially a “push” that we submit ourselves to and subscribe to as a “normal” way of living. Effort towards something is an admission that we feel “less than”, in the place we define ourselves to be currently. This is actually painful, physically and psychologically and needs to be addressed in any form of therapy.

The recommended Esoteric remedy for dealing with difficult situations is submission and inertia, and Masiorski tells victims it’s less painful to lie down and let the cult think and act and make decisions for you than to work through difficulties and develop resilience.

So long as the cash holds out.

From there, blessed Marianna carries on with a lot of Sergisms along his standard conversion line – targeting people with issues of self worth and weakening them further by amplifying misery, rather than taking the therapeutically responsible approach of highlighting the patients strengths and using them as a basis to build from.

For many clients understanding or identifying the pain of feeling “less”, or another way to put it is “lack of self worth”, and having the fact that “effort” exposes and actually creates a pain based on judgement of that lack of self worth is a necessary first step in the therapeutic process. If this painful lack of self worth is not identified, therapy becomes like trying to shovel sand away from an Arabian sand dune…the sand just keeps slipping to the spot where you dig…

If “effort” has been “the way” for us for so long, what are the options? Naturally we think of no effort, or effortlessness, which for many people, the first response is, “but that would lazy”, or “but then I won’t get anything done”. “Effortlessness”, on the other hand is not to be mistaken for laziness or giving up, but a different APPROACH to how we might view ourselves, how we might engage life or more specifically in medical or mental health treatments.

Using the cult’s favourite obfuscatory marketing ploy, Marvellous Marianna never lays out what this APPROACH entails. She focuses on what it is not. If it’s not laziness or giving up, what is it? She never discloses that Esoteric ‘effortlessness’ refers to psychological shut-down – a state of advanced, cash drained zombiedom.

And the impact of this on our own health and mental wellbeing is enormous, for two reasons. 1) we begin to be able to reverse the negative physical impacts on the body of continual effort and push, which equates to STRESS and TENSION.

To be replaced with weakness, lassitude, cognitive dissonance, cognitive impairment, dependency and malnutrition.

2) We have pinpointed the psychological root cause of symptoms and problems, that being, LACK of SELF WORTH and FEELING LESS THAN.


Following the hypnotic repetition, Marianna then moves confidently into pseudoscience.

It takes no effort to breathe. Our body does this naturally, without strain or effort. We do it naturally and rhythmically in our sleep. In fact, many functions of the human body, if left to their natural way of being, unimpeded by toxins or tension will function without effort, for example, the vascular system. The heart just simply beats and the veins and arteries support this process throughout the whole body.

Yes, the body runs spontaneously, with no need for nourishment or maintenance or the precondition of good health. It just HAPPENS. Leave physiology to people who have a grip, Marianna.

It is only when we have abused the body through chronic effort and tension and exposed the heart to physical toxins such as terrible food, smoking, alcohol etc and emotional toxins such as chronic negative self talk, chronic anger, frustration, sadness and the like, that the heart begins to strain…

Except if you have a congenital heart or lung disorder, or you develop a condition called age, or you do no exercise.

Next comes the routine disparagement of conventional approaches.

If we focus again on psychological therapy, the current, “spirit of the times”, or zietgeist of what is “good therapy”, is something along the lines of a 6 week schedule of sessions, with “homework” to achieve a better or lower score on a questionnaire. Sure the goal is to “feel better” or to “think better” or to function better, and for many, following some NEW SET of ways of behaving or thinking is enough as it is an introduction of a novel way of being which distracts from the pain of feeling less for a time. More than that, is a professionally supported “way of being BUSY”, because this way of being has been prescribed by the psychologist or other mental health practitioner. While there is “effort” placed in “getting better” mentally, emotionally or physically, (the quicker the better), this essentially is just keeping people in the business of push and effort via a new set of tools in business, push and effort.

WHAT is she TALKING ABOUT? If anyone made HEAD OR TAIL of that please TRANSLATE in the comments. And what’s with the CAPS LOCK?

The QUALITY with which we approach a problem is often the problem.

The QUALITY of a psychologist taking lessons from Serge on communicating spherically and intentionally making no sense is also the problem.

Now that vulnerable people are confused by her deceptive use of technical language to tell them nothing, she hones in on her targets.

If we take a closer look at depression, an ever growing problem in our society, we can see how the application of therapy, without first assessing the approach can be damaging.

In my practice I see many people suffering various stages of depression. Depression is not just a “mental health” disorder but the end result of an effort-full, pushed and abusive way of being with ourselves. Depression is the end result of the chronic over-activation of the central nervous system, through and because of the chronic use of EFFORT in our daily lives.

Do you have any research citations for that Marianna B Psych, or does that baseless, irresponsibly simplistic balderdash about a complex and multi-faceted group of disorders come straight from the Book of Serge?

These people almost always have been unaware of how hard they are being on themselves both physically and emotionally. Then, because of this effort and hardness on themselves, they become depleted, exhausted and depressed. Then to complete the circle, they are hard on themselves for being depressed and push hard to get out of the depression. It is no wonder that people keep getting depressed over and over again.

It’s no wonder Ms Marianna sees so many people suffering repeated bouts of depression, – she’s determined to keep them depressed. Even I’m depressed reading this pseudoscientific crap.

Having honed in on the depressed person’s vulnerable points, she repeats the mantra, encouraging submission.

There is no chicken and egg argument here. We live in a physical body, an environment that operates naturally without effort, (when unimposed upon through a negative emotional life or physical toxins). Effort causes tension in the physical body, which we feel as “something wrong” with us. Effort and strain in life is one of those dreadful impositions, which we need not live with and in fact need to understand if we are to become well.

And apart from this heinous stupidity making lousy therapy, I’m wondering where Masiorski found a correlation between effort and feeling ‘something wrong’, and how she managed to work that nonsense into a definition of depression. I’m also wondering what planet people live on where they can survive without effort trying to feed themselves and their families, access healthcare and education, earn a living, navigate the decisions that come with responsibility, and stand up to con artists? Or is an effort-free and strain-free existence another of UM’s middle class fantasies? Freud would have called it infantile wishful thinking. It’s certainly a prelude to surrendering to Serge Benhayon’s Death Drive.

Rinse and repeat — denigrate other approaches and qualified therapists, throw in the Esoteric answers; i.e. all you need to fix complex psychological disorders is gentleness and love, and no one will ever exploit your condition, manipulate you, oppress you, abuse you and rip you off…

Watch for the soothingly hypnotic syntax.

Depression, for example cannot, and will not be “successfully” treated, until FIRST the approach to one’s self has been healed and brought to a more loving and gentle view. YOU are already good enough….stop trying so hard and don’t go to a therapist or practitioner that does not recognise how lovely you are, or that makes you try hard at a form of therapy. Effort is not good for you. Loving ourselves and being gentle with our selves IS. Admitting that we have not thought well of ourselves and in fact treat ourselves badly in rushing and “pushing”, feeling the tension that that effort and push creates and admitting we don’t feel so great about living this way is all that we need to do in order to start healing.

Except once you start ‘healing’, Masiorski and the cult want you to stay on the Esoteric healing mousewheel, jumping through the Esoteric hoops – as if that takes no effort – years of workshops and healings and Serge shifting the goalposts so you can never get it right – until the funds run out, your relationship is over, you’ve lost your friends and everything is a blur.

Perfect therapy for depression.

How we are creates how we live AND how we feel in that living. How we feel is a symptom of how we are. Life need not be hard, it need not be hard to go to work and it is not hard to enjoy the beauty of one’s self.

But it’s damned hard to get one’s self out of the cult.

9 Comments on “The Universal Medicine Cult targets depressed people”

  1. Darkly Venus says:

    We received several disgusted and outraged emails about that post from Ms Masiorski. One of our correspondents went so far as to call the Australian Psychology Board to make a complaint, and was basically told Marianna would have to physically assault a patient or commit some other criminal act against them or show up to consults high on crystal meth for AHPRA to do anything about her.

    Using her professional status to recruit vulnerable people to a sexually abusive death cult doesn’t even warrant a tut tut from the national regulator.

    Carry on Marianna – business as usual – propagating misery for profit.

    I’m putting the complaint in anyway, and one to your professional association.

    • You know whos Brother says:

      A quick visit to the blog reveals the group congratulating Mariana on her Sergified wisdom. Or lack thereof. Gail Cue, who sat through Serge telling her that he knew everything in the universe and babbling on about esoteric astrology incoherently, thinks its going to help her with a current bad situation. Rod “Serge has my gonads” Harvey thinks it is a new way to look at the world, and the rest of them carry on like sycophantic cult members with no self awareness, or understanding that Mariana has said nothing that makes sense or is of any value. I get very scared when I read their posts at how thoughtless they have all become and the power of the cult mindset. What is scarier is they all think it is AMAZING, and they are NOT in a cult. All that under a conceited banner declaring Universal “Medicine” and Western Medicine as the greatest union, and the penny not dropping for any of them. Amazing.

  2. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Darkly Venus that news is so unbelievable! Sad! and so concerning.
    Anyone with a hint of conscience and morality will be disgusted & shocked!

    Good on you for putting in a complaint, we all must! That’s how these things get changed = people power eg: laws that have power and then people/patients are then protected properly.

    What is AHPRA there for and paid to do?????? Nothing!

    Is it any wonder that Mr Springborg (QLD Health Minister) asked of the the Medical Board to prove why those employed there should hold their positions? Maybe this questioning will spread interstate! High time it did.

    Pranic, I too found “THAT” paragraph impossible to make any sense of.
    Marianna must bamboozle her so vulnerable patients.

  3. You know whos Brother says:

    I can imagine Mariana, bedazzled by Serge and his circular ramblings, having little brain snaps and going WOW, AMAZING before duly setting aside commonsense, and a few years of training to write apologetic sergified posts that are are meaningless as any of the drivel that comes out of his fifth dimensional mouth.

    I took this post and had a few (yes 3) psychologists- the ones in the current zeitgeist- have a look at it. And their response was ‘one-unified-truth’ – WTF! is she on about? I also remarked to them that there is 4 or 5 other so called psychologists in the ranks of the cult (which is actually unremarkable as most cults do have a few) as I am interested to know why it is obvious to me, a lay person, that Serge is a grandiose narcissist, and not to the ‘trained’ professionals. They had varying ideas. From they are incapable of diagnosis, had their brains fried, or are just way too close to recognize the symptoms. As an amusing and wholly unscientific test, I printed Serge’s about (wonderful, amazing, perfect) me page. All of them read about two paragraphs, and then raised their eyes with mouths gaping and that looks you have when you’ve encountered unmitigated bullshit. That looks grew worse when I showed them his bankruptcy documents and contrasted that against his claims, still online, of his amazing success. The common response was “Oh My God, what a wanker”. Or some clinical analysis pretty close to that.

    Mariana of course is a total nut job posting this tripe- I hope it is just because she has given her brain over to Serge and she is not necessarily like that au-naturale. That she can practice in this state is frightening and a indictment of a system that is not working. Beliefs should never form the basis for a clinical approach. These people have the power to influence very vulnerable people who assume they have answers to their problems. There should be a code that these people adhere to which stops them espousing and presumably acting out untested ideas.

    I am no expert, but I would guess from first hand experience of people with depression that it is NOTHING TO DO WITH EFFORT and PUSHING oneself. Simply saying “getting rid of negative emotions’ is very simplistic and pretty damn stupid. There are a range of chemical, emotional, environmental and physiological reasons why people suffer depression. If the basis of Mariana’s (or Caroline or Brendan’s) treatments are based on the unfounded, untested, wholly imagined ideas of one Serge “I have absolutely no qualifications, please sign this disclaimer’ Benhayon, they are being totally irresponsible to their profession and the people they are treating and should be stopped.

    Now the worst of it is, Mariana is online blogging this shit with her name and qualifications in the by-line. What does this tell the cult members? What does this tell unsuspecting members of the public? That is why I reported it and the other cult-psychologists to the HCCC. They probably won’t do anything, but at least it is on record so when someone goes nuts and tries to leave planet earth in a rapture of effortlessness, the liability and responsibility can be traced back to these people who are promulgating Serge’s madness dressed up as ‘love and wisdom’

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Good on you and thank you for complaining to the HCCC.

      When I put mine in it’ll include images of Serge inappropriately touching women as a ‘healing’ for sexual abuse, and with his hands on 15 year old Natalie’s bottom and chest, and let them know Sergio met Miranda when she was 13 and that she subsequently moved into his home. Real psychologists know what that means.

      The fact Marianna hasn’t blown the whistle on that pervert for mandatorily notifiable conduct is evidence she is either cult struck or bent or both.

      And that’s not to mention she’s flogging pseudoscience and Benhayon worship on a cult propaganda site with no public accountability.

      I can’t believe AHPRA can’t act on all of that.

      By the way, AHPRA is inviting public submissions on the regulation of health practitioners. Anyone whose been reading the UMA blog would know how grossly inadequate it is. Basically the National Law (Health Act) is meaningless, as are the codes of conduct for healthcare practitioners. AHPRA simply does not enforce them, and practitioners are exploiting and deceiving patients, molesting and profiteering with impunity. I’ll be putting in a submission:

      Please consider having your say, but we only have until May 30, so we need to get cracking.

      • Feline Aphrodite says:

        Thank you for this link DV, this is our opportunity to express what we know and what we know needs changing.

  4. Feline Aphrodite says:

    UM = Universal Medicine……definitely NOT Medicine

    UM = Universal Marketing…..YEP $B certainly did his homework on how make lots and lots of $$$’s and lots of homework was done on who to focus on for his prime market

    UM = Universal Manipulating evidence proves that.

    An ex bankrupt Manipulating Marketer is all $B is.

    Again it is very sad to see that now $B cult followers feel they are in a religion a good one, one that frees them and doesn’t regulate and is a religion without hell.

    It is very scary.

  5. Feline Aphrodite says:

    From the Universal Medicine Website – Esoteric Ovary Massage

    “What is the Esoteric Ovary Massage?
    Our bodies continually try to talk to us. How do our bodies communicate? In the form of bloating for example after eating too much or eating food that does not agree with us; in the form of a hangover after the consumption of alcohol; in the form of a pulled muscle when we have exercised too hard. What do people mainly do? They recover from the bloating, from the hangover and from the torn muscle and do it all over again.

    The sessions available at Universal Medicine assist people to reconnect back to their bodies and to start listening to what the body has to say – in the form of feelings, symptoms, ailments and conditions. They can then choose to start paying attention and change a certain behaviour or pattern or not; the choice is always the client’s.

    One of the treatments available at Universal Medicine is the Esoteric Ovary Massage. It is done on the clothed body in the form of gentle hand movements in certain positions. The treatment arises in the ovaries the layers of imprints that a woman has taken on from all of her thoughts, feelings and experiences, from the choices she has made and how she has responded or reacted to those choices and the behaviours and patterns that followed those choices.

    The Esoteric Ovary Massage helps women connect back to their body and to what is truly going on with their health and wellbeing – or the lack of it. Women actually never lose the innate sense and ability to feel what is really going on, whether good or bad. But women are overriding what they are feeling because they are not connecting back to their body, choosing instead to run their life and their body purely from the mind and its incessant demands. On top of that are the ideals and beliefs imposed by a society which asks women to be everything and more for all and sundry without ever allowing them to be who they truly are. And if this wasn’t enough, women have lost the ability to communicate what they are actually feeling. If women don’t give themselves permission to communicate the fact that they can feel what is really going on, i.e. when they make the choice to dishonour what they felt, the impact on the body is massive. Women have given up on expressing what they feel and they have given up on being the woman they truly are. Instead, they choose to fit in with what is happening around them. Why have women given up? They have given up because whenever they have tried to communicate what they truly felt, they were met with a wall and with being dishonoured as the woman they are.

    All this is what the ovaries store and what can be accessed through the Esoteric Ovary Massage, which allows women to re-connect with themselves, with their innate knowledge of what it means to be a woman and to feel how awesome and truly amazing that is.”
    End of quotation.

    Please help Feline! How can anyone believe this? Teach this? Promote this? SCAM

    Quote again I cannot get my head around this.
    “All this is what the ovaries store and what can be accessed through the Esoteric Ovary Massage, which allows women to re-connect with themselves, with their innate knowledge of what it means to be a woman and to feel how awesome and truly amazing that is.”


    • Yep, Scam.

      ‘Innate knowledge’ dictated to women by a vile little pervert who puts his hands on their crotches, and tells them that to connect with themselves they have to disconnect from their mind and emotions, and from their own children, because pandering to children, including newborns, interferes with self nurturing and gives women cancer.

      How can anyone believe it?

      Because Esoteric arseholes, like Marianna Masiorski, Eunice Minford, Dr Anne Mallatt, Dr Maxine Szramka, Dr Howard Chilton, Caroline Raphael & Kate Greenaway abuse their positions as medical and psychology professionals to endorse this unfounded, sociopathic, exploitative toxicity.

      That’s how.